Random Episode 10: Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss on Food, Top Picks, and More

In this episode of Random — lucky #10 — Kevin and I hit the streets of San Francisco to discuss food, recent learnings, and a few feature: favorite books, people, and websites since the last episode.

Show notes and links are included below, but one new order of business: we are thinking of having sponsors for the Random show!

Here’s the idea: we have room for just three (3) sponsors at $1,000 an episode each, and you get both screenshots during the episode with your website/logo, and we also give you a shout out at the beginning of the episode. The sponsorship will allow us to treat Glenn to some fancy new shoes and support his video habit, as well as open up uber-cool options for topics and experiments.

Interested? First come, first served, so let us know at earliest via email: amyatfourhourworkweekdotcom with “RANDOM SPONSOR” in the subject line.

That all said, here are the show notes and a bonus safari video…


Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Rework by 37Signals

Neverwhere: A NovelNeverwhere by Neil Gaiman





Reid Hoffman – twitter.com/quixotic

Marc Andreessen – blog.pmarca.com

“Angels vs. Venture Capitalists” article by Ben Horowitz


New Zealand


– Picton

Nevis – bungee jumping

– Queenstown

– Christchurch

Canyon Swing

South Africa

– Capetown

– Lions Head

Shark Diving Unlimited in Gansbaai

Sanbona Safari (Recommended Ranger: Salomon Munnik)

Bonus video – 3-minute tour of the Dwyka lodge safari tents:

Shoot Location and Misc.:

– San Francisco Ferry Building

SF Farmer’s Market (1 of the top 10 in the US)


Salt slab for cooking (delish)

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190 Replies to “Random Episode 10: Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss on Food, Top Picks, and More”

  1. Nearly finished watching it since seeing Kevin post it on his blog. Always enjoyable to watch and I’ve downloaded a sample of Nowhere to my Kindle – been craving some new fiction to devour. 🙂

  2. Another nice random video. And you even gave a shout out to one of my favorite bloggers: Darya Pino at summertomato.com

  3. Well, I’m from abroad… but what’s this ‘taragon’? They talk about it in the end… after the funghi shizzle and the white truffle sea salt.

  4. Love the format of this show, would love to do a talk show theme like you guys rather than a strictly educational one but I suppose I’ll build up to that 🙂

  5. If you like to Neverwhere, watch the 6 part series the novel is based on. I think this is a rare example where the TV version is better than the book!

  6. Good stuff as usual, looking forward to the next one. Never heard of them salt block things, very interesting.

  7. Love this show… and half an hour seems to be a good time frame too!

    p.s. Is this not show #9? it is listed as so on Mr Rose’s blog 😉

  8. Great vid like always, I’m loving how ‘random’ random is but I’d love some more, a monthly video would be great.

  9. Great vid, I am back here after a long time. Must make it a point to visit often and must read the new 4HWW !

  10. That farmer’s market has got to be one of the best ways to spend a Saturday in this city. The samples from the Greek stand are to die for and have you managed to catch to hot chocolate being sold out side the bakery on cold Sat mornings for about $5/oz. To die for. Looking very forward to using Tripit a bit. I’ve been seeing it on LinkedIn like crazy.

    Your camp in South Africa reminds me of one I stopped by with my family when down that way called Singita. Amazing people down there.

    Just added Delivering Happiness to the top of the list of books to read and review for our side. Stumbling on Happiness and What Happy People Know are valuable reads too.

    Good to see you enjoying SF Tim!


  11. Just looking out my window to another beautiful Christchurch day. Glad you enjoyed your time in NZ Kevin…hopefully you can come back and spend some more time here soon

  12. Really enjoyed this! Looking forward to more. Thanks for the bonus safari video…makes me look forward to our time coming up in Africa!

  13. Tim – EVERY entrepreneur (well maybe not every…but most) looking to build a brand and make it personal via video like you and Kevin are doing. It is something I preach about on my show. The barrier of entry vs. benefits of doing these kinds of videos is amazing.

    A camera. An idea. A little lighting and light editing. Export. Upload.

    I think most people will feel a better connection with you and Kevin as well as laughing and learning.

  14. Dude, I’m with others on more of this stuff. You’re a thought leader and we love hearing what you gotta share with us. I think having a sponsor for a show like this is a great idea! It’ll also make you do more of them. Now we need to figure out how to get the video to work on an iPhone.

