The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)

A first look at the beta-cover of The 4-Hour Chef. Let me know what you think.

The magic elves and I have been hard at work on an early Christmas gift for you all. In fact, there are quite a few goodies in this post, including 50 free Kindle Fire devices!

Let’s start with one of the most time-sensitive…

The 4-Hour Chef is Live!

The 4-Hour Chef is now on sale on Amazon!

I’ve been keeping things under wraps, but there is one big surprise. For the last 5 years, the most frequent request from blog readers has been a guide to mental performance. In other words, answering the question: how do you deconstruct and learn any skill?

Well, I’ve been listening all along, and that book is here!

Here’s the complete title: The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life. Intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $5.99.

You can cancel anytime up to ship date, so there is no downside, only locked-in savings.


Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Three reasons:

1) It will be gorgeous, a wonderful tactile experience, and truly unlike any cookbook you’ve ever seen.

2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.

3) It would really help me out. Inexplicably, The New York Times excludes all advice/how-to books from their e-book bestseller list, so only the print edition counts towards the bestseller list. Silly, but there you have it!

See the full book description, sneak-peek photos, and more here.

A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser

Next, I present to you the first Kindle Fire book teaser and app!

100% free and titled “A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser,” it includes a seven-day Christmas countdown advent calendar, with unusual tips that allow you to enjoy wine, cookies, and all the other holiday vices… while losing fat.

From strategic yo-yo dieting and tequila hot chocolate, to exploding cows and tattoos, it’s full of surprises. Here’s are a few screenshots and the introduction video, followed by the download link…

Main menu – just tap any food for the recipe and much more.

I love advent calendars! Tap any day for your prescription or reward.

Download The 4-Hour Chef Teaser here. Please note! This version is limited to Kindle Fire at the moment, but the iPad (iOS) and general Android versions are almost done. They’ll be coming along shortly, and I’ll keep you posted.

But… why not get yourself a free Kindle Fire? That’s next.

50 Free Kindle Fire Devices

If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free, I’m giving away 50 of them. This is a thank you for providing so much helpful feedback over the last six months.

Here’s how to get one:

1) Just spread the word in the next 48 hours! Send people to this blog post or The 4-Hour Chef page on Amazon. Here are some ideas: Facebook like, Facebook sharing, retweets, Twitter, e-mail, e-mail signature, street miming. The last one doesn’t scale as well as the others.

2) By 11am PST this Thursday (Dec. 1), leave a comment on this post telling me what you did. If possible, quantify the impact (clicks, page views, etc.), and be sure to follow these two rules, which are required for your entry to be valid:

– In the first line, tell me what you’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef.

– Keep the entire comment to 200 words or fewer, so use bullets!

We’ll consider the first 300 submissions, and a few judges and I will choose the 50 we think did the best job (subjective, I know). Then we ship them off! Void where prohibited, Martians under 21 not allowed, etc., etc. Winners will be announced next week.

Happy holidays!

Much more to come…

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894 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)”

    1. i want you to stop with all the e-mails. They are filling up my box. A free kindle is great but not worth this agravation.

      1. Hey Judy, I can sympathize with the massive amount of email that you can get on a day to day basis. Since you are still subscribed, I would guess that you enjoy his posts, but just feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of email that you receive in total and Tim’s emails are a part of it. I love the work Tim Ferris has done, but the email you received from him might be one out of hundreds of emails you get in a day.

        Here is my advice, go to and sign up for an account. Then you can import the “feed” into Google reader (feed can be found here:

        Then, you can view all the latest posts at your convenience at the Google reader website. You can do this for any number of websites that have a feed enabled.

      2. I actually wish I got them sooner. I’m set up with this site on feedburner and I just got this post today in my inbox. Sorta a bummer since I wanted to enter the contest!

      3. If you don’t want to unsubscribe (which is dead easy), you can easily set up a filter to automatically send emails from Tim to a folder and make them skip your inbox.

    2. I posted on facebook this message “Preordering on Tim Ferriss’ latest book has started. If you haven’t read his other books your are seriously behind. Share this link with your friends. This is not a ad, I seriously love Tim Ferriss” with a link to this article. Then I systematically posted on friends walls with personal messages on why they should reshare this, although they had no choice all their friends would see it because it was on their wall. The friends I chose possessed at least one of these criteria: 1. They had lots of friends. 2. They liked cooking or acquiring new skills such as langauges. 3. Had previously read one of your books.

    3. What I would most like to learn…

      …how to kick it up a notch higher than Emeril and the counter intuitive ways of doing things typical to T.Ferriss 4H work that will blow the minds of disbelievers. One thing specific would be a solid covering of the absolute basics that one needs to know with a chart of variables that can be substituted to create any meal or dish.

      What I have done to promote the 4HC:

      1. Facebook like and post to 819 friends

      2. Tweet and re-tweet to 310 followers

      3. I created a facebook ad that ran since the time of viewing the post on Tuesday until this morning with a reach of 378 as of writing this.

      4. I created a google adwords campaign which, sadly, I just realized never ran due to the display link being different than the actual link. (,

      5. I control a fan site for a youtube comedian that receives over 300 pageviews per day and posted the amazon link and the 4hc youtube video smack dab at the top of the site. (

      6. And lastly I created a blog post on my personal website detailing everything (with screenshots for proof) that I had done and what Tim has done for me. This is received by a small but dedicated audience. (

      Upward and onward,


    4. Ashamedly, I want to learn how to cook more than the around three basic meals that are in my current repertoire and the skills needed to invent my own meals from what I have at hand.

