Random Episode 87 (or not): Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss talk knives, iPhone apps, flutes, and dog handling

After a long hiatus, here is a new episode of The Random Show! It’s not episode 87, but we couldn’t remember the number. Click here for all of our magical past episodes.

In this hang-out discussion, we enjoy a frolicking romp (c’mon, not that kind) through:

– Booking media and how-to tips

– How to build iPhone apps, how Kevin’s doing it, how to assemble (and pay) a team, and DIY tips

– How Kevin’s puppy effectively bites through mic cables

– Knives for military or survival use — Tim’s newest and perhaps oldest obsession

– 2010’s resolutions and 2011 New Year’s Resolutions…

A few URLs mentioned are:





michaelpollan.com – The Omnivore’s Dilemma




Kershaw Leek knife (what I had on my belt, recommended to me by Jason DeFillippo)

The Grayman Warrior

Boeker fixed blade (suggested by Yvon Chouinard)

ESEE-5 Randall

Evasive driving and Special Ops training:


Grayman “warrior” knife one-pager — outstanding (click to enlarge):

grayman knives


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203 Replies to “Random Episode 87 (or not): Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss talk knives, iPhone apps, flutes, and dog handling”

  1. Tim, thanks for covering iPhone app development. I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing about how to make a deal with a developer. Keep us posted on how you make it happen!


    PS: congrats on the new book. I’ve read both and I think they’re awesome.

  2. If your new hobby is survival gear and knives, check out Nutnfancy on Youtube.

    He does gear reviews and knife reviews and is highly respected in the community of all things “tacticool.”

    You’ll love him, I swear he’s my boyfriend’s new lover.

    For Christmas I got a couple of spyder-co knives. ( A pink Delica and a purple Ladybug ) I’m a girl: I must first and foremost fulfill my need for pretty-ness!

    Happy Collecting Tim!

  3. No Busse knives? Love the Randall knives – great value.

    How about a Tom Brown course? Or I’d love to see you go on a trek with Ray Mears.

  4. Why the hell do you guys know so much about knives? Haha where is this coming from? Now I want a knife. But what am I gonna do with it?

    1. http://leerburg.com/stream/videolist.php

      Leerburg has the highest quality most respected and proven dog training material anywhere. Look into the Michael Ellis videos in the link above. All I’ve done is watch the free material and I’ve learned so much.

      Tim- you should get a dog. Make sure you adopt one tho. I can see you with a pit. Excellent dog to wrestle around with. Big plus with the ladies too. 😉

  5. Do you guys use a full camera crew for these? I’m looking for a decent camera that can record HD and do that nifty looking foreground vs. background macro focus type thing. Looks super professional. Anyone know about that sort of thing?

    Darren (ProBlogger) has a camera that has the effect I’m talking about:

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s just Glenn that works on the Random shows, but I believe it’s the Canon 5D Mark II, which they have been using for Kevin’s DiggNation episodes…

    2. If you have a bit of money to spend get a Canon 60D with a 50mm lens. It’s exactly what you’re looking for. Or, if you want a more general suggestion then just look into DSLR filming. 🙂

    3. Marc,

      tldr version: You want a video-capable DSLR, such as the Canon 5DII or 7D.

      longer version: Without getting too precise or technical, that beautiful effect is called “shallow depth of field.” Video cameras with tiny (cheap) image chips cannot easily achieve shallow DoF, so almost everything in frame is sharp or almost-sharp. Film, on the other hand, is a GIGANTIC surface area compared to video chips, and film easily offers shallow DoF as an option.

      But then: Once DSLRs offered video output, we suddenly got video cameras with SUPER GIGANTIC chips (larger even than the Super 35mm film area that Hollywood filmmakers normally use). You can have super super shallow DoF now for a relatively cheap price.

      If you can’t afford a DSLR, there are also tricks you can use to get some shallow DoF. ProLost is a good blog on indie video matters:


    1. yup – 2 5d’s. one with a 24-70mm lens and then other (directly above it) with an 85mm 1.2 lens. not the best setup for a 1 person crew but fun to play around with. probably should’ve shot at a slower shutter speed with an aperture more around 3 for not sure a shallow depth of field.

  6. Tim,

    I love the random episodes; you and Kevin always look like you are having a good time and they are informative.

    I REALLY liked the last posting, and thought your insight into the slow build up of a media roll through the selective “opposing view” standpoint was a great idea. I am scouring the internet for ideas to speak out on in regards to my topic.

