The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More

Trailer concepted and produced by the amazing Epipheo Studios for


Today is the day.

After three years of work, The 4-Hour Body is available everywhere!

I work very hard on my books. My first and previous book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has an 5-star average on Amazon with more than 1,000 reviews, and it has been a Top-10 Amazon Customer Favorite:

Compared to that book, I spent 3 TIMES longer on the new book — The 4-Hour Body — to ensure it worked with men and women, with young and old.

It is the definitive choose-your-own-adventure guide to the human body, ranging from fat-loss and muscular gain to sex and sleep. Everything is tested and it all works.

I have now negotiated the price down to a mere $14.50.

Why? Because I’m proud of this book and want it to be #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. That said, I have a very tough opponent. The Guinness Book of World Records is #1 for this week every year. Last I looked, Guinness was barely ahead of me:

With your help, I can beat them.


In this post, and until 12 midnight Friday (Dec. 17), I will:

– Offer complementary “thank you” gifts to anyone who has, or will, buy a copy of The 4-Hour Body.

– Offer $260 of kick-ass goods to anyone who buys 3 copies (costs less than $45).

– Offer a free $16,000 trip to the person who promotes The 4-Hour Body best this week.

In addition to getting new readers, I also want to reward people who pre-ordered long ago, and help readers who missed past prizes due to tech glitches. So, here we go, one at a time…

One Book

If you buy, or have bought, The 4-Hour Body in any format:

Until Friday at midnight PST, you can get a FREE digital PDF copy of The 4-Hour Workweek (usually $20) and a free copy of “The Slow-Carb Diet: Volume 1” (not available anywhere else), both hosted by E-Junkie.


If you haven’t already, buy The 4-Hour Body for about $14.50 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through any other retailer. If you buy it in a book store, keep the receipt. Only hardcover counts for the bestseller lists, so it’s easily the most helpful for me (please!), but you can buy any format: Audiobook (abridged), Kindle, Nook, etc..


Fill out this short form. You’ll get the PDFs within 72 hours.

Three Books (US shipping addresses for the books, please)

If you want to buy 3 copies, you can get $260 of bonuses for less than $45 of books:

– 1 bottle of Super Cissus RX ($45), one of my staple supplements.

– 3-month Daily Burn Pro membership ($30)

– 1-year of ‘Performance Menu Journal’ Magazine ($30)

– 3 months Evernote Premium (first 500 only!) ($15)

“Find Your First Profitable Idea” with Ramit Sethi ($100 for full course)

– Digital copy of “The 4-Hour Workweek” ($20)

– The Slow-Carb Cookbook ($20)


Buy three copies on Amazon or elsewhere.


Fill out this short form. Done.

Promote your heart out, live like a rockstar

If you want to go for the gold, get amped and promote The 4-Hour Body this week (deadline is 12 midnight PST, Friday) and tell me what you did in the comments. Measure your impact (clicks, sales, etc.) whenever possible.

If you are the best promoter, judged by me and a panel of friends, you get to pick one trip of a lifetime… for free. I will almost definitely be in attendance:

8-Day Argentina Snow Adventure in Patagonia

10-Day Private Tour of India, including Miss India

How to promote? That’s up to you. E-mail your friends, share links (like on Facebook, join relevant LinkedIn groups, give a copy to a popular radio station as a giveaway… it’s entirely up to you!

Here are the descriptions:

8-Day Argentina Snow Adventure in Patagonia

Eight-day guided ski-snowboard adventure in mystical Patagonia, Argentina. Your guides introduce you to the best skiing, local culture, outstanding meals and red wines. Visit charming villages, situated on glacier cut lakes and national parks.

Also includes roundtrip economy airfare from and back to the U.S. I’m almost 100% that I’ll be there, as I LOVE Argentina, especially Patagonia. Provided by Powderquest — check ’em out. Yoga in between runs, if you like? Malbec or hot chocolate? Yes, please.

Date: TBD based on your availability.

(Photo: DJ DeepS)

10-Day Private Tour of India, including Miss India

10-day “SamaSundarbans” trip to West Bengal with Tim Ferriss and his friends, where you will meet some of Samasource’s Service Partners and experience the beauty of India. After two days visiting Samasource’s Service Partners in Kolkata, enjoy a five-day tour across the Sundarbans.

Bengali for “beautiful forests,” the Sundarbans are an “alluvial archipelago” of 102 islands settled between the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers and accessible only by boat. Take a river cruise and observe the region’s diverse wildlife including saltwater crocodiles, bullsharks, and the Royal Bengal Tiger. After enjoying your eco-friendly expedition and luxury lodging in the Sundarbans, journey back to Kolkata and let our field associates and former Miss India Sandhya Chib give you an authentic taste of India! Long known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is the main business, commercial, and financial hub of eastern India and burgeoning urban metropolis. After exploring the city’s historical and popular landmarks, enjoy a special South Asian dinner in your honor, hosted by Miss India and special guests.

Includes: Economy airfare to and from India. Accommodations and internal transportation for entire trip in West Bengal, meals during Sundarbans tour, dinner with Miss India, Tim Ferriss, and special guests.

Date: TBD based on your availability.



Which adventure will you choose in this choose-your-own-adventure post?

No matter what, there’s one starting point: The 4-Hour Body.

Start a domino effect that will make 2011 your best year yet.


The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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730 Replies to “The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More”

  1. I just watched Tim here:

    I personally could never live up to the ideals he represents. I just don’t have the energy/time/desire to do all the stuff he is into, but I appreciates that he wants to share it all. Yes, it makes him money, but I feel like he’s very sincere about everything he shares. Maybe my bs detector is off, but I think he is really more interested in exploring great ideas, living a full life and trying to help others do the same.

    I bought 4 hour work week, and I’ll probably buy the new book. I doubt anything will change in my life, but at the very least it will help fund what I see as a great guys incredible art project called “The Life of Tim Ferriss”. Good luck Tim. You’re living a life most of us only dream about.

  2. Hey, i got two questions for you, Tim, or for anyone smart enough for that matter.

    1. I got some allergy issues – how would i tailor the diet towards my needs? Like, i can’t eat eggs in any form – it’s really bad for me.

    Obviously, I’m not asking nor looking for medical advice – just some general thoughts. On the related subject – i can’t really get adequate medical advice anywhere – the doctors seem to counter each other with what should I eat and what shouldn’t – and I’m practically lost here. I mean, it doesn’t depend on the amount of money i pay them – each would interpret test results differently and offer me a slightly different diet.

    2. How should I go about sugar? It is white and it is carbohydrate in a pretty pure form – should i just run away like from rice or potatoes?

    What if I love it too much? Is there something I could replace it with? Cause i feel sad if I drink unsweetened tea. And I drink a lot of it every day.

    Basically, i don’t really have a problem with me – I’m 186 cm and 98 kg (yeah, Americans, play the conversion game :-))))

    It’s just that throughout last 3-4 years i’ve gained 10kgs, from 88 kg to 98 right now and it kinda bothers me.

    I’ve tried tracking my weight but it increases in jumps – like 95-95-95 for 7 months then 96 over a week. I just don’t get my body’s behavior.

  3. Got the book last night and already blown away by the great insights.

    Hey I’m not sure if this is a issue but Border Books on Wall St (NYC) seem to have your books hidden in the weight loss section. I asked how come its not on the main floor or not near the register and they told me something about making room for Mark Twain (huh?!).

    Keep up the great work Tim.

  4. ORDERED!!!! Coming from a southerner in Mississippi I am dead center of the obesity and diabetes crisis in America. I read Chris Masterjohns review, and immediately purchased the book. I plan to read and highlight the book on second read and share it starting at my work, a place where obesity runs wild then hand it off to my family.

    I also want to say thank you, for not pulling a typical selling mumbo jumbo junk like some(paleo) bloggers do. you book is gonna be very influential in the industry, and i look forward to reading it

  5. This might sound kind of stupid but i want to actually buy this book for a few of my cousins; however because u have the word “sex” on the front cover i can’t(their parents will think they’re reading some weird kama sutra book). It’s a cultural thing :s…lol

  6. Hi Tim,

    Just got the book a couple of days ago, great stuff! Question: you talk a lot about the benefits of grass fed beef for weight loss, testosterone, etc. Any info on the benefits of goat (not lamb) meat? Or resources I could check out? Most info on Google reveals only nutritional facts but nothing on endocrine response, etc. Curious, because we eat a lot of it, and was wondering if it’s a suitable substitute for grass fed beef. (Anyone, anyone?)


