The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)

A first look at the beta-cover of The 4-Hour Chef. Let me know what you think.

The magic elves and I have been hard at work on an early Christmas gift for you all. In fact, there are quite a few goodies in this post, including 50 free Kindle Fire devices!

Let’s start with one of the most time-sensitive…

The 4-Hour Chef is Live!

The 4-Hour Chef is now on sale on Amazon!

I’ve been keeping things under wraps, but there is one big surprise. For the last 5 years, the most frequent request from blog readers has been a guide to mental performance. In other words, answering the question: how do you deconstruct and learn any skill?

Well, I’ve been listening all along, and that book is here!

Here’s the complete title: The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life. Intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $5.99.

You can cancel anytime up to ship date, so there is no downside, only locked-in savings.


Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Three reasons:

1) It will be gorgeous, a wonderful tactile experience, and truly unlike any cookbook you’ve ever seen.

2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.

3) It would really help me out. Inexplicably, The New York Times excludes all advice/how-to books from their e-book bestseller list, so only the print edition counts towards the bestseller list. Silly, but there you have it!

See the full book description, sneak-peek photos, and more here.

A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser

Next, I present to you the first Kindle Fire book teaser and app!

100% free and titled “A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser,” it includes a seven-day Christmas countdown advent calendar, with unusual tips that allow you to enjoy wine, cookies, and all the other holiday vices… while losing fat.

From strategic yo-yo dieting and tequila hot chocolate, to exploding cows and tattoos, it’s full of surprises. Here’s are a few screenshots and the introduction video, followed by the download link…

Main menu – just tap any food for the recipe and much more.

I love advent calendars! Tap any day for your prescription or reward.

Download The 4-Hour Chef Teaser here. Please note! This version is limited to Kindle Fire at the moment, but the iPad (iOS) and general Android versions are almost done. They’ll be coming along shortly, and I’ll keep you posted.

But… why not get yourself a free Kindle Fire? That’s next.

50 Free Kindle Fire Devices

If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free, I’m giving away 50 of them. This is a thank you for providing so much helpful feedback over the last six months.

Here’s how to get one:

1) Just spread the word in the next 48 hours! Send people to this blog post or The 4-Hour Chef page on Amazon. Here are some ideas: Facebook like, Facebook sharing, retweets, Twitter, e-mail, e-mail signature, street miming. The last one doesn’t scale as well as the others.

2) By 11am PST this Thursday (Dec. 1), leave a comment on this post telling me what you did. If possible, quantify the impact (clicks, page views, etc.), and be sure to follow these two rules, which are required for your entry to be valid:

– In the first line, tell me what you’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef.

– Keep the entire comment to 200 words or fewer, so use bullets!

We’ll consider the first 300 submissions, and a few judges and I will choose the 50 we think did the best job (subjective, I know). Then we ship them off! Void where prohibited, Martians under 21 not allowed, etc., etc. Winners will be announced next week.

Happy holidays!

Much more to come…

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894 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)”

  1. Posted this page to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, commenting that I will pre-order the book (which I will!).

    I’d like to learn a no-BS, systematic approach to learning, which I can apply to any passion. Specifically I am beginning salsa dancing in January, and would love to use your approach!

  2. how i promoted the book:

    shared the following message on the following platforms: “4Hour Chef will be Master Tim’s finest yet. Check it out on Kindle or Print.”

    1. facebook liked the book

    2. shared on facebook with my top 100 most popular fb friends (the average one has 3000+ fb friends, so this is like broadcasting to 300,000 ppl)

    3. shared on youtube to my 47,000 fans.

    4. shared on linkedin profile to my 110,000k 1st degree linkedin connections

  3. How to promote healthy cooking / eating / shopping with young adults transitioning into independence. Most importantly would be to teach our foster children that are “aging out of the system”, living on their own. They need a model on how to shop and prepare healthy food. 60,000 children are currently in Foster care in California alone. Although there are new programs to help these youth transition till they are 21, there is still a need for a more ‘meta’ level of learning, I’d like to promote those youth to using those skills to apply themselves to anything they want to achieve.

    Thanks to you I also learned about Donors Choose, and I encourage anyone reading this to look into donating to them.

  4. I would like to learn how to rule the world. I have some fun ideas that I think could lighten things up a bit i.e. I would demand the best 20% of Monty Python sketches account for 80% of all television watched. If that proves too difficult I would settle for learning to play the violin. Thanks Tim, for all your inspiration. Cheers!

    I FB liked this, Shared of FB, Google+, Twitter, pinned on Evernote.

    Here’s to another 4 Hours!


