How to Get The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Free — Only Until 10am PST (1pm EST)


Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey. NSFW.


Many of you have been asking me for the audiobook version of The 4-Hour Chef. Now that I control the rights, I’d like to offer it to you… for free.

The offer is at the end of this post, but first…

Who should join me?

I’ll record a lot myself, but I’d like to involve other voice actors for small bits and pieces.

Who would you vote for? Here are some of my favorites. If you like any other them, please Tweet at them using the following format:

“Request! @[insert name] Please narrate a piece of The 4-Hour Chef audiobook! @tferriss is a fan.”

For instance:

“Request! @SamuelLJackson Please narrate a piece of The 4-Hour Chef audiobook! @tferriss is a fan.”

Here are a few I think would be incredible, even for just a few lines:

– Samuel L. Jackson – @SamuelLJackson
– Patton Oswalt (played “Remy” in Ratatouille) – @PattonOswalt
– Ben Stiller – @RedHourBen
– Morgan Freeman – I’m unsure which Twitter account is real, if any.
– Chuck Norris – Not on Twitter?
– Tony Robbins – @TonyRobbins
– Neil Gaiman – @NeilHimself
– Brad Garrett (played “Gusteau” in Ratatouille) – Not on Twitter?

Who am I missing? Any requests?

The Offer

Here’s the offer, good only until tomorrow (Saturday) at 10AM PST (1pm EST):

Buy one (1) hardcover copy of The 4-Hour Body (BODY) and fill out this form. You’re all set.

Or… if you buy three (3) hardcover copies of The 4-Hour Body (BODY), you’ll get both the audiobook for free and my $299 CreativeLIVE course described here for free. Just purchase the 3 books on Amazon and fill out this form.

– Give extra books to close friends and family who can use them. Challenge them to join the current DietBet.

NOTE: If you already bought three books this week through the last promo, you’re automatically getting the audiobook ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, alas, only new orders count.

What will it be like?

I’ve never had a chance to make an audiobook myself and intend to make this one VERY fun and unusual. It will necessarily omit the recipes and be abridged, but there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Completing it could take a few months, but it will be well worth it. If you buy The 4-Hour Body with this promotion, you’ll get the audiobook (free) at least a month before anyone else.

If I think up more cool opportunities, you’ll be the first people to hear about it.

Posted on: January 25, 2013.

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151 comments on “How to Get The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Free — Only Until 10am PST (1pm EST)

  1. Tim, this is Awesome! Congrats on retaining the rights and more importantly, having fun with them! I can’t wait to listen to the book. I prefer listening to them while running…. Have fun! I’ll tweet my suggestions.



  2. Awesome! I would die to hear Samuel L Jackson, Patton Oswalt, and Morgan Freeman in your book! Mr. Freeman makes everything sound… so… intellectual!

    I’m ready to go with the last 3-book deal, and I just got on the DietBet last night. Ready to claim my prize packages ๐Ÿ™‚

    The last Random Show was awesome by the way, I’m glad Tumbleweed is getting lots of attention, I’ve been convincing my wife it would be a great idea.


  3. Tim, two people you should also consider: 1) Don LaFontaine (@DLFVoiceOverLab), he’s the movie preview guy! He would be awesome! 2) Ricky Gervais (@RickyGervais). Best of luck!


  4. Sean Connery, Ellen Degeneres, Mike Myers. Dany Bhoy for a sexy scottish addition (actually they’re all scots except for ellen, come to think of it). Perhaps they could be in the scottish section of the book. And Ellen likes to drink, too.


  5. I bought your book at the JCC in Palo Alto during your Commonwealth Club lecture and never received a receipt. Therefore I cannot take a screen shot of the receipt. What can I do instead?


  6. Gid-e-up
    The narrator for 4HWW (Ray Porter) has an awesome voice. However hearing it spoken from Tim and others will be even better. Maybe include Ray for part of it..


  7. Hey Tim, I would love a free copy of this as an audiobook. I have 4hr work and 4hr body on audio and I am constantly playing bookmarked sections for my students to inspire them during their lessons (i teach drivers ed). I just got the hard copy of 4hr chef last week…loving it so far, just finished the meta section. I’m really not planning on getting the hard copy of body, I also teach yoga and i incorporate a lot of your lessons into my own. From the meta section alone there is so much I could offer to my driving students… anyhow, thanks anyway. I’ll be contacting you and your henchmen in the future when I am in need of consultation. Peace!