  7. I would like to second Chris’ idea for an iPhone app. I think it would be perfect and would definitely be willing to splurge on if it helped me keep track as you say it’s so important in the book.

  8. Looking forward to the book…it’s on it’s way to me. I did a small scale promotion to a very loyal group…no websites, no facebook…I teach group fitness and have for the last 20 years (as a hobby) I announced to all my classes this week so I did my part.

    thanks for your commitment


  9. Great book so far! Just have a question… If doing intermittent fasting a couple times a week, could AGG still be implemented on an empty stomach or would that just be a waste? (ie Is it really only effective when taking in food?)

  10. Tim, I just received The 4-Hour Body and so far it’s fun reading! I CrossFit and I plan on mixing some of this stuff in to see what happens.

    Suggestion for your next book…

    4-Hour Spanish

    One of my goals is to travel to a Spanish speaking country and have a conversation.

  11. Tim,

    So I finally made the connection this morning!

    The 4 Hour Work Week in Action:

    My prior assistant was working for me 32 hours a week while I was paying her 45k/ yr slary + health insurance.

    My new assistant works 13 hours a week while I pay her 12k / yr with no benefits. ( She is covered elsewhere)

    And she is more productive.

    Gets more done.

    That’s it! It does not- literally- have to relate to 4 hours. Its just achieving more output, in less time, for less money.

    Got it now.



  12. *CONTEST*

    Here is what I’ve done so far in regards to promoting the book. I have contacted Terry from the Lex and Terry show which is a nationally syndicated radio network that reaches over 200,000+ people a day to try and get you on. He said he would love to have ya on the show sometime after their Christmas break to promote the book or just talk. Even though the contest ends tonight I still think it would be awesome to have ya on the show. I think it would be a great way to spread the message, reach people and introduce yourself to a whole new audience who are not familiar with your work. Let me know what you think and of course if this counts or not, lol.

    You can contact Terry directly via the info below:

    PS. I’m loving the book btw.

  13. *CONTEST*

    Here is what I’ve done so far in regards to promoting the book. I have contacted Terry from the Lex and Terry show which is a nationally syndicated radio network that reaches over 200,000+ people a day to try and get you on. He said he would love to have ya on the show sometime after their Christmas break to promote the book or just talk. Even though the contest ends tonight I still think it would be awesome to have ya on the show. I think it would be a great way to spread the message, reach people and introduce yourself to a whole new audience who are not familiar with your work. Let me know what you think and of course if this counts or not, lol.

    You can contact Terry directly via his website or twitter.

    PS. I’m loving the book btw.

  14. Awesome book! Thank you for focusing so heavily on science and experimentation rather than hearsay and conjecture. I already spotted some tricks I know worked for me, so I’m looking forward to putting together all the stuff that’s new to me. Thanks also for the ebooks, very nice to be able to copy paste links and to lookup recipes on my phone.

    If you’re brainstorming for your next project, I’d like to request a “4 Hour Mind” book on mind hacks. For example, I’d like the 411 on how you wrote an entire research paper in 24 hours when you were back in school. In-depth jedi mind tricks like eye gazing and advertising copy would also be great. Toss in parlor tricks like large number math calcs , or just how to easily remember someone’s name, and you might have your third best seller.

  15. Loving the book so far!! Btw, can you do an experiment tentatively titled the 4 Hour Mixed Martial Artist where you take a person with average genetics (me) and turn them into one of the baddest men on the planet? I will gladly donate myself to this experiment! 😉 Might make a neat web show. Keep up the good work Tim!

  16. Tim, my wife, probably for obvious reasons, bought your new book for me as a stocking stuffer. I don’t get to read it until Christmas! I was wondering, ever heard of a natural way to reverse the graying of hair?

    Love your blog and all of the many comments I have been reading. Just learned about you recently and I am excited to have new motivation.

    Best of luck. Hope to hear from you.


  17. Hey Tim, I heard about you and your wonderful book via gizmodo and I’m happy to say I’ve bought it and I’m now 3 days into the slow carb diet.

    I’m getting drafted to the military in a few months and now thanks to your diet, I will hopefully be in much better shape for PT 🙂

    The meals are not too bad, but still I was wondering if cottage cheese is allowed, since cottage cheese around here is absolutely delicious (people here practically eat it by itself, out of the container!) and would definitely help getting accustomed to the new meal regime. If it is allowed, is there a quantity and fat% limit?

  18. I think I may have to go back to four hour work week and do the speed reading exercises because I cant put this book down and I am getting nothing else done

  19. For the contest, I posted links to the promotion on Reflagdeals and FatWallet, which are a Canadian deal forum and an American deal forum respectively.The post at Redflagdeals has 760 views and the post at FatWallet had 1606 views.

    These were opt-in views where people had to click through to view. Both sites are filled with deal shoppers, so the great promotions you had going were a natural fit for them. The people on these sites, are the type that share deals, so the likelihood of them then sharing the promotion with friends and family would be far higher.

    Due to the nature of both sites, I was unable to track clicks, as the sites replace any tracking or affiliate links with their own, but I feel this was very successful promotion. It was the right audience, people who are influential purchasers amongst their social network, and heavy Internet users that would be more likely to be aware of you from your first book.

  20. Got my books. Devoured the fat loss stuff. Took pictures (ew!) and measurements. Won’t be posting the photos where they are visible… I think it would traumatize my teenage boys. I was already doing the Paleo thing, so other than eating more protein, adding the legumes back in to my diet and nixing the fruit except on cheat day, no huge difference in what I need to have on hand. Will head out to buy the supplements in a few minutes.

  21. Tim!

    Been waiting for your book ever since we met in San Fran a while back.

    Anyway, me and my buddy Brooks Hollan have started two websites to promote your book.

    The first is kind of funny, but the second is a serious site as far as getting people to actually put the lessons of your book into ACTION!

    Check out the video here (funny):

    and the serious site here:

    This video is HILARIOUS (especially at 1:50) – boost your metabolism 300%!

    All of our friends have bought the book, and we have everybody in the gym super psyched as well! I was actually ripping through the book until Brooks told me about your blog post, so I’m taking a break to post.

    Keep up the great work….and see you in India kid!!

    Onward and upward!

    Drew Canole

  22. CONTEST!!!

    Hey Tim,

    I have just sold a 4-Hour-Body-Bootcamp to 15 clients! Its for 3 months and each member gets a copy of the book and we will take them through the training and nutrition techniques.

    How awesome is that, although, a had a few comments back from my email list saying, “that sounds soo cool, im gona buy the book first, and let me know how the bootcamp goes”… well, my loss – your gain!

    What do you think, worth a hol for my idea?


  23. Contest:

    Tim, It’s been fun following this book release and here is what I have done to help promote it. I focused not only on promoting the purchase of your book (link to amazon), but also to generate awareness about the contest (pushing people to enter the contest on how you can win a ski trip with Powderquest or a SamaSundarbans trip to India, with links to this blog post).

    Blog and Facebook: Did a blog post on the contest and amazon page that is picked up by several other blogs. The blog post becomes a note on a Facebook page followed by 2,360 fans. This note was tagged to certain fans therefore spreading to thousand and thousands of additional viewers.

    Aweber blast about contest and amazon link to 2500+ subscribers

    6 Twitter posts over the past week, with 4 RTs generated to thousands of followers. I have also RT several of your tweets regarding the book.

    I also turned the book on to some friends that have purchased.

    Oh yeah, finally clicking on my name above I think takes you to your amazon book page….

    Thanks and best of luck with beating the record!

  24. * CONTEST *

    Have been promoting 4HB through direct linking Facebook ads –> Amazon affiliate link

    Results so far:

    The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

    24 items shipped


    The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman [Kindle edition]

    4 items shipped


    Total 28 books.


    Facebook: 413,914 ad impressions –> 812 clicks = average 0.196% CTR (Facebook average is reported to be 0.04%)

    Highest performing ad: 0.209% CTR, 0.07 average CPC.

