The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More

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Today is the day.

After three years of work, The 4-Hour Body is available everywhere!

I work very hard on my books. My first and previous book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has an 5-star average on Amazon with more than 1,000 reviews, and it has been a Top-10 Amazon Customer Favorite:

Compared to that book, I spent 3 TIMES longer on the new book — The 4-Hour Body — to ensure it worked with men and women, with young and old.

It is the definitive choose-your-own-adventure guide to the human body, ranging from fat-loss and muscular gain to sex and sleep. Everything is tested and it all works.

I have now negotiated the price down to a mere $14.50.

Why? Because I’m proud of this book and want it to be #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. That said, I have a very tough opponent. The Guinness Book of World Records is #1 for this week every year. Last I looked, Guinness was barely ahead of me:

With your help, I can beat them.


In this post, and until 12 midnight Friday (Dec. 17), I will:

– Offer complementary “thank you” gifts to anyone who has, or will, buy a copy of The 4-Hour Body.

– Offer $260 of kick-ass goods to anyone who buys 3 copies (costs less than $45).

– Offer a free $16,000 trip to the person who promotes The 4-Hour Body best this week.

In addition to getting new readers, I also want to reward people who pre-ordered long ago, and help readers who missed past prizes due to tech glitches. So, here we go, one at a time…

One Book

If you buy, or have bought, The 4-Hour Body in any format:

Until Friday at midnight PST, you can get a FREE digital PDF copy of The 4-Hour Workweek (usually $20) and a free copy of “The Slow-Carb Diet: Volume 1” (not available anywhere else), both hosted by E-Junkie.


If you haven’t already, buy The 4-Hour Body for about $14.50 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through any other retailer. If you buy it in a book store, keep the receipt. Only hardcover counts for the bestseller lists, so it’s easily the most helpful for me (please!), but you can buy any format: Audiobook (abridged), Kindle, Nook, etc..


Fill out this short form. You’ll get the PDFs within 72 hours.

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Buy three copies on Amazon or elsewhere.


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Which adventure will you choose in this choose-your-own-adventure post?

No matter what, there’s one starting point: The 4-Hour Body.

Start a domino effect that will make 2011 your best year yet.


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730 Replies to “The 4-Hour Body is NOW OUT – Live Q&A Today, New Trailer, Free Books, and Much More”

  1. Hey Tim,

    Absolutely fantastic book. After reading your blog post in July on the Slow Carb Diet, I was able to drop 20 pounds in two months. I’m currently doing Occam’s.

    Here’s my question: The BlueIce Butter and Cod Liver Oil is pretty pricey, so I went with the option of getting the seperate cod liver oil supplements and the Irish butter. What I did not see clarified is how many 1000mg pills to take daily or how much butter to take with said pills. Is it two pills with 2 servings of butter, one set in the morning and one set at night?

    Also, one last one, I have pectus excavatum and have been looking for exercises that will add muscle gains to my chest; will Occam’s accomplish this?

    Thanks for the fantastic book, keep on experimenting!

  2. Where is the bonus material passwords? Hidden in the book? I don’t even know where to type the passwords I cannot locate into!

    Any hints or clues? Tim? Anyone?

  3. Hi Tim (and fellow blog readers),

    I was wondering if there was an online community who is subscribing to the slow-carb diet? I would love to subscribe to everyone else’s blog and see how they’re doing… especially other women!



  4. I Just wanted to say that this book has been my best purchase in a long time. Not only am i excited to start trying with these different self-experimentations, but i am also excited to get into the 4HWW as well, very interesting stuff.

    I did have a couple questions as I start up with this slo-carb diet.

    I work as a waiter which requires 7+ hour shifts where i am constantly active/on my feet with no chance to eat a meal. I have tried walnut/almond fix but would love if a dif option like a clif bar or protein bar could be suitable to eat while at work. anything you could recommend here?

    Also I enjoy a chili recipe which consists of (canned chopped tomatoes, red beans, onions, green peppers, ground beef, garlic, chili powder, and cayenne pepper) will this work as well?

  5. Hey Tim,

    Two questions:

    1. Following the Slow-Carb diet, you are allowed one cheat day per week. Are you allowed to change that cheat day week to week as long as you stay loyal to the diet for the remaining 6 days? (for example one week my cheat day would be on Saturday, the next week on Friday).

    2. I have a bathroom scale that calculates body fat percentages. It is made by weight watchers. Can you confirm how accurate these are?

    Thanks TIm!