  15. I love these random episodes you do! Just like David said, there really isn’t much barrier to entry for Entrepreneurs anymore and its awesome! Keep doing what you do, you’re a true inspiration for me!

  16. Man, sky diving would scare the crap out of me, I’d much prefer bungee, but after seeing Kevin do it then it does actually look pretty freaky too 😀

    All part of the fun though 🙂

    I’m extremely jealous of the shark diving that looks AWESOME.

  17. Loved this post, Tim.

    I’m excited to read the books you and Kevin recommended–my favorite books are the ones that aren’t afraid to have a good time and are personable while dealing with what can be a way-to-serious topic. And I especially enjoy the casual feel of the show.

    Let’s keep the videos coming (even if they are few and far in between), they’re a great way to connect.


  18. Bungee jumping, great whites, hippopotami, farmer’s markets, and Montreal steak rub. This world would suck without them.

    1. It appears it might be, but it depends on whether or not you count one of our pre-China vids as Random. Up to you, I suppose 🙂


  19. Wow, those mushrooms look delicious.

    @Josh I agree with Tim, bungee jumping is far less scary than skydiving. But both are good ways to clear your mind.

  20. Just in time, I’ve been wondering when the next one would appear. Love TripIt, saves me from missing my flights when I confuse departure times.

  21. “I’m dead. I’m already dead. Why should I be afraid if I’m already dead.”

    Awesome episode… and Far West Fungi just hit my radar. Thanks!

  22. These random episodes don’t come round often enough, I always enjoy them. $1k to advertise on them is actually pretty cheap!

  23. The reason I love this show so much is the little things I get out of it. You talk about a lot of great stuff, travelling, setting goals, etc. I always seem to find some strange useful tidbit. My epiphany for this episode? I should have been using an RSS reader to follow blogs for ages now.

  24. Awesome, I was wondering when you would put up another one. They have always interested me for some reason. Keep up the good work.!

  25. Tim,

    Yeah, that’s the BBC series. It’s the only version that’s been made, it’s just being distributed by A&E. Awesome book, I just read it in the last couple weeks.


  26. Tim- That link is the BBC series, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up when watching it. The quality is mediocre and it really doesn’t capture the story that well.

  27. Thanks for the props on ‘organic, wild’ cows aka humanely-raised and slaughtered 🙂 – shouldn’t it always be that way? Of course it tastes better because they are not fed a totally unnatural diet, get sunshine, all that good stuff. And this is coming from a vegetarian! xoxo

  28. Tim, I was real close to that location just a few weeks ago during GDC and ate at a restaurant that I believe is called (The Plant: Cafe Organic) – I had the fish sandwich w/soup and it rocked….you guys have some great seafood there

    The morning eggs have certainly been getting boring’ – I am adding the truffle sea salt/tarragon combo to my next grocery trip asap.

    Thanks again for an awesome book – The passive income feels great and has freed up my time and my mind – It has changed my life

  29. Yeah, I was able to rent the Neverwhere series on Netflix a few years ago. It was laughably bad. Meaning good, if you’re looking for some laughs.

    1. Oh, I’m on top of it. If there is a barbell and plates, I can deadlift 🙂 One of the benefits of the move.

  30. Tim,

    The video and sound is pretty clear. What equipment are you using for filming these random episodes? I’m going to be doing some at location shooting for video blogs (not random) and would love your tips on equipment (and any other tips as well).



  31. Another good video guys.

    Glad you liked New Zealand Kevin… My wife and I sold up and moved here from the UK about 4 months ago as part of our Lifestyle Design and pursuit of the ‘5 flags’ – Great Country!

    BTW, all these lecture events that you guys link to / attend or speak at – webstock, DO lectures, Google I/O ignite etc.. Where should I be looking for adverts?? I always find out about them After they’ve happened!

    Tim – South Africa another fun country – I discovered Ostrich while there, super lean for a red meat. A few places supply it in SF I think..

    Looking forward to the next episode

  32. If you love tarragon…next time you are in Russia or the Caucasus pick up some tarragon soda pop (they call it lemonada) – it is HEAVEN!!!! Plus, it’s always fun to drink a bright green beverage :-).

  33. I’m right there with you on the cast iron skillets. Also, the lodge logic cast iron gear is still made right here in the good old USA.

    tangent : Alot of people skip out on breakfast, I’ve found that it’s helpful to bulk cook bacon and eggs on Sunday and reheat them in the microwave in the morning throughout the week. Just make sure that when you initially cook them, you leave them a tad undercooked so that the microwave doesn’t ruin them. It’s not as good as a fresh omelette every morning, but it’s better than nothing. or fast food.

