Jamie Foxx Part 2 – Bringing the Thunder (#167)

Jamie Foxx part 2

“If I told you that Oprah Winfrey is now a white man…what would you say?” – Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx) returns to the show for a special role-reversal where he interviews me for his radio show.

For those of you who didn’t hear Jamie’s first appearance on the podcast, which was voted 2015 Podcast of the Year by Product Hunt, you can check it out here.

In this episode, you’ll hear many stories and topics that haven’t been discussed before — including Jamie’s exploration of past lives. It goes in many different directions, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

If you only have 5 minutes, listen to the first few minutes because Jamie is the consummate performer, which is what you’d expect from an Academy Award-winning actor, Grammy Award-winning musician, and famous standup and improv comedian. He has all the tools in the toolkit.

Please enjoy this raucous romp!

#167: Jamie Foxx Part 2 - Bringing the Thunder

Want to hear another podcast with Jamie Foxx? — In this episode, we discuss Jamie’s workout routine, what he learned during In Living Color, and he shares some of his best impressions (stream below or right-click here to download):

#124: Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

Scroll below for links and show notes…

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • The “Oprah Winfrey of audio.” [07:20]
  • Who am I and where do I come from? [10:47]
  • How wrestling taught me that weakness could be strength (and put me on the path of self-experimentation). [12:10]
  • Why I’m so sensitive to heat. [15:23]
  • The comic book heroes of my youth. [16:43]
  • Being a test subject collecting data on heat tolerance for soldiers at Stanford University. [17:23]
  • What my first experience abroad taught me about the arbitrary nature of rules. [20:20]
  • Exploring my “past life.” [24:09]
  • Was Quentin Tarantino a black man in a past life? [26:36]
  • On the difficulty of learning Spanish, but picking up Japanese with ease. [27:28]
  • The dangers of political correctness in modern America. [29:18]
  • Using comedy to speak the truth equally. [32:13]
  • Daniel Tosh and his special gift. [35:26]
  • The Internet gives every genius and every idiot a voice. [36:26]
  • We’re all flawed; saying stupid things shouldn’t remove your ability to contribute to society. [37:44]
  • What’s a “bigoteer?” [38:30]
  • How Stoic philosophy has helped me make better decisions in life without being reactive. [41:45]
  • How I got involved in the world of tech and podcasting. [45:22]
  • My reaction when my editor told me I’d hit The New York Times best seller list. [48:18]
  • Let’s talk about sex. [51:10]
  • The key to the female orgasm and an explanation of orgasmic meditation. [52:15]
  • The ingredients for getting the podcast to 70 million downloads. [56:50]
  • Why I wrote the book that I couldn’t find and became the founding father of the “lifestyle design” category. [59:49]
  • Why I find value in asking common rapid-fire questions in interviews. [1:01:30]
  • People who aren’t doing what everyone else is doing. [1:02:48]
  • Artistic death is creativity by consensus. [1:06:33]
  • With great power comes great responsibility. [1:08:31]
  • Taking time off the grid. [1:14:03]
  • How I went to Buenos Aires for four weeks and Tango made me stay for nine months. [1:15:48]
  • How Jamie imagines heaven. [1:18:32]
  • People are always in search of the right answers, but they should really be looking for the right questions. [1:21:35]
  • What’s my morning routine? [1:24:03]
  • The benefits of AcroYoga. [1:25:06]
  • The real value of cheat day. [1:28:00]
  • How to achieve big accomplishments. [1:30:40]


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47 Replies to “Jamie Foxx Part 2 – Bringing the Thunder (#167)”

  1. Thank you for the recommendation for graveyard great listen! I also love me undies but for the life of me I can’t understand why a pair of men’s underwear does not have a fly I almost pissed myself! I even took them off and turned them around to see if I put them on backwards. Men’s underwear without a fly one of life’s great Mysteries.

  2. Im glad you guys did it again, but just FYI, holding two fingers inwards like that means FUCK YOU in the UK. Facing in can mean two or Victory. Bob from Blackheath.

