The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)

A first look at the beta-cover of The 4-Hour Chef. Let me know what you think.

The magic elves and I have been hard at work on an early Christmas gift for you all. In fact, there are quite a few goodies in this post, including 50 free Kindle Fire devices!

Let’s start with one of the most time-sensitive…

The 4-Hour Chef is Live!

The 4-Hour Chef is now on sale on Amazon!

I’ve been keeping things under wraps, but there is one big surprise. For the last 5 years, the most frequent request from blog readers has been a guide to mental performance. In other words, answering the question: how do you deconstruct and learn any skill?

Well, I’ve been listening all along, and that book is here!

Here’s the complete title: The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life. Intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $5.99.

You can cancel anytime up to ship date, so there is no downside, only locked-in savings.


Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Three reasons:

1) It will be gorgeous, a wonderful tactile experience, and truly unlike any cookbook you’ve ever seen.

2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.

3) It would really help me out. Inexplicably, The New York Times excludes all advice/how-to books from their e-book bestseller list, so only the print edition counts towards the bestseller list. Silly, but there you have it!

See the full book description, sneak-peek photos, and more here.

A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser

Next, I present to you the first Kindle Fire book teaser and app!

100% free and titled “A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser,” it includes a seven-day Christmas countdown advent calendar, with unusual tips that allow you to enjoy wine, cookies, and all the other holiday vices… while losing fat.

From strategic yo-yo dieting and tequila hot chocolate, to exploding cows and tattoos, it’s full of surprises. Here’s are a few screenshots and the introduction video, followed by the download link…

Main menu – just tap any food for the recipe and much more.

I love advent calendars! Tap any day for your prescription or reward.

Download The 4-Hour Chef Teaser here. Please note! This version is limited to Kindle Fire at the moment, but the iPad (iOS) and general Android versions are almost done. They’ll be coming along shortly, and I’ll keep you posted.

But… why not get yourself a free Kindle Fire? That’s next.

50 Free Kindle Fire Devices

If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free, I’m giving away 50 of them. This is a thank you for providing so much helpful feedback over the last six months.

Here’s how to get one:

1) Just spread the word in the next 48 hours! Send people to this blog post or The 4-Hour Chef page on Amazon. Here are some ideas: Facebook like, Facebook sharing, retweets, Twitter, e-mail, e-mail signature, street miming. The last one doesn’t scale as well as the others.

2) By 11am PST this Thursday (Dec. 1), leave a comment on this post telling me what you did. If possible, quantify the impact (clicks, page views, etc.), and be sure to follow these two rules, which are required for your entry to be valid:

– In the first line, tell me what you’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef.

– Keep the entire comment to 200 words or fewer, so use bullets!

We’ll consider the first 300 submissions, and a few judges and I will choose the 50 we think did the best job (subjective, I know). Then we ship them off! Void where prohibited, Martians under 21 not allowed, etc., etc. Winners will be announced next week.

Happy holidays!

Much more to come…

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894 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)”

  1. I am REALLY excited for this book!! Even without the Kindle giveaway I am a huge fan of your work and have been telling everyone that will listen about The Four Hour Body. I pre-ordered the print edition and will get the iOS version as soon as I can. I hope to learn new recipes and techniques to use in my new healthy eating lifestyle!!

  2. Hi! I am currently in the middle of a “lifestyle change”. I have lost over 30 pounds so far. My problem is, I love food and love to cook. As a mother who works full time and is a grad student, I am often pressed for time and looking for awesome recipes. I am not a novice chef by any means, and I would say I am a newby when it comes to cooking, so looking forward to purchasing this.

    I have posted this to my Facebook and shared this with my 70+ friends and family who share the love for cooking with me. I emailed the link via email (yahoo) to my friends, co-workers, and family.

    *I will also make sure to mention this at my weekly weight loss meetings

    Can’t wait to read it!


  3. I Want To Learn:

    How to deconstruct anything and master it faster. Of interests is music.

    Also, how to get the most dense diet for gaining weight and not have to eat constantly.

    What I’ve Done To Share The 4-Hour Chef:

    As a marketer, I will show 20,000 impression between 2 popular food and cooking sites for a banner ad I created which links to Tim’s blog post. I will update on the clicks etc in a day or two.

    And,a like on Facebook for my most wonderful friends.

    Excited to get the book! Thanks Tim for info that has changes my life.

    1. The RESULTS

      42,712 people saw a link to the 4-hour Chef blog post.

      27 people clicked to the actual blog post.

      Keep doing cool and helpful stuff Tim!

  4. What I most want to learn is how to maintain the weight loss once it comes off. That’s the point I am still struggling with.

    As for how I promoted this:

    – The usual social media (Facebook, Twitter)

    – Set the default url on every macbook at the local apple store to this url

    – Tried to do the same at bestbuy, but they stopped me 🙁

    – Added a small print out of the url for this to my handout for the seminar I am attending this weekend

    – Plan to hand out more print outs of the url at the clubs in Vegas while there

    – Shouted “Get the 4 hour Chef Book” while driving around my neighborhood

  5. Tim & friends! I’m here to help you help people “deconstruct & learn any skill.” My life is my message; google me.

    Here are the hard numbers for the campaign:

    Social Web

    880 followers @paperfeet

    (listed: healthy living, social entrepreneurship, personal development, etc.)

