Recommendations and Resolutions for 2016 (#129)


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This episode is ~99% serious recommendations and resolutions for 2016.  But I am joined by tech entrepreneur and investor, Kevin Rose, so it’s at least 1% shenanigans.

[Here is the Stakes resource/PDF I mention in this episode]

The conversation is also a new experiment for The Random ShowO-tanoshimi dane! Stream below, or you can listen in iTunes or right-click (“save as”) here for MP3.  Enjoy…

You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#129: Recommendations and Resolutions for 2016 - Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

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  1. Excited to give this a listen! Are we going audio only on the new Random Show? Just asking because if not I’ll wait for the video to be up, in the hopes of a Toaster cameo.

  2. Hi Tim! I have a question about your fitness for 2016: how to you plan on supplementing lower body with upper body focused planche and front lever?

    KB swings?

    1. Seriously. All I see is an amazing book coming from Tim, because each episode is packed with so much amazing information it is impossible to write it all down. From teas to exercises to books to websites. It is way too much to handle. Tim should have an encyclopedia of links for us to browse through easily.

  3. GREAT to hear you and Kevin again. Audio chat between the two of you is fine…don’t miss the video (except for the drinking…LOL)…

    So much information exchange when you two guys just chat.

    Keep ’em coming for 2016.

  4. Hey Tim, You will benefit from the live podcast tour–and they will be exciting (get you out of your comfort zone). Please do it. Even if there aren’t a ton of live listeners. I also want to hear the pains and challenges (and how you overcome them) of doing the live shows. Best!

  5. love it how all your emails say for some reason “This embed is invalid”…..reminds me of “all your base are belong to us” (closet dork)

  6. Hi Tim – wondering if you do anything special for a weekly 24 hour fast like getting into ketosis or something preparatory like that.


    (full show notes are posted on the twitter with #randomshow). Keep up the good work gents!

    5 min – Obligatory holiday greetings by Kevin and Tim.

    6 min – Setting fun travel plans early in the year gives a great benefit of anticipation.

    7 min – Mr. Kevin Rose has not drunk soda (or pop for you people west of the Mississippi) in 16-years.

    9 min – Tim talks about starting a t-shirt company and “Journeyman Palooka”

    10:20 – Tim goes over his New Years review of the last year before the resolutions are finished for the next year

    11:35 – Tim starts talking about his resolution for “No more investing in new startups” (he stuck with this one) and his resolution to not do any media interviews (he has not stuck with this one).

    13:30 – Schedule fun stuff: otherwise, frivolous BS will swell to fill the time void

    13:45 – Kevin talks about what he wants to do in 2016.

    14:00 – Schedule staycations around holidays for personal improvement stuff.

    15:50 – Tim states his resolutions and asks for help: Dexoscans, Ketogenic Diet, Fasting

    20:45 – Fasting chat continues and the phrase “disaster pants” is uttered.

    21:00 – Learn how The Rock and Hugh Jackman get jacked quick (hint: it starts with “keto”)

    23:30 – Doing cool things for the sake of doing cool things: Help Timdog make some short films.

    25 min – Tim focusing on body weight exercises and gymnastics.

    27:30 – Earmuffs kids. Tim says the F-word

    28:00 – Kevin does pilates for core strength training. Tim laughs.

    34:00 – Tim is looking at doing a live podcast on the road in early 2016

    35:45 – Best App for tracking new years resolutions?

    38:00 – Kevin’s resolutions: TED talks, more pilates, and living la vida ferris.

    41:00 – Kevin will tweet every 2nd of the month on his resolutions / tracking progress.

    43:00 – Find the link to a free excerpt from the 4-hour chef

    44:00 – Shots of whiskey and meditating. Oh, and Kava.

    46:30 – The most cumulatively powerful habit

    49:00 – Don’t set the bar too high in your resolutions

    50:00 – Oprah Winfrey Quote

    51:00 – On health goals: The role of Micronutrients in our overall health, Ronda Patrick’s podcast, Sardines, and Kevin’s pregnant glow

    54:00 – Correlation vs Causation and Tim’s imperfect book recommendation.

    58:40 – Where does Kevin go after his Pilates class: Random sidenote: Maiden Lane in NYC: canned fish, wine, and cheese

    60:00 – Book recommendations and thoughts: A Tiger named Mahini, and Tim making out with his dog

    66:00 – Final notes: Quotes, and Staying close to the edge

    1. Thanks for the notes!

      For those curious about the app Kevin uses for tracking habits, the time they discuss this in the show is closer to 37 minutes and the name of the app is ‘Way of Life’.

      I’ll be testing it out myself for 2016 and plan to list results next year on my website (which will hopefully still be accessible if you click on my name)

      Interestingly, I found out about the Headspace meditation app through another Random show last year, and I’ve been using it pretty much daily ever since.

      1. Follow up to ‘Way of Life’ app use: I stopped using it after a few weeks/months. Frankly, it’s too much work for me to enter all the info each day.

        Headspace: I’m a believer! Have been meditating with the app almost every single day since. It tracks your use. Right now, my dashboard is showing 371 hours meditated, and 1255 sessions. Pretty encouraging.

  8. Personally, Tim, I am a massive fan of your podcasts, but I’d like to see a distilled down side-series, where you crunch down the basics of starting your own business utilising your own experiences, the teachings from the 4Hr Workweek, the top kick-starting posts on your blog and special guest interviews. Many of us would love to follow in your foot steps, but it’s that starting off that kills 90% of us. Where do we start? How do we size the opportunity? What mistakes not to make? Inspiration etc. This would be VERY valuable for your community. Many of us would even pay for it in my opinion.

