The Random Show, Episode 23 — New Year's Resolutions, Firearms, Start-up Finds, Zelda, and Obscene Thoughts on Grey Hairs

There are dozens of topics covered in this wine-infused, bromantic episode of scatterbrained nonsense.

Like what? Well, plans for 2014, firearms, tech finds and start-up talk, the goodness of Zelda, favorite recent books, and much more. O-tanoshimi dane!

One special offer:

If you sign up as one of the first 100 beta testers for Shyp (click here) and ship anything — I suggest a book for a friend or family member — you’ll get the following:

  • A $10 credit
  • A free copy of The 4-Hour Workweek, signed by yours truly!  Limited to first 100 to ship.

This edition of The Random Show was recorded and edited by Graham Hancock (@grahamhancock). For all previous episodes, including the epic China Scam episode, click here.

Special thanks to reader Jonathan Hsieh of ClickPlayCEU for the show notes below, which include links to almost everything we mention…

Hat tip to everyone who put notes in the comments!

SHOW NOTES — Random Show 23


Commitment this year: Once per month doing something that I look back on and say – “That was an amazing life experience.”

The Bay Lights

Mag Tactical – Kevin’s Trigger Cage for AR

3-day Meditation Retreat (Tim’s rec)

Some of Tim’s commitments this year:

– See the Northern Lights

– Fly fishing, potentially in Montana

– Surfing in Costa Rica

– Heli-skiing in Alaska or elsewhere

AngelList — See what Tim and Kevin invest in, and how you can invest alongside them:



Target Gold Tipped Socks

Kevin’s upping his game: CK boxer micro briefs (amazon) –

Bill Harlan – Harlan Estate

Mascot Wine

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

Bulleit Bourbon

2007 Clos de los Siete, from Mendoza


Tim Ferriss 3-Minute Breakfast

Zelda a Link Between Worlds (3ds)

Tim Ferriss Book Club


Daily Rituals

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1)



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85 Replies to “The Random Show, Episode 23 — New Year's Resolutions, Firearms, Start-up Finds, Zelda, and Obscene Thoughts on Grey Hairs”

  1. Hahaha The Random Show is great! These must be a lot of fun to do. Is the Shyp deal available to Canadians? You gotta show us some love too!

  2. Looking forward to another great episode, Tim. The link was broken, so I just signed up on

  3. The reason you were able to write the 4HWW that hit’s so many people to do the things you’re struggling with (using time for life instead of work) is because you have every problem of overworking in one brain and had to figure out how to overcome every single one

  4. Random Show Notes (2/6/14)


    Commitment this year: Once per month doing something that I look back on and say – “That was an amazing life experience.”

    The Bay Lights

    Mag Tactical

    3-day Meditation Retreat (Tim’s rec)

    Tim’s commitments this year

    See the northern lights, fly fishing ,surfing, heli-skiing




    Target Gold Tipped Socks

    Kevin’s upping his game: CK boxer micro briefs (amazon) –

    Bill Harlan – Harlan Estate

    Mascot Wine

    The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

    Bulleit Bourbon


    Zelda a Link Between Worlds (3ds)

    Tim Ferris Book Club


    Daily Rituals

    The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1)

  5. Show Notes Part 1

    Welcome to a New Year 2014!!

    Doing one great thing a month, this month: The Bay Lights


    Build Your Own Gun: MAG Tactical Trigger Cage for AR16

    3 Day Meditation Retreat at Institute of Noetic Sciences (

    Tim’s To Do List:

    -See Northern Lights

    -Fly Fishing in Montana

    -Surfing Costa Rica


  6. It’s great to see the shooting sports mentioned! I’ve been shooting USPSA and 3-gun for awhile. Great time.

    Great show as always

      1. I’ve mailed your assistant. I know a world class, top level, champion shooter that I would love to put you in contact with.

  7. Show Notes Part 1

    Welcome to a New Year 2014!!

    Doing one great thing a month, this month: The Bay Lights


    Build Your Own Gun: MAG Tactical Trigger Cage for AR16

    3 Day Meditation Retreat at Institute of Noetic Sciences (

    Tim’s To Do List:

    -See Northern Lights

    -Fly Fishing in Montana

    -Surfing Costa Rica


    1. Show n

      Tim’s Current VC Project:

      Special Offer:

      Check out Tim and Kevin’s other investments on AngelList: and

      Kevin’s Favorite Socks:

      Kevin is switching to Micro Briefs… Oh Boy.

