The Random Show — Zen, Investing, Mike Tyson, Artificial Intelligence, and the World’s Best Beers (#453)

Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose

Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of “The Random Show.” In this one, we wax poetic over wildlife friends and foes, the folly of facing off against Mike Tyson (even in his 50s), slow donkeys, universal basic income (UBI), breaking the pandemic pajama routine, smoked meats and Wi-Fi grills, Zen and the art of Kevin maintenance, how to hike without being hunted, hoity-toity beer, pandemic investing, and much more.

Please enjoy!

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#453: The Random Show — Zen, Investing, Mike Tyson, Artificial Intelligence, and the World's Best Beers

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#426: The Random Show: Boozy Quarantine Edition!


      • Connect with Kevin Rose:

The Kevin Rose Show | Oak Meditation | Zero | Instagram | Twitter


      • Checking in from our respective dungeons and bear caves, where we’re learning to either coexist with the local wildlife or fend it off when necessary. [04:56]
      • I want to run, but it bothers my knees. This is what I do instead. [08:04]
      • Kevin’s in his 40s and he can’t cough without tweaking his back, but Mike Tyson’s about to go back in the ring at age 54. Would I fight the former heavyweight champ for $200 million? [13:25]
      • How have Kevin and I been coping with pandemic life since our last podcast together when lockdowns were just beginning? Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or are we in for a “slow donkey?” [22:08]
      • Thoughts on the merits of universal basic income (UBI) and dwindling job opportunities in an increasingly AI-automated world. [27:42]
      • How the Roses are staying sane and “breaking the pajama routine” in pandemic-stricken and civil unrest epicenter Portland, and what I’ve gained by changing from an urban to a rural setting. [33:29]
      • Why Kevin and I have largely disconnected from social media and nagging apps during this time, along with the exceptions and rules that still keep us somewhat in touch with the grid without being drained by it. [35:29]
      • Our parallel lives continue on another front: the Traeger grill. Here are the meats we’ve been responsibly enjoying with its assistance. [41:16]
      • Why cooking is a great hobby for breaking up the monotony of self-quarantining. [49:53]
      • HRV and breathwork practices I’ve been experimenting with, and how I hope they’ll help me overcome some longer-term fatigue issues that haunt me. [50:50]
      • Kevin’s most recent forays into meditation and Zen. [56:21]
      • A peek at Pique tea for peak performance. [01:11:53]
      • How I keep from getting shot as an accidental trespasser when I go hiking in the boundless wilderness. [1:15:00]
      • Kevin shares his pandemic intermittent fasting — and beer critique — regimens. [1:18:53]
      • I’m not much for self-congratulation, but here’s the one time Kevin’s seen me splurge on something for myself. [1:26:45]
      • Neither of us is a registered investment advisor, and this is not investment advice, but this is how we’ve each been thinking about and personally navigating the stock market during this pandemic. [1:31:07]
      • Kevin’s thoughts on buying gold vs. cryptocurrency. [1:52:20]
      • Parting thoughts. [2:00:55]


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14 Replies to “The Random Show — Zen, Investing, Mike Tyson, Artificial Intelligence, and the World’s Best Beers (#453)”

  1. great episode….but the beginning of many sentences were cut off. It sounded like the gate was set to high.

  2. I liked the short discussion on Rucking. I picked up their backpack and a 20 pound weight. I walk daily and have been looking for something like this. I started laughing when I imagined you walking with that weighted vest.

  3. Great episode, fellas! One note, but I grew up about 20 minutes close to Tree House Brewing Company, and honestly, nearly everything they make is regarded as the top beer in its class, especially with its IPAs and shelf stable stouts.That being said, next time you make it to the east coast I highly recommend dropping by Hill Farmstead in Vermont (or at least hunting down a bottle of their Farmstead Ale). I particularly recommend this for Tim, as their Farmstead Ale is fermented in a way that provides a natural carbonation, resulting in a beer that is more comparable to a find wine and a champagne, rather than just, well beer. Either way, I certainly recommend Tree House Brewing Company and Hill Farmstead as two of the top breweries in the world.

    Keep up the great work- stay healthy and well!


    1. This was such a fun conversation to be a fly on the wall.. it was sweet, funny, informative, deep, silly.. everything a good friendship is.. would much rather see/hear/feel connection in these times than tips/tricks/hacks, though thanks for it all! Have enjoyed many many of your conversations Tim! Also, about good TV (thanks for your rec “The Good Place”) and being 43 (as I am) and throwing backs (as I tend to do), do watch “3Below” on Netflix. I chanced upon it to watch with my 8 year old. Nick Offerman as the glorious Varvatos Vex has us laughing out loud!! Really smart.. so well written. Await your next book. You’re getting better with time, Tim 🙂

    Relatively new listener, love the podcast so far. I have to mention though, if you have heard Sam Harris where he explains his subscription model and how he never wants fans to have to question if part of the show is an ad. This random episode was great, except where you were talking about specific products, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of it was an ad. from what I’ve heard of you so far, you seem pretty transparent, but I got to say, it kind of turned me off of those sections.
    Take care – Rob m.

  5. A couple of questions.

    Did Kevin share his Salmon recipe for the Traeger? Would love to have it.

    And can you share how you’re preparing the cuts of meats or the recipes you’re using for Maui Nui?

    Thanks as always for the show!

  6. Tim, thank you for all the love you give to your guests and the excellence you offer as inspiration in every episode you produce. I also want to acknowledge and listen to a faith I can’t explain. I sent you a tool in an email that came ‘ through me’ regarding your continually mentioning complacency in many of your episodes over the past year. I think I sense something that you are trying to tell yourself but don’t have the words for. If you’re curious and open to lean into your own faith in the unfamiliar…cross search reference your Tim email and search for a tool to to change your mind about complacency as subject. That email and the tool sent with it for you as a gift might be a new drug trip for you to explore that offers a gift beyond your imagination and experiences thus far. Whatever you choose, there is only love for you, wishing you a feeling of wonder this morning, Mark

  7. Hey Tim I was just watching this episode, your comments on the negative impact to brands when Amazon moved to essential products only was spot on. Brands that were not set up to sell direct to consumer via their websites were left with no ability to sell via Amazon and no ability to sell at brick and mortar since the majority were closed.

    Not a pitch and not looking for feedback or advice, but thought you may be interested in seeing what we’re doing. We are built on Shopify and we enable brands to sell direct within a week. We’ve been helping brands move quickly to selling direct during the pandemic, and we’re doing it for no upfront costs. Brands are quickly realizing that now is the time to start selling online and taking back control which they’ve lost to the big box retailers.

    [Moderator: website removed here but preserved in the intake fields.]

    Great episode as usual, love the Random Shows!

  8. Your fatigue issue. Not a huge chance you catch this comment Tim. But when I heard you suffered from fatigue while consuming moderate amounts of meat I just wanted to share how I overcame this myself and point to a possible solution.
    Early 30s, couldn’t recover from an intermediate exercise session within 24 hours and thought I had heart issues. Turned out my flirtation with veganism combined with a genetic deficiency to synth zinc was the culprit. Started eating more red meat (ground and organs mostly) and supplementing with zinc (picolinate). All of a sudden I was 30 again. Few small adjustments lead to big changes, this one did. Magnesium is usually hailed as the most important mineral nowadays. It’s not, it’s zinc.