The Shortcut to the Shortcut: The 4 Key Principles of The 4-Hour Body

This short presentation, delivered in Berlin at the NEXT Conference, covers the four key principles of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Body. It also includes an interview with the fantastic David Rowan, editor of Wired Magazine in the UK.

The Q&A covers smart drugs, Ambien, measurement of “thoughts” (prefrontal cortex activity), and more.

All speaker videos from NEXT can be found here, and include some gems, like the inimitable CTO of Amazon, Dr. Werner Vogels.

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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342 Replies to “The Shortcut to the Shortcut: The 4 Key Principles of The 4-Hour Body”

    1. from one follower to another, I think it’s worth the investment getting it shipped online if you can’t wait 🙂

      1. Can I use almond milk on this diet? I use a lot of almond milk in my decaf coffee. Also what about those dry non dairy creamers for coffee?


      2. Sure you could. I use coconut creamer for my coffee and it never affrected my slow carb diet. I wouldn’t touch dairy at all in any form, but that’s just my preference.

    2. Made with love and …

      INGREDIENTS: Organic Kamut® Khorasan wheat flour, organic wheat bran, organic whole wheat meal, organic evaporated cane juice, organic whole oat flour, organic spelt flour, organic barley flour, organic whole millet, organic barley malt extract, organic quinoa, sea salt, organic honey. Produced in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts or soy.

      Would these ingredients work on the slow carb diet? Anyone. All organic non bleached and low sugar.

      1. Thats basically all grains and sugar which would be like the exact opposite of the slow carb diet. You’ll thank yourself if you just completely ditch all grains, sugar, industrial seed oils, and processed foods.

    3. Wow, great presentation!

      Now we need a “4-Hour Mind” – to show us how the genius that is Tim Ferris works!

      Especially interested in language learning.

      P.S. – Thanks for recommending “In Other Words” – it’s a great read.

      1. I tried contacting them about helping to write it/doing experiments but they said they weren’t thinking about writing the book at this time.

      2. Read “The Four Hour Chef.” It gets deep in the weeds about the art of learning.

    4. Question to anyone who knows…. I have the book and have read the chapters relevant to weight loss on the slow carb diet and am wondering. Can you have sugarless gum and or mints every so often? If it was noted I might have missed. I am wondering if the sugar alcohol that is in these products will slow down my weight loss because I do not want that.

  1. Thanks for the post, but the video won’t play for me. I’m using the latest FireFox and flash player. Just and FYI!

    1. forget that. it was a slow connection. also, i can’t believe that you injected something into your spine that could fuse it. did the benefit out way the risk? and what was the chance that you could get screwed?

  2. Awesome post Tim. I loved your first book, it totally changed my SEO business and I keep hearing good things about 4 hour body. I’m going to have to get it sooner or later…

  3. Tim,

    Great presentation! I love your books I give them friends and family members as gifts. So far I have lost 29 pounds using the SCD, and I am planning on using OP to bulk up after I cut the fat.

    Thanks, Roderick

  4. Hey Tim!

    Video was fun – leave it to the Euros to suggest an audience-wide orgasm.

    Quick question: You said your dad was working out 3 times a week. Was he doing Geek to Freak while on the SCD?

  5. Added to the top of the watchlist stack 🙂

    Favorite line so far as I skimmed through the video:

    “Keep Improvement Relative. It’s all about becoming the best you can become and in the process collecting data that can help many other people. It’s not about being the best in the world.”

    Gotta run out to the going-away party of a friend. It’s 9:37 p.m. here in Sweden.

      1. Me too 🙁 I haven’t discovered the basic four principles….I’m sad. I do not see how I can go on.

    1. The video froze for me as well. First it froze at about 3 minutes – I bumped it up to 720p and it made it all the way to 12 minutes before it froze again.

      Alternative upload with a link would be great!

  6. That’s a lot of really high quality accents to work through…..the topics look pretty cool, thanks for the links I always get at least one brain-gem from your posts and this one looks promising…good stuff.

