The Return of Drunk Dialing (#192)

Tim Ferriss drunk dial
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“The people I view as heroes in my life have forced me to have uncomfortable conversations and do uncomfortable things.”

Thanks to the gin I had tonight, this is a special episode. It is a drunk-dialing Q&A with you guys — like we did around this time last year to celebrate the 100th episode. In preparation, I solicited phone numbers from listeners who wanted to receive a call from me.

In this episode, I cover topics such as:

  • parenting advice from friends and guests
  • how to get started in podcasting
  • how to make a good sales pitch
  • long-distance moves
  • what I consider good advice
  • and much, much more!

Without further ado, please enjoy this alcohol-fueled Q&A!

#192: The Return of Drunk Dialing

Want to hear another episode when I’m drunk? — Listen to my 100th podcast. In this episode, we discuss tantric sex, how I view and organize my various income streams, marketing yourself in job interviews, and much, much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

#103: Drunk Dialing Fans--Celebrating The 100th Podcast Episode!

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

Scroll below for links and show notes…

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • Josh (a father of four) asks: What would my toolkit look like for teenagers? [05:15]
  • Kids don’t always listen to parents; sometimes parents have to take the indirect “Jedi mind trick” approach. [12:07]
  • How I define a “hero,” who some of my heroes are, and why. [19:06]
  • Awkward and memorable interactions with random strangers. [32:56]
  • Examples of the wrong way to pitch a busy person. [34:07]
  • The right way to pitch a busy person. [36:03]
  • A challenge for fellow listeners. [37:54]
  • What I look for in an ideal teacher. [40:03]
  • What majors (or extracurricular skillsets) I would pursue as a new college student — not just for work prospects, but to be a well-rounded human being. [46:30]
  • How to start a podcast from scratch and recruit good guests. [1:00:23]
  • How do I come up with the questions I ask during an interview? [1:08:13]
  • Podcasting hardware/software I recommend, and why I prefer remote interviews to in person. [1:14:20]
  • How to better streamline your business and stop “reinventing the wheel” for every project. [1:17:07]
  • How to put the brakes on the rat race and find a more comfortable work/life pace without going broke in the process. [1:32:12]

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50 Replies to “The Return of Drunk Dialing (#192)”

    1. I have been listening to you for the last few months and usually always trying to finish smth so never been able to comment. Well, I enjoy all episodes and the Drunk Dialing is neat, oh, love the photo, nice glasses!

  1. So happy to hear more from you, Tim! It’s been a while! Three takeaways:

    1 – Favorite quote from this podcast: “You only know what you are capable of when you push yourself to the breaking point.” – Tim Ferriss

    2 – Tim, I noticed you called way more men than women. Any reasons behind that? (ie: more men gave your their numbers than women?)

    3 – In case the gentleman from Puyallup, WA reads this: I work in Recruiting for Microsoft just a bit North of you, and I agree with Tim’s advice! Get that major in economics/physics! Look up “Boolean Search Strings” when you are bored – long story short, this means both of those key terms you put in your Resume will automatically land your name in the hands of more companies/Recruiters! And unfortunately not having a college degree will automatically delete your resume if that’s listed as a Basic Qualification for a job (before you get a chance for an interview to tell them about all your experience!). Moral of the story: Get that degree, and keep up the good work!!

  2. Tim- You and Kevin seem to be able to lead pretty mobile lives while having a dog. Travel has been the limiting factor in preventing me from getting one. Any life hacks (ie pet travel hacks, good apps for pet sitting, plane/hotel arrangements, etc)? THanks!

  3. Tim I love everything you do, but theres one thing Ive always been skeptical of… and that is some of your nutritional advice. I think you follow a diet similar to the bulletproof advice right?

    I was wondering what your response would be after reading an article like this one –

    There is so much conflicting diet advice out there that it is driving me crazy. One thing I find very hard to believe is that fruit is actually bad for you. Would appreciate your opinions on this, cheers.

  4. Loved this episode! Slightly cringed when he pronounced Melbourne wrong (I’m 100% guilty of doing this until I visited there) but otherwise I learned a lot from this! Killed it as always Tim

  5. I missed your call Tim!! 🙁 My phone goofed up, at 1Hr, 31Mins into the finalized Podcast. Kicking myself, and getting a new iPhone this weekend for your NEXT drunk dialing adventure lol. Seriously, seriously bummed out by this. Thanks for the call my friend, I hope my luck is better next time.

  6. Thanks for opening the gin tinderbox, Tim…and ESPECIALLY the profound bonus material at the end in indulging the last dialer with the questions of relationships, and the fan-podcaster relationship. All perfect accompaniment to a long 10-mile run…the drunk-dials are as rich in gems as your best interviews!

    1. Oh, favourite lesson? Katamari Damacy and the Katamari technique. I stopped running and wrote down “the lint effect”…

  7. I love how, as the gin starts to kick in, ‘happy’ starts to sound more like ‘happaay’, haha. Thanks and keep up the good work mate. PS. Would love if discount codes could be applied to international orders as well – we Aussies like our exercise gear!

