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  2. Hi there,

    I understand that you have an ongoing in interest neuro science. Sent you a direct message about my personal experience with Neuroplasticity on Twitter from @tsen911_t

    Hope you get a chance to personally read it. My request is If you are unable to personally read it, let it go and but please don’t share with someone to read it on your behalf.

    Best wishes for your adventures


  3. I have been listening to your podcast and I hear you talk about Yerba mate tea a lot and I am just looking for a good place to purchase it?

    Thank you

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  4. I wish you well with your Lyme. I hope the doxy works. Lyme is no fun, I have it in the chronic stages, it’s been six months, I filter the world through it and many of your podcast and ideas have been very helpful. I wish you health. Be careful of antibiotic resistant strains. Be careful of the co infections. You’re a good man. Thanks for your work.


  5. Hey, big fan of your books. Was just wonderingwhat your advices to people you have nine to five careers that require a lot of hands-on attention? Or have kids and a busy personal life?

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  6. Hey Tim/ 4hrchefteam,

    Just an Idea that I thought you might like!

    Side note- In Australia it was really hard to find your book, but all sweet I got a hold of it from dymocks. Anyway,
    My Idea is you guys should create an app for the book that allows you to read it on your phone if you’ve purchased the book! BUT!

    Every book purchase could have a unique code that allows the user to get the app, log into it using the unique code and register their email or whatever info you wish to capture (post code etc).
    That way people can read the chef on the go and you guys can capture customer info!
    You could even create a cool system that allows people to post and share where and when they are trying a new dish or can blog about pursuing a new skill that uses the DiSSS system. Goals and outcomes etc!
    I really appreciate the effort you’ve made to extensively communicate your thought process and it has been extremely beneficial for myself!
    Thank you!

    Kind regards, Matthew Graham!


  7. Hi Tim,
    I want to invite you to Tony’s UPW in Dallas next weekend. Short notice, I know! However, if you decide to go, I will buy your VIP ticket because I would love to meet the man that helped change my family’s life for the better!

    Jeremy Brooks
    Austin, TX


  8. Two top tips:

    Book – Consolations of the Forest (awesome French writer goes solo on the shores of Lake Baikul for a winter)
    Music : Caribou



  9. In your discussion with Maria Popova you duscussed the possibility of developing a macro or an application to collate Kindle highlights, possibly within Evernote. What needs to be done to make this happen ? I am happy to serve as a beta user!


  10. Dear Tim,

    I’m writing to you because you inspire me. I’ve been working as a full-time potter and entrepreneur for the past four years. Focusing my eyes and hands on clay let me stream your book through Then I streamed it again, and then bought a hard copy for a friend.

    My muse is my pottery, and my business is a reflection of my life as a potter. With over $100,000 in pottery sales already, I know that my career as a young artist is going to grow into something gigantic. My fully hosted online store filled with gorgeous pottery is the first step to making this a reality. Your lessons are bringing me closer to something Malcolm Gladwell calls a “tipping point.” Very soon, 90% of my income will be generated through my online pottery sales.

    I’m searching for breakthrough moments that will make this come true. You are just one of the various celebrities that I am consistently attempting to give free pottery. Will you please let me mail you one free pottery mug as a thanks for your inspiration, and offer critique on how to improve my life as a full-time artist? Or even just the pot itself? [Moderator: link removed]

    Joel Cherrico

    P.s. I applied to Shark Tank, and you might get a “kick” out of this video. I know you hang with Daymond John, but don’t tell him because that would disqualify me! Enjoy:


  11. Hi Tim,

    I was wondering what you thought the impact on the feasibility of a ‘muse’ business would be with the upcoming popularity of Amazon?



