The Random Show, Rare Drinking Edition — Affordable Luxuries, Brain Stimulation, Sampling the Future (and Some Previews), Recharging with Creative Experiments, Tokenizing Humans with a Bonding Curve, Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry, and Much More (#690)

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Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of The Random Show!

We discuss affordable luxuries, creative offsites, brain stimulation, OCD, ADHD, tokenizing humans via a bonding curve, cold therapy on a budget, phone data strategies for international travelers, Toshiba’s low-carb rice cooker, and much, much more!

Please enjoy!

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#690: The Random Show, Rare Drinking Edition — Affordable Luxuries, Brain Stimulation, Sampling the Future (and Some Previews), Recharging with Creative Experiments, Tokenizing Humans with a Bonding Curve, Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry, and Much More

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Want to hear the last time Kevin and I put on a Random Show? Listen to our conversation here, in which we discussed affordable luxuries for priceless lives, suiting up for a visit to the Magic Castle, Eliza Ivanova’s art, my secret for supple skin, nineteenth-century Nintendo, Balaji’s bet, the science of #hangover remedies, Moonbirds over Tokyo, an unexpected Sanbo Zen inquisition, Japanese death poems, escape rooms, high-fidelity immersive sound, Nanoblocks, and much more.

#670: The Random Show with Kevin Rose — The $1M Bitcoin Bet, Japanophilia, Rare IPAs, Preventing Hangovers, AI Companions, Fringe Discords, Affordable Luxuries, High-Fidelity Audio, and Much More

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  • [04:41] Drinks? Heck, it’s 3:00 p.m. Friday somewhere.
  • [08:36] Affordable (and unaffordable) luxuries.
  • [14:42] Kevin’s relaunching his podcast.
  • [17:37] Celebrating creative CØCKPUNCH collaboration.
  • [26:56] Overcoming delegation consternation.
  • [36:23] OCD & ADHD
  • [42:55] Tolkien never said “CØCKPUNCH.”
  • [47:55] Inspirational formats and fictions.
  • [53:26] Brain stimulation banter.
  • [55:23] Tokenizing humans via a bonding curve.
  • [1:03:24] Mitigating brain damage over time.
  • [1:11:47] Cold therapy on a budget.
  • [1:17:41] Climbing up the poet tree.
  • [1:26:31] Coyotes and wolves and Twain.
  • [1:30:34] A free idea for Audible: synchronous book clubs?
  • [1:32:02] Supplements.
  • [1:34:35] Brodo kudos.
  • [1:36:44] Aesop.
  • [1:37:12] Caffeine and creatine with a chance of disaster pants.
  • [1:41:15] CØCKPUNCH Coffee.
  • [1:44:49] Three cheers for OneSkin.
  • [1:47:50] One out of one Dr. Peter Attias recommends ProMix.
  • [1:48:51] A low-carb rice cooker? Thanks, Toshiba.
  • [1:52:14] We like our cake like we like our martinis: without carrots.
  • [1:54:50] Dating in the 21st century.
  • [1:57:31] Phone data strategies for international travelers.
  • [2:01:28] Why Kevin doesn’t buy individual bonds (and what he does instead).
  • [2:03:00] What stocks attract Kevin’s investment dollars these days?
  • [2:06:57] Parting thoughts.


DISCLAIMER FROM TIM FERRISS: I am not an investment adviser. Nor is Kevin Rose. All opinions are mine alone. Or his. There are risks involved in placing any investment in securities or in Bitcoin or in cryptocurrencies or in anything. None of the information presented herein is intended to form the basis of any offer or recommendation or have any regard to the investment objectives, financial situation, or needs of any specific person, and that includes you, my dear listener or reader. Everything in this episode is for informational entertainment purposes only.

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17 Replies to “The Random Show, Rare Drinking Edition — Affordable Luxuries, Brain Stimulation, Sampling the Future (and Some Previews), Recharging with Creative Experiments, Tokenizing Humans with a Bonding Curve, Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry, and Much More (#690)”

  1. I’m a big Vanguard fan. However, the recommendation about VUSXX was misleading. Recommend printing a retraction and correction. You’re actually looking at 1-3 pct returns. Or, please precisely explain how this fund beats a 4 pct savings account. Thanks for the otherwise great show!

  2. Great stuff, Tim. A thought – that I think would be super valuable for all your followers – is to know what would be your top ten “things” that have the biggest positive impact on your life? They could be products, habits, supplements, affirmations, or anything! If you could only pick 10 out of all the things you’ve tried and used over the decades, and you were making your choice today. What would they be?

    I’d LOVE to know, and I’m sure everyone else would too.

  3. Hey Tim (and team!), I started reading 4HWW when I transitioned from comic book retail to comics publishing. Since then (and much owed to your writing and content) I’ve gone from Director positions to VPs and now Publisher. I’ve worked for (or consulted with) over a dozen publishers including all of the majors in one way or another. I’m an Eisner, Diamond Gem, and ComicsPRO award winner and nominee. I also do a fair amount of consulting for indy publishers.

    All of that said, I feel like I owe you and your work a lot. It sounds like you’re tinkering with ideas that are in my field of work. If ever you need a guide or even quick answers about the mechanics of how the comics industry works, I’d be thrilled to offer up my, and my team’s, services.


