The Truth About "Homeopathic" Medicine (#23)

Homeopathy -- effective, useless, or dangerous? (Photo: Marcos Zerene)
Homeopathy — effective, useless, or dangerous? (Photo: Marcos Zerene)

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The Truth About "Homeopathic" Medicine (#23)

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I routinely use an arnica gel for minor muscular strains. In fact, it’s one of my “go to” treatments.

In 2010, however, I found myself swallowing Boiron Arnica Montana 30C pellets, an oral version that was the only option at the closest GNC. I started at five pellets, SIX times a day–TWICE the recommended dose. Risk of overdose? Not likely.

“30C,” which I looked up that evening, tells you all you need to know.

This consumable version of arnica, unlike the creams I’d used in the past, was a homeopathic remedy. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, pioneered the field of homeopathy in 1796, if the term “pioneer” can be applied to alternative “medicine” founded on concepts like mass dilution and beatings with horse-hair implements. From the Wikipedia entry for “homeopathic dilutions,” last I looked:

Homeopaths use a process called “dynamisation” or “potentisation” whereby a substance is diluted with alcohol or distilled water and then vigorously shaken by ten hard strikes against an elastic body in a process called “succussion”… Hahnemann believed that the process of succussion activated the vital energy of the diluted substance.


Back to 30C. 30C indicates a 10-60  (10^(-60), or 10 to the negative 60th) dilution, the dilution most recommended by Hahnemann.

30C would require giving 2 billion doses per second to 6 billion people for 4 billion years to deliver a single molecule of the original material to any one person. Put another way, if I diluted one-third of a drop of liquid into all the water on earth, it would produce a remedy with a concentration of about 13C, more than twice the “strength” of our 30C arnica.

Most homeopathic remedies in liquid are indistinguishable from water and don’t contain a single molecule of active medicine. In systematic review after systematic review, these dilutive homeopathic remedies display no ability to heal beyond placebo.

I found this particularly bothersome. Bothersome because I appeared to heal faster using oral 30C arnica.

There are a few potential explanations…


The water actually retains some “essential property” of the original substance because of the beatings and shakings. I give this a probability of somewhere between zero and epsilon (where epsilon is almost zero). It violates the most basic laws of science and makes my head hurt.

NOTE: Some people use the term “homeopathic” interchangeably with “organic” or “herbal”; I am not addressing this misnomer nor the associated compounds. Some herbal, non-prescription medications have tremendous effects. I’m speaking only to the original use of the word “homeopathic” as related to dilutive treatments.


I didn’t realize it was a homeopathic remedy until after four or five doses, and I had been told it could reduce pain by up to 50% in 24 hours. Placebo is strong stuff. People can become intoxicated from alcohol placebos, and “placebo” knee surgeries for osteoarthritis, where incisions are made but nothing is repaired, can produce results that rival the real deal. This explanation gets my vote. Now, if I could just forget what I read on the label, I could repeat it next time.


Imagine you catch a cold or get the flu. It’s going to get worse and worse, then better and better until you are back to normal. The severity of symptoms, as is true with many injuries, will probably look something like a bell curve.

The bottom flat line, representing normalcy, is the mean. When are you most likely to try the quackiest shit you can get your hands on? That miracle duck extract Aunt Susie swears by? The crystals your roommate uses to open his heart chakra? Naturally, when your symptoms are the worst and nothing seems to help. This is the very top of the bell curve, at the peak of the roller coaster before you head back down. Naturally heading back down is regression toward the mean.

If you are a fallible human, as we all are, you might misattribute getting better to the duck extract, but it was just coincidental timing.

The body had healed itself, as could be predicted from the bell curve–like timeline of symptoms. Mistaking correlation for causation is very common, even among smart people.

In the world of “big data,” this mistake will become even more common, particularly if researchers seek to “let the data speak for themselves” rather than test hypotheses.

Spurious connections galore–that’s what the data will say, among other things.  Caveat emptor.


‘Tis possible that there is some as-yet-unexplained mechanism through which homeopathy works. Some mechanism that science will eventually explain. Stranger things have happened.

And while we don’t need to know how something works if we observe it to work (which clinical trials have not, in this case)…

Until something even remotely plausible comes along, I’ll do my best to scratch my psora (an itch “miasm” that Hahnemann felt caused epilepsy, cancer, and deafness) with at least one molecule of active substance.


