The Random Show, Episode 14/15 – Bourbon, Photography, iPhone Apps, and Start-ups


Random Episode 15 from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo. In this long-overdue episode of Random, Kevin Rose and I discuss everything from start-ups and photography to naming products, iPhone apps, and survivalist training. Fueled by bourbon and pizza — cheat day, of course — we had a blast. Hope you enjoy! The mentioned links, assorted goodies, […]

The Random Show, Episode 16 – Bachelor Party Edition (NSFW)


Uncensored version here. For previous episodes of The Random Show, click here. Last but not least, The Random Show is now on iTunes! If you simply want audio-only, or if you’d like to watch the episodes on your iPhone or iPad, here you go: VIDEO: AUDIO:

Random Episode 10: Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss on Food, Top Picks, and More


In this episode of Random — lucky #10 — Kevin and I hit the streets of San Francisco to discuss food, recent learnings, and a few feature: favorite books, people, and websites since the last episode. Show notes and links are included below, but one new order of business: we are thinking of having sponsors […]

Random Show – Episode 17 – Start-ups, Investing, and Pickled Vegetables


Long overdue, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from investing and Steve Jobs to pickled food and start-up launches. Thanks to Glenn for his usual Jedi videography. For the Breville contest, just search the Oink app for user “Tim Ferriss” to find my profile. Two odds and ends: 1) […]

The Random Show – Episode 18 – Start-ups, Restaurants, Marriage, and…Sexual Performance?


In this long overdue episode, join me and Kevin Rose as we catch up on topics ranging from start-ups and new projects to relationships and sexual enhancement through chemical cocktails. Thanks to Glenn for his usual Jedi videography. Notes, Links, and Resources The 4-Hour Chef – The new book. It’s going to be NUTS. CLEAR […]

The Random Show: Okinawa, Pee on the Head, “Medicinal Spirits,” and Jedi Force Tiki Toss


This episode of The Random Show is full of accidental sexual references. There are dozens of topics covered in this wine-infused session of scatterbrained nonsense. Like what? To start off: Okinawa, new diets, dog training, booze finds, accidental golden showers, tech, recommended books, people to follow on Twitter, and much more. O-tanoshimi dane! For all previous […]

Recommendations and Resolutions for 2016


(Image from Fanpop) This episode is ~99% serious recommendations and resolutions for 2016.  But I am joined by tech entrepreneur and investor, Kevin Rose, so it’s at least 1% shenanigans. [Here is the Stakes resource/PDF I mention in this episode] The conversation is also a new experiment for The Random Show. O-tanoshimi dane! Stream below, or you can listen […]

Random Episode 5: The Bloody, Filthy Travel Edition


This is a short Random episode — 10:30 — and easily the most disgusting to date. I also think it’s the funniest. Imagine Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations if he didn’t need to edit for cable. This episode has some educational bits, but it’s focus is on enjoying the not-always-so-smooth experience of travel. Not for the […]