    I have recently met two people who have media connections, and as we approach Valentine’s Day I hope that my book Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story gets more and more attention. I have several segments on Playboy radio already scheduled, and a big Canadian Adult Store Chain just picked up the book. 🙂

    As I finish Book 2 and get it out on the market in March, I hope to parlay the burgeoning success of Book 1 and my blog into more success with another book.

    Still waiting to hear from Barnes and Noble regarding whether or not they are picking up my book. The suspense is killing me!!! I’ll keep you posted.

    Darren Michaels

    Independent Award winning Author

    Flipside Erotica: Both Sides of the Story

  7. I’m not so crazy about the Kershaw knives. I used to carry a Ken Onion (a Leek, I believe) … but because they’re smooth, I had a problem with it slipping out of the hip pocket of my khakis. Finally lost the last one in the back seat of a taxi cab in Costa Rica. And after that, I switched to the Benchmade Griptilian… which I’ve been carrying for the past few years and have rode hard and put away, wet. Love it.

    I also have a little tiny Camilus which served me well, in Bogota– as I was worried about carrying a knife that was too big. Met the guys from Camilus at the Shot Show, last week. Interesting company history. Allegedly, 4th generation owners of the company (brothers) embezzled millions from employee pension plan. Almost broke the company, and they’re still on the lamb.

    For the outdoor stuff: Check out Ron Hood (survival.com). Seems to be a good guy. Dave and Cody on Dual Survival (Discovery channel) is a blast, too.

    P.S. Next time you’re in Vegas, give me a holler and I’ll let you take a bite with the padded sleeve, from one of the hardest biting dogs you’ll ever come across. Not to mention a few tricks that will allow you to get Kevin’s dog to listen to you, better than him.

  8. Tim, you’ve got to get these on iTunes or some kind of podcast feed. 40+ minutes is a long time to just sit in front of a computer. Audio would be just fine.

  9. In all honesty, have not watched it yet. Just got home from an awful day, lost two court cases, and it’s been one heck of a week. I was so happy to see a new Random show when flipping through Flipboard it made me forget about everything else. Just opened a Malbec, put in some laundry, and now…on with the show. Thanks fellows!!!

  10. Tim – funny you mentioned Angry Birds – I recently spoke at GDC-China and met Peter from Angry Birds who was also a speaker. His talk revealed that AB brings in 1 million monthly just from the in-game ad revenue.

    Many developers are releasing free games now and integrating these ad banners which are usually at the top or bottom of the screen (admob, iAd, etc) Some will alternate those with ‘in-house’ ads, promoting their other games. You can usually ‘remove the ads’ for .99 and buy a full version. Of course, in-app purchases is a big money maker. Many free games make a killing aff the internal ‘micro-transactions’

    AB type games can be made for anywhere from 10 to 60k (straight contract), however, Kevins angle of a rev-share model based on interest is huge. I create music and sound for alot of iphone games and it’s usually cash + rev share for the ones I like 🙂

    I’ll be speaking on the subject at SXSW Interactive (Music and Sound for Mobile Games) and hope to see you there. Your book and ideas are a big reason I was accepted in the first place!



  11. It’ll be great to hear more about that company and the medical tests they make — whenever you’ll be able to talk about it, of course. I recently tried out genetic testing, so I’m curious what more this company would offer 🙂

  12. I love Random Episode!!! I learn a lot about different stuff. I think it should be done once a month. It’s also great when you guys talk about which books you have been reading. It’d be great to know what music and films you are into, too. It is also great when Tim talks about language learning.

    Tim, I am from Argentina, and watched your video in which you talk about yerba mate, and let me tell you that the brands you showed, in my opinion, are not that good. You should try the brand Aguantadora con palo, it’s my favourite one.

    Kind regards from Argentina,


  13. kia ora squirrel hands 😉 if your going to Jordan , let me know -have worked there and in 6 other ME countries, might be able to hook you up with some free gym memberships and some good contacts like the Personal trainer to the King of Jordan 😉

    and dont learn Egyptian Arabic! make sure its modern standard. and let me know where your planning to travel – there is one country you must not get a visa stamp in your passport – if you do – you will wont gert a visa into Qatar UAE, Saudi etc

    Kia Kaha Rob NZ

    1. Hey Rob – Just browsing and stumbled upon your link, must say, that is one fantastic looking setup you are running there 🙂


  14. I have the ebook version of 4 hour body and I really like the layout- you have a link to every product or reference.

    It gave me some good ideas about publishing. Also, thanks for the information on creating apps.

