The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More

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Today is the day.

After three years of work, The 4-Hour Body is available everywhere!

I work very hard on my books. My first and previous book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has an 5-star average on Amazon with more than 1,000 reviews, and it has been a Top-10 Amazon Customer Favorite:

Compared to that book, I spent 3 TIMES longer on the new book — The 4-Hour Body — to ensure it worked with men and women, with young and old.

It is the definitive choose-your-own-adventure guide to the human body, ranging from fat-loss and muscular gain to sex and sleep. Everything is tested and it all works.

I have now negotiated the price down to a mere $14.50.

Why? Because I’m proud of this book and want it to be #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. That said, I have a very tough opponent. The Guinness Book of World Records is #1 for this week every year. Last I looked, Guinness was barely ahead of me:

With your help, I can beat them.


In this post, and until 12 midnight Friday (Dec. 17), I will:

– Offer complementary “thank you” gifts to anyone who has, or will, buy a copy of The 4-Hour Body.

– Offer $260 of kick-ass goods to anyone who buys 3 copies (costs less than $45).

– Offer a free $16,000 trip to the person who promotes The 4-Hour Body best this week.

In addition to getting new readers, I also want to reward people who pre-ordered long ago, and help readers who missed past prizes due to tech glitches. So, here we go, one at a time…

One Book

If you buy, or have bought, The 4-Hour Body in any format:

Until Friday at midnight PST, you can get a FREE digital PDF copy of The 4-Hour Workweek (usually $20) and a free copy of “The Slow-Carb Diet: Volume 1” (not available anywhere else), both hosted by E-Junkie.


If you haven’t already, buy The 4-Hour Body for about $14.50 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through any other retailer. If you buy it in a book store, keep the receipt. Only hardcover counts for the bestseller lists, so it’s easily the most helpful for me (please!), but you can buy any format: Audiobook (abridged), Kindle, Nook, etc..


Fill out this short form. You’ll get the PDFs within 72 hours.

Three Books (US shipping addresses for the books, please)

If you want to buy 3 copies, you can get $260 of bonuses for less than $45 of books:

– 1 bottle of Super Cissus RX ($45), one of my staple supplements.

– 3-month Daily Burn Pro membership ($30)

– 1-year of ‘Performance Menu Journal’ Magazine ($30)

– 3 months Evernote Premium (first 500 only!) ($15)

“Find Your First Profitable Idea” with Ramit Sethi ($100 for full course)

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Buy three copies on Amazon or elsewhere.


Fill out this short form. Done.

Promote your heart out, live like a rockstar

If you want to go for the gold, get amped and promote The 4-Hour Body this week (deadline is 12 midnight PST, Friday) and tell me what you did in the comments. Measure your impact (clicks, sales, etc.) whenever possible.

If you are the best promoter, judged by me and a panel of friends, you get to pick one trip of a lifetime… for free. I will almost definitely be in attendance:

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8-Day Argentina Snow Adventure in Patagonia

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Also includes roundtrip economy airfare from and back to the U.S. I’m almost 100% that I’ll be there, as I LOVE Argentina, especially Patagonia. Provided by Powderquest — check ’em out. Yoga in between runs, if you like? Malbec or hot chocolate? Yes, please.

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Which adventure will you choose in this choose-your-own-adventure post?

No matter what, there’s one starting point: The 4-Hour Body.

Start a domino effect that will make 2011 your best year yet.


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730 Replies to “The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More”

  1. I preordered the book on Amazon on Dec 13. I’m not sure which date I submitted the reciept, but its been more than 3 days for recieving the PDF version. Am I still able to get it?

  2. This isn’t related to the promotions for the book, but I’m hoping someone can answer. In the Book Tim says all carbs that “can be white” are not permitted. Does this include rye bread? I’ve never heard of a bleached rye bread. Also, rye bread is low on the glycemic index, almost as low as beans.

      1. Oh well.. any kind of bread would make it much easier to travel.

        On a positive note, I’ve been on the slow-carb diet for 2 days now and I initially thought I was going to be hungry all the time. It turns out that I actually stay “full” longer than I used to. I put full in quotes because I realize now that I was eating when my blood sugar was changing and not when I was getting hungry. I used to fall asleep on every train ride I take and now I’m wide awake until it’s time for me to go to bed at night. Even if I don’t lose a lot of weight the other benefits would make to stick to this.

        I am worried though because I tried an absolutely no carb diet for about 5 days (there was a weekly cheat day I never made it to) and within 4 days I had crippling anxiety. It went away as soon as I started eating carbs again. I’m hoping the inclusion of carbs in beans, nuts and yogurt prevents that.

  3. Hello Tim,

    I want to tell you I´m reading your book, and from today, i might say you will be a significant part in my new life. and i thank you for that.

    I was having some doubts on the slow-carb diet…

    are dried fruits ok? (peanuts, cashews, basically)

    is regular NesTea allowed?

    thanks so much, hope i can let you know about good developments.


  4. Hey Tim,

    Thanks so much for the books you sent to! Everyone was very happy and excited to start reading it. Hopefully you can come out and visit us again. We would love to have you.

    Thanks for the early Christmas present. I can’t wait to start experimenting.


  5. Hello having trouble getting the link to the free PDF…. bought the book on Amazon because I. think this is VERY interesting and 2. of the avalibility of the free PDF Please advise…..

    1. Would like to know when this is available too- when I try to do the “short questionnaire” I get a message “Not able to open by public”.

  6. Hey Tim,

    Got my Kindle copy on the 17th and I’m liking it so much, I decided I’d overnight myself 5 more hardcover editions via Amazon Prime so I could give them as Christmas gifts.

    ***Amazon fail.*** They are restricting me to purchasing 3 physical copies total. Ever. Ever? Really? Maybe not, I’ll try again tomorrow in case it’s a daily limit but it sounds permanent the way they word the error message.

    I guess either they are worried about people inflating your sales figures with massive buy-and-return schemes, or there’s not enough copies to go around and they want to give more people a chance to each buy their own copy.

    Obviously I can take my business elsewhere, but I rely on Amazon for convenience and cheap fast shipping, and I also see that’s where you are driving most of your traffic. Two friends of mine might not be getting your book for xmas because of this! The horror! I thought you’d be interested to know.


  7. Noticed all the comments for bonus materials 🙂 so I won’t nag… but I was wondering whether you could put up a signup form somewhere, or just add us to a list to be notified when the bonus materials come out?


  8. Great read as always dude


    Just to note two typos: Elusive Bodyfat chapter quote is: ????? ??????? (I guess you couldn’t get it to print), and it is Delphi (not Adelphi, which actually means sister).

    Need to translate to Greek ? 😉

  9. Tim,

    I wanted to send you and the team a huge shout out. After lots of planning and inspiration I finally left my corporate job and went on to create my dream company. There are no guarantees, I have temporary moments of anxiety and I could not be HAPPIER.

    It is incredibly influenced by your work and the community you have created. I thank you. My family thanks you. And the tribe of people waiting for me to lead thanks you.

    I am plowing through 4HB as we speak. So now it looks like in addition to professional freedom I am going to be a super human. Not a bad way to live. Full review will come soon.

    All the best,


  10. I’m a big fan of the 4-Hour Workweek, and Tim in general, but I’m having a hard time believing some claims being made. I won’t address my disbelief in the 15 minute orgasm for now (several women I mentioned that to said it would be unlikely if not painful). But I just saw this quote from Tim and need to ask a question about it:

    “You only need to make small changes to produce huge effects, if you find the right tweaks. I tracked hundreds of people testing my diets, for example. One of the changes: If you simply remove milk from your daily coffee and replace it with Saigon cinnamon (delicious, btw), many people will lose an additional 2-5 lbs. of fat per week.”