  7. Great stuff Tim,

    After seeing my brother lose over 30lbs by following posts on your blog, he’s given me the inspiration to slow carb it for the rest of the summer. Thanks for the book and the tips. Oh, and he talked to your mom once when she called into Groupon.

  8. Awesome presentation, couldn’t agree more with your comment about treating food as medicine. It’s a shame most doctors don’t agree!

    1. “I don’t agree with the lipid hypothesis”, “We should treat food as medicine” – I love that you are becoming more and more well known, so that these truths can also become more and more well known! I’m wondering if you’ve taken much grief over statements like these? Not that it matters. The uninformed will “get it” eventually, when they can’t figure out why they have followed all the politically correct health advice and they’re still sick and overweight.


      1. As someone who studied herbal medicine and learned that food “is” medicine, I also thought the “treat food as medicine” comment was one of the most important points made during the presentation. Dr. Oz has been bringing this up repeatedly on his show (thank all that’s green) and it’s my hope that his popularity and reach, as well as Tim’s, will help this basic foundational piece of common sense take root in our mainstream. It was very gratifying to see Tim as a guest on Dr. Oz, not to mention to have Dr. Oz say that his team had “vetted” Tim’s research. Great presentation — wonderful speaking skills, Tim! I have been buying copies of the 4HWW and now the 4HB for friends and fellow authors. If any group ever needed the 4HB it’s writers who sit on their tookus and live in their head all day! 🙂 For myself, I’ve lost 5.5″ off my waist and 9.5 pounds using the slow-carb principals. In addition to my writing I have a full time job in IT and I fully intend to conquer polyphasic sleep next! Thanks, Tim!!

  9. Hey Tim, I think it was Smart Design in Objectified. They did the work for OXO. Great info in the video. You’re a marvel.

    1. When looking at the clitoris, think of it as a clock on the wall(not digital, obviously) Then, think of where the hand on the clock is when between 1 and 2.

  10. Great talk, I admire your love of data, do you have a transferable method of data visualization? Could a stranger pickup your notes and make sense of it all or is it a system only you can understand

  11. Tim,

    What watch are you wearing?

    Sorry if its stupid question,

    I just want to know.

    Thank you in advance,


  12. I knew from the get go that your methods = win just from the fact that you are a data analysis nerd, and fascinated with research (Fellow nerdling). Thanks for everything Tim.

    One thing that occurred to me during your talk, when you covered Ritalin in your talk. I’ve been Bi-Polar since I was 16 and I’m currently on a Lithium/Lamictal/Wellubutrin cocktail, the side effects are not horrible but it’s enough that it is annoyance multiple times throughout my life. Have you come across any research or plan to involving Bi-Polar/Depression/Manic and treating the condition with food and/or supplements.

    I appreciate everything you’ve done and have put out there. Thank you

  13. Awesome presentation. Speaking of smart drugs, has anyone else here tried modafinil? I’ve been on the fence about it for a while, due to both the expense and the uncertainty about how healthy it is.

    1. John: Tried it. It definitely works, but I would only use it on special occasions where it is absolutely imperative that you avoid sleep to get something done (such as meetings while jetlagged). Frankly, I’ve found myself to be so much more productive working in 90 minute sessions with daily exercise, paleo eating, and 9+ hours of sleep per night than if I just try to grind things out with stimulants.

      Drinking Yerba Matte constantly has a fairly similar effect as modafinil on me.

      1. Tried it too, down to my last 2 pills of 10

        Gives me 10-30% performance boost depending on what I’m doing. For me it’s similar to a high performance day when you’ve had a bunch of sleep, been eating well and find it easy to get into the zone.

        Now only using on heavy jeglag days where I need to be switched on or when I’m overcommitted and need to push through.

  14. Hi Tim, great video!

    I’ve just finished my first month of the 4HB slow carb diet, and have lost 22lbs so far, although I’ve visibly gained muscle so the fat loss is actually more than that.. Everyone who’s been watching me do this has asked how hard it is to follow the diet, but I’ve actually found it incredibly easy.. and that’s with being a strict lacto/ovo vegetarian.. with meat I imagine it would be even easier.

