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I’ve always hated hunting and hunters.

Growing up on Long Island, I watched deer struggle across our land with arrows stuck in them. Deer died on our property because bow hunters couldn’t get the job done or simply didn’t care. Then there were the beer cans littered on the side of the road, next to trucks outfitted with hunting racks. It all disgusted me.

Then… I met Steve Rinella.

He didn’t fit my stereotype. For instance, he applies physics terms to skinning. And most relevant to my 4-Hour Chef food quest, as he put it: “There are far better chefs out there than me. There are far better hunters out there, too. But there aren’t many who can combine the two like I do.”

He is a master of turning the wild into “ingredients” people recognize. In 2004, he prepared a three-day, 45-course banquet from Escoffier’s landmark 1903 classic, Le Guide Culinaire.

By “prepare,” I mean that he foraged, killed, or otherwise procured every ingredient from the outdoors… then re-created the feast himself, which took more than a week. This experiment was chronicled in his first book, The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine. He started trapping for income in rural Michigan when he was 10. Now 38, he writes for a living, and his work is as likely to be seen in The New York Times as in Field and Stream.

Thanks to his incredible teaching ability (and respect for the game he hunts), Steve was my guide in most of the “WILD” section of The 4-Hour Chef.

Now, you can see him in action.

This Sunday at 9pm ET/PT, Steve and I will be on the debut episode of his show, aptly called “MeatEater.” It chronicles a life-changing week-long trip we took to remote Alaska, were we lived on the edge of a river bank, hunting, foraging, and defending camp from grizzly bears.

Here are a few trailers, followed by instructions on how to watch it live.


– How do I get the Sportsman Channel?

Click here and look on the right-hand side of the screen, where you’ll find a Sportsman Channel Finder. Type in your zipcode in the box and click “GO.” Follow the instructions in the pop up window.

– What is the cost (or range of cost) for getting Sportsman Channel? Can I test drive it?

On DirectTV, Dish, Verizon FIOS, or ATT U-Verse, the cost for the package can range from an additional $5 a month up to $15 or so, but non-satellite cable providers like Comcast vary from market to market. Be sure to connect with them to get accurate pricing.

That said, the packages almost always come with more than just one channel, so the cost could be spread out over additional channels. For example, you get channels like FOX Movie Channel, the National Geographic Channel, VH1 Classic, PBS Kids, and E! along with Sportsman Channel on Direct TV’s Choice Xtra package.

Worst-case scenario: you can always order and cancel the next day if you’re not happy, and your cable/satellite provider will usually fully credit the amount or prorate, which would end up costing you less than $1 for a day or two. I’m not recommending you screw your cable company, but if you’d like to take the channel(s) for a test drive, there you go.

– Is it available on Roku or AppleTV?

Sportsman Channel is not currently on Roku or AppleTV.

– Any plans to be available for download anywhere like iTunes?

“We’re working on getting all episodes of MeatEater up on iTunes, but it’s probably 3-6 months away. It will be available on DVD in April 2013.As of right now, the episode won’t be available on iTunes, but stay tuned to or for updates.”


Odds and Ends Around The Web:

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63 Replies to “Watch "MeatEater" This Sunday at 9pm ET/PT”

  1. The preview videos you posted are AWESOME! I also believe you talked about this on the Joe Rogan podcast, no?

    Anyways, REALLY looking forward to watching!

  2. Great post Tim! I just started the SCD this week and 90% of the meat I eat is game or fish that I have harvested myself. It is great seeing recognition on the benefits or eating “wild” meat. Congrats on the Caribou, I am looking forward to watching the show.

    Glad you were able to experience hunting from a different perspective and see that we aren’t all beer-can toting disrespectful hunters.

    Will you be doing more episodes with MeatEater? Any future hunts planned?


  3. Love this One. Neither do I eat huge amounts of meat nor am I a vegetarian, but I always thought the only real way to eat meat is if you kill it yourself.

    Would like to experience what you talk about in the first video regarding life and death. I do believe that we are made for eating meat and also killing animals.

    Won’t be able to watch but looking forward to the DVDs.

    Grüße aus Deutschland!

  4. Sweet. Big fan of Steve’s stuff. He’s a fantastic writer as well. Tim, is this a long time gig or a one time episode?

    Nice job.


  5. So I subscribe to no TV programming. I have a Roku with netflicks, hulu and have amazon prime. Please consider a web based solution. People are leaving TV providers for a reason.

  6. Too bad the show’s not available for people without those channels. I would love to see the show, hopefully someone makes a torrent or uploads it to Youtube!

