The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)

A first look at the beta-cover of The 4-Hour Chef. Let me know what you think.

The magic elves and I have been hard at work on an early Christmas gift for you all. In fact, there are quite a few goodies in this post, including 50 free Kindle Fire devices!

Let’s start with one of the most time-sensitive…

The 4-Hour Chef is Live!

The 4-Hour Chef is now on sale on Amazon!

I’ve been keeping things under wraps, but there is one big surprise. For the last 5 years, the most frequent request from blog readers has been a guide to mental performance. In other words, answering the question: how do you deconstruct and learn any skill?

Well, I’ve been listening all along, and that book is here!

Here’s the complete title: The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life. Intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $5.99.

You can cancel anytime up to ship date, so there is no downside, only locked-in savings.


Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Three reasons:

1) It will be gorgeous, a wonderful tactile experience, and truly unlike any cookbook you’ve ever seen.

2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.

3) It would really help me out. Inexplicably, The New York Times excludes all advice/how-to books from their e-book bestseller list, so only the print edition counts towards the bestseller list. Silly, but there you have it!

See the full book description, sneak-peek photos, and more here.

A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser

Next, I present to you the first Kindle Fire book teaser and app!

100% free and titled “A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser,” it includes a seven-day Christmas countdown advent calendar, with unusual tips that allow you to enjoy wine, cookies, and all the other holiday vices… while losing fat.

From strategic yo-yo dieting and tequila hot chocolate, to exploding cows and tattoos, it’s full of surprises. Here’s are a few screenshots and the introduction video, followed by the download link…

Main menu – just tap any food for the recipe and much more.

I love advent calendars! Tap any day for your prescription or reward.

Download The 4-Hour Chef Teaser here. Please note! This version is limited to Kindle Fire at the moment, but the iPad (iOS) and general Android versions are almost done. They’ll be coming along shortly, and I’ll keep you posted.

But… why not get yourself a free Kindle Fire? That’s next.

50 Free Kindle Fire Devices

If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free, I’m giving away 50 of them. This is a thank you for providing so much helpful feedback over the last six months.

Here’s how to get one:

1) Just spread the word in the next 48 hours! Send people to this blog post or The 4-Hour Chef page on Amazon. Here are some ideas: Facebook like, Facebook sharing, retweets, Twitter, e-mail, e-mail signature, street miming. The last one doesn’t scale as well as the others.

2) By 11am PST this Thursday (Dec. 1), leave a comment on this post telling me what you did. If possible, quantify the impact (clicks, page views, etc.), and be sure to follow these two rules, which are required for your entry to be valid:

– In the first line, tell me what you’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef.

– Keep the entire comment to 200 words or fewer, so use bullets!

We’ll consider the first 300 submissions, and a few judges and I will choose the 50 we think did the best job (subjective, I know). Then we ship them off! Void where prohibited, Martians under 21 not allowed, etc., etc. Winners will be announced next week.

Happy holidays!

Much more to come…

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894 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I would most like to learn how to cook more portable slow-carb meals, because I am rarely at home to eat my meals.

    – Bragged “like a school girl with a crush” to my housemates and their boyfriends, who have read 4 Hour Body in the choose your own adventure format

    – Pre-ordered the hardcover book for myself and my brother, who is starting chef school in Feb 2012

    – – I’ve Facebook liked this blog post to my 369 friends, as well as your Amazon book page with the wine chopping video – could we combine speed decanting with speed dating? That would impress me.

    – Tweeted both the Amazon book page & this post, where my Klout score is 44/100 and on the way up!

    – Requested copies be ordered to the Vancouver public libraries in both hardcover and ebook format

    Looking forward to the iPad edition of the teaser too!

  2. Most want to learn: best way to consume alcohol without losing strength/gaining weight, recommended supplements for women, female specific recommendations for strength gain, hacks for traveling internationally for long periods of time with children, “learning anything” tips for kids!

    Promoted to : 3194 Facebook followers, 522 twitter, 2500+ on email list, stumbled via, working on a blog article (135K + readers/month) and planning a results based giveaway once 4HC is released (signed copy would be great 😉

    Me: body recomposition, kettlebell junkie and 225 lb deadlift thanks to 4HB, automated business thanks to 4HWW, can’t wait for 4HC!

    1. Just wanted to update that I gave you 6K on Klout (though I still don’t really understand what that means…)

  3. I was expecting such a book from you and here I was right.

    – I this book because I want to learn more about cooking with less carbs

    – I like to be more skilled at things I may already know, but you always give your “special touch” and since I cook for 5 people regularly(co-workers), making them eat healthier would be awesome!

    – I like your reading and so far have both 4Hour books, loving them so far and workin on implementing lots of advice from the books into my daily life.

    What I did:

    -Twitter share:!/il_viaggiatore/status/141634227446886400

    -Facebook share(public post):

    -Blogged about the book with link both to the blog and the amazon page:

    -Started “selling” it to my close friends who love to cook and consider themselves “foodies”.

