The Random Show, Episode 14/15 – Bourbon, Photography, iPhone Apps, and Start-ups

Random Episode 15 from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

In this long-overdue episode of Random, Kevin Rose and I discuss everything from start-ups and photography to naming products, iPhone apps, and survivalist training. Fueled by bourbon and pizza — cheat day, of course — we had a blast.

Hope you enjoy! The mentioned links, assorted goodies, and show notes are below.

Last but not least, The Random Show is now on iTunes! If you simply want audio-only, or if you’d like to watch the episodes on your iPhone or iPad, here you go:



Orbit Room Cafe

Milk, Inc.

Daniel Burka


Business Insider – 15 Greatest Tech Pivots

Bessemer’s “anti-portfolio” (mistakenly referred to as Accel’s anti-portfolio)

Control 4 Home Automation

Olympus E-PL2 digital camera

Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm f/1.7 Aspherical Pancake Lens

Christopher Michel – Photography

Matt Mullenweg

Power: Why Some People Have It And Others Don’t, by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson


Domain names – hash tag for kevin on Twitter: #krdomain

IPA (phonetic alphabet) flash cards


PDF pen – app

America: The Story Of US


All previous episodes of The Random Show can be found here.

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201 Replies to “The Random Show, Episode 14/15 – Bourbon, Photography, iPhone Apps, and Start-ups”

  1. Hey guys, glad you finally got round to another one of these!

    Question: What camera/mics/equipment do you use when you film the episodes?



    1. Hey Ellie, I used a Canon MarkII 5D, 2 sennheiser wireless lavs, 1 rode shotgun mic, a Tascam 6 track audio recorder and a tripod. and a beer. and a stool to sit on. Also, here’s a post I did a few weeks ago explaining all gear I currently use:

      Hope this helps!

      1. Awesome Glenn thanks so much! Currently using a Kodak playsport for HD video, but I’m thinking of getting a Canon 600d and using a Zoom H1 for sound. Not as proff as what your gear is of course but have heard good things about both.



      2. Hey guys-

        Regarding your Random Show shooting equipment, I have a question regarding your post editing:

        How/what did you use to produce the twin vignetting used to surround Tim and Kevin? (it’s pretty easy to see it when the camera pans to the girl standing off to the right of cam…)

        Not to pull back the curtain on you TOO much, but your fans might find it useful to know that even a small amount of vignetting can add SO much depth to even the lowest of low-budget video shoots.

        Thanks! You guys rule.

      3. @ GORDO – haha. shit, nice spotting on the vignettes. I didn’t have time to properly light Tim & Kevin so Tim was a bit over-exposed while Kevin a bit under. To fix things, I just simply put an oval matte over each of them (in FCP) – brought down the background a decent amount (just with the 3-way color corrector), brought down Tim a little bit and then brought up Kevin some – which then created the double style vignette which also helped them ‘pop’ a bit from the background. Pretty funny that you caught that actually – almost pulled it off without a hitch if it weren’t for the pan I did mid show – dang! Good eye!

  2. Tim-

    Thanks for the randomness. I’d like to see a random episode that is more heavily focused on your travels and what you’ve learned. I notice you’ve done this in the past and it’s helped me in my travels.


  3. Great show. I think it’s cool that the both of you are into doing a bunch of different things, rather than being pigeonholed and categorized. Good luck with Milk, Kevin.

    Cool new Cam Tim. You make good points about capturing experiences man. It’s a big deal.

    Love these shows.

  4. Really curious what Milk is going to create. Goes on my to watch list, but I second the Economist´s thoughts that the tech market is overheating. Raising 1,5m seems reasonable though.

  5. Great episode. What was the name of the notebook Kevin was using? It looked very Molekinne, and I loved the green band.

  6. Really enjoyed this episode!

    Just curious as to what wristband you are wearing? Is it something to do with green/eco?

    Goodluck with the photography.

  7. Tim and Kevin

    Been looking forward to this lastest issue. Thanks again for the interesting sites and tips to look at. Enjoy the entire show

    All the best


  8. That home automation stuff is insane! Every minute of every Random Episode is always great. Already looking forward to the next one!

  9. Start-up Idea:

    A website that that checks for domain name, trademark, and iphone app availability in one shot.

    Great episode!