  9. I am so jacked to hear a Random Show it was was of my first ever Podcasts. I’m feeling nostalgia. Taking me back to the days I used to TIVO In Living Color!

  10. Here’s me being helpful.

    Montréal: go to Byblos for brunch, nearby Lapin Pressé for the best cheat day grilled cheese (try the rabbit) that you should eat in the nearby Sir Wilfred Laurier Park (ideally in the summer), and Dieu du Ciel for a pint or two. Also the Museum of Fine Arts. Call my friends who are artsy and lovely if you need more ideas. =P

  11. Heard you mention Montreal in a few podcasts that I listened to over the weekend. I’m local and can help with more than a few things. Email me!

    1. I’m from Barrie and will be visiting Montréal in a few weekends (Mar 11-14). Looking forward to checking out Digital Spring… Any other suggestions?

  12. Had to take a lot of notes for this episode.

    Random show in audio format could really use detailed show notes.

    Enjoyed it!

    1. I use HabitBull. You can export data, get some nice graphs, can set up reminders etc. Really simple and easy to use.

  13. Great episode and would love to hear more Random show in a podcast format! Btw, if you’re serious about intermittent fasting you got to check out Greg O’Gallagher Kinobody Protocol. This guy is the real deal when it comes to intermittent fasting and he has hundreds of people making some serious transformations. I use it myself and have dropped some serious weight while retaining muscle while enjoying potatoes, carbs, pizza and other goodies

  14. Hi Tim, thanks for the new (truly) Random Show. Below are my show notes:

    New Year’s greetings:

    – What did Tim (Bahamas) and Kevin (NYC and Las Vegas) do for New Year’s and Christmas.

    – Tim notes: Half the benefit of setting plans is the anticipation and dreaming about the event.

    New Year’s rituals:

    – Kevin: Setting New Year’s resolutions and how to track them. Kevin is soda-less for 16 years now (New Year’s resolution 2000). Used juice as a sugar substitute.

    – Tim: Complete review of previous year, which includes

    — Reviewing his collected/favorited quotes of the year.

    — Going through entire iCal, week by week, and making a list of his emotional extremes, things he loved (wants to do more of) and things he hated (wants to eliminate).

    — Reviewing morning journal and 5-minute journal, identifying why he hasn’t followed certain resolutions of the previous years, e.g. quitting startup investing was a resolution of 2013 (put into action this year:, but has not yet followed through on a similar no-interview resolution.

    — Makes list of “fun-stuff” he wants to specifically schedule for 2016 so that it is not drowned out by the frivolous minutiae of life.

    Things to do in 2016:

    – Kevin:

    — Travelling, especially with his wife Darya, e.g. extending work travel into mini-vacations.

    — Extending pre-scheduled vacation by 2-3 days into a “staycation” to focus on tasks at home that easily fall by the wayside, e.g. cleaning desktop, clearing inbox, Sauna, starting something new (Kevin tried the Wim Hof method).

    — Watch a TED talk every day.

    — Sauna, and alternating cold baths with sauna.

    — Focus on micronutrients for health (

    – Tim:

    — Fasting and ketogenic diets (see bullet below).

    — Making short (5-10 minutes) films with creative individuals. Contact Tim via Twitter @tferriss and use #randomshow if you have any suggestions/recommendations.

    — Go to Montréal. Again let Tim know your recommendation of when to go and what to do via Twitter @tferriss and use #randomshow.

    — Gymnastics (see below).

    — Live podcasts or shows. Again let Tim know your recommendation regarding venues, ideas, etc. via Twitter @tferriss and use #randomshow.

    Regarding new year’s resolutions or other goals:

    “The good plan you will follow is better than the perfect plan you will quit in two weeks.”

    “If it is not in the calendar or you do not have some type of consequence or stakes, you are not going to do it.” (see here:

    “If you are trying to form a new habit, try to combine it with something you enjoy doing.”

    “What would it look like if it were easy?”

    Fasting/ketogenic diets:

    – Kevin:

    — Experimented with a juice fast in the past but had unpleasant gastrointernal side-effects.

    — Also tried intermittent fasting for 2 months in 2015, and had good results with losing fat.

    — Second, he tried the fast mimicking diet. Consuming calories (200-400 calories) via broth-based meals. Not as brutal as water-based fast as calories are not cut to zero (

    – Tim:

    — Just completed 10 day water-only fast. Why? Scientific controlled-study and empirical observations from friends suggests that fasting and the ketogenic diet are effective methods to purge cancerous cells. Tim uses intermittent fasting (no sustenance until 12 am, then 6-8 hr eating window) and/or also strict fasting, i.e. one 24 hr fast a week, one 3 day fast a month and one 7-10 day fast per quarter. Tim has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve to minimise muscle loss, e.g. speeding up path to ketosis. Beware: never fast without medical supervision and fasting may induce loss in productivity.

    — Cans of sardines

    Gymnastics and core strength:

    – Kevin:

    — Pilates twice a week, to combat back issues, and leg and core weakness, pelvic tilt, strengthening transverse abdominal muscle.

    – Tim:

    — Pilates twice a week and Kettlebell swings once a week (or in reverse) combined with Slow-Carb or Paleo great for getting into shape.

