The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More

Trailer concepted and produced by the amazing Epipheo Studios for


Today is the day.

After three years of work, The 4-Hour Body is available everywhere!

I work very hard on my books. My first and previous book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has an 5-star average on Amazon with more than 1,000 reviews, and it has been a Top-10 Amazon Customer Favorite:

Compared to that book, I spent 3 TIMES longer on the new book — The 4-Hour Body — to ensure it worked with men and women, with young and old.

It is the definitive choose-your-own-adventure guide to the human body, ranging from fat-loss and muscular gain to sex and sleep. Everything is tested and it all works.

I have now negotiated the price down to a mere $14.50.

Why? Because I’m proud of this book and want it to be #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. That said, I have a very tough opponent. The Guinness Book of World Records is #1 for this week every year. Last I looked, Guinness was barely ahead of me:

With your help, I can beat them.


In this post, and until 12 midnight Friday (Dec. 17), I will:

– Offer complementary “thank you” gifts to anyone who has, or will, buy a copy of The 4-Hour Body.

– Offer $260 of kick-ass goods to anyone who buys 3 copies (costs less than $45).

– Offer a free $16,000 trip to the person who promotes The 4-Hour Body best this week.

In addition to getting new readers, I also want to reward people who pre-ordered long ago, and help readers who missed past prizes due to tech glitches. So, here we go, one at a time…

One Book

If you buy, or have bought, The 4-Hour Body in any format:

Until Friday at midnight PST, you can get a FREE digital PDF copy of The 4-Hour Workweek (usually $20) and a free copy of “The Slow-Carb Diet: Volume 1” (not available anywhere else), both hosted by E-Junkie.


If you haven’t already, buy The 4-Hour Body for about $14.50 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through any other retailer. If you buy it in a book store, keep the receipt. Only hardcover counts for the bestseller lists, so it’s easily the most helpful for me (please!), but you can buy any format: Audiobook (abridged), Kindle, Nook, etc..


Fill out this short form. You’ll get the PDFs within 72 hours.

Three Books (US shipping addresses for the books, please)

If you want to buy 3 copies, you can get $260 of bonuses for less than $45 of books:

– 1 bottle of Super Cissus RX ($45), one of my staple supplements.

– 3-month Daily Burn Pro membership ($30)

– 1-year of ‘Performance Menu Journal’ Magazine ($30)

– 3 months Evernote Premium (first 500 only!) ($15)

“Find Your First Profitable Idea” with Ramit Sethi ($100 for full course)

– Digital copy of “The 4-Hour Workweek” ($20)

– The Slow-Carb Cookbook ($20)


Buy three copies on Amazon or elsewhere.


Fill out this short form. Done.

Promote your heart out, live like a rockstar

If you want to go for the gold, get amped and promote The 4-Hour Body this week (deadline is 12 midnight PST, Friday) and tell me what you did in the comments. Measure your impact (clicks, sales, etc.) whenever possible.

If you are the best promoter, judged by me and a panel of friends, you get to pick one trip of a lifetime… for free. I will almost definitely be in attendance:

8-Day Argentina Snow Adventure in Patagonia

10-Day Private Tour of India, including Miss India

How to promote? That’s up to you. E-mail your friends, share links (like on Facebook, join relevant LinkedIn groups, give a copy to a popular radio station as a giveaway… it’s entirely up to you!

Here are the descriptions:

8-Day Argentina Snow Adventure in Patagonia

Eight-day guided ski-snowboard adventure in mystical Patagonia, Argentina. Your guides introduce you to the best skiing, local culture, outstanding meals and red wines. Visit charming villages, situated on glacier cut lakes and national parks.

Also includes roundtrip economy airfare from and back to the U.S. I’m almost 100% that I’ll be there, as I LOVE Argentina, especially Patagonia. Provided by Powderquest — check ’em out. Yoga in between runs, if you like? Malbec or hot chocolate? Yes, please.

Date: TBD based on your availability.

(Photo: DJ DeepS)

10-Day Private Tour of India, including Miss India

10-day “SamaSundarbans” trip to West Bengal with Tim Ferriss and his friends, where you will meet some of Samasource’s Service Partners and experience the beauty of India. After two days visiting Samasource’s Service Partners in Kolkata, enjoy a five-day tour across the Sundarbans.

Bengali for “beautiful forests,” the Sundarbans are an “alluvial archipelago” of 102 islands settled between the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers and accessible only by boat. Take a river cruise and observe the region’s diverse wildlife including saltwater crocodiles, bullsharks, and the Royal Bengal Tiger. After enjoying your eco-friendly expedition and luxury lodging in the Sundarbans, journey back to Kolkata and let our field associates and former Miss India Sandhya Chib give you an authentic taste of India! Long known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata is the main business, commercial, and financial hub of eastern India and burgeoning urban metropolis. After exploring the city’s historical and popular landmarks, enjoy a special South Asian dinner in your honor, hosted by Miss India and special guests.

Includes: Economy airfare to and from India. Accommodations and internal transportation for entire trip in West Bengal, meals during Sundarbans tour, dinner with Miss India, Tim Ferriss, and special guests.

Date: TBD based on your availability.



Which adventure will you choose in this choose-your-own-adventure post?

No matter what, there’s one starting point: The 4-Hour Body.

Start a domino effect that will make 2011 your best year yet.


The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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730 Replies to “The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the book, looking forward to putting what I’m learning into action. Unfortunately, I can’t get the “Phil Libin Fat Loss Glide Path” spreadsheet to work. I’ve tried on a few different computers with different versions of Excel. Any ideas?