  10. Hey Tim, this show was informative and balanced so well done. You mentioned that you would like to learn about photography and if there are any books that are worth reading. Next to the mentioned Understanding exposure you might want to check out ‘The camera’ written by Ansel Adams. It was written for film photography but the information is very useful for digital as well. But the most important part is to just keep shooting. Have fun with the camera.

  11. I love the Random Show! Don’t know why, but I just do. This latest one is no exception. There is something captivating about you two just coasting through a bunch of random content like that. I picked up a few cool ideas and Apps to try out too.

    Keep it up, cause even over in the UK this stuff is still cool!

  12. Pizza: a cheat day standard MUST. Emergency: awesome survivalist guide! Tim, I love the random show, keep em coming! 🙂 PS how can we get you back on TV? Trial by Fire was awesome-

  13. Banksy for the friggin win!

    Great episode (the IPA flashcards are fantastic and I am looking at the lower body accumulation milk stuff ;P ).

    I have a story about sir Banksy that I am trying to get a his signature on. However, the last documentary has made him a bit gun shy.

    Speaking of…

    Tim, Is there a documentary in your future?

    1. Hi J,

      Documentary? Man, we’ll see. One filmmaker captured my life from about 2000-2004, but the footage was never edited into a finished product. THAT would be hysterical (and maybe instructive) to watch. Ol’ time Tim, back when I was 100% grinding.


      1. That would be great to see Tim! Why not release it as a vlog series on Youtube? I’d subscribe!

      2. 100% grinding Tim!!!?? Please release!!! I’d pay for that 🙂 I learned so much from Trial By Fire.

  14. Love these random shows. Tons of great information, just wish you did them more often.

    My newest endeavor I’m diving into is living small (100 square feet) and efficient. Looking into building a Tumbleweed House. Control4 seems like it would be useful for this. I know not to long ago you were giving lots of possessions away as was hoping you had any insight on the subject or a book to recommend.


    Tron and Daft Punk is amazing!

    Exit Through The Gift Show is amazing!

    You guys are always right on point!

  15. That whole bit about start-ups having to pitch one idea and stick with it vs. telling the investors to “invest in the team” was interesting to me. From my perspective, it would make much more sense for the investors to invest in the team rather than the idea. One idea — it feels — and is — so limited. Why would I want to invest in one idea? This is unwise. Really, I am investing in the team to execute this idea. So, why not take a step back and invest in the team!

    More than this, the ability of the time to spontaneously create a new idea in the midst of working on (the other idea), I think, is highly likely. Invariably, in the working-through stage, there will be something that creatively emerges from the wisdom of those working on the project.

    With Love and Gratitude,


  16. Hit up for some great online photography classes, put on by some big time pros. They often stream free classes over the weekend. Penny De Los Santos is teaching this weekend, and they had Zach Arias a couple weeks ago. Zach’s one-light DVD is quite good as well. is kind of the defacto diy lighting/photography site. With a great overview for beginners.

    I would also recommend learning to use lightroom. Even if you just pick up the basics of using the sliders, your stuff will improve quite a bit.

    Best thing to do is just shoot a lot of pictures, in manual, at all times of the day.

      1. Lightroom is a cheaper/less complicated version of Photoshop, made by Adobe. Awesome for photographers without all the bloat for designers.

      2. Lightroom is used to process your raw images. At the basic level it gives you simple sliders for exposure, color balance, saturation, contrast etc. which can be applied across a batch of images. There’s advanced controls for automation, adjusting for lens distortion, effects, uploading to your site, etc. It integrates with photoshop and the rest of the adobe family.

        On the apple side a lot of people use which is similar but I haven’t used it.

        Both of them allow non-destructive editing so your changes aren’t made to your originals.

        I like this approach personally Take a lot of shots, rate them quickly, select the best stuff to then spice up in lightroom or photoshop.

      3. Lightroom is Adobe’s app for importing, editing and organizing photos. Apple’s Aperture is a similar app.

        Both are easier to use than Photoshop, although the tools are also more limited.

  17. It’s about time 🙂 Just Kidding, I’m happy you guys make the time to do it still. Being part of the NR has its perks I guess 🙂 Both of you are great inspiration to me.