    OK, here’s what I don’t get. Even if the milk you put in your coffee is 100% fat by weight (which it’s not – far from it, in fact), and your cup is 1/2 coffee and 1/2 milk, I think you’d have to drink *gallons* of coffee per week to account for “2-5 lbs. of fat per week.” I do agree that cutting the milk will reduce your fat intake. But unless the fat in your milk is somehow magically creating *more* fat within your body, I don’t understand how what is likely no more than several ounces (weight ounces, not liquid ounces) per cup can account for 2-5 pounds of fat per week.

    And, unfortunately, it’s claims like this that make me wary of other statements. Can anyone explain what I’m not understanding?


    1. Here you go: it has nothing to do with calories-in vs. calories-out. It has to do with the insulinogenic properties of milk, and the insulin sensitizing effects of cinnamon. Explained in “Slow-Carb II.”



    2. Fat does not equal fat. For some thought provoking information check out (google) Gary Taubes video lecture Big Fat Lies, Dr connelly’s Insulin: Body Weight and Energy Production, and another good one Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

  11. Another question for the masses…

    For those of us who are traveling (long term), how do you deal with the food issue?

    Of course I’d like to eat well (not enjoying vegetables doesn’t help – any tips other than “Cook them better!”?), but since I eat out every single meal, I can’t always do that. Since on my vaca I’ve been eating a LOT more protein though – so that’s beneficial. Plus I’ve been practicing the HIT before and after meals.

    Since I’m budget traveling though, I don’t have a fridge in my room to store cold packs, and cold showers are torture.

    Also, PAGG just won’t be available down here… At least not easily for a guy who doesn’t speak enough of the language.

    Any tips on this will be much appreciated. At this point though, I’m feeling like I’m going to have to wait until I get back in the US so I can control more of what goes into my body. Until then, it’s HIT exercises I guess.

    1. Mexican restaurants / take away. Skip the nachos, burritos, just get the meat / mince. It’s my main meal (mince/salsa/beans/refried beans).

      1. Thanks Lachy.

        I’m actually in Mexico, so it sounds like I just need to change my ordering habits.

        More salsa, fewer tortillas and rice!

  12. After listening to your interview on Mixergy, I took action and ordered three books on Amazon on December 14. i bought one book for myself, one to pass among my three children and one for the Superintendent of Alameda. I believed the concepts and principles you applied to personal transformation can be applied to education. After getting the books yesterday, I am even more convinced. How much “parking lot” science is being applied to educational reform? I will begin to look for the dark horses in education field who are outside the system and getting same type of educational results as you.

  13. Hey Tim (or anyone who wants to respond)

    I have been on the slow carb diet on my 5th day, and I have only lost 1 pound.

    My diet looks like this

    Breakfast- egg whites with one egg, spinach, and hamburger, cooked with a little olive oil and and minced garlic, and a side of Black Beans with hot sauce

    Lunch- Same as breakfast (only variation is i get a chipotle bowl with black beans, chicken, corn, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole.

    Dinner- Spinach, Steak or beef, Black Beans

    I have also been using the PAGG stack religiously and I drink a TON of water. I just want to know if I should be adding more protein, with a protein shake, eating more or eating less. Im a 220 pound male at about 17% body fat, I want to get under 10%. I feel like I look different in the mirror but im not sure. Help Please!

    1. Hi Zack,

      Two things:

      – If you’re not eating your breakfast within 30 min of waking up, please start.

      – Don’t drink calories in any beverage. Water and iced tea only.

      – Get complete blood work! See if anything is off.

      Best of luck!


  14. Hey Tim,

    I am reading the book now, and am enjoying it; it is a great book. Enough said on that. My feedback for you is a question.

    What is your stance on the trend of running and indeed everyday use of shoes with ultra-thin soles and no support, designed to emulate the experience of walking bare-foot? Proponents say that this helps the body walk/run differently, using muscle groups more correctly and not straining knees, because you can’t put all the impact on your heel as you used to due to the pain it would involve. Sceptics say it takes many weeks before it stops being painful to use, and some would also say this is a sham I guess. Some brands are Vibram five-fingers and Vivo barefoot.

    If this holds any truth at all, it would be very interesting to anyone interested in health and sports, but especially someone like you I would imagine. So I would like to know your opinion.

  15. How can I get Phil’s Excel spreadsheet to work over 60 days. I don’t feel like waiting 732 days to hit my target weight. Been a long time since I had to “graph the function…”

    1. chandler, click on the vertical scale on the left side of the chart….

      then right click on your mouse….choose format axis

      choose scale, then change the minimum setting and horizontal setting to equal to or just less then your goal weight.

      I changed the numbered days (1, 2, 3, etc…) to dates….easier to reference

      hope this helps – great work on the book Tim!

      1. Andrew…tried to follow your instructions for the Philibins fat loss spreadsheet but the option for “scale” does not come up…any suggestions?

  16. Leave some chicken in lemon juice and garlic overnight, and cook it the next day (keep pouring some garlic/lemon juice on it while cooking), and you get a delicious treat that’s fits perfectly into the slow-carb diet 🙂

    Who said that this diet couldn’t be delicious?

  17. screw the diet….

    The sex chapter is where it’s at!

    Thanks for the resources my friend. Last night lasted about 5 hours and I tried out all the tips.

    Let me allcaps this: WHAT THE FUCK! She must have come about 6 times, by penetration. Never had a problem with the finger stimulation, I consider myself a pro, I never miss. But, penetrative orgasm was always more elusive.

    The improved angle missionary / the Improved pressure missionary / Improved Cowgirl took care of that…it was an O-fest…nice! She thought I was some kind of demigod… 🙂

    I will now spread the gospel…

  18. Tim,

    I have to admit, after training and experimenting with carb cycling, various other diet and exercise protocols I was skeptical about some of the claims in the book. However, I’m on my third day with the Slow Carb, and somehow the technique for appetite control (legumes) is working like a friggin’ charm. I haven’t touched a bad carb and cant wait to reset on cheat day: Christmas! I’m positive I’m already losing fat after only 3 days those last stubborn few pounds so I can go from a four pack to a six! The writing and rationalization of eating makes the mental aspect much easier as well, pay extra for good food? I now call it the 6-pack Tax!~ Fun stuff to read for a fitness enthusiast.

    Thanks T~

  19. Hi Tim, I bought the Four Hour Body last week after being further motivated by the bonus offer of PDF copy of the 4-Hour Workweek. I’ve received the other books though but not the 4HWW. Although I already have both the hard cover and audiobook editions which I thoroughly enjoy (re)reading, I couldn’t wait to grab the bonus soft copy that I could access more easily.

  20. Tim,

    I just read your book – I started with my weight loss journey in August 2008 just shy of 400lb.

    I have now arrived at 236lb (at 6ft3) and a body fat percentage of 19%.

    I can confirm many of the observations that you also made, in principle I am following a slow-carb approach for now 2 years.

    I am now tackling the last 15lb (the goal being a BF % between 10-13).

    The most obvious deviation from your proposal was my usage of fruit:

    I replaced all processed carbs with mangos and pineapple, among other fruits, which helped me to keep my sweet tooth in check. Since my weight loss is slowing I am at this point also cutting out fruit.