    812 clicks –> 28 orders, final Conversion Rate: 3.45%

    Side note: this also generated 3 orders for 4HWW, 3 orders for Art of Nonconformity and a slew of RANDOM stuff including:

    1 x Actron CP5011 Panel, Trim and Molding Removal Set

    1 x The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment [Book]

    1 x The Brave Little Toaster [DVD]

    Let me know if you want the ad copy since the promotion is over, you could scale the ad to fans of Lifehacker / TED / Wired / etc

    – Nick

  25. ***CONTEST***

    Im a 22 year old student so logically then market I can reach best is the student market. Having the advantage of living in Holland where almost nobody knows you Tim, I decided to start of my “promotion” power by showing in all my classes and lectures some of the things that were achieved with the 4 hour work week. Hung up some posters with a little promotion about the 4HWW to get your name known around my university and city. I also went to all the larger bookshops in Maastricht to recommand people the “old”book, since I believe you needed your name out here in Holland ( Maastricht ), and show people that your style works. Working on getting your name and achieved results out ( people had difficulties believing the stories I told them, but after showing some of the business cases your put on your site about the muses they started to believe it) was the first big step.

    The second step happend then this week with the promotion of your book, I almost spammed the university here by means of posting flyers, sending emails (Not spam!!!), talking to people and called the university newspaper and the local one to convince them to have an article featuring me conducting one of your “experiments” , I proposed the 28 pounds of muscle gaining in 28 days competition or one of the losing fat methods in your book. The idea behind it is that people can see the result of your book, proving that its not a “fake” or anything like that. And when that is achieved, I think you can sit back and relax and enjoy multiple sales from holland. The newspapers told me they would call me back this week but im convinced that I can get a part of this experiment in there.

    so if I conclude it all I –>

    Step1 :

    promoted your name and results from the 4HWW to show that you are a serious person with even more serious results by –> fly-ering, small talks on every oppertuinity I could get at public speaking places, talking to the big librarys, and showing the results of the business cases you have online


    Getting the new book out there –> more flyering, emailing the university with links to your new site, using my personal network to get you known. And using myself as an experiment to show the people that your ways of gaining muscle / losing fat are true and do work. This will then be posted in the local newspaper and university one which ofcourse will cause a lot of talking.

    Hopefully you like the ideas Tim, and maybe untill Argentina where we can snowboard/ski together! 😉 would be great!


    I also got a book for my “fat” mother, and she is telling my that she will use your methods. Im a 100% sure they will work, so that means that thanks to you she will finally get thinner and more healthy….thanks a lot for that…

  26. What a nightmare! Pre-ordered 2 copies of the 600 page beast long ago and paid extra for the 2 day shipping because I wanted the book ASAP. 4 Hour Body shipped with DHL (big mistake as the DHL head service center has essentially no direct contact with their various countrywide hubs ie. they enter a ticket into the system and it gets answered within 1 business day…since it’s Friday it will get answered next week egad!).

    I noticed the package arrived at the Calgary center on Wednesday in the morning and has been sitting there ever since (it was cleared from customs too). No attempted deliveries (the phone representative confirmed this), my ticket will be answered by Monday, and the place my package is sitting is 2 trains and a bus away from my place…..looks like I’ll be getting the book next week #*&$&$^@!@!

    Finished Paleo Solution last week and was looking forward to annihilating my adenosine receptors with caffeine all weekend, training, and piling through 4 Hour Body. So disappointed…..I think I’ll dive into a few of your chocolate croissants Tim.

    Regardless, very stoked for the book as a whole!!! Hopfully DHL can get me the book on Monday…I guess this would be the benefit of a Kindle….

  27. The postman dropped the book on my doorstep. It put a hole in the porch.

    The 4HB is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. A ridiculous value.

    It feels like I got away with something, that I should have paid more.


  28. ***CONTEST***

    I know I got a VERY late start in the promotional part of this contest! I posted to my blog, Facebook, and a tweet. Not much, but I just started tonight and am trying to pick up the promotional knack, you Tim, are my inspiration! I wish that I would have checked things sooner, but I am a dude that spends a lot of time outside. Hence, the gravitation toward the 4HWW and the 4HB!

    I know that my contribution is slight, but please, please consider me for the trip to Patagonia. I am out in the backcountry skiing every week here in Idaho. I love steep, I love deep and everything in between. I will show up with a small pack, avy beacon, and skis. Ready to burn some quads!

    So I humbly ask for consideration. Patagonia is my Mecca. Knee deep pow is my 72 virgins.

    Thank you,


  29. @Mullet: I also find this an issue. Why wait? If everyone who agrees would add 1-3 links (or a chapter) from their book and repost the starter set below, we’d have the whole book done pretty quickly. [Sorry for the repost; wanted it to appear at bottom.]


    Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger

    Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger

    Munger’s Worldly Wisdom

  30. Hi Tim,

    I just bought 3 copies of the book off of Amazon.

    I filled out the form and attached the screen shot at the end of the form. The file name did not show up and I saw the caption that said “it can take a few minutes AFTER hitting submit,” so I pressed submit.

    I am not sure if I uploaded the screen shot or not. I’m sorry, is there any way for me to verify if I filled out the form correctly?

    I will try submitting the form again.

    Thanks for giving me an irresistible option for Christmas gifts for my family this year!

    1. Ok,

      I just re read the rules and I missed the “US shipping addresses for the books.” If I may, can I explain that I live in Honolulu, Hawaii – but I have family that live in Saipan, a U.S. territory in the Northern Marianas Islands. I had Amazon ship one book to Honolulu, and two books to Saipan for my family.

      Does formatting my shipping this way disqualify me from the 3 book purchase reward?

      Thank you.

  31. So i ordered a copy when you put up the bonuses and it got delivered the other day. Surprise…today I got the two other copies that I had pre-ordered in September and forgotten. I sent in the two receipts tonight to beat the midnight deadline. Now I’ve got a couple of great Xmas presents for those who have been especially nice during this past year. Well done, Tim.


    Even if I’m not chosen as the winner, I’m glad that I participated in this contest purely as an exercise in overcoming the thought processes that lead to inaction. I’m honestly content with what I’ve done because I was able to overcome all of the common sticking points that prevent us from doing what we want, most notably the tendency to over-estimate the competition and under-estimate ourselves covered in the 4HWW.

    Using to track clicks, I originally wanted to test posting three status updates to my Facebook profile that were roughly the same in subject matter at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening) to see if there was any effect. Unfortunately with you can’t create multiple short links for one long URL in order to test different postings (at least that I could find in my brief research). This meant for each test I had to link to a different page in order to generate a unique link, so I had to change the content of the statuses to match. This caused me to change my test to see if any of a variety of promotional methods generated substantially more interaction. I tested my personal recommendation, a time constraint, highlights and free content from the book, and a more in-depth recommendation with highlights from the book in an e-mail.

    You can go to my Facebook page (which I put in the Website field of this form) to see each of the statuses, but these are the sites I linked to and the method I used:

    Amazon – My personal recommendation of Tim and the book

    1 & 3 Book Promo – Time constraint to buy

    Table Of Contents/Free Chapter – shorter bullet points of topics from the book

    4HB Site – more in-depth recommendation from me and more detailed bullet points from the book in e-mails to my men’s league hockey team and my former college hockey teammates.

    Since I don’t know how many impressions each Facebook post made, I have no idea what the click-through rate was for the different statuses. However, as long as you assume that each post got viewed roughly the same amount on Facebook (I posted them all within 4 hours of each other) none of the posting that I did generated statistically significant results. The Sample Chapter got 7 clicks, the bonuses with time-constraints got 5 clicks, and the Amazon page got 4 clicks. The e-mails went out to 33 people and got 2 clicks, which is a click-through rate of 6%.

    That’s what I did, thanks for encouraging me to do it Tim!

    (P.S. I got one of the last “surprise” signed copies from Union Square today on my way home from work. Thanks for that too Tim!)

  33. Picked up a copy Tuesday! Started Slow-Carb Wednesday. Results Thursday according to my scale!

    I’ve told all my clients and all my friends. After I tell them all the good stuff I mention there’s Sex Too! You can hear them grabbing their keys to leave…conversation over.

