The 4-Hour Chef Trailer – Book Overview

And the behind-the-scenes 4-Hour Chef video from my friends at Epipheo Studios

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102 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef Trailer – Book Overview”

      1. I loved the video! Although for sure I can´t wait to buy the book, graphically is excellent presented, easier to understand the concept. Keep it up Tom! I hope I can meet you in Argentina (BA) soon!

      2. I’m sorry Mik, but if I may: Tim, I’m Dutch and a first-hour fan of your work. I’ve always seen you as some-one who shouts something impossible, and actually proves it to be possible in a book/blog. You provide a quick and useful learning experience, without piles of details. For me, the problem with this trailer is to much explanation. And that is somehow giving me a totally different expectation compared to your previous work.

        However, this is the first time I heard the content is more then cooking. So if that was the goal: well done ;-)!

      3. Right on, Rich!!! This trailer actually convinced me to consider buying the book…unlike the cartoonish, cutesy overview trailer in the post.

      4. Totally agree–that is the MAN trailer. I felt like I understood what’s in the book way more than from watching the cartoony one.

        The cartoon one was just strange. Creative? Yes. Cute? Sure. But still strange.


  1. Brilliant!! saw the trailer first thing this morning and was wondering wether it was CGI or really done.

    cant wait for the book!

  2. Nice work! Love videos like this.

    Only problem is the length. I found my attention drifting. I think it could be sped up somehow.

    Or music. It needs some music.

  3. This is great Tim. I recently embarked on a challenge to aquire any habit in two weeks or less. I think this will complement it well :).

  4. Hi John,

    Duly noted. I think the point on the music is a good one. If you watch their behind-the-scenes video, imagine it with and without music. Totally different effect. Hmmm… could be a *really* easy audio overlay….

    Thanks for the comment,


    1. I love the creativity of video and like John, I found my attention drifting too. Light music in the background will definitely add to the video. It doesn’t have to be on beat with every move so a *really* easy audio overlay will do.

      But after watching the trailer, I can’t wait to get the book now. So it still works, for me at least =)


  5. Awesome Trailer, and literally changed my view. I brought the first two books and actually multiple copies, but I was def going skip this one. I was like I dont need no damn cookbook from tim ferriss. I was like he just milking his 4 hour brand as much he can, but this trailer atleast has me open now. Gonna read the first chapter

  6. Hey Tim!

    Great video. It had a very different feel than a typical trailer. I half expected it to be similar to your 4 Hour Body, but I was quite pleased to see the comical take that you decided. Plus, I really enjoyed how you gave a glimpse of the process that you teach within the book. It really helps set the tone of what I will be reading. Thank you for writing your knowledge onto paper. I enjoy using and teaching many of your methods. I look forward to the day that I have the chance to influence the world with you.


  7. I like it, its different sure. But hey, it gets the point across and it made me giddy for the book, so it fulfills its purpose.

    Then again, i compare it to your last trailer which was just the mother of book trailers, so i guess people are comparing that too…and thinking meh…this lacks a bit steam,…

    im excited for the new book anyways and i guess i lost my bet, that this book is going to be more sucessful than your last two ones combined hahaha

    Beste Grüße,


  8. Great video (and great to watch behind the scenes as well) – I’m looking very much forward to reading the book once available! 🙂

    Keeping it on around 90-120 seconds another time would probably be worth a thought as well – but I’d watch it if it were 5 minuters on the other hand too.

  9. Love it. I was already looking forward to this book, but hadn’t thought of any particular skills I wanted to acquire with it. While watching this video, multiple specific ideas came to mind for me.

    It’s amazing how adding sight & sound can amplify a concept like this. Great job.

  10. Awesome trailer, but I think the 4 hour body one was way better. I remember rewatching the 4HB trailer several times, just because it was so cool. This new one also has entertainment value, but I fully agree with John.

    This new trailer would serve really well as a “learn more details”-video, but for the main trailer I’d personally love to see some awesome motivational and inspiring video again.

    Also: I love that you mentioned time as a non-renewable resource. It’s a very important fact to remember. Recently it occurred to me that the only “resource” we have even less of is our body. If something happens to our body we’re screwed, because we don’t get a new one (i.e. better treat your body right …).

  11. Killer video! It was unique, entertaining, and had a VERY clear message about what your book is about. Awesome choice.