  12. Hi Tim,

    It was great meeting you in San Francisco recently, and I apologize, because of my ADD, that I lost your personal email! If you google “hardest instrument to play,” the violin is the top result- it is ridiculously hard (no pun intended and sorry I don’t have a thesaurus handy) even after 30,000 hours of practice. I’d like to give you an opportunity to piss off a lot of snooty professional classical musicians as your guide to becoming a brilliant violinist, performing the Mozart Violin Concerto # 3 in 40 days. No one has ever succesfully done this at your age, no matter the time commitment. As a violin instructor for adult beginners, I have coached Ashwin, PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins, within 3 months to playing 2 movements of a simple violin concerto. First step for you is to get physically lean for optimal arm mobility and left hand finger facility. Say hi to Kevin Rose from me and Give me a call! 443-682-4932

    The Maestro,



  13. I am just looking to get ahead. I want to be more useful and currently my bank account is always in a deficit. If there is anything I can learn or do to help you guys so that I can get more useful skills I would appreciate it because this isn’t working anymore


  14. I am interested in your consulting/mentorship fort start-up. I want to create a system dependent business. I have read the E-myth and then your book. I believe this is possible with your input. I am designing a legal medical cannabis business. I am willing to pay and work for your time, effort, and guidance.


  15. Tim,
    With the inspiration of the poem “The Buried Life” by Matthew Arnold and the TV show bearing the same name, I am offering you an invite. My crew and I would be honored to have you for lunch at our fire station in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach, CA, for lunch, tour of our station and a ride in the fire engine. You are number one on my buried life list (bucket list), and I’m trying to show my crew we can do anything if we try. If you are ever in Southern California and have a little time, we would love to be your hosts for an hour or so. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Respectfully, Neal McEvers


  16. Hi,
    I want to ask you if there is some course about 4hourworkweek? If yes, please tell me where i can find it. If no, please consider answer me just “No”.



  17. Have you done anything with pine pollen? I have had mixed results and am looking for a dose that will work for a 240lb male.thanks


  18. Hey,
    I am studying different diets and I am reading The 4 Hour Body. I recently studied The Blood Type Diet and in correlation to that I am curious what Tim’s blood type is since there is a warning against consuming beef and most animal protein if someone is Type A. I am type A. Also it would be neat to know how his self experiments work on his blood type group. I know that info might be too personal but I thought I would ask anyway. Thank you!


  19. Hello,
    I searched the blog for a blog on how to make money from blogging. I couldn’t find one but if there is one can you plz tell me the name of it? If there isn’t could you either give me the name of a good article or just quickly write the three best ways to make money from blogging.
    Thanks heaps,
    Anthony Brace


  20. Hi Tim,
    I read the min. chapters in T4HB but I’m confused about how to apply it to cycling (bike riding). I want to increase my average speed over a 1.5 ride and drop my cycling buddies in the dust.


  21. In 4HWW an exercise is mentioned in which you contact someone famous or extremely successful. I am in the fitness industry and looking to produce and release a DVD and online workout program different from the rest. Should my goal be to reach out to someone in the industry or does it out matter?


  22. Hey, my name is Joel duran and I am a great fan of all of the 4 hour novels and I have been doing the slow carb diet I wake up at 6 drink half a protein shake then I split my meals 2 hours apart so I eat a protein bar at 8 the eat chicken and mixed vegetables and black beans then another protein bar and chicken again and my 3rd protein bar and chicken and my final meal I guess is the other half of the protein shake. I am gonna begin to do highschool sports and I was wondering if I could get someone’s assistance With the diet and a good workout schedule wether occams protocol or anything I just need deep explanation thank you.


  23. Hey I heard you on the rogan podcast talking about the anti depressent qualities of cold and its my thought is that its the bodies way of combating seasonal depression which happens mostly in cold areas where the hours of sunlight are ludicrously low like Saskatchewan or anywhere northern
    (Just saying Saskatchewan because we have the highest rate of seasonal disorder and are the only province that doesn’t switch to daylight savings)


  24. Possible blog post/podcast essay/inbetweenasode

    Dear Mr Ferriss,

    Trust you’re well?

    That question is essentially the point of this suggested blog post – when did you last have a cold?