    During my journey I discovered a number of other things – e.g., HIITS and via SD Card programmable treadmills, providing a controlled way to increase fitness very quickly. Combined with data collecting BF scales (e.g., Tanita BC 601) it is now possible to measure the impact of various training programs on body composition quickly, automated with low effort and on an individual basis. This will enable us to discover in more detail how the human body responds on stimuli and collect mass data very cheaply, but also to provide individual training programs basically remote-programming a treadmill. My ultimate goal is to combine data from as many different devices (blood pressure, heart rate, bood sugar etc) together to derive a complete picture about the condition of the human body and have the results control fitness equipment.



    1. Congratulations, Stefan! That’s a huge improvement. Please keep us posted. Where can I find info on the programmable HIIT treadmills?



      1. Tim,

        the iFIT SD system by NordicTrack and Proform, together with some home-brew software, allows individual customization and adaptation of workouts.

        I have the NordicTrack T12Si and use the currently the following programs to generate the necessary files on an SD Card:


        Programming and adapting my workouts I discovered what in fact confirms nicely your statements in the book – I initially did cardio 2×20 min per day, but discovered that after business travel (when I couldn’t train) I made more progress and that indeed 3-4x per week of 20 minutes is enough to make substantial progress, as long as the workout is demanding.

        The SD Card method allows to incrementally adapt the workout.

        I am currently at the following schedule

        (20×1 minute interval, speed in mph, incline constant 5%):

        3x (3.7, 5, 6.2, 7.5, 8.7), 1x (3.7, 5, 6.2, 7.5, 10).

        During the last couple of weeks I keep the speed constant, but increased incline. I am currently experimenting with changing incline by 0.5% every week, and so far it works nicely. I think this is a perfect way to really train the body to its full potential.

        As indicated above, I am also working on a system that allows to share treadmill workouts using an inter-operable Web Standard (RDF) and compile it down on to something a treadmill can understand (e.g., the iFit format), with the final goal to bring it together with other datasets and measurements in the Linked Open Data Cloud.

        Once I have a running system I will contact you.

        One other thing could make a nice addition to the book – the Hackers Diet Online Website by John Walker (founder of AutoDesk) kept me motivated for a long time, simply because it allows one to track the weight and compute the trend weight (using sliding average and exponential smoothing) instead of just being exposed to the soul-destroying weight fluctuations. See:



    2. Greatly inspirational! thanks for posting your journey. I am in the same path planning and tuning as I read the book to hopefully achieve a great weight loss in the following months. Much success on your final pounds.

  21. Hi, Tim (and mods)

    24 lbs of LBM in 28 days? Sounds a bit like the results of the Collorado Experiment. Minus the steriod use, of course!

    Ed Marriott.

  22. Hello Tim,

    The book is really great. I love it and I hope the follow-up is in the works already.

    I just scheduled an appointment for the DEXA scan, but I am also interested to test my BMR (basal metabolic rate) or RMR (resting metabolic rate). The problem is that I cannot find a place in the Bay Area that would offer the test. Do you know where this can be done in the Bay Area?



  23. Hello Tim

    First of all, the Q&A was really awesome, you should do more of those 😉

    Secondly, I was wondering if you could eat fat instead of legumes for caloric load? This is way easier to do with nature’s greatest gifts: butter and ghee.

    Especially for people – like me – who aren’t bean loving people.


  24. Hi Tim

    Just tried to post did not post . Will try again. I am trying to access your various sites/links that you recommend in your book & all I get is that the sites aren’t published, are they down or what. would like to start the kiwi workouts but would like to see photo’s first


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment: which links specifically aren’t working for you, and which browser are you using?



      1. I am Using Safari. But I fiqured out how to get to the sites even though you state they are photos all I get are links to videos for the exercises. The site I was trying to access was and others that you have in your book, but in order to access them I have to type in Also the video for the squat to press basically shows a guy doing squats with a dumbell but no press, doesn’t make much sense to me!! otherwise I still like the book(even if your links/site needs some work) a lot of the info I have read before & know that it works, a lot I haven’t seen before & can’t wait to try. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to lose fat & gain muscle

      2. Thanks, Dave! I’ll check into all. Might have been a few wires crossed with my assistants. I’ll double-check them this week.

        Thanks again for the feedback!


  25. Hey Tim,

    man I am confused. I really love your book and all the content! Great stuff.

    I am starting my own Geek to freak experiment but I am confused.

    In your experiment you used no xplode but you did not recommend it in the occams protocoll. But in the occams protocoll you recommended Cissus quadrangularis which you didn’t use in your experiment.

    So should i use no xplode or quadrangularis or even both?


    1. Chris – I agree, there are numerous apparent contradictions and contrary statements made in the book, once you start trying to piece together your own system using recommendations from various individual chapters.

      In fact, the book often describes various protocols regarding a particular result, but then doesn’t always followup with the precise results or pull the various ideas from each protocol together. It’s pretty annoying.

      1. Mullet- I could have misinterpreted, but I think Chris was referencing the Geek-to-Freak that Tim did on this site quite some time before the book came out as compared to the book’s version of the same experiment.

        In Tim’s opening chapters he mentions that you shouldn’t (he even all caps it, I believe) read the book from beginning to end and that you should pick ONE performance goal and ONE aesthetic goal. He even gives some examples of what chapters to read depending on what your goals may be.

        For example, adding strength and building muscle mass, though not mutually exclusive, have always called for two different types of workouts to be optimally effective (Lower reps/more weight= strength and higher reps/lower weight= muscle mass).

        This juxtaposition you notice is a result of that. Thats why at the end of this post Tim calls it a “choose-your-own-adventure type of book.” It’s not a Body 4 Life or p90x total wellness prescription, but shortcuts (in some cases: Eating the Elephant chapter doesn’t seem to be much of a shortcut) to a total welness body that you can achieve one at a time.

        I hope I didn’t misread your complaint and helped answer your question.

      2. Deone, you’re 100% correct. That was my intention. If you pick *one* performance and appearance goal, there shouldn’t be any contradictions. If so, I’ll do my best to fix, but I looked pretty hard to avoid this.

        As you noted, if you read the book A–>Z, you’ll have a TON of contradictory goals and instructions, just as if you did the same with a cookbook.

        Chris, if you’re going to choose one of the two supplements (Cissus or NOXplode), I would go with Cissus while overfeeding.

        Good luck!



  26. You said in your book your dad drank a 30gram protein shake everyday for breakfast. You however did not recommend which type to use. I do not have time or like to cook in the am before work. Please give me some advice on which protein shake to use.

    1. Brian – as a bachelor-again, I can appreciate not wanting to cook in the morning.

      I have a system that provides me constantly awesome breakfasts. Before you wind down for bed at night, take your leftover protein (chicken, beef, fish, whatever) from lunch or dinner, dice it, throw it in a skillet with olive oil or whatever cooking fat you like best, maybe add some minced garlic, then toss in a few eggs and/or egg whites, and some veggies if you like, then just scramble all that stuff up. For seasoning, a little garlic powder, onion powder, pre-made mixes like cajun spices or lemon pepper, or you can top with salsa or tabasco or Cholula – ketchup if it’s a cheat day. And of course, good old salt and black pepper go a long way with just about any meat or vegetable.

      Toss it in a tupperware container and stick it in the fridge to be ready in the morning, reheats in 2mins. Easy peasy.

