Random Show – Episode 17 – Start-ups, Investing, and Pickled Vegetables

Long overdue, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from investing and Steve Jobs to pickled food and start-up launches. Thanks to Glenn for his usual Jedi videography.

For the Breville contest, just search the Oink app for user “Tim Ferriss” to find my profile.

Two odds and ends:

1) You all ROCK. The last post’s goal has been exceeded, and my $25K match is happening. The goal was $25K, which I’d then match. You have so far helped raise $45K, and that number is growing quickly. INCREDIBLE.

2) To the 100s of readers who have asked when the hell the personal-use BodyMetrix would be ready: it’s finally here. As a thank-you for your patience, I’ve asked the manufacturer for an additional discount. Until Nov. 30, you can get 25% off (which should be around $125) by using the code 4HOURBODY at check out. For those interested, here’s the site. The pro version has been used by everyone from the New York Yankees to AC Milan.

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    1. hi, Tim – Big fan of your work. I was wondering your thoughts on hair loss. I think it’s a pretty inconsequential subject either way but I figured since you’re so on top of the latest and greatest in so many physiological related stuff, that you might have some good insight, whatever it is.


  1. Hey Tim,

    I completed your Geek to Freak months ago and gained 20 lbs in 30 days…I basically combined some of your stuff with some of my own stuff and smooshed it together into a ‘hybrid’ program if you will. What I’ve noticed is how many questions there have been about how the whole protocol looks in real life. I didn’t email you because let’s be honest you probably don’t check it! 😉 …anyways what I was proposing is I am doing a ‘ROUND 2’ with a few extra tweaks and refines to have a go at 30 in 30. Would your blog be interested in doing a ‘geek to freak Case study?’ much like your 4hww case studies on geared to 4hb obviously. I think your readers would appreciate it.

    Let me know what you think. Either way, keep challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the limits!

    Peace brotha,


    1. Hi Christian,

      I’m definitely open to talking about it! Please track everything well, and when done, just drop an email to amy@fourhourworkweek.com, indicating I asked you to email her.

      Congrats and look forward to seeing the results! Don’t forget the pictures and measurements, ideally verified by someone else.



  2. Love the fact you demoed the ‘UP’ to Tim, Kevin! Also – I don’t know if the calls from your mom were planned but that was hilarious!



  3. No comments yet! Everyone is still in the middle of the video I guess. This particular installment is longer than usual, which is great! Keep ’em coming, Tim and Kevin!

  4. Hotel Biron, smooth spot and Zuni Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in SF.

    Get the burger, some raw oysters, some raw clams and a few glasses.

    Thank me later.

  5. Wow, that was a long episode.

    Sauerkraut is so cheap to buy. I have no clue why you guys would spend your valuable time making it.

    1. Hey Kris, I totally agree.

      Kevin’s recipe seemed very time consuming, although he seems to enjoy cooking.

      I would just want to find the best out there. I’ve tried Bubbies Sauerkraut

      http://www.bubbies.com I pick it up at Whole Foods.

    2. Nothing, I repeat nothing is like the home made stuff. Especially, when you compare the store bought sauerkraut, which I suspect has nothing to do with the real thing.

      Its funny that Kevin and Tim touched on fermented food, because Men’s Health just ran an article on making your own pickled food…good timing!

  6. Hey Tim..I hope you dont hold U.S. Dollars. Inflation will continue to errode the value of the dollar for years to come. The unofficial inflation rate is about 9 %. This means you loose 9% each year. If i were you i would hold currencies were the central bank is more responsible than the fed. (The Swiss Frank maybe eventhough it is at least momentarily tied to the Euro). Gold is also a viable alternative to store your savings, as it maintains purchasing power over long periods of time.

  7. I’m glad Kevin is so thrilled by the Up from Jawbone but it seems to be getting horrible reviews. Was close to getting one myself but may wait for Version 2.0. Reminds me of when Jawbone launched their first headset. I replaced mine three times before giving up on it.

    Tim, as to your “beer allergy”, you sure about this? I started eating Paleo about a year ago and never was a big beer drinker beforehand. Yet, after a while of leaving out grains, rice and so forth, I’ve started reacting horribly to beer. Same as you say….similar effects as to alcohol but it’s my body simply reacting to the other ingredients which I no longer tolerate well.

