The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)

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137 Replies to “The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)”

  1. Haha I love how random naked women walk around in the background. Great way to keep guys watching the whole video 😉

    1. Haha – not just for the guys! If the topless ladies come with the place, sign me up 🙂

      Interesting stuff on pending tech IPOs, and what a bummer about the Amazon slap in California! I’m guessing we’ll probably see more of that in the future, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out and what other alternatives pop up if Amazon exits much of the affiliate space.

      Cheers, and enjoy the rest of the party!

    2. Love the investment/stock thoughts! I’m also speculating on silver/amazon. Would kill to hear more of you guys’ thoughts on investing in future episodes.

  2. Love the credits 😉 Those episodes are great, fun, original and smart. Always waiting for the next one! I’m addicted…^^

  3. Entertaining and informative video as usual guys.

    Especially interesting (to me) is that neither of you don’t own any Google. The hype about Plus aside, it does look like they are becoming Microsoft circa 2000.

    A shame, as the company was once so innovative and interesting.

  4. Hello Tim!

    I wait for the random show the way I used to wait for each episode of Lost. And glad that you brought one out sooner than expected.

    One request though. Would you consider publishing the video on youtube too? Vimeo requires a very high speed internet connection, and it becomes annoying if our speed is not so high. On youtube we can decrease the quality easily and may even watch it in 240p which ensures faster streaming.



  5. Tim – Love your books and your blog posts. I also really usually like Random, but dude–is it necessary to put a naked woman in your video? Were you afraid that the video would be so bad that without her people wouldn’t watch?

    As one of your female fans, I’m offended that you’d of all people would resort to such low-level tactics.

    1. Hi Sara! She just walked by, I’m positive nobody “put” her in the video. I was surprised myself, but I had the opposite reaction, I thought “wow, Tim and Kev have gone all Euro. Cool!”. It’s no big deal to be topless on the beach in these parts.

    2. I sense an internet troll.

      And yeah, Tim totally had to shove a topless girl onto the show to get us to watch.

  6. Tim,

    Help- i am right now reading four hour body.

    I am 51 yrs old and just got off the hcg diet a year ago. After 40 days and absolutely no cheating i lost 10 pounds – big deal i was starving on 500 calories a day. This diet did not reset my metabolism at all.

    Now a year later i weigh 160 up from 139. I am on an estrogen pellet and a testosterone pellet and taking natural thyroid meds for a thyroid running a little hypo.

    Monday i start the slow carb but is this estrogen pellet making me fat? I do no exercise because i feel like a snail after the hcg. Plus my cortisol is high.

    I have done saliva testing, dexa scan and complete blood work. Please do some testing on menopausal women i dont want to be an old fat woman. i look like im in my 40’s except for the 40 per cent body fat. It is sooo frustrating.

    I also failed to mention at 47 i trained for a marathon ran two and 1 half and did not lose any weight. I dont drink sodas or eat cookies or bread or potatoes or cake or bagels or donuts or fast food. I feel like giving up


    Please study women

  7. Instead of taking pills with ASTAXANTHIN to protect from sun, you can spray on STEPPIEMD sunscreen which comes in a 1oz travel bottle for around 20bucks. It was invented by a skin cancer surgeon.

  8. I was offended by the black box over the nipple. I find black censorship boxes to be offensive to nipples everywhere. Uncalled for Tim… uncalled for.

  9. Ah Tim, PLEASE do a blog post on the results of your experiment with the supplement sunscreen alternative. That would be brilliant!

    1. Yeah I’d be interested to know more about the sunscreen experiment. When I switched from coffee and regular tea to Green Tea I noticed I could tolerate the sun a lot better.

      Great video as always. Interesting about the potential of FB Connect also – for example, the lady had nowhere to put her purse!

  10. I am soooooo jealous, it looks like you fella’s are having a blast. I haven’t missed an episode yet keep up the good work…

  11. Tim clearly fidgets between 00:51-00:54 when the naked lady approaches. The situation worsens around 03:44 😀 I bet he’s also automatically calculating their bodyfat as they walk around. 🙂

    Kevin is better at keeping his cool in both instances.