  7. Tim,

    After reading a recommendation on your site a few years ago about Strauss’ Emergency, I started prepping.

    Last August, my journey took me to Alaska’s North Slope for a caribou hunt as well! (I was there 8/21-8/28). I was with Arrowhead outfitters and float pilot.

    Incredible learning experience, and tasty meat.

    Thanks for sharing and happy to be travelling parallel paths!


  8. Hey Tim, I’m really looking forward to watching this. I just begun the ‘WILD’ section of the Four Hour Chef (I love the book). I am living in Ireland and would like to know if there is a way for Irish folk to see this? (Before it is uploading to iTunes in a few months time).

    Thanks, Darragh

  9. Hey tim, big fan and ive read everything but the 4 hour chef (and its on my next amazon order). Welcome to the dark side :). As a hunter most of my life, i can tell you that what you described in the beginning of your post (unrecovered deer, litter etc) are not representative of true hunters. There will be times you dont recover game even after being up all night and the next day searching, and it will leave you sick to your stomach, but it happens to everyone eventually (especially if you bowhunt). That said, the guys i hunt with are true stewards of the land, and an inspiration to be around, and the times i spend hunting with friends or just by myself are some of the best times to recall. Maybe a 4hourhunter is next………email me i got ideas lol

  10. Glad to see you change your mind or at least expend it regarding hunting. It is the ONLY way to eat. Before I married my hunting husband I would not eat meat for fear of what it had eaten, how it had been processed and whether it had died without fear. My husband is a world class bow hunter and animals are harvested humanely and their spirits honored. I am a veterinarian and would not have it any other way !! Next time your in CO come for dinner – ever had bear?? Talk about a protein injection!! Love your books love your lifestyle!

  11. Tim,

    Loved the promo vids and really look forward to seeing the show. As an avid outdoorsman I envy the trip to Alaska!

    I was fascinated with your comment in the first video, saying that you felt “more human” after doing this trip than ever. Very interesting, and I know the connection to nature I feel when spending several days flyfishing or in the woods.

    Keep doin what you do man, I and everyone else love it!


  12. It kills me that Meateater isn’t shown on any of the channels I have here in Canada.

    I’ll just have to wait until it comes on DVD like the past 2 seasons.

    Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss intro’d me to Steven Rinella and it they have opened my eyes on hunting, subsistence living/ hunter-gatherer lifestyles and ways of thinking.

    Look forward to seeing the episode when I get to finally see it!

  13. Mr Ferriss,

    I received “Four Hour Chef” for Christmas (happy Christmas indeed!) and devoured it. Ossa “buko” is happening tomorrow, after I complete this binge day. *stuffs face with moar Bavarian Kreme doughnutty goodness*

    The amazing material you continue to put out, both in your blog and in your published material, is doing a bit of a number on my productivity. Most sincere thanks for what you are doing.

    Liebe Grüße,


  14. Hey Tim,

    How cool that you got to have that experience. I had a friend turn veggie after realizing he didn’t like to kill animals.

    I also had a thought about gardening and farming. Do you think home gardening is so addictive because it also taps into the same primal intuition as hunting? Do a lot of the hunters you know also grow food?


  15. Two of my favorite personalities on the same show! Tim, I was stoked when I saw the promo for Meat Eater with you as guest. I have followed you for years and been taping and watching Meat Eater since the first show – awesome! Great shot – and you may have looked calm but I know that adrenaline was pumping! Welcome to the brotherhood!

  16. It was awesome seeing you in this environment. I am reading your book, the 4-hour body and wanted to get a better idea of your thinking, etc. It was enlightening and I appreciate your insight on the whole concept of learning new things. Thank you!

    1. I have been following both you and Rinella for years, and I cannot believe I missed this connection between you two this whole time! I finally completed my Tim Ferriss library with the 4H Chef this week. I was flipping through and lo and behold there’s Tim and Steve hanging together. Super cool to see that two of my favorite podcasters had joined forces.

  17. The show was excellent! It was amazing seeing this side of hunting and the preparation from start to finish. You guys make a great team.

  18. Damn my hatred for cable and my love for Apple TV. Perhaps my parents won’t mind me stopping over to feast and use their TV 🙂

    Previews look awesome!

  19. Am I the only whose DVR recorded this last night? Anyways, great show! I was hoping for this collaboration after seeing Steve in 4HC

      1. Haha, maybe man. It seems relevant to bring up the fact that people who are not photogenic have an easier time doing radio than television.

