The Tim Ferriss Podcast is Live! Here Are Episodes 1 and 2


Fuckin’ A–it’s finally here!

After fantasizing about starting a podcast for nearly two years, after being asked hundreds of times, The Tim Ferriss Show is now live.

Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking things, bite the bullet, and figure it out as you go.

To launch, I’ve posted two episodes that are vastly different.

Episode 1: Kevin Rose
Episode 2: Joshua Waitzkin

I have an important favor to ask, which I don’t do often:

1) Please listen to one or both episodes.

2) Then, PLEASE leave a review on iTunes.

I will read EVERY review and, based on that feedback, I’ll either stop or keep doing this podcast.  

If you seem to like them, I promise to do at least 6 total episodes in the next 1-2 months. And trust me: I have some amazing people lined up and ready to go. Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are welcome, whether on iTunes or in the comments below.

All that said, here are the first two episodes! I really hope you enjoy them.


I consider Kevin Rose one of the best “stock pickers” in the startup world. He can predict even non-tech trends with stunning accuracy…

Kevin is a tech entrepreneur who co-founded Digg, Revision3 (sold to Discovery Channel), Pownce, and Milk (sold to Google). Since 2012, he is a venture partner at Google Ventures. He’s also a hilarious dude, and this episode involves heavy drinking.

In this finding-my-feet episode, Kevin and I get down on a bottle of Gamling and McDuck while discussing, among dozens of topics: why Kevin would love to work at McDonald’s, how he kicked my ass on the Twitter deal, and — just a wee tad — biohacking.

Dive in, folks!

It’s the first episode of The Tim Ferriss Show!  Listen to it here, and please subscribe!

You can find the transcript of Episode 1 (Kevin Rose) here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.


Josh Waitzkin was the basis for the book and movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Considered a chess prodigy, he has perfected learning strategies that can be applied to anything, including his other loves of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (he’s a black belt under phenom Marcelo Garcia) and Tai Chi Push Hands (he’s a world champion). These days, he spends his time coaching the world’s top performers, whether Mark Messier, Cal Ripken Jr., or hedgefund managers.  I initially met Josh through his incredible book, The Art of Learning, which I loved so much that I helped produce the audiobook (download at Audible).

This episode is DEEP, in the best way possible.  Josh will blow your mind.

And for a change from Episode 1, I’m totally sober.  I’d be curious to know which Tim you prefer.

Listen to it here, and please subscribe!

You can find the transcript of Episode 2 (Josh Waitzkin) here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

Show Notes for Episodes 1 and 2

Special thanks to my friend Ian for helping with show notes. Much obliged, kind sir.

These notes only partially cover the conversations, but they will give you a taste.


  • What makes a good wine bar?
  • The story of Kevin Rose: Growing up in Vegas, starting Digg, joining Google Ventures, and beyond
  • What makes Kevin Rose so good at predicting what’s next, spotting trends
  • The characteristics of winners. What makes a successful angel investor?
  • Hear the story of Odeo – The company that birthed Twitter
  • Tips on choosing angel investments

“What new app will find itself on the front screen of your iPhone?”

  • Dissecting the success of Philip Rosedale, Elon Musk and — the “Oracle of Silicon Valley” — Reid Hoffman
  • How to say no to an investment or pitch
  • Experiences and lessons learned running the roller coaster of Digg
  • Where is Kevin Rose world-class?  Which skills define his success?
  • The M7 chip on iPhone – An opportunity to build new apps
  • Learn more about My Basis, a biometric company that Tim invested in [Update: sold to Intuit for $100M]
  • Why Kevin wants to get a job at McDonald’s
  • Ideas and suggestions for the podcast. Where should it go, and how should it be different?


Connect with Kevin Rose: Instagram | Twitter | Website


Show Notes:

  • The origins of The Art of Learning.
  • What it takes to play 30-50 games of chess simultaneously (!).
  • About Josh’s focus on moving from world-class to world champion. How to cross the gap between the two
  • The many dimensions of Josh Waitzkin’s creative life:
  1. Family
  2. JW Foundation – The Art of Learning Project
  3. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) school with Marcelo Garcia
  4. Consulting for “Master of the Universe”-type financiers; what commonalities the best have
  • About the learning (and UNlearning) processes that distinguish the good from the great and from the elite
  • Insights on the strategic movement from Tai Chi to BJJ
  • About the profound kinesthetic intelligence of Marcelo Garcia and how he uses it to “navigate the world”
  • A deep understanding of what makes world-class performers tick and thrive