  12. I think the video is great, a total antithesis to the 4 Hour Body video. (and the worlds most agile pedophile) Haha… Sorry.

    I’ve just pre-ordered the new book, so the video has done its job!

    I love the two previous books, and i refer back to them for inspiration all the time.

    Good luck with the 4 hour chef! Don’t worry about the Barnes & Noble shennanigans… Its all gonna be great!

  13. Can’t wait to get myself a physical copy to help you accomplish your goal. Been a loyal reader since I came across the first edition of 4HWW at Powell’s books, my local bookstore. It was the gold cover and the hammock…. 🙂 I read like a hundred pages at the store before I bought it. So onto my question: I missed the boat here, but why exactly are bookstores boycotting your new work? I didn’t even know until I read your post. I don’t get it. Questionable material? They’re not getting their cut? Just curious that’s all.

  14. Without reading your past books or knowing about you beforehand, based on this trailer alone, I wouldn’t buy it, 3 points why:

    1) Sound effects annoyed me – especially the kick boxing skit

    2) Compared to the 4hr body trailer, this was very under whelming and for me, took away the buzz of the book. I feel this type of presentation would be better for a stand alone youtube interview – i.e someone has an animated interview channel but as sole representation for the book, I’m not sold.

    Demographic: 20 yr old Australian student.


    -The 4hr body trailer actively pumped me up – thanks 7dust. (yes, these books are about different topics)

    -Was completely underwhelmed by this – John’s right, but music will take away from the interview.

  15. Awesome! Can’t wait to read the book. I admire your ability to think and do such brilliant stuff. Ever inspiring Tim!

  16. Hi Tim,

    I really loved your previous two books, they were in some sens revolutionary!

    I can’t wait for the new one!

    I have one question though, will this book be available in some other languages as well? I read the Four Hour Workweek both in English and Romanian and as I read it, it became clear to me that a lot was lost through translation and design. Just wanted you to know that, maybe something can be improved in the future.

    As for the trailer, I think the idea is great, though music is definitely needed and maybe the whole thing can be compressed a bit to be a little shorter.

    Keep up the great work!


  17. I liked it… you could have gone completely over board with CGI and special effects which would have taken away from the message.

    Keeping it fun and wistful while still getting the point across was a good decision.

    Bring on the book!!

  18. Hi Tim,

    I am SO looking forward to getting hands on the 4HC! Even the acronym “D.S.S.S.” is getting me excited.

    I don’t know if it’s too late to change the video, but I’ll offer some feedback as you’re asking others for it. Before I do, though, I should point out that I was guilty of almost ALL of the mistakes that I’m about to outline in my video entry for the “Opening the Kimono” competition last year, so this is not a criticism of Epipheo Studios!

    The main problem with the trailer, in my opinion, that the words and images are hard to make out, even in full screen. I suggest playing the video to someone who hasn’t seen it before, asking them to read out all the titles as they appear, and seeing how well they do! I struggled to get “Todd Henry”, and didn’t even notice “Tim can hold his breath for over 3 mins” the second time round. (That’s also unnecessarily long: “holding his breath” and an image of a non-digital clock would have been more effective.) In fact, not only are the words and images unclearly written/drawn, they’re also small, constantly moving, and often in conflict with the audio! Don’t forget that people can’t help but associate cognitive load with other negative traits, something you definitely want to avoid.

    Agreed with John over the music. People respond to emotion more than they respond to information, and music conveys emotion more effectively than anything else. That’s why you fought so hard to get the rights to the music for the 4HB trailer – it summed up the “attitude” of the book far better than any words could have done. I challenge you to find an effective election campaign video that didn’t use music! Also, to stay on that topical theme, your words could be more emotional too: notice how Obama’s speeches have whipped people into a frenzy over the years despite containing almost no content whatsoever. (Disclaimer: I would have voted for Obama if I was American!)

    Another striking difference between the trailer and the “making of” video is the reverb. I’d never considered this before, but there’s something more engaging about the reverb matching the visuals. In the trailer you’re recorded using a close-up studio microphone, which creates a dry, clinical sound, whereas in the “making of” video there’s a room acoustic that matches the first image that we see.

    A last point: I don’t about other people, but my immediate association with the phrase, “looks and quacks like a …”, is Benjamin Netanyahu talking about Iran’s nuclear policy – not an association you want to invoke!