    — Body weight exercises and gymnastics training. Wants to focus on two moves: a planche and the front lever. Perhaps a third move to focus on is slowly getting into a handstand from standing. Again let Tim know your recommendations with regards to gymnastics via Twitter @tferriss and use #randomshow.

    Tim’s T-shirt ideas of weird word combinations:

    – Dilute my juice (jokingly, for Kevin).

    – Journeyman palooka (palooka = inexperienced or inferior boxer, journeyman = forever, career).

    Useful apps:

    – Kevin:

    — Tracks alcohol consumption in Excel spreadsheet.

    — Way of Life habit-building app ( Kevin tracks: alcohol consumption, sauna, pilates, meditation, weightlifting, no sugar, tea consumption, no coffee, TED talks, slow carb/ketogenic hybrid.

    – Tim:

    — Headspace meditation app (

    Chilling out:

    – Kevin:

    — Kava stress relief tea (

    – Tim:

    — Meditation. Use an app, or sit with your back against a wall and focus on your breath for the length of your favourite song.

    Book mentions:

    – Kevin:

    — The good gut. Taking control of your weight, your mood, and your long-term health ( VSL3 probiotics (

    – Tim:

    — Happy money. The science of happier spending ( For example: pre-paying for the positive psychological effects of anticipation. Caveat: With pop-science books always ask yourself “Does correlation imply causation?”.

    — Radical acceptance ( Tim’s takeaways: Treat your friends how you would treat yourself, making subconscious judgements conscious so you can deal with them.

    Quotes for 2016:

    “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.“ — Henry Ford

    “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.” — George S. Patton, Jr

    “Unless it comes unasked out your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don’t do it.” — Charles Bukowski

    “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” — Robert Allen

    “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” — James Cameron

    “Don’t worry about things. Don’t push. Just do your work and you’ll survive. The important thing is to have a ball, to be joyful, to be loving and to be explosive. Out of that comes everything and you grow.” — Ray Bradbury

    “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” — Kurt Vonnegut

    “The chief trick to making good mistakes is not to hide them – especially not from yourself.” — Daniel Dennett

    Asks of the audience:

    — Let Tim know your recommendations with regards to short films, gymnastics, Montréal, and live podcasts/shows via Twitter @tferriss and use #randomshow.

    — Remind Kevin to put out his Way of Life spreadsheet on the second of each month, in case he forgets.

    Brief mentions:

    – Archer (, fasting and ketogenic diet (

    – Wim Hof method (

    – Christopher Sommer (

    – Max Shank (

    – 10,000 steps a day tracking with a Fitbit (

    – Derek Sivers (

    – Maiden Lane (

    – VSL3 probiotics (



    1. Hi Tim!

      Here are two Gymnastics and body weight movements sites that have helped me train and also keep me inspired!



      CM has very clear & simple you tube “how to” videos for planche and many other body movement. These guys are awesome. Look for the “zero gravity workout” and get blown away. Super inspirational! My goal is planche too!

      Gym Wod I recently found and does a great job of breaking down big movements like planche and lever into small steps. Carl Paoli appears in the video tutorials. Maybe a fun random show. Hard to tell but he might be in LA.

      There’s obvious more out here on this subject, I’ll let you know if I find another good resource.

      Best of luck on your training!

      Brooks Faris

      Portland, OR

  15. Hi Tim,

    What tricks do you recommend to maintaining muscle mass while intermittent fasting?

    I’m traveling around Europe right now while still running a business and find that intermittent fasting is ideal for me to stay efficient.

    Best Regards,

    1. Yeah, I’d love to know this.

      I got a bit confused. Was Tim saying that the muscle shedding occurs on something like the 18:6 that Kevin was recommending?

      Was thinking about 18:6, but may reconsider now!

    2. I’m guessing you’d need to keep your protein levels high (like Lyle MacDonald recommends) and to transition to ketosis using exogenous ketones (e.g. Ketocana) for longer fasts to avoid the 3-4 day transition in which your body relies on your muscle protein for energy.

  16. Some show notes…

    Rhonda Patrick’s podcast

    on iTunes:

    on Stitcher:

    Her website:

    Way of Life App as mentioned by Kevin:

    I know that you’ve already covered this, but…

    The Wim Hof Method (links to workshops, expeditions, video training, app):

    Hugh Jackman on fasting for Wolverine: According to his interview on Men’s Fitness, he followed David Zinczenko’s method, “The 8-Hour Diet”

    Tim’s podcast with Dom D’Agostino on fasting, ketosis, and the end of cancer:

    Couldn’t find Tara Brach’s TED Talk, but here are links to her talks on

    – her website:

    – iTunes:

    Yogi Teas, Kava Stress Relief:

    As for visiting Montreal, (where I also happen to live), the city really comes alive in the summer, probably to compensate for brutal winters, though you’ll find fun, interesting things to do all year. I recommend you catch a Habs game, especially if they make a deep playoff run. And if you take your podcast on the road, you should interview their star defenceman, PK Subban (

    Evelyn’s suggestions are spot on! I also recommend the Montreal Jazz Festival (June 30-July 9 For some of the outdoor shows we’ve had such artists as Stevie Wonder perform; the energy of 200,000+ people grooving can be pretty awesome 😀

    While in Montreal, indulge in a smoked meat poutine at Lester’s ( and try the White Chocolate Mini-Brioches at Boulangerie Guillaume ( on a cheat day.

    Hope to bump into you when you come by to visit.

  17. I so loved this one! Thank you Tim and Kevin!

    Listened to it on my sunrise walk in Lima!

