The 4-Hour Chef iPad App: iOS from Amazon Publishing? (Plus: Free Roundtrip Anywhere in the World)

Screenshot from The 4-Hour Chef iPad app

The 4-Hour Chef app, first available only on Kindle Fire, is now available for the Appleverse (iPad)! Check it out here.

It’s rated 12+ for “Mild alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references” and “mild profanity or crude humor.” Fun stuff, in other words. Let me know in the comments what you think of things, and don’t miss the exploding cow. The Android version is coming soon.

Two related notes, one for the book, the other for a free round-trip ticket:

The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life is 50-80% off for a limited time to encourage pre-orders. You can cancel anytime up to ship date, so there is no downside, only a locked-in discount. Click here for the full book details.

– To spice things up, I’m offering a X-mas present: a free roundtrip anywhere in the world that Star Alliance flies. Here’s how you get it…

– Download the app for free. iPad here or Kindle Fire here.

– Take before measurements (detailed below) and before pictures — front, side, and back — now.

– Follow the “Christmas Countdown” in the app from 12/18 – 12/25. For bonus points, let us know how you’re doing in the comments here.

– Take after photos and measurements after 12/25.

– Post your before-and-afters in the comments here no later than 10pm PST, 12/28/11. Requirement for eligibility: indicate in the first sentence the most valuable thing you learned during the experiment.

– Then we’ll pick a winner, based on the results and reporting.

The usual legalese applies: Void where prohibited, minors not eligible, etc., etc…

For measurements:

1) Weight

2) Take your “before” circumference measurements. Get a simple tape measure and measure four locations: both upper arms (mid- bicep), waist (horizontal at navel), hips (at widest point below waist), and both legs (mid-thigh). Total these numbers to arrive at your Total Inches (TI).

3) If possible, body-fat percentage.

More on The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life

Intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $5.99.


Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Three reasons:

1) It will be gorgeous, a wonderful tactile experience, and truly unlike any cookbook you’ve ever seen.

2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.

3) It would really help me out. Inexplicably, The New York Times excludes all advice/how-to books from their e-book bestseller list, so only the print edition counts towards the bestseller list. Silly, but there you have it!

See the full book description, sneak-peek photos, and more here.

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188 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef iPad App: iOS from Amazon Publishing? (Plus: Free Roundtrip Anywhere in the World)”

      1. I don’t have an iPad and don’t plan on getting a tablet so an iPhone app would be sweet if the app works on the small size screen. From the preview in the app store it looks like it should be fine.

  1. Any plans to roll out an Android version of this? I’ve lost 40 pounds using the stuff in 4-hour Body, and opened my mind to alot of new things. But getting an iPad or iPhone is where I draw the line!

  2. Loved the 4 Hour Body and am working towards the six pack and some Geek to Freak action! I will still give the challenge a try so don’t discriminate 🙂

  3. All I want for Christmas is for Tim Ferriss to reply to this comment with where he considers the best place in the world to spend Christmas. 🙂

    In turn, I will preorder 2 of your books.

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Here you go, Chase: with the family, somewhere with snow! If I had to pick a spot away from home, I’d probably choose in a lodge/cabin in Utah.

      Happy holidays all!


      1. I can’t believe that was your answer. This is exactly what I did with my family just a couple of weeks ago. A remote cabin in Utah (I’m located near Malibu). The chances of snow were iffy but we got lucky, and it started coming down the day we got there. Lots of sledding, and my rottie found out she loves snow more than food. Nothing else to do there (almost literally – we couldn’t even find a restaurant open) but spend quality time with each other.

  4. After buying Four Hour Work Week and Four Hour Body. I’m obligated to purchase this book and app. Thanks Tim for everything. You’re the man! Merry Christmas bro!

  5. Rates 12+ for “Mild alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references” and “mild profanity or crude humor” Sounds fun to me!!

    But really Tim? Did you have to have this contest during Xmas? I would be a lot more fun in the New Year. Who diets this time of year?

    1. Kris, now is THE BEST time of the year!!!

      Right after the extra pounds from the Thanksgiving feast, something to dive deep into and focus on this fun and healthy challenge.. The result? A better version of you to start fresh an ExtraOrdinary 2012!!! Though your pic already shows a pretty girl 😉 Let’s do it!!!!

  6. YES!!! Just the inspiration needed for a swift kick in the ars to get back into shape after knee probs. Thanks Tim! LOVE your work genius boy 😉

  7. Im lovin me some 4-Hour diet.

    I really do have a great story for you. I did the diet for 3 mo (and did lose weight). I decided to take a “break” and only lasted 3 days!! I was tired, hungry, miserable. I’m a carb addict no more, and 4HB is my lifestyle now.