    – Pre-ordered the Print version. (I don’t own an iPad or Kindle, so no ebook for me :/ )

    Cheers from sunny Portugal!

  4. Would most like to learn:

    – How to cook for specific fitness goals to change up those mundane grilled chicken dinners by using various spices and cooking styles.

    – What are the 20% of tools to use in the kitchen that you use 80% of the time.

    – Different styles of cooking from all around the globe to impress the girlfriend.


    -Updated Facebook status

    -Updated twitter status.

    -Spread the word to my culinary friend who already loves you for your slow-carb diet!

  5. I am most looking forward to learning how to learn and your deconstruction of that process.

    To promote the book I have:

    – sent links to several food blogger friends across the US

    – contacted everyone via email who read either 4HB or 4HWW at my recommendation or with whom ive discussed either with links to amazon page and blog post

    – posted about it (with links) on FB at occasional intervals and will continue once daily for the next week

    – tweeted about it (with links) at regular intervals and will continue once daily for the next week

    – am writing a blog post about why this is so exciting

    – preordered hardcover edition

    – perordered kindle edition

  6. I would most like to learn about some of the cooking tips from the pros. I am also interested in reading about the tips to drinking alcohol without the weight gain amongst everything else the book will have. It was hard to choose!

    I tweeted about the blog post here:

    Facebook liked it (on my personal page)

    G+ +1’ed it

    Long time reader of 4HWW and your blog. Would love to read the new book on a kindle fire!

    Good luck in your ventures!



  7. I think the cover looks sexist – reverse the man at fire and woman at stove. (but I’m looking forward to your book anyway and my kindle version won’t show cover)

  8. Would love to see/learn healthy recipes for all age groups. Starting with baby/toddler food ’cause that is when good food habits develop. Educate the current generation to change the next.

    I’d post your link on my FB and tweeter feeds. Reached 600+ folks.

    Good luck!

  9. I would love to learn everything I possibly can from “The 4-Hour Chef”! My family would be so grateful!!! So here is what I have done to spread the word (so far):

    * I shared on my Facebook page

    **I sent out an e-mail to everyone in my address book (about 114 contacts)

    ***I called my Mom, Sister, Brother-In-Law, Sister-In-Law and one of my sons

    ***I am going to pick my kids up from school right now and I will be sharing with everyone who will listen to my rant and rave

  10. I want to learn how to keep my family fed, fit, and fabulous without wasting all of our time in the kitchen. Plus, learning the skill of learning – very cool.

    Already working off knowledge in 4HB.

    -Twitter and Facebook posted (500+ friends and followers)

    -Walked between office buildings with big “4 HOUR CHEF” sign taped to chest and amazon page pulled up on iPad. Had five people ask me about it. Two already familiar with Ferris’ prior books but unaware of this one.

    -Posted on company billboard for co-workers in office of 1200 people.

    -Stuck copies of chest sign on street lamps with instructions to google it.

    IMPACT: 2 future purchases for sure and at least 3 new converts.

  11. I would like to learn:

    – how to prepare simple, inexpensive and tasty slow carb meals

    – more about spices and foods and how to choose them and blend them to create unique dishes to my liking.

    – how to speak Spanish conversationally

    – how to build a nice website (ie layout, html, graphic design, CSS, etc.)

    – how to play chess like a master

    – how to play the piano

    I have done the following to spread the word:

    -Liked it on my facebook page (130 friends, I know it isn’t many but I don’t “friend” people unless I am actually friends with them and keep regular contact with them. I take the “choose your friends wisely” mantra seriously.)

    -emailed a link to this blog post to my favorite people

    Note: I would have blogged and tweeted also but I don’t have a twitter account or a blog. I aim to change that as I work on my muse though.

  12. I want to be a better person working towards a healthier lifestyle.

    I posted your link on my tumblr (100+ followers) and I told my mom about it, that’s about the world to me.

  13. two things, first, do we need to be US residents? and second: how about putting the “leave comment” widget at the top of the comment area? so we can leave a comment without the need of scrolling all the way down 300 comments or so,. which is a usual number for comments in this blog,.

    i know, comments comments comments.

    have a nice day!

  14. I shared this link with all my college mates via our class facebook page. I think my classmates and I will benefit most from learning new things more efficiently. Especially since we are in class 30 hours a week and then spend another 20 studying. It leaves little time to do anything else. I hope I can glean some hacking of the system knowledge from your new book. Thanks for putting this together.

  15. Tweeted, Liked the FB page, posted on my FB wall, and posted publicly to my Google+ page as well.

    I also promise to write a review and post on my blog ( which currently has a readership of more than 3 readers (counting my parents)!

  16. This is way off topic, but does anybody know the site used to create our avatars for commenting? I want to change my photo but I can’t remember where to go to do it. Thanks!

