The 4-Hour Chef is LIVE — Dr. Oz, NYC Cabs, TaskRabbit, London, and More

The 4-Hour Chef has arrived and is available today.

It’s 672 pages of full-color goodness that required blood, sweat, and tears (literally) for nearly two years.  Putting it together was brutal.  In the end, I think it’s the best book I’ve written, a very unusual choose-your-own-adventure guide to learning and life.  I really hope you like it.

This week is a big ‘un.  To get us started…

– I will be on Dr. Oz today for 30+ minutes.  Full of surprises.  Find local times at the bottom-right corner here.

– All NYC cabs will soon be running a 15-second version of The 4-Hour Chef cinematic trailer.  I thought it’d be fun to carpet bomb the city.  Why not?  The trailer has nearly 1.5 million views and is now the most-viewed non-fiction book trailer of all-time.

– I’ve partnered with TaskRabbit to automate grocery shopping nationwide.  For all recipes in the first DOMESTIC section, you can order ingredients for each “lesson” with one click.  Click here to see if it’s available in your city.

– Come hang out with me in NYC today!  From 3pm-6pm ET, I’ll be signing books (my only NYC book signing!) at Panera Bread at 452 5th Avenue (at 39th).  Hope to see you there.

– If you haven’t yet, please consider buying the book as a X-mas/holiday gift!  The more, the merrier!  It’s truly a gorgeous book…easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made.  The 4-Hour Chef was #2 on Amazon earlier, but it’s currently getting blasted by an unexpected onslaught of Disney Nursery Rhymes.  Merciless!

– The UK edition of The 4-Hour Chef also launches today.  I’ve always wanted a simultaneous US/UK launch.  Now my friends across the pond don’t have to wait for “pants” to become “trousers”!  I’ll be visiting London in January to party with y’all.  Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be following Chef Thomas Keller’s instructions…


The kitchen of Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York City. It is only one of seven restaurants in the US to be awarded three Michelin stars. (Photo from The 4-Hour Chef)

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93 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef is LIVE — Dr. Oz, NYC Cabs, TaskRabbit, London, and More”

    1. Hi Tim,

      I just heard you for the first time on the radio with Steve Harrison. I will be purchasing your 4-Hour Chef book on payday!!! I look forward to reading it and learning from it. I also look forward to learning how to swim, speak Spanish and Creolo, and get my books that are presently written but not published…published.

      I’m excited for your dreams coming true and excited for all of us who get the opportunity to benefit from your plan. When I get my hands on the book, not only will I excel and exceed…my students in my public school, one year old grand baby and three grown children will benefit as well.

      I almost can’t wait.…here I come.

      Keep up the good work and keep writing.


  1. Honored to have had the chance to sit down and pick your brain about the book for my site. This is a truly remarkable piece of literature Tim, and has done something that I previously would have thought impossible–it’s sparked my interest in cooking!


  2. Tim: love the trailer and am absolutely stoked to hear that you are crossing the pond in January! Make sure you bring your warm trousers…


  3. Aweseome book, near the half, I´ll write the first german review on Amazon hopefully! 🙂

    Won´t forget the stuff with the milk, and hope that the tears were coming from onions and chilli! 🙂

    greets from Austria


  4. Good stuff and good luck looking forward to my copy arriving. Based on the preview content, it’s a…. strange book.

  5. Pre-ordered the book on Amazon and it arrives today! Very excited to read it and have fun with the material over the winter. Love what you are doing with NYC cabs and Taskrabbit, that is so Two-Thousand-Teens!

    Congrats on the release, and good fortune to you as you go head to head with those Disney Nursery Rhymes!

  6. Pleasantly surprised to find this in my Kindle this AM, don’t know how long ago I pre-ordered.

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, too. I’ve adapted the quote you included from Bruce Lee, just for this meal:

    Adapt what is tasty, reject what is processed, & add what is deliciously your own.

    Cheers, Tim!

  7. A book signing in a bakery. Genius.

    Looking forward to partying in January! I’ve ordered the US edition so will have to correct the “pants” in my head. Either that or do everything in my underwear.

  8. P.S. Lucky for you Amazon don’t sell bread or you’d be really screwed. 😉

    I read the samples and this really does look like your best book yet. Well done for not resting on your considerable laurels!