    Best to you for the holidays!

  8. Just got it, can’t wait to get this baby on my hands 😀

    So PLEASE tell me the release date of Sep 2012 is wrong!!!!

    1. I’m amazed the guy can even get around to brush his teeth! He’s gotta be bombarded by thousands of questions and people vying for his time daily.

  9. Interessant.

    Still trying to wrap my head around how food will be the vehicle for learning learning skills.

    But open to it.

    Will pre-order 🙂

  10. As a chef and health enthusiast, I am loving the 4-hour body! Really cool stuff I have always wondered about, but never had the balls to try. Its like optimizing what works and cutting through BS.

    I know its off topic, but obviously your blog is great. What platform do you use? WP, Tumblr?

    Thanks Tim

    1. Hi

      I tried to take policosanol for cholesterol and to loose weight after reading 4 hour Body. I felt reved up within 30 minutes. I was so activated, – hyper and felt I was puged into 6000 WT than I could not function until it wear off.

      Policosanol is not only one who has this type of efftect on me. I cannt take anything stimulating in general: god forbid coffee, black tea, any stimulating herbs like Siberian ginseng etc. I cannt take any energy drinks etc. I also cant take anything that is relaxing like potent herbal “calming” teas, – I get different kind of anxiety but feel the same miserable until it wear off. Of course, my doc has nothing more than a blank stare for me..

      Other than this I do not have any illnesses so why I have a such stimulating effect from policisanol? or anything else?

      Any ideas?

  11. Neither Hardback nor Kindle version available in UK store, yet. App downloaded fine…

    Any idea when we Brits will get a copy?

  12. Pre-order locked in 🙂 Now to convince a friend that and Ipad loan is before I get my own is the way to go haha. Thanks Tim for your books, as a health fitness nut I have had great fun with the FHB; Damage Control and Geek to Freek experiments underway. Merry Christmas and good luck with the ongoing work on the Four Hour Chef content…the skill of learning new things well and efficiently is invaluable and profoundly important; I can’t wait for the book!!!

  13. Amazon: “This title will be released on September 25, 2012” on the 4-hour chef. Seems very far away. I figured it would be there soon or what am I missing?

  14. Hi Tim,

    I really like your blog, waiting all the time for new post


    Because you don’t post a lot – so its not spam – and mostly its very interesting and valuable for me.

    But last month I have a feeling you push a bit to much with product you deliver toegether with Amazon. From last 4 posts 3 of it are promotional.

    I don’t want to panic, but I hope you will keep your blog in the way you did till now and you will not change it to pure marketing tool 🙂 (even I like your products and I like Amazon).


    Peter, Prague, Czech Republic

    1. As a Canadian I’ve pre-ordered two hardcovers from the American Amazon site because the discount, even after you factor in shipping and border crossing fees, is still at better prices!

      … actually, it’s the best when you consider the alternative is not getting the book!

      I’ve downloaded the app and am excited to get started on the 18th!

  15. Hi Tim,

    Just checked out the app – very cool! Very well done.

    Question – do you recommend the Christmas Countdown protocol over just a normal SCD for the week? And why?

  16. Looking forward to the book, when its coming to old blighty man? No sign of it on Amazon UK so can’t get in on the pre-order goodness. Checking out the iPad app now. Is there an unfair advantage if your doing the PAGG stack at the same time as diet test?

    Have a great Xmas, love the books! You ever coming to Europe to talk or do stuff?

  17. Hi Tim,

    I don’t know if Amazon bugs because I’m coming from but here is what I get : “Limited-Time Pre-Order Discount & Free Holiday App

    Through 12/18/11, pre-order The 4-Hour Chef (coming on 9/25/12) for just $15 (regularly $18) or get the Kindle book for only $5.99 (regularly $9.99). […]”

    The regular prices don’t look like 30 USD for the hardcover and 22 USD for the Kindle.

    I can’t buy the Kindle, Amazon told me it is not currently available.

    Anyway, like Barnaby, after the first 2 books, I just bought this one in hardcover format.

  18. “Android version is coming soon”. I don’t suppose it will be ready before the 18th so I could get in on the contest?

  19. Hey Tim. Long time, no post. Low information diet. My Amazon Fire arrived last week (early Christmas present). I have the app downloaded, and will take measurements tomorrow.