    Best of luck. Miss India for me.


  34. Great job Tim! Got the book this afternoon and am about half way through. Quite a few friends and family members will be getting this for Christmas. I love how you break so many of the common misconceptions on nutrition and fitness in an easy to understand way. Now I can just recommend your book instead of explaining all this to clients!

  35. ** CONTEST ENTRY **

    Tim, when I saw the prize for the contest, and knowing my week was a little less busy than usual, I couldn’t resist. Travel junkie here, been to 44 countries and counting, including the least visited in the world. (Any guesses?) India is not one of those 44, but is high on my list – so I just couldn’t let the contest pass me by.

    I also had what I think is a very helpful idea – that a huge target market for your book will be gay men (despite one PARTICULAR section of the book being, perhaps, not so interesting to them!)

    I have come across a couple pieces of market research of late, one that identifies body-image as a critical issues for gay men; another which talks about body-image, its link to self-esteem, and unfortunate link to HIV-conversion rates amongst youth, aboriginal populations, and gay/bi men.

    I happen to have extensive links and knowledge in the gay sport community, internationally – so I saw a natural fit, and an interesting testing opportunity!

    I did some initial testing with the time and resources I had available, which have had excellent results and click-throughs vs. the traffic. There are two high-traffic websites for gay men focused on sport, health and exercise – I posted in the forums on both of these sites. I chose a fun title to attract attention: “The Wikileaks of Body-Science.” One was moderated, but the other was allowed, and received over 300 views, more than double the views of other threads initiated the same day. A post in a gay body-builders category (titled “Finally! Some respect for body-builders’ knowledge.” – referenced your first chapter mention of the knowledge in the bb community) also received over 100 views, again more than double the views of posts made around the same time.

    I did not have much luck with comments on the mainstream gay news/information sites, but my forum comments were allowed on a couple local community sites, and they seem to have driven traffic as well.

    I tracked with two links:

    1. An (via link to track sales, converting as of Dec 17th at 5.77% (only you can tell me how that compares to conversions from other sources.)

    2. A link pointing to your table of contents and first chapter blog post. This link substantially outperformed the link to Amazon (so you’ll have to tell me how sales went for that traffic!)

    All told, this initial testing makes an excellent case for an advertising spend on the top gay men’s websites and mobile apps.

    With limited time remaining, I decided to run a short Google AdWords campaign to further test a few keywords based on the learnings above. Reports available to you (and a nifty little ad, if I may say so myself!)

    I think another great way to get in front of millions of gay male eyeballs is to get Fortier to send a gay-ified version of your press release and a sample copy of your book to English-language gay publications and websites, if you haven’t done so already. I have a list of these prepared for you, along with a red-lined version of the press release with my suggested changes. This in addition to using your big box ads in a couple of select placements (suggestions included in the package I’ll send you privately.)

    Of course, I also worked my Facebook profile & Twitter feed (almost 1000 mostly gay guys between the two), and posted to a popular gay bloggers Facebook fan page (30,600 fans.)

    There you go, Tim! Hopefully these efforts helped with this week’s goal, will continue driving traffic and sales – and that we can dine with Miss India sometime (what a cool prize.) Feel comfortable e-mailing me at any time for a list of the sites used in the efforts above, and for the reports and other goodies I’ve put together. I look forward to sending them your way.

    And.. uh.. “may your yuletide be merry AND gay!” 😉



  36. CONTEST:

    I am an award winning, WGA represented screenwriter and I will write a treatment for a “bio pic” of your life Tim, (al la “Capote and “Walk the Line”) in the vein of the film “Rudy” and submit it to the top four national screenwriting contests.

  37. * Contest *

    Dear Tim,

    Since the day I found out about this competition I have been promoting it in full force. I’ve used two main ways to advertise your life changing book the internet and through personal contact.

    As for the internet. I’ve decided to channel all of the tools available. I’ve first sent my emails to team of peers who are interested and together we have been sending a continuous flow of emails to others. Second I’ve decided to channel my Facebook page posting a link to your book on amazon with a personal link. A lot of my peers have checked it out immediately and have ordered your book. Next i decided to channel Digg by posting a link to your book under the title “learn how to give a 15 minute orgasm” and have done so with Reddit as well. I have posted a link to your 4hourbody website on reddit as well under “Learn to hack your body”. Since these are “fresh” links hits will starting pouring in later, and of course I’ve sent a tweet as well linking to your website.

    Next I learned through your 4 hour work week that I should not refrain from contacting all those i can without fear. So I decided to go for all of the big guns. This would be contacting Yahoo news health blog writer Heather Hawkins (recently published the article on fitness fads), Askmen, Menshealth, and former Mr.Texas Rehan Jalali a trainer to many celebrities and athlethes who I believe has been applying Pareto principal from the start as well. I have a copy of the emails I have sent. Mrs.Hawkins has just contacted me with interest and has asked me to send her a copy of your book. I am expecting a reply from the rest as well other then Menshealth.

    Last of all I’ve contacted many peers and friends and decided to spread the good word of this fabulous book. Several of us have taken a challenge to fulfill at least one thing within your book. This led me to the further idea that i would completely follow your guide and record ever prospect of my progress. From there I plan to advertise your book through out my college campus (its winter break and my university campus is empty for now but I will crack back at it this spring). I plan on posting my info and progress on youtube to reach a wider audience. Lets see how far we can get this movement.

    Congratulations Tim on your momentous book and your great success. If you have any question please be sure to contact me. Best of wishes, hope to hear from you soon.


    Hamza A.

  38. I’d like to see Kindle purchases be counted for the NY Times Bestseller. I bought my Kindle to be more green, and to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Too many books, not enough space. Love your stuff Tim, been following you for years. Keep up the innovation!

  39. Tim, I’ve read quite a few chapters already since receiving your book I pre-ordered in the mail. You are awesome, I’ve always enjoyed your work! 4HWW was killer and now 4HB is sure to deliver!

    What makes it dynamic is you not only provide solid information (experiments, data, research, etc.) but it is written in an easy-to-understand-no-frills tone. You are certainly a madman, but a lovable madman at that. To one man, this is an obsession, to another, this is pure human curiosity at its best. Congrats!!!!

  40. I purchased the Kindle version yesterday so I could read it on my android. I decided that the best gift this year is giving your book to two of my friends so I purchased two hard-copies from B&N.

    I used the receipt for the kindle one for my free ebook and the receipt for the two hard-copy books so one of my friends can get the free ebook am I sill able to ask for the bonus for three books?


  41. *** Contest ***

    I am a Dutch guy been busy with sports and exercise all my life, and always looking for new knowledge about it, as well as improving sleep/the human mind. Trying also things like Pavel’s Hit the Deck program, and reaching 140 pushups < 2minutes after 2 times the 2 week program, importing kettlebells while not available here already etc. Always looking to find a way to reach the optimal results with optimal techniques and systems.

    4 Hour Body has been a great read therefore so far, especially when I found out there were a lot of my favorite authors and methods involved with it (Berardi, Pavel, Mahler, Janda situps, and even Steve Pavlina although not training related).

    Before I read the book I was quite skeptical, but know I'm more than happy to recommend it to people who could be very beneficial to promoting your books, but even far more important to also reach people who can use your books and methods. I already contacted friends and associates of me who can reach a lot of people people I know who are very active in the exercise world. People who were study mates of me, and finished degrees in Exercise Psychology, or Exercise Science, my physical therapist, a moderator on a famous exercising forum, and asked them to critically look at it to test the methods. I introduced them a few years ago when I got in contact with Pavel Tsatsouline's material to his methods, and he was still unknown (especially here in Holland, still is unknown) and after being very skeptical they tried his methods with great success and now promoting his methods to people they know and so on. I'm sure by doing this they created some sort of chain reaction, and a lot of people can benefit from it know.

    Your book could do the same or even more, and besides I started already on some discussion forums topics about your book, this will create attention, but I'm sure that by reaching the people who are active in the exercise field (also academics) you're book will find its way to a lot of people by them also posting online and talking to others about it.