    Side note, if you are familiar with it, What do you think about Daniel Pink’s work?

    I’m talking mainly about A Whole New Mind and Drive

  15. + 1for more knife/evasive driving stuff.  If you want to take your preparedness/paranoia up a notch http://zombiehunters.org/forum/ has lots of good info on everything from bug out bags to self suffecient living.  Why don’t you bring a 5D and an intern along to film more adventures?

    I’m trying to pull 525@175 by next year.  I highly recommend regular coaching by someone super anal.  Even if you have good technique there’s a lot of little things to keep improving on.  That and filming your lifts to see angles, knee position, etc when you fail.  It also makes a nice record of your progress.

  16. More random stuff. Kydex sheathes are relatively easy to make if you want to do some diy. Basically you cut out your basic shape and heat it to about 300 and it becomes flexible like leather. You then wrap your knife/gun/flute and clamp it down while it cools. Finally add gromets or whatever. Tutorials all over the web. Very cheap too.

    I noticed that Grayman was already in my survival folder of favorites. Reminded me of some cool custom micro tools you might like http://www.atwoodknives.com/home/index.php

  17. Tim, my Benchmade Stryker has never let me down. Great EDC. SOG and Boker make some great functional knives as well. Don’t forget, there’s a reason why knives were once made with crossguard, choil, and fuller… if you’re going to get an ALL-purpose knife, you should take that into account.

    By the way, doing the slow-carb thing with the MED workouts and it’s working well. 4HB is a fantastic book – never thought I’d say this, but I think it’s better than 4HWW.

    1. You should be able to check for local bylaws, etc. regarding pocket knives. The most common limit I’m aware of is that if the blade is over 4″ long it cannot be carried as a CONCEALED weapon. Yes that means you can carry at 10″ blade on your belt, as long as everyone can see you have it.

      Mostly if you’re carrying a pocket knife and not doing anything to attract police attention, you’re not going to get into any trouble with the police over it. If you know your local laws about blade size limits, then there’s not much anyone can do about you carrying a knife unless you are being stupid with it.

  18. Thanks Guys.

    @Tim/John Locke – I see you’ve more than tripled your testosterone now! haha. @Kevin – Thanks for the app. price summary. Helped me see that creating an app. is out of my ball park for a current product I’m working on.

    P.S. Is there a place you can direct everyone to enter their 4HB progress stats?

    I also can’t figure out how to get the bonus stuff from the book on the website.

    *24 days on the Slow-carb diet and 10 pounds of body fat lost! 201 to 191.

    Thanks. JSJ

    1. Hi James,

      Please see the last post for the bonus links. Or just google “4-hour body bonus materials.” More 4HB stats opps coming soon…



    2. Tim you should check out this site and this blog (this post and website is about knives):


      This blog is from Fernndo Aguire aka FerFAL. Basic rundown on the blog: he is what in the US we would call a survivalist. During the 2001 Argentinian economic/monetary meltdown, he basically found his “hobby” of great value. So while it may be a bit doom-and-gloomy for you but he runs a cool blog, that covers basic common sense stuff…

      Like stop worrying about the Zombie apocalypse and make sure you have your shit together (you should have a real job, have money saved up)

      have enough cash at hand, 6mo food 2wks of water and supplies on hand in case of an earthquake (or whatever), have a gun in your home and on your person if you can, be fit, know how to defend yourself etc.

      He still lives in BA (but is moving to Texas soon).

      Oh and the site that he cites on his blog:

      his site torture tests knives. And I mean TORTURE and TEST.


  19. The only knives on the planet I would and have trusted my life to:

    For land applications–Strider

    For use in and around water–Mission Titanium (incredibly light with a higher break threshhold than almost any steel knife). Plus they put one in a bucket of salt water for months and it showed no signs of corrosion and held its edge perfectly.

    Knives and othe weapons ARE my obsession. These are simply the best and cannot be overlooked.

    1. Ha ha!!

      I knew that.

      Tim is such an amazing body hacker, but in the video it was obvious that he is losing hair. I wanted to see what he writes in reply.

      It would be fun to read his comment.

  20. I crack up whenever I see huge knives like that. I do appreciate them as objects, but as someone who regularly backpacks out in the wilderness here in Montana, I also know how utterly inefficient they are in real life. You could easily go on a two-week true-wilderness backpacking trip and never need your 2-lb Rambo knife even once – and 2 lbs is a LOT of unnecessary weight to carry all day every day. (Even if you carry it “just in case,” there are many, many more “just in case” items that would improve your survival chances more and all together weigh less than a pound).

