The Erotic Playbook of a Top-Earning Sex Worker (NSFW) (#280)

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”

-Mae West

Alice Little (@thealicelittle) is considered the #1 top-earning legal sex worker in the United States. She is a 4’8″ legal sex worker at Nevada’s world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch.  This episode is definitely not suitable for work (NSFW).

In this wide-ranging episode, we cover a lot of ground, including:
  • Technical sex tips
  • How Alice puts people at ease, including adult virgins
  • BDSM and power play
  • Threesome do’s and don’ts, plus the “Big KO” finishing move
  • Her music playlist for getting people into the erotic zone
  • Misconceptions about sex workers and the realities
  • Why “The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)” is her most popular offering
  • How she works with couples who want to explore new boundaries
Alice is also a vocal advocate for legal sex workers and the founder of the political movement “Hookers for Healthcare.” Featured on ABC’s Nightline, Alice is no stranger to the conversation of sex surrogacy and seeks to shift America’s perceptions of sex workers and sex work.
The Erotic Playbook of a Top-Earning Sex Worker (NSFW)

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#241: The Relationship Episode: Sex, Love, Polyamory, Marriage, and More (with Esther Perel)

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Selected Links from the Episode

  • Connect with Alice Little:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Show Notes

  • Introductions. [08:00]
  • How did Alice get into rare book collecting? [09:23]
  • What was Alice’s introduction to sex work? [11:09]
  • Where did Alice grow up? [13:12]
  • What stood out to Alice when she was watching HBO’s Cathouse series? [13:47]
  • What is BDSM? [15:40]
  • What does “discipline” in the context of BDSM entail? [16:36]
  • How did Alice celebrate her 18th birthday? [17:44]
  • How did Alice get into sex work? [18:40]
  • What other careers has Alice tried? [19:52]
  • Alice talks about her first appointment at the Bunny Ranch. [20:57]
  • How does negotiation work? [23:22]
  • What are the most important questions Alice asks prior to an appointment? [27:10]
  • What guidelines or suggestions does Alice offer an unsure client (or couple)? [28:43]
  • Alice describes a foreplay exercise. [29:44]
  • What separates smart guys from dumb guys during a couple’s first encounter? [32:44]
  • If the icebreaker doesn’t work, what’s Alice’s next step? [35:17]
  • What’s an edible body massage? [35:46]
  • What does Alice do to make a woman comfortable? [36:36]
  • Best practices for bringing a woman to orgasm. [38:19]
  • A common mistake men often make when trying to help a woman climax. [40:17]
  • An alternative use for the Hitachi Magic Wand. [41:17]
  • How long does a couples session typically last? [42:33]
  • Most requested experiences and activities. [44:14]
  • Alice says more women should try this position. [48:18]
  • Guidelines for people who want to explore consensual non-monogamy. [50:45]
  • Walking through an adult virgin’s first time. [53:11]
  • What’s the typical demographic of a brothel’s clientele? [1:04:26]
  • What kind of person gets involved in sex work? [1:07:27]
  • Sex as a societal need. [1:09:39]
  • What does Alice get out of her work? [1:11:26]
  • What has Alice learned about herself through her work? [1:12:49]
  • What has Alice learned about men? [1:14:42]
  • Why does Alice think The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is her most requested appointment? [1:19:29]
  • What is the average duration of a GFE session? [1:26:34]
  • How does Alice feel about pornography? [1:27:02]
  • What separates a good female sex worker from a great female sex worker? [1:32:56]
  • How might Alice and a coworker go above and beyond to make a threesome truly memorable? [1:38:54]
  • Blowjob tips. [1:40:38]
  • What kind of finish gets the most rave reviews? [1:45:00]
  • What points are negotiated prior to an appointment? How discreet is billing? [1:47:49]
  • Do different brothels cater to different audiences? [1:55:22]
  • What still turns Alice on? [1:56:48]
  • How did Alice let her mother know about her chosen vocation — and how did she take the news? [1:59:48]
  • What books have Alice gifted most to others? [2:05:17]
  • Recent purchase of less than a hundred dollars that has improved Alice’s quality of life. [2:09:49]
  • What would Alice’s billboard say, and where would she put it? [2:12:01]
  • What class would Alice teach? [2:15:26]
  • Parting thoughts. [2:17:46]

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68 Replies to “The Erotic Playbook of a Top-Earning Sex Worker (NSFW) (#280)”

  1. OMG. I am so excited about this episode! My good friend Alice did so well, and thank you for the mention, girly. I can’t wait to have you back here with me!