  4. So many comments!
    * You mention going through numerous Neuro Psych exams (or similar) that asked so many questions related to TBIs and brain injuries. What was that exam? Why? How can we take it?
    * You mentioned some famous athletes getting injured and talking about returning to the sport when healed and ‘wow that was so amazing’. I hope you will also do a deep dive podcast or interview disabled athletes. There are so many who were competitive, then became injured and maybe lost a limb or are partially paralyzed and returned to athleticism, plus the incredible organizations that coordinate accessibility sports.
    * You mentioned psilocybin and …. what? Some other psychedelic being used to treat brain injury? Probably I can find it in the show notes….
    * Brain injuries! Only 10% of TBIs are severe. It is measured with the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). I had the most severe: a GCS 3. My family was informed I would not survive. Only 5% survive a GCS 3. I might be the only GCS 3 survivor who has healed and returned to independent living and adventure travel.
    * I also acquired Hydrocephalus. Very few humans outside of the medical industry know what that is. Important information! Please do a podcast on that!
    * Hit-and-runs. I was the victim of a hit-and-run. NHTSA recently released the number of hit-and-runs in the USA that occurred in 2021. This is an epidemic, that no one is speaking of. And how many hit-and-run drivers are found? No data exists on that. Topic worth of discussion.
    * Yes: I ski tour, kitesurf, and live on a boat. Or did before my injury.
    * Here is my website related to my brain injuries. Includes links to my interviews and an informative video.

  5. Tim, you’re the man. One small nitpick, but I believe an important one. Kevin’s advice to invest in a short-term Treasury ETF in lieu of a savings account is excellent, however Kevin is mistaken that the return is not taxed at the federal level.

  6. Thanks again for another entertaining and informative Random Show. I enjoy Kevin and your interactions, humility and humour.
    Tim, like so many others, I have been encouraged to lean into creativity through your vulnerability and sharing.
    The two of you have yet again invigorated my curiosity in new tech, investments and “all things esoteric”.
    I look forward to Kevin’s podcast restart and many more years of your gentleman’s adventures.
    Dont stop doing everything you two do.

  7. The beginning of this show discussing ice in wine deeply reminded me of one of Woody Harrelson’s greatest movie scenes from “The Cowboy Way”…. [Moderator: Link to YouTube video “Cowboy Way Steak scene” removed per embed policy.]

  8. This might not get seen, but Tim and Kev could look into resistance starch rice using coconut oil. Apparently a study in Sri Lanka found that adding some coconut oil during rice boiling then immediately cooling the rice turns most of the rice into resistant starch. Downside is the slight coconut taste if not preferred.

    Not sure if the same applies to Malaysian nasi lemak as that is cooked with coconut milk instead

  9. Dear Tim’s assistant 🙂

    Please let Tim know that I will be in Austin, Texas hosting a Beer School session on South African craft beer. I know he is interested in exploring different flavours from around the world. It would be great to have him as a guest.

    Let me know if you would like more info.

  10. So excited that you are highlighting poetry. I love Mary Oliver, and was able to meet her when I was in college. I’m also a fantasy writer, as well as published poet. LOVE your focus on poetry! Let me know if you ever want to talk video game industry 😉

  11. Hey Tim. Great show. Domaine Tempiere has a cult following. It was a favorite of Jim Harrison novelist and poet (Legends of the Fall) Harrison Was known for his drinking and eating prowess. Could have been a good podcast guest. Probably a much better dinner companion. He has two good non fiction books. A Really Big Lunch and The Raw and Cooked. Not too mention one of America’s finest poets. Enjoy the wine. They have a great rose as well. Ver hard to find.

  12. Re: the unfortunate (though highly amusing!) “disaster pants” situation – not all creatine supplements are the same. To avoid a similar “disasters” in the future, here is a quick primer on creatine. Bowel distresses has been an issue using the older form known as creatine monohydrate (CM). But a newer form, Creatine HCL (creatine hydrochloride), is far more efficiently absorbed (7X more concentrated and 59X more soluble) than CM, which is most likely what you were taking (even if buffered versions). This better absorption means you can take much smaller doses to achieve great results. And the small dosing eliminates the unpleasant side effects like G.I. distress, bloating, and water retention. I’m reaching out from the best-selling brand CON-CRĒT and we’d be happy to share research about creatine HCL (which was awarded 8 patents) as well as about the benefits of creatine beyond the gym, including support for brain health, memory, mood, immune functions, heart health, and sexual wellness. We’d also be interested in sponsoring the podcast (and ensure you don’t have any more disaster pants situations!).

  13. Well, that settles it. The title of my first volume of poetry will be “The 4-Hour Coyote Suppository.” I like to write haikus during the last mile of my morning run to just, you know, keep myself from dying. So this will be a collection of terrible haikus not at all related to coyotes or (I hope) suppositories. But being over 40 has brought a number of surprises so anything’s possible.

    Bukowski! Amazing poet. “If you want justice, take the knife” is a particular favorite. It’s in ‘Essential Bukowski: Poetry’ which is a good collection.

    1. Hahahaha that’s brilliant. My first published poetry book was the first year of the pandemic. My second one is love poetry. But who knows for the third!

  14. This was very synchronistic thanks guys..I’m getting ready for my first out of the USA vaca of my life…going to Mexico! And my current phone service with Verizon doesn’t support data from there.