    Plenty of hard-core backpackers carry only a razor blade, which is an excellent tool for cleaning fish and cutting Moleskin.

    A girlfriend gave me a Gerber LMF II survival knife. I love it. It gives me a chubby when I hold it. But it’s my “car camping” knife. I’ve never taken it backpacking. When I backpack in winter and need a decent blade for splitting wood I take a lightweight $10 Mora knife – it’s more than enough knife, and I don’t mind abusing it.

  21. Like Kevin Rose, I was perplexed by the SpectraCell site. I’ll bet they could improve conversions by 500% or more just by having a more consumer-oriented home page. Right now their site is alienating – you feel like you need to be a medical professional to understand how to proceed. What is a “clinician”? What is a “draw site”? Which one do I want? What do I do to just GET A DANG SPECTRACELL TEST?

    They are really, really wasting the 4HB traffic they are no doubt getting.

    I couldn’t find a “draw site” in my area, so I emailed SpectraCell. I got an instant response that I COULD actually go to any medical professional in my own area and have the blood sample sent from there — I don’t even NEED to use the “clinicians” or “draw sites” they list!

    However, the person did also say I’d be hearing from a local rep with further details, and I have not for several days. They’re going to make me keep trying to become a customer.

    Very frustrating to see SpectraCell screwing up the direct-to-consumer end of this thing. I’d love to see them turn it around. Advise them, Tim! Advise them!

  22. I know you say no fruit but I drink the “Dr Oz magic breakfast shake” in the morning and it has half a banana and a third of a cup of blueberries, but gives the 30g of protein in the morning. Is it a big deal to drink?

  23. Hey Tim:

    Great advice on striking deals with iPhone app developers to get your app idea on the board & potentially developed.



  24. Great episode. You need to get yourself a Busse Combat blade, my all time favorite, Randall’s are up there too. So was your survival stuff similar to Neil Strauss’ experience?

  25. Hi Tim – Very cool episode, the iphone stuff was very useful.

    Quick question – Where did you get the jacket you’re wearing? I’m from the UK but would like to get hold of one too…

  26. Awesome stuff as usual Tim. Loved the video and the focus. It was perfect timing for my to escape from the business world for a few minutes. You rock Tim!

  27. I was just wondering yesterday when the next Random would be. Great start to the weekend. 🙂

    Tim, love the jacket! Oh so stylish.

    A couple of awesome survival knives are the Ontario Rat 5 and 7 and Mora Knives of Sweden. The Rats are big boys, chopping down trees wouldn’t be a stretch. The Mora knives (with the carbon blade and wooden handle) are super sharp, strong blades that are really multi-use and incredibly affordable ($15). You could cut up fresh caught dinner with them. Just got one over the holidays for my b.o.b.

    Alles liebe Tim and Kevin!


  28. Yeah, I’m eating canned beans instead of dry beans, and I’m still getting terrible gas. About one full can a day and even my friends are noticing a dramatic increase.

    So, what’s my cost-effective solution? Can I eat more of something else as well to decrease gas?

    1. Switching to lentils might be a good idea, or just dramatically increase the veggie quantities and omit beans. It can work.

      1. Saw you on Dr Oz show. I was really impressed and bought the book next day evening from B & N. started next day to follow some basic rules . To my surprise yesterday was my cheat day and still lost 2 lbs!! Yippee!!

        Tell your followers to go to any indian store or Whole food store, plenty of lentils variety to buy in less quantity to try them first. Soak them ( it will digest better). Grind it and make it like Omelette on skillet (by adding lot of veggies( i added mushrooms and spinach) in the batter or sauteeing them in the same pan first. Lost 5 lbs in five days , just by eating this since I am vegetarian. No sugar, no diary( only 1 tsp cream in hot chai), no whites.

        Need to read the whole book by this evening and going to watch your blog one by one:-)). I am all excited as I am sick of other diets as I gain back whatever lose if i start eating normal.

        PS: LAst night from Coscto, SJ, I bought this mix sprouted bean trio all (lentils bag) from costco. I am going to try making pan cakes with it as it has lot of protien( 11 gm in 1/3 cup) and fibers( 11 gm in 1/3 cup) .

    2. I would try different types of beans. Kidney beans do a number on me, but black beans are fine. There are dozens of different beans, so experiment!