    Having listened to a number of your wonderful podcast interviews, I’ve become intrigued about something which in the UK is a sub-culture but is also known worldwide – Man-Flu.

    It’s a common cold, when described by some people, it’s flu in the minds of others. The difference between the two ailments is a hangover headache and pneumonia as far as I’m concerned. It’s about perception and attitude.

    Here’s my suggestion for a post:
    How do high achievers tackle illness?

    Of those interviews to which I have listened, nobody gives the impression they’re going to take a day or a week to contend with a blocked nose. Many people with whom I have worked over the years love having this affliction to stay at home and catch up on some TiVo, watch the strangely coincidental sporting event unfold on TV or indulge in extended bouts of ‘gentlemen’s research’. Other’s just get on with life as best they can.

    The elite achievers you present in your shows are not, one assumes, immune from illness, so what is it about their mindset (assuming my abstract is correct) which allows them to brush it off better than the rest of us?

    You get the idea I’m sure. I suspect you could get enough material for an inbetweenasode with three or four questions to your friends in a text. It certainly doesn’t need huge input from them, though I imagine the odd one may have a rather passionate response to the subject matter.

    Here are a few points aside from the obvious psychology elements which I think would be nice/interesting/funny to include:
    – how many do exercise as part of their standard routine?
    – can they even remember the last time they had a cold?
    – do they have a remedy which keeps symptoms at bay while they get on with life?
    – how do they ‘pivot’ to ensure they’re still productive on days where they aren’t physically able to fulfil diary commitments?
    – at what point do they accept that they might need to address it more seriously?

    I hope the subject piques your interest Tim. Perhaps it might be a way to get some ’round two’ interviews lined up as well?

    On a personal note I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate your innovative solution to funding the podcast. I have purchased a selection of your book-club titles to add to the pleasure the podcast has brought me.

    As I lay here in bed holding our newborn daughter Layla (c. three weeks early) to give her mother a break, in the house of my mother-in-law wondering how quickly I can complete the renovations of our own home, the words of those stoics bring me some level of calm and relief.

    Keep doing what you do, Sir – as a straw pole of one, it’s working.

    Best regards,

    Greg Farrar


    • So I’ve been trying to contact Tim through twitter and the blog to no avail. Can I just get his direct number? I just have a quick question. I would take no more than 2 minutes.


  25. ​Hi Tim,

    Curious . . . do you have an opinion of food addiction, do you have any experience dealing with food addiction and have any of your experiments lead to any insight on food addiction? I heard you mention once being orthorexic (think there may have some degree of joking ​but still peaked my curiosity). I also heard you mention pulling out a scale on a date to somewhat disastrous results.

    ​I am a food addict but I have implemented some peculiar practices that have given freedom from food obsession ​(and ​simultaneously cured ​a very serious case of LUPUS​ and asthma​!!​).​ ​After being hospitalized for a heart condition resulting from lupus, someone suggested cutting out sugar. I realized that I could not stop eating sugar and was hospitalized twice thereafter. That was a rock bottom for me and I realized I had a problem (as if decades of binging and purging was not enough evidence). ​

    When I eliminated sugars, wheat and grain from my diet that cured my lupus and my asthma while nearly eliminating the insanely strong impulses and cravings to binge. I also weigh all my food, as that makes it easier to adhere to such a strict meal plan. My diet consists of 1.5 pounds of veggies, 12 oz of protein, 2 oz of fat and only 1 fruit per day. This has changed my life 🙂

    Just curious if you have a take on eating disorders.


  26. Hi Tim,

    A question i hope you can answer on your podcast.

    How do you expand your vocabulary from the enormous amount of litterature you read.
    I am relatively well read but i cant seem to integrate complex words in faily dialogue/ or without pausing for too long – which ruins the pace of my conversation.

    Thanks Tim

    Da from singapore


  27. Would you please share your thoughts on buying a business and applying many of the principals you have written about vs stating your own business with those principals intact from the start? By buying a business do you have potential double upside of having a proven business and an ability to utilize your methods too create much stronger margins or are there factors that would restrict the potential upside when buying a business?