    The Four Hour Workweek inspired me to a 5 month trip through Asia, which has been one of the greatest experiences of my life (thanks a lot for this by the way), since then traveling as much as I can, and recommending it to a lot of friends, and they recommend it again and so on. This might be not the most shiny promotion method, but I'm sure it will reach a lot of people this way that will benefit, you have to reach the right influential people ;).

  42. Hello,

    I have a Contest Update. The following actions have been taken in effort to promote 4 HB.

    1. The Book has been posted in an Atlanta medical office at the front desk in two locations (midtown & south Atlanta). It is available to patients and staff to read during the reception waiting period and breaks. Office treats between 120-180 patients per week.

    2. The Book is on display at the popular Atlanta restaurant Lunacy Black Market, where it was picked up and discussed by a group of 10 people within 10 minutes of placement (pictures and contacts available. A most illuminating conversation as well)

    3. 5 signed copies purchased

    4. Shared by 3 FB “tastemakers” in North Georgia region with total reach of apprx. 7000 friends, several of whom I recognize in the sidebar FB friends of this blog as of 11:48 pm tonight (kind of cool).

    5. AD to be worn by marathoner and former professional rugby player/champ, now physician for upcoming race season. Possible ad placement with prominent running store franchise in Atlanta area.

    6. Email sent to 33 people with Amazon Associates link. 22% click rate, 0% conversion as of post time.

    7. Follow-up email will probably see results on Monday. Follow-up telephone calls elicited 30 commitments to forward emails to health and wellness conscious folks as well as those who have had problems losing weight or reaching life goals.

    8. Agreement with Sensei C. Williams of Moreland, GA to recommend and carry copies of book when working with Martial Arts & Quantum Touch students (display copy is one signed copy)

    9. One copy en route to NASA Ames Satellite Engineer. In exchange for signed copy he has agreed to display prominently and review.

    10. In contact with boutique retailers in SF, Tampa, Atlanta for display copy placement (names and contacts upon request).

    11. Display ad placed at midtown atlanta condominium community of 800+, primarily healthcare professionals and professional creatives.

    12. Display copy at IOU Barber/Salon

    13. In discussion to place display copy with Helmet Hairworx

    14. Added discussion of “The 15-minute Female Orgasm” to suburban bookclub.

    15. Copy on display in studio of 3-time Grammy-award winning audio engineer

    16. Discussions in progress for reference in sermon at two Atlanta megachurches.

    17. Messages left with major Atlanta radio stations Q100, 98.5, V103 for book giveaway during holiday season

    18. In discussion with Saturday morning Health Show for give-away of book (discussion centers on which show is best suited to the give-away and when the regular host will be present instead of his substitute)

    19. Contact made with Delilah Show for potential review of book in New Year

    20. Contact made with FAMU radio and FSU radio in Tallahassee, Fl for book give-away in 2011.

    That’s about it. More detail is available, especially on the “contact made” references as I felt it safer to be vague on the blog but willing to share details via email. Thanks for this challenge, it has been illuminating and a cool learning experience. Best of luck with the book and thanks for the new reading material.

    Cheers & Merry Festivus!


    **Four Hour Body Promotion**

    By Brian Evans

    1) I PRODUCED A SHORT FILM to Promote the Book (That I personally acted in, wrote and produced) called The Book Signing. This done start to completion in the last 48 hours.


    MY GOAL: I wanted to create a promotional campaign that went way beyond traditional mediums and went into the realm of extraordinary, breakthrough and cutting edge. I hope not only that this helped generate thousands of book sales, but that my marketing tactics will inspire people and encourage others to create equally great books and products knowing that there are many great ways to promote a book other than the standard marketing mediums. You don’t have to be a marketing genius with 8 years of college to create an outstanding marketing campaign, you just need to be inspired and go with it.

    2) I OUTSOURCED PROMOTION TO A HOMELESS MAN in front of a busy Harvard Square bookstore.


    MORE INFO: I wanted to help a homeless man get a meal and put some money in his pocket (and a copy of The 4-Hour Body) while helping me promote the book to a very busy Harvard Square bookstore in Cambridge, MA. I’m very proud of this and believe that if replicated all over the country, not only would it generate incredible, positive, buzz about the book; it would generate thousands of sales, bring homeless people into a better light and help & inspire a lot of people. Homeless people in this country are treated unfairly, unfortunate circumstance has usually brought them to where they are and they are a great resource to help do all sorts of projects in the local community, it’s all about giving them the chance. We are all the same.

    3) I wrote a teaser blog post on Daily Conversions with the trailer video.


    4) I Emailed over 5,000 Internet Marketers from a list I built on my blog Daily Conversions and told them that 70% of the people on that email list were fat or out of shape, which is actually true and based on a case study down over the summer.


    5) Tweeted over 1,100+ people several times throughout the last few days.


    6) Facebook’d over 250 friends.


    7) Hired 120 people to help from poorer countries to help promote the Blog Post on Daily Conversions talking about the book.

    8) Made a pop up page and advertised it to 3,333 people on the following sites:



    9) Made a viral Facebook Fan page called The Best Last Minute X-Mas Gift and gained hundreds of Likes virally by giving them the ability to send it to all of their friends in a custom easy to follow viral Facebook distribution format.


    10) Created a video picture/slideshow montage:


    ***with permission I would love to submit my Short Film featuring The 4-Hour Body to film festivals all over the country, as one of my continued efforts to promote the book extremely cost effectively at the cutting edge.

    –> Thank you to everyone who helped me make this campaign possible (you know who you are.) For everyone else, thanks for reading, looking and viewing my campaign! I hope I influenced you in a positive and uplifting way.


      1. @greg – thanks! Put a lot of hard work into it!

        @Michael – it was submitted on time, the way wordpress works it just doesn’t become visible until they press “Approve” on the backend, if they are on a backlog of comments for example.

  44. Contest.

    Hey Tim!

    My sister and I created some home videos promoting 4HB

    .. so far we’ve got 130 views.

    You helped me like you have no idea. It’s the least I can do!

    #1 NYT best seller!

    Go for it tiger!

  45. Contest.

    Hey Tim!

    My sister and I created some home videos promoting 4HB

    .. so far we’ve got 130 views.

    You helped me like you have no idea. It’s the least I can do!

    #1 NYT best seller!

    Go for it tiger!

  46. Arrrgh I wish I looked at this blog earlier!!! I have the best idea for the promotion and I totally would have won…

    I’ll be keeping my eye out for more contests.

    Started reading both workweek and body today. I’m intrigued…



    Been waiting for your book ever since we met in San Fran a while back.

    Anyway, me and my buddy Brooks Hollan have started two websites to promote your book, in addition to FB, YouTube and Social Media.

    Posted the websites…but were held in moderation. So re posting.

    The first is kind of funny, but the second is a serious site as far as getting people to actually put the lessons of your book into ACTION!

    Check out the video here (funny): 1000+ views

    and the serious site here: 1000+ hits

    This video is HILARIOUS (especially at 1:50) – boost your metabolism 300%! About 700 views and counting in about a week.

    All of our friends have bought the book, and we have everybody in the gym super psyched as well! I was actually ripping through the book until Brooks told me about your blog post, so I’m taking a break to post.

    Keep up the great work….and see you in India kid!!

    Onward and upward!

    Drew Canole

  48. ** CONTEST ENTRY **

    I just learned about the contest and had already purchased two copies (physical hard cover and electronic – I can’t put the book down! It’s on my nightstand, Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone) and I just purchased another as a give away for the launch of Curvy Fitness. A new site I’m launching based on the success of one of my other fitness/diet sites.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 16 years and was a weight lifter heading for competition until I had two car accidents a year apart that made it so I couldn’t work out for two years. During that time I also had cervical cancer and the necessary surgery and treatments.

    Though I was finally approved for running and body weight workouts in early 2010, I never accomplished what I could with weight lifting. With Lupus I’m not able to do much outdoors (sun allergy), am exhausted all the time, and have been depending on the ECA stack for energy once a day, every day (which I’m now stopping to convert to your stack).

    Over the last year I’ve been working diligently to advance my businesses, my day job, get debt free, and help support my family in Canada. And I’ve been successful with all of them. Just not successful with my body transformation to competition shape. Another cancer diagnosis in July certainly didn’t help, but that’s being dealt with.