  34. Hi,

    I can’t comment on the show because I cannot see it in China. Is there anyway to download the video from a site other than youtube or dailymotion?

    Thor, Anchorfree, keepvid, nothing works from China at the moment.

    Sorry to 99,9999% of readers whom it does not concern.


  35. Another great episode!!! I really really dig(g) the format of Random. Mr. Ferris inspired me so much, when I read “4HWW” and I allways find new great site and people to read from watching Randon!

    Thank you, from Norway!

  36. Hey guys,

    could you just post the URL of the video underneath next time, so that anyone without flash can get to the Vimeo page where they serve the H.264 version for mobilese etc.?

    Couldn’t watch your video this morning, too bad! 🙁

  37. Thanks Glenn, excellent job on this video! (China was rad) Kevin and Tim were pretty entertaining too… but seriously you’re a miracle worker Glenn- they only give you so much to work with. 😉

    -Sean Conner

  38. I’m glad you didn’t opt for the cageless shark diving after all.

    Wonderful video&audio quality .. kudos to Glenn !!


    {{Glen! Love seeing you shuck and jive in the window and catching a glimpse of your dashing profile.}}

  40. Another great video Tim, thank you for posting it up. I think this ‘Random’ series is a great watch, It got me thinking that maybe you could also try to introduce a random person into the video, for example somebody with niche expertise like the person who run the Mushroom shop in SF.

    As you and Kevin both seem to be avid tea lovers, I wondered if either of you have ever tried Matcha Green Tea? I ordered some yerba to give that a go and it has become a firm favourite of mine. At the same time I decided to order some Matcha green tea and it’s pretty mad stuff. I was a bit sceptical at first because it is branded as a ‘super’ drink that will give you endless energy throughout the day but matcha is really worth a try. I would find myself having a shot of it in the morning and noticing vast improvements in concentration and vitality.

    Thanks once again for the video!

    Freddie Smith

  41. Tim,

    As always, great information! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences…Just curious, any ETA on the new book? I remember you had mentioned something about a new book related to nutrition at the end of last year…I’m very anxiously waiting the release!

  42. Am I right when I say that this is episode 9.

    Kevin calls it that in his google buzz.

    Even if you two disagree which episode it is,

    i think it’s a good one.

    – Machiel

  43. Loved it! Off to the Ferry Building now …

    Would also love to hear about the equipment used for filming! 🙂

  44. @Tim,

    The Neverwhere series is almost unwatchable. I loved the book and rented the series on Netflix, it was a huge disappointment.

    Next Fiction recommendation: The Alienest by Caleb Carr

    – Chris

  45. I’m addicted to these Random shows – They’re refreshing in each their own way, and I think I watched your xmas one 5-10 times haha

    Keep up the great work 😉

  46. Love the new show format, camera angles, etc. I hope you guys can make this into a more regular thing, like Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV episodes. Speaking of Gary, have you guys considered using Viddler for your videos? I really like how you can ‘bookmark’ certain points in the video and jump right to them. I think it’d work well with your new format (book, website, person). Just a thought.



  47. Audio/Video Questions – here’s what was used/how:

    I’ve been shooting on the Canon Mark II 5D lately. The tricky part with a show that is potentially longer than 13 minutes is that the 5D will only capture 13 minutes at a time. Thus – 2 5D’s! Kevin brought out his as well so I was able to swap camera angles when it got close to 13 minutes so there was no interruption – I just had to point to what camera T & K should be talking to (hence at one point when Tim asked where he should be looking).

    As for audio, I’m currently recording into my Canon XHA1. A rather expensive audio recorder (sorry XHA1, I know you’re worth more than that) but is what works best for me right now. This way I can monitor the audio that’s being recorded – can’t do that with the 5D.

    Think that’s it, hope this helps!


  48. Definitely agree with you regarding 500lb deadlift. Although impressive I reckon it can be achieved with some smart training! Good luck!

    P.S Try training using chains to accommodate resistance if your struggling with your lock out. Also great for teaching bar speed!

  49. Really liked this video, probably my favorite. I think with all the books like Rework that I been hearing a lot of buzz about and now that I heard about Tony’s can’t wait to read them both.

    You guys should keep them coming…

    Thanks for the seasoning tips will be looking forward to visiting whole foods soon as I get the energy to drive an hour to michigan since its the closest whole foods that we got to OHIO.