    On meditation: place makes such a huge difference! Here in Lima people meditate in the middle of the city and it feels so natural! Everything is so peaceful and noiseless. Smart. Convenient.

    I didn’t know that there was a term for the kind of fasting i’m doing now.   Thank you Kevin and Tim! Fast-Mimicking diet.

    Did my 7-day fast first and now 7 days of 300-400 cal of mostly coconut and fish oil some coconut milk and coconut water and cacao nibs for fiber and cause I love them.

    Never felt that good! Absolutely loved the quotes! Thank you!

    These random shows are always my favorite! So much fun and bits of wisdom! Fun learning is the best!

  18. Hey Tim,

    Great podcast as always.

    I may still be young and just beginning my filmmaking journey, but I feel I can make a recommendation with regards to your resolution to make a few short films this year.

    There are plenty of books on screen writing, directing and cinematography that I’m sure are all helpful, but the one that helped me the most was a book called ‘Impro’ by Keith Johnstone, a British Canadian improvisation teacher. It is a book not just about improvisation (and it is excellent at that), but about unleashing the creative mind, freeing up your imagination, and thinking of story in the abstract.

    One pertinent quote from the book that I have kept on my computer desktop is this: “Drama is about relationships, not characters.”

    Something to ponder on, and I hope this helps.

  19. No links but

    Time Stamps:

    Recommendations and Resolutions for 2016

    5:15 Bahamas TF BS with KR

    5:55 Why making plan early double the fun (looking fwd to the trip)

    6:50 New Years rituals, KR Soda free for 16 yrs. resolution in 2000 NO SODA

    8:20 KR substitutions can help you achieve compliance

    9:20 TF “Paluka”

    10:30 TF a year in review TF style

    13:15 schedule the fun stuff or else BS will fill the void

    13:55 KR prep for kids, get your mini-vakay on

    15:20 KR staykay for self improvement

    16:00 TF Help from my audience. Talk fasting, Juice fast disaster pants Mimic diet

    23:50 Short films, Montreal, and gym body

    28:00 KR Palates

    32:00 TF getting into fantastic shape

    33:00 TF intermittent fasting and lighting up the intern-webs

    34:10 TF Live pod-casts

    36:45 KR habit tracking app

    41:35 TF goals without stakes fissile, what to do

    43:50 KR New habit forming by using things you love

    45:15 KR Kava (get your Kava on)

    46:30 TF meditations

    49:00 TF What if it were easy

    51:40 KR Health Goals micro nutrients

    52:55 TF Sardines, does a dogie good.

    54:40 TF Money can buy happiness (causation vs correlation)

    58:50 KR Pair wine with Canned fish and wine

    1:00:40 Radical acceptance

    1:04:00 Power out – (funny stuff, pulling the plug on this show. ;P)

    1:06:50 TF quotes – Wisdom

  20. Great show, some really excellent and actionable advice. Excited to hear more about Tim’s fasting experiments as it’s something I’ve been testing myself. Here’s the fantastic quotes from the end of the episode:

    “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” —Henry Ford

    “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” — George S. Patton

    “Unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don’t do it.” — Charles Bukowski

    “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” ― Robert Allen

    “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” — James Cameron

    “Don’t worry about things. Don’t push. Just do your work and you’ll survive. The important thing is to have a ball, to be joyful, to be loving and to be explosive. Out of that comes everything and you grow.” — Ray Bradbury

    “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

    “The chief trick to making good mistakes is not to hide them — especially not from yourself.” — Daniel Dennett

    This year I’m focussed on implementing what worked last year into actionable routines and habits. Taking the time to schedule them, similar to Tim scheduling fun things and breaks, but being sure to make them quantifiable so I can measure and adjust.

    Switch by Chip & Dan Heath and The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal are both books that have made me re-consider some of my views on habits, change and willpower (great summaries on

    I had some incredible experiences testing my assumptions through specific comfort challenges and tests, which I’ll keep up and highly recommend. After testing Occam’s Protocol for 4 weeks in September I decided to keep it going in an attempt to hit my 12 month goal.

    Starting at 128lbs I got up to 157lbs in 10 weeks, subsequently cutting to 145lbs. Not quite the 165lbs I hoped, but close. As with the above quotes, set your goals high, and keep pushing through your comfort zone, even if your plan and results are imperfect. (I have embarrassing photos for anyone who wants to see..)

    Questions for Tim/anyone else

    1. I’m attempting to gain 20lbs of lean mass (aiming for 165lbs 6-8% bf), in ideally less than 8 months. Which would be most effective combination (diet & training): Leangains IF/paleo or ketosis/CKD with a basic compound lift strength plan or continue Occam’s Protocol split routine (or something else)?

    2. What are the best resources/recommendations for starting body-weight exercise/calinsthetics?

    QOTD: More updates on your goals/accountability check-ins. I always love hearing how you’ve progressed (or not).

    1. Here’s some words of caution from Kelly McGonigal’s amazing The Willpower Instinct:

      “Setting a resolution offers an immediate sense of relief and control. We don’t have to believe that we are the person who made that mistake; we can become a completely different person. Vowing to change fills us with hope. We love to imagine how making the change will transform our lives, and we fantasize about the person we will become.”

      “The decision to change is the ultimate in instant gratification – you get all the good feelings before anything’s been done.”

      “It was never meant to be a strategy for change. It’s a strategy for feeling better.”

      “Resolving to change is, for most people, the best part of the change process. It’s all downhill after that.”