  29. Great Book…Though, the the field is alway evolving. Perhaps you could use a few more subjects to experiment on. Don’t want to narrow a subject base. Regarding sleep, deep sleep, would love to know a way to triple the natural amount. Maybe you could add in that content area for you next book.

  30. The foodinc link is linked to the Michael Pollan site.

    Incidentally, I recommend ‘In Defense of Food’ as an excellent anti food-fad book.

  31. Tim,

    Your absolutely right about becoming obsessed once you get the data. After reading 4HB, I called my doctors office and had them mail my blood work from last years physical. Like most people, they office calls a few weeks after the work is done (March 2010), everything normal, low on Vitamin D (who isn’t) but no data. I picked up some Vitamin D3 pilled I never took.

    Fast forward to two weeks ago, I received the data: Vitamin D: 16 ng/ml. Knowing that I should be in 32-100 ng/ml range. That means ‘low’ might have been understating it. I’m taking six 1,000 IUs a day (3 morning/3 evening).

    Just for kicks, I through in some cod liver oil as well, already used Kerrygold butter as my go to butter (Amish market in NYC carries it).

    Great stuff. Too bad there is no Spectracell in NYC.

    – Chris

    – Chris

  32. Could you change the title of the book to

    “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Chuck Norris …”?

  33. This is one of my favorite pieces of content – offline or online. I would pay a small subscription if they came out more often. It’s interesting – it’s random in subject matter but always informative and engaging.

    Do you, offhand, know what California law is around carrying knives? Are there limitations on size/length?

    1. Don’t give him any ideas for a revenue stream off pre-existing stuff. Tim already broke my heart when he posited charging for the forum. There are still some fans who haven’t made it yet, but are on the second rung of the SES ladder.

      I’m writing a blog for the fans in my category about procrastination. As soon as I get around to it (can you tell what’s holding me back?).

      As far as California knife laws go:

      To conceal it, it has to be a folding knife. Spring activated varieties (like the Kershaw Kevin and Tim shared) are iffy but generally okay. You cannot have any hidden knives (cane knife, pen knife, etc).

      You cannot have any concealed “dirk or dagger” or a fixed blade knife concealed on you. You can, however, wear one “open carry” on your person.


      Hope this helps.

  34. Tim:

    Check out my new iPhone app: 24/7 Chi

    Have other app ideas waiting to deploy. Let’s talk.

    Had a blast at the NYC launch party.

    All the best,


  35. Hi Tim,

    Interesting video. I liked the discussion on the iPhone app.

    I used Elance exclusively to develop an iPad app based on Seth Godin’s TalkingPad idea.

    Here are a few details of the app development.

    Timeframe – First Elance job post to acceptance to Apple App Store – 4.5 months

    ..of which:

    Review time from Apple (first round) – 9 days (rejected based on name)

    Review time (second round) – 7 days

    Time from Elance award to alpha version – 1.5 months

    There were three Elance jobs for the first version:

    – Job to create the app

    – Job to make the graphics

    – Job to create the website

    An side: Tried to use the techniques in your post “How to Buy Domain Names Like a Pro” but abandoned the purchase when Apple rejected the app’s name (lesson – avoid “i” or “phone” or “Pad” or anything that could infringe on Apple’s trademarks). The PR firm I hired loved my money, though.

    For the main Elance job, I created a very simple mock up of the app using PowerPoint then made a video to explain to the programmers how I’d like the app to function. The video is a little cheesy, but here it is (the video is also a great cure for insomnia) – http://www

    Very timely, in June, you posted a link on Twitter to Derek Sivers article “How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen” which I used in the job posting: http://sivers.org/how2hire

    Biggest tip from him – boil your idea down to the bare minimum for v 1.0.

    Also – The less you leave to the programmers’ discretion (what happens after every tap), the less the development will cost and the happier you will be.

    The app, compared to others, is pretty complicated (reformatting different files for non-linear presentations). The first version was about $4K of work and revisions for the next two versions are about equivalent to this.

    Hope this gives some insight!

    Good luck with app building.

  36. Hey Tim,

    Enjoyed the episode!

    Yesterday, I was doing airsquats in the coffee house John.. good times! I’m down at 8lbs after week 2.

    If you ever want to do a 4HB iPhone app, hit me up… I do good work. I’m based in Boulder, but am planning to spend some time in the Bay area.