  2. Check out speed learner Max Deutsch for the show. You can find more about him in a recent WSJ article: “A Chess Novice Challenged Magnus Carlsen. He Had One Month to Train”

  3. Tim-

    There are three podcasts you’ve done that have helped me in many ways and the first two I’ve listened to numerous times:

    Tony Robbins Achivement VS Fulfillment

    Debbie Millman How to Design a Life

    and the podcast you’ve done here with Alice. Little. I’ve been an exotic dancer for almost 12

    years. Having a podcasting/book celebrity giant like yourself speak to her in a way that acknowledges and values her intelligence, tenacity and courage means more to me than you’ll ever know. From every place inside of me that can express gratitude- Thank you.

  4. Great podcast. She puts sex workers in a positive light. She knows her stuff. Thank god there’s someone out there talking about something normal for once.

  5. So thrilled to have this podcast out! Two of my favorite people covering one of the most misunderstood and maligned, yet far-reaching and important sexuality topics in modern society. Kudos to Tim for taking it on and to my colleague, Alice, for doing an AMAZING job shedding light on a subject most people are afraid to even touch, let alone explore and speak to from a first-hand perspective.

    My personal belief is that there is nothing more empowering and feminist than owning our bodies, embracing our sexuality, and being unashamed to use them to our advantage in a positive, honest, respectful, mutually beneficial way. It’s precisely how our species was designed and is crucial if we want to have the hottest and most fulfilling intimate relationships possible, regardless of whether they are long-term or short-term, emotionally or financially based, monogamous or nonmonogamous.

    Thanks to Tim for all your past work inspiring me to add this to my own personal and professional development in the last year — seeking out the most uncomfortable anthropological questions to ask, fear-setting, and using Stoic principles and worst-case scenario planning to tackle one of the ultimate controversies head-on. Looking forward to the NYC book signing and bringing back some copies of Tribe of Mentors for the girls next week!

  6. Well, I‘m German and cliché-like I say, sex work should be legal everywhere.

    When I started the podcast I thought: “I hope he asks about porn.” And glad you did. 🙂

    I know, you covered NoFap (NOBNOM) before. Do you still think that is the way to go?

    If you want to hear porn positive opinions some time, I would recommend doctors like Nicole R. Prause, David Ley or Chris Donaghue.

    I have to admit, I still haven‘t figured out if porn is more good or bad for me, though. :/

    1. The only way to figure out is to abstain for a month or two and compare your state, productivity and experience vs. the time that you use porn. This will be the only true indicator.

      1. Thanks Andrew, that seems reasonable.

        I usually make it without porn for 10-14 days.

        For a few years I have chronic pain issues (and the depression and loneliness which comes with it) and when there is a really intense day it is easy to fail. Porn seems like an outlet/escape for me then.

        OK, I stop the complaining now. Actually, I‘m on day 8 pornfree and give it another try.

      2. The biggest question, Marc, IMO is this: do you feel better when you abstain or worse? Compare your state and productivity and make a decision. You have enough of a sample size for both experiences: with and without porn and if you realize: okay, without porn is much better, then you need to go for it. You will need to find a ritual or activity than negates pain on those bad days. Playing tetris helped me for some odd reason, when I was quitting.

      3. Andrew, Tetris was designed in Soviet Russia to train hand eye coordination in pilots (iirc). It is no surprise, then, that using a brain during that time helped out. I’m glad to hear about your positive experience! Not a lot of people talk so openly about their scars.

  7. Tim, more sex please! Loved your conversation with Alice. The world requires more conversations exploring ‘taboo’ and ‘woo woo’ topics that help people feel more normal. Because hey, there’s a whole bunch of us weird people out there who are on the tipping point of raising consciousness with our weirdness. I would love to hear you speak with Kim Anami next. X

  8. I am saddened and stunned that you would post interview like this Tim. I can’t believe this. What is this world coming to?