      I thought what better way to actually quantify the views than to run you a few ads campaigns:

      – Allowing a budget of £129 = $199.99 = Price of Kindle Fire

      – Been running for past two days = 31,800 impressions, 100 clicks

      – And the proof

      – Rotates between linking to this blog post and Amazon page

      – Shall keep running campaign until it has spent the price of the actual Kindle Fire!

      1. FYI, the blog time is an hour ahead. So while it says 11.53PST on the comment, it’s actually 10.53PST still.

    5. I’m sure a lot of people are eager to read the book, but is it really true that the book won’t be released for the better part of a year? It’s one thing for Amazon to offer pre-orders on a book that’s in production and will be released within a few weeks. It seems to me to border on sharp business practices to queue up orders for something that, from a reader’s point of view, doesn’t really exist yet. Especially if you’re sort of implying a Christmas tie-in. Yeah, it’ll be great for *next* Christmas. I’m kind of floored that no one else is commenting on that.

  1. Hey Tim, I really want to learn a new method of tackling new skills that I want to master. I sent this through facebook and twitter, and am going to write about it on my site shortly.

  2. RTd this entire blogpost, hope it got you some clicks 😛

    I’d love to learn to deconstruct my cooking methods so I can freestyle cook without using a cookbook.

  3. Just FYI, Amazon has your book listed as $5.99 for Kindle and $15 for the hardcover edition. And mentions that it will be regularly $9.99 and $18 respectively. Not the $30 (hardcover) and $22 (kindle) mentioned in the blog post

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I’ll check into that. Odd. The list prices, which you can see struck through, should be $30 and $22, respectively.



      1. FWIW I also received an email from Amazon this morning that states “From now through December 18, pre-order Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Chef (coming on September 25, 2012) for just $15 in hardcover (regularly $18) or $5.99 as a Kindle book (regularly $9.99).”

      2. Hey Tim,

        It’s in the description under “Limited-Time Pre-Order Discount & Free Holiday App” in orange above the fold.

        Looks like the pricing setup for the hardcover book is fine. But your ebook is preordering at $5.99 not $9.99.


  4. Hi Tim,

    I’ve posted it on my:

    – Facebook page

    – Twitter @cserter

    – Broadcast it to my What’sApp following

    And am in the process of writing about it on my blog.

    Two little things though. I’ve pre-ordered it for my Kindle on my Android device which said:

    This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on September 25, 2012.


  5. Having bought, and enjoyed the value of, all your other books, I can’t help but wonder why such a long-tail on this pre-order. Dang, 10 months?


  6. Tim,

    Looking forward to some excellent slow-carb diet recipes in the 4-Hour Cookbook! I’m especially hope to learn how to pair wines and healthy deserts with meals to fill out the palate.

    Anyway, to help promote the book, I created a 4-Hour Chef Gaggle: Any of your fans can join and to receive messages to share on their own social media accounts about your book. I can follow up with numbers later after awhile to show how effective the messages people shared were.

    Everyone, please join the 4-Hour Chef Gaggle here to help promote Tim’s new book:


  7. I want to learn more science/cooking lifehacks like your baking soda & hard boiled egg trick.

    I’m in. Tweeting/FB’ing through multiple accounts and will schedule a recurring re-post via Hootsuite using . Hopefully I get some early mover karma.

  8. Enjoyed your appearance on the Rogan Podcast last month. 4 hr body is great, looking fwd to this one. I’ll def pre-order the print edition, but would love a kindle fire! I tweeted it out. If yr in Austin for your book tour, drinks on me.

  9. Already pre-ordered 🙂 Cant Wait! til Sept 25, 2012…..

    – I posted this to Facebook and Twitter and also have told a few of my co-workers about this. I wont have much impact in a whole, but those few people that I told were already excited since I had loaned out my copies of the 4hr workweek and body and eventually they bought their own and even gave them as gifts to family members 🙂 We all love you Tim!

  10. This book is going to help me easily realize my dream idea, “Can Jeff Ramos Do It?”, a web show that I wanted to produce where I learn something new, every week, for an entire year. Obviously, rapid learning will be key to the show’s success and longevity.

    To spread the word, I actually just sent an e-mail to my little New York City-based brain trust of your fans that I know personally as well as other friends of mine I’ve met through coaching that love stuff like this. Also glad to see the book will release around my birthday, September 17th.

    Every time you write a new book it’s like my birthday.

    1. I’d love to be ally or competition to this show. 😉 We’d have very measurable goals and compete on that metric. 😉

      To post what I’ve done:

      -Retweeted to 415 Twitter followers.

      -Liked and shared story on Facebook to 300+ friends.

      -Liked it in Stumbleupon.

      -+1’d on +Google. I have wonderful subscribers, including Moses McCormick who knows somewhere between 40 and 50 languages.

      What I’d like to learn:

      -How to approach language learning.

      -How to extend the Alpha brain state duration

      I already preordered the hardcover!

  11. I pre-ordered the book on amazon and am in the process of telling everyone I know, because I think there was a lot to be gained from Tim’s first two 4 hour books and this will no doubt only add more.