  18. Exit through the gift shop was pretty good. I saw it right after I got back from Paris where i was fascinated with invader’s work all around the city and the film explained how he did it. Its also cool looking more into banksy and reading about some of the stories involved with his work. I live in New Orleans and unfortunately most his work got removed by the “Grey Ghost”

    Looking forward to hearing more on the “lower body lactate accumilation workouts” always interested in reading about new techinques when it comes to the training world since its part of my job. Great work Tim.

  19. Hey Tim,

    Haven’t watched the show yet, streaming it now. But I already know it’s awesome. There isn’t a single Random Show which hasn’t been awesome.

    Just a request.

    Do it more often. I am sure a lot of us want the same.


  20. Hey Tim,

    Awesome episode. I am a huge fan of yours but this is the first random show that I have watched in full. I can’t wait for the next one and to actually start watching the previous 14 episodes.

    A quick heads up – The orbit room link is invalid. There is a “” at the end of the domain when I click on it. Easy fix for most of us but a computer newb would not be able to figure it out.

    1. Doh! I’ll fix that now, Todd. Thanks much. Seems to happen a fair amount when copying and pasting URLs into the WP code view. On it…

  21. “He’s kind of the rightful heir to Andy Warhol in a way. Andy Warhol made a statement by repeating famous icons until they became meaningless, but he was extremely ironic in the way that he did it. But then Thierry REALLY made them meaningless.”

    love the documentary! always shocking to see how much output people can have! 🙂

  22. Kevin – been into the home automation thing for about 10 years – been blogging for about 2. Home automation is finally becoming more mainstream, so there is an influx of capital via new customers, and therefore more development and more stable devices. Contro4 is cool product. For the more DIYer, check out Homeseer. Amazing community of people at their site that automate everything (i.e. placing a scale below your keg in your kegerator – when the weight decreases to a specified point, an announcement is made to replace the keg). It’s a cool hobby that a person can start and continuing building upon. I hope you continue to follow this and cover it some more – it would be cool to get it some more exposure for the hobby.

  23. oh and Tim, when you recommend websites and people who show others how to “grow” and submit to “growth” (business, personality etc) I think you also need to mention “The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See” (the lecture of Albert Bartlett explaining the exponential function and what steady growth really means) …. just to balance the score!

  24. Awesome Episode! Everytime there is something to learn and get exposed to.

    I would love to see more Random Episodes as time allows Tim, Kevin and Glenn to collaborate together!

  25. Very nice video and place. I would love to try those pizzas! 🙂 Too much flour is not good for me but I love pizza.

  26. You guys rock. Really.

    It is amazing to see how much fun you have shotting these random episodes and the love you have for life and what life through your way is just puring out of the screen.

    You really need to get together more often and shoot these random episodes more frequently.

    Tim, best of luck with the photography learning and can we expect a 4 Hour Photo book in the distant future?

    Kevin, I loved the stuff you said about making your house smart… Maybe you should check out if it can autoplay a song when your “cable eating” dog goes out of the house without permission.

    I recommend this one –


  27. Hey! So my husband totally respects you and your opinion and you’re a total inspiration to him! He was super excited when you responded to his testimonial to 4 Hour Body!

    So I know you get a lot of requests but it’s worth a shot:

    My husband is a Chiropractic Student with one year left. He actually flew to Utah to see “dr two fingers” (Dr. Buhler) and got to “study” underneath him! He tried the technique on me and he is totally gifted! I am an aerial silk artist (like cirque du soleil) and I obviously need a lot of care! Thanks so much for recommending Dr. Buhler’s services because it totally inspired my husband to go that route!

    So I know you have done and seen everything. Have you ever tried to train on aerial silks? I would love! Love! Love! To show you! (For free of course! And I don’t want any endorsement or anything like that) ( I did the celebrity super-bowl party, Dallas cowboys party, I just was the lead aerial artist in Vegas in Sin City Brulesque, and a lot more! I am also the choreographer and main dancer for the largest entertainment agency in Houston, Tx.)It normally costs $105/hour! I would pay for your flight! Your stay! (And you could get adjusted by my husband!!) (Plus you could add it to the list of crazy things you do)

    I got to be straight up and say that it would be the ultimate present for my husband just to see you!

    Ok so I know it’s a long shot but, hey, so is a bunch of stuff you have accomplished and you did it anyway!

    Your friend in Houston,

    Darla Davis

  28. Random questions for Tim or anyone else who is willing.

    #1 What do you suggest to increase testosterone in a women who can’t eat eggs and who is not willing to take cold showers?

