Random Episode 12 – Favorite Design Sites, Skydiving, New Books, and More

This long-overdue episode of Random, filmed at Samovar Tea, includes:

– Book updates and new book recommendations (including Omnivore’s Dilemma and If This Is A Man : The Truce)

– Favorite sites, including design-focused sites

– The new Kindle vs. the iPad — pros and cons.

– Book title hijinks and red herrings

iFly indoor skydiving video (special thanks to Kent and Travis!)

Find all previous episodes of Random here.

Correction: Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev is credited with the modern Periodic Table of Elements, not Primo Levi, who wrote a book entitled “The Periodic Table.”


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207 Replies to “Random Episode 12 – Favorite Design Sites, Skydiving, New Books, and More”

  1. Ah, keen to get some more book recommendations. Downloading now. 🙂

    But speaking of books, is there a timeframe yet for Becoming Superhuman? Will we be reading it within a year or so? Been on a bit of a health-kick lately, so I’m excited to read it.

  2. Cool video, Tim, thanks. I’ve been debating the Kindle vs. iPad forever, and because of that, I don’t have either one yet… The new Kindle might change that a bit.

  3. Whoaa!

    Best Random Ep Yet!

    You guys have such a great energy happening together.

    Plus, the shorter format is way more digestible.

    Also, thanks for helping me figure out where I’m taking my best friend for his birfday. (ifly!)

    Até mais!


  4. So glad to see you guys together again. Great advice on the credit cards, not debit cards. Debit cards are so much more hassle if they get stolen.

    Wanted to thank you too Tim for the inspiration that’s helped me move to Tamarindo, Costa Rica last week to start my long term travel. Started reading, Vagabonding that you recommended and it’s AWESOME! Anyone that doesn’t listen to your recommendations are crazy.

  5. OMG…I can’t believe it finally happened. I actually had heard of most of the things you talked about in the episode. Of course you hit me with some new stuff…but I loved the book Omnivore’s Dilemma…not sure if you’ve read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by by Barbara Kingsolver but it is a great read as well about a family that eats only what they can grow and source in a 100 mile radius of their home…Kingsolver is a master and makes her journey enlightening and entertaining at the same time. My kids have been to iFly and had a fabulous time…it is amazing watching your kids conquer their fears. And your point about the iPad (my first Apple product) were dead on…I’m continually tempted to check email or play a game while I’m reading.

    I love the ease with which you both banter and appreciate the time you put into episode 12.

  6. Went and saw Michael Pollen speak live. I still haven’t read any of his books, but he was a cool dude in person.

    I also decided to jump into the eBook front but I went with the nook instead of the Kindle. I made my decision after the nook dropped to $150, but before the Kindle was announced at $139. 😛 I’m happy with it so far. Finished “The Black Swan” last week and I’m working on “Blink” now. 😀

  7. Tim, I notice you’ve matured in this video. Your vibe seems calm and centered. You’re not rushing to impress, and you show more interest in Kevin’s life than your own. I like that.

    Sometimes I felt Kevin was being bogged down by your desire to make an impression on your viewers.

    Thanks for the vid, it’s always interesting to learn about the interest and life of Tim Ferriss. Eagerly waiting for the Becoming Superhuman book. Excited to soak in your knowledge once again.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Anthony. As a general rule, Kevin and I alternate episodes with bogging each other down 🙂

  8. Great new episode; always enjoy watching you guys.

    Like Kevin I pre ordered a Kindle 3 when it was announced and agree it has a different place than an iPad.

    I also received an iPad as a birthday gift 2 weeks ago and an trying to figure out best practices on it for business. Would love to hear how both of you have been using the iPad. So far it seems to be working well as a to do list manager among the other basic features of the device.

    Best Regards,


  9. Love the random episodes. Especially that you guys promote products/sites/media that you use yourselves. Completely agree that setting deadlines is definitely the best way to go about things. Speaking of feats, even though mine doesn’t involve snatching kettle balls… Climbed Mt. Whitney a few weeks ago. Would highly recommend to any group wanting to accomplish something together.