    So, for 2011, hopefully cancer free, and after being thoroughly enthralled with The Four Hour Body, I’ll be seeing just what I can accomplish as a vegetarian with limited workout options, following your book as closely as possible (and as safely as possible) and posting photos, daily food intake with times, supplement reviews, weight stats, measurements, basically everything you did in your book — even the embarrassing stuff — but from the perspective of a woman starting with 130 lbs to lose and various restrictions that many people use as excuses to not get healthy. Once the site is established and I have results to show, I’ll start a local (St. Louis) Four Hour Body Meet-up group (I already run three other groups) to show people that it works, and help them get on track. To help start a movement, if you will.

    I’ve already ordered all of the supplements, have a kettlebell on the way, have a book for the launch, and a food plan written up to accommodate my requirements (starting Monday as suggested in the book). I want to be a positive female example for myself, my family (both my mother and sister are quite overweight and neither has ever been successful losing), and others.

    Most importantly I want to use the knowledge you have so painstakingly sacrificed yourself for to get me back to who I was and to who I want to be again. This may not win the trip, but it’s worth putting out there nonetheless.

  49. — Contest —

    Even though I didn’t see the contest post until Thursday morning I decided to go for it since the Argentina trip looks absolutely amazing.

    I had bought the 30 book deal so figured I could do something with the extra books I had coming my way. What I decided to do was do a 36 books in 36 hours giveaway on Facebook. 36 in 36 had a good ring to it and decided to pay for the extra books to send out.

    So I fired up a facebook fan page and a landing page to funnel traffic though; then got to work on the traffic end.

    I started with ad-buys and bought some text-links/banner ads of a few different sites and started sending traffic in.

    From there I went to PPC traffic and bid on a bunch of keywords to start pumping some traffic in from there.

    Next I setup Facebook Ads and started sending in traffic that way.

    After that I went to PPV & Contextual ads and started forcing in some fitness/gym/workout traffic that would be interested in the deal.

    Next was some twitter traffic from a sponsored tweet service.

    By the end of the first day traffic was starting to roll in slowly but surely; and was at around 250 friends by the evening.

    That night I decided to try and hit the radio shows the next morning. So that night I found a couple virtual assistants to start going through and emailing all the top morning radio show hosts across the country. Their goal was to contact them and tell them a little bit about the book and the 36 in 36 giveaway.

    The next day (today) momentum really started to build up. All the existing advertising in place along with word of mouth got the new “likes” coming in pretty quick. As of the time of this writing we’re at 850 friends right now and they keep coming in pretty steady.

    The stats in Facebook are showing:

    559 Monthly Active Users

    330 Daily New Likes

    7,812 Daily Post Views

    I’m pretty sure that’s an average over the past 2 days. Since we’re way over the 559 active users.

    It’s hard to track what response if any the virtual assistants emailing radio hosts brought in. However today’s traffic was huge compared to yesterday. It could be a mix of everything coming into play with the ads, word of mouth, etc.

    I wish I saw the post a little bit earlier as it’s awesome to watch everything start snowballing in. The facebook page could definitely be kept alive and continue to keep the 4-Hour Body in their eyes. Possibly sending out fitness tips & also coupons or discounts for specials on purchases.

    Thanks for everything Tim! been a fan for awhile now.

    1. Tim,

      Just had a chance to swing by the office and get together some screenshots for stats.

      They are all in one big image you can see here:

      The Virtual Assistants ended up getting back some good feedback from morning show hosts who were interested in copies of the book or more information. I’d assume that we got mentioned in at least couple places due to the traffic spike which occurred the 2nd day.

      I ended up giving away a total of 39 books. 36 in the hourly giveaways plus another 3 books to random contests that were held to get more people involved.

      And the Facebook page is still continuing to grow nicely right now it’s at 1,039 people. At the end of the contest it was only at 850.


  50. Hey Tim,

    My sister and I created some home videos promoting 4HB

    .. so far we’ve got 130 views.

    You helped me like you have no idea. This is the least I can do..

    #1 NYT best seller!

    Go for it tiger!

  51. Not sure if I missed out, but I submitted on both forms.

    I pre-ordered the book on Amazon back in October. On the release day I purchased the audiobook from Audible and the kindle version from Amazon. Technically three, but not clear if that counts.

    Feedback on the Audiobook:

    I wasn’t thrilled that it was abridged. For future audiobooks (both 4HWW and 4HB) you should have multiple readers. It is hard to follow when you are including sections that are from other people. Other than that I enjoyed both books. I like to listen to a book before I read it. I’m in the actual reading stage now of 4HB.

  52. *****Contest******

    Hi Tim,

    Good news and bad news. The bad news is my computer either has a virus or a jacked up memory stick. This took way more time than I would have liked. The good news is I set up my first fan page, press release, and set up a viral FBML code. The result is I got picked up by an online radio station that happens to be in San Diego for recurring segments on how I apply the principles in your book. I have a feeling this will lead to more press after the new year!

    Knowing that New Years is when everyone want’s to achieve the impossible, I went ahead and published a press release claiming the impossible but more importantly being accountable for it. I not only mentioned your book but also a blog where I would be testing and implementing your strategies. Since I have already done the “impossible” by fasting for a month and a half straight in the past, a local radio station agreed to have me being a weekly guest on their online radio show proving that your methods work… if they don’t I’m SOL but I have faith haha.

    Just came from a bar right now and trying to beat the clock so if this seems like a rant I’m sorry but I had a blast either way! Best of luck with your sales for the rest of the weekend!

    Oh yeah, apart from doing the press release and combating the evil virus demons I was able to set up a facebook campaign that got thousands of impressions. Since Amazon takes a while to set up affiliate links I was promoting my fan page and the link you placed on your blog. I hope you don’t mind 😉 But since it wasn’t my link I’m not sure how to measure the sales, sorry.

    I also noticed that Target didn’t pick up your book for some reason but have no fear the other night when I was there looking for it (Barnes and Noble delayed my signed editions which are being raffled off on my fanpage by the way) there was a group of chicks picking up a Biggest Loser book. I told them that they should pick up The 4 Hour Body online because it had all kind of body hacks that networks like NBC didn’t have the balls to make shows out of. They picked my brain for a bit, luckily I was familiar with your blog posts, and I blew their mind. They said they would jump on Amazon as soon as they got home.

    Wow, this is just past midnight and I still haven’t finished! But I hope my out of the box thinking might have helped clench this one. Unfortunately the press that I have attained will have delayed reactions but as a whole I think they will be the most long lasting. Apart from picking up a weekly segment on the radio so far two of the on air talent have agreed to take part on at least one of the segment challenges. Yeah, I plan on doing a lot of them 😉

    Even if I don’t win let me know if you want more information on my segments so you can listen or partake online. Que viva la revolucion y todo ese show…

    Pura Vida!


    P.S. like I mentioned above this will be ongoing promotion (even if I don’t win) which will also integrate somethings that might not have been mentioned in your book such as chaga, cordyceps, maca, kava and other amazing superfoods! I hope your book can help change the way we look at nutrition and health and I will do anything I can to aid in the process. So will Drew Conole but if he wins make sure he keeps his shirt on!

  53. Hey Tim,

    I got an email asking for some delivery information for a free copy of the 4HB for helping with your surveys a while back. Was this legitimate? I’m dying to read your book and I’m not sure if the book is coming or not….



  54. Hi Tim,

    Great book! I like it a lot.

    In the book you talk about the importance of using aged garlic for the PAGG stack, but the link in the PDF file and on the bodybuilding site goes to a regular garlic supplement. So is it important to use an aged garlic supplement or not?

    Can you confirm that it should be 200 mg of allicin and not 300 mg? The reason I ask is because the supplements you link to contain 300 mg of allicin, but in the book it says that you used 200 mg.



  55. Hi Tim,

    I was surprised you have not mentioned wheat bran in the book. 1/4 cup contains only 10 gram of total carbs and 6 g fiber, so it is only 4 g of effective carbs per serving. Do you approve the use of wheat bran and chia seeds?

    Another question if I may: Does Cissus Quadrangularis work without the PAGG stack? It is not clear from the book if it should always be taken with the PAGG, AGG or if it works on its own. What is the protocol for taking CQ? Could you please clarify?