      More notes and how best to change here:

  21. It was said intermittent fasting (16 hours) causes muscle loss in many who do it. But no one said why or what the mistake is. Anyone have the “one pager” for this? What is Tim doing differently that keeps this muscle loss from happening?

  22. Tim, I challenge you to do Pilates with me next time you’re in NYC. We’ll see if you’re still laughing then!

  23. Tim, “great people do things before they are ready…” – Amy Poehler

    YOU have the tools/skills:

    * 30 plus years consuming media

    * storyboarding via comics as Robert Rodriguez mentioned

    * intelligence and the ability to learn quickly

    * production experience pod casting and writing (it’s like picking up a 3 or 4th language)

    Next, audience. Like Derek Sivers said, “it’s all about the audience, not you. Give ’em what they want” (keep that in mind, go with your gut and don’t over think it, cause sometimes you’re YOUR audience). Also, adapt Derek’s approach as he learned to code. i.e. that focus on getting the “buy” button to work and celebrate that, then move to the next thing. Step by Step, or shot by shot and you’ll have a movie.

    I also think Jamie Fox was made a good point when talking about how he started in stand-up. Study what works for your audience and try to have fun with it, but strive for that connection. which at this point in is a slam dunk because you’ve amassed a eclectic yet in tune following.

    Now, If I was Tim Ferris, this is how I would approach narrative film-making, the four hour Filmmaker:

    1. Simple tech; Shoot : iphone, edit : imove, lights : sun (hey that’s why Hollywood is in CA, you can’t buy sunlight like you’ve got out there). if you have 7.5 min Watch Casey Neistat’s Guide to Film-making

    2. Interesting film is about action/conflict, Man vs Man, Man vs nature, Man vs himself. A strong scene only requires 2 opposing forces: Luke vs. Vader in Empire.

    3. Start with silent movies (or something that could be a silent movie). Pick a scene you love and storyboard it, then shot and edit it. Body language (or cinema language in this case) is 70% of communication. 😉

    For me, the first thing that comes to mind: ENTER THE DRAGON! I would pick the showdown between Ohara and Bruce Lee. Yeah, it’s a 1972 movie and it’s perfect. The action still holds up and there is a ton of “cinema language” in that scene. moreover, you can get the script and/or books about the movie and read up on the how, what and why of that shoot. Finally, besides the Rainbow kick (get creative Ferriss), I think its a very doable shoot on a no-money budget, and you’ll cover about 80% of what goes into film-making. Dialog is another challenge, but pull up you’re favorite Quentin Tarantino scene and do the same exercise. Remember, use only one camera, figure out the master shot and pick ups. Look for how they built it up.

    Afterwards, try it your way. See what you like better in your version vs the original and vice versa. Watch it with friends and get their inputs. Hopefully you’ll enjoy a lot of it. Like sex, you should, or else you’re doing something wrong!

    BUT DO ALL THE WORK. You’ll gain a perspective on the process, and what you enjoy most. Which after all is the most important part of this experiment. Also, like Rodriguez said, it doesn’t need to cost a lot to make good content, and he’s proven that time and again.

    Like any other fan I’d be happy coach yeah. We can have the above done in a no stress weekend; grassroots student film style. Fun first steps to the big leagues, and I’m hoping to see more visuals from the Ferris camp. So holla any time Tim kun.

  24. Hi Tim, I’d love to help out on short films! I do some editing, but I’d be most helpful with music. Here’s a video I did that got a lot of attention Here are some musical genre variations on the same theme (Pizza Hut hired me for this one) Or sushi! If you’ve heard the skeptical podcast, The Bible Geek, I did the theme song. Here’s some ridiculousness I made a while ago

    If you’d like to hear more music samples, let me know!



  25. Hi Tim! Funny that you give Kevin Rose a heckle for working on pilates when it’s really those kegel muscles (in combination with shoulder strength) that will help you get your press up handstand. Good luck and I recommend Circus Center in lower haight to work on great form. Also, pole dance studio, Studio Botan, in SOMA, is a fantastic space for gymnastics-style tricks training.

  26. Love your podcast Tim!

    You mentioned a few weeks back about the best dog training book you have ever read,and i didnt write the title down, and i’ve been trying to find that title but i havent been able to, could you please tell me what it is?

    Thanks, John

    1. I believe it was, Don’t Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training by Karen Pryor. It’s great, I’m reading it now. [Moderator: link removed]

  27. Hi Tim!

    I love the podcast and listen weekly. For your press-up handstand goal, I recommend Circus Center in lower Haight to learn good form. I thought it was kind of funny that you heckled Kevin Rose for pilates training and specifically called him out on kegels….when really, kegels are some of the most important muscles to learn to activate when pressing into a handstand! Also, if you want alternative style gymnastics training, Studio Botan pole dance studio on 8th and Folsom is awesome (no, it’s not just for women). Good luck and thanks for the show!

  28. Great show – super entertaining. It comes through how much you guys like each other. I appreciate the fun yet serious tone of this conversation vs. the last time you two spoke. I personally would like to hear less about bio hacking and what you eat and more about what you two are doing professionally. Don’t get me wrong I own all three of your books and thanks to you I am 30 pounds lighter but I can’t see myself ever fasting or eating sardines for breakfast. I can barely choke down spinach :-). Said another way more four hour work week and less four hour body. Thank you for what you are doing.

  29. Hey Tim,

    Happy new year! I just completed a new year’s reflection exercise whereby I go over the highlights, disappointments, game changers, etc from the past year – the exercise is awesome and helps me to frame my resolutions and areas of focus for the year ahead.

