The 4-Hour Chef: The New Book with Amazon

I love exploring and try new things. Here: failing my Maid Cafe audition in Akihabara, Tokyo. (Photo: David West)

Never before have I appeared on the cover of The New York Times, and never before have I seen such an incredible response to a single announcement involving me. From the serious (WSJ, New York Observer, Reuters, Guardian UK, etc.) to the hilarious (Gawker’s piece), it’s been a whirlwind.

In this post, I’ll shed some light on my next project, which is a first on many levels.

To start with the obvious, I couldn’t be more excited: Amazon Publishing has acquired my next book, The 4-Hour Chef, to launch its New York-based imprint.

It’s easiest to add my personal comments by putting them inline with the New York Times coverage, which is excerpted below. The official Amazon press release is provided first for context.

My notes are preceded by “TIM.”

Looking forward — and I have every intention of making this the biggest thing I’ve ever done — if you would like to contribute to The 4-Hour Chef (experiments, guest sidebars, recipes, etc.), please let me know here

Amazon Release

Amazon Publishing Acquires #1 and Four Years Running New York Times Best-Selling 4-Hour Guru Timothy Ferriss'”The 4-Hour Chef,” to Launch New York Imprint

SEATTLE, Aug 16, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — (NASDAQ:AMZN), Inc. today announced that Amazon Publishing’s first major acquisition by its New York imprint is the next book in Timothy Ferriss’ #1 New York Times best-selling “4-hour” series, “The 4-Hour Chef.” Ferriss is author of the #1 New York Times best sellers “The 4-Hour Body” and “The 4-Hour Workweek,” the latter of which has been sold into 35 languages and has been on the New York Times best seller list for more than four years. “The 4-Hour Chef,” which is expected to be released in April 2012, will be published in print, enhanced digital and audio formats by the New York-based imprint of Amazon Publishing headed by Larry Kirshbaum. Ferriss’ literary agent, Stephen Hanselman of LevelFiveMedia, represented the author in this world rights deal.

The new full-length book builds upon Ferriss’ “4-hour” philosophy by transforming the way we cook and eat. Featuring recipes and cooking guidelines from world-renowned chefs and interspersed with the revolutionary advice Ferriss’ fans have come to expect, “The 4-Hour Chef” is a practical but unusual guide to mastering food and cooking, whether you are a seasoned pro or a blank-slate novice. The book also showcases the very best recipes based on Ferriss’ The Slow-Carb Diet, which thousands of his readers have tested for fat loss and performance enhancement.

“My decision to collaborate with Amazon Publishing wasn’t just a question of which publisher to work with,” said Tim Ferriss. “It was a question of what future of publishing I want to embrace. My readers are migrating irreversibly into digital, and it made perfect sense to work with Amazon to try and redefine what is possible. This is a chance to really show what the future of books looks like, and to deliver a beautiful experience to my readers, who always come first. I could not be more excited about what we’re doing.”

“Like every book Tim has published to date, ‘The 4-Hour Chef’is a watershed work, and an ideal way to launch our new publishing imprint in New York,” said Larry Kirshbaum, VP and Publisher, Amazon Publishing, New York.

Ferriss, nominated as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People of 2007” and Forbes Magazine’s “Names You Need to Know in 2011,” is author of the #1 New York Times best sellers “The 4-Hour Body” and “The 4-Hour Workweek,” the latter of which has been sold into 35 languages and has been on the New York Times best seller list for more than four years. He is an angel investor (StumbleUpon, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, et al.), guest lecturer at Princeton University, and faculty member at Singularity University, based at NASA Ames Research Center. Newsweek calls Tim “the world’s best guinea pig,” which he takes as a compliment.

Amazon Publishing is the publishing arm of Amazon and encompasses the imprints AmazonEncore, AmazonCrossing, The Domino Project Powered by Amazon, Montlake Romance, Thomas & Mercer and the New York-based imprint. For more information about all imprints of Amazon Publishing, visit Amazon Publishing is a brand used by Amazon Content Services, LLC.