      This is also a great thing to do with leftovers after a restaurant meal. The other day I had a Greek chicken dinner that had grilled chicken, feta, olives, onions, tomatos, and spinach. I had about 4 oz. left of the chicken and a fair amount of the other stuff that I brought home. Scrambled that up with a bit of fresh garlic, and the next morning I microwaved it with a bowl of black beans and some zucchini and squash I had made the day before, and voila, an awesome little breakfast. And really the chef at the restaurant did most of the heavy lifting for me in terms of flavor, I just had to put it all together.

      The only real trick to this is to start thinking ahead to breakfast – pick meals that would scramble up well, and of course the bachelor cooking maxim – cook in big batches so you have meals for a few days from it. It’s all about batching, improvising and learning to be opportunistic. Once these things become part of your habits of thinking about cooking, you will find that protein shakes and all that just seem like such a waste of a chance to eat something really tasty, you know – real food! – unless you absolutely have to supplement calories and protein for mass gains.

      Also – when cooking, clean as you go. There is always time to clean while stuff cooks in the pan or microwaves or whatever, and once you learn to juggle those tasks you will never leave your kitchen without having all your utensils ready to go when you come back.

    2. Brian- I don’t think it matters what kind of protein drink you consume, as long as it doesn’t have a bunch of sugar in it, and is 25+ G of protein. I just wish we could add fruit. No more smoothies? NOOOOOO!

  27. Have plantar fascia issues along with calcium deposits(bone spurs) on my heels rubbing against my Achilles tendon. Try piopuncture first or should I just go straight to ChiroMat?

  28. Book just arrived, way more comprehensive than I was expecting, great great content, thank you!

    (Though did you know that some of the hardcover editions are coming out with the spine binding stuck on upside down? Bit of a clanger, especially as this copy is meant to be a gift for my uber-detail-orientated brother…)

  29. @Bertrand

    I know Tim and other people don’t necessarily believe ‘a calorie is a calorie’ but all things being equal eating legumes is going to be a hell of a lot more nutritional (because of the protein), satisfying and practical than a tiny amount (to equal the same calories) of ghee or butter.



  30. Tim,

    My biggest concern with the 4 hour body — and low-carb diets in general — is that I’ve heard limiting carbs affects brain function. I’ve read a bunch of studies that allegedly demonstrate consuming carbs (simple and complex) prior to memory and logic tests leads to a jump in performance. And the brain metabolizes carbs primarily, right? In my personal experience, restriction of carbs makes me feel slower and dumber.

    Any thoughts? As much as I’d like a 4 hour body, I’d much prefer a 4 hour brain.

    And if you have any thoughts of a follow-up book, I’d REALLY love to read a book on hacking the brain — I know there have been a plethora of studies on exercise and IQ, too.

  31. I love jiu-jitsu and would like to increase my strength when rolling (I feel extremely weak when grappling) so I would like to do the effortless superhuman protocol, but I would also like to gain 20 or so pounds of lean mass. Should I follow the effortless superhuman protocol and just eat big or would occams protocol benefit me at all?

  32. tim – my 4h body copy just arrived!! today i have received the book ordered few days ago.i believe i have number one copy in poland ;-)). reading it now – interesting especially in getting stronger.

    thank you for all your works and inspirations !!!

  33. Tim, regarding ice baths, I happen to live in Chicago where you have Russian and Turkish type baths where it is common for folks to go from the hot saunas to the cold bath. The cold bath is around 45 degrees. Is spending 10-20 minutes in the bath a good alternative to the ten minute cold showers. Also, do you think going from hot (160 degrees) to cold would inhibit fat loss or increases it?

    Second, I know to maximize fat loss, you recommend no more than 2-3 short workouts per week. I have been away from the gym for many years and just started walking on the treadmill Monday – Friday for 45 minutes. I was focusing on just building the habit for at least 90 days of going to the gym so that it has become second nature. Do you think when I start the slow carb diet and start focusing on Kettlebells, that I should decrease the walking on the treadmill? I just try to focus on fat burning on the treadmill staying with the 65% to 80% range to maximize fat loss. I hate to stop going to the gym as frequently since I now have the habit. Maybe you could suggest something I can do at the gym for short periods of time on the two days I am not focusing on Kettlebells.


  34. Hey Tim, I’m reading the book and its really cool so far. Just wanted to let you know one simple thing I noticed.

    The link doesn’t work. The video is gone. Here’s a different website that hopefully will last longer:

    I already eat slowcarb and am going to start a simpler version of the Occam Protocol after Christmas. I’ll send you the results after a few weeks.

    and btw releasing just in time for New Year’s resolutions and right before Christmas is genius. I wonder if most self help books do this.

  35. Oh nuts Tim, I bought copies of both books last week, and have spent the last week reading them both. I am highly pleased by all of it, but until now I haven’t been a follower of your blog. I wish I could still get the PDFs because I would really like to read them

  36. Hi, Tim & everyone,

    I was so excited a new book by Tim came out and bought 3 copies. 🙂

    Out of all, I am first following the diet for the last 5 days with mom as a partner.

    The problem is… now I have constipation and feel always bloated. Mom feels the same way (she is almost giving up). I never had a constipation except very few in my life because I usually overdose on vegetable.

    What could be the problem? I feel high-dose protein is a little too much for me.


    Breakfast: (within 30 mins): 3 egg whites, lentils, kimchi, spinach

    Lunch: anything from salad bar with chicken breast, lots of mushroom (my favorite), fresh spinach, mixed vegetable, olives, etc…

    Dinner: 3 egg whites, lentils, spinach, kimchi

    Mom follows the similar diet.

    I am still waiting on PAGG supplements. I weigh 125 lb. at 29 years old (Blood type A). I have lost 25 lbs before with diet many years ago).

    BTW, is there 4HB support group or community forum? It would be great to share tips with other ppl.

    Thanks! & Happy holidays!



    1. Hi Jiah,

      More to come soon on the forum, but thanks for the comment. I highly recommend taking a fiber supplement in this case. It will also be VERY important to drink more water, as your body will not be retaining as much water. Per the “Slow Carb II” chapter, I also suggest taking magnesium, potassium supplements. Please read that chapter closely.

      Good luck! This happens in a small minority but is totally preventable. I also find (not an affiliate link) to be very helpful.



      1. Follow-up:

        After taking more fibers and drinking more water, we are all good. 🙂

        I ordered athleticsgreens already, waiting.

        I will keep reporting progress. Thank you!


    2. Interesting, I have the exact opposite issue… I’m on the diarrhea side since I started it. I guess that any big change is going to create that kind of effect for a while, right?

  37. Dear Tim,

    I bought a copy of the 4-Hour Body (your autographed version from Barnes & Noble) and am still waiting for it, but that’s all right, I’m in Canada so I expected this might happen.

    When I try to fill out your form above, Wuffoo gives me the message: “This form cannot be viewed by the public.”

    Any ideas? I’d like to receive your bonus materials and I’ve tried it in both Chrome and Firefox to no avail.



  38. My goodness Mr. Ferriss, you are quite an amazing man. Your new book is incredible and I’m going to purchase a copy for my two children age 40 and 43 because they need to read what you have to say…….

    Between the laughter and actually starting a journal with all your “off the chart” amazing knowledge that we all can benefit from, I just had to (and never ever have I written anything on line before to give a compliment) say you deserve all that comes to you, and I’m not speaking of the financial end of things, I’m speaking of gratitude that one has when reading your book that stays with a person in their memory for life, which I think is the biggest compliment anyone could ever get from another human being. If you stay as a memory for others you have accomplished much in your short time on this plane.

