The Random Show – Episode 18 – Start-ups, Restaurants, Marriage, and…Sexual Performance?

In this long overdue episode, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from start-ups and new projects to relationships and sexual enhancement through chemical cocktails. Thanks to Glenn for his usual Jedi videography.

Notes, Links, and Resources

The 4-Hour Chef – The new book. It’s going to be NUTS.

CLEAR card for skipping security lines — Use code “RANDOM29” at this link to get 67% off — $29 for the first 6 months.

DuoLingo – Language learning.

Rally – Crowdfunding and cause marketing.

Lift – Elegant app for changing/improving behaviors (Plus: The WaterPik).

Vittana – Imagine for education.

Central Kitchen – My first restaurant investment (SF-based).

BufferBox – (Update: I ultimately did not end up investing) Distributed pick-up points.

The Graveyard Book – My new favorite audiobook, performed by Neil Gaiman.

Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday’s guide to digital media and related cat-and-mouse games.

Just for fun:

My eyeball, as of two years ago.

Kevin’s eyeball, as of two years ago.

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78 Replies to “The Random Show – Episode 18 – Start-ups, Restaurants, Marriage, and…Sexual Performance?”

  1. fyi: iTunes (both the app and online) still only shows up to episode 17. look fwd to the new episode.

    Also, while the video podcast works, iTunes claims that that audio-only podcast “is not currently available in the U.S. store. I’m in Toronto, Canada, so that may have something to do with it. *shrug*. Video’s fine by me, but just thought you’d want to know.

    1. @Bruce Episode 18 just went live on the video podcast. Sorry about the delay!

      @Godric Thanks for the heads up — we’re working with iTunes now to fix the problem.

  2. You don’t seem to be doing a lot of interviews on other sites lately. What gives? Would be cool to hear you on Mixergy again for instance.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of Duolingo. Saw a short presentation about it on YouTube 10 months ago.

    It’s like Khan Academy for languages. With gamification, and without the extremely stringent rules of language software of the past.

  4. I used to love Mr. Rodgers as a kid. I remember how straightforward and kind he was. Watching his talk to Congress at the end made me tear up a bit. He was an intelligent man who honestly cared for others. We should have more people like as examples to our children.

    1. Yes, I loved Mr. Rogers too! It is amazing to see how he was so much more than just a character on a show and how he really cared about children and people overall. I am glad he fought to keep shows like his on television.

  5. Hi Tim. Great to see this. I ordered TONS of your suggested supplements (spent more than 180 dollars) through the link on your web site (as recommended by yourself on your 4 Hour Body book. It has been more than a month and… nothing! I wrote to them and…. nothing. They took the payment from my card but I haven’t received the products or even a reply/email following my request for checking/tracking the order – please can you help?? I trusted your advice and… it hasn’t worked and I started to be concerned… I live in London and when I put the on-line order providing the address they never said there could be a problem of shipment or any other (UK customs?). Grateful if you could “intervene” and assist me in getting my supplements! Many thanks Ursula.

  6. Fantastico! It’s been a while since you did one of these!

    Tim, I’ve been searching your whole blog for a post that linked to a Japanese learning site that combined a few books (like Remembering the Kana/Kanji/Haigana and others) that had a character drawing tool embedded into the user interface with associations for remembering that character.

    I didn’t save the url and I think you’ve taken that post which linked to it down, but do you (or anyone else) know what that site was? I’m learning Japanese and that site would be a massive help! Thanks!

      1. Thanks Benedict. I’ve been aware of AJATT for a while and it’s a good resource. It’s more a ‘shotgun’ approach to learn Japanese rather than Tim’s ‘sniper’ approach and being more purposeful.

        What I’m looking for was a startup that Tim posted a few months ago that taught the characters with a drawing interface with associations.

      2. I FOUND IT! The name of the site is ‘Skritter’. I can’t put a url here to if you’re interested in it you’ll have to google it.

  7. Dude…funniest interview ever… “do you want half hose or full hose?” ….”you dont want a teardrop either”. lmao.

  8. Love the metaphor you’re using for the 4 Hour Chef… “The Chef of Life” – that’s awesome shit man can’t wait to read it.

  9. Lol, everytime there is a new random show, Kevin always asks whether Tim has mentioned the launch of 4 hour body… He’s mentioned it 3 videos back!!! trololol.

    Great video, keep the good stuff up

  10. I love how you guys work and mastermind…very inspiring, and a little deceiving because you make it look so easy. Great episode!