    For the past 2 months, I have been on the ADHD diet. Basically it is slow carb/low carb and no milk products. Starting this year, I moved away from outsourcing my life and started doing horse therapy for disabled kids, and one of the things that comes up in conversation are diets. The autism diet is nearly the same. I thought to myself, WWTD? Well, what Tim would do is to experiment on himself! So I did just that. The results have been pretty amazing. Aside from losing a bit of weight (probably due to the combination of no carbs and a lot of horse riding), my concentration has become Zen-like. I love doughnuts, but the boost I get from cutting carbs and milk is well worth giving them up. I might never go back.

    That said, I am going to hit the diet hard. One question though, is shochu an acceptable substitute for wine?

    ps, I missed you in BRC this year. I had a PBR with your name on it sitting in camp all week (even though Amy told me you weren’t going).

  20. Hey Tim,

    I’m really curious to see how you’re going to market this one as a “cookbook for those who don’t buy cookbooks.” Obviously you have a base of hardcore fans of you and your series who will be your initial purchasing base, but what about everyone else? Are you going to be on the food network or sitting down with iron chefs for interviews? How about someone who’s never heard of you who is googling for “how to learn X,” how do you plan to reach them? Or are you going to wait until it’s a best seller to tell us?

  21. Since when do you believe in fasting Tim? You had one tiny section about how it wasn’t necessary in 4 Hour Body, now it seems you are changing your tune.

    And this whole small lunch, large dinner, skipping breakfast thing…? Doesn’t seem to be in-line with the Slow Carb Diet where you are supposed to get 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.

    Is this just a special schedule preparing for an especially brutal cheat day?

    I’m confused about how to effectively combine the Slow Carb Diet with the recommendations of the app.

  22. Are there any plans to release this information in a format that doesn’t require me to buy a tablet? I could probably take a pretty nice trip for the price of an Ipad…

    Is the book going to have a section or focus on healthy food that can be prepared quickly, or even taken to work and reheated? I’m working on the whole muse thing, but for now I am still stuck spending 11+ hours a day at work or commuting to work 5 or sometimes 6 days a week. This has made it difficult to find time for things like eating good food (or sleep). It would be really helpful to include some quick meal ideas in the book, though hopefully by the time the book comes out I won’t be so pressed for time.

  23. I can’t down load ony first generation iPad….help…..please ….I want to do the challenge….,any help to get it on my 1st generation I pad would be appreciated….maybe it is me who is challenged! I did order the hard cover book and really want to check out the app…cheers

  24. Yeah, just pre-ordered the book, now just need to be very patient and wait till it arrives in the Netherlands.. Love 4HWW and 4HB! Merry Christmas to you!

  25. I’ve got the other 4 Hour Books, but this is one I’m REALLY excited to see! Can’t wait to see what other cooking tricks are in this book (I’m a trained pastry chef).

    Next time, you’re in Napa, Tim… 😉

  26. You know when you hear that your favorite rock band is releasing a new bluegrass album (play along, if you will). Although you have nothing against bluegrass, it’s just not a genre that you spend any time listening to. You still get the album, well, because it’s your favorite band and they’ve never lead you astray before. Not only do you end up loving the album, but your eyes are opened to this new genre and you quickly become a bluegrass fanatic.

    That’s what I anticipate this book to be for me.

    I don’t cook. I don’t have the free time (or so I tell myself). I don’t like the amount of time that’s required of making a dish palatable (which is likely more for me than others). But, Tim, 4HWW is what inspired me to hike the Appalachian Trail (path from Georgia to Maine) and to start working for myself, and the 4HB is why I’ve lost 10 lb (didn’t have a lot to lose, down to 170). In other words, I’m not a huge fan of the genre, but I trust the artist enough to buy the product.

    Can’t wait.

    Thanks for what you do Tim.

    Merry Xmas.

  27. Already have it on pre-order!

    I’m interested to see your breakfast recipes since most common bfast foods contain nothing but sugar and carbs. I usually make a variation of eggs and veggies, but I’m looking for something other than eggs to change it up.

  28. Just tried to buy the Kindle version (would prefer epub, but still), and it says ‘Not currently available’ on the Kindle version page (the price isn’t there too). What could be the problem here?

  29. I’ve placed my order for the 4-Hour Chef. I actually own about 300 cookbooks, and I still find the concept interesting. Don’t know that I’ll be using a stick blender in my wine any time soon (it’s just too easy to open the bottle and set it aside while you finish the other arrangements), but I suspect there will be lots of other tips that I’ll value. One can never have too much information!

