Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions

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In this long overdue episode, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from start-ups and new projects to meditation and funny business. Thanks to Glenn for the videography. This is actually Episode 19, but Kevin wanted it to be 20, so there you have it.

One wish-list item: If any of you are involved in comic books or animation, I’d love to shadow a true master or even intern/work at A) a comic publisher alongside pencilers, or B) at an animation studio at some point in 2013. I have some wild ideas I’d like to explore later, and I’m happy to be a gopher (i.e. “Go fer coffee”) for a while. Please leave a comment or feel free to email my assistant (see contact page on this blog).

Also, I forgot to mention one very cool start-up I’m involved with (Duolingo) that just got outstanding news:

Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone (Study)

A sample of show notes

Cold water and effects on performance/recovery

Kevin moves to Android

Using start-ups to reinvent education

Clever getclever.com

Growth in Enterprise software – Yammer as example

CES – “quantified-self” devices

Powder Mountain – Summit Series

Tumbleweed Tiny House Co tumbleweedhouses.com/

Creative Live creativelive.com/


Dr Weil – Spontaneous Happiness

Chalkboard Paint

Tera’s Whey protein (alternative: Bluebonnet whey from NZ grass-fed cows)

Tim on meditation and drawing – Prismacolor Col-Erase light blue pencils (20044)

Nassim Taleb – Antifragile

Tiny Hats

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127 Replies to “Random Show, Episode 20 – Dog Aerobics, Start-ups, Meditation, Comic Books, and New Year's Resolutions”

  1. Hey Tim,

    Love your blog- keep up the great work. I recently did some work for Disney Animation (Paperman, Wreck-It Ralph). I would be happy to put you in touch with some of the world class animators I met.

    My contact info is on my website.



  2. Awesome! I actually just finished watching the last Random show (episode 5986) about 20 minutes ago and was thinking “When is the next one coming out?” Nice job on the quick response guys!

  3. Hands down, the Random Show is one of my favorite recurring posts on this blog. Saving this to watch it first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks Tim and Kevin!

  4. Tim, you crushed Kevin in the unofficial wine drinking contest. And I’m sure these weren’t the first glasses.

  5. Glad this came out a lot quicker than the other ones! Always enjoy watching the Random Show as it gives me motivation work harder on my projects in the hope I might even get a mention on this show. Only part way through and awesome as always guys!

    1. …by the way if you’re looking for some cool (belated) Christmas gifts feel free to check out our site Man of Many (http://manofmany.com) we’re definitely going to throw the zafu pillow and Game of Thrones graphic novel on there after your recommendations!

  6. Alot of topics briefly covered with some good insight on all of them… started getting a little giggly towards the end of the bottle of wine…

  7. Totally unintentionally watched this over the Lance Armstrong confessional interview. Add more Random Shows to your 2013 resolutions please!

  8. Yes, TinyHouses! I’ve been wondering if you could build one in your backyard and then use AirBnB to rent your real house, and just move into the TinyHouse anytime someone wanted the real house.

      1. Actually, all the Tumbleweeds come with toilets and showers, even the XS, which is their smallest house at 65 sq ft. They’re designed to be lived in, so those are obvious necessities.

  9. Tim, one of your fantasies is to go to QVC and see how they track things? Dude I love you, but that is awkward. LOL. One of my fantasies is to do mushrooms with Mickey Mouse, while Mila Kunis, who is in her underwear, is serving us ice cream, and we dont have to wait in line for any of the rides at Disney land. And we are brainstorming the next hit movie we are gonna make.. Micky and I. Thats a fantasy. Seeing how they track things at QVC? However, thats why you make more money than I do.

  10. Oh jesus. Kevin’s still having Rambo nights? Those are fucking dangerous! He and Prager almost killed me on one of those waaaaaaaay back in the day. It took me 2 hours to walk home in the rain and I lived 2 blocks away… Serious warning people, if Kevin Rose ever says come over and watch Rambo, RUN!

  11. Dagnammit! Due to a cursory scan of the title, I read ‘aerobics’ as ‘aerobatics’ and got all excited about some new flying adventure you’d been on. It made a bit more sense when I noticed the word ‘dog’ though. Not to say ‘dog aerobatics’ wouldn’t be awesome, maybe a little harder than ‘dog aerobics’ to pull off though…

    In any case, have you guys looked into hemp protein at all? I did some reading up on non-dairy protein supplements after I was diagnosed with an allergy to lactose, and hemp seemed to have a pretty complete amino acid profile. I couldn’t find any hemp products I really liked though, so my wife and I started a brand called VitaNutria to supply organic hemp and other supplements. Now we use these products ourselves – we love them.