  37. Not bad, but if you want to get serious about “real-use” knives, you need to take a look at Busse Combat; dont take my word for it—do some homework… Cold Steel, Kershaw, etc.. are really on the lower end of the QC scale…

    1. He calls himself a Luddite; someone may describe themselves as a Luddite if they’re opposed to industrialization, or perhaps just new technology.

      I never thought I’d see anyone to describe themselves as a Luddite via webcast – but I think I understand how he meant it.

  38. Hi Tim,

    Awesome video. Its always great to watch you guys in random. Off the topic, i have a question… I read your 4hww book and was wondering how can i apply a provisional patent application if im not from u.s. Can somebody i.e. a relative or friend represent me instead for it?

    btw… I just want to say thank you so much for writing 4hww book. It helped me discover my true self and for keeping me stay positive all the time. Almost 2 years ago, me and my wife lost our job when our first baby was on the way. I know success is just right there in the corner and i just have to dig deep.You have been a big inspiration Tim. Hopefully, ill send you one of these days my muse and get listed on your successful case studies 🙂 More power to you!


  39. Hi. Tim.

    I enjoyed the random show a lot. I like the fact that you guys are report back doing cool stuff that normal people without means cannot. It’s good motivation. I guess Neil Strauss got you into the survival training stuff. I always wanted to try it out once myself.

    The knives were great. At one point, one might think “why does one person need so many knives?”, but it was pretty hilarious when you pulled out the Big knife. Very crocodile dundee. Can you say, “Now, That’s a Kna-i-fe!”

    “Waiting for Superman” is coming out DVD Feb 15th. I’m mentioning this because I remember you organized that screening event way back. Amazon is giving away $25 gift card for DonorsChoose.org with each DVD, which only costs $18. Plus they are going to Ship it for Free. I’m giving a few copies away on my website, but I think it’s a good enough deal for every one. After you watch the DVD, you can also donate it to your local library. I’m not going to put up a link(not planning to profit from this one) but search “Waiting for Superman” on Amazon, and you’ll get there. Spread the word if this is something that you are into. 🙂

    Sadly, 3 weeks on the SCD using PAGG and no effect. bummer. Still pressing on. By the way, couldn’t find the butter fat capsules you mentioned in the book(increasing testosterone) . Is there a way we can substitute with normal butter instead?


  40. Why would you guys carry a knife around?

    I’m trying to convince myself into buying one just to look as cool as you guys, but I don’t see its use specially if you live in a city.

    Besides I think it’s more probable getting in trouble for carrying it than actually finding a use for it.

    Can someone give me some practical reasons to have one?


  41. I love the book. The only reason I put it down was I had to go to work. I’m starting the practices. But the ice bath that one will take some courage to work up too.

  42. Love the knives and Toaster.

    For a second I thought you were going to pull out your throwing stars and ninja shoes from 7th Grade, haha.

    Good stuff as usual.

      1. Tim, still looking into iPhone development? I’m a developer who’s been playing with applications for a while now, and I’m looking to start some new ideas. Seems like a great opportunity to me.

        My name is Chase, I’m going to poing your media contact from the contact page, and if I don’t hear back from you, I’ll go 4HWW on your ass until I get you on the phone. 😉

  43. People complaining about gas and beans: eat lentils. I find eating green lentils MUCH easier than beans. I have absolutely no digestion problems with lentils. I buy them dry, boil them and add an organic vegetable stock towards the end of the boil. It’s delicious and reminds me of vegetable soup.

    This random show seemed a little stiff, it wasn’t as energetic or “natural” as previous random shows. When you host a random show in a public place or generally outdoors, like you have in previous shows, both of you are much more relaxed and social.

  44. Too bad there is no way to download an mp3 of Random Episodes. I hate being tied to the computer, but would love to listen in the car, at the gym, etc.

    Or is there some way to do this that my pre-Internet brain can’t figure out???

    Thanks, –Barry from Maine

  45. OK, you had me when you introduced Toaster, I love dogs 🙂

    Very cool you mentioned BOSS! They’re great people, and the courses are excellent. I did a couple of courses, including the 28 days: the hardest and best days of my life!

    I remember when I collapsed, because my legs simply stopped working, and the time when I started puking green bile because my body hadn’t eaten for days. All the while thinking to myself: “wow, I cannot believe I’m actually experiencing this!”.

    Ah.. happy days!

  46. I really, really enjoy watching these! Please make an effort to try and publish them more frequently. You and Kevin come up with some really good points and topics. Please keep it up!