  8. It must be strange to have a catch up with your friend with a camera pointed at you. Good stuff though. I always like the format of these, it makes you feel like you’re part of the conversation.

  9. Finally! This episode was long overdue….thanks.

    “In a peer group, like attracts like.”

    Always great insight and humor from you guys.

    Seems like a cool app as well, I am going to give it a shot in my town.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to do these shows guys! Sorry Kevin……..your bond recommendation is a bad one. Yes, the US is not going to default any time soon, but there is a more important point to consider. Namely, that bonds are in a bubble. Who knows how long the bubble will go, but when it pops, so will much of your principal…..quickly. At that point, getting some interest off your money will not look so attractive. I’m with Tim……build up lots of cash and invest the rest in aggressive areas that you understand and have some control over. Loved the show!

    1. Actually, Kevin’s recommendation to keep your money in short term government bonds is better than keeping it in cash. It’s true that bonds are in the bubble phase of a bull market that started 30 years ago. But unless you keep your cash in physical paper in a safe deposit box, you have it at an account in a bank. However, due to fractional reserve banking, your money isn’t really there. If there is another big financial crisis (highly likely), your bank might go bankrupt and it might take months, if not years to get your money back. Maybe the Fed will start to print money like crazy to “bail out” the FDIC and inflation goes to 50 % year. In this case your short term bonds would be much more liquid than your claims against a bankrupt bank

  11. Another great video Tim, thanks for the content. I’ve just downloaded the Oink app and it looks great…

    Also, just finished my month with the workout regime from the 4 hour body and I put on a stone of muscle, it’s the most I’ve ever been able to put on. Also I increased the weight of each exercise by at least 20% and with some to over 50% in just 4 weeks, all with just 3 hours of training per week!

    4 hour body is an awesome book mate!

  12. Spinning off from your talks about investing in things you use, getting stuff for free (which in the case of you and Kevin comes with the rep), etc; what are your thoughts on the subject of corporate sponsorship and leveraging that towards a goal whether it be money, free shoes, public image etc. “Corporate sponsorship” tends to be a term thrown around a lot these days and I’m wondering what it takes to make a living from it if you’re starting with nothing. Do you need a specific skill (obviously it helps to have one) or can you spin a public image into Levis giving you money and pants even if you’re kind of a “nobody”?

    A basis for this question would be an article I read last year on kids who pay their way through college via sponsorship, just for being around people in the right market for companies willing to dish out the dough.

    A follow up question to this would be about the ethics of these relationships etc.



  13. Very entertaining and informative Random episode yet again Tim! I wish u guys would do one once a month, it really gives great ideas and products that not everyone would be exposed to. Keep up the great work! btw, someone should blur out Kevin’s iphone pin #.

  14. Can I say I think OINK is a great idea, and I think it will be successful, but your missing it’s BIGGEST feature. Restaurants are going to be able to use this app to tailor their menus. They will know, based on the results what is doing well in their restaurants, and what is not. They can then either a) fix the failing dishes, or b) eliminate them and only serve the dishes they are really good at. This will make restaurants more profitable (by streamlining) and higher quality (by improving failing products).

    1. Thinking about OINK. Cool idea, but you are going to need an enormous data base to have andy meaningful results. But then again, you guys probably have an enormous number of friends.

  15. Hey Guys,

    Loved the show (as usual).

    Kevin, is OINK going to be on Android as well as iphone?

    I’d love to get it for my phone, but I can’t see myself ever buying an apple product ;oP



  16. Great Episode! Whoa, Kevin’s support for bonds was a little concerning. Kyle Bass has some great easy to understand analysis that may drastically change his position.

  17. Tim,

    Making sauerkraut yourself is very chap. Have you tried Kombucha? It involves a scoby (also known as a mother fungus). In fact, I’m drinking some right now. It’s been fermenting for a week. http://www.kombuchakamp.com/kombucha-recipe

    Also, Anheuser Busch is made out of rice (American Style Lager). But why drink that when wine tastes so much better?

  18. Bravo on getting out of stocks!

    But AHHHHHH I couldn’t believe what you guys ARE in. Cash and bonds. Woooooahhhh!