  2. Ordered other book. I figure I will give my extras to friends, families, and a library.

    Kick the domino and I hope it have a huge effect.

  3. I have enjoyed reading the first book and made some life changing choice this year. I believe you got many things right, and you definitely are inspiring in your own way.

    Thanks and if you come near Modena in Italy, let me know.


  4. Hey Tim,

    How do I get access to the bonus material at the end of the Four Hour Body? It says to put in a password somewhere on the Four Hour Body site but I can’t find anything.



  5. Hey Tim,

    I bought one hardcover copy over the weekend and sent in a copy of my receipt with the form. I have not yet received the bonuses. Is this normal? I’m worried I might have typed in my e-mail incorrectly. How can I verify? Thanks.

  6. Hey Tim, 80% through the book and already paying dividends. I was resigned to taking a traditional medicine approach to a shoulder injury (BJJ) when I read the chapter on ART. Immediately I hit the website, found a chiro in my area that had a ton of ART verifications and saw him within the hour. Amazing difference in one treatment. He was enthralled by your book too. He was curious where the statistic that it is 100% effective for 70% of the patients came from.

    Thanks again. Can’t wait to try a few of the other chapters.


  7. Tim,

    Question from the diet part of the book:

    Narengenin: How do you get it if fruit juice is out? Is grapefruit juice an exception?

  8. Im in New Zealand!


    I am trying to buy the Kindle Version as my folks are getting me the Hard Cover for Christmas but I can only see the Hard Cover or Audio Book Available.

    When I did search the Kindle Library for 4 Hour Body you will be happy to know quite a selection of Sex Improvement Books come up lol…..

    Is it going to be Available on the Kindle in NZ…. My iPad is waiting for it!

  9. Tim,

    Looks like you hit #4!

    Are you till hung over? no victory updates? maybe some facebook pictures of last night? 😀

    Waiting for your status bro!


  10. OK, Tim. I write a stock newsletter that thousands of people read. More men than women, older rather than younger, but really all types. We all spend two much time sitting on our butts trying to take money away from Wall Street, none of us have a lot of extra time, and all of us need your book. So I have STRONGLY recommended it to all the subscribers, both for themselves and their kids/friends/others as a holiday present. Plus, a promotional cartoon will be going on YouTube later tonight. (I’ll send you the link.) Let’s see how it goes.

    I was married in India overlooking the Taj Mahal and would gladly go back.

  11. UPS dropped off my copies (1 for me and several for gifts) of The 4 Hour Body and I sat down with it in the dimming afternoon light and my afternoon cup of tea. Well, despite an advanced reading of the table of contents before I ordered–this book is not what I thought it was going to be.

    Usually, when I get a fitness book, I digest it in a day and exclude what won’t work from my experience as a certified fitness trainer (NSCA) and as a long-time athlete and then shelve it or whatever. Tim’s new book is surprisingly different and frankly, it’s really going to take me awhile to soak it all in and prepare a worthy review.

    But so far, I can say that this book will not gather dust on my bookshelves. The 4 Hour Body is a fitness tome for students of maximizing life. No hyperbole. Once again, Tim Ferriss has presented a revolutionary method to efficiently improve our lives in a significant way. The only two things I can add here are: Congratulations for an extraordinary job, Tim! And thank you.

  12. So I may have misread the prize details, but it looks like I recieved a 1-Year Subscription to Performance Menu. This is great, but I only bought 1 book. Was there a mistake or is this just extra generosity by you Tim ? The little voice inside my head is making me feel guilty so I haven’t clicked confirm. Whats the deal?

    1. Tim,

      I also received the subscription to the Performance Menu Journal and only ordered 1 book. Just a heads up if this was a mistake would hate for you to miss appropriate the leverage of your available resources.

      If this was your true to form generosity thank you again and best of luck keep aiming for the stars.


      1. This was accidentally sent out to a few folks on the 1-book list. Sorry for the extra bonus 🙂

  13. Hey Tim

    I was just wondering whether you know something about stretching to improve posture or stretching in general.( or improving posture in general )

    It´s a very interesting topic and there are thousands of corses out there, but I bet you have a 80/20 method which yields the most measurable success with a few exercises in short time.

    I´m looking forward to your boook, I will get both of them shipped to germany in a few days and am really excited!

  14. Hi Tim,

    As major coffee lover who has always put milk in my joe, you recommended using cream instead for the Slow Carb. I was a little confused on the bodies reaction to one vs the other? Thanks for all you do.


  15. I love that you’re gunning for guinness (my favorite does own the season….oh, umm..there’s a book?). What I’m curious to know is what kind of spike in 4hww sales you’ve seen, residual impact. Anything you can share?

    1. Woops, sorry about the URL…didn’t mean to add that and can’t find a way to delete and re-post my comment. Anyway, looking forward to the book!

  16. Just ordered 2 more copies to make 3! Really excited and best of luck!

    Tim, I had one question for you. You’ve talked before about building real relationships with bloggers to promote your books, and avoiding making a “transaction”. What kinds of relationships and negotiation did you do to get the deals you did for the 3-book bonuses? Would you be willing to share how you were able to pull those great prices?

  17. Got my bonus goodies via email. Have to admit, the first offer seeming for new purchases only rankled a bit when I’d ordered earlier simply because you asked us to, and not in expectation of any reward. Sort of like those “offer good for new customers only” ads that existing customers hate. (Though, to be fair, your partners on this likely didn’t sign on to include the earlybirds.)

    But you pulled it out: the digital 4HWW alone wouldn’t have done it (nice, but already have the hard copy)–but that AND the recipe book AND the subscription…

    You da man.



