Conversation with Pro Photographer Chase Jarvis: Creating a Life of Creativity, Income, and Sweaty Palms

I first met Chase Jarvis at a Summit Series dinner in Washington, DC.

It was sensory overload from the beginning: Olivia Munn was seated on my left, Mark Cuban was across the table, and everyone was drinking too much wine. Then, a Polaroid camera appeared in my hand (thank you, time travel) — in fact, multiple cameras were placed at every table — and creative chaos ensued.

Chase, as creative MC of that dinner, knew exactly what he was doing when he architected the bonding exercise. He’s become a superstar in the world of professional photography by showcasing his mastery of the craft (best known for sports and lifestyle pics), while using PR and branding to further his art instead of compromise it. He’ll go off-the-grid indie one week, and the next week, he’ll be the only person besides Lady Gaga to join the Polaroid creative team.

How does he do it?

How do you balance — nay, OPTIMIZE — artistic purity and commercial success as a “creative,” whether a photographer or otherwise? “Optimize,” in this context, for the best combination of lifestyle, integrity, and income?

Chase and I explore this topic and many others in his beautiful studio… and don’t miss his very Punk’d-like surprise for me at the end. It’s related to my first-ever photo shoot as photographer, which he walks me through.

Hint #1: Sweaty palms. Hint #2:

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Here are some more of the pics from our little experiment.

Whom should Chase interview next, or whom should I interview next? Let us know in the comments.


Odds and Ends: Room to Read library names

I’m still blown away that you all helped raise more than $30,000 for a $20,000 project, which has therefore become $60,000 after matching. As promised, 30 of you will be thanked by name on plaques, 10 names on each of three schools. Here are the “winners” — generous contributors and fundraisers:

From the fundraising competition:

Grand prize: Melissa Rachel Black = Grand-prize winner of RT ticket anywhere in the world (watch your e-mail, Melissa!)

Second place: Rachel Rofe

Third place: David Turnbull

Thanks to all who competed! Every person made a difference, and you should be proud of your real-world karmic capitalism.

The top-30 most generous donors, in no particular order:

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92 Replies to “Conversation with Pro Photographer Chase Jarvis: Creating a Life of Creativity, Income, and Sweaty Palms”

  1. Hey Tim,

    Great interview! I really like the part about you using the iphone to learn composition.

    Probably the best takeaway for me from the interview: find a tool/gadget that has the least amount of features (distractions) for you to best focus on what you want.

    Quick Question: Do you speed read fiction?

  2. I think you should interview a random stranger on the street and by the end have them convinced that following their passion is the only thing right for them. Or maybe they already are doing it…Don’t know until you interview!

  3. So I, personally, think that Chase should have let me in on the interview with you. Because, frankly, the two of you are some of my favorites to watch/follow. I was giddy with childlike excitement when I found out that you two were going to hang out for an afternoon. It was like a perfectly mixed cocktail. Chase has, indeed, revolutionized the photography industry (which I am in as well). And you? Well, you know what you have done… 😉

  4. Really enjoyed the chat you did with Chase Jarvis, Tim. I think it’s really awesome that two of my favourite personalities I follow are now good friends and collaborating. (And the look on your face when Chase brought out the surprise model was priceless.) 🙂

  5. Awesome conversation.

    I have mad respect who can merge what they love to do with the income they want to achieve.

    1. Great post. It would be interesting to see an interview with Sir Richard about his personal habits, by which he achieved personal success.

  6. Great post.

    I’d like to see you interview Sir Richard or someone of his caliber and make it about personal habits that add to their creative process, productivity and success.

  7. I watched it live and it was so great that it went longer than an hour. Fantastic stuff and learning the basics of a photo shoot was great.

  8. Great Video.

    Truly agree with the paralleled pessimism that you process when your mind runs with optimistic ideas. Too often those ideas are pushed to the side or shelved because an instant decision is made of there impossibility. By understanding the balance and minimal negative side effect right away, you realize the potential positive side effects far outweigh them.

    Would love to know more detailed thoughts about your process to constructive criticisms. What were some steps and processes you took in the early stage to have you content reviewed in a productive nature?

    Keep up the goodwork.

  9. Tim,

    As we discussed in New York, you should definetly interview either Derren Brown or Chase Armitage next….


  10. Great video, Tim! I just finished watching the whole thing. I love your insight into the world of photography and how I can possibly apply your principles for marketing myself. Thanks so much, it was a real pleasure to watch!

  11. You should interview Simon Sinek.

    He has an incredible message and outlook on how great leaders inspire action.

    **Website/ TED talk at bottom**

    His outlook has changed the way I think and act, even turning my GPA from a 3.3 in highschool to a rock solid 4.0 in college (for the last few years.)

    Ironically not too far back he decided to come to my city for a presentation (not cheap). As a student in college, I had absolutely no cash and was bummed that he was so close yet so far out of reach.

    Following the very Stoic, and very Tim Ferriss-esque teaching, I thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and shot him an email about all the crazy ways my life changed after applying his ideas uniformly.

    Long story short, he and the host of the event saw the email and gave my twin brother and I a complimentary VIP seat and “backstage pass” to hang out with Simon before and after the conference.

    Nicest, most genuine guy you’ll ever meet. You want to talk to an interesting, dynamic guy with a story to tell, it’s him.

    TED vid:




  12. Hi Tim,

    Great conversation. I have been amazed by how well the 4HWW principles work in practice, when you stick to them. Even if you don’t always know exactly where you are going, the further you go, the more you see ahead of you.