  17. Bought it! Got 2 friends to buy it. Tweeted it. FB Liked it. Stumbled it. Dugg it. On delicious. Evernoted it. Google+ posted it. +1ed it. Tumbled it.

    Tired now .

    Excited about learning trips to maximise what I’ve got to live it large.

  18. I workout all the time, but I need to learn cook healthier and do it more often to get more results from busting my tail at the gym. Admittedly, I am not the best cook and I am sure “The 4-Hour Chef” would help me to change that.It would help improve my physique, make me healthier, and save me money (takeout is pricey!).

    Liked on Facebook and posted the links to your blog and Amazon on my Facebook page.

  19. What I would like most to learn in the 4-Hour Chef is recipes to help lose weight. I spread the word by both liking and sharing on Facebook. I also told my husband (impact minimal)! This comment is an attempt to get a free Kindle Fire, the last one was in reply to the cover question.

  20. – I really look forward to learning the kitchen hacks Tim can pass along! I love applying some of his principles to my physical life, already; now let’s see what I can do in the kitchen…

    – I posted to over 600 people on Facebook! “4-Hour Chef is finally released! I plan on getting a copy; what do you plan on learning from yours?” I really hope to spark a conversation between my friends!

  21. I have a Klout score of 53.

    So I reached out to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and directed my followers and friends to this page. Having a very large Indian Community, which tends to try for lucky draws, my description went: Win a Kindle Fire Now!!!And learn about another awesome book by Tim Ferris.

    According to Klout I influence 970 individuals. With an amplification factor of 49 (this is on the high side).

    Will also be speaking about this to my family and any friend I meet on my trip to India. They all love the 4 hr work week.

    Have fun Tim. Cheers.

  22. I’d like to learn ways I can satisfy my sweet tooth without sugars or artificial sweeteners. Is this possible? I shared on Twitter and FB but can’t quantify the results as I just did it and want to make the 300 cuts! But I’m a big fan of both TF and cooking so I’ll be advocating for this book!

  23. Hey Tim,

    Really appreciate your books and am looking forward to the new one! While I enjoy cooking, I’m actually more interested in the learning how to learn new skills component. I’ve got a list a mile long of things I want to figure out how to do!

    I’ve promoted the book to my 800 Facebook friends and through Twitter as well. Additionally, I’ll be sharing it with the group of 18-25 year olds that I work with (and maybe even buying copies for them after I read it!)

    Thanks for the opportunity for a kindle fire!

  24. Well, I let the Facebook world know of my most excellent purchase. Oh! my slew of twitter followers know as well. All 60 people that follow me for some odd reason. Maybe for my jokes, or my love of re tweeting rather than using original thoughts.

    Anyways!! I cannot wait to read your latest invention.

  25. I hope to learn some ideas for quick and easy high protein breakfasts.

    – I shared a link to this post on facebook. (I have 317 friends.)

    – I wrote a blog post about the book on my tool site (which gets about 6k visits a month) here:

    – I tweeted a link to this post.

    – I will definitely talk about the book with friends and co-workers.

  26. Hey Tim, I loved the 4 hour body book and uses some of the tips and tricks every day to keep the 115 lbs I lost off for over 1 1/2 so far. I can’t wait to see what you have in this book.

  27. Tim,

    I am most excited about not only learning how to cook but also learning how to learn, sounds kind of funny but I am a 20 year old college kid and I have a lot of things I want to learn… Most can’t be taught at school 🙂

    I got the word out first by sending a broadcast message to my email list of 251 – who are all buyers and very active in the internet marketing niche and know a thing or two about viral marketing – telling them not only about your new book but also about your kindle competition. Should help get you a large audience from my list and their resources combined

    Then I produced a quick video which I uploaded to youtube that talks about your new book as well as your kindle competition. Then I posted a link to the video in the signature of my forum accounts to get tons of exposure 🙂

    Also posted on Facebook, told my parents, and mentioned the new book to my SEO mastermind group of about 30 people

    Hope that helps,


  28. 1) Left a tweet to my 5400 people who I have an -active- relationship with.

    2) looking forward to your brand of efficiency when it comes to cooking food.

    I’m brief but enthusiastic! Feel it?! lol

  29. hey tim.. i can’t wait to read this book.. i’ve been looking forward to it since i first heard about it! i am excited to learn how to make some new seafood dishes, and how to fit some more healthy family meals into our busy schedule.

    i posted about this book/contents on my twitter, facebook, and emailed all my friends… i also posted it in a few forums that i regularly visit.. i will be pre-ordering the book and also adding my review on amazon after i receive it!


  30. Man, I’ve been waiting for this book! I shared it to my Facebook, which has 134 friends I all know personally, and two forums, one of which has over a thousand members, the other has over 50.

    What I would really love is a thorough deconstruction of what makes Asian food soo darned delicious. So many different flavors, such seeming precision.