  5. I am most interested in how to learn anything from The Four Hour Chef!

    I bought and read The 4-Hour Work Week right as you were launching the 4-Hour Body (which I also bought and read and LIVE). I’ve been living it big (but I’m much smaller/fitter now) on the 4-Hour Body lifestyle. It’s improved my quality of life way more than I can describe in this blog. I am passionate in my pursuit to help others be successful on the slow carb diet. I probably spend way too much time doing that rather than implementing the 4WW and therefore, I know I cannot match the number of “clicks, page views, etc.” I did however tweet and Google+ my excitement and your link. I’ll be posting on my FB page first thing in the morning (Thurs)…somebody beat me to it on a 4-Hour Body group. Lastly, I pre-ordered both the hardback and Kindle versions of The Four Hour Chef and I can’t wait. I wish you the best. Thanks for helping me improve the quality of my life. Congrats to all the Kindle Fire winners…maybe once I read the How to Learn Anything part of The Four Hour Chef, I’ll be one of your upcoming contest winners ;). Kanpai!

  6. Would love to learn how to make truly excellent pizza at home.

    -Shared this post on Facebook with my 1k+ friends

    -Stumbled this post

    -Used some leftover paint (I teach English to kids so I tend to have a lot) and painted (well, traced and then painted) one of the silhouettes from the book cover on the back of a white t-shirt along with the URL. Then, I walked to my Spanish school here in Madrid! Walked down Gran Via, through Puerta del Sol, and a few of the other streets in Centro where a lot of the English speaking tourists are. Was tempted to write something along the lines of “Conoces ‘La Semana Laboral de 4 Horas’? Compra el libro nuevo de Tim Ferriss!”, but I didn’t see a link anywhere for the book in other languages and didn’t want to disappoint anyone!

    Best of luck!


  7. Love the cover – the green really grabs attention and the brown balances it nicely.

    Love the idea of learning anything AND learning to cook! – right up my alley!

  8. TIm,

    I posted to my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and StumbleUpped it.

    I would like to learn how to cook beef tongue WELL, and also like to learn how to make GOOD fried rice, without the aid of an industrial burner. You know how to do that?

  9. I want to learn how to apply consciousness (mind, will, etc.) to daily life practices so that I can effect the most change in my life, both for myself and for others (and if I can learn how to cook fast, healthily, and deliciously at the same time, that would be awesome).

    I have just posted the link on Facebook. I live in the UK, which is why I’m a bit behind peeps. However, I will also make the commitment – here, now – to post something on my blog about how I integrate your lessons into my life for the NEXT SIX MONTHS (that is, if I manage to get my hands on a Kindle to read your book).

    My blog is here:


    1. (Add-on to my previous post)

      Damn! All of the entries are very good: how can I compete against that? My job is writing a PhD in philolosophy, and I don’t own a company that can plug your work…

      So, besides blogging DAILY about how I integrate the content of your book for the NEXT SIX MONTHS, I will add to the Foreword of my Ph.D. thesis, how your books (I was blown away by your first two) has helped me to live a transformative life that allowed me to do excellent research.

      Thanks for that, Tim!

  10. Tim, you should check for 1 of your campaigns, it is a launch page where people can subscribe and they can get access to the real content by spreading it via facebook/ twitter which is featured in the launch page.

    This tool is not mine but has been very helpful for me in easy spreading the news + measuring the success of it with referral links etc. + it is creating more e-mails for your database. pretty easy to use feature and for free.

    Was thinking about setting it up to spread your book and get one of these kindles but the advise is worth that alone 😉 and it saves me time 🙂

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! would be interesting to see what you think of launch rock.

  11. Hi Tim! Since I loved 4HWW and 4HB, and the premise seems more than intriguing I pre-ordered this book from Amazon! Hope you make the best seller list! Thank you!

    To help spread the word I:

    1) Posted you to my facebook with 400 friends.

    2) Contacted over 15 relatives, seven of whom have bought, read, and loved both of your books so far.

    3) Proposed the book and your blog as information for my entrepreneurship class.

  12. Hey Tim,

    ?JAPANESE. Would love for your book to dissect how to learn Japanese. It’s something you know and as you also know there is a niche in Japan for all of us foreigners trying to learn it and a lot of money to be made. There isn’t a foreigner I’ve met who hasn’t bought at least 3-4 different resources trying to grasp Japanese. I send a personal challenge to you to dedicate one of your chapters to Japanese…you’ll score BIG TIME over here.

    ?Pre-ordered the book today and shared in on my twitter acct. Pretty sure this contest excludes me since I live in Japan but it’s all good because I believe in your material.

  13. Re-tweeted (don’t know the impact)

    Am interested in your method for learning new skills in a compressed time frame.

    I’m always interested in ways of making nutrition easier, and I think your book may be pertinent in this regard.

  14. I’m excited to learn how to ‘wow’ future dinner guests!

    I am super stoked to read this new addition the my 4-hour arsenal! To spread the word, I have:

    – posted the preorder savings on on my facebook status

    – “liked” all your books as well as the christmas teaser video on my page!

