Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories (#124)


This episode is easily one of my favorites I’ve ever done.

#124: Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx) is an Academy Award-winning actor, a Grammy Award-winning musician, and a famous standup and improv comedian. He is, without a doubt, the most consummate performer and entertainer I have ever met.  In the 2.5 hours we spent together in his home studio, he blew my mind.

We cover a TON in this wide-ranging episode, including many never-before-heard stories. Here’s just a tiny sample of what you’ll hear:

    • Jamie’s workout routine
    • Jamie’s origin stories — how he used $400 to match a $1,000,000 party thrown by Puff Daddy; building up his network with Kanye, Jay Z, and Pharrell; expanding his fan base; and bombing horribly at the beginning.
    • What he learned during the magic of In Living Color
    • Jamie playing live music throughout our interview
    • Impersonations (and lessons learned from many of the following) — Quincy Jones, Ed Sheeran, Ray Charles, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Cosby, Doc Rivers, Kermit the Frog, Sammy Davis, Jr., LeBron James, Bill Clinton, Tamara Rawitt, Shawn Wayans, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Norman Lear, Mike Tyson, and others
    • The key skills Jamie learned from his grandmother
    • Jamie’s parenting style
    • Check out the show notes below for much, much more. Enjoy!

You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#124: Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: In your opinion, who are the greatest living performers? What makes them impressive? Please let me know in the comments.

And please be sure to say hello to Jamie on Twitter at @iamjamiefoxx. He’s a good dude and was extremely generous with his time.

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  • Why does Jamie keep a grand piano in his home studio? [06:49]
  • What is automated dialogue replacement (ADR)? [08:13]
  • How did Jamie break into music? [09:32]
  • How did a then-unknown Jamie Foxx got into Puff Daddy’s parties? [09:57]
  • Jamie challenges Puff Daddy by throwing down the party gauntlet [10:55]
  • Before social media, Jamie had a unique way of staying connected with people, which involved comedy shows, cue cards, and text messages [11:59]
  • Why nobody leaves Jamie’s house without performing  [16:56]
  • What makes Jamie’s studio magical [19:34]
  • How Jamie learned the nuances of performing on both sides of the tracks (literally and metaphorically) when he was a kid [23:59]
  • How young Jamie dealt with racially insensitive grown-ups at a Christmas party [28:31]
  • What convinced Jamie to leave Texas and head to California [30:42]
  • Life lessons Jamie learned from his grandma [33:38]
  • Why Jamie is always willing to help his family, but he’s no sucker [39:45]
  • Jamie’s parenting style  [41:27]
  • How portraying Ray Charles in Ray gave Jamie the opportunity to bring all of his comedic, acting, and musical talents into play [42:00]
  • What Ray Charles told Jamie was possible if he could play the blues [43:15]
  • Lessons from Ray Charles [47:19]
  • What’s on the other side of fear? [50:42]
  • Jamie’s first impression? [54:07]
  • What Bill Cosby had to say to Jamie on the subject of booty calls [56:44]
  • How Jamie uses his musical background to help him do impressions [57:34]
  • How raising kids in Hollywood differs from Jamie’s own small-town Texas upbringing [59:52]
  • Jamie Foxx’s real name [01:03:06]
  • Could Prince or Michael Jackson find a career break in today’s “Age of Memes?” [01:08:11]
  • What happened when Jamie first bombed on stage [01:09:32]
  • Why do some standup comedians lose the ability to make people laugh? [01:17:15]
  • Where does Jamie get his best standup material? [01:20:34]
  • How did the In Living Color team assemble? [01:28:19]
  • Jamie talks about how social media has taken away the power to control our own narratives [01:34:51]
  • Is Quentin Tarantino a cop hater? [Short answer: No, and don’t believe the media spin]  [01:41:32]
  • Jamie’s advice to new parents raising a child of color in modern America [01:48:00]
  • Jamie’s plans for his next comedy tour [01:52:43]
  • The first person who comes to Jamie’s mind when he hears the word “successful.” [01:54:34]
  • What historical figure does Jamie most identify with? [01:57:13]
  • Jamie’s take on documentaries [02:01:37]
  • What would Jamie’s billboard say? [02:06:08]
  • What would Jamie teach a class of 9th graders? [02:07:22]
  • Jamie’s morning routine (it doesn’t involve coffee) [02:12:07]
  • Advice Jamie would give to his younger self. [02:15:04]
  • The time Jamie told Mike Tyson jokes but didn’t realize Mike was in the audience. [02:23:55]


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153 Replies to “Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories (#124)”

  1. This is awesome Tim, I am only a few minutes in but I had to comment. Jamie Foxx is such an interesting person and you guys are great to listen to!

    Jamie Foxx was great as Ray Charles and possibly one of my favorite roles that he played.

    Excited to listen to the rest of the podcast now!



  2. Thanks for the interview Tim.

    You give us a whole lot of quality free content!

    Really grateful for all that you do man.

    1. Just an absolutely rounded conversation!

      It was deep it was broad funny sobering

      I love love love how Tim pokes at something and the answers that come just takes you to an unexpected place.

      Grandma’s. Parenting. Hustle. Kids . Aging. Living in the moment. Compassion. Education. People. Cultures. Rolling with the punches. Phases in life. Celebrities are humans too.

      Men !

      I have to listen to it over again

      And there’s a part 2 right?


      Thanks Tim

  3. Jeez where do you find these people? What’s next? Obama? You career is exciting and empowering, thanks for sharing your talents with all of us Tim.