  31. I preordered “The 4-Hour Chef” because I would love to learn to cook without following an exact recipe.

    While my followers list may not seem as impressive as some, I am more than confident that I will have a much higher conversion rate with my 370+ twitter followers and my close friends, than the people who sent out similar messages to 3,700+ followers.

    How am I so sure? Simple, I’ve used Pareto’s Law as outlined in “The 4-Hour Workweek”. Rather than sending “one-size-fits-all” emails, or tweeting out to thousands of spam twitter accounts, I sent personalized emails to people already predisposed to buy the book. My friends and high-quality followers know I don’t retweet for contests and would never recommend something I wouldn’t purchase for myself.

    • I e-mailed links to a few of my closest friends for whom I had previously purchased “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

    • I posted to following message to twitter:

    “Preordered Tim “Superman of Silicon Valley” Ferriss’ new book “The 4-Hour Chef” and so should you. #notasponsoredtweet” – Link:

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope the new book does well!

  32. Looking forward to the new book! Pre ordered both iPad and hardcover edition version as I did with the 4HB (I call them my “on the go” version and my “sit by the fire with smoking jacket” version).

    Predominantly it has to be science behind cooking that I’d love to read. I’m sure the chopping method of which is faster (that you mentioned on the Joe Rogan podcast) is just a tiny taste of what’s to come to help in any capacity.

    Have now mass emailed friends/family and facebooked it….

  33. I want to learn how to stop cooking like a caveman. Seriously, my skills end at burger flipping and boiling water.

    So far, I have tweeted it Facebook liked it and shared it, send it around via email to friends and family. Estimated exposure is 500+ people.


  34. Tim, if I got your book on kindle for 5.99(don’t worry I’ll get the hardcover too because it will look good on my shelf) and it’s an error, am I locked into the erroneous price?

    As for what I’d like to learn, it’s what other software programs like (Dual N Back) have scientific evidence backing the claim that they help with things like attention or IQ. The dual n back task, for example, improves scores on Raven’s advanced progressive matrices.

    What am I doing to promote your past and future books? I can’t possibly win the twitter/facebook friends contest. I don’t have an online following, but in person I’ve introduced your book to people that would have never heard of it. I’ve helped people in my family and extended family lose weight, and I’ve gotten friends into weightlifting and language learning and I point them to your books or blogs whenever possible. People that otherwise wouldn’t have heard of them. Your books are in Spanish, for example, but not marketed towards latinos. My dad runs a contracting business and I’ve advised him based on the 4HWW, and I’ve convinced him to get a TimeSVR account.

  35. I’m a college student who’s been cooking on my own for the past year, and I’ve lost 85 pounds doing it (from 350 to 265, so far). I feel like I’m entering a time in my life where making myself better is a real priority. I RT’d your link on Twitter to a measly 150 followers, but I always recommend people check your stuff out in real life (I love the Random Show). Peace!

  36. + I am most looking forward to reading about your cooking experiments in your new book… that’s my most favorite part of your work, as I’m a scientist too!

    + I made a BUMPER STICKER that says




    I’ve printed it out and will have it copied onto bumper sticker paper at office depot – I’ll try to post a pic when it’s on the car

    + I shared a link to your blog on FB

    + I shared your post on FB as well

    + I shared the Amazon page as well to FB

    + I thought about wearing a sandwich board in downtown Santa Fe, but not sure I have the courage for that!

  37. Love it. Shared.

    Also note for Tim/Charlie: Minor typo noticed under 50 Kindle Fire Devices, 1st sentence: “If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free” (forgot “like” one for free)

    That worth one? 🙂

    Thanks, love all the books. Bought multiple, shared all.


  38. I want to learn how to choose a ‘good’ cut of meat. I’m tired of spending way too much money on meat & being disappointed in quality.

    I’ve shared the link to the page along with a brief description of your book on an online diet forum that has 133,481 registered members.

  39. Wow! What a great marketing idea. I’d most like to learn the best ways to cook all meats safely without losing juiciness – I never know what the best way is. I’d also like to learn how to keep spices so they last longest, and what grains to use in what dishes.

    I tweeted:!/scg003twitparty/status/141649730282340352

    and shared on Facebook:

    I have a 45+ Klout score so I bet a lot of folks will click over! I am intrigued by your books.

  40. What I’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef is the following

    * Best way to keep food fresh longer

    * How to cook/prepare in less time (time saver tricks)

    * Tips on beer <— I did the slowcarb and man did I miss beer. Even on cheat day I would think twice about it.( im not a big wine fan)

    *Allowed snacks <- if any, sometimes its hard to get cooking when hunger hits.

    Sent as many people as possible here. 🙂

  41. me become a better chef/cook then my wife.we are neck and neck(in my opinion).a little bit of am edge would be great !

  42. I would love to see more upscale vegetarian dishes. I’ve been a vegetarian for about six years, and I often have trouble finding creative new dishes that appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

    I’ve spread the word by posting on my Facebook page (414 friends), on Twitter (@zingx) (~25 followers), and e-mailing some of my friends and family who love cooking and eating.