    I am Looking forward to continually bettering myself and helping those around me! Thanks for helping with your inspiration to strive for being the best person possible!

  15. What I would like to do with my pre-ordered The 4-Hour Chef, is to learn how to develop habits that stick, like losing belly fat and focusing on work.

    What I did to promote your book was send a text message to 101 folks I know about the book, and a follow up email with a link to it.

  16. EVERYONE’S gone the internet route…and I have to believe that people tech-savvy enough to be connected with all these people have heard of you before, and will probably catch wind of the book in some form of media.

    So…as an advance Christmas gift, I gave 3 copies of the 4 Hour Body to coworkers. The best way to get someone excited about your new book is to introduce them to 4HB… If they’re anything like me(and they are) they’ll see results from the book and eagerly await the release of your new book.

  17. I posted on my blog, Reach For Greatness.

    Also, I was wondering what books you read. I would love a reading list of (current) books. (I know you have book reading lists at the end of your book)

    I wanted to say thanks, too. You’re awesome and have helped me in ways you can’t imagine. I would love to talk if you ever have the time. Thanks.

    Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat,

    John M. Loughrin

  18. I may be too late for the contest but I still wanted to share Tim’s newest book with my friends. They have all seen my wonderful results from following the 4-Hour Body diet and exercise lifestyle! Facebook is my media of choice so I shared the Amazon page on FB with my friends. Can’t wait to get my hands on this new book.

  19. -Let’s be honest, what I am most interested in learning in this book is really just about the tequila hot chocolate…but it would be interesting too to learn how to roast a bird over a campfire like on the cover graphic

    -I reposted on facebook commenting that anything that can be learned in a total of 4 hours works well with my attention span, or lack thereof

    -I shared a like of this blog post with my 460 facebook “friends” and enemies

    -Well, whether I win the Kindle Fire or not…I think I will still be getting the book for myself, and as gifts for a couple of friends who could definitely use help in the kitchen before I ever accept an invitation for dinner again!

  20. – What I’d most like to learn in the 4-Hour Chef is how to indulge a great passion of mine (cooking) while trimming all the unnecessary fat from the process. Yes, that was a brutal word pun…

    – Facebook liked

    – Facebook shared (300+ friends)

    – Google+’d

    – Misc. past work: I’ve made every recipe from The Slow-Carb Cookbook Volume 1 (the free bonus download from The 4-Hour Body). I’ve hosted lots of fun friend dinners using the recipes, and my friends in turn have been spreading the word.

    Would love to have gotten my comments in sooner, and would love to give more metrics on my impact, but I’m currently in the Patagonian outback on a mountain biking trip, an organic grass-fed bife de lomo needs my attention, and this dial-up connection is killing me.

    Cheers Tim!

    Eoin at SoSF Bike Tours.

  21. In this Album I hope to learn how to cook more efficiently with an oven. I have lowered cooking times considerably by changing temperatures at different rates.

    What I did for the Kindle:

    – Facebook Share to over 700 friends

    – Post on Blog (about 100 views)

    – Shared on blog carnivals:,,,,

    many many views…

    – Email signature

  22. -Posted my GLOWING endorsement on facebook.

    -I want to learn the skills necessary for world domination…in the least amount of time possible.

  23. Hi Tim,

    I had my first wine a week ago. I dont know anything about wines and would like to know everything about wines ,..tasting a pro.

    I like trying different cuisines ,..but unless I go with someone who knows about a particular cuisine,..I am totally confused when I look at the menu.

    I have friends of diff nationalities,..I would love to cook and invite them.

    I would like to learn a new language,…Hope your book has all that what I am looking for.



  24. Alright Tim, my effort was poor but at least I did something! Here’s what I said, on my facebook status page:

    I am a sell out. The 4 hour chef is live and kicking. If you go through, it would be awesome if you clicked ‘like’ on this link, so I can see how many people I’ve made aware of this book, which judging by the his last books, is going to be awesome! PS yes I do want a kindle fire!

    So far the only ‘like’ has been from Grandpa!


  25. Please go to the website link to review and read everything I posted to help you. Since I do web design and online marketing, we offer value long term.

    1 article at 656 words, keywords, links to amazon site

    5 posts to chef oriented articles

    3 tweets

    5 hours, no sleep. This was work.

    1 page on my website that lists everything submitted and location. If they aren’t there, I will submit them again but you have all needed info.

    Thank you,


    GO LSU!

    …off to …zzzz…

  26. The 4-Hour Body was my inspiration to loose weight and get in shape. I’ve lost 25lbs and ran a 1/2 marathon this fall. I am signed up for Tough Mudder. I recently created a small home gym in my house.

    Looking forward to reading your the 4-Hour Chef on the kindle fire if I win!

