Drunk Dialing Fans — Celebrating The 100th Podcast Episode! (#103)

Tim cheat day

100 episodes! Whaaat?!

This celebratory episode involves me drunk dialing a bunch of you on Skype. We’ll get to that. But first, a little background and thank you…

My podcast–The Tim Ferriss Show–was started on a whim. It was intended as a break between big book projects. “I’ll do six episodes to get better at interviewing” was the grand goal.

In the first episode and after two bottles of wine, Kevin Rose nicknamed the show TimTimTalkTalk (damn you, KevKev). Later, after reviewing my ridiculously slurred and iffy questions (“If you were a breakfast cereal, which would you be?”), I let out a long sigh. I’ve always hated the sound of my own voice, but this was the worst. The podcast experiment wouldn’t last a month.

Or so I thought.

Now, here we are, passing the 100-episode mark. It’s crazy, and I can say one thing for certain — I’ve only made it this far because of YOU.

Your amazing feedback, support, questions, and comments are what kept this podcast alive. Amidst self-doubt (similar to this) and many mistakes, I’ve wanted to throw in the towel more than once. But, through thick and thin, you’ve been there, telling my monkey mind to chill the fuck out, to take a deep breath, to go to sleep, or to fight another day.

Many, many thanks.

And to celebrate, I decided on a throwback to episode #1. I posted a note on Twitter and Facebook asking fans to put their contact information in a short Google form (note: I’ve deactivated the link):

The results of this vodka-infused orgy of telephonic idiocy is below!

We cover a lot of subjects, including:

  • Tantric sex
  • How I view and organize my various income streams
  • Marketing yourself in job interviews
  • My views (and challenges) with family and kids
  • How I dig out of negative downward spirals
  • And much more…

I also left semi-coherent voicemails for a number of you.

Once again, thank you so much for listening to this podcast. It means the world to me and keeps me going.

You guys rock.

Here’s raising a glass to many more adventures!

#103: Drunk Dialing Fans--Celebrating The 100th Podcast Episode!

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61 Replies to “Drunk Dialing Fans — Celebrating The 100th Podcast Episode! (#103)”

  1. Your podcast is amazing Tim. Turned many a friend and family member on to listen. Also dropped a considerable amount of weight from The Four Hour Body. Big Fan. Keep inspiring.

  2. Already at 100?? Seems like just yesterday we were hearing from Josh.

    Way to go my friend. Keep up the great work, these ideas are adding fuel to the fire of self development/improvement. And, as for your interviewing skills you have grown in leaps and bounds. Your ability to get people into their comfort zone, to tease out their best secrets, is becoming more prominent with each episode. One cannot thank you enough for what you are bringing to the public eye, a true social justice to say the least.



  3. Tim,

    First, congratulations for the wonderful work! Let more 100 episodes come!

    Second, I want to ask you a favour: please tell your PR or Marketing people to have a nice little chat with Editora Planeta and Editora Intrinseca about your book prints here in Brazil. It’s been a long time without your books, because the lack of reprints, it’s everything sold out. And we don’t even have the 4-Hour-Chef or the improved version of The 4 Hour Workweek yet! 🙁 Please, oh great nordic god, bless us with your mercy! Let us have your books and your knowledge! 😀

    Third, a sugestion: interview Ido Portal, from the Movement Culture. I think it will be a enlightening experience in terms of body wellness.

    Thank you! 😀

  4. Thanks for your work Tim. You are a real inspiration to many of us, thanks again for what you do. Just re-listened to your Ramit Podcast, where you discussed your thoughts on your email list and he mentioned a few of his. Any plans to change things down the line?

  5. By far, one of my favorite podcasts. Tim, I’d love to be able to get you on the phone. I’ll be sure to not pursue this until I have a sufficiently strong why and a question that you might not have yet pondered and is compelling enough to get you to answer, lol.

  6. Great Podcast! Congrats on 100!!

    You asked for suggestions on a prospective guest & I’d like to propose Roger Federer!

    Many thanks and many blessings!!