  10. Hi Tim, great random video this month, each episode is better than the last. I’ve been following you on Twitter also and thanks for the fun posts.

    I have to tell you my iFly story… when I did it a couple years ago, I made the brilliant decision to ignore the “If you have ever dislocated your shoulders, DO NOT do this” warning, and then of course dislocated both… yes both, of my shoulders during my “flight.” And obviously I couldn’t move my hands to do the thumbs down signal they told us to do if we wanted to stop… so I just flailed around a bit until they figured it out and turned off the air. Sure, it was pretty sucky at the time, but now I think it’s pretty damn hilarious. The best part? I have my flight on video too. 😉

  11. Hey…Reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma was the beginning of my becoming a food radical. You may also be interested to watch the movie, Food, Inc. and follow the health/wellness/lifestyle information blogged about at both Mercola.com and NaturalNews.com. In my view, the current laws, regulations, interests and influences that control most of the “food” and information about “food” available in the USA has been the most significant cause of the crisis in health and healthcare in this country. It is an almost unfathomable crime. I am optimistic that the Internet and easy to access movies like Food, Inc. will soon create the tipping point necessary for real change in this arena. Anyway, thanks for Random…and all of your interesting links and recommendations. Best, Ann

  12. Food Inc is an amazing movie. It brings to light shocking facts about the food industry, I felt like turning veg after watching it, I’m still working on the veg part, but I’ve seriously cut down on non-veg.

  13. If you haven’t read “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer, I highly recommend it. Well written and well documented.

    1. Hi Robin,

      Just checked it out. He’s a brilliant writer. Not to ask for a spoiler, but does he conclude that he should raise his child as a vegetarian? Why or why not? I’ve just read a few dozen books on factory farming, vegetarianism, etc. and I’m not sure I can do another, but I do think Jonathan is smart.



  14. Always love hearing your book recommendations. Curious to know if you actually read books on an ipad/kindle. I can’t bring myself to. I guess it would make sense on long trips/flights, but there’s just something about paper that makes me feel comfy, like I’m reading a….book. 🙂

  15. If you’re interested in a tiny 150 page book written by a psychologist who was in a concentration camp:

    Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning is inspiring

  16. Hi Tim,

    being Italian myself I think it’s awesome you’re reading Levi, he’s a giant….

    Periodic Table was actually another one of his books (more recent that those ones you’re reading now) and yes he was a trained chemist. Love it.

    Great show, you and Kevin just rock…

  17. ALSO, a book i know you’d love (the ‘method’ chapter is the only essential one in the book) is

    The Future of Learning – The Michel Thomas Method, by Wyatt Woodsmall

    Basically Wyatt Woodsmall and his wife sat down with Michel Thomas, became great friends with him and wrote the whole book outlining and modelling the Michel Thomas method of teaching so it could be duplicated into other areas including language.

    It’s a great read, just got through it all

  18. Great new episode. How are you both finding the iPad? I am personally loving it! What apps have you found most useful on it?

    Indoor skydiving is amazing, I did a similar one here in the UK last year and had amazing fun.

  19. Hey Tim

    Also read Levi’s The Drowned and the Saved. Plus, The Periodic Table. I gather he was a wonderful, humble but seriously troubled man. He took his own life at his home in Turin, Italy. I lived near him for a while. I would have loved to meet him.

  20. Great episode!

    I think you may have left out the link to the design blog, notcot.org.

    Looking forward to your book.


  21. IFly looks cool, hilarious moves at the end.. looks like “The Lean” from Michael Jackson 🙂

    Fflick.com is a great example of what is possible today.. web data mining 2.0? 3.0? Imagine what else you could do with it..

    Thanks for the show, great mix between amusement and learning new stuff.

  22. Tim, did you ‘hire’ Glenn to do your filming? I noticed he films your Random shows and he filmed your Tea trip to china.