  27. – I would love to good food ideas to be able to give my patients or a good book to give them that will help them eat healthier. (posted the link to your book on Amazon through our Facebook fan page!)

    – This would be great since I’m a chiropractor and a healthcare provider!

  28. Yo Tim!

    • I will love to learn about FAST MEALS that don’t involve too much CLEANING and I also want to learn more about Fine Wine and Cigars!

    • I blasted all over this post in FB Groups and retweeted, made a video, made a post and did street miming too! – got a few bucks 🙂

    Happy Holidays

  29. ha ha, it’s work, body, food AND learning covered. I’m surprised you didn’t put learning into a separate book… selling two books is better than selling one, and I’m sure there is enough to say on both subject.

    will be tough to find subject for the next one… maybe “4 hour sex: a simple path to mating like a pro, digesting anything and not worrying about credit card debt” 🙂

  30. I seriously can’t wait to read about cooking fine items like a chef. I love to cook and dine out. I’m a super busy person that loves to learn new stuff. If you can show me how in less time I’m psyched.

    *Purchased book on Amazon!

    *121st Like on Amazon for your new book.

    *Tweeted to my 275 Twitter followers to buy this book.

    *Facebook post to buy this book to my 575 friends.

    *Facebook post to buy this book to my biz page.

    I have enjoyed all of your books. They are challenging and inspirational. For this reason I give your book as a closing gift to my clients. Thanks for including us personally as you soar to the top of the bestseller list again. Love the kitchen picture on Amazon. It’s so Chef like and a softer side to you. Not so serious or goofy. Best, Kristine

  31. Hey Tim:

    Really stoked about your new book.

    I was a stay at home dad for quite some time. Maybe with that title some guys lose a little self confidence, I’m sure I did at some point, but I decided to make every moment of this time with my kids at home count. So I decided to go beyond boiling water for spaghetti and learn how to cook and it has become a passion!

    Your books have inspired me to to keep learning and challenge myself. I am looking forward to seeing your perspective on the art of food as a learning tool. I hope to learn even more ways of how to be a better chief and condense the learning process even quicker.

    To promote your book I’ve sent out emails, retweets, Likes on Facebook and posted a link to your promotional video on my Facebook page.

    Best of luck and I hope it is another New York Times Bestseller!

  32. Here we Go, Tim!

    -Can’t wait to add to my chef’s skill set; already crushing 4HB recipes, but ready to upgrade Xander Nutrition to Xander Gourmet with the help of 4HC!

    -Liked this pg on FB

    -Tweeted & Retw… (& FB posted to 3277 friends) about super-humanism & adding to previously revealed skill set, as well as jumping on 4HWW Blog (@XanderFitness)

    -Shared in every FB group I belong to

    -Pre-Ordered Hard Copy on Amazon

    Keep inspiration flowing, amigo!!

  33. -I would most like to learn how to prepare my dinners faster and not consider it such a major chore.

    – I posted a link to this blog post in Facebook. I got one comment, out of 200 friends. I find that most people who I mention “Tim Ferriss” to, don’t know who you are, although some are curious.


  34. Update on stats from previous comment (which describes what I’d like to see in the book).

    So, here is what I have done in my efforts to become a leading 4HC evangelist and new Kindle Fire winner/owner.

    -Emailed 50 freinds about the 4HC

    -Created and placed ads on one of the websites that is a part of my worldwide internet empire (aka muse):

    -Looks like about 6000 unique visitors & 25k page impressions:

    -Told my wife

    -Told my mom

    -Told the dog

    Here is my stats page for the link to the Amazon 4HC pre-order page:

    Here is the aggregate link for the page:

  35. I’d like to learn how to maintain a sustainable way of eating healthy (while still being uber yummy and fun!) with minimal hassle and without spending a fortune.

    -How does one “automate” their eating?

    -And how do we make our food taste better? (impress the ladies?).


    My help to you:

    -Mention in my email last night that goes out to 8000+ paintball teams registered on my website:

    -Tweeted, facebook’d, and emailed the sucker to estimated 1500 people.

    TOTAL REACH: 9,500+

    To early to put up impact stats.

  36. I have a Wine Bar/Restaurant and I am anxious to use some of the cooking techniques/recipes in my Restaurant from 4-Hour Chef. I have actually started to use your “aerating” tip with the blender as a trick for guests.

    I have posted the link on Facebook, over 500 friends. (Between personal and business FB)

    I do real estate investing as well and I blasted the link to my real estate database of over 6000, colleagues, friends and business partners.

  37. Tim, I am an actuarial student who need to pass alot of actuarial exams. I would like to know “what to eat and how to eat in order to make exam preparation process more effective”

    I share the amazon book page to my FB and also tell a lot of my friend about you 4 hour book series. I also shared the link on my

    chinese social network page. I got 53 total comments combined

  38. I would like to learn by experiencing the book and forensically analyzing why and how the teaching theory (Mind Hack) is presented in your work.