    #2 What is the minimum effective dose for cold showers in regards to increasing testosterone levels (men)? Is the last 15 seconds of a shower on cold pointless?


  29. Tim / Kevin / Glen, a lot of interesting stuff i will have to check out. please make your shows more often! always love to watch. goodluck in your future endeavors


  30. I second Adobe lightroom as well as Strobist. is another great resource. Good luck with it, the Understanding Exposure is a very popular recommendation with photographers, I lend out my copy all the time. =)

  31. My favorite exchange

    Kevin: Tiny Wings

    Tim: Huh? What’s Tiny Wings?

    Kevin: It’s a game with a bird that you have to like hit the right jumps.

    Awesome show! It had been too long.

    Also the Business Insider link isn’t working too.

  32. Tim, your Random Show is great ! Please do it more often and cover internet marketing in the future – that would be neat, especially about Youtube. Was that siren in your area or mine ? Youtube used to be a dating site ? Never knew that. I’ll have to check out your 4 hour body book – have not heard of it until now.

  33. This is the first episode I’ve seen of the Random Show. So much to discover and try. So much great information. Thanks Tim and Kevin.

  34. Awesome show as always! Tim, have you considered allowing users to post and vote on questions for you like the format of your video conferences? It’s probably out of the random show scope but would make a great blog post.

  35. Psst…all bourbons are whiskey but not all whiskeys are bourbon. The percentages of the grains have to be correct to be a bourbon.

    Bulleit does make a bourbon but what you drank is a rye whiskey. I can point you to some excellent bourbons (I live in KY where most of it is made) though I’m sure that rye was excellent as well. 🙂

  36. Tim,

    I really enjoy these little episodes, it seems like you guys are always talking about the things I’m currently into. Love the inspiration, keep it random.


    I have two domains you might be interested in… and

    Long but memorable 🙂

    Pura Vida Fellas,


  37. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for another random show. That’s great that you’re getting into photography! Some recommendations:

    Would second what Allen said above: is an excellent resource for learning photography – there are so many great downloadable courses on there by top photographers including Zack Arias, David duChemin, Tamara Lackey, and more.

    I’d recommend starting with Zack Arias’ Foundations of Working Photographer course: and then David duChemin’s Vision-Driven Photography course:

    Would highly recommend Zack’s photo critiques on his blog:

    and David’s blog, and his and others’ ebooks at

    Recommended books:

    Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

    Michael Freeman’s Perfect Exposure: The Professionals Guide to Capturing Perfect Digital Photographs

    David duChemin, Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision


    1. Not for me, my friend. The psychological effect of cheat day is, for me, as important as the biochemical rebound effects. I typically don’t get smashed, but denial on cheat day defeats the purpose for me.

  38. Dude!

    Love the Bulleit. Next remember that boubon ain’t rye 🙂 Different Mash bills and such.

    1. Haha… fair enough, Sjoerd. Perhaps I mispoke. What I meant to say was that I like bourbon with a high rye content 🙂

      1. Its forgiven 😉

        Know any great whisky spots in SF? I’m travelling there in Autumn and know of Whisky Thieves, Nihon and Rickhouse. For cocktails I’d visit Rye. Any other spots I shouldn’t miss out on?


  39. Finally!

    The Random show is by far the most interesting podcast out there! Wothwhile and inspiring discussions, with extra randomness on top. Give me MOAR!

    Thank you for doing this!


    1. i totally agree!!! i love it. the resources i gain from it is so helpful when it comes to all the work i am doing, right now i’ve just released issue 2 of a photo journal for fathers.

      This show is the best!

  40. Another interesting episode. I would’ve like you to spend a bit more time talking about the bourbon! haha we only get the one type of bulleit boubon in Australia as far as I’ve seen, I bet that rye stuff is delicious.

    Just a quick fix for one of your links to the 15 Greatest tech pivots, it has a tag on the end of the link so it didn’t get through to the correct page.


  41. Hey Tim,

    Glad to finally see another Random episode with you and Kevin. I’ve been doing photography for 3-4 years, and some resources that have been invaluable to me are: (you’ll find that a lot of people hate him, but he has a lot of DIY fixes for certain challenges in lighting, camera recommendations, etc. fantastic resource)

    Ahh you mention such great apps for the Iphone(I love path’s concept!), but do you have any recommendations for droid? 🙂

    Good luck with your photographic endeavors (I have a Nikon D2X, and it’s true, i NEVER bring it out with me) and I’m excited to see what K-Rose(new nickname I just gave him, ode to D-Rose of the Chicago Bulls) is cookin up at Milk.