  7. Hey Tim,

    your Podcast is absolutely awseome! I really enjoy the way you ask questions and I have improved myself so much after listening to your interviews. For example I started my own morning routine (which involves meditating and journaling) and followed so many of the book recommendations….so Thank You!

  8. Love the show. Thank you for writing the 4 hr work week. It was like music to me front to back. Planning a South American Moto trip Chile Patagonia and Argentina. Thanks again for the help. If you are EVER in Southern Oregon and wanna roll Jitsu style and fish the Rogue River we would love to have you!

  9. I stopped ejaculating for 6 months in January of 2003. I went the entire year of 2004 without ejaculating. I had substantial quantities of sex both by myself and with others during that time.

    It transformed me.

    My whole body is alive in a way it was not before.

    The transformation continues to this day. Three days ago my wife spent 10 minutes in the morning pleasuring me with her hand. I remained in a subtly orgasmic state for two days.

    It is some of the hardest work you will ever do to master it and get over the hump from suffering to bliss. It is some of the most worthwhile. It changes everything. Not just your sexual responses.

    Having a knowledgeable guide is not unhelpful.

  10. Congratulations, Tim! Your work is beyond inspirational! I have just launched a blog about productivity, learning and self stem for women with a friend heavily inspired by you.

    What about celebrating with a new drunk dialing fans session? 😀

    Um abraço da sua fa brasileira,


  11. In my observation of this episode, you seem to be struggling with the belief that in order to have children you must be in a monogamous relationship. I know of one women who is struggling with the same belief. Why not find a women who is interested in an open relationship? Or do you prefer that she is mongamous? Loved the personal side of this episode!

  12. Dear Tim,

    You have helped my life so much. Thank you for always hanging tough and inspiring me on so many different levels to never give up or give in. I’ve made significant “life changes” all due to your advice and inspiration. You’ve covered so much material and touched on so many areas that I’ve needed to examine. Your work continues to be a real blessing to my life. I look forward to another 100 episodes! Rock on!

    With the deepest respect,


  13. Guten Tag!

    I’m stoked with the speed you’ve been churning out your episodes.

    You must be having fun! There is a lot to learn. Keep it coming.

    Beste Grüße aus Deutschland


  14. Thank you for everything you do Tim. My wife and I were talking over dinner last night about how you have impacted our lives. The podcast, the Tim Ferriss experiment, all 3 books have given us so much inspiration to never stop learning or experimenting. Your podcasts especially have taught me so much, most importantly to “start meditating and chill the fuck out”. I am hardly able to express how grateful I am for all the hard work you do, just know it’s greatly appreciated and keep it going!!

  15. Congrats! and I loved this podcast. I thought the music between callers was a nice touch. Would you consider doing that when moving between heavy topics and also when you go into the rapid fire questions for your regular podcasts? I think it enhances the listener’s experience while staying focused through the long form content.

    I appreciate what you said near the end. “The objective of the four-work week is to control time so that you can allocate time to the things that you enjoy doing or that are of the highest leverage.” People have to be courageous with their time. What do Bill Gates and I have in common? 24 hours in a day.

    No More, no less.

    Thanks again

  16. Hi Tim. You’re a smart guy but not sure why you think being drunk is something of value to promote. Sounds like you still need to learn a few more things. But no worries, you’ll get there. xo

  17. Tim, I am inspired by the fact that you are still out there sharing your wealth of experiences and knowledge.

    I almost missed an international flight and walked out of the airport bookstore without paying for “The Four Hour Workweek”.

    It became one of the few books I had read up that point and the most read book in my collection. (There are others. )

    I still share the lessons learned from that book to this day.

    alohadave65 is my skype; feel free to chime in anytime, if I’m online I will chat. If not, I’m probably in classes, Surfing, 24hr Fitness or Happy Hour @ Trump Plaza. I don’t often sleep, but when I do, I’m dreaming up some new idea to make the world a better place or a current phylosophy of things to come.

    Congratulations on 100th episode…

    Wishing you the best in life always. Stay Positive My Friend!

    Aloha, Dave

  18. Easy does it, Mr. Ferriss!! You’re in rare form.

    I love your podcasts and just listened to the revised version of The 4-Hour Workweek; after implementing much of the first in several aspects of life. One question – What have you done for me lately? Your fans are awaiting for your next sensational manifestation!!