    1039 fb friends, post via Jimmy Tomczak

    (Detroit, NYC, LA – college grads, mentors, movers & shakers, ages ~14-60+)

    731 fans via post to paperfeet/TOMBOLO fb page

    (barefooting, upcycling, waste reduction)

    737 member Clinton Global Initiative (CGIU) 2011 closed fb group

    (young innovators)

    132 people of A2 Entrepreneurs fb group

    (Ann Arbor Entrepreneurs & “foodies”)

    500+ LinkedIn peoples via personal LinkedIn share

    Email Marketing

    403-person “paperfeet” mailchimp following

    — 41.5% list open rate & 9.9% click

    1429-member Digestive Health Ann Arbor monthly newsletter to be sent out Dec. 6th

    — 28.4% open rate (focuses on healthy living, eating, food allergies, etc.)

    The 4HWW helped me get featured on CNN Money for living debt-free. The 4HBody inspired me to get back into rowing too: I’m doing the Concept2 Holiday Challenge Row for Disaster Relief. For every person who rows 100k – I’m doing 200 – during the challenge, Concept2 donates $2-cents/km to the Red Cross.

    Cheers, Jimmy

  6. I can’t wait to get the book. It looks very practical and probably has a bit of your humor sprinkled througout. My husband and I are both foodies. He loves to cook it; I love to eat it! I am pre-ordering the book for him as a Christmas gift, since he loves learning new tricks and trying new experiments…I mean, dishes. I have posted your article about the book on FB and Twitter and will be writing about it in the next day or so on my blog.

    Good luck with the book release!

  7. I am hoping to learn basic life skills beyond microwaving a bowl of broccoli, chicken and black beans.

    To Promote this book I have:

    Hastily created and held this poorly made sign by a heavily trafficked intersection. I also occasionally yelled helpful nutritional tips at moving cars.


    Duration: until hands got cold

    Applied Science is cool!

  8. Posted to my FB, Twitter, Google Plus and told all of my family. Plus I plan on telling everyone else how awesome your work is! Please hook me up!!

  9. I can not wait for the 4-hour-chef to come out. I do not currently have the kindle fire so will have to wait for the kindle or iPad version to come out. I can’t wait to see how it will help me with organization for the holidays. I am constantly looking for new ideas, recipes, and how to do thinks I never would have tried without research. My kids love cooking as well so as they said, 2 heads are better than one. We can learn and enjoy cooking as a family!

    I have posted your blog as well as the Amazon link on my FB page and am, as I type, referring them here. I have started with 0 likes and have 5 friends check you out so far going by link likes. They are loving it!

    More statistics to follow.

  10. I clicked on “Like” in Facebook, and reposted it with the following:

    Tim, you have changed my life. Because of the book, “4 Hour Work Week” I ended up selling my business, and am extremely happy about it.

    Because of the book, “4 Hour Body” I have lost 40 pounds so far this year (went from 230 pounds to 190, and still going, target 180). And enjoyed doing it.

    Already ordered the book “4 Hour Chef”. Would like to see recipes on the Slow Carb Diet, it works great.

  11. Sent ’em through FB message!

    I want to learn how to memorize more effectively (aka faster and longer retention). I’ve been quite obsessed with my memory actually looking at different nootropics as well as memory puzzles. I hope this book can address this in some way! Keep up the great work!

  12. Social proof is the new marketing according to this excellent article from techcrunch so I sent personal emails to a dozen family and friends who are all avid readers, and sometimes chefs.

    Also submitted for inclusion on, the buyers guide for men. Readership of aprox 80k per day (quantcast).

  13. Tim,

    IWhat do I want to learn? Everything. With your techniques I’ll be able to learn more of it faster, right? So I think I’d like to start with food for endurance athletics, followed by sauces (specificly reductions), pastries, confit and then move on the the Chinese language, HTML programming, and the rest.

    Here’s what I’ve done for you lately:

    -used my official St. Croix Scenic 50 ultramarathon twitter account @stx50 (497 followers) to retweet, as well as my personal account @hglmattydaddy (6 followers, 5 of which are real people).

    -shared the link to my 301 friends on Facebook.

    -wrote a blog post: ‘Doing Tim Ferriss’ Dirty Work’

    -pre-ordered 2 hardcover copies and emailed my entire personal email contact list.

    Way to go, knocking another one out of the park (and before it’s even written!)


  14. If I win a free kindle fire, I’m definitely posting it on my facebook along with a purchase of your “4-Hour Chef” to add to my “4 hour” collection of your two other books.

    I want to learn how to apply the sous vide method, and read about the wine section. Most importantly, i’d like to read about your tried and tested methods for healthier eating.

    Will like this book on my facebook!

    Good luck to me!


  15. I think I would most like to learn ideas for preparing meals in advance and tying the meals back to the tools from 4HB.

    Facebook Likes and links, Twitter and a little good old fashioned word of mouth with some friends who are like minded.

    Thanks for what I am sure will be another great addition to the library, Kindle and Hardcover.

  16. – I would most like to learn how you analyze and break things down to find the simplest form to learn ‘anything’

    If I get the Kindle Fire…I will do my happy dance :)!