    You guys have worked so hard and earned your money, and it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to hear how risky your financial positions are… and mostly for no upside (excepting startups).

    Kevin: Gov’t bonds. Gov’t will never default.

    Wow. That’s the perfect strategy for disappointment and bankruptcy. Watch the documentary “I.O.U.S.A.”

    The financials of the U.S. are horrific, getting worse, and have no turnaround in sight.

    If you listen to everyone who predicted the real estate bubble, the Great Depression, and most U.S. economic events… This group is called “Austrian Economists” and they’re the group that’s been right consistently.

    Austrian economists mostly predict a dollar crash in the near future. Many of the wealthiest Americans are preparing for hyper-inflation, getting out of securities markets (especially bonds), and getting out of the dollar and into previous metals, commodities and certain stable foreign currencies.

    Could it be that you guys are blindly optimistic about the miraculously stable future of the dollar and U.S. government?

    I would examine the opposition’s argument here and play devil’s advocate. Thank me in gold bars please 😉

    – Jeff

    P.S. U.S. gov’t has defaulted on debts multiple times.

    P.P.S. Commodities and metals are incredibly stable in VALIE with uniform PRICE swings stemming from the reliable trend of debasement of the dollar (which has lost 95% of its value since its inception in 1913)!

  19. I loved Kevin’s line about Jawbone’s UP product: “Dude! . . . I love that I am showing this to you!” I saw Kevin’s black band earlier in the show and wondered about it (I figured it was for a cause of some sort). I’m saving my pennies for a new iPod Touch that will be compatible w/ UP. . . and OINK (big congrats to you, Kevin, on its launch). For that matter, my list of apps-I-want-but-are-not-compatible-with-my-current-device is getting pretty long . . .

    Kevin and Tim, based on your use of UP and/or ZEO, have you noted specific advantages of one or the other in meeting certain needs?

  20. Hey Tim,

    I was going through your old 4HWW bonus chapters on language learning, and was wondering if you’ve ever heard of James Heisig’s books on learning the Hanzi and Kana? It’s right up your alley. His method involves using mnemonics to learn the most common 3,000 characters, based on frequency lists. He claims it’s the most efficient and painless way to learn to read characters. I started yesterday and so far I can draw 70 characters by using mnemonic stories. If you ever do more posts on language learning, consider mentioning it because it feels pretty damn 80-20 to me and I thought I’d pass it along.

  21. Hey Tim,

    Those investments that are listed on CrunchBase, are they your contributions or the total of the participants in the round.



    1. Jacob:

      Crunchbase never breaks down how much individual investors give, largely because they don’t know. Companies don’t have to report this level of detail and press releases don’t say. Therefore, the numbers in CB are always the reported size of the entire round. Total participants.

      When you see that Milk’s “size” was @ $1.5m, Tim could have very well invested $1k or $500k. It’s unlikely he’ll share that with anyone outside of his close circle.

  22. “Long overdue, join me and Kevin Rose…”

    As if it’s ever any other way! I’m not complaining though, it makes each one all the more satisfying. I just put down my new Kindle (where I’m rereading 4HWW, my first purchase, as I decided to put up or shut up after arguing with my Deferred Plan brother about your principles) only to find a random show waiting on me. Life is good. Hope tomorrow is cheat day.

  23. The section about Steve Jobs was brilliant !! I don’t think I would have got the book before but can’t wait to read it now!!

    IMO a low, natural dose now and then is very good for clearing neuronal cobwebs and putting a sparkle back in your eye 😉


  24. Tim,

    Great show – was waiting patiently for episode 17. To continue your conversation on fermented foods and probiotics…I am a emergency physician in Detroit who also markets probiotics (the company was inspired by 4-hour Work Week). I know that you mention Sedona labs iFlora in 4-hr Body. However, you should consider our probiotics. Our company markets only evidence-based strains of bacteria…those with clinical trials supporting human benefit (and one of the highest concentrations). Most companies market generic strains with no proven benefit. Check us out and if you are interested, I can offer Ferris followers a discount. If not, no worries. Keep on keepin’ on.



  25. Greetings from your favourite spot in Europe: Berlin! I want to place myself at your disposal for being the new mixer owner but can’t find you on the Oink Website and its not available for Android yet.