  12. Shame on you, drinking tourist beer.

    I don’t believe a pill is going to protect you from the sun. The way your body becomes less “ultraviolet sensitive” is by producing melanin, thus, tanning. Assuming that you could consume a compound that inhibited melanin production, then you would actually burn faster.

  13. Re: Astaxanthin – My dad started taking it a few months back after reading about it on Mercola’s website and this last time I saw him he – no joke – looked younger and more vital than ever. He’s swears by the stuff.

    Just one question for you Tim. I know you’ve been doing wrestling, Judo, BJJ etc your whole life basically and you must be no stranger to extremely hardcore tendinitis. On top of Cissus, fish oil and a paleo diet, are there any supplements and/or protocols that you can recommend? It’s gotten so bad that I had to take a few weeks off from grappling and lifting because the pain wouldn’t let me sleep at night!

    Good Vibes~


    1. Vic:

      Retired massage therapist here, there are some things a massage therapist can do to help. They are painful, I will warn you, but effective. Your best bet would be to find a PT that has massage therapy training. Find out who the sports teams use–that’s a good starting place.

      Depending on the state you’re in, the massage therapists may or may not be very good. My state is more medically focused in its training as the State Medical Board oversees testing and issues medical licenses. Other states are…less intense and it shows.

      Don’t be afraid to hop around until you find someone who has the training you need. First question, ‘what is your approach to tendinitis?’ Second ‘what is the outcome of your approach?’

      Hopefully Tim has some better advice as tendinitis is a bitch and hard to beat.


      1. Thanks M!

        The pain is focused mostly in the elbows, knees and wrists. Could I still benefit from massage therapy in your opinion?


  14. Kevin: “We’re just kinda hanging out, relaxing, enjoying the sights really!”

    [enter topless woman]

    * * *

    Brilliant comedic timing.

    1. This video is probably the best ad for the Four Hour Work Week that you could make. You know everyone slaving away at their 9-5’s is very, very jealous. Interesting point about the tech P/E situation. If you could go back in time and tell people in 2000 that Microsoft, Intel and Cisco would all be selling for about 10x earnings in 2011, their heads would explode.

  15. Tim,

    As usual, the oh so subtle comedic timing and banter is classic. 🙂

    And for the record, I am borrowing your Random Show idea for future use when my books hit the big time and I am nearly as famous as you are.

    Keep up the good work!

    Darren Michaels

    Author–Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story

  16. I’ve been there before! Enjoyed the show Tim and Kevin. Keep them coming. Maybe call it the “Weekly Show” hint hint.

  17. At the beginning of the video, my jealously was a small seed; by the end, it had grown so large it hit the boundaries of the infinite universe.

  18. I’ve done some dirt biking around the trails in Cabo, awesome time! But like you mentioned, not the “dune” experience (highly recommend Puerto Peñasco, Mexico for that)

  19. I am actually about to start taking Astaxanthin from BioAstin, not only because I don’t like wearing sun screen but because of how ineffective sunscreen is against sunburning for long periods of time (training for my first ultra in San Diego), but more so because its UVA protection is so low.

    So 2 questions:

    1. Is there any kind of loading phase?

    2. Did you split up your feedings through out the day or consume your daily dosage at 1 time?

    Thank You!

  20. Tim,

    That Amazon slap is no f*ing joke! No matter how modest you are, your 5 figures/month AMZN income is anywhere between $120,000- $1.2 million per year.

    I am betting you aren’t just going to sit there and take it, are you? How are you (your lawyers/accountant) thinking of tackling this? Can you get away with physically residing in CA even if you incorporate your company in a tax free state (like Nevada, WA, etc.)? or maybe even in Bermudas?

    I know, I know, no one’s a pro here, just looking for ideas to begin with.

    PS: Oh and the lady in the background is nice too 🙂

  21. hay tim

    was wondering what books, magazines, blogs, and courses you have gone thought to acquire ur business sense that you could recommend in an 80/20 way

    cheers on the 4-Hour Body beating the Hold Bible on Amazon, wait to one up Jesus

    and lastly have you read any of Robert Greene’s books?

    i am on his 3rd (33 Strategies of War) and afterward reading (The Book of 5 Rings)

    awesome episode


  22. I believe some IM people have found a workaround on the Amazon issue. Using proxy sites or third party companies as buffers or even relocating. Their local delivery service is going to result in the same problem though, a physical presence in the state. (Although, if Amazon owns the warehouse, perhaps that eliminates the double taxation situation?)