    Thank you for sharing your insights and pouring so much energy into inspiring others. You’ve had a profound impact on how I’ve operated at the Board level in Fortune 200 companies for years. Now I’m in Miami Beach retiring for a year and focusing on a Yoga Instructor’s certification, Spanish language, writing and manifesting a second chapter of life!

    I love what you say about being comforatable in your own process, even when it is uncomfortable. Sometime when we go down the rabbit hole, it’s difficult to find the light. Sort of like spelunking!

    Kisses on the forehead for your headache. No doubt you have one.


  19. Congratulations on the 100th, always gems of information in each one, 100 times thank you

    Cheers Marty

    Ps check out “The Worlds fastest Indian” movie sometime, I think you alluded to it in one of your early podcasts

  20. Congrats on 100! WOW. That’s significant!

    I was one of those Google ad book title clickers as you were testing your 4 -hour title and I’ve been paying attention ever since. The books, always reading the blog and hear the podcast right away. The podcast has been a treat!

    I love podcasts and your show gave me the oomph to start my own podcast this April (it’s called Spark My Muse).

    Here’s to another great 100 shows. Best wishes and warm regards!


    P.S. Fun episode…and you don’t sound too hammered. 🙂

  21. I’ve learnt so much from Ferriss FM this last year, listening to every episode – we’re so lucky you’re putting yourself out on air like this Tim, raw and uncut, and how much we get to know you through that over and above books.

    And interesting to observe my own wavelength evolving through the consistent following: decision-making, frameworks, habits, perspectives, contentedness. Thanks for being the main muse Tim. Hoping one day to get the chance to give you a hearty handshake in person on the streets of SF somewhere. Congrats on the 100th!

  22. Congrats on 100, this is one of the only podcasts where I’ve listened to every episode and your questions for guests are educational and entertaining. When people ask me what podcasts I listen to, I always mention yours. Thank you for what you do and keep it going!

  23. Hey Tim,

    Happy 100th! Congratz.

    Just quickly, you mentioned some climbing movie that I couldn’t quite catch (miru?).

    Thanks in advance!

  24. Congrats on the 100 milestone. You consistently put out great content in an entertaining format and it sounds like you keep having more fun as you go. Thanks for your hard work!

  25. Please consider having Dr. Atul Butte on the podcast. He is a UCSF physician and bioinformatics researcher with fascinating ideas about the future of medical science and research, especially the emerging role of tech in this process. Also, as a young academic researcher, I selfishly want to hear more about how he runs his team and organizes his time.

  26. Dear Tim,

    “It was simplicity itself: Contact three seemingly impossible-to-reach people – and get at least one to reply to three questions.” I just finished reading your book, The 4-Hour Workweek, and knowing that you only rarely on occasion check email, am hoping to reach you on your blog. I was really inspired by your work, and am hoping to connect with you, if you would spare me a couple minutes of your time through email.


  27. Tim this is awesome stuff, literally just came across your site as I am waiting for the 4 hour workweek to be shipped to my house. although you’re obviously a serious entrepreneur it’s good to know you dont take yourself so seriously bro 🙂 creative headline got my attention for sure btw lol.

  28. Tim, “22 Immutable Laws” Line extension chapter says you shouldn’t remove products / services under the same brand name. The Tim Ferriss brand is a lifestyle coach, fitness expert, worlds greatest guinea pig, Guinness world record holder, angel investor, talk show host – podcasts/TV series, top list author, speaker, one of the most followed blogs and a gazillion other awesome things. What am I not seeing/getting since you have broken this law and proved otherwise?

  29. Tim- Huge fan here and grateful for how your podcast/books/tv show have elevated my life in so many ways. You da man. I’d love to hear an episode that focuses on managing breathing, mental, and body control in the face of fear inducing activities. For example, what are the hacks an astronaut or extreme athlete would use to ride through the adrenaline wave and stay focused and positive in the moment. I think that would be both fascinating and very useful. Thanks Tim!