    I wanted to let you know that your podcast was one of three game changers from 2015. I realized the podcast alone has prompted some major shifts, (business, health, spiritual, and otherwise). So, a big THANK YOU to you for making an impact in my life.



  30. Montreal en Lumiere will start in Febuary (, which is an arts, food, and other stuff festival, a lot of it outdoors in the scorching cold (buy a bottle of Caribou at the SAQ ( and put it in a thermos). If you go try to be there for the Nuit Blanche, with many many activities ALL NIGHT LONG! (cue Lionel. Ritchie), on Sat., Feb. 27.

    Other highlights:

    – Smoked meat sandwich @ Schwartz’s ( (long lines though…))

    – Any museum (fine arts, modern art, Biodome,…)

    – Punk/Metal/Hiphop show @ Foufounes Électriques (

    – Anything @ Pied de Cochon (

    – Cappucino @ Caffè San Simeon (39 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1J6), and walk in little Italy

    And my personal favorite thing to do : have some tacos or ribs and spiked lemonade @ Icehouse (

    MTL is one of those cities that’s even better to visit as a tourist than it is to live in, so enjoy and promote it 😉

  31. Are you accepting pitches for your Random Show films? I’d be interested in sending some animated film concepts.

  32. Hey Tim. My first time comment on pod. Listen to all you podcast over again as a way to energize myself for 2016. It was awesome to here you want to visit Montreal. Born and raised in my city. It is great spot with unique sites, sounds, and food. Too many to list (Mont Royal, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Juniors) but my master in class for touring city is my friend and neighbor Shea who is awesome touring guy. No URLs rule respected. He will be able to layout a great taste for Montreal. Hope to read, listen, or see your visit to “Le Belle Province” in the next podcast or post. Modi out

  33. Hi Tim,

    I guess you already know about this from SF CrossFit but check out by Carl Paoli. There are several progressions given for all manner of gymnastic movements including levers and planches using bands and other assistance. These variations enable people at any level train movements and holds with quality before progressing… Have fun!


  34. Loving this episode. Pretty dense with tons of useful recomendations and hugh entertaining factor. Pilates, eh?

    I listening to Tim’s section on New Year’s resolution, I suppose I would get a TF approval on my goal system for 2016 [Moderator: link removed]

    Getting into a meditation habit is definitely on my list. Besides headspace, I really want to receive recommend “calm”. I find it more serious and after recent updates they offer much more value even in the free version.

  35. Hello Tim/Kevin,

    Do you guys have any beginner guide resources to getting started with Intermittent fasting? First time I heard about it and would like to give it a try.

  36. Hey Tim,

    Funny story about this episode. I first heard about you through a cracked article years ago, but it was Maron’s WTF podcast that proved to me that you weren’t some miracle diet huckster. Honestly, hearing your episode of his show during a long bike ride really kicked me into high gear in terms of exercising and trying different (but mild) health experiments after quite a few years of…uh, “partying.”

    Anyway, I generally listen to your podcast now while at the gym and WTF on the way there and back home. It was a little odd that while I was embarrassing myself some leg machine about an hour ago that Kevin brought up tying some of your favorite media into gym sessions as I’ve been doing that since day one with your podcast. This was of course after he doubted your ability to do a planche.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Immediately after I got back into my car, I started up the newest episode of WTF. Today’s guest is David Spade who, right around the 17 minute mark, mentions that he was in a gymnastics class in high school. Want to guess the one thing he says he can still do? A f_____ planche.

    This only confirms my suspicion that you’re all illuminati.

    Thanks for all the tips, hope you guys have fun running the world through puppet governments from your secret lair in the core of the earth.

  37. The live podcast tour is excellent! Do a stop in Montreal, kill 2 birds with one stone – a lot of us Canadians like you to Tim!


  38. Hi,

    I was just listening to your podcast – You’ve mentioned you’re looking for some filmmakers suggestion – well i’ll try and recommend myself. I’m an excellent storyteller, familiar with all aspects of movie production, i can come up with ideas, shoot it, edit it, i do motion graphics and retouching, grading and deliver final movie. Love to hear more about your shorts ideas,

    Than you,


  39. @tferriss love your podcast! My heroes for bodyweight. Steve Atlas, @AlKavadlo & the gang at @gmbfit. Best for planche & front lever+. I also enjoyed the strategy and philosophy of MAXICK.

  40. Dam it Tim! Im up to season 2 episode 5 of archer as a result of listening to this. “wasted” the whole day. but thanks, its great.

  41. Hi,

    ruling out the Planche and front Lever because you’re “too tall” to do them is so not 4hr Body! Please prove him wrong. It’s gonna be hard, but you have all year. In Terms of height, check out Roye Goldschmidt, he’s easily 6’4″ and doing incredible movements!

  42. 1 vote for video. As a speed reader, Tim, you learned how to read faster (500 wpm, say) than you hear (usual is 150-200 wpm). Way to easy to have a wandering mind with just audio, which is why I still like your books and blog better than the podcast format. When the words get repetitive, or the subject matter is already known or not cared about, you miss large parts. A video has enough visual cues to keep you engaged. My 0.02 cents…..

  43. Hello Tim,

    Happy New Year!

    I love and enjoy all of your books, shows and podcasts!

    I would love to hear you interview Werner Erhard on one of your future podcasts.