    Our motto is still “poor but sexy” over here. Especially poor 😉 Would appreciate your support for staying sexy. It would stand in the great tradition of american CARE packages for germany.

    Bis bald in Berlin

  26. Hey Tim,

    I was “that guy” on Twitter who made the caveat comment with respect to Uber. In retrospect I see how it could come off as obnoxious and I apologize that it did. I know that you are clearly above such petty behavior; I wouldn’t follow you on Twitter and read you blog if I thought your morals were so easily compromised. Rather, I’m coming from the perspective that you and other influencers like Kevin have a profound influence on tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. While I use Uber all the time and ultimately know that your comment was simply an expression of joy that it saved your ass (as it has mine on multiple occasions), its a slippery slope. As an example Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and blog AVC, made a comment to the tune of “I don’t invest in individual stocks, but if I did, I would buy Netflix”. I also called him out on the recommendation/endorsement at the time. Since that point the stock has lost > 60% of its value. Someone could have invested and lost a large chunk of change by acting on that recommendation, and while most of the blame rests on the person acting on the advice, I think Fred is partially culpable for not giving the proper caveats (you should hold 3-5 years, maybe you should buy call options to minimize downside risk, digital content distribution is a risky investment area). What if someone invested in Uber on second market or one of the other startups you advise as a result of one of your tweets without caveat. You can use the barbell investing strategy, most can’t. An extra 8 characters: I advise, may provide the proper context for those that don’t know about the investments on your crunchbase page. Again, there is a long way between Fred’s tweet/recommendation and yours. They probably aren’t even in the same ballpark or even city, but maybe the same state.

    Ultimately we are all adults and should be responsible for our own words and decisions, but those of you and other influencers hold much more weight and consequently (at least in my opinion) deserve more context and sometimes scrutiny.

    Again, sincerest apologies that my tweet came off so negatively, you’ve brought only positive energy into my life and I wish only the same to yours.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Alex. I appreciate it and understand your perspective. I do think there should be more clear disclosure. At the same time, it’s not possible to protect all people from themselves, and if you try, your writing is unreadable. I hope (and have found) that most people take into account the source of the advice — me, in this case — before pulling the trigger. I do take my responsibility to my audience seriously, though. I hope that comes across.



  27. I love Kevin’s new app and you were right on the money when you said it’s a great diary to remember what you liked the most at the place, and that’s my favorite part of Oink as I eat at a lot of different places and it reminds me of what my favorite thing was. Thanks for another great episode!

  28. As always, Tim and Kevin great, great episode. We’d all love it if these came every week, or at least every month, but we know that’s practically impossible, as such we cherish every episode that much more! Keep on doing great work, I’m very grateful for all of this!



  29. It was the first time I saw such a show. I appreciated it. At the beginning I had to stop the video, to get myself a glass of red wine.

  30. Does anyone have a link to the fermenting pot Kevin talks about from Amazon? I must be searching the wrong terms because I’m not seeing it. Thanks.

  31. Loved the chapter! It feels like we(the listeners) are part of the conversation.

    What about a Ustream Special Random show next time?

  32. Hey Tim great video.

    I was wondering what is everything you call cash in your portfolio? I have heard guys like Nassim Taleb talk about this portfolio strategy, and the only thing I’ve heard him say about cash is that he doesn’t mean a savings account with Citibank. Maybe currencies and commodities?

    You have also inspired me to start an experiment with minimal effective dose for endurance training.

  33. Hello Tim! I’m having problems buying the Bodymetrix overseas. The site only gives an email for us and nobody answers. Any reccomendation? Thanks!

  34. Tim,

    If you get a chance, could you ask Kevin what his reasoning for building Oink on iPhone first is? I keep reading about how the growth potential and current numbers for android is surpassing cell enabled iOS devices, so it would seem that I’m missing something–is it the market he’s going after, or just being a fanboy?

  35. Fantastic. I always really enjoy and value your insights into startups and entrepreneurship. Informative and fun. Thanks guys! Keep them coming =)

  36. I would like to download the audio for these onto my Android phone so iTunes is not an option. Do you have an RSS feed for the audio?