    Thank you. 🙂

  15. The diet part of your book is decent. But you cant lift 500 lbs and you cant run an ultramarathon either so i was really disappointed.

      1. Come on Charlie a rack pull in a smith rack?? (i can pull 180 kg after 8 months of training from the ground and he has been doing strength training for several years) He cant do a regular deadlift with 500 lbs.

      2. You said he couldn’t lift 500 pounds. I merely pointed out the video that shows he did. I never said anything about deadlifts.

      3. Hey Charlie,

        Thanks for posting that vid. Interesting that Tim does rack pulls. My chiropractor (who was an olympic lifter in college and could lift 600+) recommends using a rack pulls for safety and and periodically doing a full dead lift if close to a competition. He says the rack pulls will increase the strength of your deadlift and it’s what he did in college to get a DL of 600+ in college.

        Question I thought you might be able to answer: Tim mentioned that the process of deadlifting roughly 3-4 sets with approximately 3 reps was almost scientific with the results (loosely quoting). I was wondering if I was to apply the same principles of 3-3 in any other lift, for example, say with a shoulder press, I would expect to see strength gains in a similar pattern?


        PS. I’m waiting for your own product launch sometime in the future 🙂 When that happens let me know and I’ll promote it any way I can. I’m a fan of your work.

  16. Tim

    Thanks for this interesting posting. Enjoyed the video very funny and informative too! Some of your insights are really startling. I liked your q and a with the host. Liked it as well.

  17. You hit a 650lb deadlift?! What sort of results are other people getting from effortless superhuman? I would especially like to hear the exact rep counts that people are doing that are getting huge results.

    I have been doing it for about 5 months, maybe 3x a week on a good week and 1x on a bad week and have gone from maybe 250lbs to a 375lbs deadlift. i am 6’2″, 180lbs. I do 3 reps @ 95%, sprint, rest 5 minutes, 3 reps @ 85%, sprint. I do a full deadlift, then drop. Perhaps if I dropped at the knees I would gain faster??

  18. Video stops at the 4:07 mark with Chrome. Switched over to Explorer and its all good. Good stuff Tim.

  19. Thanks for posting the video! I bought the 4-Hour-Body and it’s very interesting although I’ve only read a quarter of it. I’ve been into working out and food(as in kind of having an eating disorder) since high school wrestling as a freshman and throughout the years I think the best thing I’ve learned is how much people underestimate eating and cardio in getting big and ripped. What and how much you eat makes up easily 80% of losing that body fat percentage and gaining muscle and working out in general. People that go to the gym all the time are simply inefficient. If you eat right, going to the gym once or twice a week is plenty.

  20. Just stumbled across this site and downloaded both 4HW and 4HB. Anxious to get started so will be tracking my progress.

  21. Very cool presentation. I manage a bookstore in south Santa Clara county and I’m constantly hand-selling your books. I lost about 30lbs on your Slow Carb Diet and gaining mass back on Occam’s Protocol. It’s really inspired me to tackle everything of importance to me with measurable data and the scientific method. Thanks for the jump start.

  22. The video isn’t working for me either. It goes through the intro video and cuts to the first shot of the crowd and stops. It won’t load further and wants me to start over from the beginning. I’m running Google Chrome 11.0.696.71 on OSX 10.6.7. Hope that helps… Excited to see a new post and another talk.

    1. Used firefox and it worked. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with the food as medicine. Such great words of wisdom there that we in the states need to address more.

  23. Tim- Great video and great tips. I’m working on a new fitness product at the moment. Your book has been an inspiration for me and my company. I will send you the link once we launch.

  24. Great to hear you break down those actionable points. That’s the type of stuff I plan to tell friends who are disinclined to read the book. Question and answer was fun to hear also.

  25. Very Cool Tim,

    Your presentation is getting a lot slicker as time goes on, its quite a big difference from some of the first, like the one at TED a few years ago to now.

    I look forward to having lunch with you at some point.

    Take Care,


  26. Awesome presentation Tim. You are most definitely an inspiration. I was the shyest kid on the street back in grade school as well as middle school. Times have changed over the past year and I want to become a public speaker.

