Christmas Deals from Start-ups

(Photo: Kevin Dooley)

Just for fun, I asked my start-ups (and a few friends) if they’d like to offer y’all a little something special from the holidays. Here’s an incomplete list.

Many are working on top-secret stuff and couldn’t jump in, but a few were game on last-minute notice, so here you go!

They are listed in alphabetical order by company/name:

Stop being a Wantrepreneur; start taking action. Free vids! Get here: via @AppSumo

Everything you need to transform. Free trainers, complete nutrition plans, & top-selling supplements. Save 10%!

Photo + Film + Design + Software. Use coupon “tim2011” for 25% off ANY single @creativeLIVE course til 1/1/12

Email and we’ll give you free CrowdFlower credits and a free crowdsourcing consultation to get you started on our self-service platform.

Foodzie’s Tasting Club delivers a monthly selection of artisan food products. Gift it and receive a FREE month on your own subscription. Valid through 12/24.

Ed Cooke trained Josh Foer to be US memory champ in 1 yr. He’ll train you if you can learn 500+ words in a week on

Create a free and private website for your family photos this holiday season on Posterous Spaces.

Want a virtual assistant? Get one, FREE, for a year. (From Ramit Sethi of iwillteachyoutoberich.)

45% off a year of’s MyPrivacy service ($55 for a year) to protect your digital personal information. You can use this link to get the discount automatically or enter the code 4HOUR in the gift code section on our site when buying.

Have a Productive New Year for 50% off – Sign up for @RescueTime for $36/year! –

3 months free – Shopify Unlimited Plan, first 100 to use the promo code ‘4HOUR’ [value $537]

Happy holidays!


Odds and Ends: The 4-Hour Chef is now up on

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56 Replies to “Christmas Deals from Start-ups”

  1. Tim,

    I run one store on Shopify (URL removed), am just about to launch my second (a US variant), and your gift above has given me enough incentive to jump onto the third one!!

    Thanks to you, and have a great holiday season!


  2. Really interesting start-ups you work with (and have as friends).

    Took the 500 hundred word challenge starting from today, entered the VirtualAssistant contest (anyone to join? ) and dropped a mail for CrowdFlower credits.

    Thank you, Tim, and Merry Christmas!

  3. I’ll add — freshtemp — 20% off temperature monitoring for your restaurant — just call and let me know you saw this.

    Thanks Tim, I love rescuetime and shopify is what got us started, cheers!

  4. Hey Tim, Bit random and off topic but 4HB foods very similar to diet required for heavy metal detox. Add some cilantro tincture and you’d be away. Merry Xmas from Matapouri,Northland,New Zealand.

    PS: Brickwork didn’t go so well for me for a research project but Elance was impressive. Worth the extra cost in this case. Cheers mate.

  5. I tried out the AppSumo “Wantrepreneur” course couple weeks back, gotta say it was really good. Noah and Neville make making millions look easy… I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to start.

  6. Thanks for the deals, Tim! Here’s a holiday deal from our startup. It took us a few years, but we changed our business model and we’re finally a true 4HWW biz – thanks again! My fiancee is a Certified Professional Organizer. For years she worked in clients homes to help them get organized, productive, and efficient. She captured all of her systems, tips, and tricks in one program (200+ pages, exercises, charts, visuals, plus a supportive online community forum). It launches in mid-January. We are offering a pre-sale through the end of December for $50 off. (Link is in the website field) Merry Christmas!

  7. Hey, is the Shopify code only for new accounts?

    I signed up about a month ago and would love to trial a few months of unlimited plan especially as we are getting ready to finalise the website and launch.

  8. Thanks for the Christmas gifts. Getting back into the groove of things entrepreneurship wise I’m getting started with my fiancee on a new lifestyle business targeting ADHD.

    So far after watching the first APPSUMO video reminded yet again on the importance of being consistent in our efforts rather than going for a quick start followed by quick fizzle.

  9. Memrise is a cool thing. While the realisation is not without its bugs, and the selection of words even for the featured demo course (Spanish) is a bit weird, it was really easy to learn some 110 words in one day. Really easy = the combination of multiple choice tests, reading and written translation is very well balanced.

  10. Thank you! I’m checking some of them out now.

    Next year, I’d really like your list of recommended gifts again, too. That was great, and I bought some stuff from it. Hopefully you got some affiliate commissions!

  11. waoo I clicked on all of them!

    …good deals! I really liked memrise. Already learned a few French words!

    Joyeux Noël every body!

  12. It’s a interesting concept.

    The vendors gain a large email list and the readers get a little something too.