  11. Looking forward to the new book. I ordered it the first day it was announced. Any chance of a sneak peak in the coming weeks to increase the hype? Win-win for everyone, right? Give us chapter one. PLEEEEAAASE.

  12. This was a great episode, and I’m glad that you two are still going to be making new ones.

    In regards to cholesterol and tips for Glenn, have you ever tried supplementing with exogenous pregnenolone? It’s what the cholesterol is largely converted into, and thus sits atop the adrenal hormonal cascade. I had immediately noticeable results (energy, libido, even mood .. evidently it promotes GABA too) on 25mg a day. Cycled with 5 days on, 2 days off, and a week or two off every couple of months, it has maintained its effect.

    Also, if you’re still taking coconut oil, try 1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein in ~8oz water with 3 TBSP oil. It’s the perfect breakfast, and just happens to taste like how sex feels. Amazing.

    Worth checking out. Thanks again for still making these.. just pre-ordered the new book.

  13. So, the new book will be about perfecting the recipe for what ever it is you want to master in as little as 4 months. Ok, now i am a little more interested in it.

    Here is a challenge, find a way to take an adult and make them a world class surfer in 4 months from scratch. I mean surfer as in waves and ocean. It cannot be done! I guarantee it.

  14. Great show, gentlemen! I especially enjoyed the offstage snickering… Quick question about Rally: I am a development specialist for a NorCal community hospital and we are about transition from the online fundraising solution we use to Paypal.. We haven’t done so yet though. Do you think Rally would work in healthcare?

  15. Thanks to Kevin for the heads up on Fred Rogers. That end clip was gold! I am engaged to be married, have a pet, and am preparing to take those next steps in life too. I can see why Mr. Roger’s philosophies would resonate so profoundly in Kevin. Empathy is priceless.

  16. Hi tim,

    really looking forward to this latest offering,

    Are there any skills that the book is particularly relevant for learning, or any that you’d especially recommend? learning languages or programming, carpentry or practical things, dance/martial arts?

    have preordered anyhow,



  17. Tim,

    You made it sound like this next book is going to have a much cleaner, simplified design while still packing in your regular quality. I can’t believe how many pictures you managed to throw in!

    1. Kevin’s interview with Elon was phenomenal .

    2. I tried Lift-very cool but don’t know how/if you can check in multiple times per day.

    3. I’m with Kevin- If Elon AND T Ferriss have read (and loved) Franklin’s Biography, WHAT have I been doing? How did I miss this?

    Buying for my Kindle tomorrow.

    Thanks for everything.


    P.S.: If anyone in the 4-Hour Community knows much about the business side of Amazon as a company/has worked there I’d love to talk with you. I’m in my junior year with a 4.0 from the University of Florida in Business Admin. majoring in either Marketing/Finance/Info Sys. or a combo of the three.

    I REALLY want to work for a modern/online/tech company and I’m looking at Amazon to see if I can get an internship in the next semester or two and possibly get hired there out of college.

    You guys rock.

  18. I’m so happy to see you guys back together again in another episode!

    In many ways you two are sort of a continuation of Mr Rogers for me. The world of Mr Rogers was filled with possibility, education, and entertainment, but it’s easy to forget what a world with endless possibilities feels like as you age.

    Thank you for helping me remember to consider the full menu of life’s options via the stories of your successes. Thank you for continuing to inspire my thirst for knowledge via the wonderful books you recommend, as well as those that you’ve written. Last but not least, thank you for making me smile and reminding me that humor is one of life’s finest seasonings.

    Hope to see you both again soon.

    Best wishes,


  19. Kevin,

    I have that Mr. Rogers book, but it’s been on the shelf for a while now. Probably time for me to dust it off and get reacquainted with his wisdom. He is absolutely one of my heroes. The world could certainly use more Mr. Rogers! Also, thanks for adding that clip to the end of your show. I’ve never seen that before. It brought tears to my eyes. He was such an amazing man, and you’re right. We do need a new Mr. Rogers. May he continue to inspire all of us!

  20. Hello Tim

    I am eagerly awaiting your next post on muses. I have just finished mine which was to design a collection of mindmaps, all handwritten, that teach how to start a startup. It was a strange but enriching experience where, as an entrepreneur, i got exposed to the art form that is product design at it’s rawest form.