  47. A great range of topics in the show, very informative. Looking forward to the next show! Btw – just got the book! Cheers

  48. Anyone else concerned about the BPA lining in cans? Consumer Reports pointed out that adverse effects appear in animal models well below the govt. mandated maximum concentration (which was established in the 80’s if I remember correctly).

    I recently started a personal moratorium on canned goods until I have a better understanding. Because I’m still too lazy to soak, I’m just rocking the lentils right now.

  49. @Eric — Luddite

    @bcnking — knives are cool! Knives are also tools, some of them more multipurpose than others.

    For daily carry, I prefer a well crafted pocket folder. Check out the Doug Ritter RSK Mk1, manufactured by Benchmade (and based on their Griptilian).


    I got the “don’t lose me” orange — has come in handy many times! :). I use this knife every day, and clipped into my pocket it is always at hand for defense should the need arise.

  50. This is awesome! Toaster chewed through Kevin’s Mic!

    Two questions, One suggestion:

    1.What were you drinking?

    2.What was Kevin drinking?

    If you’ve never tried VICTORY (It’s a Pennsylvania beer), try it! There’s like 6 different kinds, all of which seriously kick ass.

    Awesome Vid. Congrats again on the success of the book. You’re totally setting things straight in that thing. We all appreciate your research and deconstruction.

  51. Hey Tim,

    What brand of toilet paper do you use?, What color is your toothbrush, (I’ve got to get one the same color you use), Boxers or briefs?, (please say briefs cause that’s what I wear), Where do you get your haircuts at? (I am willing to fly to San Fran from Seattle to visit your stylist). Just please leave a list of all your male toiletries and brand names that you use so I can run to Target tonight and get all the products you use.

    Thanks Tim

  52. Are the cameras on autofocus? You oughta switch to manual. It’ll stop all that refocusing/blurring when you move around.

    Since you seem to be shooting on two DSLRs already, why not consider splashing out for a third? You could have a safety 2-shot, a Kevin cam, and a Tim cam, all more or less in focus all the time… and then your crew guy can just switch the shots live rather than edit.

  53. Tim, Knives are cool and guns are even better. My weapon of choice is a recurve bow. It just feels right in my hands. Fellow P99er here. Long term residual income? We have a celebrity program with your name all over it. Hit me up!!!

  54. I guess it’s not autofocus so much as the depth of field is super shallow, possibly distractingly so. Maybe play with diff lenses…?

  55. Hi – I’m searching for information on the 4-Hour Diet and Thyroid medication. I take thyroid meds each morning for hypo-thyroidism and was instructed not to eat anything w/in one hour of taking my pill. Any advice on how eating all the protein w/in 30 min of waking will affect my body’s absorption of the thyroid meds?

  56. Hi Tim, loved the transition from knives to zen flute! Congrats on the success from the new book, I’ve started a mini revolution throughout my family by getting people onto the slow-carb diet. In 14 days, my parents combined weight loss is 1.5 stone and I don’t even have them on PAGG.



  57. Tim,

    Check out http://www.sitmeanssit.com

    What they do in two sessions with a dog is absolutely amazing. Hacking the training process. Watch this series of videos with a South African Boerbel. It is the first one hour lesson, shown broken in four parts so you see the whole transformation.

  58. Hey Tim,

    Tyler here, co-founder and President of Runa Amazon Guayusa. Awesome video, and glad to hear that you want to learn more about our products.

    Shoot me a quick email and I’ll send over some background info.

    Also, you should come hunting with us some time in the Amazon and find some great uses for those knives!

    Cheers from Ecuador,


  59. What if you feel like you have a really legit App that is supper complicated and zero money to invest? That’s the position I am in. Any help?

  60. guys, you are very enjoyable to watch. thanks for great time.

    Tim, have a serious suggestion to you:

    one of the next obsessions (actually, i think it is already your biggest ones) would be something like “4-hour mind” book.

    whatever stuff you got in hacking your mind will be very and very useful for lots of people.

    thanks for what you do.

    it inspires all the time.

  61. First let me say love the Random Show keep it coming.

    Knives and Survival stuff:

    The first thing you are going to learn from all the Cadre at these schools is the golden rule.

    Never leave the house without at least one knife, one flashlight and one firearm.

    Over the years I have followed this religiously (except traveling).

    I always have at least one knife on me and usually two.

    To the people who ask why this is unreal to me as I could not live without one. I use one at least 3-5 times a day. As for what are the uses for a knife in everyday life? How about opening boxes and other stubborn packages, cutting and prying items etc. I have never had to use one in self defense and I would agree if you are not trained in doing so this would not be a good idea.