    1. long term dedicated fan of your work Tim and am curious, as you’ve made this recent turn to interviewing the hollywood cast. at what point does or might this become selling out? Your values core has been solid to date. And the strength of your work to date has nothing to do with the rich and famous. By inviting them into this conversation, or in bringing the conversation to them (keep in mind this conversation is so much bigger than you know and yet is so much apart of the heart of your offering) i’m wondering (and I imagine others are too), what’s really driving this recent turn? Is it more sales, a wider audience? And if so, is this really what’s needed with this podcast, for the roster increasingly be filled by a hollywood cast? Frankly, I’m at a loss to see how this is aligned. If you can do us the honor or favour of really bringing your ethics up above board around all this and make your intentions transparent and open this up to your audience, I think it would help your long term crew like me join some dots that currently don’t make alot of sense.. just my 2 cents.

      1. Someone being rich and famous shouldn’t disqualify them from being an incredibly interesting, deep, and vibrant person worthy of the podcast interview. Jamie Foxx is certainly a good exampe.

      2. Tim interviews people that are relevant to his current ambitions. You claim to be a true fan but your pretentious comment is quite contrary to that. If you don’t like who he interviews then bye! I’d be thrilled to never read a comment like this again.. just my 2 cents.

      3. At first glance when you see names like Kevin Costner and Jamie Foxx, for example, it might appear like there’s some selling out.

        However, Tim’s whole premise with the podcast is to interview top performers and deconstruct their habits, routines, what makes them great and how they have become who they are. If you listen to these interviews, they are really quite profound, filled with details and anecdotes of these actors’ lives that are far beyond what you might read in a Vanity Fair article.

        Both these men (Costner and Foxx) came from humble beginnings and worked hard to get where they are. I think their stories of achievement are amazing and inspiring. Both are consummately multi-faceted artists, and both are sincerely interested in giving back to the world in ways that are meaningful to them personally as well as to the greater society. They are not promoting their latest films or holding some other self-centered agenda. I felt a much deepened appreciation for who these men are and what they contribute from their interviews.

        That’s my 2 cents.

      4. Many famous people are famous due to the incredible amount of work put in to become world class in their craft. Tim seeks out people who are world class in countless disciplines. Why would being famous in Hollywood exclude someone from that list?

        Jamie Foxx is more than the characters we see on a screen or hearing his music on the radio.

        Much to be learned from all walks of life. We all keep growing and learning thanks to folks like Tim.

      5. I think what Jamie Foxx has done, going from a small town in Texas to the “other side of the tracks” is an amazing and powerful lesson. He mastered the art of stand up comedy by distilling the 15 minutes of funny content that worked for all audiences and uses that around the globe.

        Jamie Foxx is a musician, a comedian, actor, father, and all this coming out of adoption. It was exactly the ideal situation for a young man.

        Tim uses a stoic practice of thinking through the worst case scenario to come back down to earth. Jamie remembers a quote, “What’s on the other side of fear? Nothing.”

        I see Tim as a curator of successful people. Jamie Foxx (I previously didn’t know the difference between him and Eddie Murphy) is definitely one of those people in my books now.

      6. With great work you reap the rewards. And that my friend, is great access. It doesn’t matter who you interview (whether they are in Hollywood or not), it’s how you conduct the interview and what insight you can extract from the conversation to give your audience a new perspective. Do you bump Jamie Foxx’s music? Probably not. Are there lessons to be learned from someone as dynamic as him? Absolutely. Maybe not every episode is for all of us, but if you listen with an open mind without judging the guest’s background you will see the forest thru the trees.

      7. Possibly your username should not really be “justcurious” but rather “just trolling”.

        Tim Ferriss is a businessman and a business, man. He’s *always* selling/promoting a product or idea and so do we all, consciously or not. We also borrow or steal a great deal from others, like your misguided inquiry about Tim ‘selling out’. What does that even mean in reference to this situation? Usually people use that term as it pertains to someone comprising (“selling”) their integrity or a core value for some form of gain (usually yet not always financial). The core value of Tim’s blog/podcast/etc has been to find ways he and the average joe/jane can hack life to find easier, faster, better, non-conventional ways to get stuff done, learn about and enjoy it, often by interviewing business people, athletes, celebrities (these terms are interchangeable in many cases) to glean from their life and work what we can learn to optimize our own journey. Jamie Foxx is a recent guest who as a celebrity has enjoyed phenomenal success. How was interviewing him or Cosner selling out?

      8. I have to admit I’m inclined to agree. Arnies interview had some real nuggets in it. I loved it. But I listened to Kevin Costner and Jamie Foxx expecting similar but being disappointed. I don’t want to be a troll about it, it was interesting and inspiring in areas but not what I want from TF. The story between the puffy party and meeting the neptunes was putridly cringey. Just not my thing, hope TF returns to his life hacking roots. Mind you, it’s been a while since I have felt like I can relate to the content round here. Again, really trying not to troll, never post here just trying to give some feedback

  4. Hey Tim, I was listening to this today when it suddenly came to me that I have you to thank for a complete turnaround in my life. So here you go, thank you for what you do. You are probably aware how much of a difference it makes but on those days you don’t feel it, you literally helped me put my life back together.

    Around 5 years ago I was still recovering from major surgery, divorce in a foreign country and felt very isolated. I didn’t have much energy for anything, was just going through the motions with my work and still struggling with my health. I was the first of my family to graduate university and ended up going to Oxford with a full grant, and I felt I had not fulfilled my potential, so I was somewhat depressed.

    I had started to read your emails and on a whim decided that, what the hell, I might as well try a fad diet to lose some weight and got myself the paleo solution book by Robb Wolf since you recommended it.