    You got about 10 years on me so I will take my time 😉

    Keep it up!

  27. Tim, great to see you have so much willpower!! If you continue like this you will become an icon of mind-over-matter and analgesia!

  28. Great Presentation Tim!

    You mentioned that Ritalin and Adderall have side effects. I take Focalin for ADD and have not seen any side effects. Is there something I should be worried about?



  29. On nootropics:

    I agree with Tim that the drugs he mentions are probably not good to take on a regular basis. What about some of the milder drugs that have positive cumulative effects and long histories of use? I’m thinking piracetam or herbs like Lion’s Mane, St John’s Wort, and Bacopa

    1. Be carefull and do your research before taking herbs, because there are side effects. St Johns Wort affects liver metabolism, can lead to liver damage and makes you more sensitive to sunlight. Makes birthcontrol pills LESS effective and interferes with other medication. PubMed has a lot of research about it. I took it for 2 yrs when feeling depressed and now my skin is a bit uneven, every tiny scab leaves a darker mark. And I never took other drugs or drank alcohol in that period. Herbs can be every bit as effective and should be treated with the same caution and research as lab-created meds.

  30. I always look forward to the comment threads on this blog. Best community and following everywhere. Cheers to the New Rich and the Effortless Superhumans.

    On modafinil, I tried it as well and logged the effects. It’s great, but I used to burn through the night to gain extra study time. I would like to use it again on lighter doses just to abstract the benefits and still go to sleep. Muscles need to rest to get stronger, after all.

  31. Brilliant presentation Tim!

    Got any tips on improving your presentation skills? What have you done to improve? How do you prepare?

    – Alexander, Norway

  32. Hey, Tim, after seeing this video amongst others (such as the one on blogging) I’ve made you my role model for public speaking. I’m going to see how I can assimilate your body language and style in general to public events.

    Any suggestions on what you think is most important?

    Also, your most excellent idea: Phototracking + Minimum Effective Dose



  33. Herr Tim,

    Great video. I’m not a squeemish girl at all but the wince factor during the muscle biopsy was fairly high. You *are* the ultimate guinea pig!

    Been a big fan of meletonin for years and yes, it’s hard to get in Europe. 🙁

    I find magnesium and black current oil helps the body deal with jetlag. The black current oil combats dehydration that occurs during flights.

    Interesting info on coconut oil. Will be trying that.

    p.s. Loved the cricket symphony in response to your opening joke… 😀

  34. What a genius! I’ve been hesitant to buy 4HB, but I was so intrigued by this presentation that I will buy it. Have you thought about making a film about all your research? It would be so fascinating to watch.

    1. Hi tim, great presentation on the 4 hour body’s key principles. I like how you discuss every point of the principles. Also the best practices to use for endurance. You have a long length of experimentation. Injections on spine is kind of critical.

  35. Great presentation Tim !!

    I need to keep the 4 principles in mind inorder to quickly hack into any venture that i take (be it bodybuilding, business, studies, relationship, etc)

    The principles are :

    1. Follow the Minimum Effective Dose(MED)

    2. Take note of the Extremes by reading various role-models so that they inform the Means

    3. Tracking and Loss Aversion are important for failure-proofing

    4. Follow the behavioral changes which include 4 points

    a) Make it conscious

    b) Make it a game

    c) Make it competitive

    d) Make it small and temporary

  36. Hello Tim,

    I remember about a year ago now you drastically improved at public speaking but once again I think you’ve taken it up a notch. You look really relaxed on stage now and you aren’t phased by anything. I can’t help but think your experiences of having to constantly describe the best angle to stimulate the clitoris has something to do with this. :p I know you used to find it quite an ordeal to speak in public so to have people on here now aspiring to your level of confidence as a public speaker is truly something to be proud of.

    All the best,


  37. I love seeing all these conferences. I feel like I am able to absorb any new information you have come across much easier since reading the book.