    Thank you ever so much for your time




  28. Tim, Thanks for much for your podcast. I listen to it every day at the gym and then start them over after I have been through them all. So much great information. I wanted to see if you would add a question you ask everyone in your podcast? Could you start asking if you had to start all over again today(2015) with $5000 or under with building a business or investing into something what would you do? I think this is a very reachable goal for anyone in this world and would be great to hear from someone extremely successful give their thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a multi million dollar business or anything but something that could get you on a great path. You get the idea. Thanks again and please keep them coming.


  29. Hi Tim,

    I have read all your books and love your tweets and podcasts! In one of them I noted you mentioned Kenyan Purple Tea.

    I am from New Zealand and am coming to San Francisco for a few days and was hoping to purchasing some Purple Tea if it was available (you cannot buy anything new age down here 😦 ).

    If you are able to point me in the right direction I would be very grateful and would even consider giving you my first born sheep! (Kiwi joke)….

    Thank You


  30. I have a great app idea geared toward the adventure/adrenaline sports enthusiast, but have no idea how to go about developing it. Wondering if Tim or anyone hear can point me in the right direction. Thanks


  31. Kia Ora Tim
    Signed up to the site. (loving the podcast by the way)
    Day after got some random email stating I have won an I phone 6.
    Think someone has tapped your site/list.
    I like these guys as much as you.
    Know with your contacts we should have them create tracking software that collects data for prosoction. Then prosecute for thieving.
    All I am after is 15% of profits 😋



  32. Neuroplasticity and Porn (ED)

    Hi Tim, first I have to tell you how much your podcast, books and blog had helped me to archive a better version of myself.

    Im a Millennial (24) from Puerto Rico and I am very interested in a taboo topic that right now is affecting a large quantity of men with their love & sexual relationships. I am talking about high-speed porn and its effects on the brain because of our neuroplasticity. The frequent use of never ending novelty porn available is damaging the brain’s frontal lobe and the dopamine receptors of the brain. As a result, guys are confronting stress, lack of concentration, lack of memory, depression, delayed ejaculation and even worst, Erectile Disfunction. Hopefully this effects are reversible and this is where I think you can help spreading the word. So I suggest you to research more about this topic. You will be amazed about how big and trendy the problem is right now and how little information is out there, mainly because high-speed internet is a relatively novel thing.

    There is a book I have read: Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction. Which gives you a complete brief of everything you need to know in order to understand the problem.

    Some neurology TedX Talks and Videos:

    And different blogs to read about it:

    I hope this message finds you well..

    Take Care,

    Nick Pastrana


  33. Hi Timm,

    I am Stefan from Germany and I love to listen to your podcast! You are doing a great job please just go on with your work like you do!

    I don’t want to write too much cuz I know you receive a lot of messages and don’t have time.

    I just want to give you one of my thought about a person which I think matches perfect to your interests. You ever heard something about Krishnamurti? I would love to hear your opinion about him and his thoughts. To me they have been very inspiring! Maybe you can use him as a topic for one of your podcast episodes!

    Have a good time and thank you very much for being Timm Ferriss


  34. Hi, I just read the story about a perfect day and felt compelled to say “right on” ! If half the people that read that ” get it ” , their world will be a better place. Keep up the good work and thanks for pushing the limits on everything you do.


  35. Hi, I am Brazilian and I have a project that I would like to introduce to you.Is an improvement of a product.


  36. I have just listened to the audio version of the 4 hour body on It was one of the greatest purchases i have made in regard to the content. The issue is it was pretty hard to keep track of all the information without having a hard copy in front of me. I came to the website to find the pdf’s etc of each chapter, ie diet, exercise and supplements and was unable to find these documents. Can u direct me to the right place or is there a special code i need to access another site. I love the book but the website is a little confusing and the items i found did not correspond with the chapters in the book. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am ready to start this new chapter of my life and am starting to cook tomorrow. Thanks sooooo much for your anticipated response