    What I would like to know is what your advice is for overcoming the plateau that is eventually and inevitably faced in almost any difficult task or during the course of learning. Regardless of the topic, eventually there will be something that just seems to be too hard to overcome. Besides “perserverance” which each person has the capacity for a varying amount of, what types of tricks can you use to keep your mind off of the negative, and focused on the task at hand.

  12. I posted your link on FB since I have a ton of friends who have read (and loved) 4HB….so I know they’re junkies of your stuff and will swoop this one up too! So far over 200 likes!

    The main thing I’m looking to learn in 4HC is how to not turn into a fat little elf during the holidays…..and learning how to cook better year round is an added bonus!

  13. LOVE the subtitle, Tim! The pictures on the cover are great as well.

    The only thing that really stands out to me is the color combination of the fonts and background. Something about it screams “bad sci-fi movie” to me. Why? I can’t put my finger on it but the colors simply evoke that kind of emotional response for me. Go figure.

    Anyways, can’t wait to give it a read! AND… just bought my preorder copy (love that Amazon one-click system!) 🙂

  14. I would like to learn how to disect any style of cuisine to learn the basic skills & ingredient combinations.

    I have shared the link on Google+ with my nearly 8000 followers and on twitter with my just over 2000 followers! I’ve also shared it with my 800 friends on facebook. I’ve already got a lot of likes, +1s and re-tweets! I’ll be able to give you more details as time progresses 🙂

  15. Tim,

    Eagerly awaiting your book. I have already published it to my friends on my FB wall (468 friends). I have also published both the links on my Twitter with you @tferris included. Will post stats as I see them

    I would love to make dinner with some left overs, so ideas there would be of great value on a daily basis. Look fwd to it



  16. I’d love to learn how to prepare myself 100% for success in the future and to be able to pass along practical knowledge of this lifestyle, to family, friends, anyone who will listen!

    I’ve been doing the 4HB lifestyle since July 25th (took a month off Sept 11-Oct 11 to travel to Africa on my honeymoon), and overall I’ve lost 17 lbs, and I feel amazing with this lifestyle of eating. Only 16 more lbs to my goal weight!!!

    I recently ran a half marathon in 1:54:29, a full 8 minutes faster then my previous PR. I don’t miss breads and pastas, and carb loading prior to races. I can’t wait to see how my 2nd ever Marathon in May 2012 goes with this amazingly healthy, simple way of living.

    I shared Tim’s post on Facebook & Twitter, the link to amazon, and the link to this blog! I want everyone to be as excited as I am for this amazing cookbook, the next step in the 4HB lifestyle!!!

    I love the 4HB and am eager to share my success story!!!!

    1. Hi Solana,

      I got a smile on my face reading through your post. I’m just wondering, are you following 4HB’s advice on running? If yes, it’ll be great to be in touch. We have some plans for the running chapter and I would be glad to get your input on it.


  17. As a foodie and amateur gourmet chef, I wanna see what Tim Ferriss comes up with that I don’t already know – After reading the two other books, I’m sure it’ll be great.

    I facebooked it to my 695 friends, and tweeted it to my 318 followers. I’m a reporter in Alaska (just left an alt-weekly, now at a local CBS affiliate) so my peeps are likely to pay attention.

    My wife loved the four-hour body diet – especially the binge day – so a book about food by Ferriss? Can’t wait. Especially curious if it’s got anything related to the peculiar things we eat up in Alaska – do you know the nutritional value of muktuk (whale skin/blubber), Tim? Or dried sheefish dipped in seal oil? You probably weren’t thinking of we Alaskans specifically, but maybe for the second edition? Come up to Alaska, and on your next binge day you can try akutaq (Eskimo ice cream – whipped lard with berries and dried fish). Can’t wait for the book.

  18. Hi Tim! Looking forward to the release of your book, I’ve read both of your previous books and find them inspiring! Working on my muse, (and health…) as we speak!

    – Posting on Facebook, exposure to roughly 334 active users

    – Posting on Twitter, and getting others involved via a follow up post/link to THIS blog (Hoping to get others to tweet who have more contacts than I do)

    Essentially my strategy for this is to get as many people to talk about this contest (Incentivize them) and get them to do some extra leg work for me, as I know they have more followers/friends than I can hope to reach!

    Good luck with this book, and your future adventures!


  19. The 4-Hour Body helped me change my life in so many ways. I lost 65 lbs of fat in 7 mos. and now in better shape than I was in playing football and baseball in High School. Following my success, dozens of my friends and relatives are now in the beginning stages of #4HB experimentation. I posted the link to this blog on Facebook and Twitter to encourage them to continue their journey with the new book. Thanks so much for your insights and examples!

  20. I would like to know how to handle all the distractions of learning and how to concentrate on the learning without your mind slipping away every now and then.

    I shared the Amazon link on twitter. Doesn’t make much difference with my follower count, but did it anyway. 🙂

  21. Can’t wait for the next book I am a big fan of the previous 4H Books. I shared via Twitter & FB to my many followers/friends.

    I am also including link and summary in the you might also like section of our businesses newsletter this month which goes out to over 10,000 people. We typically put random news, facts and other info in here and generally get a 30-40% Open rate on the newsletter.

  22. Hey Tim,

    I’ve put the word out to my:

    286 Twitter followers

    1,200 Facebook friends

    Emailed my 400 hipster/early adopter co-workers at my company AKQA SF.

    Emailed my family and will continue to spread the word until the book comes out.

    I’ll follow up with tangible metrics if I can.

    Both your previous books have made a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you for everything. Keep writing!