  17. – learning how to do something new is very intimidating

    – your books have taught me to be fearless in my approach to learning

    – your TED talk was my main source of reference used in my quest to do something I’ve always wanted to do: a backflip!! (this was the main topic of a speech that I gave for my public speaking course)

    – I emailed a bunch of my guy friends about your book

    – we are the typical kind of guys that don’t read books and certaintly don’t know how to cook

    – i’m confident that you will be able to convince us that cooking is actually pretty f-ing cool!

  18. I’ve posted the link to twitter which posts to my facebook.

    I’ve posted the link to google+.

    I liked it on Amazon & facebook.

    I +1 it for google+.

    I retweeted your original post.

    Several of my friends know how much I like the 4-Hour Body. It changed the way I think of dieting forever. I even got a few to read it & adopt a few things from it. I can only imagine that the 4-Hour Chef will have as much of an impact. I love to cook and am always looking for ways to improve how I do so. This book is now on my wishlist for Christmas!

  19. Today, I botched waffles, and yes, it was sad. I think I’d count The 4-Hour Chef a success if I can do waffles correctly in two and a half.

    I posted the Amazon link into my weekly article at, which gets upwards of 50k page views per month. ( ) I’m told the bottom author citation jokes (which change every week) are some people’s favorite part of the article, so it’ll definitely get some views from being put in there.

  20. I’d most like to learn how to cook meals that my entire family would enjoy!

    Here’s what I’ve done/am doing to spread the word:

    -Liked the book on Amazon via Facebook

    -Sharing the info with my readers on my blog

    -Sharing on FB

    -Retweeting on Twitter (1100 followers)

    -Talking to my friends and family in person

    Thanks for the chance!

  21. I liked you on Facebook and followed on Twitter. I also retweeted and shared on my page. I will continue to do so through the contest period. I would honestly like to learn how to cook good food. I never buy cookbooks and I don’t really like to cook. It doesn’t come naturally to me. If I try to come up with something on my own, it always comes out wrong. If I could learn better techniques and have a better understanding of cooking methods then perhaps I would cook more often. I would like to cook better for my family and pass on what I learn to my kids. If you can help someone like me become a confident cook, I would be eternally grateful!

  22. I have shared the amazon link on my facebook, pre-ordered the book, emailed 7 of my closest friends and family (especially the one who showed me the 4HB), and word of mouth (people ask me wow you look like you lost weight, what did you do? I tell them about 4HB and simple it is to follow.)

    I would like to learn:

    -Simple instructions delicious tasting and fat reducing meals you in the new book.

    -New ways of making old time favorites.

    -Ways to make our child hood favorites like pizza and hamburgers in a healthier way than what I have learned so far.

    – About different types of vegetables that I am unfamiliar with in preparing or cooking.

    Thank you.

  23. I’m highly interested in discovering which learning technologies work the best for quick learning. i.e. Brainwave entrainment, hypnotism, meditation, baroque music, theta metronome, etc.

    If you break down this field like you did in the 4-Hour Body, I’m totally stoked to devour new book. Good luck! I appreciate all you do.

    I Facebook liked and Facebook shared this page. Impact unknown.

  24. Hey Tim!

    I tweeted out your post!/mrbusche/status/141694040939835394 and I also posted it on my facebook page. Loved 4 hour work week and 4 hour body, so I’m sure this will be just as great. 4 hour work week changed my life, so sending this out to my friends is the least I can do.

    I also pre-ordered 5 copies. Being released late next year they’ll make great gifts for my parents, brother, sister-in-law and in-laws (and of course a copy for myself)


  25. I’m really into Stoic philosophy so learning how you think that can be applied to living life in the 21st Century will be interesting. (972 followers) (832 friends) (102 likes) (Blog Post)

    As I’m in Napa I’m off to have a glass of wine with friends now so will also tell them all about it ; )

  26. Looking forward to learning more on cooking, guitar, and italian for starters.


    posted the trailer on facebook.

    Also liked this page and the Amazon page

  27. We are trying to get nationally ranked as mixed doublesbadminton players, we want to learn how to stay cool under competition.

    I was the first to share your Facebook video. Linked on my Facebook and google plus. Shared on twitter. Bought 2 copies hardback. I hope you sign them! Individually emailed 10 clients who have been asking about weight loss.

  28. First and foremost thank you for everything you do. You are an inspiration and provide meaningful insight as to how we can better our lives. I have enjoyed both books and all of you pod casts especially JRE.

    – I am in severe need of a job/career change and hope deconstruct and learn additional skills to make myself a force in today’s job market. (until I can find my muse)

    -I have re-tweeted, facebooked, and google +’ed the links. Additionally everyone at my office and in my circle of friends will be hearing your name a lot again as they often do.

    Thanks again, and I hope to someday meet you in person and shake your hand.

  29. Can you teach me to cook quick simple meals my family might just eat. I’m postings your contest on my facebook page to get you word out.

  30. – what i want to learn from your book: how to cook well enough to impress the ladies! that’s the god’s honest truth!

    – i’m in my late twenties, so it’s time to grow up (a little) and start to learn how to cook and how to cook well.

    – i’ve read your other books and i’m very confident in your ability to simplify things that are complicated or perceived as daunting.

    – i emailed my 5 best friends recommending that they buy your book. the know that i’m VERY picky about things that i’m into and they know that if i’m really excited about something, then it must be pretty f*ckin’ cool.