(The full press release can be found here)

The New York Times Coverage

Amazon Set to Publish Pop Author

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon moved aggressively Tuesday to fulfill its new ambition to publish books as well as sell them, announcing that it had signed Timothy Ferriss, the wildly popular self-help guru for young men.

TIM: You can’t win all the PR positioning battles, but I certainly view myself (and my writing) as female-friendly and age-independent. Facebook Fan Page and blog analytics show a 60/40 male-female split, and the latter percentage is growing faster than in any year prior.

The terms were not disclosed. But Mr. Ferriss said in an interview, “I don’t feel like I’m giving up anything, financially or otherwise,” by signing with Amazon.

TIM: I feel this way for many reasons, one of which is the statement that an Amazon rep made to Publishers Lunch: “Our intention is to make this book available to any retailer who would like to sell it in any format.”

Amazon has been publishing books for several years, but its efforts went up several notches in visibility when it brought in the longtime New York editor and agent Laurence Kirshbaum three months ago as head of Amazon Publishing. “I hope we can do some exciting, innovative things,” Mr. Kirshbaum said on Tuesday. “But I don’t want to overpromise.”

Or get his friends in the business worried. “Our success will only help the rest of publishing,” he said.

Traditional publishers do not necessarily believe that. Some are downright nervous about the intentions of Amazon, with its deep pockets and a unparalleled distribution system into tens of millions of living rooms and onto electronic devices.

Some independent bookstores have already said they do not intend to carry any books from the retailer, not wanting to give a dollar to a company they feel is putting them out of business.

TIM: I truly believe that Amazon can change all of publishing for the better, and it’s important not to make “technological change” synonymous with “Amazon.” Much as the Harry Potter series helped spread literacy around the world — all while not “stealing” market share from other fiction — I think the innovation of Amazon can drive more total book sales across all formats, and it need not be zero-sum.

It’s important to realize — as I see it — that Amazon needs and wants great books from other publishers more than it needs its own publishing arm. Is Amazon going to publish 300,000+ books a year on its own, signing each of those authors? Of course not.

Second, just because more ebooks are sold than print books in a given time frame, that doesn’t mean that print is going away, or even that print *has* to decline. Looking at my own experience and that of my friends, Kindle users buy more books after their Kindle purchase than before. I’m happy to have 20 unread books on my Kindle, but I won’t buy 20 physical books to stack on my counter. These 20 unread books do NOT displace print purchases I would have otherwise made; they’re ADDITIONAL books I never would have bought on paper.

Third, in the long, long run, physical books will have to become art — physically beautiful and superior to an e-book in some aspect of the user experience — to sell. Prime examples include books from Phaidon, Chronicle Books, and Melcher Media. Make no mistake: “real” books will continue to sell for a long time, but, as with any free market, the biggest winnings will go to those publishers and bookseller who adapt best.

The takeaway: there are different ways to adapt besides embracing digital, and there is room for multiple winners.

Mr. Ferriss’s first book, “The 4-Hour Workweek,” has been on The New York Times Advice best-seller list for 84 weeks, and his second, “The 4-Hour Body,” for 33 weeks. Both are published by Crown, a division of Random House.

Amazon will publish his next work, “The 4-Hour Chef,” in the spring — as a hardcover, an e-book and an audio book.

The 34-year-old Ferriss is a natural choice to be the first Amazon Publishing writer. He is adept at new media (270,000 Twitter followers), expert at publicizing himself (the readers of Wired magazine gave him the self-promoter of the year award in 2008), and a start-up investor who sees nothing but shiny promise in technology.

“Amazon has a one-to-one relationship with every one of their customers,” the writer said. “You can just imagine the possibilities that opens up.”

Mr. Ferriss said he had approached Amazon about a book deal. Crown did not get a chance to match the offer because in the writer’s view, it never could have.