    I realize you must have a lot on your mind right now because of the boycott, but the trailer’s going to be a big part of getting around that, and if your new book’s as useful as your last two you owe it to people to get it to as many of them as you can.

    If you click on my name you can see a recent video trailer I made that successfully raised money for my musical, and which I think is a good example of words and music working together. Hell, I’d be happy to make you an alternative trailer, but I’d have to read the book first, of course. 😉

    Best of luck with everything,


  19. Thanks for more info on the book in a easy to digest manner Tim. I also love the great Kindle $9.99 price the book is at! Can’t wait to read it. Godspeed as always.

  20. Cool and unique trailer. can’t wait to grab a copy of your 4HC. It will look nice in my shelf together with my 4HWW and 4HB books. Overall, I know I’m going to learn a lot and probably hack my habits. 🙂

  21. I am about to pre order the book but cant decide whether to get the kindle version or the paper version. I love kindle books but if this book has coloured charts and photos might it be better on paper?

    anyone any thoughts?

  22. Hi Tim,

    I do really look forward to the book and like the content.

    My attention does fade though a bit with this trailer…compare it to the 4 Hour Body one 😉

    Music might really help!

    Best from Saigon Chris

  23. Hey Tim,

    Stoked for CreativeLIVE next week.

    Here are my thoughts:

    I think you may be able to capture first-time readers and evergreen people by connecting the first concept with the last last more efficiently. From my 50,000 ft view, you have two badass selling/connection points:

    1. You can learn anything in six months or less

    2. You might as well learn anything in six months or less because you’re going to die.

    I think if you endeavor to “tell your story” in 2:30 minutes or less by eliminating the “task-learning process”, and add a silly Ratatouille-esque music overlay, you’ll capture plenty of attention from first-time readers. Its already different, better, special. Now make it quick, sharable, memorable.

    Keep kicking ass.


  24. Hey Tim,

    I’m really excited for the book, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    I don’t like the trailer though, it’s not even remotely as good as the last one. The last one I showed around to my friends and said “look at this, this shit is awesome!”, it was a conversation piece (same with Ryan’s earlier this year).

    This one is just “aha, so it’s a book that teaches me stuff”, I can’t base a conversation on this.

    I’m sorry, but this one is a miss.

    Still excited for the book though 🙂

  25. Fascinating. As a fan of the 4HWW, I was disappointed that your next subject was going to be body building…then I learned more about the book, and that it was far more than just “body building,” bought it, loved it, and now recommend it. Similarly, when I learned recently of this new book, I thought “4 Hour Chef?? Booring. There’s too many cookbooks out there already.” Now that I watched the (rather entertaining) trailer, I get it…and I now want to get the book. Love the principles. Already thinking about not just how do learn using DSSS, but how I can TEACH using it. I’m looking forward to the book!

  26. Tim, great trailer. My sense is that the Barnes and Noble boycott is going to test your skills as a promoter. I’m looking forward to your strategies of getting the book into the hands and e-readers of the public. This is classic Randy Johnson vs. Mark McGuire. Nobody is more equipped to invade the Mordor of this boycott than you. Good luck!


  27. Just watched the video again and had a few more thoughts.

    Firstly, I imagine that your blog readers aren’t your target audience for the video, because we’re “sold” on your writing already. That means that the video should address people approaching your work for the first time, and answer their question: “Why should I buy this book?”. The answer’s in there (“Because I’ll show you how to learn anything in 6 months, and that’s important”), but it’s hidden among other stuff that distracts from the main message. For instance, pausing the interview for the kickboxing sequence disrupts the flow, and yet it doesn’t underline a key point (I think the filmmakers were showing off their animation skills at the expense of getting your message across, here!). The most memorable parts of a trailer should always be the most important parts as well. (Similarly, why does it take that guy 5 months to learn how to cook a chicken? And why is his house in the picture? There must be better examples of accelerated learning than that!)

    I think one of the problems with the interview format is that you’re too articulate for your own good. Blog readers are going to be familiar with concepts like meta-learning, but for a general audience you’re better off talking about “learning how to learn”. Similarly, “deconstruction, selection, sequencing” will sound off-puttingly technical to a lot of people, and might go too fast for them as well if they haven’t heard you talk about them before (this isn’t helped by the fact that some of the writing on the right-hand side of the board at that point is illegible). You can do interviews elsewhere, but you should make a trailer a trailer!