  38. Hi, Tim. I bought 4HB as soon as it came out. I already had 4HWW and have enjoyed both and have gotten a lot out of them. I have a couple questions:

    Being in my late 40’s I have experienced symptoms of what used to be called “feeling my age”; this now correlates to the symptoms mentioned in all the ads for “low T” treatments (low libido, low energy, moodiness, etc.) and I have started following the protocol I for boosting my body’s natural production of testosterone. My question is, is the inclusion of cold baths/showers a requirement to see the results referred to in your book? I am an over the road truck driver and it’s simply not possible for me.

    Also, I am hoping that this protocol will result in an increase in optimism and energy that will make it easier for me to stick with programs such as the SCD and basic kettle workouts. I could easily follow such programs when I was in my late teens and twenties, even if the results were sometimes slow in coming. Now that I’m older, not so much. Did you notice an increase in energy and mood elevation when you employed the supplements?

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for the comment. The cold baths/showers are not a requirement, so you’re clear there. And, yes, I did notice increased energy and mood elevation while on the supplements.

      All the best,


      1. Hi Tim, got your book & just bought all the PAGG supps, also chromium & cissus (from from all your links in the book). I’m 5’4, female & 132lbs/60kgs- the goal is 110lbs/50kgs (as much fat as possible, preserve muscle with your kettleball workout). I’m “fineboned” so its a good weight/fat level for me.

        Questions: (1) to REALLY accelerate progress can i stack a morning dose of ECA with it? (2) does “slow-carb” only work for men/overweight-fatter-than-average men/women – from the appendix/data/ these comments it looks like most participants are on the “fatter side”/overweight, e.g. your dad and other examples in the book who were 111kgs, the leaner girls only lost fat cell apoptosis. I’m using LifeExtension Green Tea 326.25mg/capsule x 3/day in the AGG (your recommendation) – so to stimulate apoptosis we’ll need to triple the dose (to 3capsules x 3x/day). Do we need to increase the other AGG doses too?

        I’m starting on Monday – so excited! Thanks 🙂

  39. @ Tim and maybe also Justin:

    How does the deadlift progression looks like? In the presentation you mention 2-3 reps for 3 sets, and in the book chapter also specific reps and percentages, e.g. 1 set of 5 reps @ 85% 1RM Deadlift. But did you always lift the same weight, or adjust by testing 1RM from time to time, or make always small adjustments/cycle as in Pavel’s Power to the People?

    Thanks for the clarification in advance!

    1. I have very little experience with this stuff, but so far if I was able to complete all 6 reps on my previous workout I up the weight by 5kg. Who knows if this will continue to work for me as things are starting to feel pretty damn heavy at 375. 400 here I come!

  40. I purchased the 4HB in January. Since then I’ve lost a firm 22lbs and have increased my athletic performance and never made it past the first 150 pages. I fell short in some of the basic steps of recording the process but I don’t care because of the results. I get daily compliments and have never had more energy! This sounds so crazy but I know these changes are forever and don’t feel like I’ve compromised my quality of life in-fact I’ve given myself more time on the planet as a result of this book.

  41. Good info Tim. The book is great.

    Not crazy about all the audience pans with the video tho. Looks cheesy.

  42. Tim quick question. What is the the most effective and expedient way to raise my subconscious money thermometer? In your opinion?

    Love your books and your philosophies.

    Thank you for all you do

    Phil from Calgary

  43. I guess I’ll have to wait till I can get a faster download. It keeps stopping a few minutes into the video.

    I’m working on my dad as well. He needs to lose 60-70 pounds. Wish me luck.

  44. Tim,

    Thank you for the 4 Hour Body, 4 Hour Work Week and everything else. I want to see this whole video, but have tried it in 3 different browsers and it stops playing a different points and will not continue. Is there another web link to watch this? Flash can be sooo frustrating sometimes.


    1. Update: I could not get any browsers to play the whole video until I choose to see it in HD 720p. Have no idea, but it worked. Hope that helps some others.


  45. Hi Tim. I have been using 4 hour body for one week. Bought the book, OUTSTANDING. I also ready your 4 hour work week. I am looking at life differently. NR

    The ice showers 10 minutes morning and night have not only helped me burn fat, it really gets my energy level to new highs. That alone, has made a huge difference in my physical health.