    Thanks for the great giveaway, I’m a big fan of 4-hour everything!

  43. Posted on the how-to reddit (40,533 readers) and the DIY reddit (62,215 readers) with the headline

    “Tim Ferriss’ New Guide on Deconstructing Skills and Advanced Learning (+Free Kindle Fire contest)”

    I would like to learn about the processes you use to deconstruct skill sets and how you apply that to actually learning the skills.

    -posted on private forums I am involved with, they’re already into your stuff, so it’s definitely targeted.

    -posted to facebook, told my friends

    -I will continue to post to the relevant places I frequent.

    -all posts include links to the amazon page and this blog post

    -also included links to your previous 2 books where applicable

  44. Hey Tim – great books so far!

    In The 4-Hour Chef I would most like to learn some of the detailed material that you teach in the High Tech Entrepreneurship class at Princeton and what you do at Singularity University. I would hope to get out of that ways to learn complex computer programs like Adobe Premiere and make content that is attractive and doesn’t look amateurish.

    aka learning complex materials and being able to explain/perform it beyond the basic level

    To promote the book I did this:

    Shared on my facebook page (656 friends) and tweeted to followers

    Liked blog post and amazon page on Stumbleupon

    Posted on my fraternity facebook page (1418 friends)

    Posted on wall to UNLV Student Government group page (1103 members)

    Posted on UNLV student body facebook page (2388 friends)

    Posted on facebook event page for a DJ concert I am hosting (622 attending)

    Posted to facebook walls of people more influential than me – various blogs and websites:

    – Lifehacker

    – High Existence

    – MensHealth


    – TED

    – GQ

    Hopefully people that visit those sites will see my post or the editors will get an early info about the book.


  45. Hi TIm, here are my comments:

    For the Book cover:

    -I like the cover, however the color seems off for a recipe book. I like the yellow green and olive color, which I saw somewhere.

    On how I can drive traffic and get your new book recognized out there:

    -Direct email, sending a link to my former clickbank clients (truthaboutabs) about this new book

    – Discuss in forums (esp. paleo related forums)

    – Post in my facebook wall, then giving good review on 4hww and 4hb, and how the 4hc can be as good as those 2 previous books.

    -Tweets ofcourse

  46. I would like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef:

    – How to create meals for pre and post-workout nutrition to optimize my training and recovery

    To spread the word I:

    – Shared the link with the two CrossFit gyms I’m a coach at totaling 500 members. The 4-Hour Chef (and the principles of the Slow Carb Diet) mesh perfectly with CrossFitters.

    – Shared the link of Facebook

    – Shared the link on Twitter

  47. Shared on my FaceBook, and sent an e-mail to some family members. I may not get as many “likes” and page views for you, but its the effort that counts.

    I look forward to learning anything and everything about cooking. My Fiance and I are getting married soon, and I am in a rut making the same things over and over. Looking for new tips and techniques to spice up things I already make, and making things that are out of my comfort zone!

  48. I’d most like to bridge the gap of learning potential between the sponge my mind was when I was 12 years old and the resulting learning drop off after 25+ years of adding alcohol, caffeine, the internet, short attention spans, and far too much broadcast television

    • I’ve posted to my personal Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts – around 3000 impressions.

    • I’ve given copies of your first two books to around 10 casual acquaintances in a kind of “pay it forward” approach – asking them to pass it to their friends, etc.

    • I’ve pre-ordered 3 copies of the new book to give as gifts.

    • I’ve had strange dreams that prophesied the coming of a fiery tablet that would teach me the ways of learning anew -which is either a product of incredibly good Mexican food or a vision of my future.

  49. Hi

    I really wanted to learn how to cook deliciously and fully nutrient diet foods.i want to loose weight.But i don’t want to starve or eat tasteless food.

    Need to learn much about food for diabetic people.

    I passed information regarding this book to my Friends and hope everyone will love the book.

  50. -What I would like to learn is how to cook a delicious meal that tastes like it came from a restaurant.

    -I want to be able to cook nutritious meals too.

    -I want to learn tricks to cooking that are easy enough I can show my sister how to do them

    I posted this on Twitter. I have 357 followers.!/Vamper_Fan/status/141652724549812225

    I posted on FB for my family and close friends.

    Congrats on the book!

  51. Hi Tim,

    What started off as following your 4HB and a 20lb loss this year leaves me ready to dive into the 4-Hour Chef! Looking forward to finally getting a not-girly “cookbook” that will help drive my lifestyle, not just my meals.

    – I’d most like to learn how to plan better to continue effectively, efficiently fueling my body with your straight forward, no fluff way I’ve come to expect! I have the basics of what & when to eat, but am starting a fitness challenge with some girls who need to a healthy LIFESTYLE overhaul and am always looking for skills I can pass on to help them think for themselves and not depend on me.