    I totally appreciate that you’re going for something different to the 4HB video here, but you can clarify your message and still keep it low-budget, quirky and funny (The Dollar Shave Club commercial is a great example of this). I can’t help thinking of Maurice Saatchi’s acronym for his own name: “Simple And Arresting Truths Create High Impact”. The important word is “Simple”!

  28. We’re loving the video Tim. We can’t wait to get our hands on your book!

    We’re also hacking food like you have, fixing the problems between meal inspiration and cooking (namely the hassles of grocery shopping). We’re hoping we can connect with you. We’d love to get the chance to chat!

  29. The video was silly and entertaining. Pre-ordered the Kindle version this morning prior to watching the trailer. I’m a new groupie and I’m looking forward to the new book. Thanks Tim.

  30. Tim, who is your David Axelrod because you just posted Obama’s first debate. A low sound quality Skype interview for audio? Dude, you are so much better than this on so many levels. K-Rose or Charlie or whoever plays Tim’s Axelrod. Give this man a swift Brazilian slap on the ass. (Don’t worry Tim I saw the election last night… *SPOILER* you can still win by a huge margin). But seriously, don’t post any more videos like this one.

  31. Extremely excited for this book to come out. And can’t wait to see what type of crazy pre-release giveaways you give us. Two things that get me crazy excited about this book:

    1. I’m with Benedict when he says the acronym DSSS alone gets him excited. Being a math nerd I love the when complex concepts can be broken down in to simple parts by a effective system.

    2. “Our time is limited, so why not sharpen our sword” everyday and improve ourselves. What else do we have if we can’t improve ourselves? The only variable we have true control over in the formula of life is ourselves and what we do each day. Life is this beautiful chance we get to make the most of and I think / hope (if its written at the quality your other ones have been) this book will truly empower people to see this.

    What’s the worse that could happen?

  32. Hi Tim,

    I am a huge fan of your work and I am sure that your new book will be great but I dont look forward to it in the same way I did with the four hour body.

    With the four hour body trailer it felt like you had so much interesting things that could totally transform lives and that you were dying to get out.

    With both the four chef trailers I feel kind of numb, I am going to get it but mainly because I know you have excellent knowledge and will deliver interesting content.

    When you are jumping down to the floor and now this box things, doesnt feel like Tim Ferriss to me., it just feels like the method of communicating suddenly got more important than your message. I have read about how you launched the four hour work week, all the tests you did, all the people you got to now and how this seemingly obsessive drive to reach out consumed you. Right now I more get the feeling you put your trust in other people and rely more on them than your own often genius approach.

    Only time I get little bit excited is when you name the 4 main parts of learning but that excitement ends as soon as it starts and kickboxing and language learning is already things you are known for mastering five years ago, which interesting skills have you acquired since then? Are there things we dont know about?

    To be able to learn any craft in 6 months is tremendously exciting. With a video of all the achievments you can make, new lifestyle opportunities and some really cool strategies would make me much more hyped.

  33. Agree with Mik. I do not like it. Too busy. Can’t really see all the written words. Size of whole setup is too small. It’s a bland blurr of color and they setup is really defined, just light sketching. After 1 minute I was exhausted by the lengthy boring dialog. If I wanted to watch an interview of you discussing the book, which I have . . . I would. Just flat for me. Though, I will buy the book. I’m an avid cook and have an over 200 cookbook collection.

  34. Just looking at the trailer I felt like the book is mis-titled, like it should be about “4 hour learning”, not necessarily “4 hour chef.” It seems that cooking like a world class chef is not THE take-away or result you’ll get from applying what is in your book, is it supposed to be? If it’s not, I’m curious as to why cooking was even chosen in the 1st place.

  35. Like all your stuff, loved it. Very creative and entertaining but also got me intrigued about the new book.

    Look forward to more insight. Thanks!

  36. I saw the youtube trailer and was amazing, this video is like a good follow up to that. But is not a mouthwatering trailer. Unlike the other one or the FHB trailer.

    now make a trailer for the trilogy. that would be awesome.