  6. Tim,

    Congrats on your success. I’ve been a fan of the 4HWW and now the 4HB. I’d been following the Slow Carb Diet from your blog even before the book came out and am down 22 lbs. I have even gotten others to buy the book and start the diet.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. You’re against artificial sweeteners and some natural sweeteners (because if the fructose), but how about Stevia? I live in the South and sweet tea is practically a religion. Is there a problem with me using stevia or should I just limit my intake to 16 oz. using an artificial sweetener?

    2. Do you use Athletic Greens every day or just on cheat days as damage control?

    Thanks in advance for your response.


  7. Hey Tim,

    So where’s the link? After all that exciting build-up, did you manage the 50k marathon? The link isn’t working: – or at least it is, but there’s nothing there!

    Go on, I know you’re busy, but just give us a clue – you can fill us in with the details later!

    2 hours in (should have been 10 mins!), and one kindle purchase of Born to Run later I _must_ go to bed! (Haven’t had time to read the chapter on surviving on less sleep yet 🙂

    Great book. Thanks.


  8. Hi Tim~

    I am enjoying the book to the point of obsession. I am working through the weight loss sections now… constantly going back and re-reading to better understand.

    I started AGG, have not added the P yet, just haven’t gone to the right store to track it down.

    The science behind why it works is great, but you left out one thing… I feel GREAT!

    After having my 3rd kid in March… I gained even more and a few months ago was weighing in at almost my heaviest ever (including the times I was 9 months pregnant). No matter what, I couldn’t get it to change and was getting very lethargic, falling asleep in meetings even. After explaining to the dr that 3 years ago I ran a marathon… I know how to train, to eat healthy, etc… He tested me for everything…Only thing not showing up “normal” was that my HDL was way low.

    He put me on phentramine. The “speed” effect was awful and the drug addictive… It took several days for my body to adjust to coming off of it after only 30 days of being on it. It’s not good for my heart (I already have a heart condition). I did lose 9 lbs though.

    Now, I feel great. Lost 7 lbs (cheating on the slow carb and doing perfect posterior and using daily burn) in less times and the agg stack is giving me the same energy and I don’t feel hungry (could be the protein increase) and I should be back to my pre pregnancy weight by the end of this month and in better shape. I don’t feel like I am going to serious damage to my heart or liver while doing it.

    So, thank you for the great hacks…I didn’t mean to get into all that, but just another success story (so far).

    What I do need to know…

    I am seriously struggling with the 30 g of protein within 30 mins. This diet has made me hate eggs. I want my bagel and my latte. I’ve given both up but it’s killing me…and that will be my breaking point if I don’t find a resolution. I can’t do the shakes (I need the psychological factor of chewing my food).

    I tried a few protein bars, but I noticed the carbs are higher than the protein. However, I started thinking… perhaps they aren’t can be white carbs then it would still follow the rules…

    Protein bars… yay or nay?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Karli,

      I’ve got a recommendation for you. In the morning when I want protein without a shake, I mix the powder in with my food. This obviously takes the right kind of food, and for me, I take a scoop and a half of Optimum Nutrition’s Chocolate Whey protein powder and dump it in 1 cup of plain oatmeal after I cook it for 2 minutes. This gets me all the protein I need for breakfast and it’s delicious.

      I know that Tim says no oats, but I’m not sure why, as this has helped me lose weight. . Anyway, hopefully that helps. Happy weight loss!

      1. Thanks Nick~ Even if I cheat with Oatmeal and add protein powder,,, that’s better than the bagel in the morning! I’ll give that a shot!

  9. Hi everyone. Let’s see if the people of the forum can help me out.

    -So I bought a week’s worth of Beef and Chicken to do the Slow Carb thing….This meat was packaged, but it claimed to be all-natural

    I ate the chicken (200 gr.) and it was good, then I noticed the packaging and the ingredients listed are starch, skim milk powder, dextrose and fructose and glutines..needlessl to say, this chicken is full of sugar…im tossing it out and sticking to fresh one. QUESTION: have I totally screwed up the whole week?


    The beef is cured and has dextrose. Should I toss it out?

    Thanks everyone!

    Good luck with all, and don’t eat any SugarChicken ™ :), like I did….

  10. @Marco

    Why would you think your body works in weekly cycles? That it even knows what was put in it the day before? Just starting eating like you’re supposed to……


  11. Okay. I can take a hint. After never having had a single question answered (well researched questions that aren’t answered elsewhere or in your books) and now have my comments moderated out… Not gonna post again

      1. Yeah, I just mistyped my email. Should have been … .

        I know that you’re slammed with this thing and that everybody thinks their question is valid… and that tons of people ask stupid questions and questions that have been answered clearly all over the place (sweet potatoes? Squash? Gal Bladder? Weight Watchers Scale? Fucking Weight Watchers scales with magical fat % telling properties? WTF? Weakly cycles? Oy!) And jesus tap dancing christ enough about the goddamned bonus material already.