  8. I really liked this Podcast. It feels like the booze infused you with the confidence to give very direct answers to some of the more unusual but still very relevant questions that emerged, which actually produced some gems!

  9. To the gentleman who is tired of reinventing the wheel, it sounds like the bids/proposals are your primary pain point. Based on what I’ve seen in government contracting, most sections of these responses are very formulaic, interspersed with very specific details. Would it be possible to create a template or group of templates with free-form fields? It wouldn’t eliminate all the grunt work, but you might be able to get this to a point where you could either manually complete it yourself, or somehow automate it.

    I would suggest comparing a bunch of your proposals, both by using the compare documents feature and by manually matching up the various sections. This will enable you to determine areas where you can create boilerplate response, and what custom data you need.

    You may even find that you could hand off the custom language to a tech writer and only have to review a draft proposal.

    Great show Tim – lots of great info, and that sounded like very good gin(

  10. Tim, I just finished listening to your drunk podcast. I loved it. I thought you were brilliant, funny, sexy & endearing. I listen to you all the time. You are a true Renaissance man. Thank you so much for making me think, as well as laugh at loud. Stay well.

  11. Hi Tim, Thanks for the show. Please call a female next time if poss. Happy to volunteer as a lawyer based in Afghanistan with plenty of questions! Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Joanna

  12. Tim,

    Fun podcast. The stories about your mom are great. She sounds like an incredible woman.

    The last caller had smooth questions. I do agree with your slurred response about dating and life. (Audio1:41:30)

    And Congrats on your new relationship. You tend to use less profanity and mellow out when you’re dating someone.

    I wish you the best.

    1. I’m loving this episode! One favorite part is all the good parenting advice. I even felt inspired to suggest to one of my students that he might like to start doing jiu jitsu. And I definitely want to read the book Grit.

      My favorite quote is the one about having uncomfortable conversations. It’s true, and that also really came into play yesterday for me.

      Thank you for the wonderful podcast! I’m also a podcaster (love it!), and you’re an inspiration to me! 🙂

  13. So bummed I missed your call Tim. My phone goofed up at 1Hr 31Mins into the finalized Podcast. Getting a new iPhone this weekend so it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for the call, and hopefully my luck is better next time.

  14. I so appreciated the last Q & A, on both ends of the phone. Thoughtful, measured questions on the part of the caller. He sounds like a budding interviewer 🙂

    And the part about anti-fragility / stoicism – when you try and do something great – exactly what I needed to hear on the way home from work.

    While I understand it was first come, first served, I would still LOVE to hear from more women!!! Drunk dials, interviews, and all.

    And naturally, dreaming of my own mutual brain picking conversation. For now…working on something great.

  15. “You only know what you’re capable of if you push yourself to the breaking point.” Well said, despite being inebriated.

    I find these super valuable, so thank you for continuing to do it. By the way, I host a podcast where I read from popular blogs with author permission that is currently #7 in Health in the top charts of iTunes. I’d love to read some posts from the 4HWW if I can have your permission. Authors are credited 3+ times per episode.

  16. Great episode! By the way, the last caller who was interested in podcasting, asked some terrific, interesting questions in an engaging way. Maybe he’s got a future in this…just saying.

  17. Drunk Timmie,

    I was particularly moved by your openness and thorough response about the question regarding your girlfriend status and what you value in your sigfigant other. Moreover that you were open to talking about your views on manogomy (other readers if you haven’t yet listen to Noel Strauss podcast).

    For me anyway, being that I’m self absorbed from time to time find it absolutely critical that people in my life are completely comforfitable in their own skin. Independence and confidence in a relationship I believe are paramount in creatiting longevity and fulfillment!

    That’s all I got.

  18. Was there a reason why all the callers were guys? Not trying to attack or criticize; just wondering if it was an intentional choice or coincidence. Love the show, looking forward to the next one 🙂

  19. Hi Tim,

    I look up to you and want to one day become as good.

    If you get the time to write a blog post again would you consider the topic of “how to practice”? After you apply DiSSS and have your one pagers the “Art of Learning” and other books suggest you should practice minimal learnable units one by one. But in some skills such as pick up (Neil Strauss!) it would take years to practice and internalise everything one by one.

    I have been struggling with this for a long time and not found a solution. You have learned so many diverse skills – what is your take on optimal ways to practice your DiSSS-approved MLU?

    Hope you can answer 🙂

    Long time fan,


  20. I love Tim’s podcast. I was a little disappointed that he did not call any women or maybe not a single woman registered… I will be up for a conversation next time.

    I liked his parenting book recommendation on Grit, and I hope he remembers the author’s name next time. It’s Angela Duckworth.

    Everyone is like Swiss cheese, we all have holes. I am borrowing that from Tim.

    Thank you! You give me inspiration and source of power.

  21. At what point in the podcast does Tim talk about long distance moves? I must have missed it (I’m currently making a long distance move, pointers will help).

  22. I thought this was a great episode, very raw and to the point. The booze is a great lubricator for us all, it just cuts through all the BS. I would like to hear more of this type of thing please.

    I think the next drunk dialling episode could even be more interesting if the person receiving the call had to do shots in line with there call number 1st call one shot 2nd call 2 shots and so on. That would mix things up a little and make it even more interesting!