    One thing, though. I think it is important to separate the list on which one’s are discounts, giveaways, or contests. There can be some confusion there. Clarifying will help the readers to appreciate what tim has done.

    it is good think about which one of these are worth giving away your email address. I found that being Ramit Sethi’s email list is quite painful. You won’t get spammed, but it’s pretty close.

    Saying no to all contests. The odds of winning is minimal, but there is a 95% chance of getting spammed to death. I’ll pass.

    Also I don’t think I can appreciate free video anymore. It takes effort to create them, of course. But many of them are sub-par, too commercial or void of content.

    Everyone has their own thresholds. 😛

    I thought CreativeLive, Crowdflower, Foodzie’s Tasting Club, and Shopify was pretty cool. I almost cried when I saw the “beef jerky” package at Foodzie’s Tasting Club was sold out. 🙂 Memrise looks interesting and I’ll give it a try.

    Thanks Tim.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas, kwanzaa, hanukkah and/or new years.

  13. Thanks Tim!

    I signed up for the 3 months of Shopify, which I was going to sign up for anyway, so it’s perfect timing! Launching 2 businesses at the beginning of the 2012. (not very muse-like, but going to test them to see what sticks).

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    1. @Jeff: Sorry to hear you were having trouble logging in to Memrise with Facebook. We’d love to help you sort this out – I hope it didn’t get in the way of your learning,



      Memrise co-founder

  14. Thanks Tim for spreading the holiday gifts.

    Since your blog has been an invaluable source of learnings, I would like to offer your readers a coupon code for my product. Your readers can use a coupon code: 4HWWEASY to get 20 free document credits (7.99$) for the mobile eSignature App: EasySign. It lets entrepreneurs, business owners, 4HWW tinkerers sign documents and contracts directly on their iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world.

    EasySign Mobile App can be downloaded at

    -Sunil Patro

    Disclaimer: I am the founder of EasySign Mobile App.

  15. Hopefully this is just a fault with Amazon, but it’s saying in the UK it’s not going to be available till 25th September 2012….It would be awesome if that got switched up to January instead (best payday present ever, haha!)

  16. Tim,

    Memrise is amazing! Thanks for introducing us to that.

    Very for Merry Christmas for you and your family.

    Grande Abraço


    1. @Theo, @Mariano, @David, @Daniel_Kislyuk – I’m really glad you’re enjoying things! Drop us a line at if you have any ideas for how we can improve things.



      Memrise co-founder

  17. I will like to be your partner making some of the recipes in you new book for some of those who can’t cook or have the time

  18. Has anyone tried the AppSumo business blueprint thing that’s advertised on top right of this blog? Any feedback would be great because I’m really considering paying and going through with it, thanks.

  19. Everything looks great. I signed up for Shopify and just broke 500 words on Memrise. The site is amazing — thanks for the introduction, Tim!

    (And speaking of which, how does that thing with Ed Cooke work?)

  20. Thanks so much, that’s really generous of you Tim. I’m going to check out Memrise, it sounds just what I need because of my terrible vocab retention skills

  21. Hello Tim,

    Nice list with interesting stuff! I think I will have many new-year resolution goals!

    Thank you a lot.

    Merry christmas to all!

  22. Wow, thanks Tim. I just wanted to thank you for giving us insight on these new start up deals that I would of never known of before. I appreciate it. Great deals and I hope you and everybody on this website had a great holiday season.

  23. Hi there,

    From time to time, I read your blog and this comment is actually in response to your November blog that I just finished reading regarding shark finning. I’m a fourth grade teacher here in Beijing, China. My fourth graders just finished writing letters to the Peninsula Hotels three weeks ago after they decided to no longer serve shark fin soup at their hotels. I’ve been going to a monthly foodie event here in Beijing to support various causes while eating at some of the most fabulous restaurants in Beijing, and at the end there is an optional donation foodies are asked to contribute. I was thinking my fourth grade class along with the founder of Beijing Foodies (who has become a friend) would like to team up and raise money for the Nature Conservancy group with Summit Series. It would be great if my students can be eligible for the shark tagging expedition that’s going on in Miami. They are Chinese students, and I want them to be more well-informed on the subject, especially since shark fin soup is served here in China,

    Has the goal been met for the Summit Series to protect ocean life, and do you know of any other great organizations that’s trying to raise funds to protect sharks? I want my students to get involved as I grew up living by the beach. Thanks!

    Ms. S – 4th grade teacher in Beijing

  24. Thanks for posting these resources Tim.

    I think the stop being a Wantrepreneur is among the most important links here.

    Nothing happens until you get off your butt and do something!