    Keep up good work (-_-)………

  39. Already listened to audiobook, and just bought kindle version. Unable to open “short form” for pdf’s…can you help? Already trying some small things..looking forward to results…Crystale

  40. Hi Tim,

    I, like you, love to experiment on myself with new things to teach my clients. My dilemma…I am a 40 year old mother of 4, on the go, embarking on the craziness that hormones wreak at that age, and fighting the resulting accumulated fat over the years and after having quit smoking years ago. However, I have been able to get my fat percentage down and correlate weight loss with fat loss. I still have a bit to go, though and am excited to have gotten your book! I just made a whole new plan from your book to add to my existing plan to accelerate and drop the fat percentage down to 15% from 23% (down from 26%)and then lean up. I can’t wait to see it happen! I refuse to throw out my bikini just ‘cuz I’m 40 (soon to be forty-something). So…thank you so much for all of this great information. Great job! Keep it up!

  41. I’ve been reading the Engineering Sleep Chapter… and I have a Question…. Wouldn’t it affect my natural growth cycle? Because I just red that in order to keep my body growing.. it need enough time of sleep… so.. what do you say? I’m 18 Years old.. and I’d like to grow up a few more inches… hehe….

  42. Sweet Book.

    I am going back and re-reading your last hit just b/c.

    Dropped close to 10 lbs. A pants size, and feel great. Bought and started the day the book opened. CAN”T WAIT til tomorrow. I will pass out on Christmas eating pies !!

    Thanks and 15 minutes (you know what I mean) is cool. I would like some ideas how to get the wife to try. Apparently I do a good job previous to your book but would love to entertain this strategy.

    Also can’t wait to get my print version in.

    Success comes from simply studying and taking action on the 2.5% he is giving you. Choose to perfect the other minutia or move on knowing to take some creatine.

  43. Tim

    first off thank you very much for all your hard work and generosity sharing your wisdom. your first book changed my whole way of thinking and I know the second will too.

    I know i’m late but wanted to share with you how I shared your book with the world. my girlfriend has a youtube channel with over 130,000 viewers and the day your book came out i did a “gifts for him” video talking about good gifts for guys. you can probably guess what i shared with them during my video. in a nut shell….

    1. 26,330 Views to Date

    2. 339 Comments Left- many of which were comments from her fans saying they would buy the book for their boyfriends, dads, etc.

    3. 906 likes- equals to people enjoying the video and making it a hit on youtube!!!

    here is the link to video:

    I initially thought it would be a great opportunity for me to hang out with you during one of your trips but really am just glad that you made your goal. its always great seeing people achieve something spectacular.

    Take care and hope to stay in touch.


  44. Tim, I’ve been following your book. On the diet and doing the kettle bell stuff. I also plan to do the suggested workout on wednesdays. I’m just curious, should I be running or doing some form of Cardio? I used to do cardio 4+ times a week. I’m at 22% body fat and looking to get down to 8% or so. Thanks for any input.

  45. Hi Tim

    Any idea when the books from the Land Rush promo will be shipped? I ordered 10, but haven’t seen/heard anything yet.



  46. Tim:

    In the book, you mention whole eggs and hard boiled eggs.

    Is it bad to eat eggs scrambled?

    Wondering why the emphasis on cooking eggs a certain way…

  47. Hi Tim! Just received my book here in Brazil, and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I was just surprised to see that the first page was signed (maybe not by you), so I’m linking an image so you can tell me if it yours, so I can resell it, 10 years from now by a small fortune 😉

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks and great job on the book!

    1. Hahaha… yes, that’s my signature. I have a few, but that’s definitely me. I hope you enjoy the book!

      Um abraco,


  48. I ordered 2 books and I must say that they were more than worth 100$ I gave for express shipping and customs fees.

    The downside is that I spent additional 300$ for supplements and stuff. But that’s ok, I can’t wait to start slow carb diet completely after newyears. Im on slow carb breakfast ATM.

    If you need guinea pigs of your follow-up book, Im up for anything 🙂

  49. Hey Tim,

    Just wanted to let you know — I ordered a copy of both books (The 4-hour body and The 4-hour work week) from on Saturday 12/20.

    I’ve been glancing at each.

    Just wanted to say —

    Thank You — for your unusual outlook on life. What a template! — I’m getting started this week on an idea.

    Time for me to break through the procrastination and start something Great!


  50. Can a trampoline cause hypertrophy?

    Dave Hall says he gained 8lbs of muscle simply by performing isometric (he calls them ‘isotonic’ ) exercises while jumping on a trampoline. I wonder if that, combine with increased eating, would be enough to cause muscle gain.

    exercises were: clasping hands together while jumping for a minute, pulling hands apart in front of chest while jumping for a minute, holding fingers pressed to shoulders (in a bicep flexing pose) while jumping for a minute, hands clasped overhead while jumping for a minute, hands clasped behind back while jumping for a minute.

    I can see how this would increase flexibility, but not growth.

    Does anyone here know anyone who experienced hypertrophy using only a trampoline?

  51. Getting ready to kick this off – Lord I hope it works – I have tried so many different things for the last 3 years – gained 50 lbs after 3 back to back surgeries and since those surgeries, I have NOT been able to get the weight off – it’s been hanging on me like an albatross for 7 years….I have to get it off…Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer…

    My hardest thing will be eating in 1/2 hour of waking- I take a thyroid med that you aren’t supposed to eat for at least 1/2 hour – so I’ll have to time all that just right ….

    Good book Tim – thanks (now I have to download your 4HWW!!!!)

  52. Cream and Sour Cream: Insulinotropic or not? 2 tsp of cream is enough to make all the difference in the quality of a scramble. A Tbsp of sour cream with Tobasco is enough to make all the difference in the final meal. I’ve done my search and the only studies I can find regarding dairy and insulin lump ALL dairy together in test subjects. Lame since we know that cottage cheese and cream are definitely dairy and not insulinotropic?

    Luckily, I love cottage cheese and I can sub that for sour cream, but prefer the real thing…

    Got 2 copies on the 22nd. Elated! Giving one away as part of my own 4HWW Muse promo.

    And another thing! I was devastated by the 2 to 4 pounds I’d put on after binge day and that would kill my resolve for the coming week. Lame. Wish that detail about how “it’s just water” had been posted somewhere… I know, I should have done more testing and less whining. Stoked for upcoming day off. N.

  53. Hello,

    I think I was the fisrt person having the book in spain. I did all to have the free gifts but for now nothing in my inbox.

    Congrats for the book. Jm

    1. Hi JM,

      Muchisimas gracias! I’ll have my assistant email you the bonuses first thing tomorrow. Gracias por tu paciencia.



  54. SHOCKER: Former Anorexic Feels Comfortable With Four Hour Body

    Tim’s book Four Hour Body, was one that I initially rolled my eyes at. As a former anorexic, I imagined it would be another gimmicky, scientific based diet that would be ridiculously difficult to follow and way more attractive to my boyfriend, building his muscle, than me.

    Was I ever wrong.

    I picked up this book and read with my boyfriend a few days before Christmas Eve after getting 2 copies in the mail. And I haven’t stopped eating it up.

    Tim’s scientific studies, supporting information, and justification for the “rules” and myths of eating that are so ingrained in my head make sense to me. I’m normally quite stubborn in my own eating habits and don’t like to be told I’m wrong. But this stuff just makes sense. And it’s working–I can say that already even when I’m heading into Day 5 of reading. Now focusing on my week ahead and feeling confident with eating, with body and lifestyle management, I’m embracing this with gusto. My past beliefs and ideas about nutrition have been blown out of the water. I’m feeling better than ever about eating–and that’s a big deal to me.