  31. I just wanted to make an easy, affordable, gluten free and delicious protein bar.

    i posted/mesage/twitted to my account and also messaged individually the following BRIBE to my “200” true fans and friends:

    “Tim is a good guy. And I want to help him sell his new upcoming book.”

    “So when you purchase a kindle / hardcover copy of the 4 Hour Chef, you will have a 2-month unlimited access, starting Dec 15 2011 to my personal Amazon Kindle Library that includes the following books:

    – 4HB (Tim Ferriss)

    – Poke the Box by Seth Godin

    – The Education of Millionaires By M. Ellsberg

    – Anything you want by Derek Sivers

    – Primal Blueprint By Mark Sisson

    – Etc

    All you need to do is email me the receipt @ (lol)

    (PS. Please be kind to use Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader ex. Google Chrome)

    Its not much, but the risk is Mine: Deletion of the books and the account by some bitterkid, but I just noticed and found out that most people thats included in tim’s “tribe” are good people, so its all good 🙂

    PS. As of this time, 19 of my friends email and message me back about it. nice

  32. Tim,

    IT says the book is released on Sept 2012, is that correct or a typo on Amazon’s part? Thanks

    Pura Vida


  33. The release date of the 4 Hour Chef is my birthday (Sept 25). I will invite all of my friends to a 4 Hour Chef party on that day and give them all a copy of the book. I will then post all the photos from the party on my Facebook page.

  34. Hi Tim,

    I would like for the book to be like a buffet as you mentioned in your other book. I’m a single man who wants to learn how to cook! Empower me with a variety of cooking recipes and styles, please :).

    I posted to many of my friends and family on the following social media: twitter, facebook, google+, amazon, and direct email. I write and promote ebooks, and I must say, this is a VERY good campaign idea. Great job, and I wish you success. If I don’t win, I will take a look at one of your book with my Kindle for PC. Great book covers on your two books but with this one for cooking I would add more colors to the silhouettes and make the subtitles slightly more noticeable.

  35. Posted this to my twitter, Facebook, and my blog.

    I’m most looking forward to that cigars thing you mentioned, never smoked but the idea of upping the class of my meals is appealing.

    Hopefully the fact that I have mentioned your other books often will help my followers know that I’m serious when I say this book will be awesome.

  36. I’d like to learn how to improve/transform how I learn to be more successful in my quest to become a Doctor. Also to continue the journey along the 4hour lifestyle, having read and put into practice 4hour body/4hour work week.

    – Retweeted via @memske

    – Shared via

    – Emailed to everyone on my contacts list.

    What bachelor doesn’t want to learn how to cook good tasting meals that are quick and nutritious?!

  37. tim – please consider this comment even though we’re past 300 comments. my droid phone wasn’t working right, so i had to jump on a different computer. I’ve retweeted your blog to my 46 devoted followers who hang on my every word, and shared the link on Facebook, where i have lots of friends, many of whom i’ll never see in person again. i’d like to learn more about cooking vegetables. too much meat, cheese and starch in my diet. quick tangent – when i google search “tim” on my phone, you’re not coming up. i see tim tebow, burton, hortons, allen, mcgraw, hightower, curry. only when i type “tim f” are you coming up first. let’s get to work on that. also, can’t wait for ‘4 hour lover’ coming out in February, just in time for Valentine’s day. – Michael S.

  38. I constantly promote 4-hour body on facebook and to my friends. Back on track for four weeks I’m at the 20 lb mark and have had some 5-lb cheat days (Thanksgiving was one).

    Keep coming up with this good stuff and I’m gonna keep spreading the word.

    Thanks bro!


  39. I’m hoping to find some tips on cooking meat well, since I know Tim loves ribeyes.

    – posted about book on facebook (231 friends)

    – I updated Tim’s Wikipedia page and added the 4 Hour Chef section at the bottom so people viewing the page would know about the new book and could find this post.

    – posted the amazon page to Digg here

    – posted to Fark here

    – posted to Stumbleupon here

  40. Hi Tim,

    I’d most like to learn about that Mashed Coconut

    Cauliflower with Cashews recipe mentioned on the Amazon page – that sounds delicious to this vegetarian!

    As for sharing the book – sure, I tweeted/Facebook’ed it (442 followers, 842 friends). But every time I talk about one of your other books with someone, they’re usually hesitant so I just order one for them. This time, I’ll be ready ahead of time – I pre-ordered one Kindle version for myself and 6 hardcovers to have ready to give out!

    Also, I just wanted to say thank you. Your first book has enabled me to travel full-time starting in January of this year and your second has helped me jumpstart the long overdue weight-loss progress.

    Good luck with the book!

  41. Hey Tim,

    What I’d love to know is what are some of the essential tools needed to be a better chef. I have old knives and your basic pots and pans. Want to know if that’s enough or should I invest in better.

    I’d love a Kindle to go so this is what I did.

    -I shared your post on my Facebook Fan Page, called Get Busy Living (422 followers)

    -I tweeted this post to my 700+ engaged followers.

    -I FB liked this post to my 900+ FB friends.

    -I asked Justin Bieber to share it with his gazillion Twitter followers. (maybe not the audience you want though).

    Thanks Tim for all you do to inform and inspire us.