    Thank you,


  44. Tim, you have addressed many topics from the aspect of how to be most effective when carrying out a task whether it’s eating, working or at play. I’d like to see you address the fastest,best methods for ridding oneself of a bad habit. Thank you and happy new year. Appreciate what you do. Jim

  45. hey tim, found this podcast to be useful for sure but just all over the place. But i have a big question about a purpose exercise you have mentioned before, i think its a process where you write your life purpose out 50 times and by the 50th one it will be your best possible answer or something like that. I can not find the podcast you mentioned it on that i heard a while ago but would love if you could briefly go over it again plz. Thanks for the work your doing, keep it up plz.

  46. I’m a rock climber. You mentioned you were digging into it. I would be curious to hear your experiences. Perhaps get someone like Chris Sharma on your show.

  47. Hey Tim!

    Love some of the more gymnastic goals, and LOVE Max Shank.

    I’d suggest checking out Gold Medal Bodies. They make some excellent courses, seem like great guys, and they teach moves like the Planche and such with great progressions and it’s targeted to Laypeople (as in, you don’t need to train like these hardcore gymnasts).

    Good luck!


  48. Hi Tim,

    Ever think of going deep with meditation/ Pema Chodron? I think her daughter teaches in the Bay area. She would be a good get.

    Thanks for your great range of guests.

  49. Tim – I’d like to hear more about your organizational infrastructure. How do you organize your photos, your email archives, your notes on books you’ve read, your to do lists, your digital file backups, etc? I think clean organization systems liberate the mind and clear away clutter. I’d love to understand what you use and how you think about such things. – Brian

  50. Tim, are you going to write up in detail your Ketotic fasting experience and protocol? I’d like to do one soon and would be down to mimic and record and share all my data like DEXA, glucose, keto #, etc.

  51. I first got to “know” Kevin when he was on The Screensavers with Leo LaPorte. I would like to hear Kevin discuss those days and tell us more about his longterm friendship with Leo. (BTW love your videos.)

  52. Thinking about Tim’s goals to train planches and pike press to handstand, the “Ring Thing” would be a great way to practice. At $350 I think it’s overpriced. You could totally build one on your own by connecting a belt and a couple of pulleys to a basic ring and strap set-up. There are some good video examples I found by searching “DIY ring thing.” Happy Training!

  53. THE RANDOM SHOW – A Review and A Plea

    In a strange way I used to look forward to the Random Show for everything that is was and wasn’t. I never knew when to expect it nor what would be discussed, it was random. It was much like meeting and catching up with a really good friend whom you hadn’t seen in awhile.

    And by ‘really good friend’ I mean the friend you are EXCITED to see because you share so much in common, whom you learn from, who’s not following a dull predetermine way of life and then mopes about.

    This was the Random Show for me, an unscripted spontaneous meeting between two friends and their viewing peers having fun discussing life.

    It’s gotta be video, the podcast was okay but felt less intimate.

  54. Here’s a good resource from a guy who is big buds with Kstar, which I know you are a fan of (and who isn’t?!).

    You can learn all the stuff you want to do and learn progression to those moves there. Montreal’s food is amazing, so is exchange rate right now. See a hockey game and do Quebec City while you are in the province.

  55. Any chance we can get the resources/books/timestamps? I’ve listened to it and was hoping to get some links to some of the things mentioned in the podcast…

  56. My first Random show…great and thanks for the sardine oil for dogs tip!! Presently reading your Body and WW books…terrific. Please consider a future show…or better yet, a book…for all of us aging boomers. For example, very limited sessions like the kettlebell swing and meditation are good. I don’t personally need to lose weight but am fighting muscle atrophy at 69 years, especially ‘soggy diaper butt’ and ‘vertically pleated upper arms’. Also useful would be part-time jobs [including Canadian ideas] for the long-in-the-tooth who are too late to accumulate much money but need pension supplements. In general, an all encompassing life-enhancer not geared so much to the still-young, strong, and energetic, but more toward those of us with limited mental/physical/financial/time resources. Thanks a bunch!!

  57. Hi Tim,

    If you are coming to Montana for some podcasting, Missoula is the place and we will be your guides.

    Website is dated but we aren’t.


  58. Thanks for the useful information. I wish Wealthfront options were available for non- US citizens/residents. Any advice?

  59. Hi from Mexico City. Would be amazing a podcast or video with Elon Musk. To lnow about how the hell he split between Tesla, Space X and Solar City

  60. As a recent first time puppy owner, it would be great if you could put together a show on tips and tricks you’ve learned from raising your puppy.

  61. Question for each guest: If your starting from ZERO dollars how do you get others to believe in you and or avoid the answer NO ?

  62. I’m curious that if your fasting for say 3 days with the aim to get into ketosis asap would drinking the titanium tea help with this, or is it just plain cheating. Have never fasted before but am curious to try it but also a little nervous of what I might turn into while fasting (a whinging bitch that is).


    1. Not going to lie… I came here JUST to post about the Fairy Tail header image.


      After you listen to the podcast and read the website and still have “down time”; you could find worse things to watch (the story gets amazing after the first couple of episodes and it’s still going strong).

      Let me know what you think. 🙂


  63. Tim, I would like you to interview a successful porn star /porn films producer. Get some insight into the world of “adult” entertainment, and the human aspect of the industry. I think it will be very interesting for your audience.

    Thanks for your service!

  64. Loved the audio version of the Random Show.

    Also have a team with writer, director, and production crew in place for shorts and features. We have a few projects in the works and actually mentioned you to the team on a couple of them. Would love to hear what you are looking to do.