    Good stuff guys.

  50. Tim,

    Thanks for the insightful recs — I’m going to have to check out that fungus shop.

    Speaking of food in SF, a friend and I went to Phat Philly last night at 24th and Valencia. Absolutely the best Philly sandwich I have ever had (the house-made, cheddar & Newcastle beer sauce was amazing). I will be back.

    Looking forward to more of the Random Show!

  51. One of the BEST spice mixes is Sel de Cuisine from Golden Fig (sea salt blended with tarragon, rosemary, crushed chili peppers, green peppercorns, white ground pepper & a touch of cinnamon) …. Eggs, potatoes, pasta sauce … I pretty much put it in everything!

  52. I’ve lived/worked in Cape Town for 4 months, there some more things to see there, like the penguins at Boulders Beach, but your choices were 5 stars!

  53. Another great video!

    Are you going to announce which throw outs are sponsored and which are not? I am sure you will not advertise something you are not all that interested in, but it would be nice to know.


  54. Tim loved the new episode with Kevin. I’m huge fan of farmers markets and will definitely need to check out that book Discovering Happiness when it becomes available.

  55. Great show!

    Re: the book is “…entirely in tony’s voice”

    Tim, I take it you are referring to the audiobook version. If you’re an audiobook fan, checkout my new iPhone Audiobook & Podcast Player. I linked a youtube demo clip to my name. I’m sure you’ll like it. Perhaps you’ll even like it so much you’ll mention it on the next show. I can’t wait to see it… 😉

    Thanks in advance,


  56. Oh my goodness! how I LOVE these Random episodes!

    On my worst feeling like hell days, re-visiting them always picks me up. Do wish you guys had a regular show of some sort…. May the media gods smile upon you!

    Thank you Kevin and Tim.

  57. Keep up good work!

    Thumbs up for promoting healthy organic food.

    I enjoyed also the hot dog “interruption”

  58. Tim,

    I share your love for the deadlift. I don’t know what it is about liftin heavy weight off the floor. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

    I had to stop because of back issues, but I am back DL’ing again. So I been thinking about DL’in a lot lately.

    Are you doing rack pulls?

    That will speed things up drastically.

    Check out this book if you haven’t already.


    Very sensible and sound info.

  59. Hey Tim, I am reading your book. Need a wing man on your next adventure?Everyone has to eat… and most like drinks. If you ever have time to meet with a fan. Let me know where, and I will be there. Maybe a bar in PATONG BEACH Thailand.

  60. Awesome stuff! I think that’s a great price for the advertising, I might have to put my blog on their – probably a good way to rapidly grow readership.

    I’ve heard good and bad things about re-work, still not sure weather I’ll make the time for it.

  61. Forget “throwing in water” with the shrooms, try some REAL Butter, Fresh Chopped Garlic and some good white wine! Then you have a party going on in your mouth there Mr. Money Maker! Kudos!

    Chef Michael

  62. really cool episode! have to say i enjoyed the part where you recommend stuff the most. Books in particular. very useful, and i intend to read both your suggestions as ive read most of the other books you mentioned already in the previous video.

    i also feel obligated to inform you with my dissatisfaction with you sitting outside while recording your video. The background noise is horrible, which im sure you noticed. A learning experience im sure.

    looking forward to the next episode!

  63. Tim,

    I’m a CrossFitter from eastern Long Island. We typically see most guys at our gym have trouble making improvements in the 380-440lb range. I had a deadlift stuck at 410 for quite some time. I learned something called soft tissue tensioning, or applying tension to muscles systematically and had quite a dramatic increase in my deadlift over a month. It really works, give it a shot.

    Best of luck chasing 500,


  64. I love the random show. You guys are awesome. Looking forward to the next episode. Maybe you should randomly do a show from Mahwah NJ 😉

  65. Love that you rec’d Neverwhere! Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. You might check out Philip Pullman – I love the His Dark Materials trilogy. Or Terry Pratchett – their combined work, Good Omens, is pretty hysterical.

  66. Great episode as always Tim. Are any of your Princeton lectures available for general consumption? I’ve found a few clips on YouTube, but there must be a complete version out there somewhere. iTunesU would be a sweet way to put that stuff out.

  67. Great episode. But I think you should have just surrounded yourselves with piles of mushrooms and made no mention or acknowledgment of them. That would be random.