    And finally, does drinking Yerba Mate tea work with something other than Athletic Greens, they are very expensive. I have heard that Yerba Mate tea works on its own when one drinks it 30 minutes prior to eating, is it true? Have you found any other way to empty the stomach the stomach quickly on the binge days? Have you tried Triphala extract and or magnesium oxide?


  56. Hey Tim, I’ve lost 6 pounds in 4 days. Sweeet. I already bought hard copy and Kindle ebook. It’s saturday 13h30 Eastern time. Can I still have the 3 book promotion because I live in Quebec but I have a friend who is going to be in Florida for 3 weeks, so with a US Adress I would buy 3 more books?

  57. 1 Tim there are going to be a ton of questions you wont possibly be able to answer them all any chance of a forum in the future like the 4HWW one

    2 In the book when you talk of the insulin effects of splenda is that the The pure sucrolose drops have no malodextrin and zero cal so might not have the insulin effect

  58. Tim – I received my 5 signed copies this week…geeked….cannot wait to learn more about what you’ve learned and to share the wisdom.

    Okay….silly question perhaps…but how can I verify the “autograph”?

    I ask because it is not obvious it spells Tim or Ferriss…and it has a smiley face.

    However, it is consistent…same in each book

    Thanks for forging the path.


    1. Hahaha… good question! I’ll show pics later of my signing set up, but rest assured — I signed every one myself. I was offered the option of “mechanizing” my signature to automate it, and I declined, as I felt it would be dishonest.

      I signed every one! 🙂

      Happy holidays,


      1. Ordered two books and the signatures are different…..figured you got tired as time went on 🙂 One book you can easily make out the Tim and F, but the other is less than obvious, but they both do have the smiley face.

      2. Erick! I varied the signatures as my wrist and hand got cramped, and as I got bored! I did most of them while listening to the movie Snatch in the background, just for entertainment TMI. Signing thousands of sheets is more tiring than you might expect!

      3. Figured as much…..good thing you’re superhuman…..not sure I’d have the stamina to sign that many copies 😉 Good movie BTW.

        Awesome book so far!

  59. Hey Tim

    Awesome book, love it, but how do I access the bonus material? I have the kindle version and no links..?


  60. Got a question!

    I read the losing fat part. You advocating eating legumes. Since, you showcased Robb Wolf on your blog who oppose legume eating. Robb Wolf made his point it contribute to health problem aka leaky guts.

    I would like to see your point of view elaborating on why we should eat legumes in contrast to Robb Wolf’s fact-finding of how dangerous legumes can be.

    I hope to get better understanding on incorporating legumes in my diet.

  61. Hey Tim! Got my pre- ordered book and immediately went to turn to the page on removing stubborn thigh fat. That is the only thing in my way of having a “perfect” body. Darn! I see from the comments that the bonus stuff is coming soon. I would pay $1000 just for that info. The other stuff is fabulous. Looking forward to supermodel thighs…

  62. Squee… finally got my signed copy from the B&N pre-order today. Also ordered 3 extras from Amazon this week (which I got before my pre-order… Go Amazon?) and gave one to one of my best friends with the “15 minute Female Orgasm” specifically bookmarked, we both got a giggle out of it and then I was like “No, seriously though…”

    I appreciate the little smiley. 😀

  63. Tim: Thanks for the book. It was an entertaining read, though time will tell if I’m able to apply the techniques properly 🙂

    Do you plan to setup any kind of community forum for 4HB readers? I already have a few questions I’d like to ask you, but I realize you’re super busy. The end of the book mentioned a message board, but I’m unable to find it on site.

  64. *** Contest ***

    Here are the links to the videos –


    All videos are less than 1min and 30 sec.


  65. Tim.

    A great book, packed with very useful information. I plan to start the Slow Carb diet and a modified version of the machine based work-out plan tomorrow. I am 6′ 2″ , 280 pounds, over 33% body fat and in desperate need a lifestyle change. The one cheat day and simple no-brainer consistent meal plan really appeals to me.

    (The Chipotle diet is also tempting as I can eat their fare 3 times a day 7 days a week!)

    This is book that has so many health hacks, it’s ridiculous. One request: What’s a good solution for snoring?

    Thanks for all you do. I have been a fan of your books and blog since The 4 Hour Workweek first hit the shelves.


    1. You are a pretty big guy. Have you been tested for sleep apnea? If not, you should consider getting a sleep test done to check to see if you have sleep apnea. With your weight and the snoring combination, sleep apnea could be the cause. Do you wake up during the evening often? Do you feel rested when you wake up. Are you sluggish in the afternoon’s. Anyway. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine. The snoring went away immediately. I had a friend of mine tested, a former professional baseball player, and sure enough it was sleep apnea. Good luck.


  66. Hi Tim,

    I got an email asking for some delivery information for a free copy of the 4HB for helping with your surveys a while back. Was this legitimate?


  67. Hi Tim! I purchased 10 copies from the Land Rush event with eventbrite, do you know when those are expected to ship?

    Also, I received some of my bonuses, but the three I haven’t gotten any info about are:

    – AppSumo bundle (see Slideshare above for details), courtesy of Matt Smith and Noah Kagan ($160)

    – 1-month virtual assistant with ($55)

    – 1-hour group Q&A conference call with Tim (Priceless)

    Mu purchase said digital stuff would be delivered the week of 12/14 so I thought I’d check in in case I missed something.

    Thank you! LOVE LOVE LOVE the book!!

  68. Hi everyone.

    I have a question regarding Slow Carb Diet I

    Ok when you say Eat the Same Few Meals over and over again…

    Does that mean that once you pick a Protein/Legume/Veggie…EXAMPLE Breakfast= [ Eggs, Black Beans, Spinach] – do you stick with that particular breakfast for the whole week, the whole month? Or can you mix and match every single day….?

    Thanks, loving the book…a lot!

    1. HI Marco,

      It just means that you don’t constantly try and vary your meals. Feel free to rotate your favorite 2-4 meals for each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

      Good luck,


  69. Soooo, Tim… what now/what’s next?

    Probably others have asked you that already, and for sure also you yourself. Although I don’t know you, I would bet the farm that you’re a person that can’t ‘sit stil’l. Not that I would expect anything in particular from your side, I’d say you have achieved more than the usual mortal person.

    While the normal mortals would indeed ‘sit still’ and enjoy the achievements of the past: what does a Tim Ferriss think of already? Another book… sorry, bestseller? Maybe “The 4 Hour Party?” 🙂

    Best regards from Greece,


  70. Hey, Tim,

    Gotta say, I *love* your book. Just as un-put-down-able as the 4 hour work week, which I’ve already recommended to anyone who’d sit still long enough, and which I still refer to regularly as I’m starting a company, and need the inspiration.

    I do have a *major* complaint about 4HB, though:

    I live in the UK. Whilst $14.50 is acceptable for a dead-tree version, and $9.99 is a (much) more acceptable price for a kindle version, the kindle version is not available to me here in the UK…and why would I pay more to generate more rubbish, CO2, and horrible chemical processes shipping a dead-tree version across the pond?

    The ‘net is my friend. I can read your book now, electronically, in whatever format I choose, and on whatever device seems convenient. However, this is counter-productive, because it would deny you a sale, reducing your incentive, and I’d have less to read in the future.

    Please, please. I’m begging: show the corporate world how the future looks: release your books in an affordable non-drm ebook format globally *first* (I’d have already bought, if that were the case)…and *then* do the dead-tree thing.

    FWIW, I will be buying your book when it becomes available here. Value where value given.

    Please do let me know when I can purchase the ebook version here in the UK. Also, please keep writing. I truly enjoy your style of writing!


  71. Hi Tim,

    finally your book arrived here in germany and I almost read it in 2 days. Really cool stuff!

    Just one short question for geek to freak. In your experiment you did 8 exercises (full body) but in the occam protocoll you have to 2 workouts with only 2 exercises.