    1. Also, I’d like to learn quick, tasty and healthy ways to prepare food. I’ve never been all that great in the kitchen.

  23. I would love to learn the art of hacking skills – especially making the low carb diet taste amazing.

    My impact: I responded immediately. I’m posting to my social media direct links to your amazon link, and a personal recommendation. I will follow that up with links to your blog post in a few hours, talking about a resource that allows skill hacks. I will finish with links in 24 hours selling a crazy app for holiday food tracking that will save my butt (literally).

    I have over 500 friends. Of those, I’m friends with a several influencers. I will message them personally, alerting them to the competition. They will, of course, start their own work which can easily bring several thousand clicks in a few hours. Because they know this early, they will think it a good chance.

    Finally, I’m calling a few key people, telling them about the sale in person. My key friends will love this as a gift. The Baby Boomers who I know will find this fascinating and wouldn’t get an E-book – but already know about the 4HB from me and would buy this in print. Boosting your NYT numbers.

    Thank You.

  24. Posted links to my Facebook page (hundreds of friends) and to my Public circles on Google+ (dozens to hundreds of friends, depending on sharing). I will write a blog post about it tonight (can’t do that at work, boo!) with links to both this blog entry and the Amazon page. My blog page used to have a great page rank, but it’s slipped a bit and this (and testimonials about your other books) will be a good incentive to increase my blogging volume (and ad revenue, I hope).

    I’ve lost 15+ pounds so far following 4-Hour Body and I feel GREAT. I’ve also taken back control of my finances and started designing my lifestyle instead of dreaming of far-off retirement based on 4-Hour Work Week. I already love to cook, so I’m hoping this book will teach and inspire me as much as the others have!

  25. I want to take your method and reapply it to de-constructing my university education. Naturally, I want the best results with the least amount of effort. I hope the ideas in your book will fulfil this.

    – To broadcast your announcement I did the following things:

    — Shared on Google+ to over 1400 followers.

    — Shared on Twitter to over 300 followers.

    — Shared on Facebook to my close friends and family.

    —Convinced my brothers to get their hands on it this Christmas.

    The rest from here on out will likely be word of mouth. Can’t wait to read it!

  26. I’d like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef about improving focus and easy and quick to make healthy food.

    I just posted about this on my FB page (I have over 440 friends) and twitter feed.

    I am huge fan!

  27. I’d like to learn how to cook without making a mess of the kitchen! Seriously, I eat out too much because I find cooking annoying – too many subjective directions like “cook until done” when I prefer precision – and because I don’t want to clean up afterwards.

    Seems a bit early, but I went ahead and preordered! I also facebook’d this post, and I’ll be bringing it up in a private forum where a number of people have opinions (on both sides) about your earlier books.

  28. Fantastic news. I am facebooking away if that is a word yet. I hope to see how I can speed learn many things, cooking, guitar, language, you name it. Thanks Tim.

  29. I’d most like to learn about quick breakfasts i can make that will keep me filled until lunch!

    To spread the word i sent this post to my family (who i have bought $99 Kindle’s for the holidays) via email and on facebook. Specifically, i sent this email to my uncle’s 4 e-mail address because he had mentioned over thanksgiving that he was eating fast food numerous times throughout the week because he never had time in the morning to cook breakfast or prepare a bag lunch.

    the most important thing to me is that my family doesn’t fall into the pitfalls of obesity and non-activity. I am in law school and my sister works as a child counsellor, so we both have very little time in the morning to have a healthy meal that will keep us energized and motivated throughout the day.

    i have also made this link my gchat status so that it is the first thing that pops up when my friends see that i am online…which amounts to always.


  30. I would most like to learn how to make quick, tasty, healthy, and energizing breakfasts. I enjoyed your “3 minute Slow-Carb Breakfast” video, and more meals along that line would be great.

    I just told my mom about your book. She then pre-ordered one. For me. Score. Happy Holidays to all.

  31. I’m hoping to learn some new great slow-carb recipes from your new book! Looking forward to it!

    I already shared the link to my Facebook friends. I’ve been getting a lot of questions since I lost almost 30 lbs of fat thanks to 4hourbody. I’m sure this new book will help out plenty of my peeps.

  32. I would like to learn more about the integration of the slow carb diet from your 4 hour body book with this one. I lost almost 6 pounds in two weeks using the slow carb diet method from the book & am looking forward to being able to use it again after my pregnancy.

    I sent a twitter link to this blog, I currently have 941 followers.

    Also shared the link on Facebook, 651 friends

  33. I can’t wait to learn more about meta-learning. I want to learn more about your your unique outlook on life, and become inspired to make positive changes in my own life (just like your first 2 books did).

    I am telling my close friends about this book. I’m not annoying my twitter followers, or spamming links online. Just sending personal recommendations to those that I truly believe are interested, and asking them to further pass the info along if they feel so inclined.

  34. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to this book. I have tweeted (twittered?) and Facbooked the link, nit just to win the Kindle, but because I love the 4 hour body and told so many people about it and that I KNEW a cooknook would be next, and I was right. I love being right!

  35. I want to apply the minimalistic approaches that you have applied to entrepreneurship and the physical body to cooking. I have always struggled with cooking enough food for myself (Extreme metabolism) let alone have it taste good. I have always settled for the bland food. I want some variety and tastiness in my diet!

    I can’t wait for this book. I have been interested in you talking more in depth about cooking since seeing the Four-hour cookbook.