  9. Congrats! I’m really interested in how this marketing strategy (creativeLive, JRE podcast, Dr. Oz, etc) works for you. Really cool stuff. Do any other authors do this?

    CreativeLIVE was dope, couldn’t not buy that course. And Rogan’s podcast is always legit. Have you thought about doing your own monthly or biweekly TV show or podcast? It seems like you have a network of incredible people that mainstream hasn’t heard of.

    Also are you looking at sniper-rifle modeling as next career? 🙂

  10. All the best with the launch this week and show Disney who’s boss 🙂

    When I was in NYC last week, I thought to myself that in cab advertising is actually a pretty effective old school way of marketing and now I see that you are already on that tip. Great call!

  11. Hi Tim,

    First post here because my english is not very good but in progress 🙂

    But I can’t stay flat when I saw all videos about “4-hour chef”.

    I was decide to buy the french version but I can’t wait… I will buy both.

    Beautiful work Tim, continue like that.

    Jeremy Goldyn, a belgian entrepreneur

  12. Hey Tim,

    Great to hear you are coming over in Jan… Might migrate South a little from Manchester for the occasion 😉

    Unfortunately we don’t have any “direct” 4HC hardcover offerings over here (only paperback), nor can we enjoy the Kindle edition at lesser cost when buying the paper version.

    Any deals for the “lads” over here?



  13. I’m currently in Tel Aviv (on what probably is the most worrisome mini retirement ever).

    Anyone any idea of what would be the fastest way to get my hands on this book?

      1. Thx Raziel, but it takes ages!

        But I’ve downloaded Kindle for mac and bought the kindle version. That was the fastest (and cheapest) way.

  14. 100 pages in and taking detailed notes and action steps on how I’m going t apply this to higher level jazz & funk piano/keys playing

    Thanks Tim


  15. Just finished reading the Frequency.pdf give away from AppSumo. Great stuff. Some amazing tips directly related to my immediate language learning needs. I found 2 mistakes in the text that I’d like to share for your benefit if/when you’ll be making edits to the book in the future.

    First Small Fix – Sentence – Have a celebratory glass of wine at lunch or lunch. (correction) at lunch or dinner.

    Second Small Fix – Sentence – Back to languages: if you’ve planned a trip to Italy in 6 months and wanted to speak Spanish while there, how might you prepare? (correction) speak Italian.

    I would give you the exact page number for reference, but this is just from the PDF download I received from AppSumo.

    I would happily read the entire book and send you any corrections I may find within a 48 hour period upon request.

    Wonderful work again. Thanks!

  16. If we focus on the stated aim of the book, which is to determine, for the health and economic benefit of all, the future of food production in the United States, then Barnes & Noble’s tactics appear all the more pathetic. It’s a grand, noble and immeasurably important ambition. The bigger picture is a better planet.

    Congratulations, Tim, looking forward to this so much!

  17. Anyone know where in orlando florida the book will be sold…..barnes and noble …books a million not selling in stores…cant wait 3 days for shipping…haha..i really appreciate any response…

  18. Tim, congrats on the new book! I couldn’t wait for the hard copy to arrive, so I just picked up the Kindle edition and can’t wait to get fired into it! Good luck with the launch….we’re all cheering for you to stick it to the bricks-and-mortar establishment!

  19. Congratulations on the launch, just purchased my copy when I received the email from the rest feed indicating that it is now live, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  20. Congrats on the release and very happy I was able to download it at midnight from across the pond!

    I am sure the book will be HUGE and hope to party when you’re in London!

  21. Whoah! Juat checked out your amazon link and the stats–what did you do to Disney? You’ve got little mermaids, buzz lightyear, the princesses and cars attacking you! And whats up with the wimpy kid?

    Keep up the good fight! I’m rooting for you!

    (I just won’t tell my kids that I’m hoping you beat Disney)

  22. I have no idea when I bought the book, but it was a long time ago. Looking forward to having it hit my doorstep and speaking the gospel. Congrats.

  23. Tim,

    Just out of curiosity:

    How are you managing time this week with a book launch, personal appearances?

