The Random Show: Boozy Quarantine Edition! (#426)

Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of “The Random Show.” In this one we explore fine (and not-so-fine) wines, dog adoption, great fiction and non-fiction reads, anniversary celebration during quarantine, exotic meats and decadent desserts, skiing accidents, and much more.

Please enjoy!

NOTE: This episode was recorded on April 2nd on Thanks to everyone who joined this special live edition! ?

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#426: The Random Show: Boozy Quarantine Edition!

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  • What are we drinking tonight? [05:15]
  • A downbeat before the upbeat, quarantine diets, preparation, and concern for loved ones near and far. [07:35]
  • Good books we’re reading now. [17:15]
  • Now is an ideal time to learn new skills. Here are some ideas. [22:26]
  • Speculation on where we see the fight against COVID-19 going in the months ahead. [28:48]
  • What exotic meats are chilling in my freezer right now? [39:33]
  • Is now an ideal time to adopt a dog? [40:36]
  • Betterment/Wealthfront versus investing straight in Vanguard? [41:43]
  • Exercise is an excellent coping mechanism for single-room quarantine. What do we recommend? [43:28]
  • Three fiction books we’d gift to each other. [45:58]
  • What’s been bothering us lately, and what’s been helping us cope? [51:40]
  • What have we been watching during quarantine? [1:00:56]
  • Rules observed during the quarantine. [1:05:42]
  • How Kevin and Darya celebrated their seventh anniversary. [1:09:34]
  • What decadent dessert time is like at the Rose household when hosting visitors from out of town. [1:11:09]
  • What’s the big whoop about the WHOOP band? [1:12:29]
  • Sleep aids, horse semen, and the ludicrousness of an Audible version of The 4-Hour Chef. [1:12:58]
  • Will we do this again? [1:16:45]
  • That time Ben from Caffeine almost got me killed skiing. [1:17:57]
  • “Tom’s drunk,” and other deep parting thoughts. [1:18:56]


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15 Replies to “The Random Show: Boozy Quarantine Edition! (#426)”

  1. Good morning to everybody!
    I’m just listening to the boozy edition of the podcast from my home in Germany and I thought this would give you some sort of comfort: we are all in this together.

    There are so many similarities between our situations personally and nationwide although you live on the other side of the world.

    You are not alone with this, we share all the mixed feelings, the anxiety and the need to adapt to an unknown situation every day; we eat and drink too much, we are isolating and have been stacking up on toilet paper. We watch Tiger King and desperately try to keep our parents and grandparents at home who mainly react like Tony Sopranos’ mother 90% of the time. Since the beginning of all this, we Germans established a new tradition- watching the daily press conferences of our public health institute and debating about r- factors.

    Every bar and every restaurant throughout the country is closed.
    All big events like festivals, concerts, even soccer games and all other sports, are cancelled through 8/31 nationwide. Playgrounds and almost every school is closed.
    This brings up unknown problems. The key is adaptation.
    For example, there are two bars in Hamburgs red- light district which haven’t been closed for 70 years. They are normally open 24 hours a day, every day for the past 70 years. One of them, the “Elbschlosskeller” had to put in a new lock in the front door because they lost the key over the years. Soon after they had to close down, they started to use the bar as a storage for food and clothes which are donated every day to the homeless people of Hamburg. That’s one beautiful example of making the best of the situation.

    In the end, there is one fear that we all share, too. What if I catch the disease and how will my body handle it, to how many will I spread the virus?
    Unfortunately, my grandmother got infected by one of her healthcare workers who comes daily to help her, fortunately she got tested right away according to our nationwide regimen. She is 95 years old. She was born shortly after WW1 in the Weimarer Republik, she watched Hitler rise and survived WW2 and the Nazis. She worked like a maniac and still lives alone in her house.
    She had a bad fever for two days and we were worried sick. Since day 3 the fever was gone. She has a little cough, but otherwise, she -and I quote- “feels great but is bored at home”.
    After a lengthy discussion I could convince her this week that going to the bank to get her bank statements is probably one of the things that could wait at the moment.

    So, thank you for the podcast episode and the many moments I had to laugh and think “Yup. Same here.” This pandemic isn’t isolating us in all perspectives. Spiritually, it unites as more than we think. This is really soothing if you ask me.

    Best of wishes,


    P.S. I really believe Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers.

  2. You should consider having meditation and mindfulness focused horse trainer Warwick Schiller on your podcast. It’s incredible what he can do with horses from a relationship building standpoint and how it crosses over to our interactions with people. He has lots of videos online, a great online portal, and his more recent work is all about meditation, mental presence around animals, and how to change ourselves first before trying to change an animal around us.