“The opportunity to partner with a technology company that is embracing publishing is very different than partnering with a publisher embracing technology,” he said.

TIM: My quote above is on point and 100% accurate, but the preceding sentence — “Crown did not get a chance to match the offer because in the writer’s view, it never could have.” — could lead people to the wrong conclusions about my decision.

Crown is, in my opinion, THE team to bet on among the “Big Six” publishers (see the list in my earlier post, “How Authors Really Make Money”). If it were a question of which “publisher” to go with, I would choose Crown again in a heartbeat, 10 times out of 10. The proof is in the pudding: they’ve done an unparalleled job with both The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body, and their bestseller track record extends from there. I had a wonderful experience with them.

Choosing to work with Amazon (I kept Crown informed of this before the news came out) was a complete category leap. It was, in my mind, like moving from The New York Yankees to The LA Lakers: from best-of-class in one sport to best-of-class in an entirely different sport. No one in publishing has the assets, resources, and capabilities that Amazon has; it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance at an industry first. I fully intend on maintaining a great working relationship with the entire Crown team, who are some of the most capable people I’ve ever met in any business. They know that my lifeblood is experimentation, and they have been incredibly understanding about what was a very emotional decision for me.

Mr. Ferriss has risen to mass popularity by explaining to readers how to get the most change in their lives for the least amount of effort. His books promise to help readers lose pounds through “safe chemical cocktails” and odd food combinations, gain muscle in a month with only four hours of gym time, produce 15-minute female orgasms, and sleep two hours a day and feel fully rested.

At a moment of great restlessness in publishing, Amazon is offering its own appealing shortcuts to fame and fortune. E-book sales are rising significantly, prompting struggles over royalty rates. Publishers are reluctant to raise them but writers have a useful wedge in Amazon, where they can self-publish and, at least in theory, make more.

(The full NYT piece can be found here)


Back to Tim

Just in case you missed it, I’d love to hear from you.

I have every intention of making The 4-Hour Chef the biggest thing I’ve ever done, and the launch will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.

If you would like to contribute to The 4-Hour Chef (experiments, guest sidebars, recipes, gear, etc.), please let me know here.

Pura vida, all 🙂

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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226 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef: The New Book with Amazon”

  1. Cool! But I would like you to write a book about “4-Hour Travel”. Tips & tricks for “new rich travelers” 🙂 What do you think?

    1. I second this idea 100%. I’m a huge fan of the four hour workweek. The 4 hour body for the most part. I follow the paleo diet and overall lifestyle so if a lot of the recipes have legumes then it’s a no go for me.

      I am, however, planning on traveling around the world over the next 5 to 10 years. The four hour workweek will help but a book focused strictly on travel seems like a phenomenal idea.

      Why not make it your next project Tim?

    2. Hey Alisher, after “4 Hour Chef” and “4 Hour Travel” I would like Tim to start on “4 Hour Blog” … Tim already registred the domain 😉 @Tim: Keep going! Like your practical thoughts 😉

      1. “4 Hour Blog” I would find redundant to have as a book. Nonetheless, I’m intrigued by the idea of “a book that writes itself”.

      2. Mmmm, there is no secrets. OUTSOURCING og blog stuff writing. Tim told about it in one of the oldest blogposts 🙂

  2. Very nice work mate. I look forward to seeing what ideas you bring to the table for Amazon and how you can help the non-printed medium thrive.

  3. Awesome, Tim! As a German, I can totally recommend Sauerkraut for one of the recipes of the Slow Carb Diet. 🙂

    Beste Grüße aus Bayern,


  4. That’s amazing, Tim — you’ve certainly done a great job of promoting yourself and your product. Congrats!

  5. I was wondering what was next. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing more about your launch plans this weekend

  6. Tim,

    Congrats! I’m definitely contributing to “The 4-Hour Chef” with a couple of recipe twists that I came up with while following your Slow Carb diet. Really looking forward to this book!