    Here is SPECIFICALLY what was and is being done. Step by Step;

    OUR ULTIMATE GOAL: is to identify as many Social Media venues the public is commenting or blogging about regarding Tim Ferris and or 4-Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet using these Free Listening Posts then drive to this site using Trust Agent Strategies:

    1) Google Alert/ Yahoo Alert

    2) Google Reader

    3) Technocrati

    4) Google Blog Search

    5) Twitter Track

    6) Friendfeed

    7) Social Mention

    Start using that Listening Post first as a proof of concept and then move on to the next one.

    WHAT IS THE INFORMATION WE NEED: AS IF YOU WERE SEARCHING IN “GOOGLE”, enter/use the key word or phrase or a NEW ‘related’ word or phrase, to FIND BLOGS or MENTIONS ON THE NET, YouTube etc (that have comments below) where people are discussing ANYTHING FERRIS.

    Next Step

    Once you have identified that the Blog or Article etc. is “active and appropriate” and has a discussion or group or community or comments, that match what you have searched for, Copy the URL to a master list so that we can eventually get back to that URL and participate in THEIR discussions. With the goal of sharing with them AMAZING CONTENT that will eventually drive them back to the Ferris sites.

  39. Kindle!? They must have come to you with something exclusive huh Tim? You know most of your fans use Ipads, not kindles lol.

  40. Tim, great content once again. I held a sales meeting yesterday, in the meeting I promoted your book to my staff of about 30…then I emailed them your link and promoted it as a great Christmas gift, dropped a link on my facebook, then reached my friend Dean Wegner who has about 30,000 followers between FB and twitter and had him re-post the link.

    I’m excited to learn multiple “fast” but healthy recipes. I’m a big fan of your work and I love the “minimum effective dose” mentality. Thanks for your content and “Be Outstanding”…

  41. Tim,

    The cover of you book is currently being displayed at my two diet centers,one in Chicaho and the other in a northern suburb of Cicago, Glenview ,IL. I have left the signs up along with the amazon address until X-mas comes. We currently have 423 diet clients that will check in at the two clinics and the first thing they will see is the cover of your new book. Another 2127 people received my newsletter that went out last night with the cover of your book on it as well as the amazon link. Lastly the book cover is displayed at our 2 group excercise locations. Of course the blogs carry it as well. Good luck with the book the last 2 were the bomb.

    The one area I found that has never really been addressed that my clients ask for all the time is for a base of food that could be cooked and then tweaked so they could get numerous meals out of it. Let me explain. Instead of going to the grill and cooking 1 chicken breat to make 1 meal have then cook 2-4 chicken breats and have the ability to tweak the ingredients or share a few common things but at the same time make a different meal. Slaads are a great example as well take one giant salad with a certain few ingredients as your base ,but then give them two different sets of ingredients to cahnge the base and come out with 2 very different salads. Good luck with the book.

  42. Nice Tim! Just wanted to say thanks for coming out with a cooking/learning book…can’t wait to read it. I don’t care I’m passed the deadline for a Fire, you first two books helped so many of my friends they will love to hear about this one! One thing I would like to learn from you I hope is in this book – What organics to focus on and boost health more than others (that claim they do)?

  43. To learn how to get the most out of a very short life.

    I’m 39 with a great wife and 3 great children. I love life and have realized that being happy and fulfilled requires mostly love and growth. Growth requires learning and learning requires time. With all the day-to-day demands on me I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning new things/ growing. Your past advice – and this new book is exactly what I need to learn quickly and live a happy and fulfilled life.

    I have “liked” your new book on Amazon and Facebook in addition to posting on my Facebook account (600+ friends). Like I do with all your books I’ll continue to buy and share with my friends.

    Keep up the great work. Your insights have made such a positive impact on my life!

    p.s. Tried the street miming – let’s just say it wasn’t your best idea.

  44. Hi Tim,

    I will benefit from the CONTENT of the book (as I have with your previous two). I particularly look forward to the learning decomposition CONTEXT being put to work.

    If/when San Diego calls you, please drop me a line; maybe I can lure you for Mendozan Malbec at a local Argentinian restaurant.

    I have posted on FB, liked this post, purchased the kindle version; will also purchase the printed copy and probably a few other people will be placing orders soon because of my post.

    Take care !!

    Jorge (jocotes)

  45. Hey Tim I published this post to all of my social networks. Digg, Stumble, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I love your work, thanks to you I lost 70lbs this year with the 4 hour body. Pre-ordered 2 copies of the new book, kindle and hard copy.

  46. Hi Tim,

    Another entry to report that I updated my LinkedIn profile (over 700 contacts) with a link to this blog.

