A Rare In-Person Random Show with Kevin Rose — VR Workouts, I Bonds, Excellent Movies, Recent Books, Lessons from Amy Tan, How to Shape Your Mind, and More (#622)

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Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of The Random Show.

In this one, we discuss conspirituality, opening the doors of perception with prescription and meditation, movies we’ve been enjoying, fictional world-building, high-interest I bonds, lessons from Amy Tan, full-body MRI scans, Austin vs. San Francisco, why I refrain from “gotcha” interviews on this show, and much, much more.

Please enjoy!

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#622: A Rare In-Person Random Show with Kevin Rose — VR Workouts, I Bonds, Excellent Movies, Recent Books, Lessons from Amy Tan, How to Shape Your Mind, and More

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What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.



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  • [05:35] Why we’re recording this in Los Angeles.
  • [09:40] What are we drinking?
  • [12:06] Why I aim for evergreen interviews over gotchas on this show.
  • [21:51] Where Kevin wants me to take this show.
  • [23:35] Scenes: Austin vs. San Francisco.
  • [25:55] I did not start the conspirituality.
  • [32:17] Opening the doors of perception with prescription and meditation.
  • [38:34] Movies we’ve been watching.
  • [50:18] A peek into my world-building, fictional foray.
  • [56:13] Are we too old for podcasting?
  • [57:18] Should you buy I bonds right now? (Reminder: not financial advice!)
  • [59:46] Lessons from Amy Tan.
  • [1:02:27] How we get suckered into paying for services we haven’t used in years.
  • [1:03:30] Fat, bald, and bastardly is no way to go through life, son.
  • [1:05:44] Supernatural fitness: the only thing Kevin likes about VR.
  • [1:07:06] Why you might want to consider getting a full-body MRI scan.
  • [1:11:44] Mind over matter.
  • [1:17:48] What the current state of medicine hints about its future.
  • [1:25:27] Parting thoughts.


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7 Replies to “A Rare In-Person Random Show with Kevin Rose — VR Workouts, I Bonds, Excellent Movies, Recent Books, Lessons from Amy Tan, How to Shape Your Mind, and More (#622)”

  1. Hi Tim, you mentioned non-hallucinogenic LSD as a treatment for cluster headaches which got me googling. Been getting them for decades and treatments are inconsistent at best. With all the caveats that I’ll consult my doctor before making any decisions, do you know anyone that’s had success with this or thoughts on where to learn more? Thanks for all you do, longtime fan.

  2. Hi Tim, I’m the director/cinematographer of Arcane: Bridging the Rift. I’m glad to hear you’re liking the show and following the docuseries! As a Studio Ghibli fan, I think it follows you’d be into Arcane. I’m curious how you feel about the teams behind Arcane after finishing the doc and how they persisted in their vision. It’s a pretty inspiring story to me, and they’re surely leaving a mark in the animation world. If you’re interested in more of Christian’s backstory and viewpoints, I worked on a similar doc in 2014 about him as a composer and starting to direct some music videos. It’s called Frequencies: Music of League of Legends and is also on the League of Legends YouTube channel. It’s a fun watch.

    Feel free to comment with any follow up thoughts or ask me any questions. Keep up the great work, and all the best!

  3. Tim ! Loved this show, great you have started writing fiction.
    “The Wizard of Earthsea” has been one of my favourite books since I read it when I was 11. Also if you want to listen to the best audio version of “LOTR” then check out Ron Inglis version, it is sensational.
    Going to check out some of your other recommendations.
    Wishing you well, Slatts

  4. Hello Tim Ferriss san
    I’m Eriko from Kanagawa Japan, right by the river going along Tokyo. I was surprised to hear that you sincerely like Spirited Away in the podcast!
    Somehow I would never imagine you would talk thoughtfully about Ghibli. It was a wonderful surprise to me which made me want to listen to other talks of yours more. Spirited Away is also one of my favorite Ghibli movies, and I never gave a deep thought about it before like you. I like Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa too.
    Thank you for the fun talks always.

  5. Tim,

    Immense gratitude for the journey you are on and the stimulus and inspiration it provides to me as a listener.

    There are a number of things you speak of that just are not a part of my life experience. I for example am not interested in taking psychedelics only in their application for people who will benefit from them. I dont understand NFT’s and am not fascinated by the use of VR technology only because I find it difficult enough living my own reality!

    I am however continually impressed by your growing humility and grateful you are participating in your life in a way that is bringing more value to your wider community.

    Through my listening and connecting to you and your peers I now slide into a ice fest on a regular basis, deep heat my body in a sauna, drink puerrh tea, fast regularly, speak enough French, swim effortlessly, pay attention to my protein intake and make sweat an every day occurrence.

    Most importantly though has been the introduction to Stoicism which has taken on a life of its own and to which I am eternally indebted as a way to see the world without blame, anger or resentment and to challenge myself to live according to what I value inherently.

    I just wanted to say thank you. As a mother of four who is in my fifties I am grateful for the way you have helped me see the world.

    Blessings of love for what is occurring in your life now and wishing you increased courage and self compassion,