  37. A bit of a delayed question, I’m new to the blog and catching up- but how/who would yall recommend going to outsource the idea for a mobile app. I’m not a programmer, however I’m technically minded enough to think of ideas to utilize features for some awesome interactive programs(simple and powerful). I just don’t know where to start/ where I could pitch without being robbed.

    all the best,

    Brandon B

  38. Hi!

    Great video.

    I think you have a slight bug on the site. I wanted to open more posts in multiple tabs from your Most Popular box by pressing Ctrl+click or “right-click open in new tab”. In both cases, upon clicking, the box with links turned into a bunch of programming code and nothing happened. The links worked fine if I just click on them. I’m using the newest version of Firefox and have never experienced this particular problem before. (If you want I can copy the code that shows up and post it here or send it to someone)

  39. Great show got some good ideas for Christmas presents.

    Be careful buying government debt, the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE company nothing to do with the US Government and there have been times in recent history where currency is only worth the paper it’s printed on, everyone should be looking into alternatives with the state of the world economy at the moment.

  40. Bravo on getting out of the stock market!

    But you guys have worked so hard and earned your money, and it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to hear how risky your financial positions are… and mostly for no upside (excepting startups).

    Cash for Tim :-O

    Kevin: Gov’t bonds. Gov’t will never default.

    Wow. That’s one of the best ways to lost everything. Watch the documentary “I.O.U.S.A.” to learn from the experts about the governments position.

    Hint: The government has defaulted numerous times in the past and its position is now worse than ever with a nearly guaranteed default.

    Just about every economist who accurately predicted the real estate bubble also now predicts hyper-inflation and dollar crash.

    I would examine the opposition’s argument here and play devil’s advocate. Thank me in gold bars please 😉

    – Jeff

    P.S. Commodities and metals are incredibly stable in VALUE with uniform PRICE swings stemming from the reliable trend of debasement of the dollar (which has lost 95% of its value since its inception in 1913). It’s not that all commodities are magically increasing in value. They are basically staying the same while the dollar keeps tanking. Check out measuredingold.com. [not my site]

  41. Tim this is completely unrelated and I can’t find my copy of the 4 hour body right now but I know you talk a lot about the benefits of garlic. What are your thoughts on cayenne pepper? My friend spent a better part of an hour talking to me about all the benefits. I know you probably talked about it in the 4 hour body but I can’t find it at this moment!

  42. I posted my comment once already from my phone and I do not see it. So, here it is again.

    Hi Tim,

    Just few weeks ago I got your 4 hour body and for the first time learn about you and your work. It is amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    By on the “moving forward” note, do you plan or maybe work already with hormonal system? I read somewhere that true health is in great hormonal system. That is the foundation of physical health..

    What do you think about tweaking it more directly? Conventional medicine is still in dark ages with that.. we all so need it.

    And what about emotional health? Anxiety, depression, PTSD etc… I believe there is some pretty straight forward mechanism that can be tweaked directly as well… I imagine how this could help…

    Can’t wait to hear your response..

  43. Oh, I’m so glad the personal use Body-Metrix is here!! Thanks Tim for all of your great posts, I stop by your blog often now. Good choice of venue for the video…my husband and I frequent our little wine bar here in Honolulu called “Amuse”, if you are ever visiting you should definitely check it out!

  44. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for another fun show. I’d put money down that you were about to mention Posterous as part of blogging platforms you use, just before you got excited about Uber. What are your thoughts on how they fit into the blogging eco-system? Any inside info on where they’re headed with their product?!

    Thank you for your continuing inspiration,


  45. I posted a comment of non-rude praise and criticism and my comment went into permanent “moderation limbo” twice (censorship?)

    What’s the deal? In the past you guys were looking for real conversations; I hope that hasn’t changed :-/

  46. Bravo on getting out of the stock market!

    You guys worked so hard to earn your money, and it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to hear how risky your financial positions are… and mostly for no upside (excepting startups).

    Cash for Tim :-O

    Kevin: Gov’t bonds. “Gov’t will never default.”

    Wow. What if that’s the perfect strategy for disappointment and bankruptcy? Just a suggestions… Watch the documentary “I.O.U.S.A.” and you could begin to become as astute about wealth PRESERVATION as you guys are about GROWTH.