  30. Smart strategy for commiting buyers at an early stage as well as a very good marketing move with these apps.

    Sadly I can`t get it on my Fire since I am not based in the US.

    Are you planning to release it for Android in general, so you can tease the others not in the US, with no iPad`s? I guess we are a target market too? Or do you just enjoy teasing us!

    Strike while the iron is hot!


  31. Hi Tim,

    I love this idea and I really want to participate, but I don’t have an ipad or Kindle Fire (…yet). I already pre-ordered the 4 hour Chef with the free Kindle Fire promotion a few weeks ago. Have you announced the lucky winners of that promotion? I’d love that Kindle Fire so I can download your app and do this challenge too! *hint, hint* 😉

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!,


  32. Thanks for giving me a good reason to order that Kindle Fire I’ve been eyeing up! 🙂

    Looking forward to this beast of a challenge! And I’ve already pre-ordered the book and am very much looking forward to the read!

    Good stuff!


  33. Thank you for doing this Tim. It’s a great Ipad app. You’ve managed to get my level of excitement up even more and completely piqued my interest and curiosity for the book.

    When you download the app…You must check out the recipe after clicking the cow — there’s a steak recipe that’ll make your mouth water.

    I’m in for the Christmas Countdown Challenge. It’ll be nice to re-establish some discipline and drop some lbs during this “in-between” holiday celebration time.

    I’ve got my calendar set with eat, drink and exercise times — unfortunately I wake-up well before 10 so I made the adjustments.

    Also, managed to get the office party time/date moved to fit the first big meal on the 22nd.

    Tim makes preparation for the countdown easy, since much of it follows the 4-hour Body plan…the only order I needed to make was the BCAA capsules (got a bottle on Amazon $13 including shipping)

    Good luck to all in your Christmas Countdown and happy holidays.

  34. Great stuff, Tim. When the book launches would love to have you back on the show to do a little “live cookin'” could be a blast 🙂

  35. Tim,

    I love all of the 4-hour stuff and have actually pre-ordered 8 books (one for myself and the other for family and friends). Everyone loves the way you right and break down the learning process, so we can’t wait for it!

    The only question I keep getting, though is whether or not this app will be coming to the iPhone. These guys and girls are chomping at the bit to get more 4-Hour goodness! haha

    Happy Holidays,


  36. Hi Tim

    Cant wait to get the book and start up some great experiments in the kitchen. Looking forward to buying the hard cover and diving right into the experiences that await all those who want to cook outside the grill…

    Merry Xmas


  37. Tim,

    Since I don’t have either of these devices, is there an alternate way to get the 7 day plan and recipes? I would really like to participate in the challenge.


  38. Just had surgery on a ruptured Achilles tendon – still going to do the challenge starting on the 18th. I’ll be careful but I’m done with excuses! Watch out for my amazing success story!

    Also, sound on the iPad app only plays through headset, will not play through the regular iPad speakers. Thought you’d want the heads-up so you can check into it.

  39. Tim, your first two books have helped me out no end, im sure the new one will do the same! Pre-ordering NOW.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!


  40. I AM IN. Great app.

    I’ve managed to lose 82lbs, mostly using the information and ideas found in 4HB.

    Now I’m psyched to see what levels I can achieve using 4HC!

  41. i think i am turning into a 4 hour freak lol i am addicted to these damn books! wish i had a ipad or kindle fire to do this a would really love to take on this challenge! Is there another way?

  42. You had me at “The 4-Hour…” big fan of your work & just wrapping up “geek to freak” and wish I’d done it sooner. A buddy is helping me do measurements Friday & I’m telling everyone I can about it!

  43. Hi Tim,

    If there was a way i could order your book without creditcard (being dutch), i’d have done it already. Guess i’ll have to wait for the I-tunes version or a release in holland.

    Love your work, keep it up!

  44. Got the app. Pretty cool. Got the book on iPad a couple of weeks ago. Even more cool. I was going to wait until after the holidays to start to change my physical self, then was intrigued by the contest. I have about 29% body fat. Will there be a noticeable difference in one week

  45. Tim,

    I enjoyed the app and am looking forward to seeing how you approach another book launch as we get closer to the end of next year.

    I have a question about your use of grape seed oil in the crab cake recipe. I know your not Paleo per se but it seems unusual for you to pick an oil so high in Omega 6 Linoleic acid when you could have went with something like macadamia oil which allows you the same high smoke point but a better fatty acid profile. Was it just about flavor or did you have another reason for choosing the grape seed oil?