  30. Tim, you know why I clicked on this image from Facebook to read it? Didn’t have to do with the words at all… For some reason… I think this is a very sexy photo!! 😉

  31. Great podcast hope you do this more often. Question where is the info about meditation and looking toward the sky. I checked the Sam Harris podcasts and could not find it.


    Jer from Cancun

    1. Jeremy,

      I think Sam Harris mentions using the sky during meditation in his 2nd appearance on Tim’s podcast. But on his website samharris.org he goes into more detail about his thoughts on meditation and how he uses the sky and horizon to calm his mind. There is a good dialogue btwn Sam and Dan Harris about meditation there as well, and he goes into the reason why he wrote “Waking Up”.



  32. Such a great podcast Tim, truly, I really enjoy it, thank you for sharing so much with all of us. You talked about your multiple revenue streams, do you take care of your personal finances, if so, do you have any suggestions for tools/programs that work really well for keeping track of such varied source of income?

  33. Aloha Tim,

    Loved the discussion you had with the woman married for 31 years who rediscovered her faith. This year my wife and I celebrate 30 years and I too have practiced TM so I can relate to the discussion. I did TM because I returned to college at 35 I needed mental support, and the research on TM was promising. Last year I went back for a refresher and was a little disappointed to find the teachers to be basically the same, with the same, or maybe even worsening, anxieties. I’m a Hawaiian priest but also have a degrees in economics and comparative religion and have studied Buddhism and other religious practices to gain understanding and to communicate respectfully with other faiths. Qualifying what I’m about to say with the awareness that no legitimate practice encourages denial, I have found much of TM to be entry level practices when compared to Buddhist practice. I don’t mean this in a disparaging way as TM was very valuable to me. Yet the practice which is fundamentally a calm abiding practice irregardless of the siddhi, or special power, such as yogic flying. It lacks the other wing, or analysis,both of which are applied to wisdom.

    I can also relate to the guru aversion as the way the guru role is often practiced, but the real, less sexy, meaning of guru is light that acts as a mirror to reveal to yourself the light within you. It is if I may be so bold is what you do and have done for many including myself. But it is also what Bruce Lee tried to do through combat and what Brother David Steindl-Rast was able to do with the Green Berets in the book In Search of The Warrior Spirit. A true guru is a revealer, and empowers, people like you, Noah Kagan, Ramit Sethi, and many others you associate with try to do. If you were a Buddhist monk I imagine you would be much like another hero of mine, Ryokan. Not because he loves sake and wonderment but because he taught by his being. Mahalo for who you are and all you do.

  34. Hi Tim, I am in China, I want to translate your insightful articles, 1. I subscribed to your newsletter weeks ago with several email accounts, and I never received anything except for the welcome newsletter. 2. I wish your podcast have transcripts so I can translate, (once translated by someone or website i am sure your stuff will be spread wide in China), could you consider adding the transcript to podcast in the future ? please help me with the first issue so I can deliver….. thanks !

  35. Awesome podcast. I wish you had done a few more prank calls/voicemails but very entertaining!

    Guest suggestion: Why haven’t you had Tucker Max on? I know he is a friend of yours. (maybe you think it will alienate your audience?). I think that would be an amazing pod. Thanks again for everything you do.


  36. Hi Tim. I just stumbled upon your site during a job interview as we are to browse posts and make comments about them. However when I saw your works, wow! I instantly become a fan. Very inspiring. Since this is your 100th episode, I may need a little more time to dig to your past ones. But whatever happens to that job interview, I am just glad I found your page. Thanks man!

  37. Congratulations! I love (!) your podcast. I listen to many of podcasts because I am bedbound due to illness. After I have started listening to your show I have to say you have given me so much lifequality. For the first time in five years since I got sick (the symptoms are very similar to lyme actually) I feel that I am learning again and that I have a purpose daytoday. Thank you for giving me more than you will ever know. Thank you for turning my focus.

    When I first found your show I listened to almost all of them twice in two and a half weeks (just before the summer), and told all my friends and at the time and it actually made it to the norwegian toplist, I hope I had something to do with it haha!