Do you agree or disagree? Do you have evidence to the contrary? Please share your thoughts in the comments by clicking here.

This is something that has bothered me for years, but I’m very open to being proven wrong.

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780 Replies to “The Truth About "Homeopathic" Medicine (#23)”

    1. The government has made us all dependent. If they don’t say, it is not so. We breathe air, don’t see it, but except that it is there. Sometimes you have to go with your gut and trust that what you feel is real. Every thing on earth is connected, the birds and beast know of disasters before they happen. As humans we bury our heads in the sand and walk with eyes closed. If homeopath works for you, thank God and feel blessed you were brave and knowledgeable enough to try it. I have used it to save lives, aid healing, reduce or eliminate pain.

      1. Homeopathy serves only as a placebo, we know this from various studies and meta analysis. If humans relied on “gut feeling” rather than the scientific method we would still be living in the dark ages.

        As for the rest of your comment, it is nothing but gibberish.

  1. My father came back from 3 years in North Africa in the late 50s incapable of digesting anything, even water. Chamomille tea was the only thing that stayed down. Medicine (of the late 50s) couldn’t do anything for him anymore and his doctor sent him to a surgeon for removal of the stomach (at 27 years old).

    The surgeon told him: “I’m sorry but you are too young to do an ablation of the stomach. We are going to try everything first”. He sent my father (who had never heard of homeopathy and therefore didn’t have any opinion in favor of or against it; so not a predisposed subject for the placebo effect) to an homeopath doctor who gave conferences on the topic (we are speaking of an MD who kept studying several years after his doctorate to specialize in homeopathy).

    Today my father is 84 years old and still has his stomach, digesting anything like you and me. Since then, in my family we have always believed in homeopathy, which has cured us more than once (and more than 10 times). We even cured with it a niece who was then 2 years old (you can’t really brainwash a 2-year-old about the effects of a medicine). I am using it right now for 2 health issues very successfully.

    In the 80s, research showed for the first time that water had a memory, which explained homeopathy. I am not a doctor and couldn’t get into a long argument on why it works. It simply has always worked well for my family and we would be silly not to use it. Each has his own story and is free to use homeopathy or not.

    One important point though to keep in mind about homeopathy is that it is not an emergency medicine like allopathy (regular medicine), which leaves each type of medicine its place. It is typical for a homeopath doctor to tell you to take a medicine for 6 months and then come back and see him again to see the results. It cures and strengthens the system, the breading ground, but doesn’t attack the desease. Also the “temper” of the person is very important. There are several typical tempers in homeopathy and the doctor, the first time, will ask a lot of questions to attempt to discover your temper. Sometimes the cure works the first time around and other times the doctor has to try other homeopathic prescriptions until he finds out what works for you.

    In other words Homeopathy is a very different world from allopathy and cannot be judged the way we would judge regular medicine.

    1. When it comes to homeopathy and curing a given illness, correlation is not causation. Yes a 2 year old, (or an ignorant adult), may not be subject to placebo effect, but those administering a remedy to the same 2 year old can be a victim of their own confirmation bias.

      Your comments about temper are ridiculous nonsense. Your statement that homeopathy should not be judged in the same way regular medicine should be is laughable and dangerous. Any medicine or remedy should be evaluated using the scientific method. This means evaluation using clinical trials etc.. Papers written on any remedy are held up to scrutiny in peer reviewed medical journals etc..

  2. No offense but you truly do not understand this medicine. It takes years to learn and use and no amount of “hacking” will help with this learning curve. Your article is barely an intro.

  3. I had the exact same reaction as you. 30C? What the heck is that? I looked it up and learned what homeopathic really meant and how it’s made and thought, placebo effect seems most likely explanation. But, IMHO, homeopathic works too consistently well for placebo effect. This is a far out thought (well, at least for me), but one that has been rattling around in the back of my mind nearly every time I’m reaching for a homeopath: Could quantum entanglement be the key to unlocking this one? “Spooky action at a distance” as Einstein once mused.

  4. Tim, this is an important topic, thanks for writing about it 🙂

    First off, I’m not a doctor. But my career challenges me to know why we believe strange things, so here are my two cents:

    There’s no evidence to suggest homeopathy is an effective treatment. But only if you’re counting controlled trials, based on thousands of patients.