    Thanks again for everything. Looking forward to giving the tequila hot chocolate a shot in a future cheat day!

  46. Hi Tim,

    Since I don’t have either of these devices, is there an alternate way to get the 7 day plan and recipes? I would really like to participate in the challenge.


  47. Hi Tim,

    How about a little pay-to-play like we used to do in the music business? I’m happy to pick up a hardcover book, but I’ll pre-order ten for a chance to help with the editing of the book. I promise you’ll find my contributions valuable! I’m also an amateur chef of sorts, hack many of my own methods of preparation, and for a short time, worked as a pastry chef in Minneapolis. Also, since I’ve been around these here boards since about 2007, you might’ve noticed I’m also a writer/editor by trade. What do you think? Sound fair? 😉

    Cheers and thanks!


  48. How about a contest for gaining muscle too? I’m 5’11 and weight 157 pounds soaking wet, but would be motivated to gain some muscle by a contest to win free airfare!

  49. Hi Tim,

    Out of curiosity, is it you who attended my yoga class here in Victoria last Sunday at Commonwealth Pool?

    The only reason I ask, is if its you, the day before did you know you met my husband, Constable Wayne Unger with Saanich Police?

    Small world!

    Blessings and glad to have met you!


  50. I am a big fan of 4HW + 4HB and wanted to buy 4HC. Then I saw your intro on Amazon (adding air to wine with a blender)…Sure, it is a funny solution. But it is a slap in the face for all wine connaisseurs. And this is the big difference between US and European people: Europeans love eating slow. It is the same mistake, if you put the wine in the microwave rather than waiting until it gets room temperature. This is a no go. I will not buy your book this time.


    Adrian, Germany

  51. Alrighty, I’m gonna assume this is where we put our Christmas Challenge info. If not, can someone tell me where I should be posting it?

    As of today I’m 79.4kgs, TI = 151.9. Just about to slam down my protein breakfast (scrambled egg w lentils and spinach) before heading to the market for my cheat day fresh grapefruit juice. Then it’s party time!!

    Bought 2 x 4kg dumb bells yesterday to do exercises today. Pumped.

    I’m not sure how to post photos to this comments section. Help?

    Good luck everyone!!


  52. I’m really looking forward to this! I just had roomie take pics and a buddy helped me w/the measurements. I’ll guess the bodyfat by the pics in T4HB book. The measurements were a real wake up call!

  53. So I’ve blogged my first day. Pretty easy day today! Hope you’re all gonna be okay for fast day tomorrow. If you wanna read my blog – I’ve linked my Tumblr so just click on my name to the left of this post! YAYSVILLE!!!

  54. @tim – love the app, very fun, great design and concept. Used 4HB in the first quarter of year to lose 30+ and continued to use principles to keep weight off all year. Crushed a weight loss competition at work. Not strictly through summer but fun to get reactions from people who haven’t seen me in awhile.

    Questions on the Christmas challenge – please confirm, timing of eating changes the slow carb plan of 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking for non-cheat days? Other meals on non-cheat days can be the same type food we’d eat with slow carb plan? Daily cup of coffee ok? Other water intake need to be timed?

    Can’t wait for the cookbook! Thanks for sharing your experiment, changed my life in a healthy way.

  55. That was an intense workout Tim! I also did the “hang clean” sequence with the kettlebell. The hang clean, push press, and bent over row I did left and right arm since I couldn’t figure out how to mimic Roman’s barbell sequence with my kettlebells. I attempted to follow-up with the single body weight sequence, but stopped midway because I didn’t want to puke.

    My pre xmas countdown (taken 12-15-11)total inches=157.5″ and my weight was 207.4lbs. My goal is to be sub 200 by NYE.

    Looking forward to a pimento cheese, jalapeño, bacon burger sans bun tonight for the cheat meal!

  56. First day workout and eating, check! Starting weight, 120 pounds. Starting inches 122. Starting body fat percentage, 21.7%. Ready for my first go around with Intermittent Fasting, check! Piggy backing it with another self experiment of endurance traing on a vegetarian paleo diet (yup, no beans)…bring it on!!!!

      1. Today went well. I am surprised that I didn’t really feel like I was starving. I had moments where my stomach was really crying out for attention, but the moments were short and temporary. I believe my mental clarity suffered today, but I felt physically sharp. All of my senses, except for vision, felt heightened. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the motivational triad; that we instinctively seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy on a daily basis. I wonder if suppressing a mode of pleasure such as food, increases the desire from other sources. If so, it would explain my curious side effect of increased sexual appetite today. Only time will tell; for now, one day down and six to go. How is your challenge going, Jade?