    Lastly, living next to the human trafficking capitol of the US, I hope that young lady was compensated, acting of her free will and safe. I found her appearance exploitative.

    ANITA: If your cortisol is high, please get evaluated for Cushings and find out why it’s high, That is why you can’t lose weight. The slow carb diet will help you (any low carb diet will work, if strictly followed). BUT with high cortisol you still may not be able to lose any weight, however, low carb will prevent gain if you are strict with it. (I have flipped from high to low so have personal experience with this.)

    The weakness of the 4HB is Tim is metabolically normal with no disclosed health issues. Once you are insulin resistant or have hormonal issues, the utility of his research is in question and you have to experiment on yourself. It becomes not the answer, but a jumping off point for further research.


    1. Have you done the 4 body? I am in my early 50’s and am contemplating it-

      through menopause but it takes a lot to lose any weight-

      It’s more feeling good and a good weight that i am looking for

  23. I think it is interesting that in your book you suggest decreasing time consuming, irrelevant input and yet the possibility of having a discussion with you rests on my utilizing twitter, which I don’t generally use for that very reason. Ironic.

    My desire to contact you stems from your advice to “connect with someone who has the answer” when doing research. Reading your book is a form of research for me as I reprogram my body, and quite honestly, I didn’t anticipate getting much out of it. However, one of the things I’ve been letting go of is expectation. By no means have I processed all you’ve offered in your book because I am on page 85, however, I am noticing a subjectivity in your theory that I am having difficulty tweaking to fit me personally. I suspect that you are writing to the corporate masses, and I don’t fit that mold; that is not a lifestyle that I ever chose. It seems to me that functioning within Corporate America is your starting point and my challenge is where to start when I’m already of the mind frame you talk about, but making $50,000.00 a year or doing work that I can outsource. I am not making excuses, I can certainly apply the 80/20 to my life in general, however, I am having trouble combining control of my time with financial freedom; both of which I am ready for. I sincerely hope something about my commentary sparks enough interest to begin a dialogue, despite the amount of fan mail you must receive. If it helps, I’m not a fan, just another human being making quiet transformations everyday.

  24. Tim,

    By far your best random episode! Really loved the discussion of tech, where things are headed with the recent IPO craze, valuations, and the long term prospects for specific companies. One you guys didn’t mention that has sky-high valuations – LinkedIn – which I think brings up some interesting short possibilities. Would love to see more of a focus on tech/business in the future as I feel you’ve fallen away from that a bit recently with the 4HB, and I know much of your original base is tech oriented.

    Also, a quick ‘thank you’ for all your influence in my life, especially from a 4HWW perspective. I escaped from investment banking to start an internet business in 2008, influenced largely by your book. Three years later one business has turned to two, I have a team who manages them full-time and I’m in Spain, 3 months into a 7 month RTW trip. So thanks for putting out a very insightful, inspirational book in the 4HWW! It’s made a huge difference in my life…..

  25. I have a question/dilema I need help with. I need to be able to do 75 sit-ups in two minutes. Right now I can do 50. I have two weeks. Any help would be much appreciated.

  26. Really funny episode, guys – keep them coming

    The beauty of them is that they are random and topics are fresh and inspiring

  27. So I am really wondering, did you just make an exception from you diet during this week?

    I have the problem that I either have to be kind of unsocial in gatherings like this or make lots of exceptions.

    Please tell me how you resolved this situation.

  28. Now I know I’m not alone in my love of Amazon!

    I get everything that could wait 1 or 2 days from them.

    Interesting investment conversation. I kind of get the feeling like you guys are stuck in the mental bubble of securities and missing out on direct ownership of real assets 😉

    Cool show. The location was beautiful!

  29. Medellín is an amazing, modern, safe and friendly city. And I’m with Ryan – great for single guys 😛

    Spent a few months there last year and had a blast – if people are looking for affordable salsa lessons I’d highly recommend Academia Dance AS, and the day trips Tim mentions are gorgeous pueblitos.