  42. I love 4hww–!/profile.php?id=741900515

    Posted ,shared and liked on Facebook,

    Tweeted and retweeted on Twiiter @bala75

    Liked it on stumble upon, sent out 2o invitation to stumple upon with link

    Posted on 3 Amazon facebook pages-Amazon, Amazon student,

    Yahoo email, sent out 20 emails with the link

    Posted on Nomorerack FB page , it will gets tons of traffic there

    I also called my mom and told her about it, she wants to be a foodie

    Also bought for my android kindle.

    I am hoping to get at least 2000

    I will keep reposting links on the FB pages I mentioned above for the next 48 hours. Oh and goin to blog about it on my tumblr page.

    I hope it makes a difference. Thank you

  43. I would like to learn ANYTHING from the 4-Hour Chef. I can’t cook at all. 🙁 I posted a link on my Facebook page, tweeted and sent out a group e-mail to spread the word!

  44. I retweeted, shared the link in Facebook and LinkedIn, liked on facebook, and the told my brother’s sitster’s cousin’s uncle’s nephew’s friend about it!

  45. I’d like to learn about buying/selecting animal protein, e.g., fish, chicken and pork. More specifically:

    -what to look for

    -the nutritional benefits of different parts (i.e., this is good for your skin because…)

    -optimal ways to cook for health vs. taste

    Tweeted @derek1022

  46. Dear Tim,

    I want the 4HC to help me learn Éspanol and show me how to make a ketogenic diet not so agonizingly boring!

    To promote your book I have already spread the news via Facebook and a few phone calls. This has already resulted in 12 preorders for your book! I also plan on bringing in more sales through 10 of my coworkers who I gave 4HB to previously and they all loved it.

    Imagine if each of your readers brought in a measly 5 sales. 300 x 5 = 1,500 in 48 hours!



    P.S. Still trying to figure out what to do with that vibrator you sent me…

  47. I’d like to really learn a killer vegetarian (no fish please 🙂 ) recipe that would blow any non-vegetarian recipe out of the water. I want a dish that I can conjure up, which would make my non-vegetarian friends feel they are missing something. Well, I wouldn’t share such a dish with anyone, if it comes out that good. 🙂

    How would I promote this page and the book?

    – I shared it to my 771 ‘real’ friends on Facebook

    – I shared it to 746 followers (70% real friends) on Twitter

    From experience, I would say that at least 40-50 of my friends will traverse the link and land on your post.

    This much I have done immediately, and more after I read your other books and share with my friends how I feel about your writing and content. My friends do take my book recommendations seriously.

    I must say, this is the first time I am hearing about you and your 4H* books, and I am curious and would like to read more of your books and blogs, for a start.

  48. Awesome = Everything 4 HOUR!

    1. I’d definitely like to learn how to learn better with your learning hacks and using food to……LEARN.

    2. Here’s how I promoted:

    -Facebook Like blog link

    -Facebook Status Update with book promo/kindle contest

    -Facebook Share blog link

    -Tweeted this blog link

    -Tumblr post with blog link pushing free kindle giveaway

    -Linked update via twitter feed w/Blog post link

    -Added an affiliate niche/health site amazon widget at the top of my page(I get lots of visitors a month and I actually sell 4 Hour Body on the site via amazon)

    -email blast to 2,000+ people interested in health, education, wierd hacker stuff

    -told all my friends via text, phone calls.

    -i will tell people at the gym tonight who all read 4 hour body.

    The kindle fire version is gonna be rad!

  49. Hi Tim,

    In The Four Hour Chef, I’d like to learn tasty ways to enhance the flavor of the foods that are part of The Slow-Carb Diet. I eat lots of chicken and beef, but they are bland on on their own. How can I make them more interesting without adding carbs?

    Also, I’ve linked to this blog post from my highly-trafficked blog about vaporizers at and I’ve posted about it on my facebook page at Hopefully you will see some nice referral traffic from these sources!



  50. Hello Tim and judges, I know u said first 300 post will be considered. But I’m always late to the party which never seems to work out for me but with your book which I will most definitely get that could be something I could work on being prompt, alert, and on time. Seriously I’m an old man just staring college and learning calc is proving challenging. I’ve retweeted, tweeted posted on my fb and the wife’s. I hope it helps you out. Best regards.

  51. Tim,

    I’d like to learn the art and science of deconstructing skills. I’d like to be able to learn more about venture capital, angel investing, and writing.

    – I’ve tweeted to my 796 followers

    – Shared on Facebook with my 907 Facebook fans

    – Posted on my BodyBlog

    – Made “The 4-Hour Chef” my weekly blog post

    – “1+”ed on G+

    – Shared with friends and family that I pre-ordered the print edition. (word-of-mouth marketing, BAM!)

  52. I’d love to learn some new quick and healthful meals

    In terms of my retweet of this blog post, I only have a handful of followers (109 at last check), but I’d love to get The 4-Hour Chef on a new Kindle Fire!

  53. -Being from a latino family I’ve always seen the kitchen as the home’s forum for communication, discussion and learning so it makes sense to create a book that is all about learning through the medium of food and cooking. I’m excited to see how Tim translates this in a modern context and I’m always fascinated about new and exciting cooking techniques.

    -I’m the Social Media Manager for @DigBoston so I got the word out to our many Bostonian readers and you can track the results via

    -Also via my own Twitter and Facebook.

    -Also Tim, the copyright at the bottom of your site is out of date. FYI.