“If you can really train people to get systematic about nurturing their creative process, it’s unbelievable what can happen. Most of that work relates to getting out of your own way at a very high level. It’s unlearning, it’s the constant practice of subtraction, reducing friction.” – Josh Waitzkin

  • Strategies for aligning peak energy periods with peak creativity to achieve a relentless, proactive lifestyle
  • On Hemingway’s creative writing process:
  1. End the workday with something left to write
  2. Release your mind from the work – Let Go
  • Understanding cognitive biases
  • Understanding how to use specific questions for deconstruction (e.g. “Who’s good at this who shouldn’t be?”)
  • Core themes/habits that Josh teaches to top performers:

Meditation | Journaling | “Undulation” (Capacity to turn drive on and off)

  • How Josh Waitzkin meditates
  • Meditation styles: contemplative Buddhist sitting meditation, Tai Chi and moving meditation.
  • What Josh’s morning rituals look like
  • Why you should study the artists rather than the art critics.
  • Remember to love.

“The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear and projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs.” – Cus D’Amato, original trainer of Mike Tyson


“One of the things we have to be wary in life is studying the people who study the artists, as opposed to the artists themselves” – Josh Waitzkin

The Waitzkin Library:

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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213 Replies to “The Tim Ferriss Podcast is Live! Here Are Episodes 1 and 2”

  1. Oh my god this is a dream come true! 😀

    Looks like the guys at Empireflippers are on hold until I finish these two!

    1. What, Karl?!? How DARE you put us on hold for Tim’s podcast…where’s the loyalty? (Sneaks away to go download these episodes on Stitcher)

      Really looking forward to this…

    1. I listen to podcasts in my car using my stereo’s usb port and my flash drive. Direct downloads would be really cool.

  2. Glad you’re podcasting! I have a request…I don’t use iTunes or Stitcher. Will you please offer a simple RSS feed so I can enter it into Doggcatcher? Thanks.

  3. Killer. Subscribed just now and listening to Josh’s episode. I bought his “Art Of Learning” book based on your recommendation and it was amazing. Got me and my kids playing chess regularly again. 😉

  4. That’s great. Been waiting for this for a long time. Any way to play the episodes besides from iTunes? Would be nice to have a simple web player.

  5. I’m trying to find the show on Stitcher but I’m not finding it at all. When I click any of the links above I get directed to itunes. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. I’m excited to hear this given what happened to your TV show. I tried downloading stitcher and searching for your podcast in the app, no dice.

    Also, from just a few minutes of reading about stitcher it sounds like a crapy platform. We likely can’t listen to your podcast unless we have an Internet connection even if the episode is downloaded. That takes away about 95 percent of my podcast listening time and seems to be a common complaint among others.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration.


  7. The Art of Learning was stunning. It’s one of those books I will keep reading every year, to continue to understand more of it.

    The List of Cognitive Biases is alluring too. I wish there was a way to self-diagnose one’s own biases!

  8. Podcast? Yes! iTunes? Noooo! why iTunes? I can’t use iTunes in my country. Half of Europe cannot use iTunes. Please, upload “normal” mp3 for people who cannot use American platforms… please?

  9. Podkicker free for Android finds it.

    For linux I would like to know. is there any web based player? Tunein does not find the show.

  10. Went to iTunes … saw how long the podcasts were … and decided not to subscribe. As much as I like you, you’re just not worth that much time.

  11. As one of the founding fathers of super-blogging, I’d have expected this to happen much sooner.

    Better late than never, though.

    Motivations for jumping into the podcast game vary. What’s yours? Why you? Why now? What’s the goal?

  12. Tim, it would be great if you post the tools you used to make the podcast: mics, audio recorder/mixer, remote connection (Skype?) the meta learning to produce a podscast.

    I just started listening to episode 2 with Waitzkin. It is strange to listen to you with a more serious voice than usual 🙂

    Waitzkin sound quality is not so good (but good enough). For non native English speakers sound quality matters more, it makes it easier

    Waiting for the next episodes 🙂

  13. I use pocketcasts for android daily, it would be nice to have feed. In the meantime I have downloaded the episodes on my ipad to listen to at work 🙂

      1. Just downloaded and look forward to listening. I loved the book you recommended, the Art of learning. It was a great story.

        Tim, where can I watch the The Tim Ferriss experiment if I don’t have TV?

  14. I cant find them on Podcast Addicts app for Android as well…maybe they will be up in a couple of days. Looking forward to it Tim!