  3. Awesome work Tim! Looking forward to listening to this one, i loved the first interview with Jamie. Also just a quick “thank you” for creating all these interesting and engaging podcasts, appreciate all your hard work just so we can get a couple hours of brain buzz awesome-ness 🙂

  4. The last things that u said were some of my favorites I’ve heard from u from all the podcasts & all the interviews I’ve heard u in . “If u have google & u can speak English , you are in the one percent. I have to tell u, u have at your fingertips everything. & u just have to ask the right questions”

  5. Dear Tim.

    I loved the interview. It is wonderful to hear you talk about your time in Buenos Aires and Japan and hope you spend more time on those two areas again in the future. It is one thing to give us the tools for success but another to really dig deep into how you explored judo, Japanese, tango and Spanish.

    Although you have written extensively on these areas already I do hope you explore them again in the future – I for one would love to hear more.

    All the best from someone who has spent years training in both Japanese martial arts and Argentine Tango whilst trying to learn both languages.

  6. Seriously this one hit me. I just absolutely loved to hear Mr. Foxx and you diving deep on these kind of topics. Please do a round #3 with him.

    best regards from Germany,


  7. Brilliant episode, bring on the shark jokes! I am amazed how well the podcast has gone, pretty spectacular outcomes. Always listening and learning. Try to take what I learn and transfer it to work in the Social Entreprise and Third Sector. Thanks! S

  8. Wow, knocked it out of the park again. Tim, I know you’re usually (wisely) hesitant to talk about politics in public. But your insight into Fahrenheit 451was profound, and Foxx is, as always, awesome. Loved it!

    1. Wow, Timm! Your previous podcast with Jamie Foxx gave me chills, and this one has done the same! “We are slowly torching the First Amendment and Free Speech” – Haven’t heard you talk about politics much, but… Timm for President in 2024?? Thanks for sharing another stellar and inspiring podcast!

  9. Hi Tim,

    Starting listening to your podcast last year and love it. It’s probably the podcast channel I come back to most often b/c I’m able to draw inspiration, big or small, in all of your podcasts. I’ve noticed, though, that your interviewees are severely light on the female side. Lots of male heavyweights on your show but would love to hear more interviews with influential women. I know silicon valley and VC is male dominated but with more platforms giving women a voice, we can slowly shift needle on what’s considered normal.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  10. Loved it. Thank you Tim for sharing. I really loved your experience about Japanese culture. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences. I know more about you now than before. It’s pretty awesome….

  11. Tim – In your podcasts, you occasionally mention your dog, Molly. As a fellow dog-lover, I’d like to make a request for a future podcast with a guest knowledgeable in all things canine. Besides unearthing hidden interesting tidbits as you normally do, this would also be an opportunity to do some real good in the world by: promoting dog adoption, discussing how to avoid buying an animal from puppy mills, and talking about hybrid vigor and the genetic superiority of “mutts”). Contact me if you’d like to discuss further.

  12. Thanks for the great show. I really appreciated the comments regarding political correctness.

    I also really enjoyed the Jamie’s hype and introductions. It was presented in a fun and entertaining format.

    Well done.

  13. Amazing interview with Jamie!

    I would take the opportunity to give you an suggestion of a interview person for the future, according to your body-health interest of the Ketogenic lifestyle. Im working with Stephanie “Keto” Person from the US, and we are making an seminar in Sweden this september. Maybe you guys have heard of her or seen her videos on youtube, she is so amazing of describing how the body works and why, and why the ketogenic diet are so powerful. It would be so interesting to hear you two talk about the body and the does and don’t to get this perfect balanced body. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for your inspiring podcasts!

  14. Hillarious meets Awesome 🙂 great show, Tim you are starting to become a true master interviewer and generally debater 🙂 the first ten minutes looked like Shi Fu meets the hyepractive Panda (kung fu panda animated movie) lol …havent heard THIS side of Jamie untill this show 🙂

  15. Despite being a grandmaster pimp Jaime displayed humility and a beginners mind when Tim gave his sex advice.

  16. Loved the first interview with Jamie Foxx, Not really into the Hyping he has to do on his radio show though. Really took away from message. I guess he is catering to his audience though.