    Undeniably, people are having success with homeopathy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have posted this. Why does this happen? The most likely reason is our limited perspective. For example, you might hear someone say, “It worked for me, what more proof do I need?” But that’s not a statement of it efficacy. It’s a statement of how much they believe it. Which is fine, if you have a low level condition. Unless of course, you develop fear and distrust towards modern medicine. Especially in the case of life threatening illnesses. A good example is the anti-vaccine movement. Where personal perspective (and protecting our children) has clouded our judgment. Today, many parents are afraid of vaccines, and are opting for alternatives like homeopathy. Which reinforces a belief that endangers the health of individuals, as well as the heard.

    So that’s my main concern with homeopathy. It has the power to encourage decisions based on a limited perspective. Not a disinterested, evidence based majority.

    But I understand and appreciate the fears of modern medicine. Between chemical cocktails, and the greed of pharmaceutical companies, it’s hard not to question the whole operation. With that, I’d like to recommend two books: ‘Why People Believe Weird Things’ by Michael Shermer. And ‘On Immunity’ by Eula Biss. The latter is phenomenal, and surprisingly balanced.

    Thanks for posting this, Tim. Certainly an interesting topic.

  5. I’m with Tim on this one. I thought, “What a bunch of hoooeee” (about homeopathy, not Tim), but I have a very good friend who is a passionate homeopath so I gave it a try. Some remedies didn’t work, but some worked a charm…even on a migraine! I am so convinced, I went into business with her and we have developed a face cream using homeopathic remedies (as well as bee venom and Manuka honey from New Zealand).

  6. I think that there is a lot of stuff out there that advertises things that are not true and promises things that we all can agree are over the top or just trying to sucker people into a purchase. The medicinal field is no different than any other market in that regard (when it regulated). That being said I think homeopathic and holistic medicine have historical and ancient roots that when practiced properly lead to great results as the body sorts itself out. I go to someone who is certified in this and is a best selling author who’s link is included in this comment. From my experience with it I think it has helped me understand my own body better and take better care of myself through using certain remedies. It makes for an interesting podcast of the health benefits and the crap out there.

  7. I used to get poison ivy so bad it would turn a purple black. I tried Nux Vomica made from poison ivy. I’ve never had poison ivy since. Maybe I just got better at avoiding it? I don’t know. That was 20 years ago.

  8. Amazing article, well I think the medicines should be in the bottle glass as it much safer in bottle and you can easily know that how much medicine is left, I really wanna appreciate you for sharing as this article was very informative and interesting

  9. Great article about homeopathy treatment. Thank you for sharing with us.Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat anxiety but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.

    1. Homeopathy has some popularity because that average person doesn’t understand that it doesn’t work. It fails clinical trials and has no support among the scientific community. The greatest proponents of this non-treatment are basically all conspiracy nuts who think the medical establishment and big pharma are working in concert to deceive the public and hide the “truth” of the magical homeopathy, in order to make tonnes of money. What we find is that many evil big pharma companies also make homeopathic remedies that require no regulation and present bigger profit margins because no real R & D is needed. And of course the main ingredient, tap water, is cheap.

      Lets see how homeopathy performs in an emergency theater rather than just fixing some minor rash that was going to heal anyway.

      As for treating anxiety, please, anxiety is the first triumph of any placebo.

  10. I have seen a homeopath for 7 years who used to be a nurse, so she has a medical background, and it has worked for me. But 1) you cannot try to use homeopathic remedies the same way you would allopathic medicine. You need a practitioner who knows your history both physical and mental/emotional to determine the appropriate remedy for your specific symptoms and your personal make up. 2 people can have the same symptoms and be given different remedies. Secondly as others have stated my homeopath has prescribed remedies for my dog who she only treats because she treats me and they always work. The most convincing was when he was suffering from a herniated disc and had lost function in his hind legs. The vets had told me he’d need 6 weeks of complete bed rest to hope he’d heal and regain function. After seeing my homeopath and giving him 1 dose of the remedy she prescribed he regained full function within a few hours. So that’s prof enough for me regardless of what other studies people have done.

  11. There was a show on PBS featuring a Professor of Medicine at the U. of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was able to homeopathically cure cows of chronic mastitis where anti-biotics failed. He used some preposterous dilution. It did work. He had wondered, looking at a library in a country house, centuries old, why so many homeopathy books if it did not work? Feel free to freak out realizing how many strange chemicals are loose in the world in minute quantities due to industrialization.