    I have done a few things:

    • I have pre-ordered the hardcopy book on amazon. (I am bummed it comes out in September!)

    • Liked both posts on Facebook where you talk about the four-hour cookbook (I have already liked your page)

    • I retweeted both your tweets about the book

    • I will be talking about this book for the next 10 months and most definitely after the release

    • I will most likely pre-order a few more copies for friends and family

    I will be creating as much buzz as a busy college student can from his 1 bedroom. Good luck! I cannot wait for this book. It is way to far away

  36. So, I’ve posted the link to the blog on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and will be doing so every couple of days. I’m excited for this book because of all the inventive/strange concepts that were in the 4 hour body (first Ferriss book I read). Although I’ve been expecting a cookbook full of concoctions to be creative with chicken, beans and veggies, I’m still excited to see how to make wine better, etc…

    Thanks again, Tim. I’m looking forward to have my family ask me weird questions to why I’m doing these things.

  37. Tim,

    -I have already posted the link on my twitter and told several co-workers about the wonderful things you do.

    – I suggested The Four Hour Body to 6 co-workers who bought it and have transformed themself in one way or another.

    -I have also spread the word of “Tim Ferris” to just about everyone I know.

    -I have seen, read, watched and listened to just about every podcast, book or speech you have done. I am a big fan.

    -As for myself, I have not changed my life in any profound way, nor did I loose 100 lbs or gain 100lbs (except for deadlift). I don’t have financial freedom yet (I’m 23).

    -Eventhough I haven’t made any huge critical steps in my life yet, You have provided me with a roadmap and given me the ability to see that it’s possible.

    -I am not special, and in no way deserve a free Kindle, I am simply asking for one.



  38. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

    *I have shared the amazon page for this book on my facebook account (approx. 800 friends on facebook.)

    *I have emailed the 4HC amazon page, as well as 4HWW and 4HB amazon pages to my friends and family. BUT I didn’t stop there!

    *I have also recommended it via 2 email listservs I have access too, (AGGIEDENTISTS – over 500 members) and (AGGIEMEDSOCIETY- over 2000 members.)

    *I have also shared this blog post page on the ToneItUp Facebook page, which boasts a little over 39,000 health, fitness and food obsessed followers!

    1. I’d really like to learn about some great slow carb recipes from the new book! The slow carb diet has changed my life!

  39. Sweet santa! Facebook and twitter, email signature, and some other secret squirrel methods!! hehehe. I’ll update on the click throughs.

  40. -shared the amazon link with recommendation on my tumblr page (read by me and my wife’s families)

    -tweeted the link via @deinfrank with almost 100 followers

    -shared on my facebook with 665 friends

    What are the basic, broad-stroke ingredients to gaining skill in any area of life?

    Love the blog. Keep posting!

  41. Hi Tim,

    Your 4 Hour Body book was a great read and the plan was very successful for me. I’m looking forward the “4 Hour Chef” (I think I figured our your cryptic pattern!) I tweeted to my minions (@whoisfisher).

    Thanks for everything!

  42. I really would like to see some really simple but very healthy recepies.

    Using Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr to spread your message here in Sweden 🙂

  43. I would most like to learn how to learn. I’ve gotten myself in a slump and I discourage myself. Cooking is something that I have always let pass, and I end up eating like a slob. If I can learn new things through cooking, I’m for it.

    I have posted to G+, Twitter, and Facespace. Will update stats By Dec. 3.

    Thank you, Tim.

    1. The past few days have proven that I am not one that influences others. I made a link ( which was posted to Twitter, and Facespace. I posted the direct link to G+.


      Facespace – 5

      Twitter – 1

      Unknown – 1

      No likes, +1’s, or comments.

      I need to become influential.

      Stats aside, I would like to thank you, Tim, for the impact you have. There is, obviously, a lot to be learned from you. I look forward to reading more of your blog and your books.

  44. Hello, my daughter thinks this would be good for me!! I posted your site on my facebook. Have a super day, and great luck with your book!

  45. I’d like to learn how to simplify and streamline complicated recipes, and overall make a cooking process more efficient. I’m the one who enjoys the end result, so the simpler the process, the better.

    Posted on Facebook and Twitter. Will pre-order a Kindle version of the book, hoping to get a Kindle Fire (positive thinking! 🙂

    Thanks for your books, Tim!

  46. I am spreading the word through my personal and professional networks. I have a very high Klout score and decent reach for a “regular” person.

    Regardless of winning the Kindle or not, I am chomping at the bit for your next book. I read the 4 Hour Body and applied a lot of your teaching to my everyday life. I feel better, I look better and most importantly I am continuing to educate myself.

  47. Hi Tim, the thing I’m looking forward to learning from your new book the most is the ability to easily cook/prepare wonderful food dishes that I enjoy ordering in fancy restaurants by myself at home w/ little culinary expertise.

    I’ve been a fanatical fan of your 4-Hour Work Week + 4-Hour Body Book series. I have accomplished the following tasks:

    – Sent a company wide e-mail with the titles of all 3 of your books (4-Hour Work Week, Body, and Chef) to all of my co-workers. I have included a brief description of each book, Amazon URL link, and my personal thoughts + experiences. (Approx 240+ employees).

    – I have brought up your blog website in my team staff meetings as a great resource for health and food ideas (9 employees).

    – I have also posted on my Facebook page links to your Random Show episodes w/ Kevin Rose (143 FB friends).