    I ask because I love to travel, and to have a ‘cameraman’ film my adventures and take photographs would allow me to focus on enjoying the experience at hand.

    Did you do anything like this when you travelled? Do you take pics/record video of your trips to document your experiences?

  23. “Snatch” you two look like 15 year old schoolboys – lol 😉

    Also Agree with Dan Cugliari, Viktor Frankl is a MUST read.

  24. Hi Tim,

    What are you drinking?

    I found the post informative, and your book recommendation appeals to me. The food movement/awareness books are great too. I’ve read a few.

  25. Speaking of the Periodic Table, there is a great – well a good book for reading on the subject: The Disappearing Spoon – and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements. By Sam Kean

    I read it on while viisiting the Great Barrier Reef – thanks to Tim’s inspiration!

  26. Watched this while eating breakfast and getting ready for the day!

    Great episode. Really enjoyed it. And the iFlying made me laugh. I’d like to give that a go someday!

  27. I’ve never seen a Random episode before – I loved it! Going to check out the other episodes.

    You guys were cracking me up with the snatch talk. 😉

    Keep rocking.


  28. Big Fan. Quick Qs about tea, given the location of this shoot (and Kevin’s passion): what’s the best tea for wellness, and where’s the best place to indulge my desire to learn more? Thx as always.

  29. Great episode…

    Can’t wait for the new book to come out. I’ve been failing at putting on muscle despite following your diet/workout routine. Also my groin is killing me.

    Question regarding exercise: For a couple of years, I’ll get these exertion migraines while lifting weights, do you have any experience with these or know anything about them? They’re awful. I can’t find too much online either.



  30. Fantastic episode!

    But, when are you going to hack something musical Tim?

    The title of your last blog post totally made me think you were finally going to do it! And then for the first few minutes of the episodes, I seriously thought kettle bells were some sort of Russian musical instrument I’d never heard of before. Was seriously disappointed both times.

  31. Kevin, I really hope that “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” is better than “In Defense of Food”. To Tim’s point, I skipped the entire middle of the book where he gave a treatise on how the government made America fat after allowing “imitation” food and food products to not be labeled as such. Listen, I know America is fat; I want to know what to do about it! Anyway, the book was a slight disappointment because I wasn’t expecting a history lesson.

  32. really, I never could have thought you were giving advice on Primo Levi. Thanks.

    BTW My 15 years old daughter is reading it now.

  33. Hey Tim,

    I have seen all of the Random episodes and love them. I am definitely going to check out the book that you mention. I don’t know if you have already planned what you are going to talk about for your next blog post but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to find and cultivate relationships with mentors. I have read your book multiple times and you share some thoughts about this topic in your comfort challenges but I was wondering if you could expand on it.

    I just graduated in Entrepreneurship and Finance in the spring and some of the most valuable information I learned from college came from your book. I am actually leaving in a week for a year long trip to New Zealand. It will be my first vagabonding experience and hopefully the first of many more to come. While I am on my trip I hope to start working on my first automated business and hopefully get in contact with some mentors that I can learn more from. Any advice on how to build relationships, ask questions, create a win win situation, etc. I know your a busy guy but hopefully you can share some thoughts. Thanks for all of the great information. I really appreciate it. Take it easy.


  34. Woah, that IFLY situation looks incredible! I also think that Sonos mesh network (unintended consequence…) reality is very useful. Cool.

    Notcot.com is an excellent site.

    Another fan of Omnivore’s Dilemma over here!

    Great show guys.

  35. Tim Tim Tim..

    My life was so easy and simple before reading your book. Now my boundaries and limits have grown so much, I am utterly bored at work now, even after a recent promotion, despite posting a Note in my cubicle that reads:

    “Are you contributing anything useful to this world?

    Or just shuffling papers, banging on a keyboard, and coming Home to a drunken existence on the weekends?…

    Don’t mistake Retirement for the Goal”

    -Time Ferriss

    These Random Shows with you and Kevin Rose are helping me realize there’s so much more to do and live for. I’ve already read a handful of your recommendations. Your work has seriously impacted my life.