    Can’t count how many times he just said ‘Wow’ why you were talking.

  17. Loved it. You’re podcast and guests are so, so welcome for everyone with a hungry head: you make the deeper work you’re talking about heard. And you can have a laugh (both together with your guests and at yourself) and show a bit of vulnerability at the same time. Thank you so much and please stick to it and keep on giving all the details because we love you especially for it. I am genuinely happy so many people listen to you and your very nice selection of guests – see there’s no proof for cultural pessimism? I spent hours listening, mostly while cooking – pausing and going back when kitchen tools need to make some noise! Like you say: bless the internet to have it all available and eat what you like! I eat your produce while I prepare mine! 🙂 Also interesting for a European like me to get to know all those guests that wouldn’t make it in the press here. You and your guests broaden my horizon and that of my country, great in its smallness, and make me smile at your sometimes typically American perspectives, for example to think and act big. It brings back memories of landscapes from your literally huge horizons that I absolutely adored. Having completely different personal gears than yours and many of your guests, I can use some of that. Funny how we discover things at the right time of life. I guess one day you will expand on your experiences that make you believe that “there is something” and that we might live in a virtual world. I am an atheist, but stumble on those too. That too makes me smile, I love life proving me/us wrong.

  18. Why isn’t this evidence of past lives. [Moderator: link removed] Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives by Jim Tucker. This is another good reincarnation book. Robert Snow would make a good TFPC guest. [Moderator: link removed]

  19. [29:18] I was starting to think that I was the only one who though political correctness was censorship! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one.

  20. Love the chemistry between you two. Two very different personalities, lots of helpful tips. Just one thing I have to say as a Brazilian. Your pronunciation of the singer’s name Céu, that means SKY in Portuguese was more like “SEU”, the Portuguese word for “your”. The sound you are looking for is more like the sound of the word BELL with a C (like in cement) instead of B, a very open sound. That’s why the accent is there for. Sorry to be picky.

  21. 1st one was better IMO.. Also what was that “ding” during the podcast .. means you are being recorded??

  22. ahaha politic correctness in the states? it’s more of a world issue. In my country is the same s***.

  23. I just finished listening to part 2 of you and Jamie Foxx. I am inspired to be better at asking questions about my personal and professional life after listening to this podcast. I would like to sharpen this skill as much as possible and I wanted any advice on how to do so. Are there any books/articles/podcasts on the subject? Thank you for putting out great material and information!

  24. Loved this one more than the award winning podcast with Jamie in 2015 because he dug deeper into some of the things that I wondered about you, namely your connection to Asia and Asian culture. I now know why I can relate to not all, but most of your podcasts, but definately to your on-mic demeneour and ability to field questions. I too grew up asking questions and that led me to be a performer, I too did a study abroad abroad program that changed my life. I then went on to study, live, and hone my craft in Southeast for 15 years. It put me on a path that I continue to travel.

  25. Tim! Amazing interview. Loved the combination of warmth, jokes and insight from both of you, as well as getting to know more about your connection to Asia and Argentina. Most valuable piece of information is the insight on your thought process, coming in such a conversational way. Books are amazing but there’s an extra layer to hearing you talk about it to an audience that doesn’t necessarily know you that makes it much more personable.

    Thanks again!

  26. Hey Tim, random question to leave in this section, but could you interview Jim Carrey? I figured he would be a phenomenal interviewee due to his entire story. Personally interested about his routines, habits, tips, successes & failures, his depression and how he overcame it, and everything in between.

  27. Another fascinating conversation to listen in on. Instead of “Social justice warrior” As Tim mentioned, social justice warrior sounds positive. I like the word Scott Adam’s coined. “Outragist” a person who quotes others out of context, then publicly judges and condemns them in an effort to feel superior to others when actually there is #NothingToForgive.