    For a guy in his late 40’s, this has been outstanding. Continued success. I live in Santa Rosa and would love to hear when you will be presenting locally in the near future on four hour body and/or work week.


  46. Hey Tim,

    good job. I’m usually not fond of your presentations, I always thought you lacked the charisma needed for that… but I have to admit that this one was great 🙂

    Really interesting 🙂

  47. “Minus the hair” (21:55 in the talk): I’m sure Tim will crack that conundrum, too 🙂 Actually, whoever *does* solve it will get very, very rich as well as earn the gratitude of millions of hair loss sufferers. Unfortunately hair loss is a set of really tricky problems, though recently companies like Histogen and Follica (to name just two) made some inroads.

  48. I couldn’t watch this either. It would be wonderful if you could post an article or bullet points on what the 4 key principles are. This would help us reference specific material in the book as well. Thanks!

  49. Video froze as you were talking about your father. Do you have this in a written transcript? Thank you, Sandy

  50. Great video, at least the parts I was able to watch. On 360p It cuts off at about 2 minutes, and on 720p at about 12 minutes. Is there an alternate link for the video you could post? thanks

  51. Please post to youtube! so that i can watch this and it may increase the view count as well. Anything you post, Tim Ferriss, should be heard!

  52. Tim,

    I have been following your stuff for a while and it all works for me.

    Would love to have a 5 min talk or skype with you. I know you don’t usually do that.

    Here is one of my important issues.

    I noticed you are also suffering from hair loss.

    Why not use all your knowledge, position etc. to do research on finfing a way to fight hair loss? If anyone could have a good approach then it’s you!

    PS just lost 10kg in 60days with slow carb



  53. The part about melotonin for jet lag really peaked my interest. It went by really quickly…is it 6-9mg before the time I want to go to sleep at my destination for a few days? I’m going to Beijing from San Francisco in a few months so i’ll be going 9 time zones to the west so any help would be appreciated.

  54. I love the lenghts that Tim will go to get the results, and even more than that provide us with a much less demanding and painful path to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… Priceless book!

  55. Great post as always Tim! Quick question in light of your 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking…what are your thoughts on intermittent fasting and the benefits derived in hormonal response (boosting HGH) etc?

    1. I know there are many ways to implement this but I was specifically referring to not eating from your last meal the day before until late morning after your workout when you ingest 30 grams of protein 30 minutes after your workout. Much in the vain of the Warrior Diet.

  56. No problems with the video here.

    I thought the Melatonin tip was smart. I just started using Melatonin about a week ago. I’ve had better sleep this past week than I’ve had in many years–possibly ever. I went from almost no dreaming, with the occasional nightmare, to a consistently FULL night of vivid, positive, memorable dreams. I wake up an hour or two earlier than I used to, feeling like I’ve had 12 hours of amazing sleep. I’m inclined to conclude that my REM sleep has been greatly increased. For anyone with sleep problems, I’d suggest giving it a try.

  57. Tim,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and wanted to put in some thoughts on gene expression.

    My father is a 45 year old endurance athlete who over-trains. He rides his bike, runs, and swims for hours without any real intensity and always at almost the same pace. He doesn’t have many performance goals, so this really isn’t a big issue, but the astounding thing is his lean mass.

    He lifts weights less than 45 minutes a week, and yet he is extremely ripped. When you compare him to other endurance athletes that we both train with, he looks like a body builder.

    I’m a 16 year old triathlete on a High Performance Team and train a ton, and have always been pretty skinny. 5ft 8, and 113 pounds. I eat Paleo with a few modifications (I like to experiment;), and have been testing out some theories on gene expression.

    For years I’ve always done functional weight lifting, but never with any goals beyond injury resistance and hormonal balance. Recently I started doing some more focused work on my bench press, squat, and dead lift. In 10 days I went from barely being able to do 12 reps with the bar (45lbs) to 90 pounds of 12 reps. In 10 days!

    My total reps of training in those ten days?


    I did three bench press workouts of 12 reps each, with 3 sets in each workout.