  18. I will only receive the book past Christmas – damn you Amazon! International shipping is definitely NOT one of their strengths!

    Great promo work Tim! 😉

  19. Tim,

    Just saw the segment on the ice baths on World News Tonight. Nice timing on getting the segment aired a day after the book was released. I may try the ice bath but being in Minnesota makes me not want to get any colder than I already am! Look forward to receiving the book soon.


  20. I am liking the book. I devoured all of the sections that were relevant to me already on my kindle, and I’ve already lent out the physical copy I ordered as well (to get the bonuses) 🙂

    I’m starting on the eating plan more or less now – taking a few weeks to get into it before I go to exclusivity.

    I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that so much of the sex-related advice is geared towards men. Yes, I realize there is a section about the 15 minute female orgasm, but it’s very much about something a man does to a woman. First of all, what about gay men/women…that would just be my very first objection. Not that I’m against the concept, to be clear. I understand that the book is based off of years and years of experiments you (Tim) did – so it’s written from a male perspective – but what about getting some data from women re: increasing pheromones and all of that. Future research? Please 🙂

    1. I haven’t crack the book open yet.

      My first thought, women’s magazine such as Cosmopolitan gave away plenty of sex advices. It is abundance out there compare to sex advice for men.

      Food for thoughts.

      I am with you for balance view on men and women anyway.

    2. I agree with you, Lisa. It would be interesting to hear more about the female side of sex. Not just different types of orgasms, but I thought it would be quite cool to really hack it – not just acheive one, but more on demand, stronger, etc.

      Also, I think that while the promise of “15 minute female orgasms” is a great title, it seems like I’m not the only one who thought that would be orgasms lasting for 15 minutes! However it was rather getting an orgasm in 15 minutes.

      1. Have you tried it? It’s not just about getting there in 15 min. Many women will experience repeated contractions for those 15 min.

  21. Hi Tim,

    When you said “deadline is 12 midnight PST, Friday” does that mean, the first second the clock clicks 12 from Thursday into Friday, or the last second of Friday before Saturday? 🙂


  22. Hi Tim,

    I already bought 3 books on Amazon a few days ago.

    I can’t buy anymore now.

    I don’t know if they already tried to solve this problem but it failed.

    Good luck for your record.

  23. I’m loving the book, and now I’m reading about the testosterone increasing technique using 1000mg Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin-Rich Butter Fat because I can’t afford the Blue Ice. I’m wondering, how much butter do I eat/use?

  24. Amazing book Tim…

    How can we get the bonus chapters? I can’t wait to read them. I’m insatiable.



    P.S. See you at BM2011…

  25. Hi Tim

    I’m from Australia. I cannot order the ebook from Borders, Amazon etc. Could you ask a staff member to fix this problem? Thanks


  26. Im from Aus, I managed to get the Kindle version to read on my PC.

    You just need to change your address in your account settings to a US based one (can be made up as you’re just going to download it not get it shipped there) Once you do this, you’ll be able to download it and you’ll now have two addresses as options to choose from, just choose any and checkout.

  27. Tim, congratulations with having your book out today!

    Can’t wait to read it so i just bought the Kindle version while waiting on the hardcover from hopshopgo! 🙂

    I’m very curious if the big bonus packages (1.000 up to 10.000 books) are sold! Should be nice for your ‘becoming number 1? goal!

    (I see you removed the ‘“Find Your First Profitable Idea” with Ramit Sethi’ course from the list of bonuses when you buy one book, is this still available for the land rush people? Just asking because the form is identical to the land rush one ;))

  28. Tim,

    I have diabetes. Any suggestions on how I can have a “Cheat Day” without spiking my Blood Glucose readings over 180 mg/dl?

    1. I think I will try “cheating” by allowing myself some white carbs, say vermicelli noodles or rice or potatoes, but with meat, not alone. I’ll take before and after Blood Glucose readings of these meals to make sure I’m following Dr. Petra’s orders.

      I really like your idea of defining success with a measurement. Diagnostic criteria don’t mean anything without a measurable, testable, reproducible quantity. For me that means A1C, Blood Glucose, waist, weight, and Systolic/Diastolic pressure. I’ve got diabetes, hypertension, and a sleep apnea so losing weight and muscling up are gonna be serious business.

      Would love to hear any suggestions you or anyone with diabetes or any Doctors might offer.

      You and I think alike. In ways to numerous to mention here.


  29. Hi Tim,

    I just received the free digital copy of your book. Thanks a lot for this present, however is there any chance we might receive mobi/epub format to read it on our Kindles and other ebook readers.



  30. Hi Tim and congrats. I’ll wait to order though, even because shipping address is outside US so doesnt count 😉

    Have a quick question about all this sponsorship and promotion: are these fantastic prizes paid by the publisher or what? are part of the budget for launching the book? i wonder how can the author (who -as far as I know- gets few bucks on a single copy) pay all this otherwise. Very curious on the subject.

    Thanks in advance.

  31. Dear Tim,

    I’ve ordered your new book in 3 examplares and I will give it as Christmas surprise to my friends. 🙂 Thank you very much for the extra gift, I’ve already received some emails regarding that altough I’m hungarian and I live in Hungary and not in the US.

    I found the whole “gift” system very-very professional, and just want to say, congratulations. It is easy and it seems that it is working perfecktly.

    I’m waiting for the books shipped to Hungary. 🙂



  32. Wow, wish I saw this earlier in the week! Was so close to pulling the trigger on buying the Argentina trip package.

    Time to get to work, should be interesting to see what kind of promo results can be generated in under 48 hours.


