The Top 25 Episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show from 2019

Happy holidays!

Thanks to all of you, The Tim Ferriss Show crossed more than 400 million downloads this year, and it’s fast approaching 500 million.

In case you have some extra time over the holiday season, perhaps after a pumpkin pie or cookie coma, below are my most popular episodes of 2019. It’s a fun list.

We used an imperfect methodology—number of downloads one week after publication—but it’s good enough to surface the episodes y’all felt were the most exciting.

Please enjoy, and happy holidays to you and yours! 

With heartfelt thanks, 


P.S. Here is the list, starting with the most downloaded:

#1: David Allen — The Art of Getting Things Done (GTD) (Episode #384)
#2: Ramit Sethi — Automating Finances, Negotiating Prenups, Disagreeing with Tim, and More (Episode #371)
#3: Jim Collins — A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath (Episode #361)
#4: Greg McKeown — How to Master Essentialism (Episode #355)
#5: Peter Attia, M.D. — Fasting, Metformin, Athletic Performance, and More (Episode #398)
#6: Neil Gaiman — The Interview I’ve Waited 20 Years to Do (Episode #366)
#7: How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions (Repost) (Episode #376)
#8: Susan Cain — How to Overcome Fear and Embrace Creativity (Episode #357)
#9: Nick Norris — Navy SEAL and Athlete on Training, Post-Traumatic Growth, and Healing (Episode #378)
#10: Adam Grant — The Man Who Does Everything (Episode #399)
#11: Eric Schmidt — Lessons from a Trillion-Dollar Coach (Episode #367)
#12: Safi Bahcall — On Hypnosis, Conquering Insomnia, Incentives, and More (Episode #382)
#13: Peter Mallouk — Exploring the Worlds of Investing, Assets, and Quality of Life (Episode #356)
#14: Derek Sivers on Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying ‘No’ to Millions (Repost) (Episode #370.5)
#15: Neil deGrasse Tyson — How to Dream Big, Think Scientifically, and Get More Done (Episode #389)
#16: Q&A with Tim — On Happiness, Dating, Depressive Episodes, and Much More (Episode #390)
#17: Tristan Harris — Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention (Episode #387)
#18: Jerry Colonna — The Coach with the Spider Tattoo (Episode #373)
#19: Tea Time with Tim — How to Find Mentors, Decrease Anxiety Through Training, and Much More (Episode #363)
#20: Gary Keller — How to Focus on the One Important Thing (Episode #401)
#21: Safi Bahcall — On Thinking Big, Curing Cancer, and Transforming Industries (Episode #364)
#22: Ed Zschau — The Polymath Professor Who Changed My Life (Episode #380)
#23: Julie Rice — Co-Founding SoulCycle, Taming Anxiety, and Mastering Difficult Conversations (Episode #372)
#24: Tobi Lütke — From Snowboard Shop to Billion-Dollar Company (Episode #359)
#25: The Random Show — On Fasting, Forest Bathing, How to Say NO, Rebooting the Self, and Much More (Episode #391)

P.P.S. In case you missed it, transcripts for all episodes are now available for free at this link.

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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18 Replies to “The Top 25 Episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show from 2019”

  1. Hi Tim, I am José and I am writing because you have motivated me to do and ask for things that seem difficult or impossible. I am from Mexico, a few days ago I woke up with an idea that I cannot remove from my head: I want to bring Tim Ferris to Mexico. To present your books, to record a podcast, to do a workshop, I don’t know, my mission in life is to add value to others and I want others to listen to the value you bring. I have shared the idea with several classmates and others and everyone is willing to collaborate to make this happen. Would you be interested in trying this madness with me?

  2. FELICIDADES TIM, quiero expresar mi profundo agradecimiento y admiración a tu trabajo no sólo por la contribución que tus libros han hecho a mi vida pero también por qué desde que empezaste tu podcast ha sido testigo de tu evolución como entrevistador y compañero de micrófono de tus invitados que me honra el ser parte de esta comunidad de 4HRS y Tim Ferriss Show
    Felicidades y feliz Navidad

  3. Pleased to see David Allen up there at number 1.

    Probably the most impact of the podcasts I have listened to this year.