  12. I believe you are wrong it does indeed work

    Read books by dr luc de schepper ( may have that spelled incorrectly) but he wrote many interesting books on homeopathy that explain it all

  13. Issue with all approaches that I could find is that homeopathy is looked from chemistry perspective and it should be looked for phisics and chemistry together.

  14. The novelty for an article discrediting Homeopathy would be to find someone who actually bothered to do some research so they could at least pretend they knew what they were talking about.

    1. Lots of people on this thread discrediting Homeopathy are well read on the subject. Also there is the advantage of falling back on the scientific method which destroys Homeopathy.

  15. Please everyone, stop discrediting homeopathy with facts. Once homeopaths lose their beliefs, the possibility of transient placebo benefit is lost.

  16. I am glad to see you address homeopathy. There are, in fact, randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical trials that show a much greater success rate of homeopathic remedies than do trials of traditional medicines (pharmaceutical drugs), but they are ignored by the medical community – not surprisingly, because homeopathic healing is much less expensive. Amy Lansky, who received her PhD from Stanford and worked as a computer scientist, included some of these trials in her book “Impossible Cure.” [Moderator: Additional text and link removed.]

    Amy Lansky would be a GREAT individual for you to interview! I love your podcasts!

  17. Hi,

    I too er on why, where, how but mostly always go for myself with -does it work for me?

    I’ve used homeopathy on and off for most of my adult life now.

    During pregnancy – I used a couple of remedies for both seperate emotional and physical reasons both 30c and 200c. I got the results I’d hoped for.

    One of the homeopathic remedies was chosen if there was history of heavy bleeding. I’d had an eptopic pregnancy previously that left me with one hell of a bruise from my belly to the top of my legs – arnica gel cleared that up over weeks but now I was due to give birth this time I was hesitant about hormorrage. So, I took a rememdy for that concern.. after birth I was checked because I had lost a lot of blood, but it had clotted which was a good thing i was told and my heomoglobin levels were normal (which I put down to chosen nutrition and exercise throughout) Do I know the homeopathy did the job? I won’t know. Something did though.

    Another one..

    A few months postpartum my temperature went up to 40.1 – fever not feeling good. After being checked out by a gp it was diagnosed as Mastitis (a blocked milk duct) The next day I took belladonna 30c and it cleared up within a day. No fever, no pain, no swelling.

    I then took this again at the onset of a fever, again it did not progress.

    My son has camecillia 5c during teething, he’d relax and sleep 9 times out of 10 after taking.

    Who what where and how – I’m not sure. I was a holistic therapist and I still er with caution and find out what makes sense before going down a path. Homeopathy doesn’t make full sense to me apart from like treats like. All I can say is it’s given me results I had wanted when I’ve used it, even when I had no idea if it would work or not.

  18. The vast majority of treatments are available today which are effective in men with diabetes. It is about finding the right one for you. Oral medications are often used as the first line of treatment (different treatment options with different duration of action and some daily treatment), taking into account other treatment options if these do not work for the best treatment.

  19. This article will explain everything about how homeopathy works:

    It is the only modality of healing that considers that we have a vital force / the spirit-like dynamics that anamates the body.

    We are spiritual beings living in a material world. Healing is a spiritual affair not a medical one.

    Also homeopathic remedies are all diluted down and sucussed at each dilution to add kinetic energy (a body in motion tends to stay in motion) to potentialize the remedy. The more dilute the more potent. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the vital force to fight back against the remedy disease. Since the vital force is not a physical entity so homeopathic remedies have to be diluted and potentialized in order to stimulate the vital force.

    Finding homeopathy, learning in a school for 8 years and constitutionally healing for 25 years absolutely saved my life and I only have The Holy One Blessed Be He for answering my prayers to find the Torah way of healing.

  20. Vaccines have their foundations in homeopathic medicine. And there must be something to it otherwise why would you name a hospital after Dr. Hahnemann?

  21. Good article, entertaining and informative. Same experience here, almost zero products I have tried, or had tested have much more than added fillers and ineffective doses of the claimed elements. Caffeine though, caffeine works, and acupuncture, Think the term homeopathic itself has been stolen for money making purposes.