    Cannot wait for “Becoming Superhuman”..

    Thanks again!


  36. Really looking forward for “Becoming Superhuman” or whatever the name is going to be… 🙂

    Already download Omnivore’s Dilemma. BTW, if you’re interested in diet & related lifestyle choices, you might like truly great blog http://marksdailyapple.com Though, it’s quite probable you already know that one already…

    Fflick.com is great, started using it already!

  37. thanks guys

    you are amazing

    was laughing at you both while you’re parachuting to tears in my Starbucks…

    be good

  38. Great episode! Looking forward to your next book, Tim. I recall you mentioning that it would be released in September. Is this still a rough guess on when it will hit the shelves? I’m not looking for an exact date, but if you happen to know the month I’d love to hear it.

    These Random episodes, in addition to providing great information to look into, always inspire me to continue moving forward in my online business. You guys clearly have a very fun life and it serves as a reminder for what can be done with a bit of extra work.



  39. Tim and fellow 4hww/TF participants-

    I’m going to check out the recommendations, and I have one of my own:

    Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. (Its been around a long time but i’d never come across it. I loved the narrative and found it hugely thought provoking.)

    This was by far my favorite random episode, and I’m also beginning to think one of my favorite comment streams because of all of the great ideas for books/movies for continued exploration.



  40. Tim, I imagine at this point, to continually challenge yourself is as natural to you as breathing. It’s fun and inspiring to be along for the ride.


  41. Paleo is the way to go. Vegetarianism is unhealthy. 2 million years of evolution can’t be wrong. Past 1 million years cooking with fire. Grass fed beef and free range animals are medicine.

    Gluten, legumes, soy and certain types of dairy cause inflammation, stress, “leaky gut” and heart disease.

    Eat tons of Fauna, veg, fruit, seeds & nuts. Coconut and Olive oil. Consume Organic Heavy whipping cream, butter, honey, and alcohol sparingly.

    Vit. D3 and Krill oil.

    Tim, AWESOMENESS is to descirbe the 4HWW book for lack of a better word. Can’t wait for next.

    Your link on Dr. Eades got me down the path.


    Carl in Grosse Pointe Woods.

  42. “Omnivore’s Dilemma” was an excellent read. So is “Eating Animals”, if you havent read it yet. Smart author (though its a little too preachy for me 😉 Im also a fan of various ‘fasting’ methods. The name of the author skips my mind but there are several books out there about fasting. Interesting stuff!

    I also just read your post on ‘How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise”. That was AWESOME! Ive read dozens of books on dieting and exercising and ive subscribed (in the past) to just about every single possible ‘method’ of losing weight and in the end what works is, can you believe it . . . . “Eating right and moving more!”

    Your rules are pretty much exactly what I used. The hardest part for me was becoming a monotonous eater. Once I mastered that and added in a consistent exercise program, the weight flew off!

    Im looking forward to your book Tim. The human body has so much potential 😉

  43. While I too loved Omnivore’s Dilemma, I completely agree that Pollan went on a bit too long with all of the corn talk.

    Also, speaking of unknowingly being showcased, there’s a pretty big blurb about Kevin in the accounting textbook I just finished. Not sure if he knows about it.

    Another great episode and looking forward to the new book!

  44. Thanks for the book recommendations! The Primo Levi book(s) seem to be of a similar flavour to my latest favourite book: “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts. It’s an epic story, quite unconventional, but grippingly real and honest. I wasn’t surprised to see that it was an international best seller. Have you read it? If not, highly recommended.

  45. Nonpoint is my favorite band and Sevendust a close second, awesome choice of writing music. I’ve seen them both many times live, they both put on a great show especially nonpoint so much passion and intensity you should try to catch a show if they come around, they are touring now.

    Anyway I just thought that was cool you liked them as well because not many people know about Nonpoint, they are very under rated. You should give them more shout outs and publicity, you are a very influential person, they make amazing music and I wish them all sucess.