  57. Hi everyone. I’m a big fan of the 4 Hour Workweek and am excited to start this Holiday 4-Hour Chef challenge. I am a new mom to 5 week old fraternal twin girls so I’m looking to tighten up & regain my physique.


    Weight- 145 lbs.

    Total Inches- 132.5 (Waist of 34).

    1. Jenny, unless you’re super short, you’re already doing awesome! You obviously want to tweak things, though, so I hope it’s doing as well for you as it is for me. New mom of five week old twins has to have something that takes little time. I did very little of the exercise, and it worked great.

  58. I love me some Four Hour Chef. I’ll be sure to post back with my (positive, I’m sure) feedback of the app.

    Merry Christmas, Tim.

  59. Hi everyone. I’m a big fan of the 4 Hour Workweek and am excited to start this Holiday 4-Hour Chef challenge. I am a new mom to 5 week old fraternal twin girls so I’m looking to tighten up & regain my physique.


    Weight- 145 lbs.

    Total Inches- 132.5 (Waist of 34)

  60. To track my performance and write down the useful tips & links during this week of self-experiment and competition I’ve created a blog – welcome!

    Yesterday was great (my first time in the gym ever =)).

    Some metrics I’ve started from: 170 cm/5′ 7″ tall, 64.5 kg/142 lbs

    265 cm/104.33″ TI.

    Good luck to everybody and thank you Tim for such an inspiring competition!

  61. Two questions about the experiment:

    Can I do cold-pressed coffee upon waking instead of green tea?

    And do women dose the same grams of BCAA as males?

    I only ask because the BCAA I bought don’t have their grams listed, so I weighted them and it looks like I will have to be taking 10-30 pills at a time on some days. Does that sound right?

  62. Been up with a sick 11 month old since 6am. Starting to get real hungry. Wish I had bought BCAA in capsules. The powder is pretty terrible.

    1. Go, parents, go round the world! =)

      Just came after evening cardio – was walking my 7 month old in a sling around the park.

  63. I pushed up the starting date of the countdown for myself due to travel plans. Just finished the fully day of fasting without TOO much trouble, both workouts and no food cheats, though I had a glass of wine around 4pm (not sure if that’s taboo). I was out sailing for a few hours in the cold and didn’t find myself feeling much different, but this morning is rough, my stomach has no idea wtf is going on.

  64. Is there a purpose of having 2days of small/large and 3days of 1-9? I want to extend the experiment, but I also want to incorporate these methods into my running schedule.

  65. Half a leaf of lettuce for a legal evening snack and a surprising feeling of being full.

    Productivity went up, thinking becomes clearer. Not bad for a day without chewing. =)

    Good luck to all!

  66. Day 1 was smooth sailing. Workout was fun, reminded me of crossfit. Pretty much eating like Pacman, no problem with that either.

    Day 2, not fun. It’s 4:00PM now and I have a raging headache and will likely kill and eat the next mammal that approaches me. I hope that means I really needed this metabolic reset and will reap some rewards (if I don’t end up eating something/someone.)

    Fan of the books but more importantly for the new perspective. Keep up the good work.

  67. One question, Tim, during the small/large days is it allowed to drink water during or after the exercises outside the feeding intervals?

    Just got my 4HB book. This Xmas intensive will, it seems, give a nice energy boost to go deeper into self-experimenting. Thank you, Tim, for being our guinea pig =)

  68. Day 3! >>BAM<< Little meal was just about the best meal I've ever eaten.

    QUESTION: I'm assuming we continue P/AGG stack through the day? I can't take these on empty stomach, so I had two snacks in between the small and large meals to have with my tabs. Is this right? I'm not having the other supplements coz I feel like I'm on enough stuff as it is. Are we meant to still be on P/AGG??? I'm a bit confused now.

    My blog for the day is the link from my name to the left. Check it out!

    Hope everyone is doing well. Night night. JXX

  69. Yesterday I did the “Full Fast”. It didn’t suck too bad, just a couple hunger pangs that made me have to sit and breath, but other than that no big deal. I felt pretty energized but I forced my self to go to bed early to get the day over with. Looking forward to my first meal today 🙂

  70. HELLO FOOD! It was nice to be eating again, although fasting was not as bad as I imagined (first time I had ever done it). My only complaint is that I slept awful last night. Running this morning on 34+ hours with no food was interesting, but again not as bad as I would have imagined. All time low on the scale this am!