        I was just feeling sorry for myself. You can delete this and the previous “” comment.

        Thanks for the TWO copies, btw, in exchange for offering to provide a product for the gift bags… Or thank whoever made that decision.

        AND another thing! As an “influencer”, I’m sending you a bracelet. You can wear it or pass it on to someone who will… Of if you have a chick who’d like the necklace let me know. Aw fuck it I’ll send em both. N.

      2. Thanks for the comment, Norman, and you’re most welcome for the books!

        Kia kaha,


      3. Ummm. Cool, but please delete my email address from the comment at least…

        Tim Ferriss! Save me from your followers! Haha.

  12. Sooooo excited to implement all of the things I learn in your book. I started a blog to get the girls perspective and to hold me accountable to follow through.

    I want to be superhuman too.

    Thanks Tim!

  13. Hey Tim,

    As I have said in previous comments I am absolutely loving the book! I really enjoyed the Q&A. Didn’t get to see it live unfortunately, but I got a lot out of it thank you.

    I have a question for the chapter Occam’s Protocol in regards to food intake. I am currently doing the Slow-Carb diet with “Building the Perfect Posterior” as I would like to lose some weight of course (already lost about 3-4% BF in 3 weeks), but I would also like to add on a bit more muscle. If I were to start doing Occam’s Protocol instead of “Building the Perfect Posterior” would I have to change the slow-carb diet to include starch? Or would I keep to the rules of the Slow-Carb diet and just increase my intake instead to match the calories (approx. 3000) I would need to consume?

    Lastly would I be able to perform the Pre-Hab exercises with Occam’s Protocol or would it be recommending to start and finish the Pre-Hab for 6-7 weeks sticking with “Building the Perfect Posterior” before getting into any major workout?

    Many thanks.



  14. TIm, where can I find the bonus chapters that you mention in the end of your book?

    Also at the start of your book you mention ginger for undermuscled but I can’t seem to locate where you elaborate on this? if you’re unsure of the page then I would love to a quick breakdown of how to use the ginger.

    many thanks,


  15. Tim,

    I love the book! I ordered it on 12/16/10 and I just noticed you were offering a digital copy if you submitted you receipt. Is there any chance I can still get a digital copy of the book if I submit my amazon receipt? Please let me know. Thanks a ton!


  16. Awesome book Tim . . I’m reading for the 2nd time. QUESTION: In the audio version, I’m not sure how I go about getting the bonus materials?

  17. Hi, Tim

    so far not much weight loss (like 3lb in 2 weeks), but I can see I look different. 😉

    A quick question: I didn’t like any legume requirement at all. But, I can eat as much natto as I can. So now, I am eating two natto boxes for every meal. Do you see any problem with it?

  18. I received the first round of bonus material but still not news about the bonus material… “Removing Stubborn Thigh Fat”

    Will it be delivered through the same mechanism like the other bonus material?

  19. Since the UK Amazon said the book wouldn’t be available until January, I ordered it from the US Amazon and had it shipped to my mom in the states.

    She opened it (she was also waiting for some stuff from them) and was really impressed by the book and wanted to keep it for herself. So I ordered her a copy (and had it gift wrapped).

    (One order was Dec 14th, the other was Dec 17th, is there any chance of getting the bonus also?)

    I’ve been doing the 4HB now for 2 week, yesterday was my second cheat day and I’m down 6 lbs.



  20. @Jiah Interesting about Natto (hadn’t heard about it). Curious to see the answer.

    Have you tried lentils? ( also am not so much into legumes, but I’ve been enjoying lentils, I do season them a lot with things like Garlic Power, Oregano, etc)



  21. What happened to the fprm for the free stuff with the purchase of 2 books? Three Books (US shipping addresses for the books, please)

    If you want to buy 3 copies, you can get $260 of bonuses for less than $45 of books:

    – 1 bottle of Super Cissus RX ($45), one of my staple supplements.

    – 3-month Daily Burn Pro membership ($30)

    – 1-year of ‘Performance Menu Journal’ Magazine ($30)

    – 3 months Evernote Premium (first 500 only!) ($15)

    – “Find Your First Profitable Idea” with Ramit Sethi ($100 for full course)

    – Digital copy of “The 4-Hour Workweek” ($20)

    – The Slow-Carb Cookbook ($20)


    Buy three copies on Amazon or elsewhere.


    Fill out this short form. Done.

  22. Hey Tim,

    Did you ever announce the winner of the promo contest or is it still yet to be determined? Looking forward to seeing who gets their hands on that snowboard trip.


  23. Tim,

    The 4 Hour Work Week helped me make drastic changes to my business and my lifestyle. Have yet to pick up the 4 Hour Body but I’m heading out tomorrow to get it. Thanks for all the great insights.