    Hint: The government has defaulted numerous times in the past and its position is now worse than ever with a nearly guaranteed default. It’s just plain math.

    Just about every economist who accurately predicted the real estate bubble also now predicts hyper-inflation and dollar crash.

    I would examine the opposition’s argument here and play devil’s advocate. Thank me in gold bars please 😉

    – Jeff

    P.S. Commodities and metals are incredibly stable in VALUE with across-the-board PRICE swings stemming from the reliable trend of inflation/debasement of the dollar (which has lost 95% of its value since its inception in 1913). It’s not that all commodities are magically increasing in value. They are basically staying about the same while the dollar keeps tanking.

  47. Tim,

    If you’re going to Okinawa, you’re going to have to try Okinawa soba. Much different than what you’ll find in the mainland. There are tons of soba shops, but the best is Gabu soka soba, at: http://www.gabusokasoba.com/index.php

    I lived there for 6 years and tried everywhere cuz I was a soba freak. This place is by far the best. If you can, I recommend going to the honten in Nago.

    The site is in Japanese. I’m not sure how your Japn reading is, but if you need help give me a shout. It’ll be worth the effort.

  48. Tim,

    Oh yeah, there are also A&W restaurants in Okinawa where you can get root beer floats. Yeah, I know you’re into being healthy, but it’s worth going just for the novelty of it.

    A&W is a common chain there so you won’t have any trouble finding them.



  49. Hi Tim and Kevin,

    Hearing you talk about the fermented food triggered a memory. I once read about this national dish from Iceland called Hákarl or fermented shark. It’s supposed to be the most horrable dish in the world.

    I’m just curriouse if you knew about this dish and if you have tried it yourselfs. I’m still planning to visit Iceland someday and take my chances, Curiosity killed the cat right?

    Love the site! Thanks for all the inspiration,


  50. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the great deal on the BodyMetrix. I have been looking forward to getting one since reading the 4 Hour Body a year ago. I got the deal just in the nick of time with the amazing service at Intelametrix. I was able to use my Dutch credit card and have to shipped to my parents with the help of the great customer service. For once living abroad means I didn’t have to miss out on a great deal back in the US.

    Also, with the last Random Show I made the comment that it was like Oprah’s book club but with large combat knives and alcohol. All jokes aside, I have always enjoyed the book recommendations. Would it be possible, maybe in Oink, to have somewhere were you could consolidate all your book recommendations in one place? It would allow your readers to have a direct connection to all the great reads you find, save us time with mini reviews and the slow process of hunting down past recommendations and possibly promote the use of Oink. It’s just an idea.

    Keep up the great work and thanks,


  51. Hey Tim!

    I live and work in Jakarta, if you’re needing a place to transition on the way to Bali or Sumatra, mi casa es su casa!

    I’m here Executive Producing Indonesian Idol and Master Chef!

    Love the Random Show!



  52. Hi Tim

    In the video you mentioned “leveraging your time by licensing/merchandising the four hour brand”.

    I’m in the golf world and instruction in this space could do with a Tim Ferriss-esque deconstruction of kinesthetic priorities for rapid learning.

    Is this the kind of thing you had in mind when you mentioned licensing?



  53. I love Tim and Kevin and I love the Random Show, but claiming the U.S. isn’t going to default is a big fallacy.

    The U.S. actually defaults all the time. The can simply print their way out. Any individual would default if they did what government did. But the U.S. is really spiraling.

    The only reason it might not conceptually default is because it can’t print the dollar into oblivion.

    I have to agree with Jeff Nabers on this one. Gotta love the Austrian School of Economics.

  54. Tim / Kevin,

    I really enjoy your videos, but have to disagree with Kevin’s assessment on bonds. Investing in bonds is like investing in the competence of the Federal Reserve. The Fed will not stop printing money until we run out of trees. The more money they print out of thin air, the more purchasing power the US dollar loses. So let’s say you earn 2% interest on bonds. What good is that when the rate of price inflation is 8% and growing (according to the National Inflation Association)? You’re losing 6% purchasing power. Numerically, it will look like you have more money, but in reality your money will have less value.