  9. wonderful.. We’re having a national conversation on objectifying women and do this. Just wonderful. Yep, I unsubscribed. Why? Because I do not want to contribute to creating an ecosphere where people celebrate pushing coarse lifestyles, coarse behaviors, less than stellar achievements into the world of people. Inspire…rather than encourage the lowest, basest behaviors…On this aspect, with this contribution…you failed.

    1. Did I understand you correctly, that this woman, who enjoys her work and lifestyle and want more people to stop having negative stereotypes about her chosen profession, somehow in your opinion objectifies herself or helps objectifying others? May I ask how specifically you see that to be the case? Any direct qoutes from the conversation to prove that? Did you actually listen to the talk or just applied your low-resolution idealogical filter to the situation without any analysis?

    2. The irony in this kind of thinking is how this real woman’s experience that she’s sharing, in which she communicates how wonderful her life has become, how many other people’s lives she has touched, and how much good she has been able to do in the world, is being ignored, rejected, or reduced to some label or interpretation of negativity and exploitation — just who is objectifying this woman and who is subjectifying her, here?

      Actually, one of the most liberating things I have learned in my own legal courtesan experience is how well subjectification and obectification go hand in hand when applied naturally and appropriately. I have found that most men have no difficulty whatsoever subjectifying me as a person while seeing my body as the desirable object it is. My body is my greatest possession, to care for, to decorate, to show off, and to share with others as I choose, for any reason I like, whether emotional or financial gain. And while men want it, they understand perfectly well that they have to go through me, the person, to get it. (Those who don’t, who just ask “how much” without engaging the rest of me, get turned away; I’ve gotten to see the full range of interpersonal character development from exploring this profession, which I never would have otherwise.)

      Because of the attraction to my body and features, more people, therefore, reach out to get to know who I am, and, by recognizing the difference and not being afraid or offended, I open up to them in ways that are very deep and genuine. Connecting on all these levels actually feels very holistic and authentic and eliminates a lot of the mental struggle I had in the past to figure out which side of feminism to stand with. I truly think more women would benefit from this kind of experience in feeling fully in control of their bodies, and men would benefit from being assured that it’s OK to want, while being taught how to connect with women’s experiences better on a personal level to achieve a mutually satisfying interaction or relationship.

      1. PS. On teaching this, Geoffrey Miller and Tucker Max’s book, “Mate” (also retitled “What Women Want”) does an incredible job of delving into the evolutionary psychology to cover both female experience and guidance for men who want to make better impressions on women and connect on multiple levels. It is equally enlightening for women, to better understand why we are programmed to want the things we want out of our partners, and how to assess if someone is going to bring qualities to the table that will satisfy you in the short or the long run. It certainly revolutionized my approach to relationships and interactions after many years of overreacting to any show of interest in me, rather than comprehending how much value and power I had in every dynamic.

    3. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You will not be missed.

      Repression and shame lead only to pain and suffering.

  10. “Free sex is never free” LOL this interview turned me on and answered a lot of my questions. I’m a unicorn in the Lifestyle and love it! Was great to hear you get so turned on too Tim! XOX

  11. Listening to this was like watching the unveiling of the new Tesla roadster. Two things I really want but can’t afford… Yet! Also, it would be great to combine the two. [Moderator: hashtags removed.]

  12. I really enjoyed listening to that interview. At first I tried to listen to it getting some things done, but after an hour finding myself listening more than answering emails I gave up and dedicated my time exclusively on that interview.

    Alice seems to be such a nice girl and I loved that you two talked so openly about all this stuff. I agree in so many points, and especially in that all of us should talk much more and openly about sex in our lives.

    Thank you so much for that interview and greetings from Austria.

  13. Tim, well…your interviewing style deployed at its pinnacle here…luring out the tiniest details and probing for the technicals and “small things that can be big things” (my words…). Alice – thank you for so frankly and openly sharing your so very human insights into your work. Though a few moments where I observed that Alice seemed to have a few different voices and personalities at play in the episode from the human and personal to the sexy, to some almost business-like tone and references (bullet points in the bedroom!)…which is to be expected in 2.5 hours of juice, enjoyed while cooking this weekend! Like Esther Perel, this interview opened my mind to directions, choices, contexts and “laws of nature” at play in how humans interact, our wants and needs, and where we uselessly judge. Thank you.