  23. You said you will be visiting your parents, I would love a “raising Tim” podcast or “dealing with teen Tim”.

  24. Corrected age post.

    I am on an android phone. I can’t download the podcast ( that’s my first choice. ) because I cannot right-click. Please get your webtech to clear this up by writing something that does work for us Android users?


    I used to be able to use your link to play it on a page that had very cool buttons, one for for 30 seconds forward and another for 30 seconds back. That was better by far than the 1 inch long play or stop I see now. This is because I like to go back to rehear some part, and clarify what I missed.

    I also might only get a half-hour of listening at a time and the tiny-inch player won’t let me find my place.

    If I had a player I would want if to have this review / ff option.. But if I had a player, I think would need how to call it, or know how to refer to the stream so I could tap the podcast off that page.

    (note to self: read about players.)

    This is heady stuff to describe.

    I am a fan – at 70 yo.

    Thanks, and I will find the time to listen.

    …her name was McGill but she called herself Lil.

    1. Thanks Tim. It has improved.

      I clicked on the direct link agsin and the slide representation us now long. Works. Much relaxation.

      Plus and..I got the Podcast Addict app.

  25. Tim, waited all weekend to get a chance to listen to this. And finally I listened just now. Loved it. Favorite – about Podcasting. Spot on formula that you offered – leveling up, learnings/skills, itunes, etc.. Started my podcast this year and I’m loving it and exactly what I did and it’s just snowballing on it’s own. Thank you so much for offering this to your listeners.

  26. Tim – Thank you for the walk through an evening of gin and gregariousness. I am a longtime fan, having founded (and later sold) my company in 2008 based on the 4HWW. I recently rediscovered you as a catalyst for inspiring my 14, 15. 17 and 18 year olds (mixed family) to be productive and spend their time valuably. 2 questions: 1) I am very interested in suggesting your Tim Ferris experiment to my kids, but I find for example, the golf to be too short. You mention hours of “behind the scenes” footage but my purchase only links to one 10 min. behind the scenes video for golf. Can someone please point me to the hours of video? Happy to pay extra, just cannot find the additional footage. 2) I noticed there were no women on the drunken dialing, I’d like to be on the list for a call. Will you do this again imminently, and how can I add my name to the list? Thanks. Thanks for your inspiration, particularly to the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders much more likely to listen to you than Mom 🙂

  27. Drunk dialing – You weren’t kidding! Much respect, your thoughts still spot on even when the speech gets a little leery. Loved it. Loved hearing from other TFS listeners and their worlds too.

  28. My favorite bit was when you answered the question about podcasts, because I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for a while but had no idea how to get going. Thanks! That was really, really helpful!

  29. Hey Tim, In your Oustide Online article you talk about listening to The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman while in the sauna. What devise do you listen to that allows you to listen to the audiobook while in a heated sauna?

  30. “LONG DISTANCE MOVES” – Did I miss this part of the episode?

    Can someone let me know where this was discussed in the episode? I was listening while driving and may have spaced out!


  31. Hi Tim,

    I am reading your book the four hour work week and i am quite enjoying it.

    Reading your book I can envision that you are a person of tremendous will power.

    so here is goes!

    what does will power mean to you?

    and how do you make a decision?

    Kind regards

    Rohit M.B

  32. Hi, Tim! I fell asleep to the sound of your voice as I was listening to this podcast last night. This could seriously qualify as a lullaby. I particularly loved your tips on long distance move, was pretty excited about that – my work requires me to move all the time. Hope all is well!

  33. Mate! Where are all the sheilas, Tim????

    I’ve not been there for awhile, but I’m sure there are women in America. A few of them must be successful. You even cited one of them in this podcast, Angela Duckworth (although you forget her name, and then didn’t include her on the list of people you talked about, but did link to her book).

    I’ve been listening to your podcast all year, just random episodes that pop up in iTunes. Not a single one has featured a successful woman.

    C’mon. I’m sure they’re out there, and positive you could find them…

    Gender bias aside, love your work. Thanks for the challenging-interesting-irreverent-innovative content.

  34. I preferred the end when you clearly had enough gin. I think that’s where you should start but that’s just me. It’s impressive that you can communicate so intelligently deep into the bottle. It kind of made me laugh as I did my walking tonight so it was entertaining.

  35. I listened to the whole episode and did not hear where he talked about moving across the country does anyone have a time stamp for me? Could not find I’m the show notes.

  36. Hey Tim, last caller here. Since we spoke I think I’ve listened to our conversation dozens of times behind a cringed look on my face from hearing my own voice on a podcast. However, it was really cool to develop an open dialogue with you in the last twenty minutes, even though I broke your rule of being courteous of your time (sorry). I misinterpreted the “Drunk dialing episode” as an excuse to get drunk myself and forgot I signed up for such a phone call. What a surprise it was. In any environment though, it’s a really cool place I have to go back to and reference a conversation I had with “Tim Fucking Ferriss” and extrapolate first hand advice. Just wanted to say thank you man and hope to run into later down the road.

    P.S. : Started my own podcast and loving every second.