    It wasn’t a lack of confidence or poor technique at first that was holding me back. I seriously just put on muscle with almost no effort. I can’t say for certain since weight fluctuations are so unpredictable, but I feel sure I put on lean mass.

    I took no new supplements and my diet was unchanged during this time.

    The crazy thing is I am still doing tons of endurance training that normally “erodes muscle tissue” I actually do almost all my workouts in a fasted state, and still am able to put on mass in a heartbeat.

    It seems I have the ability of an endurance athlete, paired with a mesomorph’s genes.

    I’ll be doing more tests like this soon, and I’m finding this very interesting.

    Thanks for all your work and getting tissue biopsies so I don’t have too!


  58. Great talk but the editing isn’t very useful. Often we don’t see what’s being shown to the crowd.

  59. I loved your work in the four hour workweek, but I am pretty disappointed with the 4 h body. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I bought the book and followed the diet to the T, but I got nowhere close to the results claimed by the book. Also,you know that the Colorado experiment that you mention as the basis of your training was a hoax. The guy never put that amount of muscle naturally, he admitted using steroids and he had previously lost 30 lbs of muscle, so most of what he did was gain back that muscle while using drugs and working out high volume training somewhere else.

  60. Thanks for sharing and explaining these principles, Tim. It’s very helpful to see your general approach to solving problems.

  61. Tim,

    I always enjoy your talks. Usually such a wide range of hackable subject matter. 😉

    Outside of the $10 T-Bar (very cool, btw!), where is a good source for cheap kettlebells? You’d think those things were made of gold!

    I’m 80% done w/4HB. It’s been a great ride. Even though you suggested not really reading it from cover to cover and focusing on specific areas that are relevant to one’s situation, I’m still interested in many of the chapters.

    Thanks for bringing such a unique approach to many areas in life. 🙂

    Be good,


  62. Tim,

    When I was 35, I figured I’d be confined to a wheelchair by the time I was 40. Tired of Doctors telling me if I would just loose weight I’d feel better, I began my own research. I could barely walk because of chronic pain. I found Sally Fallon about 2 years ago and began adding saturated fats back into my diet I quickly began healing and regaining my health. Now, using 4HB I’ve been tackling the weight loss portion, so far I’ve lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks, which doesn’t sound as remarkable as some of the results you’ve shared, However, I’d been loosing the same 3 lbs over and over again since my third child. Between you and Sally, I am not only can walk at 40, I can run, swim, jump and otherwise do whatever I want to do.

    Thank you!

  63. Dear Mr. Ferriss,

    I have a question for you. In your research have you come across any ways of getting rid of scar tissue, in particular hypertrophic scar tissue? I have a noticeable amount of hypertrophic scar tissue on the back of my head as a result of a brain surgery I had when I was 7. I have done cortisone shots and that has flattened and improved the color of the scar to a degree, but they are still very visible. Do have any methods for getting rid of hypertrophic scars, or at least making the color of them match the surrounding skin?


  64. Prolotherapy? was going to get that instead of ucl reconstruction, but got reconstruction instead. Hurt it again playing baseball though. I heard prolotherapy simply creates a bunch of scar tissue?


  65. Tim,

    …just wanted to say that your presentation chops are really getting tight. Nice job on this one.


  66. Glad I watched this at my computer. Opened up a bunch of links I have to go through. Zeo, dietsnap, netflix for objectified (immediate play btw)… I loaned the book to my friend and have to get it back. Every time I watch one of your awesome videos, it just drives me to read the next chapter.

  67. Can you post an alternate link or a download site? The video stops and restarts in random places; I can’t get past about half way. I’d also like to see what is on the screen behind you.

  68. Good stuff + thanks for the link to NEXT conference website.

    That will come in very useful, browsed around and found some wonderful topics being discussed.

  69. Great video. Just got the book. Lost 9 pounds in 3 days, just slow carbing. 10 more to go. Very interesting work you’re doing here Tim.

  70. tim, what ultra are you going to do?

    I am training for the 100k winschoten IAU World Championships

    because i have a knee injury I do a long run every other week (20k max)

    and run no more then 3 times a week.