    Thank you, Tim. Home run, baby.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Chelsea! It made my evening. Please keep me posted on your progress 🙂

      Un abrazo,


  55. The boyfriend got me 4HB as a Christmas present, I think both as a not so subtle hint that I’m getting squishy and because he knew I would dig your geeky/science approach to taking control of my body. I start tomorrow and am more than excited! I do have two questions that no amount of googling has helped me figure out…

    #1) CORN (can I eat it?) I appologize for the randomnes but I really like corn and as far as I can tell you don’t mention it. It’s not really white and it’s only technically a fruit… :-/ It would make my week if you say it’s kosher but unless I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume it’s a ‘Saturday food’.

    #2) in the book you mention drinking Kombucha… is Kombucha okay? It’s usually sweetened with fruit juice and breaks the no drinking calories rule but I thought it was possibly an exception.

    Love the book! Grats on all your success!

    1. Thanks, Erin! Treat both corn and kombucha as “Saturday foods.” Alas, sweet corn — especially in tortillas — can torpedo the diet in any appreciable quantity.

      Good luck!


    2. You could always make your own kombucha and have it without any sugar. I use it to help with certain health issues and have some continuously brewing in my cabinet. If you brew it 14-16 days before having any it should have most all the sugar gone. I brew mine longer cause I like the acidic tastes and it doesn’t raise my blood sugar. (Diabetic Type 1, I test alot)

  56. Hello Tim!

    I bought your book (it’s great book!) at and sent you via your web form my receipt (before deadline). But I still didn’t get bonus material you promised to receive within 72 hours (now it’s almost 10 days). When will I get them?


  57. Tim,

    I read the chapter on polyphasic sleep and in fact following one of the links in your book for further detail:

    The link provided in your book actually discussed about significant downsides of polyphasic sleep. The author concludes that it is not possible to sleep polyphasically and retain one’s maximum creativity, alertness, and health in the long run


    – Do you agree with the article which essentially warns against polyphasic sleep and its downsides.

    – Do you think some type of warnin is warranted in this chapter so for potential misuse of this technique?

    – Last, and perhaps most importantly, are there other fundamental techniques that come with major risk that are not pointed out (for example, I’m currently on the basic Slow Carb Diet).

    I’ve read both your books and I know your intention is to provide 5% of relevant info that is effective 95% of the time however I would like to know your thoughts on any major warnings that may have been left out in an effort to market this book or complete it on time.


    1. Hi Rick,

      Please see my WIRED magazine interview for more on polyphasic. I didn’t leave out any warning for marketing purposes, as that would be irresponsible and short-sighted.

      I don’t think anything like Uberman is tenable for most people, and I note this in the chapter. Ultimately, the book is about creating informed self-experimenters who test (within safety) to determine what works for them. Sleep is no different. I’m gathering more data on this now.

      No warnings were omitted from this book to finish it on time.

      Hope that helps!


  58. Tim,

    Congrats on bringing to the main stream a lot of stuff that’s been below the radar and mainly in the bodybuilding world for some time on the slow-carb type diet – refeeds and the various training methods you mention. I found the info on fermented foods and supplements especially interesting. As another kettlebell fan with one screwed up shoulder I can recommend the 100 rep swings to anyone. Even after a short layoff from doing them my whole body aches the day after.

    As soon as the book is available here in Europe I’ll be buying more copies for family and friends – and getting my hands on some ALA on my next trip out of Norway (it’s treated as a medecine here and on prescription only)

    Keep pushing the boundaries.

  59. Hey Tim!

    Since I live in Belgium and i can’t buy the book here, i decided I had to have a copie so I ordered one an hour ago via Although I have to wait until 21/01 for my copie to arrive, I’m really looking forward to it.

    I loved your first book, it was such an inspiration. I’m currently starting a business (while I’m in college). It’s not exactly a high profit company since it’s more focused on giving something to my fellow-students and personally gaining a lot of experience. I’m sure that in the future I’ll be using the book again once I’ll be starting a new company to afford the awesome lifestyle I’ve always dreamt of and that you propose.

    Really looking forward to reading the four hour body. I’m interested in seeing what my body’s capable of doing and with the help of your book I hope I can push it to it’s potential.

    I just have six words for you: You are a great inspiration!

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Salut Philippe,

      C’est possible de commander via tout de suite (ce que j’ai fait pour moi et que je viens de faire – hier – pour mon père qui habite en Angleterre). A mon avis il va falloir mieux annuler votre commande auprès d’ comme ça vous pourrez en profiter avant la fin de la semaine ! Bonne lecture !

  60. Loved your book and am implementing many suggestions. I am also inspired to do my own investigations on increasing positive feelings by supporting oxytocin production. Even if I’m not successful, I’m learning more…So thanks!

  61. Hello Tim,

    I’m halfway through the book and have really enjoyed the read and the great information.

    I pre-ordered a copy for myself back in November via Amazon.

    Then, when the promotion was offered, I purchased three more signed copies via Barnes and Noble.

    When I click on the link to complete the form, I get a “cannot be viewed by the public” message. I saw a similar comment earlier in this forum but did not see a reply. (My apologies if I missed it; there are a ton of comments here!)

    Please advise on how I can submit my form. I’m interested in the “bonuses”.

    Thank you,


  62. Is this contest just for people in the US? I live in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I’d love to take a swing at this:)

    look forward to meeting you IRL

    your soon to be friend:)


  63. I’m trying to implement some internal means of lowering the last bits of body fat. I am currently 5’4″ female at 155 lbs. I build muscle VERY easily and have never been a thin little model type. just want to be healthy and look it as well. can I still do the slow carb diet and crossfit workouts on a regular basis or should I tweek it a bit?

  64. Hey Tim,

    I’m a huge fan! I’ve read 4HB twice already and I just ordered PAGG – in January I will start my belly fat be gone experiment. Thanks for all the great advice.

    I hope you and Kevin haven’t buried the Random Show – I would really like to see more of that. The book recommendations were awesome.

    Btw. I’ll pretend I didn’t read the “I don’t care about Heinrich’s balls”-line from the book. But if you want to mock us Danes at least get the name right – Heinrich is a very uncommon name in Denmark. Were you thinking of Germany 🙂 ?

    All the best

    Anders – an aspiring lifehacker fron Denmark

    1. Hahaha… Anders! Thanks for the comment. A few things:

      – The Random Show isn’t dead at all. More coming soon.

      – My grandfather was Danish, so definitely not making fun of Danes. Danes rock 🙂

      – Heinrich is the thinly veiled real name (it’s “Henrich”) of a good friend of mine in Denmark!

      Good luck with all — maybe I’ll see you over in Denmark next time,


  65. Tim-

    As a forty something ex-athlete, I cannot express how much I appreciate the 4Hour Body. When I got it, I felt like we were in my living room talking about my issues.

    I dig how you get to the small points, like “self control is over rated”. Just that one sentence alone removed a lot of guilt and self abuse from my shoulders and now I feel like I am ready to move on.

    I know you are getting both haters and worshipers from publishing this book, but count me in the reasonable and appreciative category.

    Thanks man.

  66. Tim,

    Do yogurt or cottage cheese have any place in the slow-carb diet aside from the cheat day? They are both “white” and also dairy products. I only saw that you mentioned yogurt once in the fermented foods section(of course it’s a big book and I am not reading it cover to cover).