  14. Thank you, Tim. I get so much info from your podcasts. I would like to make a contribution to keep them going, but I don’t see a way to do this on your site. Other than buying your books, is there a way to make a donation towards the podcasts?

  15. what a fascinating conversation! Alice is so smart and well spoken. She uncovers a lot of interesting topics and tricks! and I like how she speaks about serving, connecting. Loved it!

    Also funny how many people jumped to judge from the first words without listening… I liked how you said in the intro that if this interview makes you uncomfortable, look deeper inside to understand why it is like that.

    I encourage anybody to listen, there are lots of important topics discussed.

  16. Awesome interview. Thank you Alice for demystifying the work you do. It seems you use all tools any doctor/psychologist would use to help a patient/client. It takes a very special person to be able to help in the ways that you do. I’m a fan.

  17. For more thought on the topic consider checking out Sarah Jones’ solo show Buy/Sell/Date. It brought up a great point: we can spend time debating if sex work is work, the feminist implications, etc. but what’s even more pressing is to address the millions of girls and boys who are victims of sex trafficking every year. The sex work industry heavily skews in this direction. When we talk about sex work we cannot forget this fact.

    1. That ja exactly one of my points after listening to the full interview. Impressive woman and character, but no word about all the shit is happening to so many uncounted woman in the same branch earning not 7 figures but 20 bucks a fuck giving 10 to a brutal guy living on their body…

  18. Tim – great episode. I was so surprised to see this subject being discussed here. It was fascinating to hear Alice’s view of the world. It gave a new perspective. Thank you both!

    1. I wonder how many of the haters actually listened to the whole podcast. I’m sure you will loose many listeners/fans from posting this but you probably wouldn’t want to be marooned with them on a desert island too.

      I’m buying your latest book to compensate for this. Very interesting podcast with a very smart and compassionate guest.

  19. There is a whole world out there that is quite amazing. Reading the twitter profiles/posts of sex workers, really gives an insight into some of the mindsets of both sides. The sellers and buyers. You could waste an afternoon reading the interactions.

  20. Questions regarding Alice Little podcast, you didn’t ask how the sex work she does affects her emotionally, is there a reason you didn’t go there? Does she see a therapist? Does she have a personal romantic life outside her work?

  21. Really great episode, you should have her on again. If that ever happens, the two questions I was hoping you would ask are:

    1) What requests will she deny for safety/legal/personal reasons?

    2) How does her profession effect her emotionally, how has it effected her dating life, and how it effects how she has sex for her own enjoyment rather than in a professional context.

  22. Hey Tim, I’ve been a listener for a while but it’s the 1st time that I’m commenting. Hope you read it and take my post in consideration… and sorry for any english mistakes 🙂

    Really interesting podcast, thanks for that! It’s great to seem somebody talking about sex in general in a super natural way, and it should be always like that. Sex is a vital and great part of life… I think people would be much more happier if they were less worried or prude to talk about that. Being better educated in sex also means learning more about yourself, happiness, respect, freedom… only positive things come out of that 🙂

    On the same note, now that I heard the whole podcast, I wish (actually I’m almost BEGGING :))) ) to have another podcast like that, but this time with a bit more focus on the female pleasure and opinions about sex. I know that you guys mentioned those points couple of time, but I think you could do it in a bit deeper way. And I’m asking for that because you probably have a majority of male followers, so it would be great if they could understand a bit better about the female perspective towards sex. As Alice mentioned, a lot of guys still see woman as an object. Based on my friends and my own experiences, guys don’t really know how to treat a woman in bed or in a date. I wish guys could understand that the foreplays for women start in the daily life, making them feeling special, loved and desired. Then when you have sex, don’t rush (it’s not all about a fast pace in-and-out all the time), enjoy eating a pussy(A LOT of guys don’t do that! Isn’t that crazy? But women have to do BJs all the time…) and the sex itself DOESN’T end when the guy cums! Sex is not only about the dick! Use fingers, tongue, toys.. you have to make sure that the girl also cum!