  3. Favorite quote was Mr. Rogers: what is mentionable is manageable. Similar to the philosophy of focusing on the problem only until you ubderstand it and the focus energy on finding the solution.

  4. Tim, have you talked previously about the supplements you use to mitigate hangovers or your experience with them? I didn’t find much on the web about them and am curious what the science is.

  5. Loved the “now is a good time to learn new skills” and the examples of skills to learn. Also loved learning about Lambda school through you in the past and appreciated the reminder!

    I have loved this book for 37 years and have NEVER met a person who has read it. I have NEVER heard a mention of it. To hear you speak of it so randomly in your program was so off the wall, I dropped my jaw….it hung there….as I listened….and you went back to it….it wasn’t skimmed over… and you described it just as it is and being the book that is connected to my heart and my life I was mind blown and I fell back in time to when I found the book in 1984 at the age of 17.

    I won’t even go in to the magic that has blessed my life, such as when you read a book and it relates so much. But, my first love literally passed through Edgewood(check it out Edgewood,MN) on his way to me. I live in a forest an hour north. I hoped I could be as great an architect as Drinkwater. All I wanted was a tiny house before they were known as such. Instead I lived in a bus.

    Anyway, thank you. My heart fluttered and swelled at your mention of my favorite fairy tale.

  7. Fun chat with a smattering of covid sanity. Is there a video replay? I’d like to see how you used Caffeine and Zoom.

  8. I was listening to an old ep of JRE (#285) and at about the 1h55m Tim starts talking about his concerns for population density, international travel, and SARS. The podcast was recorded 11/18/2012. Tim called the Coronavirus over 7 years ago!

  9. Loved the episode with Kevin! From YouTube to the blog, podcast and newsletter you’re killing it Tim. Thanks for providing a balance of levity, wisdom and the usual tactical strategies.

    I’d love to hear more of these – getting drunk with “Tom” is welcome reprieve right now 🙂

  10. Wow. Tim, it’s been a long time since I last actively listened to/read your stuff. You definitely seem a lot more relaxed and Austin looks like a wonderful change for you! I can’t believe I have been living in your old stomping grounds and never really realized it until a couple months ago. haha!

    As usual, Kevin was a wonderful guest and I love how different you two are and how closely I can relate to that. 😀 What he mentioned about spelling and learning disability, it’s called dyslexia and it is a thing. One in five kids has it and it is usually genetic. There is no cure; there is only work around the issues and structured literacy. My daughter has it. I had to fight the school here in NJ to get some accommodations for her put in place, only to have her on lockdown with me! Can’t explain how ironic that is.

    I have been enjoying quarantine actually. Kids, no childcare, work, homeschooling, postgraduate all at once have kept me on toes. Tired and missing ballet! I do go for my walks near the lake and boathouse to get away. I miss writing.

    BTW: Love the new site. It goes to show how far I have been! All the best!!

  11. At 7:14, Tim mentions taking magnesium (threonate?), l-lysine, and “a few other things” to mitigate the hangover. I’d love to know the full recipe– supplements and dosages.

  12. Fear is a parasite. Fear is the mind killer. Fear justifies bad decisions. Well, it doesn’t actually justify them, but it seems like it, when you’re afraid.

    What we often, unfortunately, do when we here a language we understand, is we believe what we hear. If someone wants to control us, they just have to say the right things. It doesn’t work very well on me any more because I realized a while back that there’s only one fact I learn when someone tells me something: They want me to believe something. Maybe they want to help me. Maybe they want to control me. How do I distinguish? Critical thinking, that’s how. So I look around when people are wearing masks because of some infectious illness. I’m looking for people suffering from the actual illness, but that’s not what I see. I see the CDC making a new code and encouraging its use if COVID19 “… is
    assumed to have caused or contributed to death.” And some government program is paying hospitals to say people died of COVID. Someone made a documentary called “Plannedemic” or maybe it was “Plandemic,” but you get the point. I hope you get the point. Getting the point will definitely help with the anxiety. I’m looking forward to hearing you get the point in a podcast soon. You might want to look up “Amazing Polly” on Youtube and check out her 40 minute video called “The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket.”

    Keep up the good work, Tim. Or is it Tom now?

  13. Heeeeey! Oh! Magic Spoon is Awesome! thanks for the heads up about this brand. My hubby love cereal but I hate him eating all the grains and sugar. We are going to rule the world now that we can start the day with Magic Spoon cereal. Thanks!!

  14. Great show guys! I’d love a followup soon if that could be worked out. I hope you are both staying safe and positive.