    And I can’t wait for the new book I have been getting in to kettle bells. It is great weight training for MMA, I have a fight next month and I’m in the best shape ever. Are you still training MMA?

  46. I am trying to buy a 1 way ticket and travel various countries in Europe. I am afraid of buying a 1 way ticket and being stopped at the borders with no “proof” that I am going to leave their country. Has anyone ever done this? Any advice? Will I be stopped or can I just say that I just visiting and will leave the country before I need to get a visa?

  47. Awesome episode as usual, I’ll check out the Books.

    Director of Layer Cake/Snatch/Lock Stock was Guy Richie by the way, also did the new Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr in last year.

  48. Tim & Kevin,

    If you liked the Omnivores Dilemma, you should also check out “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “The Primal Blueprint” if you haven’t already.

    1. Good advice. I’ve read the former but not the latter. In fact, Gary Taubes has one of his deleted chapters from GCBC on this blog! Just search his name here to find it.

  49. Primo Levi was a magnificent influence on me during a difficult time in my life. I first read his autobiographies after we had learned that my late wife’s cancer had returned. Even while we were combating the disease, we were each painfully aware of the odds against her survival. Primo’s outlook was inspiring. While dealing with the grief of a lost world and the possibility each day of a lost life, he maintained his humanity and also his ability to observe, to adapt, and to learn in a situation beyond a person’s capability to understand.

  50. Awesome episode guys!! I would love to see Random go “not so random”, but I know that would probably mess it up.

    PS. A little PE in the mix is always a good thing!

    1. It just seems to load a bit faster for folks. I’d be very interested to hear how load times compare to past videos on Vimeo.

  51. Would love to know what your insights are about sex. Perhaps, you can give us a taste of that chapter in a upcoming post?

  52. Tim,

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but I wanted to let you know that I want to buy a kindle version of the four hour work week (expanded and updated), but can’t.


    “This title is not available for customers from:


    It really is strange to me that publishers are cutting out parts of the market (supposedly in fear of ebooks). I already own a paper copy of 4hww and this would be free money for them (and you).

    I also can’t but “the long tail” and a bunch of other books that I wanted to get on the kindle. I have decided that the only way to get these titles in Australia (and a multitude of other countries) is to start letting the authors know they are losing money.

  53. Great vid as usual! Uhh, at like 13:50 ish it shows Kevin’s login pass to his iphone. All friends here right? lol. Might want to blur though :p

  54. Hey Tim,

    You said you got an ipad as a gift, how do you like it?

    Do you use it to take notes, instead of writing everything in notebooks?

    I currently use notebooks but am contemplating the switch.

    What are you thoughts.



  55. Tim, you are the shit. We have quotes from your book posted up all over our office, my cc number lies in wait for the moment the new book is available. That said, when you guys mentioned streaming tracks over and over on Pandora, my stomach began to churn. I will assume when you “fall in love” with an artist, you then “buy” their music. Yes, I hope so. Oh, and one more thing: Hot Tub Time Machine? Okay! We can’t wait for the next post.


    Team Wendy

  56. Interesting to hear the views. Personally, in keeping with Einstein’s philosophy, I’ve decided to take a short break from books. The Sonos thing may actually suck me in yet. lol

  57. I agree with Kindle for reading. The IPad is a cool gadget (realistic page turning, etc) but the Kindle really does dissolve as a device when you are reading on it.

    There is something to be said for being a really good uni-tasker. Although I have used the free wireless connectivity function to contact my wife when the cell was dead and I was trying to find her in Sydney airport. 🙂

  58. I don’t know if you ever heard about the Bulgarian Workout system, but it’s one of the most intense, but most effective, but not very well known.

    If I remember it correctly, every set was to beyond failure (requires a partner) … so the first two weeks, you end up way weaker to the point you think it’s not working and you need to give up. But then magic happens and your body responds, and you grow faster, stronger than you can imagine is possible.