    Fast forward to now, I lost weight, I’m never ill, I conquered my longstanding IBS, I have fulfilled several life dreams forcing my self to come up with new goals and I have so much energy all the time it’s untrue. I successfully switched to the international division of my company, I love my job and I get to travel a lot. This would all not have been possible without fixing my diet, which led to many other good things.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, you changed my life!

  5. Super pumped for this episode! Absolutely love the stuff you put out. Have you ever considered interviewing Werner Erhard? His intersection of philosophy/self-help/transformation seem like he’d be a good candidate.


  6. Thank you, Tim and Jamie. Looking forward to listening to this during my commute to work tomorrow morning.

  7. Awesome job Tim… The podcast interview format is so good. These big name stars appear to be so relaxed and open up like never before.

  8. Tim,

    You did such wonderful job dropping the question and then stepping aside!

    How about interviewing David Binder, the amazing NYC theater producer?

    Great work!

  9. Can’t wait to listen to this so awesome to see you get the opportunity to interact and interview Jamie Foxx. You ever think you’ll interview Will Smith? Would be so amazing.

  10. Regarding your question In your opinion, who are the greatest living performers? What makes them impressive?

    I would say: Madonna. What makes her able to do what she does at her age?

  11. Great storyteller and impersonations!

    Eight incredible impersonations by Jamie Foxx


    Ray Charles on Quincy Jones (building blocks of our music today).


    Teaching confidence – Jamie Foxx is always asking “What’s on the other side of fear?” (It’s all in your head).

    Take in feedback and don’t paint yourself into a corner.

    Jamie Foxx developes jokes from observations (first) then makes them personal.

    Keenen Ivory Wayans discusses working with Jamie Foxx


    “In Living Color – Wanda the Massage Therapist” (character played by Jamie Foxx)


    “Salve residue” (audio 1:38) How to bridge the racial gap on social media?

    “Let me not think of the worse to say…. how do I bring people together in spite of the headline?” – Jamie Foxx.

    Powerful message about Quentin Tarantino (audio 1:41:28).

    “You seldom see the White Superstar, go and stand with the black folk who are just trying to be heard. Even High-end black guys don’t go stand with the black folks who are just trying to be heard” (audio 1:42:30).

    Evolution of Freedom

    “Times are changing…we are on the right path… love who you want to love, be where you want to be, because we are evolving” (audio 1:50).

  12. Hi Tim,

    Absolutely love this episode! I download your Podcasts in the UK and listen to every one. I love how are you seem to get the most out of each guest, and you are completely right when you say the listeners love the details, I love to hear morning routines and workout routines of the successful people you interview. Keep up the good work, love it!

  13. Tim I really enjoy listening to your excellent podcasts!

    As an aside – I am a mother of 3 young kids under 8. I am trying to start up a business and I would so love to hear you interview a women who has been there, juggles it all and survived to tell the tale! I know it may not directly interest you but it’s worth a shot!!


    Perth, WA

  14. Question of the day. I think David Blain – the magician, illusionist, performer… Is one of the best because he combines the mystery, the hard work and remains humble binging his work to the public.

  15. Best current day musical performers…

    D’Angelo is my favorite. He always has the world’s top musicians in his backing band and from top to bottom, the show never stops. He transitions just about every song to the next. You can tell he’s studied James Brown and the actual “best”….

    Prince. Hands down he has the most command of an audience today. He can play, sing dance you into submission. He can make the hardest gangster lose his mind. He could stand there silent for two minutes and never lose the crowd. If Michael Jackson was still alive he’d definitely top the list however.

  16. Hey Tim, I would say the most gifted and all-around talented performer is probably Justin Timberlake(outside of Jamie Foxx). Musician, Singer, Actor, Dancer, Writer, Producer and arguably one of the best performers that SNL has seen – so a comedian as well. It seems to me that his stage presence, timing and electricity is what makes him so great! Can’t wait to listen to this interview!!

  17. This was absolutely awesome in the true definition of the word. This man is a multi-genius for sure. One of my favorites of all of the interviews I’ve listened to. Thank you Tim for all of that you contribute to the me, us, community, society. Declaring you experience every desire of your heart. xoxox

  18. How can nature squeeze so many talents into one human body? Compelling character! The anecdotes are so much more than entertainment. Loaded with hidden gems for life, success and learning. Thank you.

    1. While mr. Foxx may be a very talented person, the success he achieved is more related to his grit and hard work. “Teach them to hustle”

  19. I feel empowered, strong and like I can take on anything after listening to this. Thank you thank you thank you

  20. I was able to listen to the whole podcast this afternoon – great interview and great entertainment. Thank you Tim!

  21. While I enjoyed this podcast it did feel a bit one-sided, and didn’t feel on-brand with the rest of your podcasts as it didn’t seem very actionable, and was mostly Jamie talking/not necessarily helpful for anyone.

    It definitely will open up your audience, and perhaps that’s your goal, but I imagine many people are like me and enjoy a two-sided discussion about “deconstructing world class performers”, not stories from Hollywood.

    1. I agree that the interview was Jamie-heavy however that was the rhythm of the podcast and I enjoyed the free-flowing mind of this multi-genius. Stories and proverbs are the way of some of the wisest men in history as it taps into our heart/emotion. I appreciated Tim’s Bruce Lee-like flowing, receptive and nimble response and contribution to the dialogue. Oftentimes success in a function of “beingness” meeting actionable tasks. With that being said I found quite a bit of meat and actionable content in this interview like:

      • The roadmap of his career success from his childhood in Texas

      • How to produce a Hollywood party on a budget on one day’s notice.

      • The importance of cultivating community and his method for building his following with cue cards.