  28. Hi Timothy

    I am enjoying your podcasts very much. I would like to see/hear you interview world class corporate strategy speaker Steve Siebbold.

    Steve was trained by and partnered with the father of modern day professional speaking Bill Gove. He is also friends with Mark Victor Hansen.

  29. This was awesome! 🙂

    I loved the contrast of the super serious topics with Jamie then yelling at the top of his lungs as the hype man. Only thing missing was an airhorn haha. One of my favourite episodes. Some people like the podcasts serious, but I personally love it when it’s a bit silly. Makes it feel approachable 🙂

    Another great podcast Tim!

  30. One of my favorite episodes by far. Especially well done maintaining your focus and staying on topic and not losing your ground during Jamie’s countless interruptions. I understand that it’s the format of his show and that he is first and foremost a comedian in this particular setting, but I just wanted to compliment you on that because I know how hard it can be, especially around people who are truly funny. I would love to hear more of this format, where you get to answer some real heartfelt questions – you have so many things to teach the world.

  31. Magic mushrooms. Where do you get a reliable supply? Can spores legally be purchased and grown. Is there a source to be shared?

  32. Jesus, I wish Jamie would shut the hell up and let Tim talk. Whats with him constantly saying, “yeah..yeah… woow… yeah.. wooooow…” How horribly cringeworthy.

  33. I love Ceu and that whole album! I enjoyed your interview of Jamie more that this one, but I found the conversation on social media and freedom of speech right on point. Thank you for making my commute a means to feed my brain!

  34. The funniest, most entertaining, most enlightening episode…..ever!

    JF is *the* man!

    Funniest bit:

    TF: 1 o’clock is the most sensitive bit

    JF (mutters): Yea Tim you a pimp!

    Absolutely hilarious!

  35. Tim, honest question: did you lose a bet with Laird Hamilton where you have to mention that he’s the “undisputed king of big wave surfing” every time you mention him? I’ve listened to a lot of these podcasts, and those words follow every mention of his name.

  36. Hi Tim,

    I’m HOOKED on your podcasts and I’ve listened to about a dozen so far. Even when its about a far off topic that typically I wouldn’t be interested in, you always offer nuggets, treasures, and other surprises that delight me.

    Maybe this comment will get past your team of assistants and these words will rest on the retina of “THE” Tim Ferriss, or maybe not. Anyhow…

    In this podcast with Jamie Foxx you touched on a subject you had already brought up in your podcast with BJ Miller : herbal medicine and “esoteric” travelling or other worlds. You might be interested in knowing that with SHAMANISM you can explore non-ordinary reality (the other worlds you were talking about). The process is relatively simple and it involves listening to a drum beating rythmically that induces a certain state in the brain. So, without herbal médicine it is possible to acheive such states and journey.

    Personally, I’m super interested in Shamanism. I’ve read Michael Harner’s book “The Way of the Shaman” and I’ve done a two-day training with a shaman in Brussels. This summer (in 2017) I’m going to do another workshop but with a celtic traditions shaman. What I also love about shamanism is:

    1. It is a practice anybody can learn

    2. It is 10,000 years old

    3. It is found across the globe, in all types of tribes and traditions

    4. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment

    5. It advocates respect for each person’s personal experience

    6. The answers lie WITHIN you

    I’m sooo grateful for your podcast and your website! Thanks a million!

    Take care!

    Noélie from Belgium (the country with the BEST BEER and the BEST CHOCOLATE in the galaxy).

  37. Wow I can’t believe I missed this episode. Amazing insight and that’s for the peek behind the curtain Tim!

  38. whoa whoa whoa—Wolverine is a mutant, not a human. Sure the adamantium was implanted and isn’t a superpower, but his mutant ability to heal is what allowed the process to be possible in the first place 😛

    p.s. love the show 🙂

  39. Thanks for sharing, I still remember my favorites I’ve heard from u from all the podcasts & all the interviews I’ve heard u in. [Moderator: link removed.] Joe Rogan is my best podcaster.