  15. Game changer! Love that this is finally out and I know it will add a ton of value to people Tim. Way to go!

  16. Love your stuff. Hate iTunes. Should be freely available on the web not proprietary software like iTunes / Stitcher…

  17. Can you please offer it somewhere other than iTunes, not everyone uses it – and if something is iTunes only, many will just not listen.

  18. Loved it! I do have a request. Bring Steven Kotler, Author of “Rise of Superman.” Would like to see what’s your take on “Flow?”

  19. These are ****ing amazing, judging from the second podcast! Keep them coming. Having read Josh’s book, I love fact that the interview is a supplement to, and not a summary of, The Art of Learning. I made a note to incorporate meditation into my daily routine.

    One thing you could improve is the music – we go from hearing Josh closing with a profound reminder that “it’s all about the love” to 90’s-style techno music! Also, if anyone feels like getting transcripts made and posting a link that would be incredible – I listened to most of the podcast out and about and so didn’t make notes on all of it.

    Thank you for these.

    B 🙂

  20. Hey Tim,

    I just finished episode 1 of your Podcast. Loved the show. It felt like a The Random Show blended with 60 Minutes.

    As for a guest you should interview, I’d recommend Shane Smith, Founder of Vice Magazine. He’s traveled to some pretty crazy places.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  21. Hi Tim, Is there any chance you could make your podcasts/TV shows available in other formats in addition to iTunes? Not everyone worships at the alter of Apple (and no, I’m not a Windows user). Thanks.

  22. Hmm, you’re pretty late to the podcast game, and still only offering it up on itunes only? Am i missing something?

  23. Please Please make more episodes. The first two are awesome so far and I know it will just keep getting better!

  24. Tim, can you post the .Mp3 audio file here on your post? I don’t use iTunes for consuming podcast. Also, would be great if you could include your Podcat RSS feed to. Cheers bud.

    1. I had the same issue – luckily we can get the feed directly here:

      iTunes doesn’t actually host the podcast, it’s just a way of notifying people of its existance. I don’t use Apple products myself, but I understand why Tim is pushing the iTunes link, rather than the direct link – presumably so that he can get the reviews and feedback he needs.

      Good luck, Tim. I’m looking forward to listening!

  25. Tim, thank you for more great content! You are mixing a lot of stuff in there. There seems to be a bid gap between niche-specific and neirborhoody stuff (investments, etc.) and random (as in “Random Show”) but interesting topics for a broader audience.

    Awesome. Успехов!

  26. Loved both podcasts, If I had to only pick one format, I’d go with the one with Kevin. Alot of laugh out loud moments. Do you plan to have Joe Rogan on your podcast to deconstruct stand up?

  27. Awesome Tim, looking forward to listening to them! I hope you have some cool tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses coming out in the series.

  28. Thanks so much for doing these. I love the uncensored version. It’s time for something like this to be available.

  29. Hey Tim, the quote “music is the space between the notes” is a quote by Claude Debussy, famous for composing Clair de Lune

  30. PLEASE make this available outside of iTunes! I listen to podcasts via my android phone using the DoggCatcher App (over 50,000 downloads) or Stitcher (over a million downloads).

  31. Hey Tim,

    I loved the long format, Joe Rogan style, it allows for a more relaxed talk and doesnt feel rushed.

    I also really enjoyed the informal style with Kevin Rose, it just seemed natural.

    Looking forward to future eps mate!

    Get Ramit Sethi on soon 😉



  32. Hi Tim,

    Fantastic new podcast! Really dig it. Especially the 2nd episode.

    Constructive criticism: A PDF-trascript for each episode would really maximize the value and usefulness for the listener. That’s one thing I’ve always loved about Joe Polish and Dean Jackson’s I Love Marketing podcast, they provide word-for-word transcripts with every episode. It has really multiplied the application of the materials cover in the podcast for me personally. Makes it more actionable.

    Thanks again!


    PS: I left you a five star rating and review in iTunes.

    1. Hi David, I JUST finished writing down the transcript of episode #2. If you’re interested, just check my blog, there is a yellow box at the top with the link.

      Get the transcript: my name + dot com, no space of course.

      Tell me if you like!

  33. Hi Tim,

    Great podcast and interesting topics.

    The episode with Kevin was funny and very interesting, while the episode with Josh was inspiring.

    With regard to the chess topic.