    Hey Tim,

    Here’s my possible entry to the contest:

    Click through to submit to see more of it. Here’s the link for convenience and just in case:

    I’m not sure if this should be approved and let be out in the comments yet as it’s not really complete!

    There are a few things –

    1. It would require your permission as it would have some information from the book put out to the public. Perhaps those are your largest selling points of the book, and it would not be the best idea to give them all out – you used them out of all the experiments, so I’m guessing they may be, but it’s your call!

    2. If you like it, I’ll require some assistance as I currently do not have the book. I ordered 5 signed copies and they are in the US address (They contributed to the charts ;)) now waiting to be mailed here once I think I won’t be shipping any other thing over. Assistance on the information on the book, that is.

    If you think it’ll be great, we’ll go through with it! And especially if you start off with your huge Facebook/Twitter following, it might spread much faster.

    It’s something I’ve done up since last night after finding out about it and just got home today and here I am.

    Thought it’d be nice to meet you and talk about things! And of course, for the experience!

    I haven’t traveled much since I was young and my family never traveled much, and I’ve never been outside Asia, Asia not including India. Went out of Singapore maybe three to five times ever.

    22 and having what you might call a Muse (to me basically, helping people out, giving to the world), and thought about many things and have thoughts about many things and thought it’d be nice to meet you and talk about things!

    There you go. 🙂

    Something you might like and something I thought you’d like to know about who you might be going with, and I hope you are liking both!

    You can contact me via e-mail, that I entered for this comment!


  34. Hey Tim, I bought one copy of the 4HB under the ‘land rush’ offer which included the

    – “Find Your First Profitable Idea” with Ramit Sethi ($100 for full course)

    When can I expect to receive this? Was it supposed to come with the PDF books? (I notice it was ommitted from the post above)



  35. Found out about the giveaways yesterday but have been working but off to promote this thing. I started a facebook group for people in my area interested in the book and started a blog to go along with it as well. Also I have been spamming e-mails to random people at the University I graduated from and will probably keep this up for a while. I’ll post back later if there is anything else that I can think of doing.

  36. As a fan of 4HWW (and practitioner of the philosophy since before it’s release) I immediately bought this book on my Kindle.

    I was really excited after reading about IntelaMetrix’s ultrasound wand, as I didn’t realize there was anything like this available to consumers – especially in such a compact format as I intend of traveling Asia in a few months.

    So I called and spoke with Dan at IntelaMatrix and it seems Tim has already negotiated a special price for 4HB readers.

    I know it sounds salesy (sorry). I just wanted to let those early adopters with the means to get one of these devices know that it can be had at a nice little discount at the moment. – and if you wait, I’m sure a lot of 4HB readers with more money than sense will buy this and end up selling it at a nice discount on ebay few months later – keep an eye out. 🙂



  37. Pitching it to other instructors at my local boot camp, posting on twitter, and raving on facebook! Not enough to win, but a big fan of your work, so I can’t help but help promote!

  38. Bonjour Timothée 🙂

    J’ai le plaisir de t’annoncer que “the four hour” body sera le premier livre que j’ai acheté.

    Non pas parce que je n’aime pas lire, mais parce que je n’aime pas payer!

    C’est en allant à la bibliothèque que j’ai trouver le “four hour work week”, depuis, j’ai surfer sur ton blog régulièrement et me suis souvent trouver étonné.

    My humble way of thanking you for your efforts and the incredible value you put out is to – for the first time of my life – buy a book. You have some intriguing ways to go about things Tim Ferriss…

    Your book is something that would amaze all people if they open their minds, no matter how aware or oblivious they may be about the subject!

    Merci encore!

    PS:Ich lieferte das Buch durch Großbritannien, weil es billiger ist

    und ich hoffe Sie haben Spaß Übersetzen!

  39. Bought the book yesterday, read a ton.

    Since I’m away, backpacking, I won’t be able to follow the dietary regimen strictly, but I can follow some of the principles pretty easily since I’m in Mexico right now.

    I just took my first cold shower (SO COLD) and am about to go have some red meat and eggs for breakfast. Heaps of testosterone and 20 pounds lighter, here I come!

    Speaking of pounds… anyone know of a good way to check weight while on the road without access to a scale?

  40. Tim,

    Keep going! It’s a great inspiration to see you DO what you recommend. Great authenticity in the culture you’re creating around this stuff.



  41. I just purchased the 4HB and am intrigued. Can’t wait to try it. However, the book promises that we can find specific bonus material on the website. A few articles are there, but some aren’t. (It’s difficult to navigate, so it could just be me.) Have visited the blog and forum. And haven’t found any of the hidden passwords promised on page 550. Help?

  42. Hey Tim,

    I bought three copies! I figure they will make great chirstmas presents (2 of them, that is). After I bought them, I tried to access the link for the extra stuff, but it wouldn’t load. Did I miss out on or is there an error?

    I hope not. I really want that the ecourse to help me find my muse.

    I hope to hearback from you.


  43. hi tim

    yesterday i received your book ….i live in bs as ,argentina

    its great ….another bible for me……today its may first day doing an experiments with one chapter….

    thanks a lot …..

    i bought another but one with hard cover with dhl….i was really anxius and the book its great

    p/d: when 4hb in spanish? i talked about you in 3 dinner´s , each one 112 people but all the people wants the book in spanish …..

  44. Another great book, Tim! Mine arrived yesterday, and I’ve already dug into many parts of it. It’s actually inspired a potential muse.

    Question… was it intentional that the endorsements were “What people are saying about Four Hour Work Week” instead of 4HR Body? Or was that an error the printer made? Just curious.