    – “Make my wine taste better” – winner, winner, chicken dinner! On that teaser statement alone, I’m already sold and anxious for the release 🙂

    -working on a blogpost (2,000views this past month), posted on FB (460+ peeps), and Tweeted (@melissyk)!/melissyk/status/141657128304775169

  52. I am interested in learning to make quick tasty snacks that get me through the tough time during the day between lunch and dinner.

    I really enjoy passing on your work week book to my employees and working with them to balance there personal life with work life. Becoming a new father both your books have greatly impacted my life and know than the cooking book will do the same. To spread the word I have already preordered a few books for friends and family as IOU stocking stuffers and alerted my tweeple’s and social groups to get a great deal while available.

  53. Does this apply to non-US people? As the fire is only available there at the moment.

    Either way, I’ll preorder soon. I’ve already tweeted and liked it, but have no feeling I’ll win with my total numbers barely topping 1600.

    However I do hope you listen to my idea of what I want to see:

    A complete step by step breakdown from concept/choice of hack, to methods of deconstructing the interest, evaluation of effectiveness and then settling on choice.

    E.g. How/why did you choose Tango dancing, research the best instructor for the price, find a easily/reasonably beatable record, and set your heart on it and going about it.

    I tend to lose sight of the end goal in the middle of this process in pretty much everything, from language learning to dropping weight/staying with diets and developing business plans. This is the Tim Ferriss secret I really want as I know everything else you’ve written about works (as I’ve tried it).

  54. Hey Tim

    -Im most excited to learn about basic cooking techniques that will save me money while making good food! Im going to be on my own for about 6 months, and I don’t plan on eating out alot, so I want to learn all I can!

    While promoting your book, I RT’d (105+ active followers) and tweeted several times about the new book.

    I sent out updates to my school (Taylor University) and other major student groups on FB to my over 1000 friends

    I was also specific in targeting recent college grads, newlyweds, and single parents to help them out.

    I would say my reach was 385 people on Klout, so you probably will have at least 35 book sales because of me!

    thanks for writing this blog. I love the 4WW and 4HB, and I can’t wait to read 4HC!!!

  55. Hey Tim.

    I have been sharing this news with all people who belong to my tribe. In person mostly, but of course also over the internet. Liking and sharing the post on facebook and putting up a post in a forum with like-minded people.

    I’d like to learn the definitive answer when to salt a steak, before or after grilling it?

    But I’d most importantly like to learn how to make my cause a success and that I always be able to attract and connect to brighter and wiser people, who can help me achieve my dreams, hopes and visions.

    Thanks for helping me already and showing me the way on this quest now and in the future.


  56. I liked and posted this link of FB to 400 friends. Will continue to post it intermittently so people around the world can see it. Telling friends and family about it too. Hard to quantify, but hopefully will reach more people as friends share the link on. Maybe 1000?

    There are so many things I want to learn about in 4 Hour chef. I’m a big foodie and I love cooking and dining out.

    -Mashed coconut cauliflower sounds amazing and healthy

    -Sous vide turkey leg? Yes please.

    -Harissa Crab cakes sound divine. I love the kick of harissa.

    -Learning more about food, production, cooking and how it affects a person’s health and wellness is so much fun and it looks like you’re going to make it a fun and enjoyable experience.

  57. I most looking forward to how you are going to break down meta-learning. That is something that always fascinated me about your work from the day I first heard about you.

    I made posts on Twitter and Facebook along with pictures of me “streaking” throughout Iowa State University in 36 degree (F) weather with signs promoting your new book. The picture can be seen on my Twitter account @TheBryceIsRite


  58. Hi. i liked on facebook,and also mostly looking to learn to make dishes that will help with my diabetes.salads,lean meats,and olive oils recipes also.thank you very much

  59. -From the 4HC, I would most like to learn how to understand/estimate how different foods and spices taste together. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I can read a description of a meal and have no idea how it will taste in real life. I am taking big risks everytime I’m at a restaurant :). Also I am interested in meta-strategies in general, being a student of NLP.

    For promoting 4HC:

    -I posted this on both of my facebooks:

    Professional (private) – 408 friends

    Personal (/jonnyv) – 451 friends

    I placed this on 2 forum signatures of mine.

    I also preordered 4 hard cover versions.


    PS: I lost 50lbs this year using tips from 4HB! My brother lost 40lbs as well. I will post a before/after on your FB soon. I got a lipid panel done and I am healthy as can be (used to have bad cholesterol). I am shooting for 30lbs more!

    Thanks for everything Tim!

    PPSS: Only 162 words 🙂 (including this PPSS)

  60. I’m intrigued with the idea of a cooking being a vehicle for learning other skills. I look forward to reading it!

    I’ve liked this on Facebook.

  61. I’m looking forward to putting your skill deconstruction method to use in my life. I’ve a lot of skills that I want to learn (or relearn) where the “How can I” is all that’s left.