    Have you explored the book, The Design of sites? It’s THE bible of user experience patterns based on studying the patterns and practices of successful sites. You can actually browse their patterns online and see which sites they draw from and the design principles they apply.

    It helps bridge the state of the art with the state of the practice.

  59. Aw Tim, 6 more months for your book? I dunno if I can wait that long.

    I’m hoping you’ll talk alot about tendon strengthening and ROM. I’ve always had weak ankles and sprained both already this summer. In fact, if you could recommend some books/authors/techniques off the top of your head that would be immensely helpful. I’m shipping off to college soon and I’ll need something to read during my intro classes

  60. Love the episode! I have never commented but thought I should this time. The IFly vid was pretty cool but I feel someone like yourself who digs deep into many subject matters should really experience the real thing. I began jumping many years ago (1st jump was a 300 ft. BASE jump in Kentucky) and have forgotten how many I truly have now (well over 80 I am certain). I can tell you that you are missing the real rush. You video was a very simple taste of what the sport is really like. I see you are not to post “your URL” and I am not with the following link, this is just a dream for me…..I am sure these guys would welcome you in a big way – http://www.1olav.com/. Olav is a master and has pushed the sport from the belly flying you were doing in the vid to Freeflying. Freeflying is to skydiving as snowboarding was once to skiing – strictly for the new age enthusiasts. Check it out…I wish I could.

  61. Primo Levi was indeed a chemist, but the periodic table of elements was first created by Dimitry Mendeleev. ‘The Periodic Table’ by Levi uses the elements of the table as his inspiration, I enjoyed reading this book. If you want a really nice fact book on all the elements may I recommend John Emsley’s ‘Nature’s Building Blocks’, but i digress.

  62. Hi Tim,

    With relation to the whole dietary thing, the best two resources I have come accross are Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, and http://www.marksdailyapple.com – a site by Mark Sisson that attempts to offer optimal health and fitness through combining evolutionary assumptions and modern health-science (he’s also written a book called the Primal Blueprint, which is quite good).



  63. Random question: Do you guys pay Glen for the video filming and editing. Or is it like a good friend thing? 🙂

  64. Nice to hear you liked Inception. I was waiting to see if it would pop up in one of your Twitter comments. Incredibly well done film! Christopher Nolan is one of the few big time film makers out there creating genuinely great stories that have a large budget behind them.

    Check out Memento or Following for some of his earlier work. Both are great!

  65. Hey Tim,

    I recently read your book and I’m working my way through your blog archive as time permits. I’ve observed how you definitely place a lot of value in high quality instruction, regardless of what topic you’re trying to learn or improve, and you as seem to be pretty good at sniffing it out. Have you heard of the “Starting Strength Seminars” http://aasgaardco.com/store/store.php?crn=212 that Mark Rippetoe is running? If you are interested in an in depth analysis of the mechanics of the basic barbell exercises (squat, deadlift, power clean, press and bench press) there is nothing else in the entire fitness industry that compares.

    1. Hey B,

      Mark is very, very smart. I love his book on practical programming. Since he and I are one degree removed from a few mutual friends, I’m sure we’ll meet eventually. Hope that’s the case.


  66. Great episode! I love the books you recommend.

    Hey Tim, any tips on how to get in touch with business buyers in Silicon Valley?

    I’m in M & A in Los Angeles but I have a good company for sale in your area.


  67. Probably already brought up in the past, but I would delete “IV to hydrate me with lactated ringer’s” off of Flickr. Better safe than sorry and all that.

    Great episode as ever. I have been thinking that the Kindle is dead after the iPad, but Kevin’s comments are so true about the available distractions. Better to limit your options than control your impulses, to paraphrase one of my favorite authors. LOL. Yes, my kids have added LOL to my lexicon. So sad.

    …and now the new Kindle is on my Amazon list for my family. Thanks for the recommendation, as ever.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Why would you take it off, just out of curiosity? What potential damage or downside do you see? I’m actually very interested.