  54. I posted a link on my Facebook account (jonesgator) to your book on Amazon. I also wrote a brief recommendation of your books in general, because I am reading “The Four Hour Body” to help me prepare for a marathon I am planning to run in February, and I’ve already benefited greatly from your methods and concepts. The strength building exercises have created stability in my legs that I’ve never had before, and my endurance has greatly increased. The 4 Hour Chef will no doubt be a great help for me in getting my diet right for the race and beyond.

  55. I would love to learn more about cooking for myself in a way that produces the MED for my lifestyle. Hopefully, this supplements the 4hour body.

    I just shared on facebook, twitter, and blogged about the book. So stoked to get my brain wrapped around it! Bring on the Kindle Fire!

  56. Hey Tim,

    I’m stoked about this book. I love to learn stuff, and I suck at cooking. My wife would greatly appreciate using the former skill to reverse the latter! So I’m hoping that I can tackle both opportunities with your writing.

    Here’s what I’ve done:

    – bought it. (kindle version, just because it’s my preference)

    – Facebook Liked it (, 350 friends)

    – Shared it on FB

    – Tweeted about it (@adamhegedus, 100 followers)

    – +1’d it

    – shared it on g+ (35 in my circles, i’m new on the g+)

    Here’s what I’m going to do:

    – To my FB friends, Twitter followers, and G+ circles, I’ll post updates on what I read about in your book, things I try, recipes (for both cooking and learning) that I succeed or fail with.

    The book sounds like a great concept, so i’m off to get started on it.

    Here’s to more learning, and less sucking…. or something like that!

  57. I’d most like to learn how to cook quick meals that my kids will enjoy so that I can give my wife a break from the kitchen. I’m no chef but I’d like to help out.

    – I tweeted to 8,600, FaceBook to 5,000 friends & 1,032 fans

    -Results (from 8 hrs later) 2,099 clicks sent to this blog post.

    Thanks Tim!

  58. Put this up on Twitter, Facebook, pitched it at work several times over (one guy told me to shut the hell up) and told all the students at the culinary school I attend at my local community college about it. Our chef instructor is a real ass, spends most of his time on his ass in his office, so this book is going to be invaluable to us when it hits.

  59. Tim,

    Cannnn’t wait!!! So I put the link on my FB, but honestly the only worthwhile recommendations from me are to by word of mouth, since I don’t do a lot of facebook-ing. So, I told all my roommies about it (they will definitely buy it) and all my work friends (they will probably buy it) and a bunch of random people I’ve met today (they’re maybies).

    Can wait to learn how to cook without scaring my roommates. Right now I have the fridge filled with: several cartons of hard-boiled eggs, a bunch of spinach, several packages of steak, three jugs of milk, and that’s it. I need some cooking variety in my life!!

  60. • I want to use your book to help me learn to compose music like Mozart did –

    • Meaning instead of working my ideas out at the piano (which slows the natural stream of flow of ideas) I want to translate the music in my mind straight to manuscript.

    • Without this skill its like writing a book in a foreign language to which you can get by in but have a very limited vocabulary – this representing the piano. Then transcribing it back into English, your mother tongue. – Always knowing that meaning, depth and the writers true voice is lost in translation.

    • On a practical note, I will using this as my primary resource –

    • I retweeted and put a link on my facebook status but because of most of my followers are asleep in the UK (its now 3am) there has not been no traffic to speak of – sorry.

    • I always enjoy and look forward to what you have to say – Happy Holidays!

  61. I’m hoping The 4 Hour Chef will help me organize how I approach decision making situations – I’m clever enough, but not always as organized as I’d like to be. The 4 Hour Body has helped me drop more than 40 lbs. so far and counting, so I’m optimistic.

  62. Learning, I have a thirst and am intrigued by a _new_ way of learning. Who can’t resist cooking, providing a great meal for your lady, eating delicious and healthy meals. I’m game!

    Liked on FB, shared on G+, tweeted, and chatted it up 🙂

    What worlds will you not conquer?

  63. I can’t wait to get the book for my husband Ed. I know we both would like to know more about the science behind the art of cooking. I must admit that I have never read any of your books, but I am very interested in another book of yours: The 4-Hour Body.

    I have posted to FB, Twitter and Yahoo. I also wrote about your book on my blog, which doesn’t have many readers…yet. Here is the link to the post.

    I am looking forward to reading the book and would especially love to read it on a new Kindle Fire! Shameless plug, I know…but can’t blame a girl for tryin’!

  64. TFerr,

    4HWW helped me completely automate my t-shirt business. 4HB helped me go from 22% bf to ~4%. I look forward to 4HC teaching me how to cut down on my time in the kitchen (I’m ALWAYS cooking. Hate it.) while continuing to allow me to shovel delicious slow-carb food into my gullet.

    To promote the book, I’ve done the following:

    -Wrote “Four Hour Chef” and its respective tagline in cow’s blood on the Liberty Bell.

    -Mailed a photo of the cover of the book to my BFF Nelson Mandela.

    -Tattooed “@tferriss” on JLo’s left earlobe. (Chloroform is amazing)

    -Faxed Gordon Ramsay an image of a middle finger with the caption “From Timothy with love.”

    -Paid a Korean ladyboy to scream “FOUR HOUR CHEF!” at the top of his/her lungs in Times Square for seven hours straight.

