Drunk Dialing — Ladies Night Edition! (#197)


By request, we have another drunk dialing episode (the most recent one can be found here, and the original can be found here).

This one is a little different as it’s a Ladies Night edition. Some of you may have noticed that ladies were absent from the last drunk dialing fiasco. Why? It’s just math. Looking at the results of a recent poll of 11,463 respondents, my audience is 84.04% male, 15.83% female, and .13% other.

The people who sign up first get called first. The last time, 3 out of the 20, which is exactly 15%, were female. Unfortunately, those women (and several guys) did not pick up.

This time around, I decided to try the “ladies night” format. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Language learning
  • Exercising with (or around) injuries
  • Viral marketing
  • Handstands and handstand training
  • How I decide my experiments (and what gets shared afterward)
  • Teaching disabilities vs. learning disabilities
  • The craft of writing: common mistakes, goals, etc.

Please enjoy!

#197: Drunk Dialing -- Ladies Night Edition!

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#103: Drunk Dialing Fans--Celebrating The 100th Podcast Episode!

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

Scroll below for links and show notes…

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • How do you exercise or stay active around a permanent or long-term injury? [06:02]
  • Good podcasts for long walks. [17:43]
  • Advice for studying multiple languages simultaneously. [19:22]
  • Thoughts on viral marketing and niche creation. [37:44]
  • How do you graduate to moving away from the wall when you’re learning handstands? [42:25]
  • How do I choose my projects and experiments? [46:51]
  • Learning disabilities vs. teaching disabilities. [1:01:26]
  • Comparing entrepreneurial and investing experiences, which has (so far) proven most rewarding? [1:05:18]
  • How do you switch gears to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur? [1:09:25]
  • If I were to do it all over again, what would I change first? [1:13:36]
  • Good advice for new and aspiring writers — along with some all-too-common bad advice. [1:17:17]
  • Why have I never done a traditional book tour? [1:26:03]
  • How do I optimize my life for efficiency and keep enjoying the novelty of discovery without burning out? [1:33:55]
  • Don’t optimize what you enjoy; savor what you enjoy. [1:42:44]

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29 Replies to “Drunk Dialing — Ladies Night Edition! (#197)”

  1. Hi, I have a question that’s unrelated to this post, but it’s something I require help with.

    I’m 29 and have only just now found your book. Amazing. I already find myself planning my future in a new way and I thank you for this. Here’s my situation, I’ve been stuck in a dead end office role for the last 3 years, haven’t moved because it’s been regular and comfortable. Now things are going to change.

    A close friend of mine has offered for me to work with him on expanding his new business which is already proving to make lots of money. That’s great! Therefore the decision has already been made that I’ll be handing in my 30 day notice into my work on the 1st December.

    I’ve had an idea though. In my current role, the main bulk of what I do is monotonous order processing, booking couriers, answer enquiries. The less important (but just as time consuming) roles I play involve answering the phone, chasing payments, chasing current orders. Spread out over 8 hours these things fill an entire day.

    I’ve realised that if I were to process all orders and book all couriers in one go, then I could probably have this done in 2 hours. Therefore, when I hand in my notice on the 1st December I would like to put forward to my company the idea of letting me process all orders, answer enquires and book couriers for a day – in the evening from home. So that when they come into the office the following morning, everything will be done for the previous day.

    I can then continue with my friend on my new adventure. Spending 2 hours each evening completing what is now my full time job (Also in the future with the idea of outsourcing this completely)

    I need help with how I’m going to put this to my Boss as I hand in my notice.

    They’re going to lose me answering the phone, chasing accounts, organising same day dispatches, and chasing current order statuses (ZZZZZzzzzzzz)I believe this could be spread out amongst the current working staff

    But they will not have to hire someone new over the busy Xmas period and spend 6 months training them in my role. I believe I have enough leverage to make this work but I can’t figure out the best way to put it to them. I’ll be leaving and handing in my notice regardless so I really do have nothing to lose.

    Any advice would be most welcome. Sorry for the long post.



    1. SWP,

      A great resource, written by Tim himself, is his masterpiece that put him on the map – The 4-Hour Work Week (4HWW). If you don’t own it, pick it up. If you DO own it, flip to chapter 12, page 227 in the expanded and updated version (2009).

      Chapter title: Disappearing Act: How to Escape the Office

      Hope this helps!

      Best of luck,


      P.S. Try searching his blog, he’s got tons of shit about this topic.

  2. Great episode, very egalitarian. Tim, I am a bit concerned that your as of late, frequent drunk dialing episodes are a mere cover for a developing alcohol habit. 😉

  3. A great & fun episode, cheers!

    I was on the hunt for an unabridged version of the 4 Hour Body, does one exist? I keep running into the abridged version.

    Many thanks!


  4. Wow, I didn’t know that women are only 15% of your listeners. I like your work but I’ve always loved science and learning thru reading. This explains why my female friends have never heard of you and why I always have to buy them a copy of the most relevant book as a present so they will read you. Is this total female audience – blog, books and podcast?