    I’m truly looking forward to your upcoming book. Happy Holidays and please do more Random Shows! 🙂


    David Ngan

  48. I want to learn the basic cooking techniques that are only deceptively hard and will have the greatest impact on my cooking ability.

    * I sent very short, personalized emails to 7 close friends whom I think would be likely to be interested enough to pre-order.

    * I have a 28% success rate already with 2 pre-ordering within minutes of sending out my quick emails (I will follow up on the others and update if this changes).

  49. Just retweeted your article.

    I love the outdoors and hope to get ideas for making camping and backpacking snacks and food better tasting. (Smashed PB&J are great but I’m looking for a little variety.)

    I also could use Ideas for better, healthier breakfasts.

  50. I’m looking for faster ways to prepare foods and how to eat organically while spending less money.

    I posted this on my blog (monthly audience of 7,500 readers) and via Facebook and Twitter.

  51. Tim,

    The 4HC sound great!

    What I would like to learn:

    1-Eat sweets without harming muscle gain

    2- Eat all the xmas junk and not gain fat

    3- Cook the most impressive dishes for friends and family so they think I went to culinary school.

    4- More recipes for the slow carb diet

    5- Demystify the calorie counting information

    What I did to HELP YOU:

    1- Sent email (that’s over 300 people reached)

    2- FB post with your link, book name, and awesome review of your previous work. (Over 200 people)

    2- Posted Youtube video of your work. (on FB page and wordpress)

    3- blog post about 4HC (small traffic but loyal and trusting readers)

    I look forward to my Christmas/Birthday gift from you! -The Kindle FIRE and the new book! I am so excited about this! Thanks!!!!!!

    1. Add:

      I have lived the 4HB for a few months–gained 30 lbs of muscle in two months, lowered my fat to 8% too!

      [add to what I’ve done for you]

      4- I liked this page for Facebook.

      My birthday is Dec. 16th so it would just add to my holiday spirit. I’m a teacher of low income families and this would just add to my catalogue of information to share with them and the Kindle Fire would make it easier for me to read while traveling.

  52. 1. What I want to learn from 4 hour chef: How to cook regular meals using normal ingredients and get new ideas

    2. What I did:

    A. Posted the following on Facebook & Twitter: (1,050 total friends/followers very high quality, know me personally/professionally through facebook and twitter.

    Excited about this book as it continues to follow the pattern of how i’m trying to improve my life. Started with 4 Hour Work Week, then 4 Hour Body and now as ‘I’m trying to cook more (eat better, save money) the Four Hour Chef will not disappoint. Please share this post with your friends to help me win a Kindle from the author, Tim Ferris.

    B. Will promote at my annual Christmas party (45+ people) as well as highlight the 3 book series on my entry foyer.

    C. Personally emailed 6 friends (who I know for a fact have read the previous 2) to tell them to check out blog post. (They have significantly more followers as they are business owners)

    I want to win this for my pregnant wife so she has a Kindle to read on as she gets further along. (can prove with ultrasound pictures of the lil boy!)

  53. Definitely posted this on facebook, twitter and emailed all the people in my family that I emailed last time about your 4-Hour Body book.

    For this book, I am looking forward to finding quick and easy meals and tips on keeping up with my 4Hour diet.

    I have lost 60lbs since January of this year, and can’t wait to find more meals to round out my menu with.

    Keep up the good work Tim, I look forward to all your work!!

  54. Just posted to facebook and twitter. Will update with stats…..

    My wife and I have recently started eating better. Cooking more healthy foods instead of eating out. We are hoping to set a good example for our 5 year old daughter so that she gets a head start on living the healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to the slow-carb recipes. I feel like we are always on the go and being able to “hack” cooking would be a tremendous help for our family. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  55. Hey Tim,

    Looking forward to reading your latest. About to hop on a plane thanks to some 4-Hour workweek inspired freedom, and I want to post what I did before the first 300 submissions come in, so I don’t have much in terms of numbers yet.

    Tweeted to ~130 followers, shared with ~1,600 facebook friends, posted to however many people on G+, started the digg link, was the first person to recommend it on StumbledUpon, and put it on reddit

    1. Nearly forgot – I’m looking forward to learning how to learn quickly. Language (computer and foreign) acquisition is what I’m working on now.

  56. I’m looking forward to the WHOLE book – More tricks like the hyper-decanting would be really cool, learning more about the slow-carb diet & learning more about meta-learning!

    What I did:

    -Shared this blog post on Facebook & Twitter

    -Shared your Amazon link on Facebook & Twitter

    -Liked & +1’d this blog post

    -Shared your late night Facebook post about the teaser on YouTube

    -Told my Girlfriend how excited I am!

    Love the new concept and once again I’m really excited for one of your books to come out!! Awesome 🙂

    Also looking forward to a new video trailer!

  57. Great work Tim.

    Does anyone know why I can’t pre-order the kindle version? The book is fine but no “add to cart’ on the kindle page.

    Is it because I’m in Australia and the offer is for US only?

  58. – Want create more interesting meals that follow the meal plan requirements in 4HB

    -The 4HB was amazing and helped me lose the weight, this will help me maintain that level.

    -Now with this it will help me stay creative with the diet plan outlined in the previous book.


    -Retweeted and Liked

  59. I’m looking forward to learning how to be more efficient with my prep and cooking. I pre-ordered and posted on FB. Now just have to wait until September………………………..

