KevKev TimTim TalkTalk on Dragon Slaying, Lessons Learned, Viagra, and Assorted Nonsense (#500)

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Kevin Rose (@KevinRose)—technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy—was the first guest on the podcast nearly seven years ago. We were in San Francisco, sitting at this huge wooden table, and I remember being very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, but if people liked the idea, I promised to do at least six total episodes.

600M+ downloads and hundreds of guests later, Kevin is taking the reins and interviewing me for episode #500!

Hard to believe it all started off as a lark. It’s arguably the biggest thing I’ve ever done, and without you all—my dear listeners—it wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you for allowing me to do this work. I love it. ?

Please enjoy!

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#500: KevKev TimTim TalkTalk on Dragon Slaying, Lessons Learned, Viagra, and Assorted Nonsense

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Want to hear the episode where this thing all began? Give episode one with Kevin Rose a listen, in which we discuss what makes a good wine bar, why Kevin seems to be so good at predicting what’s next, the characteristics of winners, the story of Odeo (the company that birthed Twitter), tips on choosing angel investments, and more.

#1: Kevin Rose


  • Connect with Kevin Rose:

The Kevin Rose Show | Oak Meditation | Zero | Instagram | Twitter


  • Reminiscing over accidentally copious quantities of wine about the time Kevin told me doing a podcast would be “stupid.” But then he helped me with the first episode of TimTim TalkTalk, anyway. [03:49]
  • What one thing do I eat that I’ve never wanted to admit to the 4-Hour Body tribe? [08:41]
  • After years of experimenting with so-called life hacks, have I found peace outside of having things or knowing things? [10:50]
  • As I’m constantly trying new things, how do I ensure I don’t become buried under a mountain of stuff? [15:29]
  • How do high performers know when to course correct (e.g., abandon faulty notions)? [21:38]
  • When was the last time a blood or urine sample was stored in my fridge? [32:14]
  • How did I meet and fall in love with my girlfriend? [36:04]
  • Have I ever made a mistake in one of my books that I wish I could take back? [43:28]
  • What supplements am I taking these days? [46:41]
  • Do I still practice the 4-Hour Body regimen? What’s my approach to longevity, and what is my overall level of fitness like these days? [49:17]
  • Best movie to watch on mushrooms? [55:18]
  • A failure I haven’t talked about. [57:15]
  • When it happens, what type of dad do I want to be? What attributes from my own father would I hope to carry over, and what tweaks might I make? [1:00:17]
  • What would my billboard say these days? [1:05:05]
  • Would I get a hair transplant? [1:06:06]
  • While it’s impossible to pick a favorite episode out of the 500 so far, here are a few that stand out. [1:09:20]
  • Do I believe in UFOs? [1:13:46]
  • A harder question: have I ever tried Viagra? [1:16:29]
  • Are there any more 4-Hour books on the horizon? [1:19:40]
  • Where do I see myself in the next 10-20 years? Is retirement in the cards, or is there another path for Tim-Tim+? [1:20:29]
  • What substances soothe my weary soul on an especially trying day? [1:23:09]
  • Is there anything that makes me feel old? Is there anything that makes me feel young? [1:29:27]
  • For what do I hope to be remembered when I shuffle off this mortal coil? [1:30:18]
  • At 500, how many more episodes do I think I have left in me? [1:41:06]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:43:28]


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13 Replies to “KevKev TimTim TalkTalk on Dragon Slaying, Lessons Learned, Viagra, and Assorted Nonsense (#500)”

    1. Tim,

      I have been following your content since 2007. It has been delightful to view the evolution of your content and you as a person. I have gained value from the content you have created and I know many others have.

      Here’s to 500 more episodes!

  1. IMPORTANT: Tim, based on some hints you’ve given and my intuition, I gather that parenting is imminent for you. Wanna talk about it? In my experience as an elite athlete, self-experimenter, and inward-journey enthusiast, parenting has been the most powerful portal to self-growth; it’s a flurry of blind spots revealed and a call to be your best self.

    As a parenting coach, I help motivated people become the parents they long to be, especially if they grew up with some level of trauma (read: an ACEs score) and/or are looking to end generational cycles of dysfunction. This usually means adopting a totally new toolkit than the one they used to become successful in other areas of their lives. Michael Phelps alluded to this exact phenomenon in your recent episode with him.

    I had to discover and master this toolkit myself for the same reasons; most of the things I did to achieve in life prior to parenting backfired when I became a mom. I had to re-orient, re-tool, and re-invent. The stakes were too high to do otherwise.

    I teach a blend of high-performance tactics, mindfulness, and best parenting practices to support all parents … especially the ones with not-so-easy kids (the ones, as you said recently, who “kick you in the nuts”).

    I have a private practice and just wrote my first book. Yeah, I’m small potatoes, but the work I’m doing is unique in the parenting space; these small potatoes pretty effin’ tasty.

    Dude, I really hope this reaches you; I relate to so much of what you struggle with and where you’ve been. Would love to be of service to you if you feel it.

    To Your Best,
    ~ Laine Lipsky

  2. Hi Tim I’m exactly one year behind on your podcasts and trying to catch up. It is so interesting listening to you and your guests just staring the pandemic, from the perspective of today. Thank you for all your content.

  3. Congratulations for this milestone, Tim!
    You deliver very quality content and different point of views. I wish you to have 500 more episodes!

  4. I have a random question that I’m hoping someone can answer.

    In a previous interview, Tim talked about a documentary or book (I can’t remember) about someone who tried to replicate every recipe from an extremely complicated cook book, I believe from The French Laundry.

    Can someone please help me remember the title of this book, or documentary?

  5. Massive congratulations on the milestone, Tim! And it all started with you guys just joking around 😉 How time flies when you enjoy what you do.

  6. Tim, congrats on a major milestone. Your podcast has directly and positively shaped many aspects of my life from diet, to parenting, to work pursuits. So many gems of wisdom I’ve heard over the years from you and your guests. Keep up the good work.

  7. Love your show but know that you can be more creative in your speech and use words other than f#@k.

  8. “The story I’m making up in my head,” is from Brene Brown’s book, Rising Strong. So good! ❤️ Giving credit where credit’s due.