    You’ll be interested to know that most serious chess players above expert level (2000 rating is “expert”, Josh is 2464, Maurice is around 2466, Grandmaster is 2500, I am about 2200… to give a guide) can quite easily play at least one game at once without sight of the board, often several at once blindfolded.

    Seems mystical to weaker players and non players, but its just pattern recognition and visual memory, I guess.

    Very interesting that all the correlations between chess and martial arts, Josh is a deep thinker in a philosophical sense.

    Anyway, keep em coming Tim!

    Big fan from Australia.

  34. Don’t people read comments? Stop complaining about lack of rss feed, it has been posted.

    Maybe Tim has to put a link to rss in the body of post now that it won itunes success 🙂

  35. Tim,

    1. Can you please provide these on Youtube, or another non-Apple channel? A lot of people, including me, are die hard Apple avoiders who do not want to install itunes on our laptops (I use Spotify/Amazon instead).

    2. Can you provide transcripts of these interviews? Doing so should be pretty cheap, and (as you know) will increase consumption efficiency by an order of magnitude, especially if a reader is only interested in a small part of the interview.



    1. Hi Kip, I JUST finished writing down the transcript of episode #2. If you want it, the link is in the yellow box on my blog. Get the transcript: my name + dot com, no space of course.

  36. Tim, this is the perfect format for your followers (even better than books or youtube). It allows us to hear how you “tap into” the experts of a field. As readers, we only got to read the finished product, but now we get to hear it in real time. THANKS!

  37. I just finished listening to the show with Joshua Waitzkin, and really found it practical and inspiring at the same time. I especially love the last part, because my own life experience has taught me that it IS about the love!

    I also would like to share that this podcast reminded me of a chapter from the book, “Think and Grow Rich”. In the chapter on The 6th Sense. Towards the end of that chapter N. Hill encourages you to reflect on your level of consciousness after reading said chapter.

    Each time I’ve listened (via Audible) to that chapter I’ve felt my consciousness being elevated to a higher level of perception and creativity. AND I feel that the podcast with Tim and Josh had a similar effect!

    Tim, I would definitely love to hear more episodes like this one. Like you mentioned, not everyone has the immediate opportunity to connect with and speak so candidly to such high level individuals. Not to mention being introduced to great people you may not have even heard of – I say this because I’ve learned about many great people through you alone.

    Look forward to listening to episode one 🙂

  38. *Remove the robot voice. (intro/outro)

    *Try to get the interviews in person, tête-à-tête, so to speak. Joshua’s audio was bad, and the personal chemistry of episode 1 was better: less interference by technology.

    *You asked better questions in the 2nd episode.

    The mood was good in both though.

    *Both provided actionable information. But Joshua’s did more so.

    IMO, create later episodes with “providing actionable information” in mind – and shape tone, mood and select questions to really dig out the methods and attitudes the guests have applied, perhaps even unknowingly.

    Great episodes.

    1. I agree that Joshua’s audio audio was not good enough. But maybe it was as good as he could get, was it by phone, skype or else?

  39. Hey Tim.

    Loved the show with Kevin Rose. Hooked for the rest of them 🙂

    But 2 things

    1- Sorry to be so direct – but podcasts seem so 19th century. Why just the audio? Why not a video?

    You’ve a very expressive face. It’s made for video – not just audio!

    At the very least have a video recording of the podcast – like the Joe Rogan experience or Howard Stern’s radio show.

    2- Actually the second point again is about video. Kevin suggested you could do short interviews while travelling. Man – make it a video. So we can SEE you slurping noodles on a roadside hut in Vietnam.

    Audio just doens’t cut it.

    If you still want a podcast – just extra the mp3 and put it up here. But most of the people would love a video.

    Doesn’t have to be a professional one with extra lighting and setup and all.

    Just the raw direct footage is good enough.

    Please give it a thought.


  40. This may have been covered but since I’m at work I can’t read all of the posts. PocketCast users can copy the feedburner link posted in the above comments, then paste in the search bar. That’ll take you right to it.