    Until I can pre-order the book, I’ve done the following:

    * facebook posted the amazon link. my page has 111 friends, not a lot but lucky in a repeating numbers kind of way.

    * Tweeted to my ~70 followers.

    P.S. I’ve your “Trial By Fire” pilot on repeat.

  62. I would like to learn why I always quit when learning to cook and how I can get better at consistently preparing food for myself.

    I retweeted your tweet about this page and posted it to my Facebook (over 1,500 friends).

    Kindle Fire!

  63. I would love to learn how to cook like my older brother used to. He went to the Art Institute’s culinary school and was always my inspiration.

    I posted your link on my facebook, twitter, and tumblr. I’ve also used word of mouth and told my friends. Especially the ones who complain about not being able to cook. 🙂

  64. Hi Tim,

    As a follower of your other books, I am confident that I will learn something new and interesting. I recently discovered the joy in cooking, and seeing how this can be applied to other areas in life by breaking things down certainly sounds interesting to me.

    I have bought both the physical and ebook versions while waiting at jury duty…

    I posted to facebook at

  65. Re-Tweeted and will post to Facebook

    – most interested in tequila hot chocolate, exploding cows and tattoos

    – love new cookbooks and different people’s ideas for food and preparation

    – did I mention exploding cows

    – hoping for new food ideas for fueling for long cycling rides and weekend long hikes

  66. I would most like to learn how to get out of negative mental cycles, or motivation exercises, particularly first thing in the morning when I seem most susceptible.

    -I tweeted this to 2140 followers, some of whom are actual people, though some of the robots RT links a lot, so that could help a bit.

    -Sending links to my mailing list, which is really just my mom, some friends, and an ex who stalks me.

    -Sent to my 328 real-life Facebook friends who are actual people I know personally and know how much your other 2 books have improved my world (I haven’t had a job since 4HWW, build awesome campfires, and lost 35lbs with Slow-carb).

    -I’ll include the links in a blog post that I already have coming up about my transformation after reading 4HB.

    -I am not willing to go as far as a tattoo of your likeness for a Kindle Fire, though I would consider wrestling Kevin for your sheer amusement and page views, if you think that would help.

  67. I would like to learn how to hack my food to make it more savory the “four hour style” 🙂

    I want to know about ingredients crucial for making the dish great rather than just acceptable.

    Most importantly, I want to be a SUPERHUMAN cook.

  68. I’m hoping to learn some skills for healthier eating, like how do I pan fry foods without a tub of butter or saving me from salt addition!

    I’m sendding all my facebook friends over and Im going to ask them to mention I sent them Thanks!!!

  69. I’d most like to learn how to make awesome meals with less cooking time and especially clean up time.

    I made a post and link to this blog on 4hourpeople here:

    In August, 4hourpeople had 70,000 people a month reading posts. (Not sure the current stats). But it’s 108,280 ranking in the US on Alexa. And a page 2 site ranking for 4 Hour Body.

    I also shot off a Team post and email to 4 Hour “team bean counters” which has 145 members on the site here (announcing a special group for the holidays and the book):

    i also did the above along with facebook (312 friends) and a twitter post last night to the youtube video (1080 followers). I typically have about 7% click-through.

    1. update: so far based on responses in the first post on 4hourpeople, this has resulted 5 confirmed hard copy sales and 1 kindle sale. (This includes my purchases). I have no doubt more have purchased, but this is those who have stated so in a comment. I also have one friend on facebook who said they pre-ordered it. So far 7 total confirmed sales from these efforts.

      Also later today a twitter post with a tracking stats link should be made as a result of my efforts – during a twitter chat hosted by one of the “top 50 business women to follow” on twitter who has over 100,000 followers. I’ll post a link to the status and stats tomorrow morning.

      1. results update:

        -8 confirmed sales of 4 Hour Chef & my FB.

        -email blast to 145 members of “team bean counters”

        -orchestrated 2 tweets by “top 50 business women to follow” on twitter (137,489 followers) here:!/startupprincess/status/142045829597892608

        -results from 1st tweet 95 clicks:

        screen cap of stats:

        (She will post again tomorrow).

  70. I posted your teaser vid and the pre-order link on google+ within my circles as well as publicly. . . also pre-ordered my hard copy.

    I hope you cover soups and perhaps foods with cognitive benefits; I’ve always wanted to make clam chowder, and could use a boost in memory

  71. I blogged about it (blog is on the first page of google for slow carb diet already)

    Tweeted it!/justhamade/favorites

    Then Pre-ordered the hard cover (I don’t have a kindle or I would have got both)

    Then posted it on my Facebook

    And Tweeted again that I pre ordered it

    If the book gets me in the kitchen then it will be a miracle and my wife will become a huge Tim Ferriss fan.

  72. Looking forward to your new book, Tim. I’m adopting a Paleo diet and it will be helpful for me to become more capable in the kitchen, so your book will likely be a big help to me.