    Give us a shout if you want us to send some for you to try.

    Great show, both of you, as always. Thanks for putting something out there to inspire and motivate us.

  12. Here’s something random: how about learning to fly a glider? Economical, challenging, this sport got me so hooked that I started my own company. Guaranteed to give you something to write about.

  13. Tim,

    After watching this, I got to thinking about Shark Tank and their investments into start ups. Some of these companies just get TAKEN. 30, 40 and even 60 percent of their companies for a minimal investment? Do you think it’s worth it to the start up for the trade in the sharks experience? What are your thoughts as a tech investor yourself…

  14. Tim,

    Comic book, character design, if you would like to sit with a master,

    I’m sure Stephan Silver would be happy to host, he’s a lead character designer

    (Kim Possible, Danny Phantom while at Disney Animation) he’s also worked with Kevin Smith (Clerks , Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob) as his character designer, and has five self published books , 3 apple IOS apps, and has been invited to teach a major art schools throughout Europe. I think you too would get along famously

    please review Stephen Silver and Silvertoons.com if your interested in having a meeting with him. .

  15. Just read “Closing Thoughts” from the 4HC – what a beautiful piece of writing. Bring on the novel!

    B 🙂

  16. Gents, nice show, but please: grown men sitting inside wearing their knit hats like that just screams “douchey.” Sorry, I had to say it.

  17. At 28:55 Tim mentions a ‘great book’ called ‘Shelter’, does anyone know who it’s by and can provide a link to it?

  18. Well, I don’t work for a comic publisher, but we do have an office full of conceptors (ie artists, pencilers, metaphorical geniuses) and we create large illustrated “maps” to help create alignment in organizations. (http://rootinc.com) Granted, we’re located in beautiful Sylvania, OH, but if this seems like something you’re interested in, we’re a small, creative firm and love to share what we do and find new ways to collaborate with awesome people.

    And, from a “I build houses in my spare time” perspective… hell yes on the tiny house idea.

  19. I was just going to ask about if you can model someone who can’t explain how they are doing what they aren’t? Since you mention interning with a comic book creator have you ever heard of Dane Bottino? He is a an artistic savant that is an amazing artist and draws very quickly.

  20. Ever since he started with Google I was waiting for the day that Kevin would let the world know he made the switch to android. Predictable. Reasons unbelievable???????????

  21. Hey Tim,

    I agree with Kevin here man. I too am trying to be more considerate. You and I both are affected by books from tucker max. I recommend reading Wired to care: How companies prosper when they create widespread empathy by Dev Patnik. The title says it all. I just thought you might find this interesting.

    Great episode & I love tiny houses. I am planning to buy a land and build tiny house & live there. As years pass by I will build more rooms attached to the original house. It will cost same as renting a house & is the low resistant entry to buying a house.



  22. Hey Tim – Someone just forwarded this to me.

    I can happily pass along many comic artists who are the best in the biz.

    I host InkedTV where I talk about the best in Indie comics and interested in starting an online comic training school.



  23. You’re probably going to get better offers that this (I’ve only done a couple of graphic novels) but here goes. Regardless of who you pick you’re going to want to supplement with some life drawing classes. Next time you’re in L.A. I’d love to take you to a Drink & Draw or a Dr. Sketchy’s drawing session. I’ve got a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and a stick blender with your name on it.


  24. Tim — I’d love to hear your thoughts on survival. After hearing your comment at 27:18, I’m now a little disappointed the chapters on survival weren’t inlcude in 4HC. I read Neil Strauss’ Emergency and William Forstchen’s One Second After; both were eye-opening books. Any chance we’ll see a future blog post from you on topic? Thanks.


      1. Ryan – I’d be honored with the opportunity, but I’m no expert on the topic (by any stretch of the imagination), I’m just a guy who’d like to learn more. Thanks.


  25. Oh, my Android phone has an audio search feature and it’s better than Serie? LOL Thanks Kevin.

    Tim’s stab at Kevin when he commented on the Google shirt. Love it. Puttin on some muscle.

    Tiny hats just creepy.

  26. Hey guys,neither of his vids are opening fro me.Whats the skinny on cold H20 & performance/recovery?A real quick review would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much.

  27. I’m sure there actually was a Random episode 19. I remember a while back either Tim or Kevin tweeting about how they were recording a Random show before the 4hourchef came out.