    I will assume that this will account for, and I’m being conservative here, 72% of your sales. You had me at “Occam’s Protocol”. Really, thanks for everything.

  65. Hi Tim

    The 4 hour body changed my life and I am glad to help promote this book too. In many ways I learned some willpower I had never had before with the 4HB and I can see that progressing with the 4HC!

    I have posted the link and encouraging words on FB groups I am in including the local health and fitness group (approx 1,000 members of groups) plus a retweet and post to LinkedIn. My reach isn’t as far as yours but I try

    Oh yeah – and I ordered the book – the paper copy – from Amazon

    Thank you for writing the previous books – I can’t wait for this one

  66. Hey, first time blog poster here. Thanks for the ‘last mile’ diet in your book by the way, it’s helped me shed 1.5kg of fat in the past two weeks.

    – I really want to know what spices/herbs go well together and in what quantities. When I’m cooking something ‘plain’ testing like quorn pieces or salmon, I’ll add some herbs and spices. As I taste in the process, I notice one herb/spice tends to overpower the rest, so I end up adding some more of herb x and this herb becomes the strongest tasting one, so I then add herb y and this goes on until I give up and I’m left with a pot full of herbs and one of them dominating. Knowing what herbs/spices complement each other and which meals they work best in would be so useful, my meals would come alive with flavour I just know it.

    – I’ve liked this page and shared the amazon page with my facebook friends (70+, all close friends that will take note and check out the page) and I’m in the process of pre-ordering two copies of your book, for myself and a friend (he doesn’t know yet….).

  67. I’d really like to learn how to cook healthy meals in a variety of styles and from multiple cultures with no more than 30 min prep time so I can actually spend time with my new daughter before her bed time.

    Bought the book

    Sent my client letter from the heart to my 978 past clients with a testimonial about the 4 hour workweek, body and chef. I’m a letter type of guy and my clients love this piece of mail every month.

    Changed my vm and email signature to encourage others to learn more and empower themselves through change

    I’ve personally told 12 new business partners about these books in the last 3 days.

  68. Hi Tim,

    I’m reading the 4HB and looking forward to what you have to say.

    The main thing I’m looking forward to in 4HC:

    – getting out the ruts and unhealthy routines I seem to crave


  69. I’m interested in knowing how to find the most important things that I should focus on when learning a new skill. (How to know what are the 20% in the pareto principle.)

    I have no online following so here’s what I did:

    – From this blog post I took the book cover and made a small poster with the book description and info about the pre-order deal and where to order

    – I put it on the notice board of a local school that gives education in the catering field

    It’s not that big a school, but I hope I targeted the right people.

  70. I would like to learn:

    – How to get over the dreaded “plateaus” when learning. From something as simple as cooking to as complex and running a business, plateaus seem to be inevitable. Should plateaus be embraced, avoided, etc?

    What I did:

    Tweeted about it!



  71. In the words of Eric Cartman “Dude, weak!” September Release date. Oh well I guess I should just shut up and order it because it’s going to be great. 🙂 Here’s hoping for a threepete Tim!

  72. Really excited about the wine trick. Definitely looking forward to trying the “Eat like Santa, but look like Jesus” technique!

  73. Wow looks like I am late to the party, if only I had a kindle to light a fire under me.

    I don’t have to many FB friends or twitter followers, but I will do that along with making YOU Tim Ferris (and your book) the TOPIC of conversation at my next charades game! That beats street Mimes!

    Yea baby!

    Oh, Btw who blew it with the “seven-day Christmas countdown”, have we not heard of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. That would have been so much more festive.

    (p.s. – with 493 comments so far, I am not checking that “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox!)

  74. Ok, I first put a post on my Facebook….but that’s so 2010’s. Let’s go old Skool. So I put a copy of the four hour body at the entrance of my work where over 10,000 people pass daily with a picture of me before and after losing a ton of weight on the four hour body. (confession, I started this journey in 2009, but lost the best when I followed t4hb….240 pounds down)…

    So I said if the last book did this for my weight, I cannot wait to see what the next book does for me!!! You rock Tim!


  75. Hi Tim!

    I’d most like to learn how to apply the tools, techniques and strategies in the 4H Chef to the things on my Random Things To Learn list:

    – various ancient languages;

    – how to host a kick-ass, droolworthy dinner party with less than 2 hours prep and minimal clean-up;

    – the principles of sacred geometry;

    – Spanish, Arabic, and French;

    – how to overcome ridiculous self-doubt and learn to ignore the haters;

    – make my own cheese, yoghurt, and chocolate… and I’m vegan, so there’s a challenge for you :-);

    – how to create all 21 meals for the week in less than 2 hours… and lots more!

    To promo your new book, I’ve:

    – posted on my personal FB

    – Shouted out to 310 FB fans

    – Tweeted to 45 people

    – Messaged the 92 members of my two meetup groups

    – Emailed my contact list of 60 or so people

    – Texted the link to everyone I know who loves the 4HWW & 4HB

    You can track my stats via

    Thanks so much for letting us participate in creating the new book! I hope my suggestions were useful.

    🙂 Sandra

  76. Tim Ferriss, you are the new Steve Jobs! Every product you churn out is wildly anticipated by your 4-hour diehards! Welcome to the new cult!