        Per your sp(?), this is going to freak you out:

  20. I can understand an aversion to hunting with the experiences you describe. I’ve been fortunate to grow up around people with a very different attitude. For instance, my fiancée will not hunt only for sport. If we don’t eat it, he won’t hunt it. He follows all posted laws and limits, making sure not to leave an injured animal if he can help it.

    I love wild bird. Any bird – duck, goose, etc. I find it to be less fatty, more tasty and filling than store-bought poultry. In fact, wild goose and duck are part of my 4HB menu. All that flavor means the repeated meals are anything but boring. 🙂

  21. Tim,

    It aired this last Sunday for me, I have Direct TV so I’m not sure if that might be why but you may have missed the premier date there. I watched the episode mostly to see how you would react in this situation and it was good to see how you handled it. Nice to see you cared about the animal too or at least respected it, I feel like Steve is kind of an ass in that department “don’t worry about him” and laughing about killing animals. But hey it’s his life, just glad to see you enjoyed the hunt.

  22. If you need to hunt kill and eat dead animals to survive I totally respect that and respect those who do it with skill ( who are those people again?). If not, and you kill and eat animals for fun, or support factory farming with your dollars then that disgusts me. Its evil and immoral. Animals do suffer. Needlessly. Not that I think all meat eaters are evil, more than likely just uninformed people like I once was. Vegan for life bro.

  23. Hey Tim !

    Unrelated to this post but I hear you are coming to the Oxford Union Wednesday!

    I very much look forward to your talk! Exciting 🙂

  24. Cool so because you met one hunter that had average intelligence(out of millions), it changed your view of hunting? I read the first couple sentences of this post thinking, ” God he’s finally gonna use his fame to say something meaningful and maybe send the message that hurting living things is bad”, then I read the rest of the post and yeah, I guess not. Yeah, one guy that respects the animals he kills totally makes up for every other hunter that doesn’t.

    1. at least he hunted his own meat and he did his best to make sure it didn’t suffer. i can’t fault people for eating meat when done this way. as for the host Steve, i still have my reservations about him but Tim is clearly a good guy and even if i was a vegan i still just couldn’t be upset by what he did here.

      the biggest problem i see with meat eating are factory farms and our disconnect with the food on our plate. if you hunt at least you know what you are doing and what it takes. honestly i need to try an hunt because it would probably turn me vegan once and for all. but right now i eat too much meat and it’s largely because i’m not thinking about what i’m doing enough. hell i couldn’t even fish when i was a kid, always throw it back but i love a good free range steak, something is wrong there.

  25. I have a simple question, unrelated to the blog post as i am new to you, your books, passions, etc. What really makes you happy / satisfied in life (outside of personal accomplishments, helping / teaching others, etc.)? I am curious as I am on my own journey to enlightenment. Thanks, Tim.

  26. I started watching the episode half way through and just figured you were a life long hunter, but finally picked up on the comments about being a natural. What an awesome way to experience hunting in a setting like that… You guys put together a great show.

    How about that Grizzly???

    Well done.

  27. I am so glad hunting is banned totally in India. Nobody but the forests natives do it here… Just think of the poor animal and yourself equipped with all the modern equipment. Its not fair . Its totally sinful …. and nothing to be proud of. The animal would probably have kids too… which you may have orphaned by killing it… have pity for the dumb animals…. There are a lot of other better things to do in this world than indulging in these savage acts and publicising them shamelesly. Grow up Tim!

    1. “There are a lot of other better things to do in this world than indulging in these” Yea, like worshipping Cows and a half man/half elephant idol or is it half monkey/half man either way…..

      1. If you dont understand other religions then dont comment. In the US and other Western countries, ISKCON temples are popular and many white people (citizens of these countries) honour Hindu traditions and principles.

        So you are insulting your own citizens with these tauntings.

        “Yea, like worshipping Cows and a half man/half elephant idol or is it half monkey/half man either way…..”

        I could also say its better than worshipping a nailed dead human carcass.

      2. Oh, boy, here we go…

        To reiterate the blog comment rules: PLAY NICE! Please be constructive. No personal attacks needed on either side.

        On pet peeve, though: assuming all Hindus think one way is no worse than implying/assuming NCA is white, so please… let’s drop this fight. Also, I’m not a big fan of using “sin” or “sinful” on this blog, so let’s avoid that as well.

        All the same, thank you for contributing to the dialog,


  28. Hi Tim,

    wish I could watch this in Europe as well.

    I love my meat although I have reduced my consumption to selected specialties. My current favourites are local deer fillets which I BBQ in our chimney after the fire has reduced to the perfect glow (I throw in some sausages for our twins as well ; ) I will try local boar next!