  8. Hey Tim

    If we MISSED the last promo, does it still apply where if we already purchased a copy (say back in 2010) we only have to buy two?



  9. I purchased the 4 hour body hard cover and the digital edition when it came out. So you have a promo for the 4 hour chef audiobook for that combo?


  10. Tim, I live in China and on Amazon in China your book is about 4 times more expensive than

    I only can buy on Amazon in China. Or I’d be happy to get an e-book but I don’t think it exists.

    Do you think if I buy this 4 times more expensive version I can get a deal with CreativeLIVE course?
    Otherwise it makes sense for me to just hold up until audiobook or e-book is out and just buy that.


  11. I didn’t buy the book through Amazon but on a the proxy site that I set up with you when there was the contest to sell the most books. What can I do to be included for the contest. Thank You. Take care.


  12. I think Robin Williams! He caan do so many voices, and I’ve heard him reading seriously! He is awesome!

    Now how to get the free audiobook?


  13. I think Robin Williams! He can do so many voices, and I’ve heard him reading seriously! He is awesome!

    Now how to get the free audiobook?


  14. How about inviting unheard of people to read? As a listener to documentaries and books I’ve tired of some voices…
    I would like to read parts of your book.
    In recent days I’ve been sharing your work with others.
    On it!


  15. Dude, you need some women on that list ๐Ÿ™‚ How about Tina Fey @TinaFey123 or like Drew Barrymore or something @DrewBarrymore6 – (the latter just because I recently saw that she is really into good food & wine. I am sure you can think up some others!) xoxo~M


  16. hey Tim

    You are ignoring your overseas booksellers here. I own a Dymocks Store in Sydney NSW Australia and I imported some copies from Ingrams and have sold them through my store. Please don’t just spruik Amazon please you do have others booksellers internationally and we have supported your las 2 books too.


  17. Hi Tim,

    How about “Mad Rog” – trying his best with voice acting, reality tv and movies in Thailand/Asia and inspired by your books and the attitude of if you try/ask/pursue (persuade) you might get there/succeed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (If you remember any Thai I would add ‘555’ to this comment/request)

    โ€œRequest! @MadRog Please narrate a piece of The 4-Hour Chef audiobook! @tferriss might let you narrate a little bit for his audiobook!โ€


  18. Tim

    Please do not ignore your overseas booksellers. I imported copies of 4 HOur Chef from Ingrams and have sold them through my store. I have also supported your last 2 books. While I understand your loyalty to Amazon other Bricks and Mortar stores are out there and trying to survive. How about something that those who have bought your books from us and paricipate in?


  19. Have you seen how all the presidents of USA have narrated their own audio books – eg: My life, audacity of hope. I think Neil Gaiman does his aswell.
    Anyways- looking forward to hearing you.

    Also you could try to add flavor with Tyra Banks or class with Gaimen. And Sam Jackson would be perfect.


  20. Liev Schreiber is amazing, Peter Coyote would be great for outdoorsy/nature-related bits, and of course the great Stephen Fry is always perfect for narration.

    Glad to hear you are recording some of it yourself. I think you have a very good speaking voice. Don’t be afraid to use it more!


  21. Tim – how about having reader/fan/follower read a small section? You’ve made a huge impact on millions of fans & I think it would be a cool nod at your huge dedicated fan base (you may get the title of first best seller to do this).

    I’ll even nominate myself as fan numero uno. You inspired me to live a life worthy of a kick ass obituary. So far, (35 years) here’s a few of the things that can be listed when I die; father, online ordained reverend (performed 4 marriages so far), undercover narcotics detective, real estate business, and I’d love to add a voice actor to my ever growing list.

    Carpe diem – Ed


  22. Um, James Earl Jones?!? What can be better than having Darth Vader do an audiobook for you. And I thought Gary Oldman. Just because, well, he’s Gary Oldman. I’m sure he can read the phonebook and make it sound good.


  23. No women suggested on this list? What’s that about?
    Miss Piggy
    Lady Gaga
    Diane Sawyer
    Bette Midler
    Dolly Pardon
    Whooping Goldberg


  24. Hi, I bought the advanced copy hard cover that was supposed to be a signed version it arrived unsigned. Never got around to figuring out who to report this to. Anyways, I love the idea for an audio book, I loved the Audio version of The Four Hour Work Week.