    So in case I am regular at the gym isn’t 2 exercises way to less or why did you do 8 exercises. (I assume you did the same workout twice a week 5/5 cadence and one set to failure)

    Greetings from Germany


  72. Hey I bought the three book deal and fill out the form. Its been 72 hours and was expecting an Email with some info. I was only going to buy one book but the freebies sold me on 3. I started the diet from the pdf version 4 days ago and have $250 invested in the supplements so I know the value of the free stuff. I have already lost 10 lbs, and my blood sugar and cravings have come down to normal levels. Thanks for a great book. Please let me know what I need to do to get the free items other than filling out the online form. Sorry to put this in a public place but I can’t find out any more info , thanks

    1. Thanks so much Frank, and congrats on the great progress! I’ll get an email to you today or tomorrow!

      All the best,


    2. Hey Tim, same here, though I got the 1-book deal. I got my book off of, I’m fairly sure that doesn’t void the deal, right?

      Looking forward to reading this, but the physical book’s slated to ship in two to four weeks here in France, so I’m gonna need those pdfs if I want to get to it anytime soon.

      Thanks for all your work in any event, you’re quite an inspiration.


  73. Does anyone know where I can find the bonus material described in the back of the book? also does anybody know what page it says about using ginger if you are undermuscled?

  74. Hey Tim…

    I ordered 3 books and came back to the blog today to fill out the form, and it says “This form cannot be viewed by the public.”

    Is there another place to send, or did you close down the form? Bought on Amazon…



  75. Hey Tim,

    Love the book (both actually)…. question on the body measurement tools mentioned – have you experimented at all with this one?

    Thanks for the push to the edges of our comfort zones. As a practicing sports coach, and now educator of coaches, it’s amazing how hard it is to find people who are willing to challenge the status quo, critically reflect and search for the people who have found better solutions. Good on you for having the kahuna’s to take on that challenge, may you be well rewarded for doing so!

  76. Tim, nice job keeping your cool versus the aggression and interruptions during the ABC interview… kept your composure and addressed the questions in admirable fashion.

  77. Hey, Tim!

    Thanks for all the psychotic experimentation and sharing the benefits with us, the more timid.

    I have a question: I’m confused by your breakdown of PAGG. You say garlic: 200mg/4x a day, but then you recommend a bottle of 650mg solid pills. How do you break those down for 200mg at a time?

    Been on your diet for 4 months, lost 42 lbs. The workout for 3months is producing amazing results. The book just adds more details for me to devour. Thanks for the shout-out on the live web QA.


  78. Hey Tim,

    since you enjoy self-experimentation, can you find out if morning masturbation has any effect on fat loss? I’ll start the slow-carb diet on Tuesday (because for practical reasons, my cheat day has to be Monday), and I would love to know if masturbating would help.


    PS1: I’m not joking :-p

    PS2: I love the book!

  79. *Contest*

    Total of 448 clicks directly to promotion posts on your site.

    Total of 613 clicks to posts on my site promoting the giveaway, party and trailer.

    (through links)

    Not to shabby.

    hope it helped.


  80. So I finally woke up… Started when I read the first book 4HWW… and said to my self ishballs… I am in a service industry. Now finally a few years later and some forced hands of mine that had to be played… I am finally living the 4HWW.

    Problem #1 – I am bored to tears. I am not able to leave the country as of yet, Family man and just taking off hasn’t been the option yet.

    Problem #2 – I was overweight and blaming it on the work and stress. Now… I just know I am lazy.

    So I buy 4HB –

    Problem #3 – I click on Amazon and it is going to take to long… In my mind I need this NOW. So I bought the Itunes Version…. Sweet right, instant accesss. WRONG. There is way too much information involved and going on for me to digest it via iTunes…. Notes were flying and it was really painful to try to get that little slider to keep moving back so I could get the info… In all the haste, I didn’t turn in my reciept and get the PDF –

    Tim – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I have to donate more of my money to you for a “Real Book” but man you continue to inspire me. I am even taking your blog and placing it into my small information diet.

    I have the exact same insomnia you have (Onset) and have tortured my family for years with it. Pills either knock me out for 20 hours straight or don’t do anything until I do fall to sleep and then I am CRANKY as all get out the next a.m. I am looking forward to taking on the fat Shredding and Sleep ideas… HERE I COME ICE BATH!!

    p.S. Am I missing all the cool stuff like you gave away via site, last book? I was hoping there was a supplies list for the various regiments on there. Just put in word number… on page number – maybe add itunes for me 🙂 ….

  81. This seems to be the best place to post my question:

    I was interested in injury rehab, but the only problem with the way it was laid out was that it was not clear which technique would be highest-recommended for what kind of injury.

    That’s something you could think about for future editions/blog posts, but in the meantime I think Tim himself can give me some specific advice on my rehab (and maybe some of his readers can as well)…

    I had shoulder surgery because I kept dislocating my same shoulder due to athletic activity (mostly acrobatics). Yes I’d like to fix the pain and the range of motion, but my main concern is fear of re-injury. I’ve already slightly subluxed it once since the surgery, and that was after 3 years of being paranoid about it. (And that surgeon tightened me up like crazy, it took more PT than it was supposed to to get my range of motion decent.)

    My initial impression upon reading this chapter is that “Dr. Twofingers” would be the best for my situation, since he could probably “reactivate” the muscles that are SUPPOSED to be keeping my shoulder in place. But while I do have friends in Salt Lake City that I’d like to visit, it would take me so long to save up for those sessions- well, if there’s another or better option, I’d like to hear the suggestion!

    Thanks so much for your ideas.

    1. See someone like Dr. Two Fingers and then get VERY strong. You’ll still need to be careful with ballistic movements w the shoulder. Even if it’s intact the apprehension/hesitation you’ll have with certain movements can still increase likelihood of injury. Might need to change your moves a bit, but you need not give it all up.

      Good luck!


      1. What a thoughtful response, and on Christmas Eve no less! Thanks for your advice. Yes, getting crazy strong is in the game plan. 🙂

  82. Pre-orderd the book a while back, but just read the blog-post due (just got off a media fast). Any chance to still get a hook up on the free pdf version?

    Great book by the way.



  83. Got the book Friday and LOVE it so far! Have gotten mostly through the fat-burning part, but not completely done, but have started the slow carb diet as of yesterday, can’t wait to see the results!

  84. Tim,

    I bought the book last week but did not get a chance to fill out the paperwork. Am I still eligible for the freebie upgrades?


  85. Tim –

    Great new book!

    I pre-ordered on Amazon, and went to your website in order to get the pdf, but it didn’t work – any advice wrt how to get the pdf for my iPad (as my only complaint is that your book is too big for weekly travelers like myself)?



  86. Hi Tim!

    Love the book thus far, one quick question in regards to “geek to freak” you mentioned that we should follow the slow carb diet but add starches.

    Should we also take a cheat day while on the geek to freak diet?

    Thanks so much for everything!!!

  87. Hey Tim,

    Excited to read the new book!

    Also, have not received the 4HWW download and sent in my receipt last Thursday (12/16). You are probably swamped with promotion activities and all, but I am looking forward to getting the 4HWW to go along with the new book.

    Take care and thanks!

    Michael Lee

  88. I purchased the 4 Hour Body on Friday, and wasn’t able to download the pdf version on Friday, but I would very much like to do this. Will there be another opportunity to obtain the 4HB on pdf for those of us who purchased the book before Dec. 17th and would still like the electronic copy?


    1. Phil, if you read the offer carefully it says that you’ll receive them within 72 hours. However, somewhere in these comments Ferriss mentions that the person(s) fulfilling the PDFs for the offer are handling 2,000 requests a day. I’m guessing that’s why it’s gone over the 72 hour mark for myself.

    2. Phil,

      I’m in the same situation as you – bought the book last week but forgot to download the free pdf 4 Hour Workweek. Any feedback?



  89. Hi Tim,

    With regards to dairy on the slow carb diet, wanted to get your thoughts on yogurt and greek style yogurt in particular. Plain greek yogurt seems to be high in protein (and sometimes fat depending on the type) but low in sugar. You mentioned cottage cheese as being ok, I wonder if greek yogurt would fit in the same category.

    Also, I did the 3 book bonus promotion on the 16th, but have yet to hear anything.



    1. The reason he tells you to avoid it has nothing to do with protein content or sugar content. So I don’t understand how you can use these to justify the use of Greek yogurt 🙂

  90. Hey Tim. I am fascinated by the new book, BUT is there going to be a forum for this one at any time. This is the perfect material to have a forum for.