    Thanks for the video Tim! A few blogger friends of mine might be organising a similar villa rental somewhere and I look forward to it even more seeing how much fun you are all having!

  30. Tim, you should try Heliocare instead of astaxanthin if you want to protect your skin from the sun without using a sunblock. Contains 240 milligrams of an extract of Polypodium leucotomos, a tropical fern. It has been available in Europe since 1982. Very well researched.

  31. Always good to hear positive mentions of Medellin!

    I wanted to attend your TEDx talk here but saw conflicting info about whether it was open to the public or invite only.

  32. Stocks and boobs. What a show.

    FYI: P/E really isn’t the best metric to use on fresh tech ipo’s, because it’s more of a growth story than a valuation story. We’ve seen names like LULU, CMG, NFLX, LNKD and so on that have had “absurd” p/e’s but the stock continues higher.

  33. great show guys!

    i’m interested to see what the feedback is going to be from the female audience with this episode? i’ve wondered about doing the same, but you are the ‘human guinea pig’ aren’t you? we need more women in the world like Sarah!

    maybe your next book should be about how ‘amazon-effect’ is ruining our economy and will only make things worse…who needs employees anyways?

    i enjoyed your first two books!

  34. Fun stuff guys! Cabo is a great place. if you want to kiteboard, go about 2.5 hours north along the water to La Ventana, great place.

    Astaxanthin may have some fat oxidation benefits by preventing the breakdown of the CPT-1 enzyme, that helps promote shuttling of fat into the mitochondria to be burned. It is also a fantastic antioxidant.

    Vit D3 ironically seems to help with sun protection too (obviously made when you are in the sun too).

    Good stuff guys!

    rock on

    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

  35. Hope the uptighterati does not lay vitriol on you Tim..Nothing wrong with having fun with the Chicas. Thanks for your great website and books.

  36. TIMM 🙂 I have one question for you. When you record this video? Why I ask this question? You don’t look huge, you look like normal average guy.

    Best regards

  37. Love the way you guys are using all your energy to not look at the chicks boobs, and try not to laugh when she walks by!

    Tim, can you confirm if the Antioxidants worked against sunburn throughout more than a few hours of exposure?

  38. Mr Ferriss,

    I was skeptical of your writings at first bult having tried the four hour body I have noticed tremendous gains in strength, muscle definition and fat loss. My main question I s what are your feelings about drinking while or after strenuous exercise (3 hours of tennis in 90 plus degree weather for example)? Do you recommend just drinking water or do you recommend sports drinks or any other means of hydration.

    Again thanks in advance for your insight and continue your great work.

    Alex in DC

  39. Hey Tim! I just got your book after seeing the story on Dr. Oz and I’M SO EXCITED TO GET STARTED. While I was reading, I noticed that you mentioned that Thai food is great to eat on the slow-carb diet, but you also say to avoid milk and soy milk. What about coconut milk? This is an essential ingredient in Thai food, but it’s also white. I’m just not sure how that would work. Thanks for helping me!

    Oh and we’re trying to get pregnant, so the chapter on sperm count was shocking! Thanks for including it!!!

    1. Hi Trina,

      Coconut milk is fine, but just make sure it doesn’t have anything else in it!

      Best of luck,


  40. No doubt the best Random episode yet. As far as sun protection: Omega 3 oils have garnered some interesting research in this area.

  41. Tim- despite my admiration for everything you do, I have to ask:

    Are you ever planning on growing up? Or is the man-boy lifestyle you’ve created rewarding enough?

    Also- adorable that you get so easily flustered by topless women.

  42. Tim & To Anyone Whose Amazon Associates Acct Was Shut Down,

    Lets remember one of Tim’s classic blog posts “How to be Jason Bourne” and ask “What would Bourne do if his acct was shut down?”

    He wouldn’t mess with proxy servers (sloppy) and he wouldn’t relocate to another state (California isn’t the only state where accts were shut down, several others have already and there very well may be more to follow. In other words, don’t go through the trouble of relocating either yourself or your business to a place where you may eventually find yourself in trouble again!)

    There is a perfectly legal, clean, efficient and elegant solution: Incorporate yourself outside of the USA in a country or jurisdiction where your business is welcomed, your assets are protected, and your privacy is valued.

