Jocko Willink on Discipline, Leadership, and Overcoming Doubt (#187)


“Don’t count on motivation; count on discipline.” – Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) is one of the scariest human beings imaginable. Jocko did his first interview with me (find it here), and it took the Internet by storm. Now he joins us for round two to answer the questions you’ve been asking.

Jocko is a lean 230 pounds. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert who used to tap out 20 Navy SEALs per workout. He is a legend in the Special Operations world. His eyes look through you more than at you.

Jocko spent 20 years in the US Navy and commanded SEAL Team 3’s task unit Bruiser, the most highly decorated special operations unit in the Iraq War. Upon returning to the US, Jocko served as the officer in charge of training for all West Coast SEAL teams, designing and implementing some of the most challenging and realistic — and perhaps psychotic — combat training in the world (his words, not mine).

After retiring from the Navy, he co-founded Echelon Front, a leadership and management consulting company and authored the number one New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#187: Jocko Willink on Discipline, Leadership, and Overcoming Doubt

Want to hear another podcast episode with Jocko? — Listen to our first interview together. Jocko might be the scariest Navy SEAL alive, and this episode shares how he earned that reputation. Learn what he taught me (stream below or right-click here to download):

#107: The Scariest Navy SEAL I've Ever Met...And What He Taught Me

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Selected Links from the Episode

  • Connect with Jocko and his organizations on Twitter:

@Xtremeownership | @jockowillink | @echelonfront

  • Connect with Jocko and his organizations on Facebook:

Extreme Ownership | Jocko Willink | Echelon Front

Show Notes

  • How does Jocko shut down internal doubt and negative chatter during critical moments? [06:54]
  • How Jocko’s love of literature influence his leadership skills — and his most recommended books. [12:05]
  • Jocko’s advice to young men and women who are no longer in the military but are still looking to contribute. [18:41]
  • Thoughts on “being a pawn of the industrial military complex to serve the economic interests of US corporations?” [22:36]
  • On the United States’ use of resources. [28:52]
  • The hardest thing Jocko has ever endured. [33:59]
  • What advice would Jocko give an active duty member of the military after election day (presumably if their candidate of choice is not elected)? [35:23]
  • The most effective way to get leaders to stop supporting ineffective practices. [38:05]
  • How would Jocko’s life of extreme discipline translate to those involved in creative pursuits? [42:13]
  • After working with and training so many companies, are there any repeating patterns or common weaknesses that business owners seem to need to work on?  [46:46]
  • What is Jocko’s approach for overcoming personal challenges? [51:37]
  • How can you stay motivated when every day is a struggle? [55:05]
  • How does Jocko feel about killing (sometimes innocent) people at war? How does he feel about war in general? [1:00:40]
  • The biggest lessons from jiu-jitsu that transcend fighting and can be applied to leadership. [1:10:23]

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    1. On the streaming page you can right-click and you’ll get a “save audio as…” option. Don’t know if it’s different for macs.

  1. Even though I may not agree with everything Jocko said in this podcast, it still gave me chills! Jocko is a very inspirational speaker and I have much respect for him! My two favorite quotes from this podcast: “If you don’t feel like writing, or painting, or composing, it doesn’t matter – you do it anyways!” Shortly thereafter, he says, “Discipline will equal freedom.” Thank you, Tim and Jocko!

  2. America takes nothing from the countries invaded he says? What a joke.

    Freedom? Why did is US supported horrible dictatorships through history?

    1. In which war has the US gained more than it has spent?

      As for freedom, which nation has been more free? (At least compared to the founding).

      Serious questions.

      1. Comment on freedom. People who live in countries where social security and great free education are available for all, are free. More than people in US.

  3. US military brain wash is really successful. it’s creepy to hear someone truly believes US is a good country and didn’t ask for resources back. lmfao

    “we give.” omg. i’m going to puke. haven’t been angry for such a long time. usually i listen to tim’s podcasts to sleep. this is the one that makes me frown and awake, angrily.

    got too much negative energy in this podcast.