  68. Hey Tim,

    Out of curiosity (and love for our home, San Francisco) where were you guys filming this time?

    I’ll have to get over to iFly. I skydive but 60 seconds of freefall practice at a time has kept my progress very slow. Well, 120 mph… but slow 😉



  69. Hi Tim,

    Can you please help get the new book released in Australia? I can’t find a copy of the updated 4HWW over here either…


    Josh Moore

  70. Hey thanks for the mentions here,

    always look forward to the series guys, I gotta say I had to get rid of angry birds too. Got to check out those books thanks guys.

  71. Hi all,

    Been following the blog for a long time now, and I have a question to pose for this high-caliber community, as I need some brainstorming help:

    What are the cons of launching an online retail business with products in multiple formats and price ranges? I know it makes sense to offer one or very few products to a narrow niche market, but what if I offered MANY products all designed to cater to the same niche?

  72. Very sorry about using the handle on the last comment. I very rarely comment, but saw at the beginning of the video you were expressing concern over privacy issues and I remembered a while back seeing some personal information on that picture from your hospital visit. It was odd enough that it stuck in my brain, or maybe it was the IV (yeouch). Either way. I’ve always been a little paranoid about my DOB or other information floating around out on the net, especially with so many identities being taken over. Its happened to me twice and besides being an immediate financial burden, the time investment in fixing it usually amounts to more than what was actually taken out in consumer credit or from your bank accounts. Of course a DOB isn’t the same risk as having your SSN (circa Todd Davis with LifeLock) being up on display, but again, I’m probably just a bit skittish from past encounters.

    Just in case it was of any benefit, thought I’d let you know.

    Thanks again for all the information over the years. Has helped me out immensely.

  73. The relationship that food has to life and health should be of interest to everyone. I heartily recommend growing or raising some of your own food as an extremely effective educational tool for learning about that relationship. I can think of no better gift for a child than to provide the means to and encouragement for the growing of a few vegetables or raising a chicken. The link to your blog is in my favorites in an education folder, preceeding the link to my local library where I reserve many of the book recommendations I see on your blog. Thanks.

  74. Awesome post, as usual.

    Question though: why doesn’t Kevin just switch to an android phone? Better software, more open, and you aren’t stuck with the worst major phone network in America. San Francisco might reject you as a foreign object, however.

  75. Kevin should probably change his iPhone password as he entered it in the camera’s view during the show.

  76. Tim,

    Just wondered if you’ve ever checked out the logs by Dave Tate, Jim Wendler etc over at Elitefts.com I get the feeling you’d either have run across those guys virtually, or might be interested. Wendler’s hilarious imho. Tate’s take on business is always informative. Next time Tate get’s his sponsored athletes together into the compound you’ve got to be there. I can see the blog post, “Ferriss squats a grand in 6 weeks.”

    Great blog btw – good reader/viewer community as well. Keep it up, and thanks!


    1. Hey Charles,

      Both are super smart guys. I’ve had some indirect contact with Dave and haven’t met Jim yet, though I think his system using 2-rep maxes is brilliant. As he’s pointed out, few people are true to themselves (or others) about 1RM. 2RM max is another matter.

      Hope to meet them both in person at some point.


  77. Tim,

    I like your blog (vaca’d at Verana simply because of Kevin’s recommendation…it was awesome), read your book and find you very interesting. You seem to be a person that gets “involved” before making decisions. As a cattle rancher, I would encourage you to actually spend some time on a working farm or ranch before voicing your opinion on Food, Inc., and other agenda based propaganda. It’s disappointing when people watch a movie, read a magazine, book or newspaper and take what is presented as the truth. Don’t make that mistake. If you have spent some time on a ranch or farm and have formed your opinions based on that experience, I commend you and apologize for jumping to conclusions.

    1. HI Nathan,

      My uncle used to own a small dairy farm and I did spend a lot of time there. Certainly doesn’t make me a farmer, but I will be trying harder to get amongst it. Valid suggestion, 100%.