    I also want to let you know that I’ll use your book alongside my 12-year old daughter to learn to decompose subject matters effectively and have fun in the process.

    Jorge (jocotes)

  47. Hi Tim,

    My last update: I got my wife to post an update in her facebook account with a link to this blog. My daughter is excited about the possibility of a Kindle Fire and will tell her friends at school all about it tomorrow.

    I’ll also be implementing your holiday meal strategy with family in Toronto when we visit in a few days.


  48. Hey Tim,

    I noticed a small typo in your response to the question on the amazon review.

    Hi Donnie B! I suspect natto has less of a negative affect due to how it’s produced: fermentation. I’d avoid tofu for the most part. Good luck! Tim


    not a big deal, I just thought you’d be grateful to have that pointed out.


  49. Next book idea: The Four Hour Musician

    Teach people with no musical skills and little money how to make music with cheap and free software.

  50. – The thing I’m most looking forward to in this book is the learning techniques so I can use those to improve my writing for programming and general self help tutorials/blogs

    – shared on facebook (468 friends, mostly students)

    – tweeted (60 followers, mostly friends I know personally)

    – printed 400 fliers and placed them through the large university campus I live near and left stacks in local cafes/book stores/bars/other student hang-outs

    – also have been mentioning the book on some forums I frequent for fitness and learning programming & music (a ton of members across 8 different sites)

  51. Ive tried to preorder the kindle version but its not available..”Not currently available” on website

    Tim: Sales are being lost!!!

    Ps. I will be buying as soon as its working.. buuut there might be some strange people out there who walk away.


      1. Hey Tim,

        Ive just tried your link but still no good. Where you normally hit purchase, it says “Not currently available”. I can send a screenshot if you like.

        One theory.. i did see a post from another Australian further up the comments list also experiencing the same issue.

        Maybe there is some setting you can tweak in Amazon that makes it available to sell to people down under?


      2. +1 for another Aussie that can’t order the Kindle version.

        I’m experiencing the same problem that Matt described. I bet it’s an amazon issue with restrictions based on geography.

        Would love to get myself a copy.


      3. Hi Tim,

        Just following up on this – it’s definitely a geographic issue.

        I hate to think how many international pre-orders you’ve lost because of some setting in Amazon that is restricting pre-orders to the USA only (and maybe Canada & UK?).

        However, there is a solution – I just figured out how to pre-order from here in New Zealand.

        Log into your Amazon account, select “Your Account”, then “Manage Your Kindle” and finally “Country Settings” you can change your postal address.

        Put in a USA address, hit save and you will be able to pre-order. You can then repeat the steps to reset it to your real postal address.

        No kindle required – I don’t own a kindle myself – I just use the Kindle App and Cloud Reader.

        Rather a lot of effort to save $4 but for those people that really want to pre-order now outside of the USA… there you go.

  52. I’m writing this only because I liked 4-Hour Work Week immensely. While the book hasn’t changed my life, yet, it created a sea change in my outlook.

    So much, I follow your blogs, and pay due homage to Ferrisisms: How to travel light, go 12 countries without any luggage, unf*** a broken Mac, get to be NYT’s no 1 bestseller ..oh yes, even boil an egg.

    Didn’t go for your 2nd book. I’m a 63 year old grandmother. Not especially into building my bod, or enhancing my sex drive. Just want health enough to go about having fun — travelling, reading, writing, babysitting…

    From your 3rd book, I’ll look for: How to vamoose from the kitchen in 15 minutes flat. With a wholesome, nutritious bite. Now, why is someone my age – and a strict vegetarian, to boot – following you, the bratty, overconfident, pipsqueak? Because ,Tim Ferris, you make sense. And quite often, OMG.

    Am passing the word around through links in my email, and Facebook. From Mumbai, India.

  53. Hi Tim,

    Can’t wait for the book, already got the Kindle (plus I’m like the 800 and something person to post), but I do want to respond to a question you asked about the book cover, “Let me know what you think.”

    Okay, let me preface this with I’ve been a graphic designer for the past 20+ years, lots of awards, blah blah blah. Mainly in publication (200+ book designs, 3000+ magazines, 10,000+ ads).

    The design is excellent, wouldn’t change a thing. But, what have you ever found appetizing that was black, gray and green? This is a cookbook, oui?