  37. Tim & gang,
    I have recently discovered your books & blog through following Kelly Starrett. My original hope was to discover new information regarding fitness & health, I was pleasantly surprised to discover your podcasts! I really enjoy your style, wit & choice of topics you cover. To this end, I thought you may enjoy talking to (or at least learning about) two other individuals whose backgrounds may dovetail with your interests;
    The first is David Redish, Ph D. He is professor in the department of neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. I heard him discussing his book:  The Mind within the Brain: How We Make Decisions and How those Decisions Go Wrong on the podcast “The One You Feed” it was a very interesting discussion on the four decision making systems humans use.
    The second individual is Ricardo Semler. A Brazillian born business man who took over his fathers business and made it a very successful global business using unorthodox management techniques, & has since gone on to apply these same techniques to private schools that he has opened around the world. You can hear a synopsis of his story on Ted talks.

    Given your network of colleagues and friends you may know these people or already spoken to them. If not I hope you find them as fascinating as I do, & that their topics fit with your project(s) so that we can hear your discussion with them.

    Thanks for the work that you do.


  38. Tim – have bought all your books and just downloaded the experiment. I tried to buy the season but didn’t see that option. ( so I just bought golf one first). The reason for my email – I just wanted to give you magnum bottle of wine. You have entertained my through the years and wanted to just say thank you. I don’t want anything in return just sending a gift. Tell me where I should ship it. Dusty


  39. Hello,
    We’ve heard a lot of great things about you and have seen your pod casts. The latest one that we saw, “The Art of Parkour”, featured a few of my Tempest teammates. Very well done! We really loved the way you technically broke everything down for the viewers and showed them the learning process.
    Kacy and I are partners in a business called Alpha Warrior and are getting ready to launch functional fitness training complexes around the country.
    We’d love to host you here in San Antonio to show you what we’re up to. Please let us know if this would interest you at all and we can make the arrangements. We know you’d have a blast on the obstacles with us! Hope to hear back soon. Till then keep up with the awesomeness!


  40. Dear Tim,

    Thank you so much for having hanged on throughout your tough years. You indeed have a great gift and I am grateful almost every day that you shared your lessons and wisdoms with the world. You are a true inspiration and your work is giving the tools to millions of people to hang on and identify and develop the gift they have.

    Thank you writing such a personal post. It comes at the right time.

    Thank you!!

    Wish you and your team members, family and friends all the best!!


  41. Hey Tim,

    Just looking to find out if you will be putting The 4 Hour Chef on the iBooks store sometime in the near future. Would love to buy it but not available on the Australian iBooks store.


  42. Hi Tim,

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for the last couple of months. I was just wondering if you’ve tried to interview Kelly Slater? I love surfing and im a big fan of his especially be cause he’s my age haha!



  43. hey Tim,

    I listen to your podcast and also able’s and have a web site specializing in ketosis products.
    If you need and strips for your meter we will be happy to send as many as you need.

    Keep up the great work.
    Peter Andros,


  44. Testosterone enhancement from 4 Hour Body works! #BrazilNuts#CodLiver#Almonds#Butter#UberProtien


  45. I do understand this is long shoot but here it goes. I live whit my boyfriend that is personal trainer and he is really good at what he does. I have introduced him to your books and when have watched a lot of your interviues and podcast he’s been continually reading your books and so on. Applying your suggestions and supplements, approaches. But I believe he needs a bit more encouragement. And what better way than from a personal such as yourself, or your team.
    I have been riddled whit health issues (severe egzema, digestive tract possibly IBS and many more) we have managed to control some what but is still difficult to determine or give an ifinitive answer why. There is still a lot of work to be done regarding my health but we are on the right path. Also he has helped a lot of people whit different diagnosis and improved their life, but he is so critical of himself that sometime he just need a push.
    He has started a Facebook page wigrove workouts and is trying to build a business out of what he loves to do. The only thing I would appreciate more that anything is just a simple email or a tweet or anything that would show him what a job is he doing and that it’s not done overnight.
    Thank you for your time.
    I hope this will reach you


  46. I happened to have a chance to read the 4-hour workweek and came across your challenging task to contact the impossible-to-reach people si I contact you. There are 3 things I’s like to say:
    1. There is one mispelled word in the book on page 56, “serach-by-address” on the 7th line from the bottom. Hope this helps.
    2. What if everyone read your book and apply your suggestions? What would happen to the world?
    3. I havent finished reading but thanks in advance.