  77. Considered me entered into the contest here is my results.

    1) I posted to all my social networks, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook

    I also have written a post on the 4HC. My Numbers our low but my post will be something that will become a case study that I hope will rank pretty well.

    2) I hope to learn how to season and pair a Salmon from a cooking level and from a mental level I want to learn how to become a decent writer.

  78. So excited about the new book! Huge fan of all you books Tim! Going to buy the book and hope to use the meta-learning to learn a new language.

    Shared your blog on my facebook (/jenymarvin) &

    Shared your blog on twitter (/jenymarvin)

  79. Teach us how to consume massive amounts of animal protein >200 g/day excluding milk, for less than $10 a day.

    If you give me a kindle fire I will use it to walk the streets of Boston with an amazing dish telling everything I made it using the information in the 4 HR Chef. I will also tell them I used the 4 HR body to put on 10 lbs of lean mass and pull 500lbs.


  80. I would love to see slow carb qualifying recipes that would be loved and enjoyed by non-slow carb eaters.

    On top of the old facebook, twitter, and +… I wrote personal notes about your book to the chefs and staff at the 6 restaurants at my job. They live food, they love food, and I’m sure your book will challenge them to think about it in a new way.

  81. Excited to see Tim’s unique ideas on how to learn. And I love food so I am curious to see how Tim attacks that after having said that he hates cooking.

    I tweeted it out. Getting excited!

  82. Hi Tim! I would most like to learn about some quick clean-up techniques. Like you, I love cooking but not a fan of spending all day cleaning up. 🙂

    I posted your link to my 600+ Facebook friends and made it a public link.

    I also convinced as many of them as possible to “Like” it (as you know these show up in the new FB “ticker” and are viewed by everyone’s friends)

    I also got 4 of them (so far) to Share it on their page. Everyone has at least 100 friends and up to 4000!)

    Here’s a link to my Facebook post:

    I’m still going to work on this but just noticed you’re at 500+ comments!

    I really I hope I got in before the 300 mark. Eek! *Crosses fingers*

    Good luck Tim and I can’t wait to read the book!

  83. Dumb question (and sorry but I don’t know where else to post it), but I can’t seem to subscribe to the blog via email…it keeps taking me to the dreaded “not found, error 404” page. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  84. I would like to know if you are going to create an edible version of this book.

    Just kidding. 🙂 I’m very excited about this book and I’d love to see recipes for the Slow Carb diet.

    Also, I really like cooking with friends, and want to know if there are some recipes that are more fun than others to do together. A social cookbook maybe, or social recipes. This book could be a party!! Imagine if it were the centerpiece or starting point for 4 Hour Parties. One hour of shopping (including drive time). One hour cooking. One hour eating. One hour of wine and dessert.

    BTW – I emailed this post, Tweeted, Stumbled, Shared, Liked in several places (Amazon, FB, this blog), Licked (several times, I’m hungry) and mmm Delicious.

    1. Plus I G-plussed, evernoted (love the elephant) and emailed

      And other recipes and culinary info I’d be interested in are kind of specific.

      – Impress a date dinner

      – Traveling slow carb meals

      – How to sound like I know what I’m talking about with: a) cuts of beef and other meats b) cheese c) beer

      – The history of cooking utensils and kitchen implements (cooking for nerds)

      – Easy understanding of a large array of herbs and spices. Herb and spice cabinets totally lose me.

  85. More than anything I am excited to read your new material on mastering new skills and ways to hack learning. I’m a learning addict and your approach to continual self betterment inspires me.

    – facebook liked this post

    – re-posted link on my news feed

    – added the link to my blog.

    NEVER stop blogging or recording the random show!

  86. Hey Tim I would really like to learn how to make Flambéed dishes and not burn them completely. I shared the new book. via the following.

    Twitter @JasonDearing have 87 followers


    Sent out emails to all of my friends about 50 people.

    I am also telling people at work to check it out for Christmas present ideas.

    Thank you for being awesome. Hope this helps.


    1. Hey Tim, Tried to pre-order on kindle and got “Pricing information not available.” and “Not currently available”. Only the hardcover shows.

      I’m in the Australian Amazon market.

      Also liked this on Facebook.

  87. Tim,

    Read 4 hr Work Week… Got 50% more done with less time and labor.

    Read 4 hr Body…Lost 25lbs kept 20 off. I also sleep better.

    Will read 4hr Chef and cook slow carb meals and eat very well. Would also like to learn 3 languages and an instrument in the next year or so.

    Thank’s for all of your research and results. Just pre-ordered 4hr Chef and liked on facebook.


  88. Hi!

    So, here is what i’ve done to promote your new book : i facebooked / tweeted/ stumbled / emailed this post to my friends and i will take a belly dancing class with the cover’s logo painted on my belly 🙂

    And here is what i would like to learn more about:

    – how to cook a complete, fullfilling, crunchy and tastefull meal without meat

    – how to put together differents spices and tastes to create a well agenced and complete dish.

    – how to cook a gastronomic meal in 30 min or less

    – how to reinvent a new tastefull dish with leftovers.

    Thank you for this nice opportunity and have good holiday season 🙂


  89. Tim,

    I would like to learn how to learn faster. 3 languages and an instrument in a year or so. Also more about slow carb cooking.

    As you can see from my last comment I am a slow learner but I do check my work. Reposted to get the Qualifications right.

    Ordered book and liked on facebook.