  25. Dude, Tim. Your title is such a marketing ploy. It’s not free. You have to buy 3 copies of the book to get it “free.” You should be ashamed man. Come on! Shady.


  26. Tim, Congratulations on your new adventure into recording!

    I like Ed’s idea of the fan recording, and would like to volunteer as numero two. Nice neutral Canadian accent, and free, because I “Value Learning Over Money”!

    Wishing you every success, JoAnne (@lassieowl)


  27. Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory -Jim Parsons
    Capt. James T. Kirk – Willam Shatner
    Morphious from Matrix – Laurence Fishburne
    The Architect from Mattix
    James Earl Jones – Darth Vader Voice
    Me @ronnronnronn
    Eminem in rap style
    Girl from Enigma
    Gandolph the Wizard


  28. Johnny Depp?
    The best audio book narrators include Scott Brick and Stephan Rudnicki, although Jim Dale was awesome (Harry Potter series) lol
    I bet Keifer Sutherland would be good.


  29. I mean, I’m a bit offended you haven’t considered James Earl Jones, ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’, or Sam Elliot (narrator of the Big Lebowski). My voice is pretty damn sexy, if I do say so myself. Tim, if you’re ever in Paris, I’ll take you down for a tour through the ‘underground’ section of the Catacombs. I spend the rest of my time in Sebastopol, Ca. or Baja. You’re always welcome for a green tour around my neck o’ the woods. Thanks for the motivation, I’ve always considered you the ‘ass master.’ You seem to be an ass-kicker of it, and are very good at lighting a fire under one.


  30. Owwww :(. I already have all three of your books man… and the workweek and body audiobooks. Was getting well excited to complete the collection then haha.


  31. Brilliant idea, I think you have to get

    James Earl Jones

    Joe Pesci



    What a fun challenge. Which one do you want me to help with? I would love to try and get someone impossible. I think I am going to go after Pacino. Let me know how to send you the audio or connect him to you. Im not a big twitter guy.



  32. Love The 4 Hour Body! Looking forward to the 4 Hour Chef.
    Margaret Atwood is a great reader ( and writer ) and would expand your literary circle. @margaretatwood
    Spice up the book with accents:
    Holly Hunter
    Gerard Depardieu
    Selma Hayek or Sofia Vegara
    Keith Urban

    It will be fun any way you do it! Congrats!


  33. Tim Ferriss

    I think you should read it โ€” no one can tell the story as good as the author. I’m 10x more likely to buy an audiobook if it’s read by the author.

    Since you own all the rights, just grab a Blue Yeti and start reading for an hour every day. Then outsource the rest to be edited, and pop it on ejunkie. You should be done with it in a month.



  34. As an avid audiobook junkie I found that voices that are too unique and strong are a big destruction for consuming content. But, I get a feeling this is more of a publishing promotion angle, so the bigger the voice the better.

    Why not use Julia Child’s voice?


  35. Please NO Norm MacDonald.
    But, if you have listened to “The Art of War” narrated by George Guidall and Joe Mantegna you will be glad when George takes over!
    My vote is for George Guidall!

    P.S. I too have already purchased all three of your publications for myself and others. Well done!


  36. Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kathleen Turner, James Earl Jones, William Shatner, Nathan Fillion, Matt Smith, Kate Mulgrew, Michael Emerson, Kevin Conroy, Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett, Tina Fey, Danny Pudi, Maggie Smith, Wil Wheaton, Jim Parsons, Dennis Haysbert, Judi Dench. Any or all!


  37. Vote for Samuel Jackson!

    He could do the Lord’s Prayer under Meta Learning > Translating: The Grammar of any Language…

    (As in Jules reciting Ezekiel 25: 17 in Pulp Fiction) : )


  38. hehe – Gusteau is a winner with my 8-year old ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great move, hope you succeed to reach out. Probably the coolest blog post I have read today.


  39. It’s a cooking book so it definitely should include a few paragraphs by these great musicians :

    Mikael Akerfeldt
    Henry Rollins
    Mike Portnoy

    and yeah some chefs would be great too :

    Tony Bourdain
    Jamie Oliver
    Nigella Lawson
    Gordon Ramsay


    • Me: @neilhimself Oh btw do you know Tim Ferris is pining for you to be a narrator for his audio book?

      Neil: @CelluloidBlonde tell @tferriss that I’m in.

      You’re in.


  40. Tim this is a great example of Jeff Walker’s stacking on the cool formula. Add another awesome addition to the offer to make it even more irresistible. Genius