The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)

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137 Replies to “The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Since my husband and I are fans of yours we thought it only fair to give you some feedback on this episode of Random. We typically enjoy hearing the updates you and Kevin give us via Random, but we thought this one was odd. It gave us the impression that we were intruding on a drunken conversation between you and Kevin, and frankly, it was sloppy. I don’t know whether you’ll even read this, but just thought I would let you know, since it’s likely that this is disappointing to other fans of yours just like it was to us, and it’s up to your and Kevin’s fans to keep you in check. Thx

  2. Tim, Tim, Tim if you are going to have a topless girl walking around in your video, the least you boys could do is have your shirts off as well. Only fair, pal :)!

    Also, how did your skin fair with the supplements for the rest of the trip? I’m a Nazi when it comes to sunscreen (never leave the house without it) and would love to just pop a few pills and be on my merry way.

  3. Tim, a few previous posts have asked about the results of your BioAstin experiment. Have you determined a protocol that worked for you?

  4. I Didn’t like the random topless chicks appearing in the video, shouldn’t have been necessarily topless, wearing a bikini would be fine.

    Since it’s really like this disappointing to other fan’s as it is to me an admirable fan or yours….

  5. Hey, Your my man Hero. I once was blind and now can see.

    How did you deal with frustration and disappointment before you were successful?

  6. Hi Tim,

    I am just wrapping up the 4 Hour Body – great read. Cutting down my gym time and seeing results! I was interested in the slice around sleep. Just curious…is it best to use the NightWave to go to sleep and use the Phillips goLITE to wake up? Or can the Phillips goLITE send you to sleep as well?

  7. I am a 50 year old woman with a 50 year old husband.

    How well does the 4 hour body address these age bodies-

    with the hormone and energy adjustments, fat adjustements etc

    that go with this age range?


  8. How does the 4 hour body work for women and men over 50: hormonal issue,

    flexibility issues, energy issues etc.

    Tim is a young guy- anyone?

    1. Hi Tim! I’ve started your diet last week and have been doing good. Since I’m already at 12% of body fat, I’m guessing I’m not gonna loose extra pounds so fast, right?

      Anyway, I’d just like to leave a tip here for those who are concerned with the possible “undesirable” gastrointestinal effects of eating beans all day long… once I went to an ayurvedic doctor and she prescribed to me: First, 1 tea of warm water with a splash of lemon and a pinch of unrefined salt (I use Himalian Salt) first thing in the morning (15 min before breakfast). Second, to season all raw vegetables with a spice called “Masala” – a mixture of ground cumin, turmeric, black pepper, fennel bulb, and any other types of pepper you prefer.

      It’s working good for me… but I’d like to hear what you, Tim, think of this prescription??



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