    Bonus: we are scrappy and really know how to stretch a buck.

  65. You’ve had such success writing, both traditionally published works, as well as your deal with Amazon. (Not too mention your blog writing). I’d love to hear a conversation between you and either a very successful self publisher or someone who runs a small independent publishing house that is doing interesting things in the digital space. A focus on practical ideas for people who are interested in exploring publishing/writing would be a bonus.

  66. Hello Tim,

    We loved this episode and the energy between you two… especially the joke you got in about the kegel exercises. You mentioned that you are looking to do a live podcast in NYC possibly at a bar with a stage?

    Well we just happen to own one of those in the popular neighborhood of Greenpoint / Williamsburg. We host a ton of events, parties and sometimes even have a slew of GO-GO Girls shaking their tail feathers on the bar. One of our owners is fellow entrepreneur, professional athlete and a fan of your work. He asked that I would reach out and offer the space for you to use. He loves the idea of your fans getting to meet you, each other and have a great celebration together. You can see more of the venue here If you have any questions please feel free to email.

    Regardless if we wind up creating a fun event together please keep up the great work and we are cheering you on to keep the resolutions going strong this year.

    All our support

    Tender Trap

  67. Hey Tim!

    Your really someone great to look up to. An amazing eye open in every article and podcast and now these 5 bullet fridays, Im literally spend my lunch reading this stuff (while stuffing my face of course) You been through alot and when i had a slight doubt this story was too good to be true, you opened up on a touchy subject. This i believe above all your hard work and craziness will bring you even more listeners and readers. Your kind of leading the new world movement of sorts and im sure that was slightly intended in a good way. I do have a great question for you that i do not believe has been has been answered atleast not directly. Height growth….A huge industry waiting to be ventured into. I am a believer of nothing is impossible and thats basically your mantra. I was wondering if you could dive into that topic or atleast answer any questions on the subject. Is there a possibility of growth after youve “stopped growing”, After your plates have closed? There so much BS on the internet and it would be a huge service to humanity LOL. I know there may be a factor of your mental state and coming to terms with the possibility of a no but I think you’d shine a light on something really worth looking into.

  68. You have an interest in nutrition and food? Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm in Virginia. Fascinating model for agriculture and commerce.

  69. I hate asking this, but what plugin do you use for comments/replies? I like that a person can use their social or wordpress login to leave a comment. I want to use this for my own blog.

  70. Gymnastic bodies is a great resource and I use it at least three times per week. But the protocol is very focused on slow and steady progression.

    If you’re looking to progress with front lever faster I’d use jump stretch bands or rogue fitness bands to scale resistance like Carl Paoli (friends with Kelly Starrett) demonstrated in this video.

  71. Hey Tim,

    Great show!

    I see other have commented about MTL, so the only thing I will add is hit up a smoked meat sandwich shop. It’s a must do. Lester’s is top notch.

    In regard to the calisthenics/gymnastics goals you were mentioning. The front lever will be easier to achieve. It will take a lot of core muscles. Start with hollow rocks (something I am sure you are familiar with from your boy Brian Mackenzie). Dragonflies are the next progression and should be done extensively. On the bar, practice ice cream makers and headbangers, good examples of each are on youtube. Pullovers (akin to a toes to bar except you whole body travels 360 degrees over the bar) will also help. There are several more exercises though this is a good starting point. I prefer back levers myself but both are pretty cool.

    The planche is a move I haven’t obtained myself yet but was working towards in the past. Kettle bells or parallettes will help you develop the strength and balance needed. In a planche position gripping either apparatus try and hold yourself with your knees tucked to your chest, from there you can progress to feet behind you (on the ground) to tucked underneath you, hold the tucked position in either variation as long as you are able. Another good exercise if you have a workout partner is to have them hold you legs in a wheelbarrow position. With your hands on the floor have them slowly push your body forward so that you load your shoulders, maintain for a short time and return to the starting position, repeat. The lower your legs are the more difficult it is.

    These suggestions are by no means exhaustive, rather a small sample of effective exercises that are excellent in developing the strength and the balance needed to perform both movements.

    Good luck and make sure to post pictures when you do pull them off!

  72. Useful Links:

    Joe Palooka (

    The Five Minute Journal (

    The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal: Julia Cameron (

    Archer (TV Series 2009– ) (

    KetoNutrition (

    A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting (

    Juice fasting (

    Fast Mimicking Diet (

    Home – GymnasticBodies (

    Max Shank (

    Planche Push Up (

    Front Lever (

    Way of Life – The Ultimate Habit Building App (

    Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending: Elizabeth Dunn, Michael Norton (

    Stumbling on Happiness: Daniel Gilbert: 9781400077427: Books (

    Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha: Tara Brach

    The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health – by Justin Sonnenburg, Erica Sonnenburg, Andrew Weil (

  73. Can’t imagine you’ve never been to MTL…

    Definitely come visit during the summer (from June) when the city comes back to life. Let me know if you want to speak or swing by MTL+ECOMMERCE, the world’s biggest monthly ecommerce meetup I co-run!

  74. The top quote of the podcast is when he loses the call to Kevin near to the end… a passionate, “FUCK IT!” Great to hear someone not hiding how they feel!!!

    You should do a short European tour too Tim for your live podcasting- Really, why not? We can help you host it in Spain!! We´ll get you a nice venue for free and get you lots of free publicity – people will travel from the UK and Scandinavia to get there.