      • Through his gift of story-telling, Jamie demonstrated how to create a lasting connection with your audience.

      • How he introduced/sold a new song concept with comedy.

      • The importance of developing a discipline that will connect you with the world.

      • The strategy his grandmother gave him for dealing with bigotry as well as the importance of confidence

      • Being the Bow & Arrow for children, teaching them confidence and how his commitment to family fueled his success.

      • Ray Charles’ wisdom in metaphor: “If you can play the blues you can play anything.” “The notes are right under your fingers.”

      • Quincy Jones’ wisdom: The importance of mentorship

      • Jamie’s process for preparing for his role as Ray Charles in “Ray” in which he won an Oscar for Best Actor in 2005

      • Conquering fear and shyness no matter what your career, vocation or job

      • How he developed his material for his comedy/impersonation act.

      • How he created the Kermit the Frog voice tone with music notes

      • The 5 keys to being able to do anything (especially if you are privileged): Stay motivated, Don’t Be Jaded, Entitled, or Spoiled, Do Drugs, Get Into Bad Stuff

      • How he got into a popular comedy club, on stage and made a name.

      • Detachment to outcome being a tool for success

      • His formula for being able to do comedy for any audience

      • What is his post-bomb show analysis?

      • Staying hungry and the danger of getting comfortable in your career

      • How he develops his material

      • What made the “In Living Color” team work so well? “You’re either great or you don’t exist.”

      • How Jamie got on the “In Living Color” show

      • Strategies in diversity

      • How he’ll grow his next comedy tour

      • How Harry Belafonte increased his sense of social responsibility

      • Documentaries as a tool for inter-cultural compassion, connection and understanding

      • Working your hustle muscle

      • The importance of reflection and decompression

      • His morning routine

      • His workout routine

      • His advice for his 20-yr old self

      • His advice for his 30-yr old self

      • His advice for his 40-yr old self

      I know the interview is a long-form, 2 hr. 31 min. which is appropriate for the audience Tim has crafted. The good problem with this interview is that it was so much fun it didn’t seem like work to listen to. He showed a great deal of humanity and very un”Hollywood.” For me Jamie Foxx and his methods were completely deconstructed to me in his interview. I’m left wondering if you listened to the interview in it’s entirety? From what I remember Casey Neistat, Sam Harris and Bryan Johnson’s interviews were also story-telling heavy so . . . perhaps listen again with fresh ears?

    2. Ross, I’m curious: Has there been a Tim Ferriss podcast that was greatly more entertaining for you than this one?

      While Tim said little, I sensed he was thoroughly enjoying himself, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the episode. It did not feel off-brand, and maybe that is because I am not comfortable with that term. It did have a different feel. Perhaps Jamie was the most entertainment-focused of everyone Tim has interviewed – a world-class enabler of pulling people into his world.

  22. Hi Tim,

    This is one of your most amazing interviews. Jamie is awesome and you are a cool patient interviewer … Great show! What advice, books, podcasts, or shows you have for people over 50 who wants to start following their dreams. It appears the 10,000 hours rule (per Malcolm Gladwell) comes into play with Jamie’s examples of success. Most 50 year old are married with kids, financial obligations, and time trapped. I’m interested in becoming a professional blogger or writer. What is the reality of success given the age and your advice? Again thank you for your amazing shows. Irie!

  23. Tim,

    Thanks for keeping it 100! I was really worried about you when you interviewed Glenn Beck. Definitely a low point in your podcast history.

    I enjoyed the Costner interview very much. Great insight to a passionate human being.

    1. The Glenn Beck interview was arguably one of his best in my opinion! And no, I do not approve of Glenn Beck as a media person in general, but that does not mean he does not have interesting things to share.

  24. Thank Tim for an amazing show. Jamie Foxx is truly awesome and you are a great patient interviewer! Your questions brought out a deep side of Jamie What is your advice for people over 50 just starting to follow their dreams? It appears the 10,000 rule (per Malcolm Gladwell) comes into play with all Jamie’s multidimensional successes. We have families, financial obligations, and limited time. Most books and blogs are geared towards millennials or younger people. What advice, books, or podcasts would you recommend for anyone starting over 50 years old.

  25. On anti-fear parenting methods: have you heard of “Baby Yoga?” Check out the clip below. Don’t shoot the messenger; it’s hard to watch at first, but ask yourself whether these might just be preconceptions, versus real dangers?


    Personally, I’d like to get more data on outcomes, but I think it has the following possible advantages:

    1. According to the instructors, after an initial period of surprise/fear, the babies respond well and begin to laugh and enjoy it because experience, and the demeanor of their caregivers, soon proves they aren’t actually in danger. They say these kids grow up ready to face just about anything.

    2. They don’t seem to be suffering injury. I suspect that the loading forces on the tendons and ligaments, during periods before their muscles are developed enough to actually exert them, may actually give these kids physical advantages by increase growth and development rates ahead of their peers.

  26. Tim,

    The podcast is totally your lane, it is so much fun tuning in. You are a seasoned pro and you have a great knack for listening non-judgmentally. Thank you so much for providing amazing content and killer guests! -Nick

  27. This was Sooo interesting – Jamie is GREAT story teller, funny. Ferriss & Foxx these are the two guy you would want to hang with. Big time fun!!

  28. Tim I am a huge fan and have listened to all your podcast. But enough Hollywood, please no more! The people outside Hollywood are so much more interesting.

  29. I was inspired by the creativity jamie fox had in promoting his song, and the hustle, im also thankful for your generous presentation, the sharing, the links. Your a good person Tim

  30. Tim,

    First and foremost, I appreciate everything that you do, and I have been there from the very beginning with 4HWW, recommending it to my family, friends, and students. Basically, anyone I could/can.