  41. This is a fantastic idea. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for so long: getting inside the mind of you Tim and understanding how you solve problems and ask questions. I’ve listened to so many video interviews and it’s always the same content and answers said in a slightly different way. This new content is as good as a few new books, hope you keep it going to 100 episodes

  42. Thank you for this podcast, after reading Josh’s book, and then hearing him speak it really helped me soak in his teachings. In his book, Josh, didn’t really put enough emphasis on meditation, however, in this podcast he does. And hearing your (Tim) story about your experiences with meditation should really push more people to do it, since it’s very common for us to experience frustration and even anger, lol, when trying to meditate. And it’s very ironic that meditation, an art form that is supposed to calm you down, and relax you while you are still alert, can trigger these opposite-seeming emotions. It’s important to know that you can’t fail at meditation, you either do it or you don’t. It’s called a practice for a reason, it’s something you practice in order to deepen your sense of self. Just noticing your self getting angry, or noticing your mind racing is a triumph, it’s an actual step to improving oneself. So if anyone else is having these “troubles” with meditation, keep at it, if you are noticing how your self is reacting, you are on the right track. As Tim put it when he mentions noticing himself getting angry, “and there goes little Tim, getting angry about so and so…and I started talking to myself in the third person.” Eventually you create space between your true self and your mind, and you start noticing that you are not your mind, your true self is much deeper than that, your mind is a tool that YOU use. But in most of our cases the mind uses US.

  43. Congratulations on the podcast! Looking forward to listening to these tonight.

    Any plans to make an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience to promote this? Your podcasts with Joe are always truly epic!

  44. Hey Tim – great post, really enjoying the podcast! Been following you since book one and have just made the move to leave a comment (took me long enough!) – do the podcast bro, loved the TV-show (what I can see of it so far from over here in Europe – I must catch up!) love the blog, love the attitude – Keep it up!

  45. Tim,

    Thanks so much for doing this!

    I don’t think there’s any need for improvement – the #1 thing is that you and your guests enjoy doing the show (your audience can sense that). That’s the only way you’re going to continue doing this anyway, right? : )

  46. Kevin mentioned wanting to learn more about gardening. I’m interested in gardening as well and I’ve found a great system called permaculture that I thought might interest him, you, and others interested in gardening.

    It’s such a huge area of study though I’m struggling with how to introduce it to someone who might not have heard about it.

    It’s a system of gardening that’s been called beyond organic and is sometimes called the lazy man’s gardening method because practitioners develop systems that create their own fertility and produce food using perennial instead of annual crops. I’ve included a few links to resources I think might be good for those interested in learning more to check out.

  47. Hi,

    If anybody is looking for the stitcher link of this podcast, you can find it below:

    Tim, it would be great if you can include the stitcher link too. Not everybody in the world uses apple or itunes..

    I had to google a lot to find out the stitcher link of your podcast. Even the search option in the stitcher app doesn’t work well..

  48. Tim,

    Can you make your show accessible by adding closed caption or an English subtitle. I would like to view since I am deaf myself.

      1. Hi Gabriel, Joe, I JUST (FINALLY) finished writing down the transcript of episode #2. If you’re interested, just check my blog, there is a yellow box at the top with the link.

        Get the transcript: my name + dot com, no space of course.

        Tell me if you like!

    1. Hi Joe,

      I’m currently writing down the transcript for my own use.

      I’m starting with the 2nd podcast (because it has TONS of amazing value) and i’ll be putting a link on my blog (if you click on my name) for everyone to read.

      It should be up this Friday (tomorrow). Since I don’t have your email I can’t write to you directly, so i hope you get this reply 🙂


      1. Great news to have a transcript. Joel Alain. Please put a link to your blog because there is none in your comment

  49. First episode was great! Working on the second now. Keep em coming!

    I agree with some others that video would be great. I wonder though, do you find it is more work to be on camera? It’s a different level and is much more exposing.

    I know that you and Kevin could talk forever but the Random show is never as long. Is this done on purpose or does it have to do with being in front of the camera?

  50. Tim I’m an old school guy still use Zune. Tried your RSS feed I get an error message that the RSS link is good but the podcasts can’t load.

  51. Liked the first podcast. Thoroughly enjoyed the second. Preferred the structure and focus in the latter. It sounded like you were more prepared to maximize the guest’s time (as you readily acknowledged in your “editing sober” statement in ep 2).

    Only piece of constructive criticism: I felt the lowest value portions of both were the abrupt transitions to rapid-fire-question sections, especially in the second podcast. It seemed as though you interrupted a solid flow on Joshua’s dialogue with a few A B C canned questions.

    As someone in their mid twenties (and a newcomer to your site, so minor disclaimer if I’ve missed a posting on this topic), I’d be thoroughly interested in reading/listening/consuming more material you have on how to develop a mentor(s). I agree with you that it’s a critical thing to do, I’d love a framework on how to identify individuals and develop a mentor/”mentee” relationship with them. If you could elaborate on this in a future episode it’d be much appreciated.