    I use some of your ‘techniques’ to help me survive the ultra and complete a 70.3 ironman 1 month before winschoten.

  71. Tim, fantastic presentation. Thanks. I have your book now and am eager to dig in. I like your suggestions of making small adjustments to achieve significant results and thank you for all of your efforts and sacrifice to present your research for our benefit. As a wound care nurse I am intrigued that small adjustments can yield beneficial results that help aid in wound healing. Sadly, I have not practiced a healthy lifestyle and have gained weight. At 5’8″ 235 lbs, I need to change that. Following ‘traditional’ recommendations of endless hours in the gym and exercise fads makes weight loss and healthy lifestyle seem unattainable at times. I am encouraged by your recommendations of food journaling and photographing ourselves and foods. Seems like it would be fun to do a case study on myself. Thank you.

  72. I really like the idea of holding myself accountable with my peers. I am going to apply this same concept to creating content for my website/blog and my YouTube channel etc.

    I find if I am not held accountable I will not be as likely to do it.

    I am going to have some of my peers hold me accountable to creating blog posts etc.

  73. Tim,

    Great Stuff! I particularly like the blip about training to increase fast twitch muscle fiber. I used to be a SAQ coach for soccer and couldn’t stress how true that statement is. I am interested in your hypothesis on melatonin, I used to take it with varying results. I often would wake up prematurely and not be able to get make to sleep.

  74. Hi,

    Have heard about you before and have just purchased your book should be delivered in two days or so . Looking forward to it also by the way your video has some problems it freezes around 8 min in.



  75. Dear Tim,

    You are truly inspirational, and have transformed the way I think in many ways. I admire all of your work, and I am working diligently to put much of it into practice. I would love the opportunity to reciprocate the positive impact you have had on my life, and I can only think of one way to do that.

    I can make you a better speaker. And I can do it in less than two hours.


    David Koski

  76. Hey Tim. One week on the four hour body diet and I luv it. Binge day was yesterday and made the whole thing (calorie restriction) really bearable! This judo mom is really happy to have discovered this.

  77. Tim,

    In the four hour work week you mentioned how you were able to gain acceptance into an Ivy league school through unconventional means and that you actually wrote a method of doing the same. Is there anyway I could obtain or purchase that method? Thanks.

  78. I was told that I have adrenal deficiency. All my hormones are off. I know that you had similar issues. Any recommendations?

  79. Tim

    So are you releasing any details on your upcoming ultra? I’ve been a distance runner for a long time (I’m 48) and have struggled with injuries continually. Since reading 4HB an reading Bor to Run plus a number of barefoot running clinics I’ve moved to barefoot running nd have dratically increased my speed and distance. I’m writing tis comment after just completing a run arund Ayres Rock in the centre of Australia. If anyone gets the chance this is one of the best places in the world (and the most remote).


  80. I also had prolotherapy in 2005. I had constant lower back paint and I would “throw it out” a few times a year. My doc diagnosed that I had overstretched ligaments, creating a hypermobile joint. After 2 sessions, it never felt better. And I havent “thrown out” my back since. The ligaments got thicker and stronger. One of the best things I’d ever done.

  81. “That’s the most agile pedophile I’ve ever seen.” haha Glad you found that funny Tim.

    Found the presentation enjoyable.

    You can talk crap about anything and I’d find it riveting (not that your presentation was crap!)

  82. Tim,

    Just a quick testimonial attesting to the effectiveness of slow-carb (just the food, no cold showers, no (P)AGG), using the crude method of measurement:

    1. starting weight: 238 pounds

    2. six weeks later: 216 pounds

    You’re doing a great thing, man. Keep it up.

  83. I have read the book (Kindle edition), and found it fascinating. What I haven’t managed to do yet is apply it to my life. I am one of those people who read, analyse, digest, plan… ad infinitem.

    This video reminded me to select a very small subset of things to do, starting with a subset of ONE, and to that. Starting this afternoon! 😉

  84. Perfect timing! I’ve just finished The 4 Hour Body and was about to make myself a summary of the key principles to refer to. This fits the bill. Thanks for distilling such great info into the book, and then distilling it again into this!