    I’m a religious listener of your audio podcast and rarely comment on the shows even though they are always awesome. I should have commented on how awesome the Tony Robbins, two parter was, but everyone in the know already knows that Tony Robbins is par excellence. You don’t get any better than him. I should have commented on how awesome the Robert Rodriguez interview was. Hands down! It is still my favorite. I took so many notes that instead of reading the notes I just continue to re-listen to that one whenever I’m in a creative or emotional slump.

    However, with this one, I must take time out to give you praise. I never ever ever ever thought in a million years you would interview Jamie Foxx. What an amazing interview in long form! I adore the long form format and this show is an excellent example of why long form rules. I could have listened for 4 hours. I didn’t take any notes for this one because I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next word. I was so engrossed.

    The teaser totally worked; I couldn’t wait for this episode to drop. I was really looking forward to it, and it totally lived up to my expectations and more.

    So, thank you, Tim, for interviewing Jamie! You’ve always been awesome in my book, but you just outdid yourself with this one. Have a great rest of the week!

  31. Amazing talk. Didn’t know Jamie Foxx had that kind of history.

    My favorite quote was when his grandmother told me to do something that can get him across the tracks. That metaphor really hits me on so many levels when thinking about everything from race oppression to entrepreneurship. Jamie touches on each of these things so beautifully.

    Other high performers I’d love to hear interviewed is Aaron Draplin and Sean Wes. Both are graphic designers, but VERY different from eachother.

    Aaron pays homage to the modern digital design greats – Lance Wyman, Saul Bass. He’s on a mission to revive dead things in a new way. As some of his bios put him, he looks like a truck driver, swears like a sailor, and designs like a master artist. Through his designs, he is doing his part to preserve Americana.

    Sean Wes is very different than Aaron. He started hustling through high school with a computer repair business, eventually got into graphic design, then hand lettering. He’s created an empire teaching hand lettering through online modules. He’s famous for making 6-figures in 3 days – TWICE (through the release of his courses). He’s created a following and a community. He charges people to have access to his community where top design performers can talk, collaborate, ask for advice, etc.

    2 very different guys, extremely successful in their own right, very similar paths and origins.

  32. Amazing Tim… these long form celebrity interviews are incredibly interesting, and I’m not sure I have seen another outlet for something like this. Halfway between a Late Night interview and a biography. Kevin Costner episode was really interesting as well.

    Anyway I knew Jamie Foxx was talented, but what in the f—? What a dynamic person, I can’t even describe it. This gif about sums it up…


  33. Dear Tim,

    (Unrelated to this post) I have heard about you trying to correct your gut biome through probiotics and prebiotics. I was just wondering have you tried the following probiotics?

    – Prescript-assist

    – Advanced orthomolecular research probiotic 3

    – Elixa probiotic

    In case you hadn’t heard of them, the first two supposedly contain spore forming bacteria which are meant to be better at colonising the gut. The latter is a new one on the market, meant to be very high dose. I have a feeling the second one may be most useful to you due to the specific strains in it.

    Hope you can get your gut biome to be good again,

    Kindest Regards,


  34. Tim,

    I’ve been an avid follower of yours since 4HWW, (sharing your books with my students, family, and friends whenever I can). Your work has given my life so much value that it is truly difficult to put into words. So much so that I never comment on your audio podcasts even though I constantly listen to them, and I’ve only commented once on your blog in regards to a post about books because I’m a diehard bibliophile and couldn’t resist.

    Even though I’ve been truly blown away by your excellent podcasts, I have never taken the time to thank you. I should have thanked you for the 2 part Anthony Robbins interview, but anybody in the know knows that Anthony Robbins is par excellence. You can’t get any better than him. I should have thanked you for the Robert Rodriguez interview which is hands down my favorite of ALL that you have conducted. I took copious notes, but I just re-listen to it whenever I’m in a creative or emotional slump and will continue to do so for a very long time. Truly phenomenal.

    However, I did NOT see this one coming. I never ever ever ever ever thought you would have interviewed Jamie Foxx. I’m loving this long form format. I could have listened to you and Jamie for 4 hours. The teaser totally worked. I was so excited in anticipation, and you guys delivered. I kept thinking he’s not going to remember to ask about his morning or workout routine (What I call the Tim questions), but you did!

    I’ve always thought you were the best of the best, but you just took it to another level.

    Thank you Tim! Continue to do what you do. We’re listening, reading, and watching always! Have a great week!

  35. I loved this interview. There are so many hidden gems here. Of course Jamie Foxx is has a beautiful voice, he’s incredibly gifted and amusing at impressions, he’s a great storyteller and has great comic routines.

    What’s more subtle, but also comes out in the interview I think, is that he’s an old soul. That seems like a funny thing to say about someone who’s in his 50s, but I think if we had met him when he was a kid or in his 20s, it would have been more apparent. Some of that influence was obviously from his “Granny,” who sounds wise, loving and firm. But even with Granny’s role, he could have grown up with resentment or bitterness about a variety of circumstances, but he didn’t. He used his early experiences to fuel his fire to get himself a bigger life, but without rancor. Ex., Mr. Foxx sounds amazingly accepting of the people from his hometown, and his own mother whom he went on to support when she reappeared in his life after his success. To that point, I love how he describes himself as “spackle.”

    I also think Jamie Foxx digs deep into the whole topic of race relations in a very interesting and courageous way; as well as tackling the iniquitous power of media and social media to shape our opinions of celebrities and others in the public eye unconsciously. Love what Mr. Foxx’s parenting style and what shares about his oldest daughter’s observations about everything from people’s opinions to his shoes.