  42. Tim – I think I might be the quintessential target market you are after. Every episode is full of stuff I respond to..every couple minutes I say “What?! THATS RAD!” The fact that these come out every 6-12 lets me actually keep up with you two for the most part. Thanks for taking the time!!!


  43. Hey Tim,

    Just finished watching another great Random episode, thanks. A quick question: After purchasing the signed hard cover version of ‘Four Hour Body’, I noticed that you had posted several changes and updates to the book on your blog. My question is whether the Kindle, or any other e-book version of the book, can be updated with those changes after the initial download?

    As an author, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to make running changes, or add another chapter (in the form of a Kindle single) that would be integrated seamlessly into the book? Thoughts?

  44. Great episode. Thanks! BTW, the video and audio is drifting out of sync on my computer. Not sure if it’s like that for everybody.

  45. My first one, I LOVE it! Thank you both so much for generously taking the time to do this episode. It is inspiring, educating and fun to watch.

  46. Couple suggestions to extract maximum pleasure from your whisk(e)y:

    1) ditch the ice. coldness mutes flavor. also, ice frequently lives near some foul tasting/smelling freezer occupants, and tends to pick up those flavors and translate them to your beverage. dilute with a dash of water and let the whisky “open up” just like a red wine.

    2) get a Glencairn glass or something similarly tulip-shaped. The broad body and narrow rim concentrate vapors. Smelling is half of tasting. Your olfactory bulb with thank you.

    3) focus on Scotch. It’s quite a bit more interesting in most cases.

  47. Ever heard of “the Glove”? DARPA funded development to improve special forces performance in combat. Apparently cold soaking your hand in a vacuum cools your blood rapidly, which keeps muscles cool, eliminating fatigue and muscle damage due to strains.

    Here’s a quote from a Wired Magazine Article:

    In trying to figure out why the Glove worked so well, its inventors ended up challenging conventional scientific wisdom on fatigue. Muscles don’t wear out because they use up stored sugars, the researchers said. Instead, muscles tire because they get too hot, and sweating is just a backup cooling system for the lattices of blood vessels in the hands and feet. The Glove, in other words, overclocks the heat exchange system. “It’s like giving a Honda the radiator of a Mack truck,” Heller says. After four months of using it himself, Heller did 1,000 push-ups on his 60th birthday in April 2003. Soon after, troops from Special Operations Command were trying out the Glove, too.

    Using the ideas from your book though, I’m saving myself the huge cost of “The Glove”, and just chugging ice water till I shiver (takes about three glasses and a half hour or so).

    Neat, huh?

    1. Hi Greg,

      Believe it or not, I was actually a test subject at Stanford when they were developing “The Glove” 🙂

      Yep, very cool stuff.


      1. There was an abstract on “the glove” at the most recent Experimental Biology conference in DC that I recently attended.

        So far the science does not seem to be supporting it. I’ve followed it for years, and so far I can’t find anyone that has been using it for longer than a few months. It if was so effective, there would be more people using it and more science to support it by now.

        Perhaps Tim has the inside scoop.

        Part of me really wants it to work, since it would be easy to implement in training.

        Rock on

        Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

  48. Great show! At the end these episodes, I see that I’ve been watching for 40 min but I find myself wanting to listen to the conversation for LONGER.


    My twin brother and I just watched a REALLY inspiring documentary that you’ll love. It’s called

    >>”The Human Experience”<<

    Google it. You won't regret it.

    It can also be found on Netflix.


  49. I can’t say the amounts of awesome things I’ve learned from The Random Show. I will be definitely getting the IPA flashcards. Keep it going guys and please don’t wait so long for the next one.



  50. Thanks for the great show, Tim. For photography resources, you’ll want to check out the just-released (as in, last week) Learn & Master Photography. Let me know where and we’ll get you a copy.

    And just for fun, here’s a video of me breaking my back as a direct result of my conversation with you at Summit Series. Thanks for the inspiration. 😉 Not to worry, though. Fully rehabilitated in 8 weeks by refusing standard medical treatment. Good times.