    Thanks for the knowledge you’ve shared with all of us. It’s changed many people’s lives (mine included).



    1. Hi Akosa,

      Yes, it was intentional. I was so paranoid about leaking the material early that I didn’t send it to any reviewers besides Kevin Kelly! Next time, there will be more 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words — and good luck!


  45. Quick question: any difference between the capsules v. gel form of the butter oil/cod liver oil blend? I prefer to avoid capsules, just wondering if there might be any reason that the gel might be inadequately effective.


  46. It would be awesome if you could collect all the links from the book and post them somewhere, maybe categorize them by chapter or purpose. It’s a pain having to go back and forth from the book to followup on all the different information that you have there.

  47. Interesting thing I found in your book is your knowledge of Indian dishes or food. You are the first one I know who actually called Lentils “dal” or “daal” and who actually uses “Ghee”!

    When I was a kid, older people in India used to tell me to eat “ghee”, or food that was cooked with “ghee” but newer generation thought it was the worst thing you could cook your food with!

    And now you mention it as a good thing once again!

    So, perhaps those older people actually knew what they were talking about!

    It’s also interesting that the more educated people get, in some instances dumber they get as they learn why some things are totally wrong for you and why certain are right ones!

    For example, cooking your food with “Ghee”, or drinking “pasteurized milk”, or low fat, high carb diets and so on….

  48. Just checking to see if anyone else didnt get all the bonuses. I am missing Ramits course. Anyone else in the same boat? Thanks Charlie got all the others though 🙂

    The book is good so far, the parts about the stack is interesting. I was taking green tea and learned that I wasnt taking enough. The one I have is from gnc and has 125 mg of EGCG per capsule per day and I thought that would be enough (as advertised by the serving size on the bottle), not soooo!

    Tims test subjects were doing 900-1000 mg a day for 150-200 pound subjects. So Iv learned something! Thanks Tim

    Now I gotta go get some ALA

    1. Hi Milad,

      We’re on it right now! Aweber is limiting Ramit to 2,000 email per day for some reason, but he’ll get them to you!

      All the best,


  49. LOL,

    Just saw your video, seems like you were forced to pitch the beta-alanine at the beginning.

    I havent seen any mention of beta-alanine in the book so far so I guess you dont really personnally endorse it or use it.

    It was suptle enough but not blaring that you dont endorse it in the video. Nice job !

    Love the book by the way ! Real fun to read

    1. Hey Julien,

      Nope, I definitely use beta-alanine. Used it for RKC II prep and elsewhere. It’s not in the book because I did the experiment too late. wouldn’t try (or be able) to force me to do anything.

      Hope that helps, and glad you’re enjoying the book!


      1. Yes it did

        Thanks for taking the time to reply !

        P.S.I am looking forward to a future post on learning arabic

  50. CONTEST________________________auto-tuned!

    Hey Tim, hope you like my Four Hour Body Book Review Autotuned version!

    I also created a twitter account FourHourBodyMan that is growing at an amazing pace!/FourHourBodyMan

    And for the trip, I will choose the one in India, if it works with your schedule. Cheers!

  51. Market to Personal Trainers

    Marketing suggestion:

    Create a website/page for Personal Trainers to list themselves if they’ve bought the 4HB. (And later you could have a simple “test” they could pass to demonstrate they read the book and they’d get a special designation (“bought book” vs. “bought book and passed test”)

    I just got my copy of 4HB but haven’t had time to read much and I thought “It’d be great to have a personal trainer who has read the book.”


  52. Back again

    Just want to update on what I have been doing to promote the book. Of course like I said in a different comment I started a blog, created a facebook group and have been sending e-mails. I have been expanding my e-mails from simply people at the University I graduated from to a few others in the state by looking up random names in their e-mail directories. Also I created a Youtube video to encourage people to buy the book that I posted on the blog and facebook group and intend on putting into a few forum boards if I can figure out how.

    I’ve also been toying with the idea of printing the chapter you leaked on the site to give to people but I’m sure I will be able to do this in time since the deadline is coming to an end

  53. Any plans to eventually make these offers available on a world scale, or at least Canada? I’m currently teaching in Korea… but I’ll be back. 🙂

  54. Where can we submit our questions/feedback about the book? Comment on this blog, or will there be another place? I’ve missed all the live Q&A’s so far, unfortunately.

  55. OH NO! Where is Ray Porter? I purchased two books, but I was looking forward to Mr. Porter lay it out while I was busy working on mind numbing tasks like running on a treadmill.

  56. Hey Tim,

    Received the books today and I’m very happy except for one thing. They are the unsigned version. I believe I made the purchase in time through your Amazon link. Any help would be appreciated.



  57. Your comments on homeopathic arnica in your book were interesting. As a cosmetic surgeon, I am also a skeptic about remedies that use homeopathic principles. I tested an oral homeopathic arnica after eyelid surgery in 30 patients using a double-blind, placebo-controlled study and found no difference whatsoever. Here’s the link to the article:

    When patients ask if they should take arnica for bruising, I suggest that it won’t hurt them but it probably won’t help either.

    1. Try Investigating Yunnan Baiyao instead. It’s great for post surgery recovery. This is a traditional Chinese herbal formula that the Chinese deemed so important that they nationalized it.

    1. Yeah, my order got messed up too. Totally lame. I’m going away for 3 weeks on Monday morning and planned on having it before then. Now I won’t. Wish they gave an explanation as to what happened, I’m not happy regardless. Could’ve just gone to the store and bought it.

      1. I’m so sorry, Ben. B&N really screwed up, and I had a near meltdown at them today. Unbelievable. The good news: I’ve been assured all orders have shipped.