  22. Homeopathic remedies, as you describe above, aren’t working on the basis of “active ingredients”, the way a supplement does. This is a very involved topic, but I’ve worked with homeopathics for over 20 years with humans and animals, and have found them to be helpful for a range of conditions.

  23. Greetings,

    What about homeopathic healing as an future interview topic? You could meet with a practicing Homeopath or Naturopath to explain the mysteries of arnica 30C and why it really was the arnica that made you feel better after you took it. I would be happy to recommend two or three whom I know personally. BTW, regression toward the mean is something entirely different than the phenomenon of taking the arnica just as you were about to get better anyway (that’s called coincidence).

    Your perspectives and conclusions make sense in the context of functional or allopathic medical systems and prescribing practices, and as a believer in the mighty STEM religion. However, homeopathy is a healing system unto itself. If you assess outcomes and value using conventional assumptions then you will miss the point. Homeopathic remedies do not rely on particles or molecules, they rely on energy patterns or vibrations. The healing potential is carried as energy in water and quantum physics research is available to explain plausible mechanisms of cure. Naturally, PubMed would not produce papers on clinical trials results for homeopathy because current biomedical dogma about medicine are limited to the belief that molecules and chemicals are necessary to cure illness. It’s just a belief, not a fact. Still, there are other places to find valid research on homeopathy treatment outcomes if you know where to look. Yes, even PubMed has its limitations.

    Economic drivers are often stronger than cure quotient in determining which beliefs get squelched or promoted as ‘scientific’. Public policy is a more salient determinant of our options for cure than is effectiveness. The US medical care industry is heavily regulated and notorious for being littered with perverse incentives (regulations that generate profit at the expense of cure). For example, the cost of succussed sugar pills is miniscule and not controllable compared with heavily regulated and patented pharmaceuticals.

    It’s a topic worth exploring and expanding your mind!

  24. I have zero comprehension of how homeopathics work. Sure, I know the definitions, but my scientists brain can’t conceive of how potency (basically the antithesis of concentration) works. BUT… I have used them with great success, not only on myself, but on my kids (as babies and beyond–when it’s difficult to conceive of how they could have been affected by placebo).

    Just a few examples.

    I used Arnica 6X to resolve prolonged (post six-weeks) mild bleeding postpartum. It stopped within two days.

    When my youngest was a baby, any type of respiratory distress evolved into croup, which would quickly evolve into wheezing and an asthmatic response. The first two times we went to urgent care, he was given steroids, etc. Then I learned about spongia tosta. I’d give him 2 tabs at the onset of the “seal-like barking” and repeat the dose every 15 minutes until it resolved (usually 3 doses). It was so effective! After the first “night” I’d give it to him at bed time preventative-ly each night until his cold cleared–no more croup. No progression to wheezing.

    My oldest had a bag cough one year, and I gave him a homeopathic cough syrup, which helped him to stop coughing and sleep well at night.

    I struggle with homeopathy. I don’t understand it, but I have had what seem like really effective use of them. I wouldn’t be able to convince anyone that it is effective or how/why it might be, but I am happy to try it and give it to my family because it’s non toxic and helps us, placebo or legit.

    (I also use a lot of herbal remedies–marshmallow root is my fave!)

  25. Classical homeopathy is a holistic therapy. The individual is considered as a whole and symptoms from the body, mind, and spirit are considered when choosing a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy takes into consideration a person’s environment and lifestyle, providing individualized treatment for the person. Classical homeopathy most closely matches the totality of the individual’s symptoms and personality with the homeopathic remedy in order to stimulate the body’s own natural healing response. In classical homeopathy, the use of a single remedy at a time is a basic principle.

    1. Amy Lansky would be an interesting guest on homeopathy and ‘active consciousness’ topics. She earned her doctorate in computer science from Stanford in 1983, and has very interesting ideas!

  26. C’mon Tim. Thanks for contributing to the informationally-suppressive bullshit you’ll find anywhere in the media, a product of the trickle-down effect of corruption. I have healed from serious digestive issues that had left me without energy and with intense heart problems. I was dying and homeopathy brought me back to life. Speculative articles like this really need to cease and desist. They simply thwart evolution, the awareness that follows studying and fully assimilating the philosophies fundamental to homeopathy. To answer your “questions”, I’d say homeopathy works due to a mixture of one and three: the remedies do worked as advertised, and probably do possess detectable properties we have yet to unearth. The masses just aren’t ready for the healing powers of homeopathy, true mind-body medicine which is capable of showing you, if you’ll listen, why you got/get sick in the first place. It’s the lower self, Tim. Drugs will kill you because suppress. Homeopathy unearths who you really are; the body follows suit.