    It’s a short report that is trying to disrupt, in a small way, the way and form of business publishing by using mindmaps. It is a weird book that has been inspired by three great artists and their work, Hugh Macleod, Dan Pinks ( The manga book – The Adventures of Johnny Bunko) and Edward Tufte’s work on Information Design. Every product designer should check out the work of Tufte, who is a statistician, political scientist and data visualist.

    Thank you Tim for the tribe and for the platform. Best regards to you and to the community.

  21. Hey Tim,

    I’d like to interview the DuoLingo guys for my book on Intercultural Intelligence.

    If you think they might be interested, would you be so kind to connect me?


  22. I am stoked for the new book! Is there going to be some sort of promo for the Four Hour Chef – similar to the 4 Hour Body? I just don’t want to preorder the book and then later realize I missed out.

  23. LOL great to see another episode of the best YouTube show around! Hilarious

    Just wished I lived in San Francisco to be able to use clearme, living in Europe now.

    And can’t wait for the 4 Hour chef to hit the streets…

    Big launch ready yet ? Has Charlie done the job or too busy with apps 😉

    PS cool t-shirt as always Tim, what is it ?

    PPS congrats to Kevin, the family man!

  24. Great Random episode. Yep the honeymoon performance tips were hilarious. Really, looking forward to the new book. Thanks Tim and Kevin.

  25. Relating to your book suggestions, I recently completed Hunter S. Thompsons, Kingdom of Fear. Thompson is a bit out of the entrepreneur/business genre (partly why I read his book, for a break), but he is considered the father of gonzo journalism. He’s one hell of a writer with unbelievably unique perspectives and experiences relating to major events and lifestyle over the last 50 years.

    Tim, have you read any of Hunters’ work? I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on him and his writing. He’s an extremely interesting person!

  26. Tim, I HOPE there’s something about learning programming and drawing (life drawing) in your upcoming book — can’t wait for it to be out!

  27. I forgot how much I missed this show! Excellent recommendations and hilarious conversation.

    Secondly, anyone know what brand jeans Kevin is wearing? They are very nice.

  28. I was disappointed by the show if I am being honest. To be honest, you guys come off as a little out of touch. Not being an insider valley guy, I cannot relate to much you talked about. The low point seemed to come on the book recommendations. It seemed that Kevin was recommending a book that he had not even read. I know the show is free, so I do not protest too much, but for your own credibility, if you are going to recommend a book, at least have read it first. I am a long time 4HWW guy, so I know everything cannot be great all the time and you are on deadline with your book, but we also need to keep it real.

  29. From being Born Disabled – To a freedom business, success with women and becoming a professorial beatboxer

    Hey Tim,

    I loved reading your book 4 hour work week and I connected with it on many levels. I wanted to share my story with you.

    I was born without part of my brain which controls the right side of my body, so my disability meant that i was bullied a lot,

    throughout my whole childhood, and of course I no luck with girls, as i was not good enough for them.

    I had to believe that there was a better life for me when i was older, because for it to not change, there was not much point in continuing. I went out to understand the best life that i could possibly achieve and spent 2 years defining what that was.

    I learnt the real value in life, is time, travel and meeting people. The pain from my childhood has giving me a solid core positive perpective and inner believe to only consider the new reality I define and unlimited drive to get there.

    I continued to define this life into goals. I set a 5 year goal to travel around the world with my friend, the trip is based on going to every country that we wanted to go to. Consisting of 16 countries.

    I set goals to develop myself into the best person i can be for this trip. I relentlessly worked online, learning all that i could, only considering the reality i wanted. I got into All the self development I could, along with learning from psychologists in the dating community.

    From the material I was fortunate enough to come around and submerse myself in, I was able to develop a mature perceptive which taught me to consider the world from a perceptive outside the system.

    I was inspired to beatbox from the age of 15, and i have done it everyday since. I set goals to connect with professional beatboxer to get better at beatboxing. I decided if i performed on stage, it would encourage me to get better. So I said, I will always go up and ask if i can beatbox at each club i visit. So far this has gone very well.

    I develop my social skills to enhance my experience of life, by engaging in conversation with everyone i come across.

    Currently I am on the trip i planned for 5 years, we have visited 6 countries and have been travelling for 3 months. I have performed on stage in each country i have visited, through simply asking if i can perform. I am in Thailand at the moment, hoping to beatbox at the full moon party.

    This is the business that i run online ( I have been doing something like for 4 years now.

    This is me beatboxing in Bankso, Bulgaria

    I also found love in Bulgaria

    I have a passion for life and live for change

    e and growth.