        Sincerest apologies to you and all who’ve been waiting — I’m fuming about it.

        All the best,


  58. I took a picture of The 4-Hour Body while reading my PDF copy of The 4-Hour Workweek on the new Google Cr-48 laptop. Not the most epic thing ever but I thought it was cool.

  59. Hello,

    I’m really sorry. I am a dunce and new at this stuff. I have read through a couple times and there is a critical part of the workout the occam’s protocol. And without giving anything away (buy the book people), I am not sure if you mean to literally sit down, grab the bar and do x # of reps to failure and then go do the next exercise and then go home.

    One example in the book showed X# of reps at X# pounds -> X# reps at X# pounds.

    I am confused…am I supposed to continue repeating the X# of reps over and over until I fail or am I supposed to fail within the set X# of reps?

    I am afraid of doing this wrong!

    I saw where you instructed to test out weights and then try again…its just the # of sets you recommend – if that is literal or progressive.

    Again I’m sorry for not understanding!

    1. No problem, Chad! You are failing within the set X# of reps. It’s just one set per exercise in Occam’s.

      Good luck!


  60. I’m devouring this book right now. Can’t wait to start (after the holidays). I’ve never been able to gain weight. Currently at 150, would love to get to 165-170.

    You know what I would *really* love? A 4-Hour Body app for my iPhone. I punch in my weight, my goal, etc. and it automatically calculates my meals and workouts and provides me with an eating plan and workout plan (with calendar). Sometimes the planning and tracking are what throw me off these goals. Automate it for me (us) and think of the potential!

  61. Whoa, just got the book; it’s heavyweight. so my immediate comment on the Eat Like Santa ad (and any others with that image) is this: it makes the book look very skinny, like there’s not a lot of material there. Could affect click-through.

    Maybe fatten up the image, or add a page count? My 2 cents.

  62. Hey Tim,

    I’ve got two books so far, and plan on at least getting two more. I’m living paycheck to paycheck for now, so I’m getting them as I can.

    I foolishly went to the store to buy my second copy (paid $27.00! I thought the “negotiating down” of your own book you did applied to ALL copies everywhere, not just Amazon’s) because I couldn’t wait for 12 hours for Amazon’s copy to get to me. They didn’t ship it until the 14th, the bastards (whom I love and will continue to give my money to when they are willing to take it. ).

    This is one of the first times I’ve posted on your blog, and I think the first time I’m directly speaking to you. I’ve been holding out for a new post because you are a time management whore and I think you probably quit reading comments after they reach a certain point (ala the original slow carb diet post).

    I’m anxious to see the blog/forum that comes up for 4HB, or if you opt to not split your audience and channel it all through 4HWW’s blog. I know a lot of people have a lot of questions, despite the mountain of resources you provide. The Journey of Fitness is, after all, such a unique experience for everyone.

    By the way, you are F-ing CRAZY brother! So many needles, and chemicals, and….you’re just crazy. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    I’m not in terrible shape (nor great) and I was interested in doing a 4HB transformation (or 3). Incidentally, a buddy of mine has an extra website laying around in his garage, and offered it up to me.

    I was at a loss for subject material but my ego had me hugely interested anyway.

    So I’m going to contact Amy, hopefully get lucky and get a response to what I can and can’t say and reference.

    I have a tendency of being gung-ho and starting strong and fizzling out (baring my soul here). But (I’m almost embarrassed to admit) you have become my first hero.

    I’m going to reach my goals. Not for you, but because you showed me the way.

    Thanks Tim

    PS Can’t wait to see whats next. Brain Hacks maybe?

    1. Thanks so much, Deone! I still read my comments, hence the current backlog 🙂 Brain hacks will definitely be popping up at some point…

      Happy holidays!


  63. Hi Tim

    I sat down and speed read through almost the whole book yesterday.

    I used 4HWW to start a business that allows me to do what I want with my time most of the year. I can see you used your time to direct your intellectual curiosity towards improving your body in the most efficient way possible.

    As a female who has seen the benefits of weight lifting to improve posture, strength and toning I appreciate the idea that perhaps less is more.

    I am already on day two of the slow carb diet and finding it really easy so far.

    But I am especially interested in trying out the suggestions in the “improving sex” chapter. Seriously, there are only a few things that truly make life worth living and that is definitely near the top of the list. You rock Tim!

  64. Hey Tim,

    You say every workout to focus on 2 to 10 different exercises, its quite a wide range. Should i just do the A and B workouts, and when i decide to do more its ok but it doesnt really matter?

  65. Greatly appreciate the free gifts for purchasing “The Four Hour Body”. I think it’s turning into the best investment I’ve ever made.

    1. I think the reason Tim doesn’t have those is to make that content more valuable to the people who buy the book. Just my opinion, though.

  66. Very impressive book some of the supplements I had been considering you recommended so thats on. Several things were a surprise to me but when I looked up the research it is all well supported. One question though there is at least one trainer consultant having great results for him self and clients like consistent sub 8% body fat using intermittent fasting. I my self have had good results so I was wondering was IF something you looked at and disregarded for very serious draw backs or does it have merit but just not have as good of over all results as slow carb ? Love your books I would pre order any book you write !


    The words “free $16,000 trip to the person who promotes The 4-Hour Body best this week” passed before my eyes and I thought, “Ha! Snort! That’d be nice.” At that moment my subconscious came to a screeching halt. “Wait a minute you nimwit! Did you learn nothing from the 4HWW?!” Most people aim to land amongst the mediocre, thus making that landing strip a very full place. But if you decide to shoot for the seemingly impossible, you’ll find a bunch of legroom!