    I’m sure we all know the FDA’s stance on homeopathy. If they would just admit to its efficacy, and just utilize the studies conducted by people in search of truth instead of profit and power, they might save a few (million) lives. I cannot fully explain the scope of homeopathy’s capacity to change the world by healing the mind. Indeed, the government slanders homeopathy through a variety of outlets on the regular, yet surgeons regularly use Arnica Montana (under the brand name–even pseudonym, you might say–SinEcch) to reduce swelling. That’s right, almost every surgeon in the allopathic field uses a homeopathic remedy on every patient. Hmm, that’s a bit suspicious given Western dogma…

  27. I always cringe when someone refers to a homeopathic remedy as “alternative.” As you stated, it was “discovered” over 200 years ago. It is much older than the allopathic medicines we use today. And there are absolutely 0 risks. No side effects. No overdoses. In over 200 years. This is a no-risk solution to try. The absolute worst that can happen, is you selected the wrong remedy and do not have the benefits. This happens to me often when I try to treat less clear symptoms (sinus infections, sore throat, etc.) and I find it to disprove the placebo theory.

    Further, Nitro is a homeopathic remedy. People who poo-poo the science behind homeopathy would never question the doctor in the white jacket when they are given a homeopathic to RESTART their heart. The effects of using homeopathy for near death experiences is extensive.

    I think you should give homeopathy another look.

  28. I like how this article is written. Your points are sound, original, fresh and interesting. This information has been made so clear there’s no way to misunderstand it. Thank you.

  29. Hello Tim, as regards homoeopathy all I can say from my experience growing up with my mum using conventional medicine versus being introduced to my French mother-in-law using homoeopathy which for me opened up a completely new fantastic world of natural medicine… It has been wonderful for our family. I’ve been married for 20 years and we have four kids who are now teens.Whilst they were growing up , we used homoeopathy to deal with all kinds of childhood illnesses and the bottom line is it worked! And you cannot give a baby with diarrhoea or sickness a homoeopathic remedy and say it’s a placebo affect because they have no idea at six months old… That’s for sure! I bought children’s homoeopathic books and encyclopaedia and it’s fascinating. We have used minimum vaccinations as my mother-in-law explained the downsides and so are used homoeopathy instead and none of them have ever had antibiotics apart from my eldest daughter once. We have used homeopathy successfully for croup,whooping cough ,measles ,chicken pox ,flu,colds ,sore throats ,allergies, conjunctivitis, sneezing ,healing(injuries ) shock ,sleep problems,nerves,exam

    Fears,birthing through the different stages …

  30. It is not “some unexplained mechanism.” It is science that has been around for 200 plus years. For those of us who actually studied it and apply it clinically, it is very effective.

    The problem with doing so-called “hacks” is that you are always on the surface of a subject. The journey matters. When you have no depth to a subject, you come up with these superficial “conclusions” and never truly understand what it is all about. Rather sad. VERY misleading.

    1. Love this comment. Exactly, misleading information is dangerous. Some governments are trying to ban homeopathic remedies being sold in shops, especially in New Zealand. The Queen uses homeopathic remedies, so will write to the Queen if our government bans it. 😊

  31. Substances potentized homeopathically do not work on the same principles as traditional medicines, All you have in the finished remedy is the potency – perhaps you could call it the energy signature of the original substance. It helps to learn a little bit about the mysteries of quantum physics to really understand what is going on. Judging the remedies as you would traditional medicines makes no sense. In addition, the method of diagnosis when prescribing these remedies is subtly different to the standard technique. I have also experience of treating animals in this way and getting remarkable results. Since the animal in question has no idea why you are dosing it, there cannot be any question of placebo effect or auto suggestion.

  32. There is quite a bit of scientific proof mounting that homeopathy works just as it’s founder discovered. Remember this is a system of medicine that many countries use as much as “allopathic” medicine. (I am using quotes randomly to point out your technique of using quotes to condescend-that points to your bias.)