  47. Tim you challenged us to ask questions and get answers from role models and people you think would never respond. Im wanting some advice and have a few questions to ask you personally before I begin my adventure of being a young entrepeneur and leaving everything I know behind.

    Please email me as soon as possible . I wont take too much of your time.

    Thank you in advance

    [Moderator: email address removed]


  48. Hi there,
    When WllnessFX is going to be available in Sydney and iare you open to franchising it here


  49. Hey i have been trying to get your real email and this is something i have always been wondering and want to hear you answer it with a short clip and it will cheer me up a lots. How can u actually build your tribe and as strong as possible.
    Please, and it will help me a lots.


  50. Hey mr Ferris,

    first of all thank you for writing this awesome book. It’s super easy to read an really inspiring.

    I also got into “the random show” with your buddy Kevin Rose. Amazing! Keep going, always fun to watch.

    Last but not least I’m so curious about your wall full of plants at home. Are they real?

    Grüße aus München/Deutschland.

    Es wäre mir eine Ehre Sie mal persönlich kennen zu lernen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Kilian Rau (06.06.2015)


  51. Hey Tim,

    I’m a big fan and had a quick question. My niece graduated from medical school and I want to get her a book on meditation to help her keep her balance in life and to help her with stress. Thanks a lot. You are an insiration. Friends and I are meeting up from around the country to discuss how we can make some life style changes to better our lives.

    AB. Dixon Ca


  52. Hi. I really like working out. Especially cycling. I am also a a firefighter so I have a certain level of fitness I must maintain. My goal is fat loss at first and then maintenance and lean muscle mass.

    My question is: how will this working out/cardio affect my fat loss?

    Thank you

    Katie C.


  53. Tim,

    I stumbled on your podcast from a recommendation on Lewis Howes podcast and I’ve been listening ever since. I even bought your 4 Hour Work Week book which I’m in the middle of reading now. I know in my soul that I have an idea that will change the world and make a positive impact. I just don’t know what it is yet. I have a lot of ideas all the time but none that I felt would be a home run of sorts. Anyways, I am curious to your thoughts on smoking marijuana. Recreationally, medically, whatever. I smoke at night before bed and if I have a day off I will smoke in the day. I’m curious if this topic ever comes up with the people you interview for your podcast and what the general consensus is on the topic between the people you interview. I’d love to hear a podcast about it or a quick reply just to answer the question! Thanks.
    Best Regards,
    Tatianna Muniz


  54. Hi Tim,

    I am a big fan of your books but have been turned off your podcast because I feel the sheer amount of sponsorship you do on there really undermines the good content. I cant become a regular listener because i find the frequent and repeated sponsorship messages offputting and a waste of my time. I have several friends who feel similarly so I wanted to let you know.

    Otherwise keep up the good work.



  55. So my fiancé, Charlie has been getting us to follow your four hour work week ahead of our wedding in a few weeks. He’s currently not on a cheat day but is having a great time munching trough gammon fat. Surely that isn’t in your good to eat foods?!



  56. “Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and how you can make yours last” John Gottman. My spouse and I will be in San Francisco for the World Future Society in July. We both are now on our third marriage. We have used and use several tools to be happy together, Gottman has the best explanation of how it works. My spouse and I are in the “hostile” marriage category, sort of a modern “Archie Bunker’s household”. I have the four hour body and week, and like your podcasts, we could meet you if you like to share what has worked for us and our reading list on relationships. We ballroom dance, and much more. I am 47; spouse 57.

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