      Moving Onto Wines

      Will Harlan the Wine Guru

      Mascot Wine:

      2007 CLos de los Siete Mendoza

  8. Show Notes

    1) Bay Lights

    2.) Institue fo Noetic Sciences

    3.) Angel List-Tim Ferriss

    4.) Angel List-Kevin Rose

    5.) Shyp

    6.) TaskRabbit

    7.) Venture Hacks

    8.) Auro Gold Toe Sock

    9.) Mascot Wine

    10.) 2007 Clos de los Siete Mendoza

    11.) Scratch Sniff Wine Guide

    12.) Old Rip Van Winkle

    13.) Bulleit

    14.) Tim Ferriss 3-Minute Breakfast

    15.) Suntory Whiskey

    16.) FoBo

    17.) Shyp- Tim Ferriss

    18.) Shyp- Kevin Rose

    19.) Vagabonding

    20.) Daily Rituals

    21.) The Name of the Wind

  9. ;-( Damn shame Shyp isn’t available outside of San Francisco. I’d have loved to add a signed copy of FHWW to my bookcase.

  10. Intro – Kevin is turning 37 and as we age he trying to make use of our youthful bodies and make use of fun things. This year once per month Kevin will do something that he can look back on.

    This month Kevin got invited to check out the Bay Bridge lights program

    Kevin walks up bay bridge

    Kevin wants to build an AR-15 from scratch, bought a raw trigger system, and will build it out completely.

    6:23- Tim talks 3 day meditation retreat, recommends Institute of Noetic Sciences:

    Tim wants 2014 to include less struggle, is scheduling out events to fulfill non profit driven activities so they happen.

    13:30- Tim & Kevin Talk Shyp (

    16:36- Kevin’s Labradoodle Shreds paper towel rolls

    16:45- Learn about Early Stage Tech Investing with Angelist

    21:00 – Kevin’s Utility App Coming maybe next random show

    21:49 – Kevin wants to up his game, but won’t give up his socks (

    23:00 – Kevin switches to CK boxer briefs

    Kevin wants to learn more about wine talks about Bill Harlan

    Tim recommends 2007 Clos de los Siete Mendoza (

    26:23- Tim & Kevin talk food & wine pairing

    27:03 – Tim recommends The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That by Richard Betts (

    28:31 – Kevin’s favorite scotch right now is 20 year Pappy Van Winkle (

    29:00 – Tim recommends Bulleit Bourbon (

    30:00 – Tim introduces Graham Hancock (

    Tim’s 3-Minute “Slow-Carb” Breakfast

    31:00 – Suntory Hibiki 12 Year Whisky

    32:40 – Fobo or

    35:00 – Kevin discusses The Legend of Zelda, A Link Between Worlds,

    36:30 – Tim’s Book recommendations

    The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1)

    39:00 Kevins Magazine Recommendations

  11. 1.)

    2.) Gen 4 AR15 Lower, Flat Dark Earth









    11.) Auro a Gold Toe Brand Men’s 3pk Dress Socks – Black

    12.) Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk

    13.) Will Harlan


    15.) 2007 Clos de los Siete Mendoza

    16.) Chliean Carmenereénère

    17.) Gary Vaynerchuk

    18.) Scratch and Sniff Guide to Wine

    19.) Papi Van Winkle 23yr/

    20.) Bulleit Bourbon


    22.) Tim’s Three Minute Breakfast

    23.) Hibiki Whiskey

    24.) Fobo App

    25.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    26.) Vagabonding

    27.) Daily Rituals

    28.) The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1)

    29.) John Romaniello

    30.) Kevin’s Magazines – Field & Stream, Wired, Esquire, Recoil, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Clicks Illustrated

    31.) Montana’s Fly Fishing

  12. About time! I’m getting into Hunting and WILD in 4HC is really helping make things seem closer than they actually appear. That and I’ve got a really good mentor 🙂

  13. Hahah! I almost sh@t myself laughing when Kevin talked about upping his game and then whipped out the briefs. That dude is so funny!

  14. That was surprisingly entertaining. I was excited about the angelist but I went to the site and saw that you have to be an accredited investor. I need to look into those requirements.

  15. um, kevin might want to check CA laws about the configuration of your AR. the ones we sold in other states were different from the California models (non/slow detachable mags and limits on mag size)

    Good luck though, it should be fun.

    1. Not true.

      The lower has to be ‘off-list’ and not marked Colt AR15, or any of the other formally banned-by-name entities on the Kasler list (11 CCR 5499).

      Other than that, he just adds a bullet button, and you’re CA legal.