    His book has just revolutionised my filing and organising system, and I’m not even half way through implementing it all yet.

    Thanks for all you do Tim, You are a very big window to a world I would never know existed, if not for your output.

    Ever thought of going deeper down the Hypnosis rabbit hole?

    Happy Holidays

    1. Always a pleasure to hear from you Tim. Every good wish to you and your loved ones. Spending my Christmas Eve in an unconventional zone vacuuming, mopping, tidying and keeping the spectre of homelessness as far away as possible. If I wasn’t using Sam’s app, I doubt I’d be able to handle things with suck equanimity. But hey, tonight I have a home. Tonight I’m healthy. Most importantly tonight is a gift regardless of how it’s clothed.

      Peace Tim

      1. Ha, the suck equanimity was meant to be such equanimity. Nothing Freudian to see here folks;)

  4. Hi Tim, This is Great !!! Been wanting some sort of “Top List” for a while. Any chance you can create a Top 10 or 25 all time list? Or list out the episodes that have been most listened to … I’ve been an on and off listener for a few years based on my time availability and like everyone else only have so many hours in day/week.. it’s helpful when i do have the time to go have a “go to” list to explore the best of the best past episodes… Thanks for all the blood sweet and tears you’ve put into this over the years … it’s very much appreciated and i love getting nuggets from the best of the best …

  5. Hey Tim, the Peter Attia one I liked most this year – the new type of sections rather than questions. And one can tell the relationship you have. Generally (no surprise) the episodes with a good connect are the best. Keep doing yours – I own so much shit you dug out and tried so much (last TRS, which seems to work for me) that I just do not have time to listen elaewhere. Ok, sometimes Jocko. That’s my red wine induced thanks and feedback – love and happy holidays.

  6. Tim, looking over this list I realize why you have my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to nearly all of these remarkable people and often learned unexpected ideas that changed my perspective and my habits.
    I’m adding you to my just started list of people who should be protected in bubble wrap as a national treasure. So far just you and Elon Musk. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Thanks for all the work you put in to your podcasts. They allow me to get a lot of useful info in an easy-to-listen manner

  8. Dick Clark said that music is the soundtrack of our lives. Tim’s podcasts index moments, moods, people, projects and places for me. Scrolling through the episode titles brings me back to who where and what I was when listening. On a treadmill in the old neighborhood, on a flight to chase a deal, in traffic on a long haul trip, on an early morning walk to absorb some peace and knowledge. These podcasts have become an inextricable part of my life. Thank you!!!

  9. Hey Tim, my mushroom trip told me to contact you. It briefly showed me the impact of PTSD and told me “Tell Tim to do more for these guys. Please bring them here”. I’m a 35 year old software engineer who does not to any other drugs or know anyone who has PTSD. The fact that I was given a very specific way to contact you and fact that I’m not particularly knowledgeable or interested on PTSD triggered me to contact you. Godspeed my brother.

  10. I think this list might be more relevantly compiled in late January or February in order to give late-year additions some time to gain exposure. Keller would move quite a bit up the list by then I would have to think. For me, Collins was an easy #1. Great stuff, TF!

  11. Thanks Tim for such life changing and mind growing content. You serve as a mentor to me from all the way in the Caribbean. Blessings always!

  12. So happy you put this list together! I discovered a couple I missed! LOVE the new look and feel of the website. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Tim- Love the podcast, great stuff. My wife and I have made excellent gains in health by reading and following the advice of Dr. Micheal Greger, author of “How Not to Die” and “How Not to Diet” books. We would love to hear you interview him. Your intensity of learning and interviewing, and his intensity for “Evidence based nutrition” would make a great show. He just might challenge some of your thinking on supplements. Keep up the good work.