    I recommend looking into Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, and Marc Faber (all economists who accurately predicted the ’08 financial crisis) for their forecasts on the coming currency crisis. Bonds are a guaranteed way to wipe out your purchasing power.

  55. Kevin,

    The only thing to watch out for when fermenting anything is the smell. Fermenting food has some great health benefits. Unfortunately, fermented food tends to be quite pungent. If you had korean kimchi, you know what I mean. if you are used to the smell it won’t be much of a problem. but for those who are not familiar will freak out. neighbors are not usually happy. Prepare accordingly. Also personally, Kimchi tastes better than Sauerkraut. it can be easily bought with all the culture intact.(but again the smell.)


    Have you ever considered making your own rice wine? the basic korean version is simple to make and only takes a week, 10 days at most with common kitchen equipment. Added advantage of making your own rice wine is that there are live cultures inside which are beneficial health-wise.(if not abused) And overall it makes for a fun experiment. let me know if you are interested.

  56. Hi Tim,

    Another solid “Random Show”. Many thanks, the info you guys cover is always useful. I have scoured the web and cannot seem to find info on how to ferment Turmeric for Turmeric tea. The only thing I can find are Kevin’s attempts to locate a recipe. As a “Japanophile” do you have any sources for this?

  57. I feel so sorry for you that you are allergic to beer 🙁 Man you are missing the real goodness of mother nature.

  58. Watching Tim and Kevin talk is kind of a turn-on. Not sure how to deal with that.

    …oh, just remembered: if you’re interested in longjevity stories, check out “Healthy at 100” by John Robbins.

  59. I am looking for a recipe for the Fermented Tumeric Tea. Can anyone please send me a link or recipe? My searches online only find the powder you can buy, and I want to make it at home.

  60. Tim, just want to say I am loving your stuff.

    Got into 4 Hour Work Week, which led me to your blog.

    All started when Joe Polish interviewed you on I Love Marketing. A program I habitually listen to. I am 21 years old and really interested in marketing/copywriting. So after hearing your interview, checked 4 Hour Work Week on audio then had to get the book which led me to wait and wait for your new cookbook.

    You’re the man.

    You gave me hope to go and pursue my dreams, traveling, and how to do it for not much money at all.

    I am actually moving to France in February made the decision after halfway reading your book. Thats how powerful it is.

    I am hoping that you can give me a little more insight on traveling, one of my biggest passions. Like exactly where to find 5 star hotels and stuff for $250 week like you did in Rio de Janerio (or Beunos Aires, maybe both?). I know you held my hand this far with tools and tricks section of the book but if you could take the time to give me some examples like names of where you’ve stayed or places like that to have an amazing time.

    Watched “The Random Show” on Youtube and I love it! Really fun really cool.

    My only issue: I am having trouble downloading the video version of the podcast from iTunes so I can watch on iPad. It just wont download.

    Dont know if I’m the only one experiencing difficulty.

    Take care,

    and thanks again for all the hard work,

    William C.

  61. Hi Tim. I’ve been doing the slow carb diet for about 4 weeks and have lost 17 lbs so far. I have a question about binge day. I weighed myself on Sunday and I was down to 276 lbs. Monday was my binge day and when I weighed myself on Tuesday, I was up to 284. That’s 8 lbs! I feel like I just undid two weeks worth of work in one day. Is that normal or do I need to take it easy on binge day. I welcome input from anyone else experienced in the slow carb diet. Thanks!

  62. Somehow I missed this video and just watched it. Managed to knit half a mitten while watching too.

    About pickled foods: I recently stumbled upon this recipe in a very nice book called “Far Away and Long Ago” by W.H.Hudson … it is about his childhood in the Pampas. This book was in Hemingway’s top 10 ( haven’t read any Hemingway I can remember, but any book in someone’s top 10 sounds interesting).

    Somewhere in it he gives the recipe for pickled peaches his mom used to make all the time and which one of their guests praised so much that I want to try it out too.

    Here it is: “… large, sound fruit, just ripening must be selected for the pickling; when the finger dents a peach it is too ripe. The selected peaches are washed and dried and put into a cask, then boiling vinegar, with a handful of cloves is poured in till it covers the fruit, the cask closed and left for a couple of months, by which time the fruit would be properly pickled.”