    I saw you post on facebook about people who rarely give interviews and I have to tip about Yngve Slyngstad. He is the Norwegian CEO of the fund from all our petrolium. “The Government Pension Fund Global was set up in 1990 to underpin long-term considerations when phasing petroleum revenues into the Norwegian economy”. The size of the fund is about 1000 billion dollars, they own 1,3 of the global stock market and it is all on behalf of the Norwegian people. Slyngstad did two degrees while travvelling the world in four years. He in super interesting!

  38. Tim congratulations on 100 episodes! Awesome achievement and keep up the work and the value you deliver to all of us.

  39. Really enjoyed this podcast, and looking forward to listening to the next 100.

    Interested in learning more about the benefits of giving blood to dropping toxins in the blood and ultimately helping with longevity which you touched on during one of the calls in the podcast. Any suggestions on further reading?


  40. Loved this Tim. Love your heart, your compassion, your childlike self. Your ‘naive’ (that’s a compliment) childlike innocence is such a unique and beautiful gesture you offer. It stands out in contrast to the greed and cyniscm many of us expect. Thoughts I had during listening:

    Melatonin is the supplement pretty much everyone should avoid. There are many papers written on this. Don’t fuck with the pituitary gland! It’s the conductor of the orchestra! Flap some gentle butterfly wings up there with some symptom removing supplemental melatonin that makes you feel great – and unleash an invisible cascading domino effect of a cyclone all through the intricate complex and unknown endocrine system, creating major problems in your future. Don’t do it! I also thought to include multi level marketing supplements, I know thats a sweeping statement and in a huge industry like the US there are no doubt exceptions – but in our smaller country every now and then a huge MLM fad will sweep the general public about a particular cure all supplement. That on closer inspection by a learned fellow reveals it’s a whole load of expensive nothing, based on fabricated non science, designed to make a few people rich, nothing more. The MLM folds a couple of years later and the supplement is nowhere to be found.

    Now to the important bit. Preserving ejaculation! Was really sad to hear you felt not to persist with this. Perhaps some misconceptions – you do NOT need the woman to depress your perineum for you. Thats too hard. You can do this yourself. Doing it yourself means you know how much pressure and where. One also can simply squeeze and contract the perineum and buttocks without pushing with fingers at all – with practice this is all you need to do to seperate the orgasm and ejaculation. it’s harder than simply applying the manual pressure with fingers, but it’s an amazing level of control and pleasure ot have once you get there. Unlike many you’ll already have the strength there, so in your case it will just be practicse combined with breathing to slow down before you pass the point of no return.

    DO NOT EJACULATE! You, O Tim Ferriss master of efficiency and improvement – this ONE single action will revolutionise your whole life. You’ll be so, so much more than you know, by retaining all the life essence.

    Have you any IDEA, males, how MUCH physical, mental, emotional energy and nutrition is LOST FOREVER when you ejaculate! Don’t do it! Save it! Restrain it! One will be thousands of times more CREATIVE, HAPPIER, with more LIFE FORCE every DAY by not ejaculating. Please Tim, it takes Tim to get there, sure, but learning a language is much more difficult. This one is just a habit, a new approach. Please don’t get stuck in the comfort of ‘it’s too hard’ . You can have your orgasm and eat it too. Er, I mean…[cough] well, you know 😉

  41. Hi Tim

    Please keep the good stuff coming. I wait with bated breath for the next episode. I find there’s something to take away from almost every interview. People I start out without any interest in often end up dropping some nugget of wisdom. A

  42. Your truly an awesome role model that I wanna follow, thanks for inspiring me on becoming a better human..will love to have a book signed

  43. Used to use StickK.com a lot. But now BeeMinder.com is WAY better than StickK.com. Has graphs for daily progress. It’s profit-driven model works better than the charity-driven model. Damoclean goal-tracking at its best.

  44. Thanks for the great podcast! You mention the book Grit. Do you know who wrote it? There are several books about that. Thanks!

  45. Hey Tim!

    First of all, you are simply awesome!! Second, how do I sign up for a chance to be drunk dialed?! Thanks 🙂

    -Michelle H