    1. Whaaaaa… ?!? Man, I don’t recall the exact conversation, but I’m sure I didn’t say take the rails on the board! Having broken several bones snowboarding, I’m about as conservative as they come!

      Hope you’re completely healed,


    2. Dude I”m sorry you broke your back… but I would say that is a direct result of your own actions. Having been an adult and having the ability to processes thoughts in your own head.

      Bit weak to say lightheartedly it was someone else’s causing.

      It was yours.

    3. What kind of treatment did you use Mister broken back?

      Also something for Tim:

      I´m an amateur Photographer, just finished the 4HWW and started thinking about muses.

      Here´s an absolutely great product I found accidentally. Aimed for everyone who is fed up with the uncomfortybilty of big Cameras.

      Here´s the link from kickstarter :

      Man, why haven´t I come up with this. Exactly the kind of muse I would want . A friggin adapter for people with expensive cameras!

      Actually here´s another one adressing the same problem with another method:

      Let me know which one is your favorite Tim.

  51. Hey Tim (or any experienced slow-carber),

    Is there any problem with scheduling two unrestricted dinners during the week instead of reserving a full cheat day (I think Eben Pagan mentioned doing this himself in his interview with you)? I’ve never been motivated spend an entire day eating.

  52. Any indication of who your new, very attractive, cocktail sampler is? Will she be aiding in further editions sampling the drinks?

  53. Great stuff as always guys! Yes, Daft Punk is awesome! I have “homework” on vinyl from when I used to DJ.

    Tim, keep us updated on the lactate testing/training. I am not quite convinced yet that increasing it can 1) increase GH (perhaps) 2) endogenous increases in GH do much of anything at all, esp for muscle growth since they are short lived and within a normal range. Their is some data for tendon growth/repair though (and other benefits you mentioned).

    Again, results matter first; so open to your thoughts!

    Rock on

    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    1. I’ll keep you posted, Mike! Agreed on the endogenous range, so I’m curious to see the cumulative effects, if any.

      1. I’d recommend talking to Bill Hartmann or Joel Jamieson if you want more on energy systems. Bill dissected Tabata’s research at the last midwest performance enhancement seminar and it’s was quite enlightening even for a noob like me.

    1. Hey Brian,

      How about some Android love. There was recently a Wired (I think) article about how the Android is quickly catching up, and it may be a good investment.

      My iPhone broke from the rain while it was in my pocket, and Apple was less than understanding. They have no plan that covers water damage but my Android does.

  54. I enjoyed Exit Through The Gift Shop. Was the graphic designer for Mister Brainwash Kevin Rose or maybe a brother or something of Kevin?

  55. Hey Tim,

    I have a question that’s off-topic but I noticed that you guys are always enjoying some drinks. I have been diagnosed with slightly elevated liver enzymes. Any advice on how to control those? Any herb or vitamis I can take? Much appreciated!

    p.s. you finally showed the girl in the vid! 🙂

  56. Hola Tim,

    Great show! My 11 year old daughter is into photography; she had a great time watching it too but then she went straight to the iPhone to try out some of the apps you guys threw out.

    Two random yet related things I want to share with you Amigo: I’ve been enlightened by Josh Waitzkin’s Art of Learning, the 2-part blog posting AND in your TED’s talk you mentioned an ongoing effort to “deconstruct” (probably one of your favorite words – love it too) the American school system. I’d like to learn more about what you’re doing in this front; I’m VERY interested in homeschooling my daughter next school year and would love to hear your input. I’m willing to consider being a test case (a la Charlie Hoehn).

    Un abrazo !

    Jorge – jocote.

  57. Tim –

    You have gotten a lot of suggestions for photography resources – but you should eventually check out:

    “The Art of Photography – An Approach to Personal Expression” by Bruce Barnbaum

    A little further down the rabbit hole than Understanding Exposure (great book), full of artistic and philosophical discussions of photography.

  58. Hoi Tim.

    Nice random show. Been a reader and follower for years. Great books and many neat and useful tips here on your blog.

    You made me a Seneca fan too. 🙂 Perhaps it’s fitting that I’d like to comment here and one-up your presumptions and approach to the creative-constraint thing in photography. For one, I too think it’s great that you didn’t go on a spending spree with the camera stuff although you easily could. Kevin put that well. … Guess you’re leaving the spending for the knives department … Hehe.