  60. Things I would love to learn in the 4 Hour Chef:

    – Cooking hacks. I’m patient and love slow cooking… but come on, there must be a better way. i.e. risotto in 15 minutes without stirring?

    – How to not look like a fool when purchasing/drinking/talking about wine.

    – Best kitchen equipment to do any job, preferably from a minimalist approach. Do I really need to pay $110 for a good chef knife?

    – A heaping serving a debunked food myths.

    – Ratios and open ended formulas… not strict recipes

    Shared the Amazon link on my facebook profile. And already preordered! Going 4 for 3 on the Tim Ferris publications (bought 4HWW twice when the extra material came out).

  61. I would love to be able to learn the most efficient way to gain a skill!

    I created a google plus page for your book and am working on promoting it. I enjoyed 4 hour workweek and would love to read the new one (not to mention a new kindle fire).

  62. Excited to learn more unique, thought-provoking, and useful tips to make every waking moment–including those in the kitchen!–part of a richer life.

    I liked on Amazon, shared on Facebook, and retweeted.

  63. Tim,

    Big Fan.. Have read all of your stuff and been an avid blog reader. I thought I would start off getting the word out right. Here is what i’m doing:

    – Sending “Holiday Gift Ideas” including a link to your pre-order to 59,000 employees of a large Aluminum manufacturing organization with the use of Site Code based distribution lists (sending to HR managers per site) to distribute as part of a holiday email in the next few weeks.

    – Doing the same thing for a large pharmaceutical company estimating 108,400 employees in the same fashion.

    I’m currently a consultant for these companies and are tapped in to the infrastructure. They both send out emails with Holiday themes and I can include a blurp in that/those emails with little work.

    Estimated Impact : 167,400 and change. Might be worth a Kindle but I’m happy to back a great product.

    Happy Holidays, your a true pioneer.

  64. From the 4-Hour Chef, I would like to learn how to cook meals that are healthy and delicious but do not take a ton of planning.

    Here’s what I did:

    – Posted to 3 different Facebook pages (aprox 400 friends total)

    – Posted to 3 different Twitter accounts (aprox 300 followers total)

    The Kindle would also be awesome because I run a small development firm but cannot afford to purchase the Kindle for development at this time.

  65. Hey Tim! I want to learn two things from the 4-hour chef: One, how to become a great cook using simple tricks that will make my friends think I must have gone to culinary school because the food is that good ;).

    Two, I want to continue to learn more slow-carb recipes so that when I cook for friends, I don’t have to feed them my standard meal of chicken, beans, and bell peppers! (I don’t mind eating the same food over and over, but pretty sure my friends would!)

    -I tweeted the blog post, tweeted about the amazon page, and tweeted when I pre-ordered the book this morning (105 followers….not much, but hey, its a start).

    -I always retweet your tweets!

    -I made a post on my facebook when I pre-ordered the book, and I made one with a link to the amazon site, and one to your blog.

    -I’ve lost over 85lbs and am always sharing with friends about your book when they ask how I did it!

  66. I want to learn cooking some simple dishes and finally stop my kids saying “daddy can’t cook and we need to order pizza again”.

    The Four Hour Chef (with link to Amazon) is now the most popular book on and Tim’s page has the 4 Hour Chef teaser video added

    FB fans & users of have got the news as well.

    Shared the link to the blog on my FB, Twitter and Google plus.

    In total few thousand+ views

  67. I tweeted “All I want for Xmas is Tim’s new book RT @tferriss: NEW – The 4-Hour Chef: The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser” to potentially millions of people on twitter

    plus its True

    Thanks alot

  68. – What I’d most like to learn are easy recipes for cooking healthy food in large quantities that i can eat throughout the week.

    – I’ve posted it on Twitter (@aaronrelph) – not a ton of followers but they all have similar interests. For the next two days it’s set to post every 8 hours.

    – I’ve shared it on Facebook – over 200 friends with similar interests.

    – I’ve sent an email to 36 people i work with that i know would love this and asked to to share it with others as well. So far i know 11 people have forwarded it to friends.

    – I just sent a text message to 18 friends i think would be interested – 2 have replied and said it’s pre-ordered.

    – I have a Yoga class tonight and intend to spread the work there.

    – A friend of mine is a DJ at the local radio station in Phoenix – going to talk to him about a re-tweet and possible on-air plug.

    – I shared the link on my companies Chatter (salesforce). Over 80 people.

    – Posted it on my Linkedin feed – 110 connections

    – Posted on Google +

  69. Would love to learn shortcuts to make incredible meals quick and easy and to apply what I learn in this book to decontructing and mastering the Italian language.

    I am so looking forward to add this book to my Tim Ferriss collection!

    Reposted link on Facebook and will email link to my contact list.

    Already pre-ordered my hard copy. Will order kindle version too.

    Thanks for all your ideas, Tim!

  70. – I’ve just recently found out about the 4-Hour Body, and well, to be quite honest I’m terrified of it.

    – I LOVE to cook, bake, grill, etc, and even though I know I need to go on a diet, I’m afraid of giving up the foods I love.

    – I want to learn how to love the foods that aren’t crammed and loaded with massive amounts of calories 🙂

    I’ve shared this on Facebook and have emailed it to several of my friends. I can’t get an exact count for you just yet, however I will try to update this post (if possible) with an approximate amount. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to exploring healthier options!