  37. I liked the trailer, but thought the decent animation was a bit distracting from the message. The cinematic trailer is better in my opinion and also reveals a lot more about the book. I’m quite surprised actually and feel it’s going to be a even better read than expected because of that one now.

  38. Is the update to the 4HWW (expanded edition) available now? I don’t see any update. I do see updates for other books in my library.

  39. From 0:54 to 1:00 it feels very awkward. Tim should continue speaking and perhaps have some music in the background.

  40. Cheering you on for taking risks, and going for an artful way to promote your science. And… I’m excited to get 4HChef in my hands.

  41. Tim, I’ve loved your past trailers and I thought this one was clever however, a bit on the long side. It will totally engage your fans and followers but might lose the new ones you want to bring you your side.

    I think the whole D.S.S.S. thing is way too involved for your promo. Be a little more explosive and save those details for the book. You don’t want people to snooze and think it is too involved for them. I know that anyone can receive benefit from your book ( I am not smart and have experienced huge benefits from both books) however you kinda “lose” me at that point in the promo. It just gets a little TOO detailed…Know what I mean?

    I love the cardboard style though. Super cute and I laughed a bunch too. Just shorten it up and you’ll be good to go.


  42. Awesome trailer!!! yea it could have some music… yea it may be too long.

    but the way it is now matches the style of this video.. its perfect the way it is 🙂

    I wouldn’t touch a thing.

    create another more commercial trailer if you need. You can use both

    very cool. props to the video guy!

  43. Excellent video. Fun, easy to follow, smart concept, I can remember it. Looking forward to having the book. Well done! 🙂

  44. Hey Tim, I love the concept for the new book. I’ve been waiting since last year for it to come out! So glad it’s coming out soon.

    Just a heads up, the video does not play using the Google Chrome browser. It did play using firefox however. You might want to look into this before people get frustrated.

    Can’t wait for the book!!

  45. Hi Tim,

    I love the premise of the book, though I found this trailer quite distracting. I realised I was so intrigued by the visual artistry (which was really awesome!), that I wasn’t listening to what you were saying-. I had to watch it twice and ignore the visuals. I’m more of a visual person and it seemed the audio and the visuals weren’t really congruent in delivering your message- my thoughts anyway.

    It reminded me a little of reading a child a pop up book and having the child so focused on the moving parts that they don’t listen to the story.

  46. Yeah man that was a let down.

    I love Tim – have bought and read and followed his teachings. So it’s not like I’m anti-Tim .

    But the trailer just didn’t have the punch. Seemed low budget (even though it could have been high budget). Lighting wasn’t that good. The props weren’t of that good of a quality. The hands holding the props were shown multiple times. The interview voice recording wasn’t as clear as it should’ve been.

    Overall I’d give it 3 out of 10. I can forward the 4 hour body trailer to anyone. This – I won’t.

    Tim you gotta come up with a better trailer that can go viral. I’m still gonna buy the book regardless, but the trailer needs to capture NEW customers and less loyal fans.

    1. I agree with you Shariq, for some one who’s already excited about the book this would work simply because of the new info about the content. For someone who doesn’t even know who Tim Ferriss is, this will be nothing special. But for this… maybe the trailer is enough.

      I see this video as more likely a very short “animated” interview.

    2. You obviously haven’t seen the Four-Hour Chef Cinematic trailer:

      Tim really ought to post it on his blog at some point

  47. Just pre-ordered.

    As I’m sure you’re keenly aware of, the success or failure of this book is going to be HIGHLY dependent on your execution. I can probably count all of the people I know who even OWN a cookbook on one hand, let alone actually take the time to use it… no one goes through a cookbook like a book.

    I’m really, really interested. Can you actually tie cooking down to learning, in not just a useful way, but in a way that doesn’t leave people snoring?

    Will you actually be able to reposition in the consumer’s mind the category of “cookbook” from a gift from one 40 year old woman to another… to a young and action packed reference guide on how to drop kick your limiting beliefs into the stratosphere?

    Either way, I wish you the best.


  48. Love learning new skills, but I always outsource the cooking.

    Following other comments: I just went from ‘will skip this one’ to ‘Damn, another mindblower from Tim’

    Just one question: how much non-cooking is in the book? (a lot I hope)


  49. I am wishing for this book badly since I am very, very interested in effective learning. I was really happy to know that the book will be about more than cooking, although it’s also a great opportunity to learn some cooking :). The video is fine, very original. Not that I need any video to convince me to buy the book 🙂

    Good intro! Simple but effective. Can’t wait to dwell more into that, come on… release the book already!