    I had the opposite problem: Not enough money to buy the gear I’d need to make nice portraits at Tango milongas (the usual low light / no flash challenge) and had to go for a comparatively cheap Nikon P100. It sucks for the lighting during Tango in the evenings, but the constraint is just the right thing to force me to prep my shots and let me feel if I’m really serious about this tangoportrait thing in the first place. Plus we’ve got a local guy who’s the best damn milonga-photographer on the planet, so I get to dance more and be in more cool pictures myself. 🙂

    Let me know when you’re in Germany again and we can hit some cool milongas together.

    I myself would love to come to California one day and meet you guys. You both are cool dudes with role model qualities and your show is always a pleasure.

    Alles Gute.


  59. Hi Tim,

    With respect to privacy, is there anyway you can share your kindle notes or Amazon wishlist? Having community involvement could save you time by your readers saying which books aren’t worth the read.

    When it comes to book recommendations from you I always take high consideration, because you are the most well read person I “know.”

    1. Hi John,

      I’ll check it out 🙂 Thank you for asking, and I’ll see what I can do.

      All the best,


  60. Tim,

    I think Lightroom is a good program. Photoshop is a more robust step up from Lightroom but the learning curve may be more significant and a hell of a lot more money. ($300 vs 700). There are a lot of great plugins now that basically take an ok picture and make it great with a couple of clicks. Here is just one and they have a version for Lightroom.

    Also, are you a visual learner? If you want to quickly get up to speed on Lightroom you could go here.

    It’s a pay site but it covers tons of applications plus they just released a “How to” series for 35mm cameras. Covers all the typical 35mm topics. Could go with the monthly pay plan which is $25. I use this site to get up to speed on new software releases but there are other services like this on the web.

    Keep up the great work you guys! Love the show.

  61. Awesome show as always Tim. You should start the next one with a quick 30 second teaser of you and the throwing knives.

  62. The Next 4 Hour book from Tim:

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog and books- informative and inspiring, with real-world application. One thing you’ve touched on that I think would be worthy of a whole book, is Consciousness/mindset. The Four Hour Mind/Four Hour Enlightenment.

    I am almost always at peace and happy, despite having the regular set of frustrations, etc. in my life. The secret has been mostly tapping into meditation, taming the thinking brain, and getting a better handle on where emotions come from and how to deal with them. I was able to make this shift happen fairly quickly.

    As a result I am a better dad and husband, get more done, and enjoy life a much more.

    It’s the perfect book for your series. First mastery of money and time, then body, next, mind!

  63. One of the best parts of this video was panning to that gorgeous brunette (no, not Kevin), somewhere at the beginning. Tim Ferriss you are more blessed that I even thought!

  64. I noticed on numerous of your webpages an image that looks much like (if not exactly like) The Boeing Company logo which is copyrighted. This surprised me greatly. I apologize if I’m submitting this to you in the wrong location as I’m not a techy. This is my first blog writing. Just wanted you to be aware of this possible issue.

  65. Tim — I was wondering what your next “4-hour” project will be. Some thoughts! :0)

    The 4-Hour Spirit

    -How to experience mind-blowing mystical visions with a minimum of effort and training

    -How to eliminate negative character traits within 90 days

    -Use simple techniques to achieve a deep feeling of peace and contentment at all times

    The 4-Hour Bootstrap

    -Case studies of how you’ve used your (4HWW) methods to bring inner-city single mothers, Bolivian peasants, and Brazilian shantytown gangsters from poverty to middle-class stability in a few short months

    -How poor people in a variety of situations can use your techniques to achieve reliable income streams

    The 4-Hour Family

    -How to raise even a large family without sleep deprivation, conflict with spouses or children, or the daily stresses and headaches so many face

    The 4-Hour Garden

    -How to grow a large proportion of the produce you eat in less than 4 hours per week

  66. The Random Show episodes are more interesting than half the stuff on television. Nicht schlecht.

  67. Hi Tim,

    I know this is not the right place but what do you think about low carb bread?

    You speak German so here is the link:

    I have someone in my family who could stand to lose 50 kg but she refuses to do the diet because she can’t live without bread.

    Now, I know how much you hate gluten. Just leave that aside for the moment, please.