    1. Via facebook, twitter, and Google +, I’ve reached about 400-500 people. Not a whole lot, but many of the people I’ve reached will actually read the post 🙂

  71. I want to find about those cool hacks and tricks I can show the ladies and their parents. I am posting here because I believe no one else will post a comment and I will win by default. Maybe not but I didn’t realize I am at a place with the 1% intellectually. In for 1.

  72. Tim, in the 4-Hour Chef, I most want to learn how to take my foreign language learning to another level. (i.e. French, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, and Korean)

    Just sent a tweet with my link to your blog page. (

    After reading and working through the first two 4-Hour books, I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Thanks for the heads up!

    All the best,



    I’ve lost ~25 lbs. since reading the 4-Hour Body.

    Still working on my muse, though, from the 4-Hour Work Week.

  73. I love your books Tim. I currently am on the Slow Carb Diet and a beginner cook with many kitchen toys such as a Sous Vide and a couple of DIY Smokers. This will be one of my favorite books.

    I have created a website with a counter that redirects them to the Amazon Page. I will be posting my link to Facebook and twitter.

  74. Just finished the 4-hour body and im hooked, im not sure what it is i expect from the 4-hour chef but i ended up learning some interesting things in the 4-hour body so im in.

    I’ll spread the word on



    and some general and book forums i frequent.

    as well as some friends who i got into 4-hour body.

    A kindle fire would be amazing.

  75. *Super excited about the next book, I’m hoping to learn more skills on the time management thing you have down so insanely well! This especially would be good for cooking as I have started a FIRE or two getting distracted with multiple things going on. All your books have been so inspiring and exciting to read! Can’t wait! (Wouldn’t mind having a different fire in the kitchen to help as well!)

    *Already last night I was sending out to friends and family all about how to “Chop Wine” so I have already been hard at work marketing your book! 🙂

  76. -Lost 40 pounds (186 to 146)on your diet so far and looking for recipes to keep it off AND to see if I can deconstruct learning math for kids for my business

    I’ve shared it on my facebook page (full of people who’ve already seen me lose 40 pounds and haven’t stopped asking me how I did it)

    Looking forward to your new book Tim

  77. I did the usual Twitter/Facebook deal to My 2,353 twitter Followers via 2 accounts


    Posted to my 615 facebook friends and made it public

    But the 2 Things I did differently were.

    1. I tagged the URL with GA codes so you could see if any traffic from my links worked.

    2. I made a T-shirt for my Dog that says “Buy the 4-hour chef”. He likes to run around the neighborhood so when we go for our afternoon run, you’ll get a little exposure, although it isnt that measurable! (pic coming if I can get him to sit still)

  78. A few months back I read The 4-Hour Work Week, and constantly posted insights and tips insights and tips on my Facebook page. The posts prompted a ton of conversations between my friends and family. This time around it’s all about The 4-Hour Chef, and sending everyone to Amazon’s pre-order page.

    I love to cook and I’m not terrible at it, but I’m slow as hell. I tend to focus all my energies on one dish at a time and forget about the rest. I’d kill to learn a few tips, such as:

    -Cooking time management (that won’t involve popping an Adderall)

    -How to better cook for one (decent proportions and reasonable budget)

    -Tried and tested flavoring techniques using herbs and spices with specific foods

    -And how to poach a freakin’ egg. So many cartons of eggs wasted in many desperate attempts!

  79. Tim, I want to learn how to combine the best “power” foods into the tastiest meals. Eating right doesn’t have to be boring; you show us how that’s true all the time.

    Here’s what I’ve done to promote the book:

    – A few months ago I set up and a google alert to start generating a buzz. Been posting everything interesting that’s come along

    – I’m linking to it on other blogs I run that deal with 4HB (3 in all) and posting about pre-orders on all three

    – I started a thread on 4hbtalk about the book to get all of those guys aware (over 2500 members).

    – I’ve tweeted twice with links to my 475 followers, posted on FB and G+ as well.

    – My FindingMyFitness newsletter goes out tomorrow to 195 people with prominent pre-order info.

    – Tomorrow I’ll be able to tell how many people have made purchases today through Amazon links

    Sales of your book will probably be my Christmas budget this year, so I’ll keep going. 😉

    Thanks for the preview! Can’t wait til the Android version comes out (unless you send me a Fire… 😉 )



  80. I posted on Twitter and Facebook.

    I am hoping to find some more slow carb recipes to help out in my weight loss journey. I have to lose 20 more pounds. I have been inspired by the people around me to lower my blood pressure and eat healthier. I have a high chance of getting diabetes if I don’t make the right changes now!

  81. I retweeted the post and am heading over to Amazon now to preorder the book! I intend to blog about the book upon releases.

    I’m also considering reading it prominently on my bus commute every morning, proudly displaying the cover for all passengers to see, then leaving it out on my desk to casually pick up at lunch when my coworkers ask what smells so delicious as I reheat my leftovers. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the book! Keep up the great work, Tim.

  82. As a kitchen-newbie I need to learn how to cook food that’s good for me but still taste goods. Can’t wait to read your cooking hacks just as right now I’m enjoying your fitness hacks in the 4-Hour Body. I already started to photograph everything I’m eating and have changed the way and amount I eat in just the first two weeks. Can’t wait to put the 4-Hour Chef into my 4-Hour Body notes!

    I put up a post on my blog here is the link . Hopefully someone somewhere will read it and join in on the 4-Hour Revolution!