    Are you automating to keep your hours down?

    Whats your actual hours of “work” this week?


  24. congrats and good luck! I’ve purchased 3 hard covers and a kindle edition to keep me busy while I wait for the hardcovers. So far so good! Woot woot!

  25. Congrats Tim!, what a book. We received our kindle edition and have been enjoying. Can’t wait for the hard cover. Loved the Creative live event also whole office watched,great way to promote but also share great expert advice. Most loved Kelly Starett, who doesn’t have a bad back?

    Keep on shaking up the publishing world!


  26. Congratulations. I’m super excited to read it. And very interested to see whether you can pull off another bestseller, despite the B&N boycott.

  27. Does anyone know if the Kindle edition is in black and white or is it also in color (obviously only on devices with color screens)?

  28. Went out to check the mail this morning and had my copy waiting for me already. It seems it was delivered yesterday. The book is beautiful and I am already digging through it. Congrats again, Tim!

  29. Reading the book now, thanks to Kindle! And my hard copy is on the way…

    Page 17 – “Josh Viertel… whom I’d helped kick caffeine withdrawal the week before.”

    With no reference?? I am addicted and I know it… would love to know what this means!

    Perhaps I just need to read the rest of the book 🙂

  30. I live in Germany, and I’ll have to wait until Christmas for my hardcover. I am really looking forward to it. Still, it would be nice if the hard cover always included the kindle edition. Why pay twice for the same content?

    I ordered the “4-hour body” on kindle and I it was a mistake not to buy such an important book on real paper. As far as I know, the kindle/hardcover combo with the amazon voucher was not available on

  31. Hi Tim.

    Congratulation for the good work.

    I have ordered hardcover book of your book. I’m excited about.

    But i have a problem with amazon store.

    I want to buy a kindle copy but i’m italian and i don’t know why but the prince in and others for me is not 4.99 dollars but 9 dollars an more .. is correct ? or is an amazon mistake ?

  32. Hoping to see your book(s) in the mail tomorrow.

    Ordered 3 when I read your post. Fuck Barnes & Noble. Fight the power!


    Thanks for the gift card!

  33. Hey Tim,

    I pre-ordered the Kindle book way back in January and then it went half off today. I went and pre-ordered it as you asked for that in a blog post a long time ago, but then it goes half off. How about giving the better deal to the more loyal people who do things like pre-order? It really punishes the loyalist to play those kinds of pricing games. Now I have to waste time asking Amazon to refund me the extra money as they just charged me today. It’s a really a terrible experience.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m very sorry for the confusion! Even if you ordered it for $9.99, you should have only be charged $4.99 when the book “shipped.” This is part of Amazon Price Guarantee. Some people were accidentally charged $5.99, but Amazon spotted this mess up and is automatically crediting folks.

      My apologies again, but no need to contact Amazon! You will automatically be charged the lowest price!


  34. The book just showed up and it’s GORGEOUS. Really, really good looking layout – better than a graphic design textbook. Funny enough, Amazon sent it in the same box as my latest PAGG order. After reading the table of contents I had to go straight to SCD-approved wines, and was very happy to see two of my favorites (Sangiovese and Rioja) listed. I’ve been sticking mainly to those, Montepulcianos, and occasionally Malbecs on the SCD. I knew they were dry, but it’s nice to get a confirmation. Yum.

    Speaking of sugar content, have you (or anyone else here) done home-made kombucha and tested sugar content? I want to make citrus or other fruit kombucha, make sure it’s super-low sugar, and drink it all the time. I’ve been looking at ordering Benedict’s solution, but it relies on color to determine sugar, and kombucha’s natural color could mess with that.

    Also re: kombucha – my latest low-sugar drinking discovery is Guava kombucha (GT’s) with Tanquery Rangpur gin, which is a little smoother than regular Tanq, and pre-limed. Try it. But be careful!!! It’s way too easy to drink. Mistakes were made.

  35. I got the book today, have nearly finished, think it is great. And I say that as a vegetarian-almost-always-vegan: I might not be cooking all the dishes but have learned a huge amount.