    It would be really great to hear from you as I think we are similar on a number of levels

    Dave Bentley

  30. Hey Tim,

    What brand jeans you wear? what kind of shoes are those you are wearing?

    I noticed you wearing short black socks, why? what brand?

    What kind of flowers in the vase behind you? Love the laughing squid t shirt, what size do you wear? Are those Vans shoes Kevin is wearing? wear can I get a pair? what size shoe does he wear?

    Great show.

  31. Tim, thanks for the shout out for Vittana. Your support keeps opening doors for students in the developing world. You rock.

    Team Vittana

  32. Hey Tim, how did you get the Four Hour Chef to show up as “frequently bought together” with your other books? It’s not out yet.

    I’m guessing this has something to do with Amazon being your publisher, but I’d love to know more.

  33. Please ask Kevin if he figured out how to make fermented okinawan turmeric tea. I make a lot of kombucha and would absolutely love to be able to learn how to ferment any super awesome longevity tea using turmeric. If he knows, he has to share….

    Thank you


  34. Kevin Rose is really bringing the show down. The fact that he’s considered a success in the US leads me to doubt the criteria for success in the US.

  35. You guys should do a random show where you talk about how to move to another country and make a living. I really want to do this but I have no idea how I would make money.

  36. About time! Well overdue but worth the wait.

    Regarding the preamble, is Kevin now following one of the 4 Hour Body protocols?

  37. I got goosebumps after watching that Mr Rogers clip. Love a good persuasive speech! Thanks for adding that at the end. I don’t think I would’ve gone back to watch it.

  38. Interesting to find out that the $ Hour Chef is not just about food/cooking, etc. That’s the impression I got. Now I’m intrigued and will definitely consider buying it.

    “Lady friend” sounds kind of impersonal lol as long as she likes it 😉

  39. Hi Tim, Im writing to you today because I have a question first a little back ground, I started this diet with my husband shortly after giving birth to our second son, and 5 years of being out of shape and overweight. During this last pregnancy, I developed gestational Diabetes, all this was the push to so something about the weight and take care of myself. Your diet has truley been what has helped me return my sugar to normal and loose weight post baby.

    That being said, Ive reached a plateau in my weight loss, and I have looked to see if there was any advise for breastfeeding mothers out there, but I have reached a wall. My doctor has advised against the supplements for now as we are not sure what effect it will have on the baby. And I have tried including some of the workouts, but lets be honest, with a 4 month old, I hardly have time to cook my meals much less have time to workout. Ive upped my water intake, Ive indulged on my cheat days happily. Even tried including more calories.

    Ive lost 65 pounds post baby, with the help of your healthy eating plan but was wondering if you had any words of advise for me to push past the plateau.

  40. Just watched an online show last night, and I couldn’t shut it off. Both of you are very inspirational – I actually lost sleep thinking of new potential ideas.

    Looking fwd to reading the book Tim

    Tony (Fargo ND)

  41. Quick tip:

    Besides an iTunes subscription could you provide simple RSS subscription and / or direct audio / video downloads?

    Many thanks!

  42. It’s been more than a month now and no new Random Show…are you going to leave it until September 2013? I just want to know.

  43. Tim, I’ve been a long time fan and avid reader of your books. Although I ordered The 4 Hour Chef during the rally promotion and never received it, I look forward to it when I do.

    I started watching the Random Show tonight and just wanted to send a shout out and a “high five” for the interesting conversation and very interesting topics and suggestions. Keep up the good work 🙂

    -Marcel Maldonado

  44. I started with your most recent episode of the random show and have been working backward. Actually kind of fun. Love the topics in these shows keep it up. I love this kind of format. I’ll throw it on the TV/Mac Mini and watch for some great insight and good laughs. Glad to see successful people can still have a great time. I think one part of the format that is great is that you record everywhere from Cabo to a bar to Kevin’s house. We need more shots with Toaster moonwalking!!!! All the best guys.

  45. Which version of the Graveyard book audio do you prefer? There are 2 on Audible. There is a version read by Neil Gaiman and a “Full Cast Production”. I’ve always preferred Neil’s voice since the mid 90’s when I purchased “Warning: Contains Language” on CD. But the Full Cast version sounds pretty good on the Audible sample. Thanks.

  46. Thanks for suggesting The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It’s great and led me to his book Coraline, which if you haven’t read yet, you need to. You’ll love it.