    A simple LLC domiciled in the right place (outside the US) would allow you to remain in California (or wherever) and run your Amazon affiliate account almost as nothing had happened.

    This is easy to say but can be tricky to enact due to the lack of reliable information to be found online. So don’t take this post as an endorsement to run out and offshore yourself or your company without doing some serious due diligence on both your range of options and the company that provides the service for you.

    After reading Tim’s “How to be Jason Bourne” post (featuring info from Neil Strauss’s book “Emergency”) I was fascinated and began my own due diligence. I’ve gotten to know the guys at over the past 2 years and highly recommend anyone to at lease visit their blog or educate yourself via their free newsletter. If you want to upgrade to membership use the promo code “JULY” for $10 off yearly subscription. (I checked and this code will work even after July is over)

    Tim, do you know this company? My endorsement doesn’t carry any weight and I would like it to be better recognized as a real and valuable resource. If you don’t know them then could you share any knowledge resource on the subject that you value? Please email if you don’t want to post here.



    1. That’s what I love about this site. Amazingly useful and actionable information.

      Thanks Tim for enabling this forum, and muchas gracias to all awesome people like Adam who contribute.

  43. @bubble:

    So if I actually had funds worth investing, how would I go about shorting companies like Facebook and RenRen? I personally expect them to jump up after IPO and then vaporize all at once at some point in the future. As far as I know it is not possible to short companies before they go public, which means the price is determined solely by the current investors and whatever they believe. The higher the price goes before IPO, the more you’re filtering towards bullish investors.

    I’d like to know which investors are able to cash out in the first week after IPO and which ones need to wait “for eternity” (6 months). The first group will get rich, the second group might get rich if the bubble expands to include the general public. But “general public” means retirement savings, so there are some ethical issues with that.

    A great book on bubble economies, and the underlying human psychology, is Irrational Exuberance by Robert Shiller. I don’t think anyone can believe we’re not in a bubble after reading this:

    That of course leaves the question of what you should invest in instead; given the huge economic uncertainties in the world, I don’t know. Regular mini retirements and continuous learning make more sense now than ever.


    The thing that should scare people the most is that there are big companies out there that can put hundreds of small companies out of business over night and you won’t read anything about it. As more companies start monopolizing specific aspects of the internet, this effect is going to get much worse.

    There’s two books I know of that deal with this subject: The Future of The Internet and How to Stop it by Joanthan Zittrain and The Net Delusiun by Evgeny Morozov I found the latter the most enjoyable to read.

  44. By the way, as a workaround to the Amazon Affiliate debacle, why not sell or rent those links to a company outside California and then use their affiliate account? I shouldn’t be too hard to write a script to replace each of the links on your site.

    Or, more fun, create a contest and give the winner(s) the right to use their Amazon account with the links on your page, at least until the issue is resolved.

  45. Tim,

    I love your random episodes man. You and Kevin Rose are awesome.

    Have a great Sunday!


    Juda A. Borrayo


  46. Tim… “we all need scun”. That was so funny. Boobs do the same thing to me too. Great video by the way with or with out the boobs.

  47. Interesting episode, makes me want to look into the stock market!

    Happy they are up on iTunes too, makes it so much easier to see the archive.

  48. I wish I would´ve known you were in Medellín! I definitely would´ve made the effort to the attend the conference. I am currently living in Bogotá. And agree with Tim´s comment, that Colombia whether Bogotá or Medellín or many other cities are great places right now to live and work. Great people, who are generally honest. Overall, a great place, in my opinion for new business ventures (well, there is corruption, burdensome tax regs and other things) but I think the pros outweight the cons. And as Tim said, the women are spectacular 🙂

  49. Hey Tim, great post, always love your Random posts. Been a fan for awhile. Loved your comments on Amazon. I just started there a couple of months ago. Definitely the coolest company I’ve ever worked for. I think you’ve made a wise investment. I see a lot of long term upside.

  50. Dudeski,

    If you’re interested in internal sun protection this is one that I’ve found works well.

    10,000 IUs of vitamin D after spending a day outside without sun block and you’ll be burn free.