    1. The 4 Hour Empire …. I was surprised on how well made the 4 hour body was. And how deeply he researched with his whole self into this.

      Now a new book.

      When I look at his first one, the 4 hour work week, I have to giggle about the irony: Tim got famous with a book like this, but is probably one of the hardest working people. I would be surprised if he works less than 70 hours per week.

      1. It’s not that easy to define what “work” actually is, especially when it comes to writing.

        I think he already demonstrated that the concept really works by showcasing his own sports nutrition company and various other real-world examples such as Plus, he doesn’t really claim to be the sole inventor of minimum effort, highly profitable business models.

        Regardless of the activity, enjoyment (excitement) should always be the goal, which is somewhere along the lines of “freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want”

        Some people (and undeniably, Tim is one of them) strive for success, because it excites them.

        The other thing to consider is, if the freedom described earlier can be measured in cash flow and time, he does have lots of freedom. In other words, if Tim chose to start something like a small supercar company, he could probably afford to do so. He’d probably even figure out a way to do it all in a fraction of the time, compared to most conventional supercar manufacturers.. How about “The 4 Hour Supercar”?

  7. Tim, Congratulations!

    I have to say, I expected first the 4 hour marketing like concept… but the The 4-Hour Chef sounds really interesting. You have one buyer already as soon as the books is available. I am sure you will enjoy the process to create it as well.

    I look forward to feature the book on my books related muse project (link behind my name).

    Good luck!

  8. Wow … what a surprise! (*french accent here with “surprise”), I’m sure you had loads of fun in … uhm … Tokyo ? Cuisine Tokyionaise?

  9. I read the last sentence like this:

    “I have every intention of making The 4-Hour Chef the biggest thing I’ve ever done, and the lunch will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.”

  10. I hate books with recipes that I have on my kindle. They are a pain to use and navigate. If anyone can revolutionize and make something work on a Kindle it is Tim Ferris. I am optimistic have my fingers crossed that a new standard can be set.

  11. Congrats Tim!! This is going to be awesome!

    Can’t wait to check out the new book when it’s released.. I’ll add to my collection alongside 4HWW and 4HB. 🙂

  12. It would be nice to have a food photography contest, where you must submit pictures of meals that you’re putting in your book. Best picture wins a prize, and gets their photo in the book. Or you could have someone take all them so they’re consistent, but that’s no fun.

  13. Hey Tim,

    I loved Four-Hour Body, and really enjoyed recipes out of your slow-carb cookbook. I really hope you continue to go via the Paleo-Primal mentality in this book, as we know that’s the healthiest way to eat in order to burn fat and gain lean muscle. 🙂

  14. Great news Tim! I have no doubt that you’ll someday rule the world. Keep pumping out excellent content for all of us to consume!

  15. I can’t wait!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your Opening the Kimono event, I wish I could attend. I hustled very hard but came up short.

    Like I originally mentioned, the spirit is willing but the wallet is weak.

  16. Of course: I’m one of the nerds and quickly checked out … and what I saw there was the worst “under construction”-site ever… Upload something funny for us nerds!

    Ich hoffe Dein Buch hat grossen Erfolg und wird auch in Deutsch übersetzt!

    Zai Jien!

  17. Awesome! Congratulations, Tim!

    I’ll be graduating college a month after the book arrives, so this will be perfect to take off campus for surviving in the real world without the delicious, healthy dining hall food served around the Claremont Colleges.

    Looking forward to helping out in any way possible. Best of luck!

  18. Hey Tim,

    Congratulations! Its really awesome to see you with experimenting and growing with your life and its decision!

    Best of luck and may this book be a record breaking one which reaches new heights!


    Abhinav Gulyani 🙂

  19. Big congrats Tim! Can’t wait for the book. It would be interesting to have different sections for vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as tips for how to maximize protein intake while eating meat-less food, as that seems like something many veggies (especially exercising ones) have a big problem with.