    1. Gotta agree with you here.

      First time I stopped listening to a Tim Ferriss show podcast halfway in and deleted it right away. This guy is totally disconnected from American foreign policy (especially in the middle east) in the 2nd half of the 20th century. It’s a long list of playing off different parties in that area against each other in order to keep cheap oil flowing to the West. Check out “The Oil Kings” by Andrew Scott Cooper for example. I mean sure, you didn’t go in there and physically took out the oil barrels, but I mean you have to look a little bit behind the curtain sometimes. Or name just one positive outcome of the tens of thousands of American people dying in Vietnam.

      It feels like he doesn’t even understand the question in the first place. The “military-industrial complex” are all those big companies that provide military equipment and services and who benefit immensely from every war. I mean, we’re not talking about Facebook here. Industry != Industry.

      I agree that e.g. America’s role in WWII was decisive and the subsequent decision to help build up the destroyed countries instead of leaving everything in ashes was probably one of the best foreign policy decisions ever made. But after WWII? I don’t know man.

      1. He’s also using very much an us-them rhetoric, making America seem like the best (and the only) country of freedom in this world, while the ‘Third World’ is some uncivilised land in need of America’s helping hand. He’s a good speaker, but seem completely brainwashed and sadly, exactly because he speaks so well, he’ll continue to brainwash others… I’m not American, but his patriotic/nationalist bias made me a bit sick to my stomach. Still, though, all honour to him for his service. I just had to stop listening to this one.

  4. As a non American listener it reminds me why we are a little suspect of America and the way it’s ideology is crumbling around it. Just so focussed on why America is great and not any empathy for the countries, cities, towns that have been affected by American greed and ignorance. Yes, you were saviours in WWII – and I love everything about true American culture and drive – but for every ‘god damn’ that I hear it just makes me wince.

    I’m taking nothing away from Jockos passion and courage in what he has done – but there is a self centredness about this US rhetoric that repulses those outside of the country. (I am speaking for myself but I know the sentiment is shared)

      1. Doesn’t make it true. They had a state-controlled media as opposed to an (formerly) independent media with plenty of time for refutation.

  5. I lieu of all your podcasts on success and improving your life…I think that you should delve into the topic of Imposter Syndrome…its an interesting avenue and like myself have struggled with it. Just a suggestion! Take care

  6. You don’t appreciate the light until you see the darkness first hand. Jocko is inspiring. Thanks Jocko for great honest answers

  7. Wether your a casual listener or someone that gets after it everyday, I just want to thank Tim for having Jocko on again. We are given the rights in this country because of not inspite of men and women like Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Agree or disagree, like or dislike, doesn’t matter, just say Thank You and move along. Thanks Jocko and Leif I’ll continue to get some for all the haters.

  8. He said on his previous episode that he was a badass for joining the military. A badass is someone who is an INDEPENDENT thinker and not a brainwashed war machine. Him saying that ”America” has taken nothing from other countries and basically saying the U.S. is the world’s savior is a perfect reflection of that BRAINWASHERY. How many dictators has the U.S. imposed around the world? Funding ISIS? Having the largest human rights violator, Saudi Arabia as an unconditional ally? Putting its military bases everywhere?

    As a testimony of a non-american listener, most americans have seriously NO IDEA how much suffering their country’s establishment has caused to the world. Yes, extracting resources from other places, in order to build that land of opportunity he talks about. Even insisting on calling the country “America” is an aberration. As you can verify in ANY other country in “America”, the continent. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of great american friends, not to mention american family. But hearing this kind of hypocrisy makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. Have you ever seen crabs in a bucket? Whenever one crab tries to climb out of the bucket, whenever that crab tries to improve its lot in life, the other crabs grab it by the legs and pull it back down.

      You, sir, are being a a crab. Additionally, you’re another individual who has a problem with “Alphas”. Alphas are hated by lower individuals in the pack…until they’re needed.

  9. For all the negative comments below…maybe if you had actually seen what he’s seen, you would understand these people are animals and need to be destroyed. They are evil and they are barking at your back door. And when they get there, he’d be the one coming to save you in spite of your hatefulness. Try listening with an open mind. Consider the fact that YOU COULD BE WRONG. God bless you Jocko. You know we love ya!

  10. Many people can sitake and blame and claim things from behind a computer screen about things they experienced from behind that same computer screen. You don’t need to agree with American government practices to understand that Jocko has been in actual situations and seen with his own eyes. His take on self discipline and leadership are valuable assists to anyone’s skill set. Free your minds, indulge in some discipline and hard work and maybe you all just might become better human beings. My fellow troopers keep getting after it!

  11. I can totally understand that Jocko’s view on the United States are not shared by many listeners, but wow, he is an abolutely inspirational human being. I love his general attitude towards life, clarity of thought and positivity. Definitely a standout podcast.

    It also serves as a lesson to simply accept the fact that we all have our own truth and perspective in life.

  12. Holy shit. I’ve never been so captivated by a podcast before. I listen to probably 80% of Tim’s podcasts and this one by far grabbed me the most.

    I also bought and read Jaco’s book Extreme Ownership immediately after his first appearance on the show and it is absolute gold mine of straightforward business tactics and logic.

    Thank you Jaco and Tim for creating and providing this ever so helpful and amazing content.

    PS – I am a lifetime grappler, start wresting at nine years old, and I’m now a purple belt in No Gi Jiu Jitsu and everything Jaco says is true about it is true. Go get yourself some !

  13. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this episodes’ highlight was “Don’t count on motivation, count on discipline”.

    Its inspiring and infectious. You see him embody the ideal of discipline by his frequent 0430 workouts.

  14. I enjoy Jocko’s interviews, and he seems very passionate. Some of his thoughts about warmaking, though, seem a tad idealistic. As the most decorated Marine in history, two-time Medal of Honor recipient Major General Smedley Butler put it, “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

    Butler described his decades of military service this way: “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.”

    Despite the dedication and sacrifice of men like Jocko–they do not make the Big Decisions, but follow directives handed down by politicians and those they serve. And the caliber of the men formulating those directives has not improved since Smedley Butler’s time.

  15. Oh, oh dear – a bit to much of “freedom and freedom” … … but forgets the 0.02% controlling the congressional voting, etc., etc.

  16. It is not the Tim Ferris show without Tom Ferris. Sorry couldn’t listen to more than 10 minutes, it’s not bad just not the podcast I subscribed for.

    It’s all about the human connection and the soul. -Freja Blay

  17. I have listened to every single podcast yet no man or woman has ever spoken with the tenor and conviction of Jocko. His voice and way of communication pulls you in to hear every single word with attentiveness.

  18. Jocko says, damn right I would do it all again. Really, he’d invade Iraq again? So the fact that the Iraq war has been deemed illegal doesn’t impact on his willingness to participate? I think he lacks the courage to admit, we got that one wrong. Perhasp he feels his audience lacks the courage to hear it? True patriotism requires real honesty, not just blind praise and unconditional obedience. He speaks of America as a beacon in a way that preaches only to the choir. And a white choir, at that. How many African American choirs think America is a beacon of equality and fairness, in light of so many recent killings of innocent people? How many people in desperate poverty, or even the shrinking middle class experiencing a widening income gap think the US is still the place to pursue happiness? Here in Europe, the current presidential race is seen as a very sad joke and evidence of American democracy in radical decline. Comparisons with third world nations fall flat in the self-congratulation category. The US has more people in prison than these third world countries. Many third world countries even have more access to health care. While water and power and cell phones are great, if they are, now, the top of the list of American greatness; indeed, America’s greatness has diminished. This is the first Tim Ferriss podcast I stopped listening to. My apologies to Jocko. I like him. He seems a good and genuine guy, I wanted to like his podcast, I just couldn’t keep listening to what landed as empty rhetoric. I believe it does the US a disservice to simply wave the flag. My Dad was in WWII. I went to every American Legion meeting with him and had the honour to be a flag bearer, which I did with reverence. I was so proud to be Miss Poppy. But today’s reverence requires more of us, as patriotic Americans. It’s time for an About Face. Truth isn’t boots, polishing doesn’t bring up shine. It’s time to stop polishing.

  19. I got to 28:21 and couldn’t go on. He’s travelled the world and learned that freedom and internet access and safe running water are uniquely American attributes?!

    I’m interested to know what proportion of fhww podcast listeners are non-Americans. There are a hell of a lot more English speakers outside the USA than in it, and I’m aware that Tim’s fan base is spread far and wide.

    I expect to hear patriotism when I listen to a podcast from a former US serviceman (I was positively bracing myself for the onslaught), although I wouldn’t use nutrition or healthcare or internet access as a means of judging international standing in the future, if I were you Jacko. The problem I have is when patriotism extends to casting the rest of the world as malnourished enslaved paupers. How is a listener in Australia or the UK (or countless other nations where English is widely spoken) supposed to (a) not be insulted by that kind of characterisation, and (b) take anything else you say with any sense of authority?

    If you think there were caveats or qualifications given by Jacko when making these sweeping statements, or that I’m misrepresenting what he said, then I suggest you listen to the podcast again if you can bear it. It’s pure, unadulterated, delusional USA-erism. It’s not only that you’ve hurt the feelings of this particular non-American, but you’ve provided all American listeners naive enough to trust you with a ridiculously skewed idea about the world beyond your 50 states. There’s no denying your personal military accomplishments, but your biggest achievement in ensuring the world is a safer place is probably in declaring that you’ll not be entering US politics.

    I understand that as a solo-rant session, Tim can’t be held responsible for drivel that was this episode, but might I humbly suggest as a long-time listener, that sweeping statements about the superiority of the USA which are demonstrably untrue be left on the cutting room floor in future. It needn’t diminish your American patriotism in the least, and it would leave this particular Aussie with a better taste in his mouth (and I suspect millions of other listeners too!)

    1. Good point. As an American though that is very critical of my own country I don’t feel he was talking about Australia or the UK and I don’t think most Americans would think he was referring to the countries you mentioned either.

  20. Thank you guys! Amazing and really deep podcast.

    Made me really think of huge role that discipline plays in any pursuit in life.

    Also, Jocko, you said you don’t have the stomach to get involved with politics… As most sane people/leaders don’t. But we do need exactly the kind of people like you there to change how things are done there. Not the ones who have the stomach for an existing system. Don’t you think?

  21. This was a phenomenal podcast. Jocko took on difficult questions and addressed them in a powerful though balanced manner. He clearly stated that the U.S. had done some horrible things. So I feel the negative comments I read below are off target. Everyone knows or should know there are no perfect nations and no perfect people. It seems to me Jocko makes the issue very clear: The U.S. has a clear responsibility to confront the terror ISIS, et al. are unleashing on the world. So I was deeply saddened to hear comments from fellow Americans indicating they do not realize how good they have it living in this country. If it were not for the American armed services, imperfect as they may be, we in this nation would soon be living under Sharia law as interpreted by some of the most inhumane leaders this planet has ever known. As fellow citizens we should be taking “Extreme Ownership” of our nation’s flaws and the world’s ills and injustices and making sacrifices to better the condition of fellow humans, abroad as well as at home. Too many of us point a finger up the “chain of command” or at those around us. Jocko’s approach is to do the best he can as a flawed human in a flawed nation in a flawed world. For that I admire him. He is sacrificing much of his personal time and energy to inspire thousands through his and his astounding diligence in tweeting. He has inspired the #0445club on twitter. Thousands of people are getting healthier, being better business and family leaders, losing weight, getting fit, fasting, and raising better kids through the influence of this one man. Many are going so far as to fast for 3 days based on Jocko’s personal example. This committed yet diverse cohort of Jocko followers from around the world gives me hope that the light can overcome the darkness. Go Jocko! Undying gratitude to Tim Ferriss for letting this light shine once more via his own superb podcast diligence.

  22. “We broke bread.” “War is death.” “War is HELL!” “In-despicable savages.” “The majority of the locals WANTED us there, THEY understood.” “Disease free water.”

    Jocko, your transparency, simplicity and brutal honesty never ceases to amaze me, it is appreciated and valued – A true LEADER!

    Thank you to all who serve, have served and have sacrificed their lives for my FREEDOM and for our constitutional right – FREEDOM of speech.

    From a Trooper who will NEVER STOP #gettingafterit, who will always REMEMBER and desires to be a light in a DARK world.


    P.S. Tim, keep getting after it! Looking forward Tool Of Titans! #BOOM

  23. Jocko said he has no natural talent but his voice is completely mesmerizing! His energy and passion really show through in a way that not many people know how to communicate. I will re-listen to this over and over again. Totally inspiring and I don’t say that often. I got chills. Also, from the pic he looks like a bad a mo fo and I would want him on my side in a fight 🙂

  24. Great show but I can’t handle the misguided portrayal of the “rest of the world.” I’ve traveled and lived in the “rest of the world.”

    To say that the majority of the rest of the world doesn’t have potable water, electricity, or internet is erroneous at best. The quality of life (including water, food and internet connection) is just as good, if not better, in many other countries.

    This image that is recycled in the US of every other country being a 3rd world cesspool is ridiculous.

    Also, the picture that Mr. Willink paints of the US being a bastion of individual and economic freedom unparalleled on earth is also inaccurate. Although the US ranks within the top 10 in both categories there are many countries ranked higher. And I might add, the US is trending down year over year on both counts according to world polls.

    I have huge respect for Mr. Willink but I want to make sure listeners understand his views on the “majority” of other countries (that he mentioned on the podcast) are far from reality.

  25. Whilst I have a lot of respect for this man, his response to the “Military Industrial Complex “question was straight out the manual.

  26. Great podcast! Lots of useful info that you probably already know but when it’s said to you directly, makes a lot of sense.

    On Discipline

    “You already know own what you need to do, now make yourself go do it”.

    Lessons on leadership are superb.

  27. “You learn the most when you fail”

    I could not agree more. The thing I have come to recognize the most in recent months is that failure is not the opposite of success. It is an intrinsic part of it.

    I work in motorsport, and its an industry that failure is only acceptable if it happens once. Happening twice is the real failure.

  28. Thank you,Tim, for bringing Jocko back.

    I used to be reflexively anti-US military. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my opinions were founded upon a biased sample of evidence–and less even of that than I liked.

    After doing some digging, I’m far less certain than I used to be–thanks in part to Jocko’s appearances on Tim’s podcast.

    I think it’s good to question the US military and the US government. It’s also important to me that I seek out evidence that doesn’t fit into the narratives I subscribe to.

    Thank you, Tim, for consistently inviting guests who challenge my beliefs about the world.

    Thank you, Jocko, for sharing experiences I would otherwise never have had access to. You’ve made me rethink a lot of things.

  29. As a female, peacenik, spiritual seeker and artist, I NEVER thought I would get anything out of this podcast. How wrong I was! I was so impressed by Jocko’s passion and clarity. What did I love most? His statement that “Motivation is fickle…Discipline is necessary (not sure that’s an exact quote). That you have to show up and do the work. That there’s no magic pill. For artist types, it’s soon important to hear and be reminded of that. I also was really taken with Jocko’s pattern of speaking. Very interesting. I can’t believe how much I liked and got out of this podcast. Thank you, Tim!!!!!

  30. The honesty about what WAR really meant. It´s about killing people and innocent people will die.

    This is why we should choose our battles very carefully. This is why we should NEVER enter a war because of mutal interest. This is why we must have a plan for the time, we leave the battelfield in a country, which is bleeding and suffering, with a vision of life afterwards.

    I am German. I am from the Generation who started to asked the painfull questions after a time of silence. It is hard do learn what your country have done in a precise and counsciness way with a plan in mind without knowing if the grandfather you loved was involved. I hope that we have learned the painfull lesson. Sorry to say this, but it is naive to think that you always understand and know what a lawful mission is. Often you learn this only in the retropersectiv.

    Why has it worked for Germany and Japan? Because of the visionairy leaders of the US and especially the UK. They had the strength to see beyond the evil and had a vision for those countries. They give money, help to establish a new politicial structure and give the law back by punish the leaders. The first time in history ever. BUT this was not alone the US – and we need to verify our interventions in others countries with the world with a perspective for the people living in this country. And of COURSE this was out of economic interest and to stablized Europe! War is never alone for saving people or giving justice.

    It is easy to judge, if you don´t see the cruelty in person in another country, I know and I am gratefull for interventions who help people and stop genocide.

    Discplin was the second thing I take out of the podcast. I stopped it two times getting angry and emotional 🙂 about what you said and thought, what a egomaniacal … But I started again and listen carefully. I still struggel what I should think about what you said. About what I should think about you. What my feelings are about the content of this podcast.

    I wish you all a nice day. Thanks for your time making the podcast, answer the question and let me think.


    1. The comments here are Exhibit A for showing how people’s beliefs shape their version of reality. Good grief.

      Great show, loved every second of it!

  31. Nauseating nationalism.

    Had to stop listening after his ridiculously inept comprehension of the military-industrial complex question (he started talking about general industry, lol!) and the melodramatic spiel that ensued.

    You think you’ve seen the world Jocko. But you’ve seen a very limited portion of the world if you think America is the beacon of hope and freedom.

    And what is this shit about running water and electricity?

    1. I sometimes enter my name as KS. Funny somebody else used the same initials. 🙂 I do agree with you though. That kind of patriotic talk always remind me of Team America: World Police. I watched that movie 7 times. It is in my top five movies of all time. No other movie depicted American mentality better than that one. The makers of that movie are Americans too, so there is hope. 🙂

  32. No questions about the US highly covert military operations to seize and control the opium fields in Afghanistan – the number one source of opium to the rest of the world? Was that part of your role, Jocko?

    Jocko do you take a moments silence every day to honour the real heroes whom lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan – all those men women and children whom never asked to be invaded, whom had regular peaceful lives with work school and play like everyone else until the US turned up, whom unlike the US military: never signed up to fought willingly, who where not paid and trained and highly equipped to be in that war, whom did not die doing what they loved, whom did not get a heroes funeral and whose relatives were not recompensed. And whom the overwhelming majority were branded by the US propaganda as criminals, terrorists and zealots – and continue to be, in order to justify the invasion – when they were simply innocent civilians. There are more terrorists in the US there there ever will be in those countries

    Oh and by the way – I’m a soldier too. In one of your deprived, non-english speaking western european countries that incidentally beats the US in every single standard of living and upward mobility, health and education ranking there is. Good luck with your journey towards healing and wholeness

  33. Started out disappointed that Tim and Jocko weren’t engaged in dialogue; five minutes later I dismissed the idea. Change of pace is welcome now and again. Have enjoyed all Jocko’s work, including his book with Lief Babin.

  34. The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature. Marcus Aurelius

    [Moderator: link removed]

  35. HAHAHA! This was the funniest thing ever! Tim, never in one of your podcasts – and I’ve listened to almost all of them – have I have laughed so hard and so often.

    This was like an audio parallel of Benny Hill or Mr Bean !!

    “US NAVY LIBERATORS!! Coming soon to a country near you! We bring highspeed broad band internet! We bring McDonalds! We bring fresh water – well, umm, uh, as much as we can fit in our backpacks.” [off camera: hey Sarge. Our backpacks are already full with instruments of torture and destruction]

    Oh. I see, Private. Okay. lets try again”

    “WE ARE YOUR US NAVY LIBERATORS! We bring Facebook! We bring iodine and chlorine tablets. But we are not, repeat, not sharing our sweetened condensed milk…”

    Actually this interviewed reminded me so much of the infamous Tom Cruise interview on Scientology, there are so many parallels. It’s SO funny – if you haven’t seen it, look it up on the you tubes

  36. well no surprises here from the voice of the united states military.

    what is most revealing about this podcast is what it has taught us about Tim.

    Tim would like to think, and like us to think, he is cultured and worldly. But on the contrary, because this podcast demonstrates Tim thinks it is acceptable to associate and hang out with people like this and that they deserve admiration. This proves Tim has lived a life even way more sheltered and over privileged than we ever could have imagined.

    Tim, you’re just a ” 1% ‘ er”, with the world view of a “1% ‘ er. ”

    Best of luck

  37. Awsome thanks. I found Jocko’s Q & A one of the best, pragmactic, cut no corners approach simply the best Ive heard on your show. I loved his answer on how it feels to have to kill people in war – it still haunts me…

  38. Really enjoyed it. Usually I love it when I see much of myself in one of the guests, and feel that I can learn from people who are similar to me, but not with Jocko – he’s so totally different from me. But still good to hear. Funny that we both love Black Sabbath!

    1. John, I got to catch Sabbath this past summer on their farewell tour. Mind blowing show.

      Sorry to derail the life empowerment discussion but I think we both agree the almighty Sabbath is a worthy sidebar!

  39. I listened to this on my headphones while taking a morning walk prior to starting the work day for my primary gig. Put me in a great headspace.

    The distinction Jocko made between Motivation and Discipline clicked for me. Putting your faith in the work itself and showing up for the work, whatever you are pursuing, makes so much more sense than relying on getting motivated for the work. Enlightening nugget he dropped.

    Thanks for this one Jocko and Tim.

  40. Content does not respond headline exactly. If it would be possible to listen his personal experiences somehow more abstract way, without involving any country specific political views and war propaganda, it would be interesting. At the moment, just very scary.

  41. Question for the collective consciousness. I am in the process of opening an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center for alcoholism/drug addiction and I am trying to find a way to differentiate my program from everything thats already out there while maintaining the level of clinical relevance that insurance companies require to bill. I heard about Tim’s thoughts on “an intensive” on a podcast several weeks back and I liked the idea of putting patients in an entirely new atmosphere. Any thoughts?

  42. Yes I think the view of Jocko is a bit «USA-centered» but this applies to almost EVERY american. To call this “brainwashed” is just stupid. They [the americans] are like that, and of course anybody in the military is even a bit more into that. BUT the same applies to every country and every military in the world.

    So these things aside: Jocko is an awesome motivator and very clear thinker about leadership, discipline and I am very thankful for his podcast, and his messages and his view of life because he is helping me EVERY SINGLE DAY. And to all the hater hating haters: only because someone disagrees with one opinion doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t like the person in general.

  43. Excellent mind tips from a highly trained psychopath. Brainwashed into believing what he did was real. No good or evil in nature, only teachers, I try to remember. Just wish he would teach, not preach what he was brainwashed by his daddy, the man. Teach your mindfulness shit but cut the propaganda. Your clearly a brute, hired to kill because of a particular skill you have developed to turn off certain triggers in your brain which are saying ‘Stop murdering these innocent people!’

    Well over 100,000 INNOCENT CIVILAINS killed [Moderator: expletives deleted]

  44. Out of all the podcasts of the Tim Ferriss show that I have listened to,.. this was the most distrubing, and not all in a good way.

  45. Just chased down Jocko on 10th Ave in NYC to shake his hand!! So pumped right now. Also out of breath. He was walking about 15mph. Anyway, just as cool as he sounded on this episode. Get him on for a second!!

  46. Tim–I would love to hear you interview Margaret Wheatley on leadership–we can all benefit from her perspective. A bow to your wonderful work. Thank you.

  47. Really enjoyed this podcast. I am a huge follower of Jocko. I suggest you also listen to Jocko’s podcast when he hosted Tim Ferris. Tim talking about depression and suicide was very revealing to me and made me change a lot of my thinking on how I view the issue.