  16. Tim, I have been recommending the Kingkiller Chronicles to everyone I know. The books are amazing. I you haven’t yet finished The Wise Man’s Fear (book 2), you’re in for an even greater treat than you experienced with The Name of the Wind!

  17. Agree, that ended randomly in the middle of a sentance. Ah well…… for the fly fishing, you might also look at the Lake Powell outlet, below the dam. Standing in that huge canyon, playing the trout, might impress you more than Montana. But I might be spoiled, living here in Colorado…… you might never get to see trees there in SF. Slight dig at the left coast……..

  18. Super cool show. Interesting to hear what you guys are planning for this year.

    By the way, Kevin – you don’t look 37 at all 🙂

    This was first year that I did New Year resolutions, not just general goals that I usually have. And working on them.

    Fluent Chinese – now in Taiwan, learning language 2-4 hours a day.

    Muay thai – going to train it in gym 2 times a week

    Building my “muse” – still at the researching stage, but slowly moving forward.

    I am trying to “batch plan” things I do like recommended in 4HWW, but with working online, and doing all other life things, it just seems days are not long enough. I guess still have to work on my priority management (and not being distracted by cool stuff on internet…)

    Thanks! Very nice view from your window btw.

  19. Tim Rose, LOL

    Nice with the Calvin Klein brie-xers! Thank you guys for thinking about the ladies!! Great start of the year!

    Love the idea of monthly meaningful activities. Video blogs please!

    I’ll definitely be doing my testings with shyp, fobo & the Costco bourbon.

    That duck catching is going to be epic!

    Thanks for bringing another great episode!??????

  20. Tim and Kevin thanks for another great episode of the Random Show. I signed up for Shyp, but it’s not in my neck of the woods yet. Can I still get a signed copy of your book? Thanks again!

  21. I really need to read things properly. Read the above as “and ship anything — I suggest a book or a friend or family member”. Now there’s a business idea

  22. I really do love the Random show, been watching since ep 1. I was watching years ago while trying to implement the 4HWW, now I’m still watching as I live the 4HWW from SE Asia. At first I couldn’t figure out why Kevin Rose seemed familiar — then I remember the hours watching TechTV as a kid! Even cooler now since both Kevin and Tim had a big influence on my life!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  23. THANKS FOR YOUR INFLUENCE, TIM! AFTER READING YOUR FIRST BOOK; ditching my 25-yr career; moving to South America; and writing my first book: THE BACHELOR CHAPTERS: A THINKING WOMAN’S ROMANCE, I founded FOREVER FORTY-FOUR PUBLICATIONS. Release date is MARCH FOURTH (how’s that for a serendipitous day)?

    I made a trailer, too—here’s the sneak preview:

  24. If you enjoy Bulleit you need to try Four Roses. Four Roses is the distillery that makes Bulleit and if you buy the Four Roses Single Barrel with a “B” in the recipe it’s 35% rye. It’s a great bourbon especially for $40


  25. As a 2nd Amendment advocate and member of the NRA, let me be the first to say what a great episode this was! Looking forward to seeing Kevin’s AR when finished. Hopefully a few action shots as well….

  26. AngelList looks awesome, but seems you need to be an accredited investor to invest. Is that right, or am I missing something?

    These are their “accredited investor” criteria:

    # Net Worth

    I have individual net worth, or joint net worth with my spouse, that exceeds $1 million (excluding my primary residence)

    # Income

    I have individual income exceeding $200,000, or income combined with my spouse exceeding $300,000, in each of the past 2 years and expect the same this year

    # Venture Capital or Investment Firm

    I invest on behalf of an accredited VC firm or other accredited investment company

    # Business

    I invest on behalf of a business with $5M in assets or in which all the equity owners are accredited”

    1. Very interested in a reply to this question. Honestly don’t know if I’ll ever meet one of the criteria but I do absolutely have $1000 to commit.

  27. Tim – been a long time since we were frat bros at P’ton but wanted to invite you to fly fish with me in MT. This is my 7th year. My treat and will supply guides, gear and lessons (if u need). Probably going in June/July.



  28. Kevin is right about briefs, presentation is everything!

    Have not found a wine I like, but bourbon is next on my list of things to try.

    Thanks guys!

  29. The Tim Ferriss Experiment:

    I like the show but it looks like all you are doing is getting a great teacher and doing what you can in 5 days. I didn’t see superhuman results on the drumming or car racing. The ‘Kiwi’ didn’t do any deconstruction or 20/80 principle and yet he still did slightly better during the test. Though it was a personal success for you to improve in an area that you had a challenge with, it was not some amazing accelerated learning super human example that people would love to see.