  20. Congrats Tim! My diet has already changed significantly because of your books and blog posts. I’m thinking this is going to change it even further 🙂

  21. Awesome news Tim, congratulations. I hope there will be sport-specific recipes or guidelines. As a runner, it’ll be interesting to see your food recommendations for endurance athletes. Can’t wait – and let me know if I can help!

  22. SOLD!!

    I need some help to take away that ‘what am i doing’ feeling I get when I’m shattered in the supermarket at the end of a workday.

    Looking forward to it!!


  23. TIM! YESSSSS! I didn’t catch a release date, did I miss it? When’s this things coming!? Congratulations yet again!

  24. While the Amazon publishing foray seems like the big news of this post, I’ll be very interested to see your new book when it comes out, Tim.

    For most single men, cooking is the biggest stumbling block in their daily lives. I try to help them with some preparation and nutrition strategies, but it will be great to have another great cookbook to point guys to.

    Any point-form teasers yet?

  25. Pretty epic announcement and I am sure this is just the first of many young authors to get on the amazon band wagon.

    Congrats and maybe it will help me get into the kitchen more and make my wife happy 🙂

  26. Tim: question from the library community. Do you know if Amazon intends to participate in the Cataloging in Publication (CIP) program at the Library of Congress?

    Doing so will ensure decent (i.e., non-shitty) library metadata associated with your book. No less than 1,337 libraries use a single common record for the 1st edition of 4HWW.

    BTW Your name authority record at the Library of Congress is… unusual: 2006087353

    “CIP t.p. (Timothy Ferriss) data view (“28-year-old serial vagabond and successful nutriceutical entrepreneur”; for 4 yrs. has taught a course at Princeton on career development, balancing life and work, etc.)”

  27. I hope there will be tips to also make the following dream come true:

    “I have a dream that one day, my dishes will wash themselves.” –Farid Luther King

  28. Great work Tim! I have loved each book in the 4-hour series so far. The 4-hour work week changed my life. I am currently on the slow carb diet and loving it. Keep up the good work.

  29. Congratulations Tim! I’ve lost over 20 pounds on the slow carb diet since July 1st using the single chapter in the 4-Hour Body. I can’t wait to see an entire book of recipes, because I am getting sick of eating spinach salads, steak, and beans!

  30. I’ve followed you for closely for years. My intuition was telling me you were going to make a movie or do something in film? Can we expect something in that medium also? Congrats on the announcement bro that is HUGE!

  31. Sounds like you weren’t expecting the news to be out. Good responses though. I’ll admit I was a bit surprised to hear about the new book since cooking hasn’t been something you’re known for (in fact, I think you’ve written several times that you don’t cook much and eat out quite often.)

    But…if this is a book to teach people how to hack cooking, I’m all for it. There needs to be an easier way to let people without great culinary training discover how to easily cook meals they can enjoy. I’ll be excited to see how it progresses.

  32. Well done Tim – This is huge news and it’s been such an honour to watch your journey and evolution to here. You deserve every part of this success.

    I’m still pissed I’ll miss you in Melbourne (I’ll be in NY) though!

    x Denise DT

  33. I’m excited to see how you launch/promote this one…

    Congrats on being the first writer for Amazon publishing, Tim.

    And… “The launch will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.”

    I think everyone who follows what you do already knows that.

    Keep it up.

  34. I saw this on facebook – first I thought you were kidding. 🙂

    Congrats to the deal with Amazon!

    As a small favor to a loyal reader, in this upcoming book can you please tell my friends it is perfectly normal to eat 4 hard boiled eggs, a salmon stake and bowl of salad for breakfast?

    (ok the chocolate cake before and after was a bit too much, that’s on me)

    ps I am only 80 kilos

  35. LOL….I bought the 4 Hour Body a week or so ago and one of the last things that I read in it last night was something along the lines of, “I eat out twice a day, everyday, and basically have been for the last 5 years.” Or something along those lines.