  68. Did anybody catch the name of the book that Kevin Rose mentioned about survival? Not The Survival Template, but another one consisting of pictures.

  69. Hey Tim,

    I really love the show. I am always excited when a new episode comes out. It is like the man version of the Oprah Book Club. Just with books, alcohol, apps and large combat knives.

    Keep up the great work and looking forward to your next post and episode of The Random Show!

      1. As you should! It is the Tim & Kevin Book Club for men!

        Less screaming fans than Oprah and more extremely large combat knives mixed with alcohol. What could be better!?!

  70. Hello Tim o maestro of everything efficient and streamlined – forgive me if this is somewhere in this blog, or the book – I’m a pretty prolific reader of both and yet I don’t think I can find anything on this subject:

    Q: have you got a foolproof and super efficient way of saving your files on your computer? Say, for example: mmddyy_[nameoffile]_[project]_[your initials]??

    I’m sure you must have thought about this and solved the problem – any guidance?!

    Loved this video – trotting off to have a look at a few apps (though not too many, still want to keep things simple!).

    And thank you for inspiring me to start my company – not quite 100% there yet, but on my way!

  71. Nice read! Thanks!

    “People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine.”

    — Banksy (Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall).

  72. Tim – Check out MagPul Dynamics ( and Tactical Response ( when you want to do some firearms training. I think you would enjoy it.

  73. Great show!

    Tim, I was amused by your expressions when Kevin was talking about home automation.

    While it’s clear you guys are good friends, you are worlds apart in your philosophies. I am guessing you were thinking, “Kevin, if you didn’t have all that stuff, you wouldn’t have to automate it.”


  74. Since you mentioned bourbon in this post I figure this may be the best place to ask a question about your alcohol rule being only red wine. How about tequila? Tequila is made from a green plant called agave…how bad could 1 or 2 shots be? Thanks.

    1. Lisa – Hope I’m remembering correctly, I believe Tequila is fine on the Slow Carb. There was a recipe for a Nor Cal(?) Margarita – The juice of 5 limes, tequila and splash of club soda. If you get the lime to tequila ratio right it is a great drink. Definitely better with quality tequila. Add muddled fresh mint for a delicious twist.

      Good luck! Alles liebe 🙂

      1. Thanks Natalie, I appreciate your answer and the drink sounds great! If you don’t mind me asking one more, I would love to have your opinion. Coffee with cream is allowed but not non-fat milk, why would that be? I can’t seem to find a scientific explanation about that considering they are both milk products…I’m really only using about a tbs. full of milk so I can’t see it having that bad an effect and I do use cinnamon…the first week I tried just the cinnamon, no milk, and couldn’t even drink half a cup…which bummed me out considering I enjoy my morning ritual so much! Other than that the diet is going great and don’t feel hungry and have had the strength to suppress my sweet cravings! I want to lose about 10 pds to appear more cut, but if my face doesn’t look to freaky wouldn’t mind trying to drop 15. Just have to see how it goes I guess! thanks again! 🙂

  75. Tim –

    I still have a flip phone (which is about to crack in half). I continue to justify my lack of a smart phone under the guise that an iPhone is just one more distraction that I don’t need.

    How has the transition been for you? Do you find it making you less productive? Do you see yourself getting rid of it?



  76. Tim,

    Long time listener/reader, first time commenter. I think there is a little conspiracy going on with Exit through the Gift Shop. After watching it a few months ago I started searching for work from both Banksy and MBW. The funny thing I notice on Ebay was you search for one and you get the other. Mostly sets of overpriced postcards from shows they had and selling them for $10-$20 or a set for $50. What I think is that the movie is just a big joke to sell overpriced art and prints. I bet these guys are as close as you are to Kevin.

    You will also like “Waste Land” about a Brazilian Artist Vik Muniz. A flick about a Colorado professor that was my biggest surprise of the year was a TV movie “Temple Grandin”. All three movies were recommended to me by my wife, she has her ear to the ground on good independents. I have always been more of a “Tron” movie guy but I really liked all three movies.

    Attached is a photo I took of a Banksy’s when I was in SF from CO last month. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks, Todd! I’m inclined to think you’re right, but that almost makes the film more clever in many ways. Smart lad, that Banksy! I’ll definitely check out the others. I’ve actually met Temple, who is incredible. Not the easiest to talk to, but brilliant all the same 🙂