    Guess that episode got left on the shelf.

  28. Hey Guys – I’ve read/watch everything y’all put out so I was so happy you talked about Tiny houses, I built a 97 sq ft house a couple years ago out of reclaimed materials for $3,000. I also bought land on the outskirts of Boise ID for $5,000 and made my house all of grid.

    Touching on what Tim said about having one mediocre house or several tiny ones around the world. I just bought a piece of land in Hawaii on the big island for $8,000 and plan to build another tiny home on it in the spring. I would like to have 4 or 5 around the world and rent them out when my family and friends are not staying in them.

    Tim when I first read 4HWW I was working all day everyday in a clothing boutique that I owned and operated, it wasn’t till after we lost the store in my partners messy divorce that I started reevaluating everything. Especially living like a millionaire without being one.

    I now make a modest living doing social media but it allows me to mobile and by going tiny I can live like a millionaire without the debt.

  29. Excellent episode- as always. I never knew Duolingo was so effective (although I have used it often to learn French and am now using it to teach my brother Spanish). Small world, isn’t it?

  30. ***** “” LAW OF ATTRACTION “” from Australia to YOU *****

    Tim (not your assistant)

    Without becoming a stalker – I know I will be having a skype chat with you in person ( your assistant with a shaved head and some dodgy voice altering device does not count either ! ) – At 35 I have literally just become an effective ‘take action’ machine.. Stopping to actually OBSERVE as well. (<–wayne dyer – my 3rd ever book to read) – YOURs ,4 hour work week was actually my 2nd and 5th.. My 40 hour work week for the past years has been ok to me – a great house with a mortgage is ok but I know I have greater things to 'LET OUT OF THE BOX'….

    Having a very active mind I will ENJOY our conversationS in the near future..

  31. Great to see you both back guys.

    Tim – while getting back into drawing, have you tried any of the ipad/ mobile device drawing apps? I’ve recently just got back into drawing and have had fun sketching in my moleskin and then taking a picture of it, then importing it into the ipad to add colour, shading etc.


  32. Kevin: “Remember when you first got into computers, like in the 90s or whatever…”

    OK me and my Spectrum feel old now…

  33. Hey Tim,

    Love your books and blog. I was a little disappointed to hear you both characterize making income in the top 1% as a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. Just because you come from humble beginnings does not mean you are not part of the 1% earners now and you should be proud of your success and the ability to give back to other aspiring entrepreneurs now through investment. The public needs to understand that people can make it into the top 1% through hard work like both of you did and it is not just a “status” inherited from rich parents.


    1. The problem is, hard working people usually don’t make it. I know a professor in nutrition sciences who knows everyhing and studies and teaches for 60 hours a week. On the other hand, a guy like Tim Ferriss sells millions of books, yet knows very little about nutrition.

      Well Kevin is different. He worked very hard on Digg, which sold for about 10% of its funding. Yet he got thousands of dollars from investing in succesful companies.

      That’s what pisses teacher, engineers, etc. off. In America it’s the shady snake oil salesman and the financial investors who makes money

  34. Hey Tim

    Luv the random show

    Good to see a quality whey protein recommendation

    Quick question on supplements

    I have been taking dr. Weil’s multivitamin antioxidant combo and see u recommend athletic greens for nutritional insurance

    Do u feel athletic greens is better choice?



  35. Awesome guys, keep it coming.

    Tim, just starting w/ meditation and sounds like my approach is similar to yours — listening to a couple songs, breath in light, breath out dark.

    The music I’ve been listening to is Youth Lagoon. Check em out, you might like. My favorite is ’17’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4_x063rhX4

  36. hey tim! i’m continually impressed with your hacking skills and raw effort for making things happen. you’re a lot like a superhero to many of us and i’m just curious if you’d ever consider taking on some bigger problems like global warming or hacking our lackluster education system here in the US.. (perhaps by finding a way to get students a meaningful education & meaningful skills..) of course, would hope you didn’t lose your sense of humor and enthusiasm with projects like these.. anyway, thanks for great content and for making learning cool things more enjoyable.

  37. Tim and Kevin

    Great to hear you moving more into taking care of yourselves psychologically, and emotionally, as well as physically. I agree with your comments about this area. Check out what I have been setting up to help people pursue this for themselves at http://www.lifetreetraining.co.uk

    Kevin I know you are busy but it dovetails totally with what you and your fiancee are getting into. I would love to read her book too.