    Sorry, but when I saw this, that just jumped in my head.

    Will be interesting to see what you cook up this time……haha…..yes, jolly good!

  36. These questions aren’t necessarily for Tim, but perhaps someone can help me out. What is the difference between the new Amazon imprint and The Domino Project which is affiliated with Amazon? What are the pros and cons of going with one over the other?

  37. Wow that’s big news! Congrats man! Going to be interesting to see how Amazon’s moves effects the traditional publishing.

  38. “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

    Bravo Tim, maybe after this you will earn the right to be called the “Great One”!

  39. Sounds good. It was inevitable really. I’ve been working some similar thoughts out on how to set things up to eat better with less effort; prepare in bulk, find things that can be made very quickly, etc.

    I will admit that the idea of amazon taking over publishing makes me nervous. Vertical monopolies are, of course, always the future.

  40. This does not surprise but rather reaffirms what many people already know and feel is coming in publishing. By using an author Like Tim this will allow Amazon to show case what they can do right out of the box as far as audience reach and diversity of subject matter.

    The ipad and Kindel have allowed a segment of the market that would probably never have purchased a digital book to leap decades of technology know how and arrive at a simple easy and enjoyable experience.More importantly one that will become the norm and will open doors for many authors who previously may never have had a chance to publish their content widely.

    Now Tim will your budget for the “4 Hour Chef”

    promotion be $20,000 or less?

  41. Wow Tim,

    I didn’t think you could be writing a more awesome followup to your two current books.

    Extremely excited about this one and looking forward to lending my expertise and support.


  42. Hey Tim,

    I’m a big admirer of what you do, but I think you may have to do some work to build up credibility on this topic.

    In one of your previous videos you’ve outright said that you “don’t cook because you don’t like the cleanup” ( Food is certainly an essential part of your advice on eating healthy, but with a name like ‘The 4-Hour Chef’ I think most potential readers will expect the author to have culinary chops. You talk again and again about eating food prepared for you, but rarely have you described a delicious meal you’ve made from scratch. And no, egg whites in the microwave don’t count 😉

    There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a good marketing campaign, but just beware that this particular long-time follower initially thought this post was tongue-in-cheek because you’ve professed to having such a troubled relationship with cooking!

    Without perceived expertise in food and cuisine, I’m worried it will be difficult for this book to be as big as you hope. I do hope you prove me wrong though 🙂

  43. I’ll be interested in how you keep reader’s attention with the “4 Hour Chef”, and I hope it will be more than a recipe book.

  44. Nice one, Tim. I’m excited to see how this plays out, and it will be great to have you as an ambassador for a new brand of publishing. It’s also very positive to see how you kept Crown in the loop throughout the process, and acknowledged their contribution and influence on your first two books. Best of luck with it and I’m sure the next one will be a big success.

    – Tristan.

  45. Can’t wait for the new book, and seeing a collection of slow carb recipes. Will submit a few of my own too.

    Big congratulations on going with Amazon, a wise decision I’m sure.

  46. This is awesome Tim congratulations! I am still working on implementing the 4-Hour Workweek lifestyle, it has truly changed the way I think. Hopefully I will catch up by the time this book is out! Cooking takes me too much time, so I usually cook only breakfast food, toast and eggs, this book will be really helpful:)

  47. You should ditch the whole cooking thing and go straight to teaching people how to be a dentist. Cause that would be dentastic.

  48. I have both previous books which were outstanding and I plan on getting this one too. If you haven’t picked up the 4 Hour Workweek you should today. Then the 4 Hour Body and then this new one.

    Thanks Tim for quality, humor and practical usefulness.

  49. We have been talking about posting and/or sending in some slow carb recipes and videos for a while. I think this pretty much means we have to ante up. Thanks for the opportunity Tim.