    Anyway, I would love if you could tackle about those issue in a future podcast 🙂 And again, thanks a lot about talking about sex in such a easy going, no taboo way. The world needs more of that, specially young adults. I would love to see you addressing more the issues of the sex world in general – that would be amazing 🙂

    Phew, that was a lot – sorry not sorry 😉

  23. Excellent epiaode. Perfect example of how we can learn from everyone in all areas of life. Love when she mentions the 48 Laws of Power. I’m almost finished reading The 50th Law also by Robert Green (and 50 Cent). That really got my attention. I could also relate when she talked about how we, as men, love to look a woman in the eyes and see her facial expressions. I’m lucky my wife loves to look at me while we are being intimate. Finally, when she talked about how men in today’s world have the wrong idea of what it means to be masculine, it made me think that it might be cool if you could have Lewis Howes on your show soon to talk about his new book The Mask of Masculinity.

  24. Her comments about porn being bad for America resonated with me. I now have an extra hour in my day LOL. About time the value of sex workers was recognized. Her comments about sex being a need were particularly poignant.

  25. I have listened to your podcast for some time. I have mixed feelings about your interviewing style, but you get an interesting bunch of people on and seem genuinely respectful interested by your guests. That’s kept me coming back for more.

    This particular interview gave me such a cringe feeling. I can’t recall you ever interrupting someone so much, talking over her, forcing yourself into her responses instead of allowing her to set her flow.

    Now I don’t pretend to be able to do your job, but I’ve Heard you « listen » to your guest on so many occasions. It’s frustrating to see you unable to do the same when you have a female sex worker in the interviewee chair. It feels disrespectful and yes, sexist, because you just sounded an typical horny smuck in front of a lady he wants to fuck. Instead of how you usually describe yourself, a curious guy in search of knowledge talking to someone with more knowledge, wisdom and experience.

  26. Excellent Episode, you should definitely have more episodes like these. I would highly recommend checking out Christina Antonyan’s website – I hope you can interview her soon.

  27. I was really disappointed with the way Alice criticized porn. She talked about how sex work is empowering to her and a valuable experience in her life and then completely dismissed the way porn actors may feel similarly about their work. It’s one thing to criticize mainstream porn – plenty to say there. But she really painted all porn with a broad stroke and was sort of against the idea of porn in general. How is that possible? Porn is a great way to explore fantasies and an important facet of sexuality for many people. She disenfranchised all porn stars who really care for their work and find it fulfilling.

  28. Such a beautiful, tastefully and respectfully done, brilliant interview with a woman who is clearly wise beyond her years. Thank you for giving her a platform to speak, particularly about the challenged clients she works with. Knew it would be fun, but pleasantly surprised by everything else the interview was too. Please keep up the great work. Despite the haters, you really are so talented at peeling back the layers to get to the kernels of crucial knowledge.

  29. “I am neither shocked nor surprised” T.F. 😀

    Another great episode thank you Tim & Alice!

    Have a follow up question about parents teaching their kids about sex. Any philosophies, books, recommendations. (very new parent preparing for the inevitable 🙂

    1. A Chicken’s Guide to Talking Turkey with Your Kids About Sex is one of the best ones i have come across. I don’t have kids but i have the book in the hopes that one day I might.

  30. I really enjoyed listening to this interview although so many questions on specific sex acts waa a bit creepy. A bit of a wasted opportunity, there are so many other places it could of gone with Alice. She’s an intelligent woman, more intelligent questions in different directions would have been nice.

  31. Hello. Loved this The Alice Little interview – thank you. I only wished you would have asked her How does she ensure that her clients (specially the virgins/ first timers and others who keep coming back) do not fall in love or a kind of dependence with her ? Because truly, at some points she sounded like a therapist. And we all know that is sometimes the case – falling in love of the therapists/coach/spiritual guide… and why not, the sex worker. Thanks.

    1. Why wouldn’t a service provider don’t like a client who’s falling in love with one selves? See, to get a 7 figure income one needs high paying recurring clients. Most top earning providers say they have “good realtionships” with their clients. Its all about a really really good relationship. Why wouldn’t a 7 figure Sex Worker won’t like it the same?