  24. I poked around and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, or an obvious place for errata yet: In Spotting Bad Science 101 you have a quote attributed to “H.G. Wells, who created national hysteria with his radio adaptation of his science fiction book The War of the Worlds.”

    The quote is from Wells, and he did write the novel The War of the Worlds… but the radio adaptation was by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre.

  25. I’ve read the book! Loved it and am just finding this site. I came here with one of those questions that have been asked before. I’m sorry to be tiresome but I’ve searched through the blogs for the last 20 minutes and can’t find the answer myself.

    Can you eat squash on a “non-cheat” day?

    How about sweet potatoes or yams?

    Can you tell me if there’s a specific area on this site with information for newbies?

  26. Hey Tim,

    I think my last question was skipped because someone with my name asked a similar one just one comment before mine, so I’ll throw that one back in and some FAQ’s that I’ve seen/heard. And by the way, you’ve helped my lose 20 pounds and put on muscle and change my life. Thankyou.

    For starters, you said you take a few dollops of butter and have it in the morning. So, only in the morning? How many cod liver pills and when would you take them then?

    After your geek to freak trial, how permanent were the muscle gains once you stopped taking the supplements?

    Also, why is oatmeal not allowed on the slow carb diet? I used it frequently and still had plenty of weight loss.

    Annnnd that’s it! Thanks for the fantastic book!

  27. Hey Tim,

    Are there any programs you would not recommend doing together? For example, is doing PAGG while doing Geek to Freak while doing abs while doing the kettlebell workout all while on the slow carb diet okay? Or are there some programs you wouldn’t recommend mixing? Thanks.

  28. Thanks Tim, I’ve been working on my 4 hour body for 3 weeks now and am seeing some improvement. I have a semi-NSFW question that came up today that I just can’t seem to get out of my head.

    I was told once that male ejaculate is really high in protein, but I am noticing more now (probably because I’m not eating sugar) that it’s really sweet… Am I undoing all my hard work with some night time fun between the sheets? Think it’s safe to include a bit of man juice in my slow-carb diet or should I save this task for Saturdays? I personally find spitting rude and don’t want to hurt my man’s feelings but I guess this could give him something to look forward to on my cheat day.

    PS: I tried really hard to not make this question vulgar… but I think I failed :-/

    1. No worries — I don’t think a little vitamin S will have any negative impact on the slow-carb diet at all. Be safe, but have fun 🙂

  29. Aren’t tomatoes a fruit, and therefore forbidden? And how about popcorn – completely out or okay in small quantities?

    Two weeks in for me, my wife and 26 year old son. We’ve lost weight, but both cheat days so far resulted in gaining almost all of it back. Giving it a month to make any judgments, though.

  30. I had never heard of you or your books until one week ago. I bought your 4-hour body book last week at our hospital’s book sale, and I loved it!! I really enjoy your straight-forward approach and common-sense solutions. As a nurse I also appreciate the scientific explanations. Quick question: What do you think about adding HCG to your slow-carb diet and PAGG supplements?

  31. Namaste Tim,

    Thanks a million (!!!!) for your awesome book. Following the Slow-Carb diet, 6 minutes abs, Kettlebell swing – and my body is more stunning than ever! (Stronger and thinner than during my years as a full time professional dancer, hah!) My boyfriend’s doing it too and we’re both feeling grrreat…

    —> QUESTION: Dairy = NO – but what about GOATS CHEESE? (We’re vegetarians and a YES to this question would totally make my day)

    Lots of love from Amsterdam

    xxx Ronja

    P.S. I love everything in the book apart from the chapter on the ’15 Minute Female Orgasm’.

    The clit is probably the most misunderstood part of sex ever.

    In short: it’s NOT where it’s at!

    I have how-to info + experience of the ‘3 hour Female Orgasm’… Longer, stronger, deeper… Every time without fail. Perhaps something to research for the sequel?

  32. Great book! I noticed you mentioned drinking some kombucha and herba mate on your cheat day — are they ok on the other days as well?

  33. Tim,

    Been having a blast with the testosterone increase program from your book. I’ve followed your formula religiously.

    The problem is that these Blue Ice/Fermented Cod Liver/Butterfat pills are $50 per bottle. I just can’t swing that, man.

    Are there alternatives to Blue Ice you can recommend? Would it be reasonable just to take high dosages of Vitamin A instead?

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  35. Hi Tim,

    I’m trying to use Phil Libin’s excel spreadsheet — it looks really cool! However, I want to adjust it so that the timeline is shorter than 2 years, and my math/Excel skills aren’t up to the challenge. Help, please!