    This is just a suggestion (I know the covers have already been printed), but consider for the next printing:

    • Replace the black with either a maroon or reddish brown

    • Replace the gray with a cream

    • Knock out all the green copy to white

    • Leave the black copy black

    That is, unless your going for the most eye-jarring combination so the book will be seen from across the store. 🙂

  54. Hi TIM… 1st YOU ROCK xx

    you are a superstar and im sooooooooo excited to read the 4HC … loved the 4HB and did the “lifestyle eating plan” for 10 days before i went in for brain surgery 17 days ago .. felt really great on it and lost about 4-5kgs (about 12 pound) … being home now and recovering from my surgery it has been a little harder to arrange my meals but i’m having a 4HB breakfast everyday (which i never use to do) … but i have 50kgs to go and yours is the only diet/lifestyle eating plan i have ever thought i could and would stick with .. THANK YOU …

    As much as i would really love the kindle (i didnt see the blog untill just now ) as i have been super busy doing charity work .. i volunteer for basket brigade … we pack and deliver xmas hampers for the underprivileged so today i was out buying toys for 450 families.. it is so rewarding .. helping others in need also helps me heal faster ..

    I cant wait to get stuck into the recipies and hopefully there will be lots of non dairy options … (i dont like the taste of dairy – my thighs love me for that) and it is soo hard buying cookbooks that are dairy free .. so i end up being a bit of this and a bit of that cooker …

    anyway .. thank you again for writing this new book and i cant wait to see you back in Australia …

    Live with Passion and Purpose

    Nikki G


  55. This is a follow-up to my first post. To quantify the impact, I checked the statistics on StumbleUpon and it looks like this page currently has 267 views and 17 people who like it via StumbleUpon.

    Interestingly, in the “related pages” there is a link to 100 Useful Search Engines for Chefs, Cooks and Food Lovers: Seems like a great – if a bit overwhelming – collection of links for the aspiring chef.

  56. I like the cover!!!

    Tim, have you considered writing a book about language learning?

    I find it truly amazing that you can speak Chinese, Spanish, German, etc.

    1. Log into your Amazon account, select “Your Account”, then “Manage Your Kindle” and finally “Country Settings” you can change your postal address.

      Put in a USA address, hit save and you will be able to pre-order. You can then repeat the steps to reset it to your real postal address.

  57. Out of the 598 buyers on my Aweber list. 360 opens, 117 clicks and 2 unsubscribes. That’s better than most of the promotions I offer.

    And the 1k+ Facebook Friends, definitely saw it. Didn’t use a domain forwarder for tracking.

  58. book sounds great, and if it’s anything like 4hrworkweek it will be fantastic. I’m also a big believer in being able to hyper learn new skills in record times. Can’t wait for the read. thanks. Craig

  59. hi tim

    Delivery estimate: Oct. 22, 2012 – Nov. 9, 2012

    1 “The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life”

    Ferriss, Timothy; Hardcover; $15.00

    Available for Pre-order

    Sold by: LLC

    by from bs as, argentina

  60. Tim any chance I can get in on Kindle in South Africa? Amazon does not let me (publisher permissions I assume). Would love the physical book but firstly I am nomadic and secondly postage to here is $21! Thanks

  61. Hey Tim, I wanted to preorder the Kindle edition, but on the page it says “pricing information not available”. Now I found out why: my Kindle was registered to Germany as my country of residence. I changed it to the US, and now I could preorder.

    Maybe you should inform your international followers how to preorder the Kindle edition?

    Regards, Michael

    1. @Michael thank you. Your suggestion worked perfectly. Just changing your Kindle Device settings to a US address (even a made up one) worked a charm.


  62. I had £55 in free adword credits and wanted to see what google adwords was all about so I set up a campain.

    I thought your target audience would be males between 18-35, and specifically those looking to learn how to cook. When I thought about why males in that age were going to want to cook I figured that they would be cooking for their girlfriend – so I targeted “romantic” and “romance” because they’d be wanting to impress their girlfriends. I was going to use “romantic dinner” but Google adwords said it wouldn’t get enough hits and I wanted to use up my free credit in the 48 hours.

    My ad was:

    Become a Chef in 4 Hours?

    Impress your girlfriend with

    an amazing romantic dinner

    My stats were 91 click through for 59,237 impressions. I used my amazon affiliate code and it looks like no one ordered so I guess my experiment wasn’t very effective.

    I know I probably should have done some split testing but wasn’t sure I had enough time to do so – I guess that’s the next thing I need to learn.

    All in all it was a good experiment and I learnt that adwords isn’t very user friendly… I think there might be an opportunity for me in that.

  63. Hey Tim,

    I LOVE all your stuff 4HWW, the 4HB, and now the 4-Hour Chef. I recently bought a Kindle Fire before reading your post that you were giving away free ones…crap! Oh well…however I did download the Kindle Teaser App and “was” going to buy the book on Amazon, but the App froze my Kindle while looking at the dissection of the Cow, and now I can’t turn my Kindle off to reset it.

    Any help would be great 🙂


  64. Never mind TF, fixed!! I’m a moron…had to hold power button down on Kindle Fire for 20 seconds to get it to reset. Thanks!