  51. Hi Tim, I saw this show a few days ago and was happy/surprised to hear you talk about precious metals. After reading your original book I tried out a few muses but what ended up working for me was buying and selling precious metals. I’m 19 and have been a “dealer” for about two years. Here’s my current collection of 1 Oz. gold, platinum, and palladium bullion: I also advise others in trading the metals via futures, options, or ETFs. If you ever wanted to know anything specific about the metals themselves or wanted to talk about the nitty gritty of what does and what does not work in the the metals derivatives market I would be more than happy to help you out in any way, shape, or form. Thanks for everything you’ve done.

  52. I loved Medellín. One of my favorite places. Did you read Killing Pablo? Awesome book about the stuff you touched on.

  53. Dear Tim,

    My life has been touched in remarkable ways through your books, blogs and endorsements. My 22 year old son & I are reading Meditations & The Book of 5 Rings. The content of the dialog is remarkable and as always, insightful. For that, I thank you. But this is my opinion regarding the lovely women and the bachelor party vibe:

    To me, it was Emotional Shark-Fin soup. Really, it has been okay for hundreds of years; everybody does it…but after the party is over and these lovely, beautiful women go home…what’s their story and who really cares? What’s the true value of what was taken; albeit “given” because the justification of course, is their consent.

    Someone’s sister, someone’s mother, all of them someone’s daughter…perhaps the monetary tips and erotic interludes truly communicated to each of them their remarkable innate value.

    As a thought leader, you have a lot of fans. Children, teens & young adults have been inspired by you. Where you go, masses follow. I’m sure the responsibility can be daunting at times. Mmmm…How tantalizing! How delicious! More soup anyone?

    1. I have to agree here. Is it really too much of an infringement on your right to do whatever you want by not putting topless women in an episode of Random? Couldn’t she just put a shirt on while filming? I have no problem with a little public toplessness. But it was an ambush. It was supposed to be an informative interesting conversation. You should be a little more considerate to readers who might be offended. I wanted to watch an episode of Random, not Random objectification of womens’ bodies. Yes, random, and not in a good way.

      BECAUSE you are liked by men and women alike. BECAUSE you have a much larger readership than just your country, your culture. Sure, you can do the maths and say, ‘well, if only a few people get upset about it, i’ll just keep doing it anyway because the rest like it and I like it.’

      But Tim, it is sexist. I’m sure you don’t consider yourself a sexist, as you probably don’t make overt decisions to BE sexist. But you really need to put a little more thought and sensitivity into the appropriateness of 0.05% of your content, or pitch to a different audience. I’ll take mine without the half-naked women next time, thanks.

  54. Ha, thought you were going to drop an Entourage joke when Medellín came up. Thought you were the kind of person who would watch Entourage.

    Cheers Tim

  55. Tim & Kevin,

    Man I was roaring my ass off when the topless chick walked by…lol. Good stuff as always. Quick question. If you have zero cartilage in a joint is there anything besides fusion to make it better? I am looking at a couple different things but they are both through the scalpel and not my first choice. I know from reading 4hr body that you had some old injuries that you experimented on with various techniques including injections…wow, not looking forward to having a needle in my ankle but if that is what you advise then I will consider it. Anyway, thanks for another infotainment episode.

  56. I second the one or two commenters above that recommended Heliocare.

    It is also available here in the States, although difficult to find. I have used it successfully for a couple of years now. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d look up the name of the place I ordered it from – it may have been Derma Doctor or something like that. It’s a product worth investigating.

  57. I love the show sooo oo much. I’ll have you guys know, this is the only TV show I watch, so please make episodes more often.

  58. Medellin: “20 times the average homicide rate in the United States for that same year. An average of 9 people were killed every day in 2009” – not terribly safe but i would still love to go there.

  59. I like how there is a censored version and a non censored version. I don’t remember seeing that on the other videos…I will have to go back and watch old one’s and see if I can spot the uncensored versions.

  60. Hey Tim–you mentioned e-book sales at around 15:00. I wrote a bestseller on the Kindle Store called Startups Open Sourced. I’m interested in writing a post discussing my marketing/sales strategy, would you be interested in chatting about it over Skype sometime?

    1. Hi Tim,

      I just wanted to give a +1 to Jared’s request. He doesn’t know me, and I have never spoken with him.