  38. I know Leland Myrick (artist on “Feynman” GN) and have an in at First Second books in NYC if you’d like an introduction to either.

  39. Hey Tim,

    You mentioned Ray Kurzweil in your interview with Bryan Elliott, did you read his book Singularity (technological) too? I’m a huge fan of his work. Love your blog and the Random Show, too many bloggers emerging these days, its literally a business but none as informative and accurate as yours. I have to come here once in a while. Thanks. 🙂

  40. You’re right Tim, the Buddhism Hippy shit doesn’t work in the real world but neither does breathing in green light through your nose.

  41. Good random show. And I still can’t get the meditating thing well for more than 5 minutes as well. I have a free app on my like-kevins operating system phone (since I can’t mention products) that allows me to set a 5 minute timer (no, I won’t name it- see above). I am obviously not an expert on meditation, but I thought the whole idea was to train your mind to focus on nothing. That means music is just one more thing to block out while thinking of…. well, nothing. I don’t think meditation is the supposed to be like hypnosis, just a trance-wave state; My take was that it was training you to focus, as well. Could be wrong, of course……

    But it is boring. My biggest problem is I keep waiting for the timer to go off so I can start planning, thinking, distracting………hmmm, maybe I do need to keep trying harder. Or softer, to you Lily Tomlin fans…..

  42. Tim — just a heads up. I tried to visit your blog via http://www.fourhourworkweek.com (by clicking on the blog/lifestyle link), and chrome gave me a “malware detected” message. That might be worth looking into. When I googled “Tim Ferris blog” and visited via google, it worked fine.

  43. Watched Random Show for the first time last week and… loved it! Over the weekend my BF and I were looking for something to do, and being near Westchester PA for the weekend, I said, “What the Hell, let’s go do the QVC tour!” Mind you, I’ve never bought anything from QVC and have maybe watched a total of 3 minutes in my lifetime? Anyway, the tour was awesome – the operation is truly amazing. Tix are $7.50 each (unless you can find a BOGO online as I did) and they give you a $5 coupon to spend in the store onsite. I found in the store two things that I’d been looking for for some time, i.e. mittens that flip open to fingertip exposed gloves (Multi-Mitt 4-Way Stretch Fleece Glove with Zip Compartment) AND the impossible to find, cellphone armband large enough to fit an Otterbox covered iPhone (Banjee Cell Phone Wrist Wallets by Sprigs.) Needless to say, I while I don’t imagine myself spending hours in front of the TV watching their shows, I will now be sure to go to the QVC website anytime I’m looking for some off the wall item. I think you’ll find the tour facinating (and in your case, I would probably recommend the “all access” tour, which now that I know exists, would be a cool thing to do in the future…)

    BTW, started the online Duolingo Spanish… thanks for the tip and keep ’em coming, and, if you ever plan on speaking in or near Princeton again (or anywhere for that matter – never know when it might coincide with travel plans) please let us know!

  44. Hello Tim,

    Love the 4-hour body, great job. I’ve been drawing since I was 3 years old, If you want to get back into drawing, I suggest getting together with a few other artist for “figure drawing”. I’d be happy to join you, and share what I know. Below are some links to my portfolio, I don’t mean to spam your comments section.




  45. Tim, If you’re interested in an animation studio. I work for one of the largest feature animation companies (won’t name it on here as per the comment rules). Our studio is on the Peninsula. I work as an effects animator there and live in SF. I have a background in computer science/programming/web design and fine art. Would be happy to gopher, show you the studio, talk about ideas, …

  46. Hey Tim,

    Great episode. I’m going to Panama in May and wondered where in the country you sketched out the landscape of your dream home. Thanks!

    Un abrazo,


  47. For something to jump-start your return to illustration, a digital Wacom tablet and Corel Painter could be revolutionary to you.

    I also returned to drawing/art after years away, and since switching to digital I’ve been more productive in the past 4 months than I have in the past 4 years.

    With any skill, you can’t tell the difference between a real and digital pencil line, and functions like undo, opacity and layers will save you so much time.

  48. Hi Tim, I am writing in response to your comic book/animation wish-list request. I have been an independent animator for the past 10 years and just finished my first comic book in December. If you want to hear about the self taught lessons I have learned over the past decade, I invite you to visit my studio. Its in Costa Rica about 45 minutes from Arenal Volcano. (animation: “Traveling Gringos” ; comic book: “TREP”) Thanks, Patrick

  49. Hey Tim, I have a song recommendation for your morning meditation practice, although it’s longer than what you’re using now (but I’m sure you can afford the time).