    Love his ideas about documentaries, what he wants to put on his billboard, and what he said to his sister–“What’s wrong? Girl, you better have some fun! We gonna be gone in a minute…”

  36. Hey Tim, I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcast every once in a while and enjoy perusing some of your ideas in your weekly Friday email.

    I just had a thought: what if you did an interview or a series of interviews with people who have passed along. What I mean by that is, what if you did hypothetical interviews with profound thinkers who are no longer with us – for example, asking Alan Watts for his thoughts on the four hour workweek or questioning Moshe a Feldin Christ for example, asking Alan Watts for his thoughts on the four hour workweek or questioning Moshe Feldenkrais about the training/philosophy of Laird Hamilton? I wonder what the conversation would be like if Moshe was communicating with Watts – like what they would talk about…

    Anyway the thought crossed my mind, driving home from work. Thought I’d share!

  37. No one has really commented on their favourite performer, but for the actors that really really really impress me

    Nina Hoss

    Juliette Binoche

    Marion Cotillard

    Tom Hardy

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    Find their filmographies on wikipedia

    Jamie Foxx in the Soloist was amazing

    Chec out Inside The Actors Studio for personal interviews with actors discussing their craft. The youtube versions aren’t so great because the clips of the actors performances are edited out. Well, it’s better when they discuss their craft – they don’t always so much. Robin Williams takes over the show!

  38. My nephew is a healthy 10 year old and went to the hospital the other day and they found his sugar levels in the 600 range. They had a hard time getting it down and now is on insulin.

    Does anyone have suggestions on where to start to try and get this under control

  39. Great Interview Tim! I’ve followed Jamie Fox since his days with In Living Color. Success is definitely not overnight. Good to hear the habits and rituals he relied on to build on his success.

  40. This session w/ Jaime was stellar! I really feel like I got a glimpse of pure, raw grit. So incredible! Thanks, Tim!

  41. Dear Tim.

    Thanks for the amazing work thus far. If you get to interview other actors (particularly if you come full circle given the theme of your show and start interviewing the Craig’s and Damon’s who have played the Bond’s and Bourne’s etc) I would love if you could really dig deep into how they prepared for those roles. The reality of the physical training / martial arts / drive training / language training.

    In that regard if there is a follow up question I would love to hear the real nuts and bolts of how Jamie is either planning on transforming into Mike Tyson or the full details of prior transformations (I loved how he described the musicality of finding an impersonation but I would love you to go deeper).

    Again – thanks for the wonderful and engaging podcasts.

    1. Totally agree. This is comedy, a history lesson, creative inspiration, and generally how to live fully in this bold new world. I am so glad I listened to this episode – totally stoked.

  42. I want to hear Jamie’s impression of Tim Ferriss.

    Speaking of bows and arrows — this interview felt like Tim was the bow and Jamie the arrow — you just have to guide him with a prompt and get out the way!

    Really enjoyed this one. Not just interesting, but damn entertaining, with profound observations scattered throughout. The point about how Prince and MJ would get meme’d today… damn. Why are comics always the most insightful people?

  43. Great episode, so personal! Your most Oprah-like interview yet.

    And Tim, using his studio room resulted in excellent audio. You’re going to have to build your own at some point (with a wine rack of course).

  44. Tim!

    I watched a pod cast of yours with the guys from barbell shrugged and I loved it. One comment of yours was particularly titliating to me. You said that you were looking for extreme fringe (esoteric) cases of success. That being said. How many bands went to India (Tibet) for enlightenment. The Beatles and Lennon, led zepplin, and Jimmy Page bought Aleister Crowley’s house..?? Mathematically coincidences are impossible so what’s the relationship?

  45. Thank You Tim for having Jamie on your show! I didn’t think I’d listen two hours straight but I couldn’t turn it off…its absolutely so stunning, informative, funny, inspirational and just so damn great!!!! What talent and drive!!!

  46. This was awesome! My favorite quote, there were many, but, “What’s on the other side of fear? Nothing”


    Thanks for all this great content. I have so much respect for Jamie Foxx and the Amazing woman who raised him! I laughed, I cried some, it was awesome!

    Thanks Tim. Thanks Jamie.

  47. Tim…I agree…this was a phenomenal interview. There are so many things that i admire about Jaime…but what moved me the most was the way he stayed true to himself and shared his truth. He spoke to you “brotha to brotha”…how refreshing. Passing this one on to the tribe.

  48. Great show Tim!! You guys touched on everything. Loved every minute of that one. Jamie is hilarious!

    Don’t stop the great work!

  49. I could not get enough of the interview. I could have listened to the interview all day. Jamie laid it down and dropped knowledge. Great job Tim and thank you for the poscasts.

  50. Hi Mr. Ferriss,

    I’m Jordan Burns, from El Dorado, Arkansas. I’ve been listening to your podcasts, and just recently read the 4-hour body and starting on the 4-hour work week. First let me how much I admire you, and loved the interview with the Jamie it was very compelling and informative. You guys discussed fear and I wanted more detail in that, I’m a struggling dancer/choreographer in a small town trying to achieve a great living doing what I love but my major issue is fear. I struggle with being social, not with just making friends, but it’s hindering my expanding and developing my career. I’m terrified of approaching people, attending social events, parties, gatherings, etc., I’m very outgoing when teaching a dance class or working but outside of that I’m very shy, get a bit anxiety if there are large crowds of people. For example I wanted to dine in at a resturant and gotten a take out because of there were so many people there. I’m terrified of making phone calls to certain people I’m unfamiliar with or even just networking reaching out to people in person. Any advice on conquering fear and moving forward with my career??