    I love greek yogurt and cottage cheese as low calorie protein sources. Should I give them up for slow-carb? Or could I use them as protein sources in one of the meals instead of meat or eggs?

    Thanks again for the great book.

  67. Just got through with my Bod Pod tests and wow, what a surprise. I am in reasonably good shape i.e. regularly do 500 -1,000 squats in 12 to 28 minutes in one go a day, plus a couple of hundred military dumbbell presses and a whole workout regime. Have been on the diet for 6 days and dropped 5 Lbs. and notice an appreciable difference in appearance. Belly is going bye bye and seeing cut muscles in my arms which is cool. Did 2 Bod Pods today within 10 minutes and got 27.1% and 26.5% body fat. Then immediately did a caliper test that came out at 19.8%. Has anyone else gotten abnormally high readings using the Bod Pod? I am very suspect of the results.

    Also in the PAGG protocol you say you are supposed to take one day a week off but in the binging session you say to use AGG? Page 104 and 117. Which one is correct? On your binge day do you take AGG or not? Thanks for the clarification.

    I am so digging this protocol it is not even funny and the best thing is that it is easy to follow and confirms what I have noticed over there years with eating and in my training. Nice to confirm that I was not going bonkers. See ya conventional wisdom! 🙂

    One last question. Is there a list of other veggies and foods? Like I notice there is no fish or seafood and how about mushrooms?



    1. Hi Andrew,

      Fish and mushrooms are just fine.

      The BodPod will give more accurate results than calipers, and BodPod will tend to be higher, as it does a far better job of estimating visceral (organ) fat, not just subcutaneous fat. I hate to say it — my reading are also higher on BodPod — but I’d go with their numbers.

      Good luck — Stick with the plan and you’ll make good progress!


  68. The book is fantastic, and I am starting to implement various parts of it.

    I did have one question about the diet part. I am in culinary school and once or twice a week outside of my cheat day have no choice but to eat things with sugar in them or have beer samples. If I keep these to less than 50-75 calories, how detrimental will this be to overall weight loss? I was hoping to lose to my goal as fast as possible and then add a few things back in to maintain weight. Thanks.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      It’s not just the calories but the impact on hormones like insulin. My suggestion would be to use the techniques in “Damage Control” when you have no choice but to eat the sugar/beer.

      Plan for it and you’ll be fine.

      Good luck!



    Hey Tim

    As much as I’d like to congratulate you on your new book, I can’t say anything about it yet because it hasn’t arrived here in Greece, although pre-ordered long time ago (did receive an email from Barnes & Nobles saying that it was shipped, that was about two weeks ago…).

    Anyway, I heard in the interview you did with Robb Wolf the other day that you have a next big challenge: the 50k or 50 miles run (by the way, will it be k or mls in the end? slight difference 🙂 ).

    Since you have inspired me tremendously with your 4HWW and I am sure you’ll do the same with the 4HB (as soon as it has finally arrived), I want to ‘give back’ and share some info that has helped myself (33 years of age, good athletic base but out of shape) to run my first full marathon after three months of preparation and end up doing two full marathons in my first marathon year as well as 3 very exteneded (25+k) mountain runs. I am sure the bekow info will do the same for you, and even more 🙂 The material listed below is both informative as well as in parts analytical, so I’d say that’s pretty much what could interest you.

    Here it goes:

    1) Die Laufbibel (book) by Dr. Matthias Marquardt (since you’re fluent in German, this shouldn’t be a problem for you)

    As the title says, a bible for running (actully ‘natural running’) that covers on 500 pages really everything you need to know, from running style to work-outs to muscles involved to training plans according to the set goal to recovery…. You’ll love that one. Being a speed reader you should have read that in no time 🙂 You might even want to close an appointment there in Germany with that guy to determine your overall situation when it comes to running.

    2) Evolution Running (DVD) by Joe Friel

    This will teach you how to spend less energy while running (also the above mentioned book refers to that but this DVD is a great additonal content just focusing on this aspect). Some intro videos can be found on

    3) The Paleo Diet for Athletes (book) by Loren Cordain

    I guess you have heard of him, since Robb Wolf was his student. Probably this book is not the most important for you as you already know a lot about nutrition for athletes. Nevertheless, since you, as you say, HATE (all in caps) running, your nutrition experience so far might not cover long endurance runs so much. This book will give you any potentially missing answers.

    4) Born to Run (book) by Christopher McDougall

    Just a great read for runners who have a big heart to achieve the seemingly impossible. It’ll also introduce you the Tarahumara Indians, Chia seeds and salad for breakfast 🙂

    Well, I hope that’ll make you life easier starting from January, when you’ll get down and dirty 🙂 My advice: seek the mountains for running, there’s nothing like it.

    I am sure you’ll keep us all updated on your next challenge.

    Regards from Greece,


  70. Hey, Tim!

    Bought your book because of a great article I read on about it. Never heard of your other books before and haven’t had a whole lot of time (three kids including my husband) to read the book, but I’m very excited about it. It reminds me of my Kimkins days which was low carb/low fat and I was very successful on that except there were no cheat days and that is definitely making your Slow Carb diet way more appealing.

    I tried to click on the link for the freebie stuff and got: This form cannot be viewed by the public. So apparently I’m either too late or it’s not functioning.

    Also, I hope you will respond to my post, although it seems from the posts above that you mostly respond to the guys. Give us gals a chance!! We’ve got more problems since we have less of a muscular physique to begin with!! 😉

  71. Hi Tim,

    What is your take on wheat bran? Also, which kind of lentils do you use? There are black, pink and green ones.


  72. Hey Tim,

    I was wondering why you believe electrical impedance measurement to be so inaccurate (unless you pre-hydrate). Did the tool you used to measure only give you information on body fat percentage?

    The scale I bought gives information on bone mass, water %, fat %, and (most importantly to me at this point), fat lbs. I have tested it while hydrated, not hydrated, late evening, and morning, and, though the body fat % jumps around a bit, the body fat lbs are nearly constant. In fact the weight loss I have experienced (only 2 days, 1.8lbs) exactly matches the fat lbs loss. I know I am not supposed to measure everyday, but this was mainly in the interest of testing the scale.

    In this case, is using the body fat lbs superior to using body fat % (since it is not hydration dependant)?

    On a different subject, there is a company ‘Pareto Nutrition’ who is selling pre-dosed PAGG supplements. Does anyone know if this is a reputable company or has anyone used the product. I am not comfortable purchasing supplements from a company I am not familiar with, and I couldn’t find any details about the company online.

    P.S. I love your book!! I your methods and scientific information are what convinced me both to buy the book in the first place, and then to start trying the slow-carb diet. I have aways resisted diets, but I have totally embraced this one. For now, it definitely seems sustainable (I am only on day 2, but its not hard _at all_).

    Thanks for all your experimentation and for sharing it with all of us!

    1. Would you be kind enough to let us know what brand and model of scale you are using? The one I have is so erratic to be useless and appears to be dramatically sensitive to hydration.


  73. Tim,

    Is there any impact of changing meals (still the prescribed comination of veg, non-veg and beans/lentils)? e.g. week 1 have chicken for ddinner and then switch to beef during week 2, same question for veggies and beans/lentils.

    Same question but lets say change occurs daily?

    If following the same meal each day is it ok to cook it differently on different days? e.g. bbq chicken on day 1 and baked chicken day 2?

    cheers and thanks in advance!!

  74. I want to buy 3 books and get all all the extra’s aside from the evernote premium account. Can I do that?

    I know the contest is over but, I’ll go buy 3 copies asap if I can get in on those extras.