    And so I began to meditate on how I could be the best at promoting the 4HB. What immediately came into my thoughts was the 80/20 principle. I’m a busy woman (but not too busy for a vacation mind you), so I needed to promote your book to the maximum all while using the minimum amount of my time. The answer to this being … the Internet.

    One of my challenges was going to be how to catch the reader’s eye. My thoughts immediately go back to your August 30, 2010 blog entitled “Blogging by Numbers” where I learned the art of devising good headlines. I run a food blog and my readers are primarily CrossFitters who eat primarily Paleo. I came up with the perfect title. What is it? You’ll just have to check my blog!

    And so, I posted the badass 4HB trailer on there. I have a Facebook page for that blog and posted the badass trailer there also. And I have a twitter account for this same blog, posted a tweet for the badass trailer there too. All of this taking approximately a whopping 30 seconds of my time. Bam! Done.

    And for the grand finale – quantifying my worth to you. Via (4HWW bump!) I had a total of 153 viewers to your trailer via my blog, Facebook had 1,471 viewers and twitter had a big fat zero in the retweets or @mentions. Heh! I’m still working on how to use Twitter more efficiently. 1,624 total viewers for 30 seconds worth of my promoting time, puts me at a stunning 54.13 viewers per second. And that, Tim and friends of the judgment panel, is how you make a “4 Hour” inspired promotional impact.

  68. I just left this on Amazon, had to pass it on to you. Third thing in my life I’ve ever commented online about. You Rock, Tim.

    The Review, with 4 stars:

    The guy writes a book that is success literature distilled, and that 4HWW was amazing. Most are too lazy to read and to research. If you try putting even half of what his first book offers into practice, you will take back much of the life you hand over to fear, the blahs, and that odd sense of lull. For even $50, you’re welcome.

    Now comes the 4HB. If you know Tim from his last book and blog, he tells you how to create a Muse. It tells you how to be him. He tells you that you (we) are all willing to believe in the buzz words, so it’s okay to sell by using them. But he preaches that you must back it up. Give something serious. And Tim is serious, too much for most, because we are a soft people. God forbid we have to work or be held accountable!

    For all the whining up front…the book hasn’t been out long enough for 98% of you to have put his theories to the test. If you drop 5 pounds and even ONE person in your day notices, you know the book is worth the money you spent.

    Tim’s making money doing what he loves. Brave enough to put himself out there, rich and connected enough that he doesn’t have to. So thats why he wrote a book to trick and lie to everyone.

    I can’t wait until he puts out 4 Hour Self-Accountability! I’m buying copies for everyone!

  69. “The clitoris looks something like an Imperial Guard from Star Wars.”

    This is literally one of the best sentences I’ve ever read in my life.

  70. Hey Tim! Do I have your permission to post “How to read 200% faster in 10 minutes” and a few others from your book/ site on my new “MUSE” website and then forward people to purchase the 4HWW?

    My email is jessi at

    Thank you.

    P.S. Already pre-purchased your new book!


    Yesterday I built a page on my blog to point family, friends and followers to (late to the party, I know).

    With 1450 Twitter followers and 150 Facebook friends I’ve had 141 clicks and 6 retweets since yesterday afternoon using to send out messages at set times.

    Good luck with your climb on the NY Times list. 🙂

    Alles liebe,


  72. “After three years of work, The 4-Hour Body is available everywhere!”

    Well no, not according to Amazon UK who are showing a delivery date of 8 Feb 2011 – and it was pre-ordered in October!

  73. As an Indian i have ghee almost every days. Like ricky mentioned somewhere above. For coconut oil i have a batch of dry coconuts sitting in the backyard to be hand/mechanically ground to get the oil out. Its virgin and how it should be consumed.

    For people who are not winning and Tim himself : I don’t about how you justify paying $45 on Super Cissus. May be its lack of time and USP claims “you might be eating dirt without their extraction method”.

    We call it perrandai(perr-uhn-dye) over here and eat it every other day. Costs probably next to nothing. It probably grows in hot and humid climates. See if you can get it somewhere and try it in your backyard.

    Cissus Recipe :

    There are other tons of greens and dark greens and weird stuff that i don’t remember their names. We make something tasty out of it.

    I had an acute case of jaundice a while back, was literally yellow everywhere,

    took some tests with my Doc(practices western medicine) and the virus count was high. All he asked me to do was go for local/traditional medicine. Upon my relative’s recommendation i visited a guy who owned a small khadi(hand spun cotton) shop , he saw me and took us to his home, plucked few herbs, crushed and ground it to make hard paste balls. It looked and smelled like goat turd. Instructions were to consume it at 3 am in the morning after fasting from 3 pm in the afternoon along with 4 litres of cumin-boiled water as fast and humanly as possible. The most important thing was fasting and drinking the water and of course the herb turd. About noon i was back to my normal self. Test next day showed a rock bottom virus count(or whatever value that was) .

  74. What about coming up with your next book title? 4 Hour Marketer? 4 Hour Amazon Best Seller? 4 Hour World Domination.

    Looking forward to reading this one, hope there is a “Cocktail” chapter.

  75. I enjoyed reading the book. I was wondering where the message boards may be found (was unable to locate them on indicated at Kindle location 10979), and where the locator information to the passwords are for the Kindle version of the book. I’m looking forward to trying out the Slow Carb diet. Thanks very much.