    I’ve already shared a link to this post multiple times across Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    You can monitor results and clickthroughs for the 2 links I created here:

    So far, looks like 11 total clicks, and I’ve already scheduled a couple more of these broadcasts over the next couple of days. Hope I’m able to send some more traffic your way.

    Also eager to get my hands on a Kindle Fire.

  73. I always like to learn about how to learn, cooking tips wouldn’t be to shabby either.

    I liked this on my facebook page.

  74. Hi Tim, what I would like to learn most is how to spot/avoid/counter sugary foods and ingredients, and their effect on our cardiovascular health and diabetes risks; there’s added sugars and sweeteners everywhere!

    Posted an update on my LinkedIn profile… So much competition for the Kindle :]

    Keep up the good work!

  75. I wrote and recorded a promo song for YouTube!

    Listen here:

    My channel has 417 followers and over 24,000 views. I also posted the song and info on my Facebook (650 friends) and will Tweet weekly through the release of the book (reaches my Twitter followers AND Facebook). I’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook and enticed others to do so, as well.

    Your books have been a great inspiration in my life and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Hope you enjoy the song! (Feel free to use it for any promotion you please.)

    Thanks, Tim!

  76. I’d like to learn to play guitar. I’ve shared this post on FB, Twitter, liked it on FB and Amazon, shared my pre-order on FB and Twitter. I’ve read and enjoyed your other books…this one will be no exception. Can’t wait!

  77. I want to learn how to make decent food quickly like I see the pros do vs bad food slowly.

    – Posted to a forum with 20,000 members and an extremely active and loyal group of core users.

    – I linked it up on twitter @phormality (127 followers)

    – posted it to tumblr

    – I have pre-ordered the hardcover book

    – targeted friends who are most likely to pre-order and also spread the word further.

  78. As a mom of 3 children, that are heavily involved in after-school activities, dinner has taken a backseat in our house. I love to cook, but never can find recipes that are easy to prepare or are well liked by a house of picky eaters.

    I am hoping Tim Ferriss will show me how to prepare these meals in the morning, and be ready for a tasty dinnertime treat!

    I have posted the amazon link to my Facebook wall, as my friends are “mom” in the same boat. Its a challenge to help us!!! We busy moms need all the help we can get. I have also emailed the link to this page and the amazon page to several friends not on Facebook.

    I know Tim can help us!!! My husband will be your new best friend after i can finally cook him a “real meal”.

  79. Hola Tim!

    It seems to be that I can’t pre-order the Kindle Version… could it be because I’m doing it from Buenos Aires?

    (I’m getting a “Not currently available” message where the “Pre-order: Add to cart” link should be… the Hardcover link is working fine)

    Un abrazo!

  80. I was originally looking forward to learning some tasty new slow-carb recipes the most. However upon further review (aka reading this blog post) I will change my answer. I would say that the thing I’m most excited to learn from “The 4-Hour Chef” is your method of deconstructing a desired skill for effective learning. 4HC sounds like it’s going to be way more than expected, though I should have expected that! It’s always fun and useful to learn another way of looking at the world.

    I have shared either this blog posting or the Amazon pre-order page (depending on relevancy to the audience) on both personal and business social media sites and blogs. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress. Our business is a chef apparel store, so it ties in nicely! I have also emailed a few close friends. Reach is difficult to measure at the moment.

  81. Hi Tim,

    I think I should win one for:

    A. Being heartbroken that I can’t find it to pre-order on the UK amazon yet


    B. It is my birthday!


  82. – learn how to cook to, let’s face it, impress women (at my place, or theirs)

    – retweeted to 100+ followers

    – FB status’ed to 1000+ followers

  83. What I would most like to learn from The 4-Hour Chef is the ingredients themselves.

    1.) In the sense of how they complement each other and how different dishes combine these ingredients to form a cohesive taste and look.

    2.) As well as how one could gain the knowledge of realizing that these sets of ingredients would work well together rather than another set of to understand/estimate how different foods and spices taste together.

    I promoted mainly by email and face to face with people I am acquainted with that I know who are interested in cooking, health, or who aren’t the best at cooking but tries. So around 20 people right now.

    Thanks 🙂

  84. Covered the standard stuff, FB, twitter, but more importantly, emptied a pad of Post-It Notes all over the house advertising the 4 Hour Chef to my wife, the resident chef in our house. The kids had a ball helping post them.

    1. Oh, and I’d like to learn some nutrition / food hacks to help fuel marathon training and maybe take a shot at an Ironman this year.

      Covered the standard stuff, FB, twitter, but more importantly, emptied a pad of Post-It Notes all over the house advertising the 4 Hour Chef to my wife, the resident chef in our house. The kids had a ball helping post them.

  85. Can’t wait for this book and start cooking for myself.

    delicious and healthy meal and no more dorm room ramen type cooking.