    2. That is a great question. The best way I try to explain it to my clients is like this. I call it my ice cream analogy. Basically it goes something like: Everyone LOVES ice cream, and no mater how much you love your favorite flavor i.s. Vanilla (the one at home) sometimes you fee like having cookie dough ice cream, and when you are feeling real freaky you might opt for some pistachio.

      But the thing about ice cream is it is a treat. You cant sustain yourself on ice cream, it is desert. As long as you treat adult companionship as such you can enjoy it for what it is.

      it is only when you try to sustain yourself on it that you run into trouble. Along with my little analogy I make sure to set solid boundaries and encourage said clients to use the new skills they have learned during our session and apply it to real life.

      I also recommend a book by Louis & Copeland = “How to be the bad boy women love” You cant control how people feel but you can be honest with them about what you can offer them, be consistent in your boundaries and encourage them to pursue love in real life.

      I’ve seen a few virgins use the newfound confidence to find real and meaningful relationships but i have also seen the downside of it and had to face the reality that I hurt someone rather than helped them.

      I hope that gives you a bit of insight. [Moderator: link and additional text removed.]

  32. If you’re an overanalyzing beardstroker that is too busy for relationships thanks to being an entrepreneur 24/7 you don’t want to hear from ye olde bog-standard streetwalker but rather go for the sex worker with the book collection and higher pricetag. In the rest of the world these people aren’t interviewed along captains of industry, the scamming hustle is too obvious despite the temporary lack of blood in the brain. This reminded me of the Glitch Mob interview; we cannot scientifically prove their arena-filling music is utter garbage and here and there they might have mentioned something interesting but what is it doing here? I’m all for whoring it up but IMO this episode was completely superfluous and an embarrasment to the people in previous podcasts.

  33. Love you and the content Tim. Going to watch you live tonight (12/1). Listened to this episode and thought that this was one of my least favorite. The whole time, I felt like she was selling her services and the company. Understandable that’s what some of the other guests do, but this felt more like trying to get in your face and selling. Didn’t find much to take away.

  34. It would have been cool if you asked about threesomes more. I’m just really desperate to have a threesome, so I would have preferred 100% threesome questions, as opposed to the 95% threesome questions this podcast contains.

  35. I really liked both podcasts but I was disappointed at how focused your questions with Alice were on the male oriented sexual experience?! Women also want threesomes with other women and men, women would also find it extremely sexually stimulating to have two men focused in giving her pleasure. Wtf?!

  36. THE most useless interview ever. Who wants to be a sex worker? lol… its plainly obvious that anyone working in sex earns a lot.. as well as anyone working to sell cocaine and other illegal drugs. Such a waste of our time for real… yea they’re humans, but this profession shouldn’t be glorified. I thought Tim interviewed successful, great people who could be mentors or who could inspire us. Sex workers and people in their genre are not the right mentors. I guess Tim wants to be everything to everyone.

    This episode should have been part of a podcast about queer or interesting things, but being on par with people like Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Andreessen and others who achieved a lot through real talent and wits is just ludicrous. Choose your audience and focus rather than interview anyone and anything just to get more subscribers lol

  37. Hi Tim. I enjoyed listening to this episode. It left quite a few questions unanswered for me though. Many sexual partners is based on you being attracted to and wanting to have sex with people, I assume a sex worker could hardly be attracted to all the people she/he meets? If not then it’s a matter of having sex with someone you are not really attracted to because of money. How does that feel? And how does one go about it? Pretending to be aroused? Pretending to enjoy? Are there certain days when she just doesn’t feel like sex? Most people do… Has there been any incidents of people acting disrespectfully or abusive? The picture often painted of sex workers is that they have to endure being very objectified and people not being interested in a deeper connection. Strange if none of these come to the Bunny ranch? Would be great if you could ask some of these questions if you do follow up.

  38. Dissapointing, inaccurate & not a subject, I’d expect from you.

    A 20 something yr old, ignorant of the facts…because she’s simply to young…to know any better….why not check back with her in 10 years?

    – The San Francisco Armory, now shut down, after years of fighting California’s condom laws, sex workers abuse lawsuits & plumeting sales. (Promoting it, by placing a link here, is even more disappointing)

    – Suicides this year alone, among sex workers & porn stars, are up.