    Kevin and Natalie

  50. Congrats Tim! I hope the recipes will include super rare herbs from Nepal that cause you to run 50 mph or gain 20 lbs pounds of muscle in three days.

  51. Sounds like another great book in the making! I’ve got a product that would go great with it, I submitted the form request explaining what it is. Good luck with the 4HC, I’m looking forward to some updates along the way!

  52. Tim!

    This is nothing short of amazing. Congratulations! You obviously deserve every ounce of success you get.

    Keep on rocking!


    P.S. Hope to see at at B.M. TedX is coming to our camp on Thursday. Play(a)skool 8 and espanade.

    P.P.S. Would love to be a part of the book. Filling out the form now. We’ve evolved the Slow Carb diet on a few new fronts.

  53. I’ll be fascinated to see what you come up with Tim.

    Funny for your next book I would have put my money on it being “The 4-hour Linguist”. I could never get that hang of languages, so would love to see that!

  54. Awesome Tim, I can’t wait. This will be a great supplement to The 4 Hour Body!

    I love how you’re always shaking up the conventional systems for doing everything.

    Good luck!

  55. 4 Hour Chef or 4 Hour Linguist, I wasn’t sure which it’d be but I’m glad all the same. I’d say good luck, but you don’t seem to use luck very often. Good show!

  56. If you can really help a vegetarian really take advantage of slow card, you already have my money. 4 Hour Body has changed the way I work out, but sort of failed me in the eating department. However, the idea of when to take protein supplements was helpful but I felt so lost with the eating since it mainly revolved around eating meat.

    Other than that, really ready to see what you have in the works. Let us know your crazy scheme for pre-orders.

  57. It’s been awesome watching your success over the last few years and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon! You’ve dealt with the haters very well and I think that’s very admirable. I’ve seen critics tear you apart on their blogs only to mention they’ve never even read your books. What a display of ignorance. Keep up the good work Tim and I’ll keep buying your books and reading your blog.



  58. Haha great idea but i thought you didn’t like cooking? Maybe my memory is getting faulty or something but in the 4 hour body you talked about mixing spinach and eggs and microwaving them to avoid more complex cooking. Maybe that was to avoid dishes. I can’t remember.

    It’ll be interesting though. And congrats on getting the first amazon publishing gig. That’s a history maker.

    I think it will be interesting too in that a meal that takes four hours would actually be very involved. The four minute meal seems more tim haha.

    Good luck buddy. I’m already looking forward to it.

  59. Wow, THAT was unexpected:) But then, that’s what we all love to expect from you. CONGRATULATIONS on the very bold move! It makes sense on so many different levels. This isn’t about abandoning big publishing, it’s about stepping up to lead the revolution. You are the perfect pick for the role. You shrug off the status quo and you are at the front of a pack of new generation writers and readers that are inevitably gravitating to a digital future.

    A word on the “self-help guru for young men” line… From my conversations with friends it seems that the “young men” were clearly part of the early adopter group that helped get the conversation started about your books and blog. I think that the 60/40 male-female split will equal out as ventures like this one with Amazon continue to improve awareness and correct misinformation out there. And as you said, the numbers from your Facebook Fan Page and blog analytics are encouraging.

    Now for a practical question: The titles of “The 4-Hour Work Week” and “The 4-Hour Body” both sound like amazing recipes for 80/20 strategies and, as the NYT piece said, “how to get the most change…for the least amount of effort”. On face value, “The 4-Hour Chef” sounds more like slow cooking or high cuisine than time-efficient, high-impact meal prep. What kind of an angle are you taking with the book? I’m sure you’ve found an excellent way to position this newest addition to the 4-Hour series and I was just curious as to what it would look like.