  50. This looks like it will be a great book, Tim! Does it matter if I get it for my standard black & white kindle, or is there a lot of photography & interactive content that only works on touch screen devices?

  51. Ever see a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad and think, “huh?” It is not lack of creativity, it is because the creative team fell in love with their own work instead of capturing the compelling reason the customer should care. This ad is dry, boring, unemotional, lazy and cheap looking. Have the courage to pull it today and replace it with something that exudes the joy and excitement of mastering new skills. A simple 90 second ad of someone mastering French cooking and a foreign language and then finding the girl or guy of their dreams, done in a humorous way, would do the trick.

    By the way I have preordered your book and bought multiple copies of your previous books, I am a big fan.

  52. Tim

    Most every trailer today is overdone, over-engineered, over-the top. The mere silliness and simplicity of the visuals kept me engaged.

    Thanks so much, can’t wait to get the book.

  53. I Love epipheo’s stuff! So creative and the quirk in their adverts really brings products to life. The way they get complex messages across in such a short space of time is brilliant!

    Look forward to the new book Tim. Would love to interview you for it and put it out on skype. Been trying to get an interview for a while now!

  54. Hey Tim, super excited to get the 4Hour Chef! I’m wondering what your take is on the Malcom Gladwell stance that one needs 10,000 hours to master or become world class at say playing the piano or soccer? Does meta learning speed up the creation of myelin sheaths?

    I’m assuming your books kicks sand in the face of this theory? As a teacher my instinct has always been that there are faster more efficient ways to mastery than conventional wisdom would lead us to believe. I’d love to hear more!

    Thanks Tim!


  55. Love this, so creative and strong messaging!! A little whimsical background music would be a nice tough and give it some pacing — easy to overlay though 🙂

  56. Hey Tim, I have been reading your stuff since the beginning. Since the four hour work week was a gold and white book in 07. I am super excited about the new book, I feel like it has been a long time coming. But, bro this trailer is not you. I was expecting something sweet like the 4HB trailer, exciting, and awesome. The book sounds awesome and I know it will be but I don’t think people who never heard of your stuff will be in to it or at least they won’t be as excited about it. I feel kind of silly sharing this video and this is a first … ever. But you are the man I know you will make it happen. Do something like the 4HB and you will kill it.

  57. I will read the book in a Barnes and Noble on my Amazon Kindle Fire HD just to mess with them.

    Are you going to set up a place where people can post the skills they have learned and give their strategies so that others may copy?

  58. A great trailer on your philosophical perspective, and immensely compelling if it were modified to include ALL the books, the blog, etc. based on your strategic approach to living, resulting in a commercial for the overall brand of TIM FERRISS™. This would leverage the viral effectiveness of a great concept/execution and give potential customers a choice of ways to engage with your brand.

    I don’t think it will sell a lot of cookbooks outside of your current customers, unless you can close the loop with how this learning relates to the topic of cooking- but that seems like it should be a different trailer anyway…

  59. I can see my last comment is still awaiting moderation. You are welcome to delete it. What was intended to be critical in a humorous way came across more as crass and inappropriate. My apologies. The Fonz was not appropriately channeled as per comment guidelines.

  60. Love the trailer! When does the TV show air? – Seriously though after watching it a few times this could be your pitch video for a television show. As soon as it ends I want an episode either on TV or online! Here is a monetization option – run this as a webisode series where you take sections of the 4hour chef and create online video for the entire chapter or topic from the book. I seriously would subscribe to a concept like this where you not only have a place to sell the book – like your blog but a place to showcase fresh content from it on a regular basis would be awesome. I would pay $10 a month for access if you released an episode weekly…

  61. Love it. I’m buying the book. Interestingly, I saw the cinematic trailer like a week ago or something and just saw this trailer now. Big difference. That one was cool and entertaining but this one felt more meaningful and valuable…

  62. Tim,

    I love your other two books and want to purchase this one. My girlfriend and I are travelling through South America for awhile. Currently we are down in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Where is the closest place, if any, to pick up a copy?

    I prefer a hard copy but if digital is the only option I will go that route.

    Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration.