The Random Show — Gut Bacteria, Meditation, Startups, and More (#24)

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There are dozens of topics covered in this bromantic episode of scatterbrained banter.

Like what? To start off: tracking gut bacteria, favorite documentaries, keys for novice meditators, startup lessons, Kevin’s new obsessions, and more. O-tanoshimi dane!

The last few blog posts have been rather serious, so this is intended as an informal (but still informative) mind snack.

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194 Replies to “The Random Show — Gut Bacteria, Meditation, Startups, and More (#24)”

  1. You mentioned you will be doing research on the gut flora and fauna of the gut. Would love to offer my self as test participant. Former HS wrestler..I feel like cutting 25-30lbs each season has done a number on my gut my entire life. I can DM you contact info on twitter, if you need any test subjects!

  2. Another fun episode, thanks for all the great info. I’d like to cast a vote for a post/episode on gut bacteria as well.

  3. Sorry to hear about the Lyme, man. Make sure to keep track of symptoms even after the antibiotics are done. I’ve unfortunately been suffering with post Lyme for about 8 years. Its no fun. I do find that diet makes a huge difference in how I feel. I’ve cut out all grains, fruit and sugar. It helps a lot. Best of luck!

  4. Hey TimTim! First, your conversations with Kevin Rose are always the best. Second, I’m currently listening to Ep. 26 with Kevin Kelly (it hit the podcast RSS already, totally understandable that it’s not here yet).

    I would love to see video feeds though, like a conversation through Skype, maybe then uploaded to YouTube (to save on bandwidth). I doubt I’m the first to request it, but I want to throw my vote into the ring.

    Here are three reasons to make my case.

    1. I’m less likely to pay attention to audio only. I tend to want to do something else when only listening to something, like typing out this comment for instance.

    2. Knowing who’s talking to you, ie. seeing a video, can bring greater value. I feel like points hit stronger and that I develop a better understanding and connection to a conversation when I can see facial expressions.

    3. YouTube pays advertising, and videos are good for SEO. We all know this, but it’s a good as reason as any.

    Thanks for the podcasts, I’m enjoying them more every episode!

  5. Hey Tim,

    Thank you for the great content as per usual. Re: Lyme disease – as you’ve noticed already, the deeper you go down this particular road of investigation, the more confusion and conflicting advice you’re likely to find. – Like so many others, I know this from personal experience. Fortunately, (and I’m not trying to toot your horn here, merely say what happened) I utilized your told technique of inquiry (setting up specific information filters) to successfully navigate the medical field and find some friggin’ answers : )

    After 3+ years on antibiotics, O2, and wasting away on my poor mother’s couch with horrible symptomatology – I resolved to ONLY speak with people who had been sick for 5, 10 or 20 + years with Lyme AND GOTTEN 100% BETTER (there are many). – I interviewed several hundred patients. I pursued the paths of only those who achieve 100% success. And where it lead me was astounding – Very long story short > A clinic right in NYC, my own backyard, capable of personalizing protocols for complex “chronic” conditions with outstanding and proven repeatable results. – Any case, In addition to debugging Lyme and returning to elite-level athletics, I now have a good working relationship with the Medical Director at this clinic who is a conventionally trained MD, now implementing some pretty sophisticated integrative medical techniques and therapies and yielding fantastic results. The key to success in a word, is “specificity” (within a generalized protocol including in some way – biological terrain restoration, antimicrobial therapy, and restoration of proper function of organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system). Again – a personalized approach is key as Lyme in particular is such a compilation of so many aggressors (spirochetes, co-infections, chronic stress, HPA axis exacerbation, off-set biorhythms, chemical/solvent/vaccinal/ and/or heavy metal toxicity, etc, etc which impact each person uniquely based on many levels of ingrained physiological response mechanisms. – all of this and more must be taken into account and this MD does a masterful job of that. – I’m happy to make the introduction or share more info should it come to that but hopefully in your case, and as it goes with the majority of Lyme patients, you will be fine soon as your immune system should kick those buggers back to the stone age.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hey Tim,

    Sorry to hear about lyme.

    I wanted to share how I cured it in about a month or 2, I think your positive contribution to humanity is considerable, so we gotta keep you on your A game 🙂

    They thought I had bacterial meningitis of the brain and gave me a spinal tap. turned out just lyme 🙂 put on antibiotics and did lots of research as you are doing. You find that there are two camps the western medicine(no chronic lyme) and the holistic (chronic lyme). My next two months were spent in bed arthritis swollen joints complete fatigue and fogginess. 2 months extra of antibiotics still felt horrible, went to a infectious disease doctor in nyc, no use. I then went to see my acupuncturist healer I grew up with in Aspen co. His name is Lee Beymer (Radiant Health). He address the problem completely physical mental and spiritual. He gave me a custom protocol I stopped taking antibiotics and I felt completely better in a month, i was amazed 🙂 then stopped taking the medicine after a huge emotional block came up and relapsed and then I started again until i felt completely better.

    here is the protocol I used

    advanced cellular silver spray

    samento microbial defense

    grapefruit seed extract

    lipospheric vitamin c (high absorbency)

    SPK formula kroger

    Candida diet

    A big part of healing is addressing unconscious guilt and negativity.

    I recommend

    A Course in Miracles workbook ( a year long course to reverse all negativity)

    Healing and Recovery by Dr David R Hawkins Ph.D (this man will change your life)

    I have healed the lyme completely and have been healthy for 2 years. Im so grateful for the whole experience.

    Shoot me an email and i can give you more specifics if you want 🙂

    Hope all this is helpful 🙂

    Warm regards,


    1. totally agree about David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D – I’ve ready everything the man ever wrote…. beginning with Healing & Recovery

      1. Absolutely – thought he protocols are so different for everyone. David Hawkins is a huge resource.

  7. Really good episode guys, thank you…totally with Kevin about Anchorman though Tim…set a few hours aside for that one!

  8. Just listened to the podcast. I’m sorry about the Lyme infection, and I hope for your sake that you’re right and you’ve just contracted it, and will be able to beat it with a short course of antibiotics (though even in that case you should definitely give it at least a month). I unwittingly contracted Lyme from a tick bite when I was seven, but it was pretty dormant until my health finally collapsed when I was 24. Then it took me another seven years to get diagnosed, and now a year and a half into my treatment I’ve made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go.

    As you can probably tell from the other comments here, there is a lot of conflicting information out there about Lyme treatment options. Unfortunately, the mainstream medical community is pretty clueless, but some of the stuff outside the mainstream is outright quackery, and you have to be pretty careful. The best source is probably Dr. Joseph Burrascano’s guidelines: (though it hasn’t been updated in a few years and is slightly outdated in some respects). A couple of people have mentioned Dr. Horowitz’s recent book, which from what I’ve read is largely along the same lines.

    I’d definitely be interested in more about what you do to seed your gut. I’d recommend taking a wide variety of high-quality pre- and probiotics, including soil-based organisms, while on antibiotics, but it sounds like there’s probably not much I could tell you about that. Anyway, best of luck.

  9. Tim,

    Great fan of yours. We studied The 4 hour work week” at a seminar when it first came. Now, years later, I’m coming back to you now to put your concepts to work for me.

    About your Lyme disease, you can reverse the effects. Start with proper testing and looking at lyme disease as an over stimulated immune system. You have to test your whole body’s stress load that impacts your immune system. Things like Antichromatin antibodies, Anti-DNA (double-stranded) antibodies, Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab. (006676) CPT Code: 86376, just to name a few and eliminate those stressors to the body. Once these causes are identified and eliminated you replenish the body’s missing natural nutrients based on testing and research. Functional Medicine doctors (Specialized M.D.’s D.O.’s, D.C.’s) and Chiropractic Internists are the experts here. Also, there is the regenerative component to assure healthy cells are forming. The whole body, except for the spinal cord, has the ability to regenerate. Bone, brain, organs…everything can regenerate. There are only a few of us doctors who know and practice this method. This method has been used on over 100,000 patients successfully, even terminal patients given their last rights.

  10. Tim,

    Very excited when the conversation moved to auto-mechanical watches. I started my muse Boxer Watches after a read 4HWW 2 years ago and it’s grown strength to strength. I would love to send you one of my models as a thank you for inspiring me and providing me with some of the guidance.

    Thank you,


  11. Hi Tim, I hope you’re feeling well. I have two children with Lyme disease. In the 80’s during the AIDS epidemic, patients and their families knew more about the disease than doctors. This is the case with Lyme. You already probably know more than 95% of general practitioners. A few “pro-tips”: 1) Finding a Lyme literate doctor is essential (LLMD) 2) This is the best online forum/grass roots resource: It’s a free forum. My wife knows enough from these forums to actually treat people. One of my kids just finished antibiotic treatment after being on them for 18 months. The other one will hopefully be done soon.

    I’m hoping you can use your star power to raise aware of this grossly under diagnosed disease. Within the last year, the CDC upped it’s estimated cases from 30,000 to 300,000. I think they are still low by an order of magnitude. BTW, neither of my kids had knowledge of being bitten by a tick. The bullseye rash doesn’t show up in 25% of cases. In addition to joint pain, anxiety, OCD, and stomach pain are very common symptoms. To the rest of the readers, if your children are struggling, keep fighting for answers and don’t listen to any doctor that is not considered “Lyme Literate” (most aren’t).

  12. 1) Looking forward to more from you on nurturing gut bacteria

    2) Have you ever tried the sport kiteboarding? I think you would love it.

    3) I appreciate you tips on how to eat when traveling, but I still find this a hassle, I have a business plan for a restaurant located in airports that is ultra simple with very limited menu of highest quality food from clean supply chain. If you or any VC friends are interested please contact me or please start one.

  13. Please talk more about “seeding the gut”. As i get older I’m noticing more gut issues. Also my wife recently took antibiotics prescribed by her doctor for a minor health issue. I complained because I’ve heard that it can take up to 2 years for your gut bacteria to get back in balance and my wife thought I was being overcautious.

  14. Re: LYME – I received IV Ozone for my Lyme after 2 rounds Doxy. It worked incredibly well. Was better after first dose. Did a 2nd dose to be sure. No problems.

  15. Tim’s observation on dropping the alcohol was dead on. I haven’t had a drink in three years. Facing everything in life unsedated is an amazing experience. I wish Kevin would just let him talk about that without continually interrupting, especially since Kevin couldn’t do it. (That’s like dropping the barbell the instant it feels heavy. You’ll never get any stronger.) Tim’s right, the hard moments are precisely what the challenge is for. Being sober is also necessary for mindfulness and seeing the moment as it really is. That is impossible to do while using a substance. You really are stronger than you think you are.

  16. Hey Tim,

    Another great random show. I listened to it as a podcast and it translated well in audio only. I’m very sorry to her about the ‘Lyme’ diagnosis (This name needs to be changed to Tick Borne Illness or something else to add more credence to this terrible and complicated disease.) I don’t want to rant about the subject but as a former athlete and teacher, seven years later I am jobless, wifeless, and getting around in a wheelchair and on crutches.

    It seems to me that everyone who has ‘beat’ the disease has gone about it from a different approach. Many of these individuals are now ‘experts’ selling their knowledge and herbs and books and advice which to me is appalling. How someone who has gone through the pain of this debilitating disease can then turn around and try to make money from other sufferers is unspeakable. As a good researcher I am sure you are aware of this.

    I won’t offer any advice on the subject, as enough of that has been posted already and you seem to be more intelligent than the lot of us so I leave it to you. I do think with your reach in the media, your interest in human performance and now your glimpse into ‘Lyme’, you could do a great service to your community and beyond to bring together some real experts on this subject. This is a lot to ask but as you said in the show, it is your writing, books, etc. that has made a real impact on peoples’ lives and has left you feeling more fulfilled than any tech venture ever could. A post or podcast on gut health would also be very interesting.

    The new podcast is great. Keep them coming when you are feeling better!

    I wish you well.

  17. I’ve been researching gut health a lot recently. One of the things I was thinking was to eat organic pesticide free fruits and veggies without washing them. If the soil is healthy and chemical free it think that soil bacteria would be good for the gut boime.

  18. Great episode. It’s always fun to virtually hang out with you guys. I hope you’re able to find a solution to your Lyme issue. Who knows, it might become the topic of another book and help tons of people in the future.

    Even if you guys were joking about it, I think you should consider the Tim Ferriss version of the Kim Kardashian : Hollywood app. Seriously. The Tim Ferris : 4 Hour work week app. It’s a fun way to apply the principles from the book. 😉

  19. Hi, Tim! I just wanted to know if you had interest in posting a life hack for procrastination that I have come up with. I have been a longtime reader, and the first life-changing thing I learned from you was when I read your genius breakdown of the science of muscle building, and the amazingly efficient workout routine which produces such great results. That article has always struck me as the pinnacle of what a “life hack” is all about. I followed your protocol, and realized an amazing change in body type in 2 months. Prior to that, I had always avoided weight lifting, because muscle growth just seemed mysterious. But after you explained that muscle growth was a scientifically understood process which muscles were programmed to do, and that if you provide the correct stimuli and correct nutrition, they will do, and gave an extremely doable routine for achieving muscle growth, I was motivated to do it.

    I have been a lifelong procrastinator, and at times it is so pathological that it really seems like a disease. I began learning neuroscience a while ago, but recently I began exploring the brain structures which procrastination is involved with, to gain a deeper understanding of how it might work. Unfortunately I had to resort to learning how these component brain systems work, rather than simply reading someone else’s explanation, because there is no deep explanation by a neuroscience, that I am aware of. Eventually I came to a breakthrough of understanding how it works, which then means I was able to come up with a way of stopping it in its tracks. You may think that procrastinating and bodybuilding are not similar, but in fact, it can be thought of very much as if there are “anti-procrastination muscles” and therefore in order to see results, one must commit to doing exercises to strengthen these muscles, unless one gets luckily put into an environment where this strengthening occurs naturally. I took a page from your book, in that I remembered what worked for me in bodybuilding, was when I found your method which was extremely efficient as well as scientifically backed up, thus being motivating, since you know that it will achieve results. So this is what I set out to do with my understanding of procrastination. Knowing the science of how it works, I attempted to reverse-engineer a solution which would stop it while also being very efficient and not demanding that people plan to invest 100’s of hours in learning something. I knew that if I could not make it something which only requires 20 minutes of a person’s time a day, then it would not be implemented, by either myself, or anyone else. I was wondering if you would be interested in me publishing it here first?

  20. Tim – thanks for a great show! A couple quick comments:

    First, thank you very much for putting the random show in your podcast list – I MUCH prefer listening to watching for convenience, and that made it as convenient as possible!

    Second, I echo Kevin – you have certainly earned the right to do what you want. However, if reaching people and changing their lives for the better is important to you, then I believe writing is the way to go. Your books have improved my life immensely, and I hope you keep at it!

    Thanks again!

  21. Off the back of losing my Random Show virginity, I spent my Saturday night watching King of Kong. What a recommendation (!), I absolutely loved it. Wiebe is the man.

  22. I highly recommend the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society for solid integrative approaches to Lyme disease.

  23. Tim buddy, I am sorry about the lyme thing!! I have lupus (not the same I know but also inflammatory, possibly both autoimmune, and similar feeling.) and developed a medical diet for it, let me know if you want the info. I saved my life. I developed Lupus after getting Typhoid fever. Don’t take it lying down.

  24. Hi Tim, I found you through one of your posts on cancer…sorry to hear you have Lyme disease. The best thing I know of is to keep your immune system super strong. I’ve heard Lyme has 3 forms, the spore, the spirochete and it’s mycoplasma form which lacks a cell wall and can hide from our defenses, I think it’s the most difficult to eradicate. I think mycoplasmas are the cause of all the auto-immune issues, because big pharma doesn’t have a pill yet there’s not enough research. Anyway, I’m really interested in your research on the microbiome also, we’ve got epidemic problems there! I just posted an interview relating gmo’s to this also.

    If you guys are getting interested in checking out the Grain Free stuff, we’ve been selling a new bread (which is impossible to find anything good out there) here locally and people love it! It tastes waaay better than the Paleo bread that was on Dr. Oz, it’s soft and squishy too. We’re brand new, so only in 3 stores now, but I’d love to send you some if you want to try it. I’m finishing a book on Grain Free Baking which will be out next spring, so I’m pretty good at it 🙂 I only had time to see a few minutes, but you guys are pretty funny, it was like joining you at the dinner table! Thanks, Annabelle

  25. Hi Tim, ok read your feces/gluten blog – totally right on – but that is just one step. You need the full diet for medical needs, I can help, I have a full blown system for autoimmune. (not sure if my last post posted). Plus I have some new info on digestive repair.


    PS, NOBNOC all the way

    PPS, Chesticles haaaaaaaa!

  26. I downloaded the HeadSpace App. I have never meditated before, so this was new for me. After day 1, I felt remarkably refreshed after the 10 minutes. I am not sure why, but I am. So I plan to continue. Thank you.

  27. Thanks Tim for the Name Of the Wind Suggestion a few episodes ago! I can’t wait for book three. In the name of returning the favor, Check out The Chronicles of Amber. Amazing Read by Roger Zelazny. It’s long but you end up wanting it to be longer.

  28. Tim 2 thoughts on Lyme Disease:

    1. My friend Steve Cabana has Lyme Disease and has been successfully recovering from it after much experimentation. Google “Steve Cabana Lyme” to find out all the things he learned.

    2. There is an amazing German medical product called BEMER that stimulates the body natural immune system. BEMER research has over many years achieved leading-edge results in terms of the biorhythm of local and external regulation flows in microcirculation. The core of BEMER technology is a multi-dimensional signal structure, which effectively stimulates restricted or defective microcirculation. Consequently, it supports one of the most important regulation mechanisms in the human body for prevention, healing, recovery and regenerative processes. It’s big with natural paths. Here is the company’s website: Here is an introduction video: I have been using it with great results. This product has been around for 15 years and is used by NASA and tennis stars like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

  29. Hey Tim I’d love you read about how to properly seed your gut and maintain the gut biome. Mine has been ravaged by antibiotics which was totally unnecessary as it has now turned out that I have ulcerative colitis. I want to get healthy quick!

    Good luck with your lyme disease. You are a major inspiration for me man. Hope you get well soon.

  30. Tim,

    If you are looking for an alternative approach to Lyme (i.e. no antibiotics), please check out Heiner Fruehauf & his website “Classical Pearls”. He has quite an extensive wait list but if you can get in to see him, JUMP at the chance. I recently heard him speak at a medical conference and I am very impressed by his approach. Alternative, yes, but I know you appreciate our crazy medicine 😉

    And if you’d really like to jump off the edge, check out Dr Klinghardt. I would love to hear your take on a visit to his clinic.


    Dr Kuczma

  31. Great to see you guys still doing your thing. I enjoyed the mutual agreement towards the end when you realized being creative is the real key to this whole thing. You, Tim, continuing to write and Kevin continuing with tech development. Well done guys

  32. What IS the best way to seed y our gut with beneficial bacteria? You mention it is NOT probiotics, surprise/surprise!, but something else. Well…? I watched the whole video and you never got back to this. Can’t wait. Ellen

  33. Hello Tim! I am also currently in Lyme treatments and thought I would share a bit of what I learned. There is SO much to Lyme and in time you will understand it all. You will have this for the rest of your life. Hang in there. You can get better.

    Where to start?? Lyme Disease is a spirochete bacteria, which means it is spiral or cork screw, and goes by the name borrella burgderfori. It most commonly is transmitted by the black-legged deer tick. A majority of the victims, including humans, are animals, dogs, rodents, reptiles and birds… The list goes on. It is found in all 50 states and on every continent except Antarctica.

    Additionally, studies have revealed that Lyme disease can also be passed through the placenta of a pregnant woman to her unborn fetus, therefore allowing Lyme to be a gestational disease. DNA of the bacteria has been found in breast milk, as well as suspected in cases of sexual transmission, but research on these two potential means of transmission is still pending.

    When someone is bitten by the tick it is usually in its nymph form which is about the size of a poppy seed. Transmission takes 12 or more hours as once the tick is done feeding it puts back anything it doesn’t need. In this process is where the bacteria are transferred. %50 of people will later see the bulls-eye rash that accompanies a bite.

    When detected in its early stage, Lyme disease is treatable with an appropriate course of antibiotic therapy. Some develop flu-like symptoms a week or so after becoming infected If undetected and untreated, the bacteria replicates and the disease progresses into its late stages, becoming chronic. However, many people have no symptoms but can develop Lyme symptoms months, years or decades later. The spirochete bacterium screws itself into the body’s cells meanwhile releasing toxins that the body naturally fights off. When it cannot reach the bacteria it continues to attack the cells surrounding the toxins causing it to become an autoimmune disease. The body begins to attack itself.

    Treatment for Chronic Lyme disease is prolonged and complex. Patients often require years of intensive conventional and alternative therapies to fight the infection, recover immune function, and gain strength.

    Lyme is not the only thing that can be transferred. Many other co-infections such as Babesia and Bartonella come along with the tick bite and can be worse than Lyme itself. There are also secondary infections that with a normal immune system could be fought off without the host even knowing of its existence. Any one of these alone can have debilitating symptoms and a combination can only make matters worse and harder to treat.

    The Lyme spirochete bacteria is hard to detect and hard to kill. Lyme disease is growing at epidemic proportions in the United States. The medical community is divided over the diagnosis and treatment guidelines. Health insurance often doesn’t cover the treatment for Chronic Lyme disease.

    It is called the great imitator; looking like many other health problems (Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bells Palsy, ALS, ADD, MS and Lupus). Common Symptoms include: fatigue, neck stiffness or pain, jaw discomfort, muscle pain, joint aches like arthritis- typically in the knees, swollen glands, memory loss, cognitive confusion, vision problems, digestive issues, headaches and fainting, heart problems and even death…. I’m starting to sound like those medicine commercials!!

    The standard and most commonly used Lyme test is the ELISA test. This test is not sensitive enough to detect Lyme and can produce a false negative. The more sensitive test is called the IgG and IgM Western Blots test. This test can be ordered through IGeneX Lab.

    Hope this helped and you found something in here that you haven’t already learned on your own.

  34. I know a guy in Bali that has naturally cured people of Lyme disease without pharmaceuticals, his name is Tyler Tolman he is easy to find online or FB. I got Rocky Mountain fever this summer which has very similar symptoms to Lyme disease, very painful and horrific flu like symptoms especially after consumer red meat (the disease actually makes you allergic to red meat). Long story short after some bio-meridian scanning and some homeopathic medicines (thymus) I was better within a few weeks. Check into it, best of luck hope you get feeling better!

  35. Tim,

    Could you do a show about reducing high blood pressure. I’ve been told that it is just hereditary and I need meds to lower it. Problem is the meds dont seem to help anyway.

    1. Dave, I was just looking up alt’s to meds for a class I was teaching and oolong tea seems to have some interesting benefits. But on a woo-woo level, what (if anything) are you doing that is going against your hearts greatest desire(s)? What would you love, love, love to do but have some judgment about it or feel you have to do something else in order to get safety/security? Oh, and best stress reduction is to play, play, play like you did as a child.

  36. Hey, Tim. I am loving your shows! I heard you talking about Lyme’s and you have to talk to Lyndsay Pera. She’s a goddess who has taken full control over her health and has brilliantly guided who daughters who also have Lyme’s. I got to interview Lyndsay for The Whole Being Zone ( Inspirational. She created 3 businesses to help others in their journey to health post-diagnosis. Here’s her site: She awesome. Check her out. And please, kick the ass of this disease in true Tim style. You’re too badass to be held back.

  37. Yes! Super keen to hear your take on effectively seeding the gut, Tim. Huge topic – and I think it’s only going to get bigger. Once again, you’re ahead of the curve.

    Love the podcasts and really happy to have been introduced to the awesome Random Show via the podcasts too. Thanks.

  38. Thanks for the great post/podcast Tim.

    Steven Kotler who wrote the book ‘The Rise of Superman’ talked about how getting into a flow state when surfing sped up his recovery from Lymes. Certainly the most fun of the therapies I’ve heard of.

    It would be great to hear your plans and research on gut seeding. I have mercury-poisoning induced leaky gut so it would be very helpful!

  39. regarding Gut bacteria: maybe interesting in this context is ‘ulcerative colitis’ (UC) and a bacteria called Fusobacterium varium. There was a study in Japan about that.

    Anyway, I have my own experience with that and since my significant other, after 10 years, was suddenly cured from UC I thought it would be good to share my experience. If it can help just one single person to skip several years of suffering, then it was worth spending the US$ 350 to have my story translated from German to English. Whoever thinks this might be interesting to read, check it out here:

  40. Yes please! Would love to hear your take on seeding the gut, Tim. Huge topic.

    And props for the podcasts and Random Show. Dig them both – big time.

  41. Listened to this podcast late, but I’m very interested in hearing what you would have to say regarding gut bacteria. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, have lost almost a 3rd of my body weight (am now around 120 pounds), am lactose and fructose intolerant and have bacteria overgrowth.

    I’m starting a strict diet to accomplish just that (combination of the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and a low FODMAP) and and would love to hear your take on this.

    If you’re looking for any case studies or volunteers to assist in this, I’d love to help/be a guinea pig.

  42. Listened to this podcast late, but I’m very interested in hearing what you would have to say regarding gut bacteria.

    I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, have lost almost a 3rd of my body weight (am now around 120 pounds), am both lactose and fructose intolerant and have bacteria overgrowth.

    I’m starting a strict diet to accomplish just that (combination of the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and a low FODMAP) and and would love to hear your take on this. 

    If you’re looking for any case studies or volunteers to assist in this, I’d love to help/be a guinea pig.

  43. Hey Tim,

    Can you PLEASE send me, or post more info on “Gut Seeding”?

    Without going into a lot of detail, I’ve been gradually becoming allergic to 90% of foods that I could eat before. The symptoms are frighteningly alarming, almost like Anaphylaxis and only getting worse.

    I’ve been to many so called “specialists” doctors who have misdiagnosed me several times and have no clue about gut flora and want to put me on antibiotics, which is probably what caused this in the first place.

    Thanks in advance and great podcast btw!

    Hope you’re coping well with the Lyme disease.

  44. This was my favorite podcast so far! Tim, you asked and yes, we want more info on gut seeding. Now I need to go listen to the podacst 3-4 more times and take notes.

  45. Tim or Tim’s Virtual Assistant,

    I know you are extremely busy and from reading your books and blogs know very well this email may not peak any attention. I enjoyed listening to Kevin Rose – Gut Bacteria, Meditation, Startups, and More and really enjoyed your concept of talent scouting aspiring writers. I think that is a noble effort to as an angel investor to start mentoring (a completely not profitable relationship) with folks that have the potential to inspire people through literature and other books. The ROI from a single book has the ability to fundamentally change how thousands of people view the world, some of my readings about war helped shape in war such as For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fields of Fire, or The Things they Carried. I am an Army veteran of two afghan deployments and national guard helicopter pilot who read FHWW on the multi-day journey to Afghanistan in 2010 and it changed how I interact with the world at work and life. I’ve pursued my passion of military history and national security on multiple blogs and magazines and I am embarking on writing a war novel working with several veteran writings non-profits who I am sure would relish your involvement. I think you would enjoy the charity and the capacity for change in the authors and audience’s life.

    If you’re ever in Pennsylvania and want to fly in a helicopter, let me know.


  46. Hi, You both lit up at the idea of learning about tiny houses and I wanted to tell you about a British programme called George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces ( – this is just the images from the programme to give you an idea of what is on show. Some incredible designs. On series 4 in the UK so clearly a trend going on.

    PS Thanks for all of the ideas to look up too, going to check them out now.

  47. I love Random Show. I consume absolutely everything you put out Tim, you might consider me a Ferrisite, us Ferrisites take a leaf out of our Guru’s manifesto and become parasites of continual learning and ways to do things better. It’s all thanks to you Guru Ferriss.

    Back to the show. Love the Random Show because you and Kevin handle this as friends and equals as opposed to the other podcasts which are interview style(not a bad thing of course!).

    The Random Show is also the only time I get to hear more fascinating insights into what you are currently into thanks to Kevin’s prodding, and he’s the only one who can ask you a lot of these hilarious personal questions.

    Keep it up man, love your work.

  48. I just gotta say – I really love the random show! I love listening to you guys ramble on, sprouting a lot of crap interspersed with really cool & interesting stuff & occasionally going into giggling fits and making me laugh. I don’t watch tv – watching the random show is the nearest I get to it, and it’s awesome!

  49. Tim,

    Thanks for your podcast!

    Please…info on reseeding your guy for optimal health!

    Have a wonderful year!

  50. Hey Tim – Here is a medical lifehack for you – I’m guessing you might have heard of it before, but if not, and since it sounds like you may still be dealing with a Lyme related infection: Check out Ozone therapy for Lyme Disease.

    Not too much on the internet about it, but there is a doctor in your area named Dr. Rowen ( that may hold some solutions for you. He also has a fascinating story about his recent journey to Sierra Leone on his FB page, to help cure EBOLA with Ozone that could use some publicity if you are so inclined….. after your research.

    According to the proponents of it, Ozone therapy can be very cheap and effective at curing bacterial infections, but it is not popular in the US because it is not FDA approved.

    Anecdotally and personally, my wife has been fighting the battle with Lyme and confections now for 3.5 years, and now is going on 3 months symptom free using home ozone therapy. 3 months is not a lot in the scheme of things, but she is now off Antibiotics completely and feeling better than she has in 3.5 years using this home therapy. (I should also mention she has tried the gamut of therapies and doctors)

    Well, I know you will do your research…Dr. Rowen just wrote a nice summary of how Ozone therapy works and you can find it here: The machine and hardware we got were from Hope you kick it quickly and please let us know if you find some success with Ozone – Cheers, Rob

  51. Hi Tim, when do you expect to be sharing some of your finding on seeding the gut for optimal health? Really interested in this area given it has so many health implications, and really glad to hear you’re looking into it! Best, Alex

  52. Hello, if you have been exposed before or have late stages, taking antibiotics, they will not work. I’m extremely knowledgable about Lyme, and alternative remedies . There are many options out there, in this country and out.side. I find success varies depends on the individual. I do hope you are healed. Please take this seriously it’s a very complex disease, that can hide in the body. Please contact me via Facebook if you ever need more info. with love and gratitude, Gabrielle

  53. Tim,

    Sorry to hear about the Lyme diagnosis. But, if you are reading this post, I urge you to ask your doctor one simple question: “What percentage of Lyme tests you send to Igenex Laboratories come back positive?”

    Answer from my doctor, “About 80%”


    Lyme Disease is real and very serious. So, I hope you are going to an experienced infectious disease doctor at an institution such as UCSF, Stanford, or CPMC, and not going to a holistic doctor that uses Igenex Labs.

    I have navigated this process and can give you some tips, so please feel free to contact me via email.

    -Tim M.

  54. Hi,

    Have never commented on here but I feel compelled to share some thoughts that might be of interest. There’s a bit in the middle where you guys discuss meditation and the amazing feelings associated. I hate to point it out but that’s basically the religious experience – all the time. I know the practice of religion is not everyone’s cup of tea (rightfully so) but the experience of having access to a creator is exactly the same as the feeling you guys are describing. I believe that there is a spiritual realm that’s open to us humans. It’s a thrilling sensation as you so eloquently describe but there’s more.

    I recommend The Veil by Blake Healy. It’s a bit Christiany but it paints a bit of a picture on that meditation spiritual connection.

    Love your work and all the best.

    Happy to discuss further @hanygeorgy

  55. This is incredible. Been looking for a reliable source on how to seed the gut properly. Does Tim Ferris have info on how to seed the gut as of yet?

  56. Really enjoyed this episode, soooo far behind the schedule but getting a huge amount from them all, thank you for all of the effort and dedication…

    Hilarious that going 30 days without alcohol was a challenge for Kevin – my brother and I are doing the whole of 2015, almost 8 months done, 4 to go 🙂