    1. Hi Jordan

      I’m a dancer. I appreciate how you are feeling

      Can you move to a bigger place?

      Jumping in the deep end of a bigger city will require you to be confident, like it or not. It may also be more invigorating and have a better energy (literal or metaphorical) that may help you feel naturally more confident. small town values and attitudes can also make things hard. Big cities are also more anonymous granting more perceived freedom -actually, that is literal freedom.

      And career opportunities are going to be more available in a city.

      Also people are generally more open minded because of the greater diversity, in a bigger place.

      I see fear as having a physical origin – i know thats a simplification – and the solutions also arise in the physical body also

      Wim Hofs methods may be great for you – check his interview here – and will no doubt support your dance practice also

      i wonder about visualising your energy taking up a bigger space – fill the room with your presence, mentally, before talking or meeting someone.

      Cast your ”aura” out ten metres in all directions

      body oriented psychotherapy (not talking therapy) will be very supportive


      Hakomi is one style but there are others

      and remember, everything is fine 😉

  51. Hey, Tim! I’ve been a listener since episode one, but this is my first time commenting (I wanted to leave a compliment after the Jocko episode but got lazy). Thanks so much for this episode. I’ve always admired Jamie since his cable TV days so hearing his whole life story in this format has been awe inspiring. No complaints here and I think it’s pretty cool you keep your guests varied instead of making turning this into a Ted Talk companion project.

    Now if you ever get Yeezy on the podcast that would be based AF.

  52. Tim, I have to admit that I stopped listening to your podcasts routinely because they are just too long now (even when I speed it up). But I am a fan of Jamie Foxx so I had to listen to this one and what a treat it was indeed. I felt as if I was watching a movie! Jamie Foxx is such a master story teller I could visualize everything he was saying. And what a smart man! Amazing, very motivating episode. I have saved it to listen to again, AND again. Thanks for a wonderful podcast Tim.

  53. Tim,


    One word about this podcast…Inspirational!!!

    Listening to this podcast on the way to work this morning and parts of it had me warm and giggly the whole ride.

    Especially the part about the two variant personalities of his daughters (resonates with how my kids are..one simple the other a fashionista).

    I’m a new listener to your podcasts after my brother introduced me to you a few months ago.

    This interview in particular is outstanding and warranted some feedback.

    Jamie has ALWAYS been an inspirational, multi-talented role model all my life.

    I’m in my 40’s now…and he still continues to inspire me till this very day.

    Jamie always tells it how it is…straight from the heart.

    Thank you for taking the time to produce this podcast.

    Tim, I look forward to your podcasts every week!

    Continue the good work and outreach to the masses.

    Good Day…


  54. This is one of the most entertaining episodes. I like how Jamie tells stories, e.g. the one about his party at the beginning of the podcast.

  55. Hi Tim,

    How does one get in contact with your booking agent for the podcast? I know personally a great guest for an upcoming episode. He’s a world class performer in his craft



  56. One of my favorite interviews! Nick Offerman is another great performer because he’s so damn thorough. Narrating his audiobook, “Paddle Your Own Canoe” made it feel like a personal interview. He wrote and played guitar interludes between chapters, spoke in a slew of character voices and his giggle is contagious. In his book, he mentions that Offerman Woodshop commissioned a table for Rainn Wilson. Might be a good contact for inviting Offerman on the podcast? Nick can even put on a great performance by silently sipping whiskey for 45 minutes:

  57. Great show Tim, Jamie foxx is a great talent, going to copy his workout. I think Chris Jericho would be an interesting guest he is another great talent and you mentioned wanting more WWE stars on your podcast. I think the two of you would have a lot in common.

  58. been a huge fan of yours for sometime now. this inter view with Jamie foxx was outstanding. I’m a huge fan of Jamies not only for his work but mainly for the man that he is. His grandmother was an amazing person as well. But I want to also thank you for the outstanding job that you do. I come from a background of depression. Not to get into it but both my sister and father committed suicide. Your interviews really make a difference in how I am handling my life and depression. Keep up the great work. Hope to meet you sometime.

  59. Out of this world. I normally use your stuff as a soundtrack for making watches but with Jamie Foxx on air I just had to put everything aside and listen. Tim, I’m afraid this was your “the Black Album” moment …

  60. Hi Tim – totally unrelated subject but it days this is one of the best ways to get hold of you – I think that i have stumbled across some sort of “key” to unlock better breathing and at the same time, almost instantaneously shut off/switch off the “monkey mind”. I’ve had my own challenges these past few years which have led me to trying “meditation” and breathing techniques and have spent a lot of time working with and “tweaking” various things – as i said, i recently “stumbled” across this “technique”/hack/whatever you want to call it and it is genuinely staggering to me how quickly it takes effect and the profound effect it has on the mind/body – It is a simple focus/softness type thing but i want to share it with you (and others) and i would love for you to try it and see what you think – if it works for you too (which i will be amazed if it doesn’t as it turns out there is a strong scientific basis on why it works) and the couple of other people i have contacted then i will post a video on London Real for others to benefit (i am a member there and want to share this if it works for others too – i just thought i would try it on you first being as i think you are someone who is in tune with their body enough to notice the profound effect straight away – don’t let me done Mr Ferriss ;). I can obviously be contacted by email and am happy to do a skype call to go through it if you want.

    andy hutchinson

  61. Tim, kudos on an amazing interview. Thank you for giving this gifted man the space to share his talents and wisdom. I heard you checking the equipment while he was singing near the end…lol. I would too! Thanks for all you do!