    The flashlight. You would be amazed how many times a week you use one of these when you have it. One extreme case, while shopping the power went down. I was way in the back of a large big box store. I pulled out my light and helped people gather their personal items on the way to the front. The guy with the light is God when all is dark.

    As for the firearm this is of course personal preference. I have never had to use one in self defense. If you are not willing and trained to do so this too would be a bad idea. However in the world we live in today this may be a viable option if you are the responsible type.

    As for my recommendations on knifes I have this to offer.

    http://www.coldsteel.com love their knifes, love their real world testing of their products. Their warranty is outstanding.

    I carry one of their knifes every day.

    My primary carry knife is a Benchmade Infidel 3300BK Auto OTF. As I understand it you could not carry this legally in CA. I don’t understand this but as they say the laws the law.


    If you are interested in the flashlight advice I would recommend http://www.surefire.com

    One other side note on tactical knifes and their testing Have you looked much into the history of the Samurai sword? I would say this is one of the oldest tactical knifes and worth a look if you like this kind of thing. The art of Samurai sword making required high technical knowledge, great patience, persistence and a true religious devotion. The greatest Japanese sword smiths led a religious form of life, abstaining from all excesses, and accompanying each step of the work with prayer and ritual.

    I have a Samurai Sword from the early 1400’s and just like most custom blades it is signed on the tang. I was very interested in this, because I can’t read Kanji, I went to a sword collector and found out the following. Samurai Swords were tested only by licensed testers at official testing grounds. Human Cutting tests like RIO-KURUMA, (Pair of Wheels), being the most difficult to perform as the blade must pass through both hip bones at the thickest area in one clean stroke. The results of the test along with the date and name of the tester were then inscribed, (mainly in gold), on the tang of the sword. The sword I have shows three bodies at once. This is kind of gruesome however definitely shows the quality of the sword and its capability of doing the job it was meant to do. Very interesting history.


    Tim thanks for this it is changing my life every day. You see I too own a nutritional manufacturing company. I suffered the same issues you did and what is interesting I did a lot of what you did at about the same time 2006. I eliminated all of the bad customers, the bad employees and put it all on auto pilot. Then I proceeded to do nothing I didn’t fill the void. Of course the company didn’t grow but I was ultimately able to go from 17+ hours a day 7 days a week working too 4 days being at work (doing nothing) and the rest of the time doing nothing. Now I have seen where I went wrong and I am working to fix the situation. Thanks so much for the inspiration contained in the 4HWW.


    Congrats on another awesome book. I too am a self proclaimed guinea pig. How can you be in this industry and not be? I have read the book, parts of it two or three times. I put together a plan incorporating a few of your discoveries. I started Jan 10th and as of the 28th I am down 21.025 lbs. Look for a report from me at the 90 day mark.

    Once again thanks for a book that will definitely impact many people’s lives.

    1. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment, Clint! I’ll check out the blades tonight. I love tactical torches — my favorite currently is a Fenix model.

      Keep up the 4HB and look forward to the updates!



  62. You say you can e

    Have balsamic vinegar but it has sugar in it. I already used some on my salad, will that affect results?

  63. Hey, bought your book, started the slow carb today. But, I am left with many questions. Here are a few: Is the binge 24 hours or just one day, meaning can I start Saturday night at 6 and end Sunday night at 6 or is it just one day? One more for now, one of your examples you ate a chicken thigh. Was that with or without skin, does it matter?

    Thanks, Great Book

  64. Bought 4 hour body n one for a gift for my employee. Love it breaks fat loss down pretty simply. Getting ready to try some nootropic experiments on myself.

    What are the economics of phone apps on the income side. With a price of $1 to $5 how does angry birds bring so much in?


  65. Hey Tim,

    I really enjoyed the discussion about apps…. hit close to home.

    I came up with a killer idea a few weeks ago and I’m working with two talented developers non-stop to create it. I know the technology and design will be robust, useful, and fun. Now I just need to get EVERYONE to use it.

    Do you or Kevin have a good information source (websites, books, etc.) for marketing apps specifically?

    Thanks for the 4hww and 4hb, both of which adorn my enormous bookshelf.

    1. Hello, Tim.

      Tyler here, president and co-founder of Runa Amazon Guayusa. Great video, and we’re glad you want to learn more about our products.

      Send me an email and I’ll send you some background information.

      You should also come hunting with us in the Amazon and find some great uses for those knives!