    Normally when a writer does not understand something they continue to search until they write for the public so their ignorance is not embarrassingly blatant. Including a link to one study. There is quite a bit more. Try investigating. The world is a much more complicated interesting place then you obviously understand. [Moderator: Mail(dot)google link removed.]

  33. There are people who confuse or rather a paid scholar to work of this multi billion medicine market around the world for their vested interest so that no other competitor should survive in market. So mis inform people by giving wrong information. Could be but iam a bit confused after reading this article. Was abt to go for my nasal polyp treatment which was told that this is suppose to the best treatment for it then allopathy. They operate and it reaears again,just hold it for longer time so it does not reappear again they suggest you for a steriodal spray which point is between your eyes and nose is absolutely dangerous. I rather prefer to go for ayurvedic treatment . Any comment on ayuveda mr tim let know before go for it. Or else go for healing prayer to mr binney hinn . Ha ha take mr binney to hospitals all will get cured . Oh what a way of earning wrong money in the name of god shame.

  34. I didn’t read word for word your article, but I got the overall picture.
    You need to understand how homoeopathic remedies work, like snake venom cures snake bite.
    My daughter at age 4, drank cows milk, had a massive asthma attack, no doctor or hospital for miles. A homeopath, was 5 minutes away. I rushed her there. She tried 5 remedies, they were not working, she could not breath soon, she tried a remedy called, adrenali, Bang! Her breathing was restored. No more asthma, ever. She is 26 now. And never developed asthma, even after gradually going back on milk years later. I have many more experiences with my children, and myself. So a 4 year old child, can not experience the placebo effect, when she can’t breath… More and more professionals are using arnica now, because guess what, it cures bruising, infections, and bleeding, especially in accidents. You need to use the right remedy. It’s a science we may never understand, but it is a science.
    And who can really understand the ins and outs of even one cell?
    Just because we don’t understand how it works, does that mean, it can’t be real?
    Does gravity, pull us down to earth, or is it an outside force, that pushes? Who cares! It works! It’s not a placebo, just cause we can’t see it, we feel the results of gravity.
    Homeopathic remedies are highly complex. If one remedy works on one person, it may not work on another person, why? We are all different. Do I know the science? No. I’m not a scientist. I have a grandson with a spine that was twisting. He got an infection in his spine. He was in excruciating pain, the doctors could not help, he went to my homeopath, one dose of hypericum 200, cured! No more pain, no more infection. He went on to have a successful operation that fixed his spine. He took arnica and hypericum after the operation, he was the first patient to get up and walk out of all the ones who had the same operation, got sent home after 5 days! A record for a spinal operation.
    We know it’s the arnica and the hypericum. Hypericum is for spinal pain. Arnica for operations, bruising. That could not be placebo. You get up and walk after 2 days of having your spine operated on, from placebo. You need to see it to believe it.
    It’s not hokus pokus.. Its science.

  35. If people would test these “Doctors” then they’d see how foolish they are. I wasted my money and paid the price for a few sessions at a local homeopathic doctor. I won’t write his name, but it was a French sounding name. On my first visit he told me I was allergic to rice. While I’m not a glutton for rice, I do like it and will have some every week or two, so I told him I was disappointed and asked if that meant all varieties. He said “No” and told me it was likely that there were some varieties that I could eat with no problem. So I asked him if I could bring in some different varieties so he could tell me which ones were OK for me to eat. He said that was fine. What I didn’t tell him was how I planned to bring them in.
    I went to our local health food store and purchased ten little brown dropper bottles. They didn’t need droppers, but those were the only little bottles I could find that couldn’t be seen through. I took them home and had my son label each of the ten bottles and put five different kinds of rice in them. Now, for those of you who do math quickly, you realize that five different kinds in ten bottles means that there were two of each bottle that had the exact same kind of rice. My son made a list which identified what kind of rice was in each labeled bottle. I had him put it in an envelope and seal it so that I would not know which bottle had which kind of rice.
    I took these ten bottles along on my next visit and asked the doctor to check each one to tell me which one or ones I could eat. FYI – This is the way a study should be done. It needs to be a “double blind study”. That is a study where neither the tester nor the one being tested knows the outcome. Neither the doctor nor I knew the type of rice in any of the bottles because they were brown bottles and neither of us knew what was in any one of the bottles. As you can guess, the doctor failed miserably. If what he was doing was reliable then for the type of rice that was OK for me to eat, he would have told me the two bottles that contained the same kind were OK. That was not the result of this test.
    Before going to one of these “doctors” have a rough outline of a plan on how you can test them. Feel free to copy my plan above or come up with your own. I’m sure some will post here how they did a test and the “doctor” passed it with flying colors getting it 100% correct, as it should be if what they do is reliable. Don’t trust those results as they are likely one of the doctors themselves reporting in order to drum up business. On the other hand, I don’t expect you to trust my results above either, because I’m just another name on the internet and it is possible that I also am biased. Do your own test and find out for yourself if your “doctor” can be trusted.
    I’m sure I’ll get replies on how some herb or something helped cure someone. I’m not discrediting the fact that there are herbs and minerals that help with various ailments and illnesses. Don’t mix that up with the doctors who have some voodoo way of figuring out what herb or mineral you need. It is these “doctors” who need to be thrown out, not the herbs that help.