  62. Tim,

    This particular session with Jamie Foxx made a deep impression on me. Especially the piece detailing how Jamie’s grandma was like a “bow” and he was the “arrow”. This helped remind me of the significance of connecting my children to a path early in life and how this can cure aimlessness or indecision. Nice work man. Parents that are entrepreneurs or solo-preneurs around the globe would be blessed if you could apply some of your efforts exploring efficient practices or systems implemented by individuals that are successful in all phases of life, but have a particularly deep value in connecting their children with their personal/career development. Is that a run on sentance? Anyway, keep it moving man. Your work shapes some of my thoughts and actions on a daily basis. I am a better man because of it



  63. Hi Tim-

    Your latest podcast with Jamie Foxx was amazing. Probably one of the top 3 best audio podcast I have heard to date. The story telling on how Jamie Foxx explained his life experience was so captivating. Thanks for doing this interview deconstructing the success, failures, and learnings. You really upped your game with this last podcast interview!



  64. I religiously listen to all of your podcasts and enjoy most of them. I’ve never bothered to comment before but I just want to say that this is one of your most enjoyable listens of all time. Jamie is so entertaining and so interesting in so many ways. What I appreciated most is that he’s different from so many others you interview in that he’s not uber regimented and has not a hint of arrogance. He just is and in that, I listened more carefully to see what I could learn from how he thinks rather than being spoon-fed habits or tossed a sales pitch. Jamie just wanted to talk and you did a great job of asking him a question and then getting out of his way, letting him go for as long as he wanted. I’ll listen to you almost no matter what, but more of these types of interviews would be rock star.

  65. This episode is truly legendary! I love the super long form where you can just let Jamie really get in there with his ideas and stories. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes…and I’ve listened to many!

  66. The Jamie Foxx interview is hands down my favorite podcast interview of all time – on your show and all the other podcasts I listen to. It could have gone on for another 2 hours and I would’ve felt like it was too short. Really cool you got to spend the time with him. Bravo.

  67. This one is one of the best! Thank you for taking the time to research the questions that your audience wants to hear. I felt like I got to know the person behind the celebrity 🙂

  68. I am a stickler about listening to your podcasts in chronological order, but when I saw you Tweeted about your interview with Jamie Foxx, I made an exception to my rule and proceeded to download and listen your interview with Jamie. I first started watching Jamie Foxx on The Jamie Foxx Show, and during that series Jamie would show his musical side by singing to a crowd while playing the piano. That’s when I thought holy crap, he’s funny, understands music, and can act.

    In terms of living comedians, the only person that comes to mind that embodies these skills (music, acting, comedy) is Jimmy Fallon. Given Jimmy Fallon’s mainstream success with his show, it’s pretty easy to see his comedic side from all the skits and impersonations he does. But then his musical side comes out when he does the bits with the musicians whom he interviews and he has some serious chops! Additionally, his musical skills really shine when he does those barbershop quartets with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Kevin Spacey, etc.

    The only other entertainer (who has passed) who embodies these traits is, coincidentally, Johnny Carson. King of late night, funny guy, sure. But that man could sing too!

    One of my favorite Jamie Foxx performances is when he’s playing the piano and singing songs as if he were other famous singers such as Luther Vandross, Prince, and Babyface. This is when his music and comedy fuse into comedic gold.

  69. who are the greatest living performers? : Mathieu Flamini

    The guardian : “The French footballer (Arsenal) has been moonlighting as a partner of a biochemical company that could revolutionise the energy industry – and net him £20bn”

    He has two life in one and is amazing.

  70. Thank You for sharing very inspiring…

    what is good to practice to make things happen? inputs appreciated. [Moderator: link removed]

  71. Why don’t you do an episode on suicide? Why don’t you do an episode on your insecurities? You know how much they’d help us… when people ask who my role model is, without a pause I answer Tim Ferriss… Maybe this is the wine talking or maybe this is me really wanting to connect with the person I look up to. The question isn’t why… it’s why not.


    A true fan

  72. Hi there

    What a wonderful interview with pearls of wisdom. I have to say that I didn’t know much about Jamie and thought that I will stop listening after fewminutes but listened at the end to whole interview.

    For me the high points were

    His grandma – adored her,

    Mike Tyson – looking for that just simple thing in life

    His vision – getting the story after the after 🙂

    And life after 40 😉 relevant to me

    Thanks Tim – enjoyed the interview

    Have a good Christmas and happy new year


  73. A most impressive and entertaining interview…Excellent job in steering the ship. The longer format allowed the depth and thoughtfulness of Jamie’s talent to really shine. Many great stories and plenty of takeaways with this one. Thank you.

  74. This is somewhat unrelated but reminded of it by the favourite performer question! I would personally love to never read the word ‘hack’ used ever again: unless it relates to unauthorised access to a computer system or making ones way through the jungle armed with a machete 😉

    i think it was the bulletproof coffee book that tipped me over the edge

    some of my favourite performers are in the film Planet B-Boy which I urge

    you all to watch immediately 😉 watch it when you’ll be uninterrupted, in silence 😉 it’s a very, very special documentary.

  75. Amazing and yet you are such a natural asking questions. How do you keep from being such a fan in front of such amazing people? QOD: I think animal trainers and horse whisperers are the most amazing performers. To connect with another species is mind boggling especially when I see so many people struggle to connect with one another. Or maybe it’s easier LOL

  76. what an amazing podcast! Really blown away by how nice and warm Jamie is, the songs, the wisdom, the stories – just amazing! Fits well for Christmas also I feel

  77. What a great man Jamie Foxx is – thank you for highlighting so many facets of his amazing talents, his self awareness and wisdom, and his heart. I have a renewed appreciation and respect for him.