  76. I tried to post this book review on Amazon but in order to do so, you need to have made an on-line purchase which I have not. This seems to be the next best place to post a review. Here it is:

    I’m gonna take a slightly different road on this book review than everyone else. I’ve been employed in the fitness industry at the collegiate level since 1983, with the past 20+ years at Princeton University. I knew Tim Ferriss when he was here as a student. He graduated in 2000, so I would’ve first met him in either 1995 or 1996. (At some point, he may have taken off one year from classes as many Princeton students do so I don’t know the exact year that he arrived on campus as a freshman.)

    At any rate, Tim Ferriss is the real deal. Even as an 18-year-old freshman, his penchant for determining the optimal way to eat and exercise was obvious. The gears in his head were always grinding, so to speak. And his mind worked at light speed as he tried to sort it all out.

    Among the many anecdotes in this particular book is one about the stunning gains that he made as a Princeton student in a very short period of time. Well, I can vouch for the accuracy of his story; his improvements and transformation were undeniable and incredible. I witnessed the rapid gains and they were indeed freaky. Side note: He was one tough hombre, too. Tim wrestled in high school (though not at Princeton due to bad shoulders) and was an accomplished judo athlete and martial artist. During his freshman year, I remember taking him through a workout (the only time that I ever did so). At one point in the workout, he was doing a pullover on a Nautilus machine. I sensed that he had just about reached muscular fatigue and had, at most, maybe one more rep left in him but I wanted to see how far he could go so I barked, “You got two more reps!” to which he immediately barked back, “I got five more!” And he got five more.

    At nearly 600 pages, the book is massive. (I’m roughly halfway done.) Tim’s a gifted and entertaining writer. You won’t be bored with its content; the book is really difficult to put down. Many anecdotes and one-liners are absolutely hilarious. But besides the wit, there’s also wisdom. A great deal of it, in fact. Tim is a fascinating individual and his book is the same. There’s something in it for everyone. (Full disclosure: I did receive an advance copy of the book.)

    Tim is a human laboratory, performing an endless number of experiments on himself with respect to training and nutrition. Readers of the book will benefit from his many years of self-experimentation.

    The book isn’t all anecdotal; it’s well-researched and some like me will enjoy the science. Tim has a keen grasp of scientific methodology and, throughout the book, vets different studies with his analytical skills as to the way in which they were designed and conducted.

    I typically shy away from endorsing products. I’ve been in the industry a long time – too long, some might say – and, frankly, my reputation is at stake whenever I attach my name to something. To be clear, I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the book. That said, I don’t think two people – no matter how much alike – will ever agree on everything related to fitness and nutrition. For example, we both believe in the value and effectiveness of low-volume workouts. But in my opinion, Tim’s uber-low-volume workouts are too low. I’m not saying that the workouts won’t work; I just think that the workouts would be a little more effective with a little more volume.

    Bottom line: This is a highly interesting book with loads of valuable information and insight. I enjoyed it and you will, too.

    Matt Brzycki

    Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness

    Princeton University

    1. This is a great review. I enjoy see it from a different angle. On the any review post system at BN or Amazon, I would click on “Find This Useful”?

  77. Hey Tim,

    I thought funny that you wrote in your book to find the 1 PM position on the clitoris… on my watch, 1 AM and 1 PM are at the same place 😉

    I have a question about that 15 minute technique though. Direct contact with the clitoris for 15 minutes, even with really light pressure, seems to me like it would do more wrong than good. Shouldn’t we use a lubricant to diminish the friction?


  78. Great book! Easy reading. The first section really pumped me up to plow through the book. I have done your slow-carb diet before and like it. What I was looking for in the book was that “secret sauce” few exercises that complement the diet for peak physical condition…..the MED. Unfortunately it seems to go from the diet to adding muscle. Did I miss something in my haste?


    Something that will have people spreading word about 4HB for you based on the true merit of the content that you have, content which is awesome.

    When they submit…they get to this:

    At the core of it, the content from 4HB is great, so no gimmicks on this[your] end – and it ensures people spread the word since they *have to* to receive the information. Credibility from the testimonial and fact that it’s “Three years of experiments, Hundreds of Case Studies”.

    They HAVE TO spread the word – but it’s made easy for them [more to come just below].

    The five pieces of information, I’m guessing MANY would like to know at least one of it; if not multiple.

    Second Step On-

    Making it easy for people to spread by giving them templates to Copy and Paste into their Facebook, Twitter, IMs, etc…, makes it so that they can just DO IT.

    Even if they don’t, you have their contact details, which let you eventually e-mail them the information without them having to spread the word maybe after it’s all over – and in that e-mail; “If you want more like this – It’s out – [Link to 4HB].”

    To unleash the maximum potential of people who would and could do more for something more, a contest to see who refers the most and prizes – you might have more prizes put, but I can give away the autographed copies that I have, too (you can create so many of that! but of course, not make it ubercommon)

    Just thought of this – Leaderboard where people can see their standings in almost real-time. Real-time might be too taxing on the server, but it’d be great! Anyhow, that’s technical.

    From your Facebook/Twitter/etc., it would spread FAST – you already have a huge following.

    Why it’s halted at this stage –

    1. Need permission to use the information.

    2. Don’t have the information YET. Books are at US address waiting to be shipped over. Information is a huge part of this, it’s the value in what you have.

    3. Don’t really use Facebook/Twitter – but possibly irrelevant in that you have Both with quite a following and it’s RELEVANT [even superrelevant].

  80. Hi Tim,

    I’m super excited to get my book and bought it off of Living Social and went to BooksAMillion to redeem and there was no receipt or anything to let me know if I am in fact, receiving my book! I have contacted both of them and it’s been almost a week now and I just want to know what to do–and how to find out if I am getting it at all. I’m super impatient to get the book. Can’t wait! I loved 4HWW so I just know this is going to be awesome!