  60. 1st COMMENT!

    looking forward to this book, and im in NY for a year doing some of my own lifestyle design and business experiments


    Trader Joes

    bought the Blue Fin (white) and thier is a Green Fin (red) …. that i just had to buy out of relative curiousity its was not bad at all, total money spent, less than 10 dollars.


    couple years ago i tried to design a desciplen of certin intakes of food that would promote optimal health, the 2.5% so to speak, lacked the proper knowlodge and never got around to really getting a compitent handle on it but did well, any chance you disigned something like this for yourself?

    1. I gotta say i feel a bit disappointed by this. And it’s hard to put my finger on exactly why.

      It seems like you’re cashing in on your brand announcing the next book only 9 months after the last one. And on a topic that you don’t appear to have a lot of demonstrated experience in.

      I really enjoyed 4HWW – it basically gave me permission to change my life completely, and I’m experimenting now with 4HB… admittedly with limited success.

      I hope you’ll prove me wrong and push the envelope again as you have in the past but right now it just doesn’t look like you’re doing that.

      1. I agree.

        Further, the titles of 4 hour body (and now) 4 hour chef don’t make sense and aren’t that interesting.

        I guess I’ll just have to come to terms with the fact that a book like 4HWW comes every 20 years.

  61. The new title, I guess, is a natural progression from FHB. However, what’s exciting is there’s so many ways you can go with this. Obviously the book is about ‘hacking cooking & eating’, but what does that mean for someone like myself who already cooks every meal from scratch?

    Looking forward to perhaps you grouping up foods into some kind of recipe formula. Also expect there will be some Paleo, and I’m really hoping you’ll cover off raw food.

    I really enjoyed Jamie Oliver’s ’30 minute meals’ book here in the UK, his philosophy is all based around making a 3 course meal in half an hour. Perhaps you’ll go down this route?

    I also hope one day you can get back to writing more on the lines of starting businesses, venture capital etc. This is your true strength & have so much to offer.

    Happy writing, can’t wait.

  62. Very cool!

    Is the new book going to be an actual hack on Cooking Food? Or will it be a recipe book like “Slow-Carb Cookbook, Volume 2”?

    I admire you for being brave with experimenting.

    Wish you all the best with it!

  63. I’m a fan, but I must admit I am O_O

    Waiting to see what you could possibly pull off in the area of cooking that would be anywhere near as good as 4HWW and 4HB.

    Amaze me!

  64. First and foremost congrats on the accomplishment!!! I really enjoyed both the 4 Hour Work and Body. I will surely pick this one up as well. I am still working on my muse from the 4HWW but things are looking up!

  65. This is sweet. It would be awesome if you add in a whole section of Mass-gaining meals, but not that bs you get from Flex magazine. Maybe add a supplementation routine as well? Looking forward to this. This calls for a new Random Show.

  66. How exciting! I’m currently teaching cooking classes to show busy people that healthy cooking does NOT have to be a chore – there’s certainly a need for this!


  67. Congrats on the Amazon deal! I await the cookbook with bated breath – and look forward to seeing what you do for the launch.

    FYI – Alexa says that your audience is predominantly male, age 34 & under, without kids.

    As the master of metrics, what way do you think is the most accurate in measuring the age, gender, etc of readers? (There’s lots of talk in internet marketing to creating the “Ideal Customer” based on such statistics.)

  68. I just wanted to suggest having a recipe for Shakshuka.

    I’ve been living in the US (coming from Israel) for about 4 years and this is definitely my number one choice for “cook for your girlfriend – third date” meal.

    It’s so simple to make, but for Americans it looks and taste so exotic that it creates the best ever effort to result ratio. Works on any girl like a charm 🙂

    Bonus: It is made mostly from eggs, tomatoes and peppers so it is healthy and has no carbs.

    Side note: We once cooked for al of Yossi Vardi Kinnernet and made a Shakshuka from 68 eggs. Probably the largest Shakshuka in the world…

  69. Not sure I can wait for this to come out – I’m new to the SCD and definitely needing some inspiring recipes! 🙂

    Thanks for everthing, Tim …