      He’s being humble in his post here. His company was funded by Y Combinator, and was acquired by Loopt. So definitely someone worth you few minutes of consideration.

      I bought his book and it was of immense value to me. Not as much as your books of course :-), but it was good work.

      I liked the non pitchy way he sold his book, and learned something from his sales process as well.

      I think your readers will benefit immensely from his story.

      Again, he doesn’t know me from jack, and I am writing this on my own, coz’ I think he deserves your attention, and you’ll likely get some value considering his request.


      PS: You’re welcome Jared 🙂

  61. Would you consider opening up a company in Nevada and then using your Amazon affiliate links through that?

    This way you can keep your income, plus Nevada is a zillion times better tax-wise!

  62. Tim, you guys are freakin hilarious. P.I.M.P style out there in Mehico! I’m the same age as you and I’d be chillin at that bachelor party too! Shoot I’m lookin for an invitation to the next one I might have to round up a crew and hit that spot!

    PS You guys seem very up to date w/ the market and rationale behind what many companies are doing. What are your favorite websites or publications to read to stay up on all that? Thanks!

    May the sweet ride continue..

  63. Tim,

    I am in need of 100 of your books 50 of each. Please help me as I’m heavily promoting your book and need your blessings before I put on a show at both of our local nightclubs.

    I’m putting together a video and will be selling your book as well as promoting my website in part of a entrepreneur themed party with the best body contest. Prizes of contest to be determined. This will be an “opening act” to inspire people to strive to succeed. Cody (26yrs old) Will go on to say that he has overcome obstacles to own this club and to prove anyone can make it. Then we will introduce a celebrity b-list band like D12 or 3 6 Mafia.

    As part of the theme, the cover will include your 2 books, a free drink, and cover to see the band.

    This is going to happen around September and by the time that happens I will have long sold the previous 100 books and will have reordered. I am an entrepreneur of all trades and there is no better teacher in my mind then yourself.

    Thanks to you I have an idea for a North American product that will be endorsed on TV, to build capital, pay the assigned manufacturer to wholesale throughout the advertised distribution channels. The first goal is 20,000 units sold. As a promotion to the product your 2 books will come as a gift. 40,000 more books. My first goal, however, is to have a 5min phone call with you for: Permission to endorse your books publicly, buy 100 books asap please because there is no way i’m buying 100 books on amazon, Tell you my idea and retain all feedback.

    Your book as cleared my life, and impatiently awaiting the 4 hour body to transform myself to ultimately showcase the power of your 2 books.

    Thanks for everything and very excited for the next 4 months!

  64. Tim do you cut your hair yourself or what man? You have me almost inspired to shave my head down to stubble as well. Though I also wonder if you ever sunburn your head.

  65. In the video you’d said you’d link us if we wanted to rent it ourselves.. I’d love to, but no idea where it is.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Tim, I own all your books, hard copy as well as Kindle.. come out with some new stuff already! 🙂

  66. Great episode, just like a couple of computer geeks wanting to do a web video when they have strippers around. I guess you guys were bored with the whip cream?

    Having you and Kevin talk about public stocks is compelling. Please continue as I am currently taking a closer look at Amazon and appreciate your insights on any stocks.

    I also did a bachelor party in Pedrigal just last year and we stayed in a 6 bedroom casa with an infinity pool called Casa Del Toro Rojo. It slept ten of us and it was $150 per person per night with chef and taxi service. Just do a Google search if you’re looking for a smaller place in Cabo. Good times.

    Could you post a link to the dune buggy outfit? This episode has motivated me to go back.


    1. Hey Tim,

      I really hope you respond to this as I have recently purchased and read both of your books ( 4 hour Body, 4 Hour Work Week) Now that I have read them I am out of a funk that I was in for two years and I am excited for life for the first time in my entire life. I am only 17 years old and would like to know what you advice to me would be regarding starting up a business and choosing a product, I completely understand if you do not get back to me as I understand that you are very busy travelling the world and having amazing experiences.

      Get back to me if you can, You have changed my outlook on life and made me realize that not everyone has to live by the standard guide lines for life, I hope to join the new rich and continue to be excited by the experiences that the future may hold for me.

      Thank You So Much,