    Will be buying an aeropress, but just wanted to ask – have you tried a presso coffee maker? Not only do they make an awesome coffee, they look fantastic, are really fun to use, and of course there is the benefit of practically no plastic and you don’t have to use any power other than your arms, so there is very little ‘faffing about’.

    Again, thanks for the great book, and the great attitude. You are giving people something really great

  36. Hey, Tim! I’m having some problems with the Kindle version. Amazon said (in the “Manage your kindle” page) there was an update to the book, and, since I clicked “Update”, I can’t have access to the book through the Cloud Reader. Needless to say that I’m desperate to continue reading this amazing book! Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

  37. Tim,

    I went to Barnes and Noble and asked them to look up your new book to see if they had it in stock. I want to make sure it’s in their computer that people want it and they are missing out.

  38. I’ve been checking my mailroom every hour since this morning and I finally got it! I’ve been reading the kindle version all day to help deal with the waiting. Now that I have the book I’d like to tell anyone who has the ebook version: it doesn’t compare at all. I mean, all the text is the same, but the physical book is glorious. It’s a huge improvement over the 4hour body. All the color pictures, side notes, charts, and diagrams demand a tangible, corporeal presence that you just won’t get with the ebook.

  39. I’ve been checking my mailroom every hour since this morning and I finally got it! I’ve been reading the kindle version all day to help deal with the waiting. Now that I have the book I’d like to tell anyone who has the ebook version: it doesn’t compare at all. I mean, all the text is the same, but the physical book is glorious. It’s a huge improvement over the 4hour body. All the color pictures, side notes, charts, and diagrams demand a tangible, corporeal presence that you just won’t get with the ebook.

  40. I live in rural midwest America so will get my 3 copies tomorrow. Don’t remember how I found the Four Hour Workweek in 2009, but I don’t want to know what would’ve happened if I didn’t. Thanks for the courage and wisdom Tim. I’m promoting your book to my friends. Happy launching day.

  41. I was at my moms today for for the afternoon episode of Dr.OZ. She asked me if you were the “bean diet guy?” haha..She is an amazing southern cook of things that taste great, but might not be the healthiest choices. Looking forward to sharing the new book with her and working towards a healthier, happier, and smarter life. Congratulations in advance for the amazing success of the 4 Hour Chef!

  42. Hey Tim,

    Went to order on (the Canadian site) which states the book “Usually ships in 1-2 months.” Perhaps it’s just a glitch, but wanted to let you know.

    It’s available and in-stock at but I haven’t been to a Chapters store to see if they have copies on hand.

    Are the books available at Panera in Canada as well?

    Best of luck with the launch!

  43. I just got my pre-order and I am wondering who the picture on the back of the hardcover is? I also like the “Higher in Canada” too 😛

  44. Met Tim @ Panera – he was nice enough to sign all five copies!

    Side note, felt like that kid from the Christmas Story when he first met Santa, thought of a million questions, but ended up blank. Should have at least asked for a Red Rider BB Gun.

    Thanks for being such a nice guy.

    Toshi O.

  45. I’m a huge fan of the work you’ve been doing! I can’t wait to see this book. 672 pages…wow! I got a notification it arrived, but of course I’m away for Thanksgiving. My question is are you cooking Thanksgiving meal this year? And what’s the most unusual or different thing on the menu?

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  46. Tim.

    On your recent photos you look tired, haggard and overstressed, man. Seriously, take your own advice and take a break from it all. Also, B&N can #### itself. Just saying.

  47. Early Christmas present to Tim…

    Went into B.A.M. today and acted confused. Going up to the counter I asked if they had a book called “The 4 Hour Chef.”

    “Unfortunately, it isn’t in stock in any stores within 50 miles… However we can order it for you.”

    “Hahaha no really, where can I find it?”

    *shows me screen*

    “Wow… somebody made a major oversight on this one… This book is one of the top 10 best selling books on Amazon right now- the guy is a NY Time’s best seller! If I were you, I’d be telling all of my managers to get this fixed before they bleed any more sales, they’re losing a lot of customers and money.”

    “Oh definitely, I’ll be sure to let him know, that’s really weird!”

    “Thanks for all of your help- oh and check out the book… It’s supposed to be fantastic :)”

    “Sorry we couldnt find it for you, but I’ll check it out right now! :)”

    Another example:

    Posted a link to Facebook. Within 3 min… “I’m sold. Just ordered a copy.”