    At the moment I have no time for hunting as after a year with PAGG I am in great shape and currently train for Boston Marathon and an Ironman (started Total Immersion this year).

    Thanks for all the inspiration and please come to Switzerland soon!

    Best wishes,


  29. hi tim are you planning to do a post on lessons learned in 2012? I really enjoyed the lessons learned you done in a previous year. thanks. martin

  30. Hey Tim. I know that here is no the proper place to make such a comment, butI just finished reading your´s 4HWW Book and i liked it very much. I learned a lot of new things and i felt like giving a contribution.

    I am a latin american student who got very good grades on the german Testdaf proficiency test. When i started learning, usually by attending classes or watching videos, i had a lot of issues because the majority of the time i was not aware on what was the conversation about etc. What really helped me, was to log on the german version of amazon and to type in the search field a book that i had already read or a movie that i had already seen. I read the german commentaries and since i always knew the subject of the discussion, i was able to absorb much more vocabulary and learn grammer even better.

  31. Great post Tim!

    Steve is an absolute legend and true ambassador to the (true) hunting community. Growing up in South Africa I was always used to getting out on my own two feet and getting meat for home – ducks, geese, pigeons and then as I got older I was taught to respect the harvest more and more and I eventually moved onto antelope. Now I eat almost exclusively what I have hunted or fished for – and if you kill it, you eat it.

    Thank you for all your great posts!

  32. OK, so what you’re saying is that you hated hunting and hunters, felt you had good cause given the suffering of arrow-filled deer you witnessed, but then you met a hunter that cooks good, and… what… it’s all good?

    I get that getting to know someone that skills can instill appreciation, but it doesn’t diminish that one creatures sport is another’s agony.

    Well at least Rinella is willing to kill and dress what he eats — something that most of us who grab our meat finely wrapped in plastic at the grocer’s would be disinclined to do.


  33. Hi there Tim!

    This comment is 90% OT. In fact, I haven’t read the post! 😉

    What I saw was you are from Long Island, which I probably saw in the past, but it didn’t sink in.

    I recently sent an email to you office (which I think I sent before–know I intended to do it, but not sure if it made it from my mind to my keyboard) about the Lyme situation. I never received a confirmation that it was received–not that I asked for or required it, beyond my urgent wish that you at least get the info in your hands. So to that end, I am writing here to do double diligence.

    So, the most pertinent details to catch your attention and inspire you to track down that email:

    1. uber common misdiagnosis for Lyme: Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, ALS, MS. There are over 350 misdiagnoses for this disease. (which rather than Lyme, would be more accurately titled Multiple Infectious Disease Syndrome).

    2. false negatives in testing are rampant, even amongst what are called Lyme Literate Medical Doctors. If they are not ridiculously on their game, they miss the diagnosis. I have heard dozens of stories of people who went to an LLMD, got a negative, the Lyme possiblity was dismissed, then 5, 10, 20 years go by, and someone finally finds it. Meanwhile, a life was ruined.

    3. check out the Oscar nominated “Under Our Skin” free download on Netflix to get a quick sketch of the situation/cover up. PBS played the hell out of it, but to little avail it appears. The public and MD’s remain largely ignorant. Even greats amongst environmental and integrative MD’s are not completely grogging this situation.

    2.Long Island is considered hyper hyper hyper endemic: as in, there is a good chance that every single person raised on Long Island is carrying it with varying degrees of manifestation from zip to death. The CDC is covering the extent of this up. Russia is more on top of this and more public with this (now global) hidden epidemic. My boyfriend is Russian and recently found a news piece that reported a Russian study done to try to get a grip on how widespread the epidemic is. With (even faulty!) testing, they showed that in hyperendemic areas, 80% of the population is showing antibodies, and in major cities, 40%.

    Hopefully you already know all of this….

    Wishing you and yours very very well!

    Congratulations on all of your recent projects. Ole!



  34. Hi! I am reading your book (4-Hour Chef) now. It is really good! I remember you from Princeton. You used to come into the language lab where I worked. Glad to see you doing well!


  35. I have listened to a couple podcasts and decided to read the Four Hour Body. I was wondering if you are familiar with the work of Ray Peat. Many of your ideas about diet contradict his. I was interested in some of your arguments against his ideas on fruit and dairy. If you are not familiar with his work, I think you would find it interesting. I am enjoying the book, but always question diet.

  36. The 4 hour best sellers are still being read and past around to friends and family. I especially enjoyed the 4 hour work week. Classic!

  37. Great footage! I’ve never have gone hunting before, but seeing this, I wish I went on a trip like this. You guys seem like you had a great time, and ate some good food.