  5. Thank you for another great episode. Most respect to you for not trying to be that boring person who knows everything. You are a sort of cosmic taxi driver who brings people to places where they’ll find answers to their questions or where they’ll find better questions to ask themselves. Cheers to the drunk driver. I was delighted to hear so many ladies on the show – women might account for less than 20% of the audience but I heard a guy once say that 20% of your tomato plants is most likely to give you 80% of your tomatoes. It’s not the quantity of women that follow the show that matters, it’s the quality.

  6. Hi Tim,

    Great interviews. Your focus on ‘sequencing’ particularly enjoyed about your presentations, whether this attribute is expressed implicitly or explicitly.

    It remind me of Lisa VanDamme’s (of Orange Counties VanDamme Academy) lectures on Hierarchy in Education.

    Have you heard of her?

  7. Thank you for acknowledging the women in your audience, even though we’re a small segment. This is the type of action that’s necessary if we ever hope to even out the gaping gender imbalance in startups, entrepreneurship and tech. Cheers!

  8. I’m really enjoying your podcasts and I love the idea of a few glasses of wine during a podcast but you might want to rethink this “responding to questions while drinking” thing. On the first version the callers seemed to be pretty accomplished guys with serious questions and attempting to answer them in your, ahem, “state”, smacked of conceit. As in “I’m so great I can answer your questions while wasted, dude!” Maybe if you specify that the callers must be drunk as well, that would be a lot of fun 🙂 But seriously, thank you for these podcasts, they are loaded with great stuff 🙂

  9. Tim, I listen to every episode. Your show is the most valuable portal to me on the internet. More importantly, I refer young people to your podcast for motivation, advice and inspiration. For this reason, I do not like your “drunk dialing” editions. Just a comment. Do what you want with it.

  10. I am an ESL teacher and I enjoyed the discussion about language learning. Another resource the caller might want to check out is dual books, which tell one story in two languages by alternating languages for every chapter. For example, a book could be in English and French, then every other chapter would be in English. They are popular for kids at school. I thought it could be useful for people learning multiple languages too.

  11. Love your podcasts – love to build # of female listeners. Happy to do a podcast with you – I am an 11-time Ironman Champion – raced for 20 years – love to be interviewed and share my tips and habits.

  12. Tim, you hit a higher plane as interviewee, optimized at 6.5 Hendricks. Seriously, the deconstructing and drawing out of diallers’ questions is masterly. No doubt a corollary to your own journey in asking the questions.

    What I particularly valued in this episode was hearing the challenges of the blog-launcher and debating optimization in the last call…isn’t a podcast called drunk dialling fair signal that a bloke knows how to turn off the inner machine…!

    In thanks, I have 3 copies of Tools of Titans on pre-order on Amazon.

  13. Hey Tim,

    I know you deconstruct world class performers so i just want to ask you to consider having a top notch engineer for a podcast, (not including software engineers, they kind of particular), where as usual you deconstruct what makes him great and how to achieve it.


    Great podcast, i love it!

    The books are also great, keep up the good work!

  14. Thanks for another great podcast. I also was surprised to hear that ladies make up such a small percentage of your audience. I am a big fan and love your guests and even more the expert way you interview them. I learn so much from you, your guests, in-betweenisodes, etc. Will do my part in spreading the word to the ladies!

  15. Great show. Thanks Tim. I’m going to put time into language learning. I enjoyed hearing about a fellow Irishman, Benny Lewis. It’s great hearing about Irish people doing so well on the world stage! Benny is like the McGregor of language learning….

  16. Thanks for another entertaining and informative podcast. Surprised but also not surprised to hear that ladies make up such a small percentage of your audience. Where are all the ladies at? Not sure if other women experience this but I find it hard to find this community of women even in SF. Many of of my passions, interests and hobbies tend to be male dominated so It would be great if there was a way to connect your female followers. I look forward to seeing more badass female guests and will do my my best to share the word and increase that 15% !

  17. I was wondering how I can be on twitter to find out about those calls on time! living in Switzerland 🙂 somebody did it before me from Lucerne! 🙂 respect!

    Great podcast as always, Tim!

  18. I LOVE this episode! I feel I can relate (finally) to many of the questions that these women have. This episode was offed insight to many things I have long wanted to know and Tim the answers were incredibly helpful.

  19. Hi Tim! Quick question. The info for this episode on my podcasts app says, “Looking at a recent poll of 11,463 respondents, my audience is 84.04% male, 15.83% female, and .13% other.”

    Why do you think there is such a gender disparity?



    ps. I just discovered your podcast after receiving your book for Christmas (T4T) and I’m very much enjoying it. Thank you!

  20. Loving ladies night! A fun, positive initiative.

    In my previous comment…the one where I asked where all the women are…I actually meant in your podcasts.

    My listening is completely random (i.e. I don’t check who you’re talking to), and the only woman I heard you talk to last year was Susan Garrett, which focused almost exclusively on animal training, as opposed to her/her success/journey/learnings.

    In 2017, could you please find more women to feature in your long-style interviews? And please really dig into their journey/achievements/learnings the same way you do your male guests.

    Otherwise – love your work! Have a great year.

  21. I must say I love Canadians! They are so polite and so respectful of your time as well as for the other possible callers/receivers?! Love the podcast! Keep it up 🙂