  68. Mushrooms are awesome. Tim, on your travels to Japan, have you ever tried to pick mushrooms from Mt. Fuji. It’s amazing!

  69. Since I moved to China I cannot see any of your videos. I’m guessing that the service hosting the videos is blocked.

    Does anyone now if there is still a way for me to see the videos.


  70. Tim,

    After years of so-so results from isolation lifts, I decided to try squats, deadlifts, pullups, etc. Despite my efforts to keep good form, I caused two minor disc bulges that do not seem responsive to physical therapy or anti-inflammatories. With over a year into various methods of recovery, I’m at a loss. I’d love to continue lifting (this time with proper training) but I can’t get back into the game until my injury heals. Any tips you could offer up would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Mark,

      I’m sorry to hear about your discs. My suggestion would be a very good orthopedist and perhaps an ART specialist. Be sure to lift at lower speeds (like 5 sec up, 5 sec down) when doing rehab and rebuilding your base.

      Best of luck — injuries suck 🙂


  71. Great to see another Random Episode guys.

    Tim, striving for a personal 500 DL is something to be proud of. You’re only competing with yourself, and I don’t see how it should be taken as a brag. As someone who has lifted weights all my life, I can relate. The high you get (endorphins?) every time you beat a personal best is not unlike any other major life accomplishment. Good luck with it, you’ll do it! Some dead lift tips I like to visit http://www.intensemuscle.com/showthread.php?t=28442, although I’m sure you’ve done your research.

    About the sharks, have you seen the documentary “Shark Water”? Gave me a different view on sharks, although I’m not so sure after you mentioned the guy getting cut in half!


    P.S. Have you ever tried a Widow Maker set? 20+ reps on a BB squat does wonders for your testosterone!

  72. Pro tip: Put some smoked paprika on your (preferably fried) eggs. OMG, it makes them taste as good as bacon.

    You can get the best eggs ever at Prather Ranch (Soul Food eggs – the fresher the better) and smoked paprika at Boulette’s Larder at the Ferry Building.

    Thx for the shout out 🙂

  73. Oh, and I forgot to recommend Jasper FForde books here as well (already commented on Kevin’s buzz)

    @Darya: have you ever tried Menemen (Turkish dish) ? .. I’m off to make some and take pictures to share on my blog 🙂

  74. Hi,

    I’m also still in the same situation as Chris. Hotspot shield no longer works from China.

    I got my brother abroad to download it with savevid and put it in my dropbox, but surely there must be easier ways and more people wanting to download and keep random epidose, for later ipod/iPhone watching.

    Very nice episode though!


  75. Once again, another entertaining, informative random show. Great way to start my day. Also, I am a personal trainer and I work with athletes and powerlifters on a daily basis. The main exercise I prescribe for athletes to bring up their deads is rack pulls. You can use a shit ton more weight than a full deadlift and it stimulates the nervous system which allows for more muscle fiber recruitment during your full deadlift. Probably some info you already heard but just in case…. 🙂

  76. Nice tighter version of the show, guys. The natural light and sound were much, much better from a viewing pleasure standpoint as well. Nice job.

    One tip: How about letting us know how long the “viewing time” is on the vids like you do occasionally for “reading time.”



  77. FYI: I was able to access videos from China at an internet cafe in Shanghai

    that offered the Pro Tunnel service.

  78. Tim,

    What you said about your rate of progress in your deadlift slowing and needing assistance movements tells me you have been taught some bad beliefs. Email me.

  79. Kevin (and Tim of course), I recommend growing herbs. If you have a sunny flower bed, perfect. If not, pots or a trough, half a barrel, etc. some potting soil and you are in business. Most of the common herbs flower and are attractive to bees and humming birds, they smell good, are good for you and they have a totally different effect in your cooking than dried or even grocery store “fresh” herbs. Plus, they are incredibly easy to grow, pest free, no fertilizer generally (they require water, of course) and many are perennials and will provide taste and nourishment (body and soul) for a very long time. I have oregano taken from my father-in-laws garden that he got decades ago from an aunt, who got starts from her grandmother.

  80. How many reps do you do 500 for Tim? I’ve taken some time off deads to regain some flexibility in my hamstrings so that my lumbar can stay straighter. I still do the conventional ones – max 465 for 6 reps.

    With sumos though, I’ve read that people need to be careful with their hip flexibility since their legs are aimed so much further outwards.

    1. True. You need very good hip flexibility AND STABILITY before doing heavy sumo pulls. Pigeon pose from yoga helps a lot.