    – The authentic bdsm practice, involves NO sex. Why not interview a “real” Dominatrix?

    ….and lastly…

    – Promoting the objectifying of women, while so many victims of sexual abuse are coming out…creates questions, like…”what where you thinking?”

  39. Hi Tim,

    Interesting episode from a curiosity/voyeuristic pov yet I feel empty. I’m not shocked, I’m not offended, just…*sigh*. Unfortunately for me despite the interviewee being a woman, this episode was all about male sexuality. What do men want us to do for them, what do they enjoy, why they don’t want to be in committed relationships, why they love having two women blow them at once (duh) and why paying for sex is a great alternative to having a girlfriend if you’re busy and cba texting back (even though Alice maintains that the most valuable commodity she offers is human connection and that this is what people really crave and why sex work is basically human services). As women we know all this, this information is in our faces all the time!

    You get into the nitty gritty about how she likes to give a BJ but do you ask her to educate your male listeners about how to do the same for a lady? No you do not. There is nothing here that will help men to understand female sexuality any better than they do, and as a sweeping generalisation the state of their understanding is woeful.

    It is all to be expected I suppose, you are a man, she is paid to have sex primarily with men, those *encounters* are not really about her enjoyment they are about her being paid to provide a service for a (usually) male client. And since she’s selling a product she’s not gonna bag out her customers, or talk about how she enjoys some but not others, and why, right? That would just be bad for business. But it would make for way more interesting listening.

    I would love you to find another articulate woman whose job is to strip/have sex and explore it more from the angle of if/how she gets off on this work herself. Maybe Alice just doesn’t really? Two hours later I’m none the wiser (though I do know she makes bank). Readers if you’re interested, Karley Sciortino over on Slutever explores this stuff from a more feminine perspective.

    As a heterosexual woman, to me sex positivity means appreciating that sex is something women love doing just as much as men, they get pleasure from it, and express themselves in complex and sometimes contradictory ways. You and Alice make it sound like it’s just something that men need, and are best off paying for because women who aren’t sex workers just don’t really understand those needs! Nice one!

  40. C’mon Tim, this podcast was so irritating. Don’t you have any friends who were like, no don’t do it, don’t post this one. That woman is not free. She’s enslaved. Do some research on her boss. Coming from a progressive bent in business certainly the sadness of this situation was not lost on you?

    1. SEX is what that gives us pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. Some do for fun and don’t feel the satisfaction. To be frank SEX is as important as aerobics or exercise that we perform to keep ourselves fit and strong.

      Sex done with both side satisfaction makes you feel relaxed and stress free life.

      People who often do sex in week have longer life span then who don’t. this is what scientist says. Don’t believe it then give a try and see the difference after 90 days in your life style.

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      [Moderator: promotional text removed.]

  41. Sorry Tim, I love listening to your podcasts when your guest is uplifting and inspiring. This was not one at all. Im pretty discusted and appalled to say the least. Based on the title of the podcast I had not only no interest but was really surprised you would interview anyone who own a business like this women. By only accident, this episode came on after the previous one finished. Just in the small portion I listened to, I was offended and embarrassed for you. Embarrassed because it didn’t seem like you based on all your previous interviews. I feel like a big part of your success is because of your choice of interviewing amazing men and women. I’m shocked and appalled you would give any attention to this type of business. Lastly, what’s with the picture at the top of the page? The girl in this photo looks so young and even underage.

    This is a huge disappointment on so many levels.

  42. This was probably the worst interview from Tim. Listening to her voice couldn’t be more annoying; it was like she had a list of 25 cent words that she had to throw in periodically to make herself sound smarter. Tim sounded like a giddy little boy. Making sex sound more sophisticated than it is and she’s saving the world through it. I’m not opposed to sex workers but found this very uninterestingly boring.

  43. 58:41 Favorite (background) music playlist of Alice Little:

    1. Enya

    2. Lindsey Stirling violin piece (“More upbeat and energetic, fun to listen to”)

    3. Chillstep (“has kind of a beat/rhythm to it, and sets that sexual tempo.”)