  65. Hi Tim,

    I’m also having an issue pre-ordering the kindle edition. I am seeing, “Pricing information not available.” I’m accessing the Kindle US Store from Singapore.


  66. Hi Tim,

    Just wanted to echo Jay’s comments on the book cover color–the current color scheme doesn’t seem very appealing to me. Black & green feels very “hackerish”, which could be great if you’re still going for that “life hacking” angle, but I think whites and blues, or whites with green/black text would be much cleaner, appealing for food, and for the masses.

    I actually know a bunch of people who found even the 4-Hour Body color scheme a bit off-putting, most were female who felt the book seemed a bit masculine at first glance.

    In general, white and blue are the best for broad audiences–one reason Nintendo choose those colors for branding the Wii back in 2006, and we all know how well that turned out. 🙂 They’re both great unisex colors, represent positive vibes, etc.

    Finally, I wanted to suggest a modification of the person with the fire on the left. You might try changing it to someone with a basket picking vegetables from a garden. Unless the content of the book is heavily meat-based, this will net you a ton more vegetarian types who might otherwise be turned off by this. It could also be a cool nod to Steve Jobs, who picked veggies from his own garden for pretty much his whole life.

  67. I have to be honest I’m put off from my last experience, I ordered 4HWW from B&N (one of the first 1000 signed issues) and it never arrived – it was also costly for the shipping from US to Malaysia.

    Very disappointing 🙁

  68. It says the the 4 hour chef book will be available september 2012 ?!!!!

    is that correct or is that a typo?

    I wish we didn’t have to wait that long 🙁

    But I am sure it will be worth it, everything Tim Ferris has written so far (including this biog) has been beneficial to me

  69. Thanks for picking me, Tim! Can’t wait to do the Christmas challenge! 🙂 I’m gonna do a small case study with it on the blog.

    Merry Christmas!


    1. Congrats, Jason! I was picked for a Kindle as well!

      Something about winning something from someone you respect and admire that makes it so much better.

      Hopefully we can get our hands on our Kindley goodness soon!

  70. It would be nice to see who won the kindles and how many books were pre-sold. I have taken down the signs at my 4 centers as I feel this was a marketing scam and no more. Smart –you got me. Fool me once shame on me…

    1. The email stating that I won had me blind copied, and I am sure this was the same email that went to 49 other people. As a matter of privacy, I’m sure Tim won’t be posting names of winners.

      As far as marketing scam, I think not. Ferriss has a pretty good idea how to market, and having a contest is a great way to get attention brought to you. He used social media to it’s fullest by having us willing post a link for him in order to win something. Think of all of the free advertisement he just got. Scam? Hardly.

      The rules were very simple to enter, and as I look at a lot of the comments posted, the criteria to enter were not met.

      I’m just an ordinary dude, and I won. I’m pretty happy about it.

  71. It’s not a scam – I was selected as well (same bcc e-mail).

    Tim knows what he’s doing, marketing-wise (and apparently in most other areas of life). Amazon probably gave him a whole boatload of Kindle Fires since he’s the first big author that Amazon is publishing, so I’m sure that he is actually giving them away.

    My eyes will be on my mailbox for the next few weeks =)

    1. Ahhh, I always get so paranoid about my email’s spam filter eating things I need, but in this case I just know I didn’t win. (That’s probably self-deprecating, but it’s easier to live with than an email client screwing up.) Oh well, some of the submissions I saw were really neat, and I look forward to self medicating on my very own pastries when the book comes out!


  72. I agree. Closure needed.

    I am not sure if I won one. Did the email get lost/filtered? I don’t think it’s a confidentiality issue since we can already see everyone’s entries. Zagg gives out iPads and lists thier winners.

  73. Hey Tim,

    I was just wondering who the members were who lucky enough to receive a Kindle Fire for their awesome marketing and comments regarding the 4 hour chief. It would be nice to be able send out a generic congrats is all. I have been monitoring the blog but have not seen anything pop up yet.

    Regards from Afghanistan


  74. Love the new book Tim!

    I’m still focused on building and testing muses. I guess I’m stuck with the 4HWW mindset. I just launched a kickstarter campaign and would love your help to expand my muse. Please check out my kickstarter link here:

    Good work on the book once again!

    – Zac

  75. Aww, too bad I missed the drawing for the kindle. Anyway, can’t wait to read the book, I really enjoyed the others. Keep it up Tim!

  76. At first glance I thought the cover was a two-piece rock band like the Black Keys or the White Stripes (drummer on the left, singer on the right). Maybe that’s a good thing.

  77. Tim,

    Thanks for the inspiration! My wife even got on board with the 4HWW idea. I have published my 1st book, No 3 Putts, and it is starting to take off. I keep going back to 4HWW for ideas. It is nice to see the progression of the 4HWW concepts into new areas.

    Thanks Again!!

    Dave “No 3 Putts” Perry