    Enjoying the experiments, fun to watch.


  30. Congrats on the Dragon Hair young man! I am almost 69 years old so it makes me smile to hear you young folks talk about the beginning of the end.

    You two guys are amazing. I am sure you feel good about yourselves for all your success, but you probably don’t realize just how far ahead of most of the world you are. When I was your ages I had a wife and two girls and a sales career. If I had even a fraction of your talents then my life would be far better now. So you are inspiring many I am sure and they too, will go on to do great things. Oh, read Four Hour Work Week and Four Hour Body.

    It is good for us old guys to hear what young successful people like you are thinking about. It keeps me young.

    This is the first time I watched the Random Show. Good idea for a show. Keep them coming.

  31. Hi Tim, Thanks for startups advice and the angellist. If you ever read this, may I suggest these two books of Dale Carnegie for your Book Club? How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and How to Win Friends and Influence people which I think helps every reader deal with his life, work and stress. Both my favorite books along with your 4HWW, Cyropaedia, Steve Jobs Biography, Only Love is Real by Dr. Brian Weiss and The Laws of the spirit World. Thanks again. :)?

  32. Hey Tim,

    If you’re looking for more fantasy style stuff with awesome dialog, I recommend books by Glen Cook as well. You can try Tower of Fear out as a good stand alone to see if you like his style. After that I’d recommend the Black Company series or the Instrumentalities of the Night.

  33. Tim,

    I have an application idea that I would like to speak with you about and am in need of possible mentorship or even guidance on how to move forward with it. I feel that what I have come up with could be extremely beneficial to the public. Would you be available for a discussion? Please let me know what date and time would work best with your schedule.

    Thank you for your time.

  34. Love the honest introduction for the episode, wish many internet celebrities paid attention and stopped being so pretentious about their blogs.

    I like Kevin’s commitment for this year – it can be tweaked and applied in many ways to get closer to a fulfilling life.

  35. Dear Mr. Time Ferris

    I profusely apologize for inconveniencing you. My life is at crossroads and I have a belief that you have a role to play in the resolution of this dilemma.

    I am a big fan of your work and so is a very special person in my life. She has since decided to take a break from me. My only hope is to tell her in a way that I am not just about words and I am willing to do anything to make her feel special. She loved Barnes and Noble, and also the Amazing Race. So over this weekend, I clocked 327 miles in New Jersey, covering 16 Barnes and Noble locations in 10 hours. I collected photos and compiled them into a photo album.

    She is a very big fan of yours and it would mean a lot to both me and her if she were to get a small personal message addressed to her. A few lines of text is all I seek.

    Dear Mr. Tim Ferris, you must have truly loved someone at some point in your life, and you might be in love even now. In the name of that pure and sacred love, I beg you to please help my cause by contributing a few lines of text.

    Thank you.


    Ravi Gupta

  36. Hi Tim,

    Great Random Show, as usual.

    I am a big wine fan, and was excited to see some wine recommendations. I have not been able to order any though, and wondering if anyone else has had any luck. The sites seem to require you to submit an email address and wait to see if you hear back (have not heard anything yet). Hoping I get the chance to try some!

  37. Hey Tim,

    I think a guest post from Kevin detailing his journey through his “self-education” of alcohol, including books, people, places, brands, and the different resources he uses throughout the process would be pretty awesome! I have wanted to self-educate myself for a long time and haven’t exactly known where to start. Just a suggestion, thanks for another great show.

  38. I love the idea of doing something every month that you can look back on and fondly remember. I don’t want to get to my deathbed and say, “I wish I had more time to do…….” Now is the time! Best of luck with the Ar build!

  39. Tim, I really appreciate these posts. You and Kevin seem like pretty cool dudes.

    I look forward to more episodes. Maybe do one from your little step brother city – Portland, Oregon – where there are lots of cool entrepreneurial things going on.

    Could do an episode from a craft brewery!


  40. Hey Guys,

    Love to “back” your syndicates, but the accreditation bar is just out of reach. The bar seems pretty high for the $1000 minimum mentioned. Did I miss something or is the angel web-site yet to be updated?


  41. Question:

    Tim and Kevin discussed paper trading with AngelList. I’d like to start with Paper trading while I earn my accredited investor status. I can’t figure out how to actually do that.

    Does anyone know how to start paper trading on AngelList?

  42. Hi Tim, thank you for your thoughts on the startup ecosystem and your inspirations. [Moderator: link removed]