The Random Show with Kevin Rose — Current Books, Men’s Groups, Tuna Helper, the Latest in NFTs, Fierce Intimacy, and More (#586)

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Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of The Random Show.

In this one we discuss the books that we are currently reading, outdated behaviors, healing with men’s groups, masculinity, Kevin’s new Moonbirds project (a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs), my first NFT, and much, much more.

Please enjoy!

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#586: The Random Show with Kevin Rose — Current Books, Men's Groups, Tuna Helper, the Latest in NFTs, Fierce Intimacy, and More

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  • Connect with Kevin Rose:

Website | PROOF | Modern Finance | Instagram | Twitter


  • What are Kevin and I stupidly frugal about? [06:15]
  • Tobacco talk, Zoom group therapy, and books we’ve been reading. [10:20]
  • Thoughts on men’s groups, healthy venting, the demonization of masculinity, and groupthink. [37:11]
  • How my first NFT came to be, and the story behind PROOF Collective’s Grails project. [45:45]
  • What’s a utility NFT, and will my NFT have utility attached to it? While a great idea in theory, what problems might arise over the lifetime of a utility NFT? How is the PROOF Collective trying to alleviate such problems? [52:30]
  • Can FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) be a good thing in the NFT world? [59:29]
  • The difficulties presented by trying to serve a massive audience on a reasonable budget, and how PROOF Collective’s new PFP project, Moonbirds, will try to do it right. [1:03:15]
  • Could an NFT project get me canceled? Perhaps someday we’ll see. [1:06:15]
  • Is Harlan Estate the Moonbirds of wine, or is Moonbirds the Harlan Estate of NFTs? Kevin explains why he’s particularly excited about the possibilities of Web3 — and why Adam Gazzaley owes him a bottle of Hibiki 30. [1:08:43]
  • “Apeing” into position while mitigating downside when opportunity seems to be knocking. [1:12:52]
  • Why Kevin believes now is the time to get a foundational understanding of how blockchains and NFTs work even if you don’t have big money to spend in the game. [1:16:57]
  • Don’t want to mingle with people at a conference? Tell them this. [1:17:37]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:20:05]


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6 Replies to “The Random Show with Kevin Rose — Current Books, Men’s Groups, Tuna Helper, the Latest in NFTs, Fierce Intimacy, and More (#586)”

  1. Hey Tim,
    Just finished tools for Titans and have an amazing idea that would greatly reduce suicide. I’m an entrepreneur myself and am in the middle of trying to manage multiple business myself or I’d see it through. 2 minutes (120 seconds) of your time will definitely save lives. Hope you get this.

  2. For anyone interested in animal communication and sound healing :

    Cymatics is the study of the relationship between geometric patterns which emit frequencies that are formed by sound vibrations and how these sound waves can directly influence and create forms in physical matter.

    Dolphins produce sound waves that coincide with the Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz (Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm). According to the AquaThought Foundation, human contact with dolphins induces both alpha brain state and hemispheric synchronization in the brain.

    Samples of blood were analysed before and after the (dolphin) therapy, results showed that after swimming with dolphins there is a change of hormones, endorphins and enzymes as well as T-cells, how this is possible is still not well understood.

    The Monroe Institute has a Dolphin Energy Club to request energy healing frequencies be sent to a loved one :

  3. Hey Tim,
    After 3-4 years of (almost religiously) listening to your podcast, I am finally reading The Four Hour Chef. Reading your deconstruction questions in the “meta” section, most of which I’ve heard you ask some form of on the podcast, helped me think of one that I was excited to share (even though I’m a decade late!).

    This question would fall under the interviewing high performers genre. Here goes: When you did or accomplished X, would the people who knew you best growing up have been like, “oh, that makes total sense,” or would they have been super surprised? Why?

    I like this question because it tries to get at a more elusive question, “In what ways did you have to change to become the high performer you are today?” which feels far too general to ask/answer. Anyway, wanted to share a question with the person who inspired me to ask better questions. Thank you for being you, Tim.

    – Cole

  4. As a long time listener from outside of the US, I have to say that it’s very frustrating to be hearing ads all the time and when I am ever interested in something, it doesn’t ship to my country. It already happened with Magic Spoon, and now with Ascent Protein. I’m not sure how many of the other sponsors have the same problem, but I have to guess more than one.

    I was one of the people who joined as a backer when you did the experiment to move the podcast to a supporter-backed model, because I hate ads. Now that I’m realizing that ads are only for US customers, they make even less sense to me. I have to imagine a lot of people are listening to this outside of the US.

  5. Great to see the two of you back together! I wish you’d do it more often. I’ve now listened to at least 3 episodes with the dynamic duo.

  6. Hi Tim,
    Regarding animal communication, I highly recommend you check out Anna Breytenbach.
    Inspired by the short doc about her, I took a workshop with Anna and Jon Young: “Interspecies Communication and Intuitive Tracking.” Jon Young is a tracker, author, speaker, and major leader in the nature connection movement, mentoring people in deep nature connection and cultural repair and change. He himself has had many notable mentors, including Tom Brown. I have spent time with Jon Young connecting with San Bushmen in the Kalahari desert and would love to talk more with you about tracking and nature connection.
    With gratitude for this discussion,