  75. Hey Tim, quick couple questions here. I’m looking to add weight using the four hour body ( currently 6’4″ 180lbs ) but im confused on your starch advice. You say in Occam’s Protocol 1 that:

    “The meal composition is nearly identical to the Slow-Carb Diet, as are the tenets, though we now add a starch such as brown rice or quinoa to the non shake meals.”

    1) Is this all non shake meals everyday? Or only training days? Or only meals within 30 minutes following training?

    2) So each non shake meal now consists of a Protein / Legume / Vegetable and brown rice / quinoa?

    3) What ratio would you say these portion sizes should be?

    4) Are air squats to be performed for every meal of everyday or only on cheat days written about in the “Damage Control” section.

    Thanks Tim.

  76. Tim –

    I’ve been on the Slow Carb plan since 12/04, following it pretty dang precisely. I went from 156 to 152 within the first week, but have pretty much stayed there since then. I also got a DXA scan on 12/10 that I’m embarrassed to say showed a bodyfat percentage of 35.5%.

    I’ve been eating clean and working out regularly since May 2009, dropping 40 pounds last year, but staying right about the same this year (even with some months logging 100+ miles of running). I’ve recently (last 2 months) shortened my workouts to 30 minutes, but increased the intensity. Again, no significant change in weight.

    Yesterday, I stumbled across an article about how not having a gallbladder can cause problems with digesting fats and thus lead to weight gain (or difficulty losing weight). With more research, I found some information on bile salts and digestive enzymes, but nothing specific or conclusive. (Mine was removed in 2002.)

    I thought you or other readers might have some insights. Any information or advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks much!


    1. I would say you are over training. I had the same experience when I was losing the 30 pounds I was overweight, I plateaued for a while even though my training and diet was tight. Now I periodically schedule two week rest periods every 8 weeks or so and let my body reset. It breaks the plateau. Also, make sure your work outs are varied; if you’ve just been doing a lot of cardio because it’s in your comfort zone or gives you that ‘break’ to listen to your favorite itunes your body will adapt, you have to continually challenge the body. Try some more resistance training or go for some nice short crossfit workouts. Hope this helps 🙂 I wouldn’t sweat the gallbladder thing, the internet might make you paranoid, there’s plenty of competition body builders and professional athletes sans gallbladder.

      To Your Success!


  77. Hey Tim!

    I’ve seen/heard/read about a lot of people asking you how to deal with the gaseous side effects of bean consumption. Eden Organic brand canned beans (I buy mine at Whole Foods) prepares their beans with Kombu Seaweed. This allows for easier digestibility, therefore eliminating gas completely! If one chooses to prepare their own beans, they can just as easily add a strip of Kombu to the beans as they boil.

    Let your people know! 🙂

  78. Is honey ok during low carb diet? I’ve read (and tried successfully), several great qualities of honey and cinnamon combined together to cure and prevent various things including weight loss.

  79. Hello,

    I’m reading the 4HB now and really enjoying the reading. It’s so easy to read. And so very interesting. I’m specifically going over the the fat loss portion and started the slow carb way of eating. I have so many questions. Is there a forum where we might find answers to specific questions.

    Dairy- is greek yogurt fine? (cottage cheese listed as fine) It’s so high in protein. what about goat’s milk?

    Whey-I can’t stomach it (literally) so I use soy protein powders, will this really effect results? is there another substitute? And isn’t whey dairy so I don’t get why this is preferred (maybe I need to reread that section)

    Slow-carbing-is this a long term solution or just to achieve a specific goal? I’ve already lost 4 lbs in just one week and I’m just in a need to lose 10 lbs kind of situation. Just wondering if continuing this diet will level off at some point, where you can add certain grains or sweet potatoes.

    Training- I teach fitness, so it’s virtually impossible for me to only get 4 hours. Am I really doing more damage?

    So many more… but I’ll leave with this.

    Thanks so much for this book. It’s so motivating to get immediate results. I am sharing this w/my clients though I fear they won’t need me any longer.


  80. Hi Tim,

    I purchased the #4HB on Monday via iTunes, the PDF you’re referring too, where can it be found?

    Thank you,

    Great read so far. I’m starting a case study, freak to geek, in 28 days.

  81. I’m not saying I WANT to eat popcorn, but call this a chemical confusion. For fat loss, if I’m allowed to eat corn, aren’t I allowed to eat popcorn? Isn’t popcorn absolutely a “white carb”? And my friend says corn is the leading source of fructose.

  82. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for weighing your own crap so we don’t have to.

    Sweet book man, I got the kindle edition from the UK by transferring my account to using a US address then back again…probably a bit dodgy but I have the book so for the time being I’m a happy chap 🙂


  83. Hey Tim,

    Great job on the book. Got it from a local bookstore here in Singapore a few days after the launch.

    Where can I view the material like “Spot Reduction Revisted”?

    I can’t seem to find it anywhere here on the site

  84. I was at the grocery store this morning, shopping for some apple fritters and ice cream, when I found myself thinking “I’m really gonna enjoy this day off from my food plan”.

    Then I realized that a high carb/anything goes day is not a “day off”, it’s a necessary and valuable PART OF THE DIET!

    I’m gonna eat some serious pie at mom’s NYD dinner tonight BECAUSE OF my diet.

    Also, note to self, easy on the waffles next week. Or not.

    Down 6 lbs in 7 days, btw.


  85. I was at the grocery store this morning, shopping for some apple fritters and ice cream, when I found myself thinking “I’m really gonna enjoy this day off from my food plan”.

    Then I realized that a high carb-anything goes day is not a “day off”, it’s a necessary and valuable PART OF THE DIET!

    I’m gonna eat some serious pie at mom’s NYD dinner tonight BECAUSE OF my diet.

    Also, note to self, easy on the waffles next week. Or not.

    Down 6 lbs in 7 days, btw.

  86. Hi Tim,

    Love the book and having great results with it so far. I have 2 questions for you that I haven’t seen addressed in the book or comments:

    1) How often do you take Athletic Greens — just on cheat days and/or during overfeeding periods, or all the time?

    2) Do you do the full regimen of “damage control” (from holiday bingeing chapter) every cheat day?



  87. Hey Tim,

    I just ordered 3 copies of your book as your promational offer on your blog suggested. I expected to be able to fill out your form for my free bonus gifts.

    After dutifully spending my money on three copies of your boom I got a “Form not visible to the public” error.

    What gives?

    Thank you.

    Trying to support the cause and be a happy customer.

    Etienne Taylor

  88. Let me skip the congrats part, because I think it goes without saying. Fabulous, fabulous book. I started my Slow Carb diet two days ago and I’m down 1.8 lbs already!

    I intend to follow the Slow Carb diet, PAGG, ice therapy, the Perfect Posterior, Six-Minute Abs and the testosterone long-term protocol. Too much? 🙂 I’m so excited!

    I have some questions about the vitamin-rich butter / cod liver oil combination, though. I found the cod oil supplements, but what should I do with the butter? Are there any butter oil pills or is it enough to eat good-quality butter? How do you combine both, though? Is that compatible with the Slow Carb diet? Is it enough if I just take the cod liver oil without the butter? Thanks in advance!

    1. I just scramble my eggs with butter in the morning, 1-2 thick pats of butter. It’s not too precise, but it seems to have the desired effect.

  89. LOVE the new book. Next project should totally be on super or accelerated learning! Let me know if you need guinea pigs.

    Would also be great too start a more comprehensive list of foods on the website.