    The hardcover is supposed to be here tomorrow and I now have the 4HC on every kindle enabled device I own.

    Have a great Thanksgiving- I know I will!


  48. Unfortunately, I asked for the book for Christmas. One of the worst decisions of my life. I don’t want to spoil it and buy it for myself and read it before I get it, but I’ve bought several copies as gifts.

    Now to practive self-restraint in not spoiling the book.


  49. I don’t often buy books, but when I do it’s the four hour chef and I read the first 50 pages in one sitting.

    Great book so far, Tim. Glad you’re beating the publishing hierarchy, and I was proud to support your efforts.


  50. Congrats on the book, looking forward to reading it! This will be the first time I’m reading one of your books in physical form vs. on a Kindle; how very retro. I’m guessing it’s in for a long and messy life on my kitchen counter. 🙂

  51. Tim, thanks for another great book.

    Amazon quality control issue for you: my book was shipped with no packing material, just rattling around loose in an oversized box. If this is a widespread problem, might be worth mentioning to them.

  52. Tim!

    The PAIN!! I live around the corner from 39th and Park and had the day off and managed to do everything but check the blog yesterday. I didn’t have my copies of the 4HWW (heavily worn from commuting, family and friends borrowing) and 4HB to be signed; it was just not meant to be. Looking forward to your newest installment.


  53. As a person who LOVES life and freedom as you come across, it is difficult to see you with that riffle in the shoulder…. I can’t feel a bit disappointed…

  54. Good luck on the book Tim

    Just for fun though how about a cheeky caption competition for the post photo

    Mine is: “no seriously I’m giving you 10 seconds to run… See I’m looking away”

  55. I have been reading 4-Hour Chef and I have to say I really like it. I have an idea on separating eggs that you might be interested to hear about. I occasionally teach kids to cook and they tend to be intimidated with the process of separating eggs. (And yes, the average kid who has never cooked a thing, does not yet know how to consistently tap an egg to the counter with the result of neat, evenly edged halves, but I am guessing neither do you, if you have never cooked a thing.) My practicing method involves more dishes, but hey, you can use paper cups if you truly hate doing dishes or don’t have extras available.

    The main difference is that for your two egg plus two yolk scramble you start by separating the first egg to a “temp” container. If you accidentally break the yolk sac and end up with yolk all mixed up in your white, no worries. Just use the whole egg and try with the next one. When you succeed and have a perfect white in the “temp” container, you just put the “temp” container aside as the container where you save your whites and use the next “temp” container for breaking the next egg. When you get the next perfect white, add it to the whites container and you can re-use the “temp” container for more practice.

    You can (and should, if you want to get good at it) practice with all eggs until your risk of breaking the yolk gets small enough.

  56. just got the kindle version of 4HC and while I love it, I’m more than a little confused by the recipes. as i’m getting ready to pass my 2-year anniversary as a 4HB devotee, now I see recipes calling for a half a bottle of white wine? (i thought white wine was verboten.) a recipe calling for cashews and encouraging almond slivers as a treat (i thought these were generally no-nos as well)? what’s up? Cause given the restrictions I’ve been putting on my diet the last two years I’m going to have some serious ‘splaining to do before I start cooking this for my wife, Tim

  57. Tim,

    Good luck bucking the establishment. Just curious, what rifle are you holding in the above picture and where are you hunting? Never heard you mention hunting in anything you’ve written.

    Best of luck,


  58. So I have my copy and just ordered all the gear for weeks 1-2. I only have one question: who is the Japanese guy on the back cover???

  59. Tim,

    Just wanted to say that the cover photo for this page is awesome! Looks like a fun day.

    Reading the book. Loving it! Recommending to all of my friends.



  60. hEy Tim, i need help. I got the book but am too intimidated to open it. Cooking has been the bane of my life 🙁

    What do you suggest?

  61. Tim, this is an old article but it really makes me miss the old times of London before this pandemic. I been living in London for the last 6 years and I can say that its the best city to live in, lots of opportunities, food, education and life in general. Beautiful written again, thank you! I’m always listening to your podcast in Spotify.