    Two points from Ep.2 that particularly struck me:

    1. Joshua saying “meditation is all about the return to breath”

    2. his suggestion to “cultivate quality as a way of life”

    Both made me stop and pause. Great stuff.

    Overall, found it well worth the time, and I’ll be sure to pass it along. Thanks for doing these!

  52. Great pod cast would like to see many different kinds of guests really amazed so far the investing stuff does get kind of old to listen to, but learning how the tech world works is interesting stuff.

  53. Heya, I’d really like to listen to your podcasts, but I refuse to pollute my computer with Apple products, and iTunes in particular. Can you please make mp3’s available for download without having to go through iTunes?

  54. Thank’s for dragging me out of my cave. No interest in Masters of the Universe types. But JW was da kine talk fest! My I have sum more please, sir?

  55. Episode 1 – I Loved the informal nature of the podcast – in particular the fact that you guys were crude aka real at many points. Lots of great questions asked. I felt that the most interesting part of the podcast was the last quarter when you seemed to loosen up and let the conversation flow more without trying to stick to an agenda.

    Episode 2 – Listened to 5 minutes and decided to “change the channel” – I found the content and guest to be very interesting but couldn’t get over the fact that Joshua was on the phone. The distance between you two is evident right away, not only in sound quality but in how you interact. There is definitely something lost when people aren’t in the same room. I often compare listening to a podcast as similar to having a conversation with friends (incredibly smart and interesting friends) but that feeling is lost when listening to a phone interview.

    – Keep it up Tim, I’m sure you’ll grind out a great product as always.

    -Kyle B

  56. As someone who listens to multiple podcasts daily, and as someone who has produced my own podcast as a hobby, I feel qualified to offer some constructive criticism.

    1) It’s about time you did a podcast, Tim. I love the Random Show, but the latency between episodes is killer.

    2) You shouldn’t rely on feedback to determine if you continue producing episodes. The best podcasts, IMHO, are the ones that are made consistently because the host(s) have some deep desire to “output”, regardless of the ratings they receive.

    3) Don’t feel obligated to defer or give too much time to the guest. Yes, you did invite them, but your name is in the title of the show and people tune in to hear YOU.

    4) I felt the talk between yourself and Kevin regarding wanting to work in fast-food came off as very privileged, borderline condescending. I imagine you have many listeners who aren’t self employed or entrepreneurs who still read your books and visit the site who might find this particular section of the podcast to be a bit insulting.

    Other than that, I very much enjoyed both episodes and I look forward to hearing more.

  57. I liked the first episodes, but I have the same criticism that I’ve continually had with other extremely longform podcasts: the complete lack of structure and overwhelming length of time makes this a very large commitment and easy to cut from my life. Other shows that I’ve eliminated due to this problem:

    -Rich Roll podcast

    – Bulletproof Life

    – Ben Greenfield

    Each are fantastic in their own way, but the podcasts were too cumbersome in the long run.

    For an extreme example of longform podcasting, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is spot on. Although each show is a huge investment (3+ hours each), there is a repeatable and structured flow.

  58. people are asking for video. this is entertaining, watching faces, drinking, laughing. audio in such a case more about what being said, which most important.

    mp3 format is a good idea.

    of course tet-a-tet talks are better in all meanings, but this limits your choices geographically. so it doesn’t much matter as long as content and your picks are valuable to you and your crowd.

    tim, you are fun, and you pick (or make behave) people fun. it’s amazing how you guys move in a matter of seconds from ‘sucking my balls’ to importance of meditating…

    you are the hero of our generation, do whatever you do. hope nothing and nobody can stop you.

    your good ol fan

  59. I liked both. The first was fun. The second was helpful and inspiring. my recommendations would be to make it available for download as well, or at least some way to listen on a computer without itunes or android phone. Also listen to Kevin’s advice about getting some worldly variety in there.

  60. Both podcasts were incredible my friend. Listening to Josh go through his story and how he does his daily activities was amazing. Short creative bursts are absolute genius! Who would have thought that was the way to do things. As always, Mr. Rose did not disappoint. Sorry, I couldn’t comment on shitty ass iTunes… which I would not use as a source of information for customer development.

  61. Loved the first two episodes! It’s great.

    Only thing I didn’t care for was the intro and outro. The music isn’t a good fit.

  62. Seriously dude. I just wanted to download the .mp3 and get on with my life without dealing with the iTunes nonsense [which is unfortunately going to keep me from listening today]