    A little back story:

    When finishing up my thesis (some 20 years ago) I had a ton of work ahead of me, and I went into “overwhelmed” mode. To get productive again, I put on Ravel’s Bolero, on repeat, for 5 1/2 hours. It was amazing, I slipped into this incredible productive trance.

    Here are a couple of points that make it a good choice in my mind:

    -there’s a strong repetitive element (acts like a mantra, repetition is great for meditation)

    -it has enough variation in it to keep you focused on the music, but not enough to distract you from your practice

    -The rhythm is not too fast, not too slow

    -it builds up in intensity, climaxes, and then releases…it’s a nice self contained cycle.

    Again: Ravel’s Bolero. Give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think of it

    …and thanks for entertaining me with your books

    PS: for Kevin: Tai Chi is cool. I also recommend looking into Qi Gong (the foundation of Tai Chi) for flowing meditation

  50. Just an amazing episode guys. I listen to a number of podcasts and read more than a few blogs and I must say this is by far the most genuine and enjoyable one. I am always very excited when a new episode is posted no matter what number it is!

    Tim – I am really appreciative of everything you put out. Whether it is a blog post, piece of media, book or even a product recommendation; it always helps or interests me. If you come across this post and have time I would love to know what you would think your primary driver is for action. I have seen your stuff on 80/20 and fear setting but I wanted to know if there was more. I feel like I have lots of info but I just need to take that first step, whether it be a new job, travel or becoming obsessed with a new thing. Thank you

  51. hey Tim,

    Just saw this post and your interest in shadowing comic book professionals. Saw that most of the comments came from independent artists. Tehy will probably be great for exposing you to the process of illustration but if you want to get a complete overview of comic book production I would suggest hooking up with someone on the editorial side as well. I used to be Director of Marketing for Marvel and I’m still friendly with both the Publisher of Marvel and the Editor in Chief of DC Comics.

    Happ y to make an introduction for you.

    Let me know.


    Sven Patrick Larsen

    If you like, I’d be happy to make an introduction for you.

    All the Best,

  52. Tim, do the cold water benefits work if immediately after the cold water immersion you do warm water?

    i.e. going cold shower for awhile, but at the end doing some warm & hot water – wold that ruin the benefits of the cold?

  53. Hey Tim and Kevin,

    Great show! One of my favorite Random Show thus far. Anyway I have a question for each of you.

    Tim: I’m currently 6 days in to a 30-day cold shower challenge I’m doing with friends and family. I was wondering, what’s the optimal water temperature for best results? How warm can the water get before the effectiveness begins to decrease?

    Kevin: I’m very interested to learn more about Darya’s upcoming book. Where can I find out more about it?

    Thanks guys,

    Justin Archer aka “The Posture Guy”

  54. As I was trying to post a comment, the video stopped when yall were talking about startups. I really don’t think there is going to be any serious change. I think it’ll be more of an academic and there maybe a hint of saturation in the ‘startup’ arena. …. cyber debbie downer moment i reckon

  55. So cool that you mentioned tiny houses, Tim. I also love what Kristie Wolfe said.. How cool would it be to have a few tiny houses around the world instead of one big or normal house? By the way, congrats on your land in Hawaii Kristie!

  56. Kevin- which carrier are you using with the nexus 4? I have been with sprint and I’m thinking of going unlocked with the 8gb version nexus 4, but not sure of how service will work with att or t-mobile for month to month sim card?

  57. Hi Tim,

    I run a small animation studio in Toronto called Style5.tv. We specialize in the hand-drawn 2D style animation. Check out our site, you won’t be disappointed! We are fans and we’d love to work with you!


  58. Hey Tim! I saw you on Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy was thoroughly impressed with you. I might read your book again this week 4hr Work Week.

  59. Tim – you want the Minimum Effective Dose ( MED )for drawing?

    The BarnstoneMethod is the best training to achieve talent in Drawing.

    I’m going right now to our Drawing Master’s 80th birthday party. 🙂 http://birthdaybook.barnstonestudios.com/

    If you’re a creative LEFT brain thinker — then you’ll be at home among the Barnstone Studios.

    Drawing is not for the weak — drawing is thinking with a pencil.

  60. Thanks for all your posts, Tim!

    My boyfriend Darren is one of the top flite illustrators out there. Okay, so I’m not being modest about it. But it’s true.

    Check out his site:


    He’d happily reacquaint you with your former craft.