  36. Homeopathic remedies are not given by the number of pills or pellets in a ‘dose’. The correct approach is to take 2-4 pellets when symptoms are present – so for Arnica that would be bruising from an injury of some sort, muscle soreness, again from an injury or similar symptoms. If symptoms are not present, you don’t take the remedy.

    Yes, the ‘dosage’ is minute and the mechanism is as stated – essentially unknown. However, I’ve been using homeopathic medicine for 50 years (Father-in law was an MD who practiced homeopathy – did his residency at Mayo Clinic so well prepared as a physician). I’ve seen many interesting responses but most clearly not placebo was when my son was stung by a wasp or hornet and experienced anaphylactic shock – lost consciousness, labored breathing, pupils fixed and dilated, unresponsive to pain stimulus. One dose of Apis 200 and he was awake and sitting up, breathing easily within 10 minutes. Yes we were on the way to the ER and no we are not idiots taking risks with our son’s life. However, we did give him the remedy and it did appear to work. I’m not aware of anyone spontaneously recovering from AS.

  37. Homeopathy medicine is very effective, safe and causes no side effect and products originate from natural substances like plants and minerals.

  38. I too have used Homeopathic Medicine and continuously using the same for various mild health issues. It has worked well sometimes and sometimes not. Same problem with Allopathy also. So the difference has not affected me in large. Very nicely conveyed. Wonderful Blog.

  39. homeopathy treatment is very good for many conditions and diseases such as acne
    great blog
    keep blogging

  40. You stated that the homeopathic concoction you bought doesn’t “contain a single molecule of active medicine.” Medicine? I think not. Hahnemann chose his original chemicals because they seemed to cause reactions similar to those of the disease he sought to cure: “This led him to postulate a healing principle: ‘that which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms.’ This principle, like cures like, became the basis for an approach to medicine which he gave the name homeopathy.” Wikipedia. And the way Hahnemann explained the effectiveness of massively diluted solutions of “medicine” was with the principle “the water remembers.” A worthless principle similar to his “like cures like.”

  41. It’s great that you’re interested in homeopathic medicine! Homeopathic medicine is a system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like.”Thank you for sharing the article and the tips about Homeopathic Medicine

  42. I treated my dog with homeopathic medicines when he got a bad case of food poisoning and he did not need any other medicines and now he even seems better, like more vitality, then before after he was done treatment. I also treated my other dog for a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and degenerative arthritis with homeopathy and he went from not walking at all on the one leg to full recovery. If anyone feels homeopathy does not work, please take lachesis 1m and let me know how you feel a week later. I have seen it work great on many animals from horses, chickens and goats, dogs and cats too and many many humans. 🙂

  43. Homeopathy is not just quackery. It is active involvement in the occult. People’s eyes need to be opened. Just because allopathy is strong and these days mostly synthetic, doesn’t mean any alternative health system is better.

  44. There is a lecture by Professor Voeikov on youtube in which he treats the scientific literature on very high dilutions from certain substances that show measurable physical properties that are different from pure water. You can find it here: [Moderator: YouTube ink to “HRI London 2019 | Prof Vladimir Voeikov – Disperse & dissipative nature of aqueous systems” removed per embed policy.]

    On the same channel, HRI Research there are lot of academic researches advocating for homeopathy.

    Also, there are documentaries about Luc Montagnier and his colleagues whom research supported homeopathy. Luc Montagnier won the Nobel Prize in the 80s for research on AIDS. Later he did reasearch on homeopathy.