    When I first read 4HWW my wife and I owned a bookkeeping business. We immediately hired VA’s from the Philippines, rented space on a virtual server and made customer data travel to us, instead of the other way round.

    While we didn’t have a true muse yet, I was using the principles to make our service business the best imitation of one that I could, with free time to come up with product ideas.

    I started violating Parkinson’s Law, spending too much time turning that project into a massive undertaking. So I took on some consulting work for fun, limiting my time available for obsessing over products.

    In doing this work I found business owners struggling to find rhythm in the madness of their financial situations because, as Chase described, they didn’t want to be business people at their core. Sticking to the principles of separating the critical from the minutiae, and wanting to score high on the reward vs. effort scale, I came up with a simple method to help them navigate unfamiliar territory:

    Step 1: Was to teach staff the usual bookkeeping tricks needed to deliver accurate apples vs. apples financial reports to the owner each month. They just don’t happen without them.

    Step 2: Was for the owners to view their profit results each month against a percentage of income template, looking only for the areas which didn’t perform to expectations. Looking at dollar figures alone can be misleading.

    Step3: Was to isolate the behaviours behind those offending areas, and reverse-engineer a policy manual on-the-fly based on what they wanted staff not to do anymore.

    Step4: Was to implement an “Electric Fence” incident-reporting system via emails which notified offending staff and their superior/s, in as few unemotional words as possible, that policy breaches had been noticed each time they happened from that point on. (Heavier messages were left to superior’s discretion if patterns of behaviour emerged from the evidence.)

    When staff began to self-manage their conduct, even if only out of self-interest, profit and productivity levels increased dramatically, and the number of incidents that actually needed reporting each month dropped accordingly. As it seemed did the stress levels of the business owners involved.

    What I didn’t realise at the time was that by publishing that method in full, along with other tricks of the trade, I would end up finding my muse without struggling too much along the way to get it. I think this was because I was concentrating on helping people in need, instead of just trying to create a product that I could sell.

    None of this would have ever been possible if I hadn’t read the 4HWW, or your subsequent blog posts (adrenaline shots) along the way.

    Thank you so much for writing them,


  13. It’s going to be cool to check out that plaque with my name on it. Thanks for picking me in the first place Tim and thanks for the folks that voted for me. 🙂

  14. Unbelievable.. wow, thank you so much. I’m absolutely beaming! Thank you so very much everyone who voted for me, and thank you Tim for this amazing opportunity. Gonna take my muse on the road 🙂

    I look forward to visiting the schools, and I will update you on my trip and our book. To any of you who are artists, chefs, foodies, designers, photographers, illustrators, etc in Asia & Australia and want to get involved in this food/art/travel book I will be co-creating during this trip, please email me.

    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

  15. Wow, great interview Tim. One of the best i have seen and full of great information as usual. And some super photography tips thrown in as well!

  16. Hi Tim,

    Very inspired by your talk. I agree with everything you and Chris say about how finding your passion will give you that unlimited energy and ability to break barriers. What advice would you give to someone who knows what their passions in life is (i.e. property development), but is unable to gain access to their passion due to the high barriers (cost) to entry. I have taken property investment courses, considered the thought of heading to a place like Cambodia to help build schools to gain building knowledge. Cheers – Jacob

  17. Instantly became a fan of Chase via this interview. And now I have a new place to hunt down guests for my show 🙂

    Seriously though, fantastic and organic conversation.

  18. Hi Tim

    Great Interview

    I think the next interview should be me (I wish)! Or… any random guy that’s trying to apply your principles you teach with whatever business and lifestyle changes they are trying to make. An interview that delves into the problems and challenges they are facing and applying the principles you teach to their specific like.

    I would find that so cool.

  19. I read in The new Yorker that you attempted to megadose on resveratrol. The compound does not work, as I am sure you know by now. If you want to know what does, please look at Our compound C3 halts the progress of central nervous system diseases, and may have applications in inflammatory diseases and life extension. We are hunting funding for Phase I testing, but not conventional company-grabbing v.c.

    Many thanks,

    Steve Kindel, COO

    The Bronx Project

  20. That’s a seriously long vid, only twenty minutes in, but it’s fun so far. I’m going to watch it in fifteen minute breaks as i write my masters thesis, one per hour. Thanks for the vid Tim.

    And a HUGE congrats to the three winners and another big thumbs up to the tops thirty donators. You guys rock!

  21. nice interview.

    i agree with Glenn that you and Derren Brown would be great to get together and also i think doing Joe Rogan’s podcast would probably lead to great cross exposure for both of you, much more than you my be thinking even.

  22. Please interview Tony Hsieh.

    Also, it’s worth noting (both here and in the last “random” episode) that when pretty women are present, you’re hilarious.

    Hilarious in a Hugh Grant sort of way. (You’re not paying these girls, are you?)

  23. That was pretty cool – but MY GOD – so much more to great photography than just pointing and clicking right – no wonder my photos suck so much.

    Multi-tasking while I did this – wrote an article, did my newsletter, set up a teleseminar for next week and a few bathroom breaks. Thanks for the entertainment and wisdom as always Tim.

  24. Sweet video.

    One strange observation: those are some badass shoes.

    Do you by chance know the model or have a full pic?

  25. What an awesome and entertaining video. I was not familiar with Chase Jarvis so thank you for that exposure. I would pay for this type of content. You two collaborated VERY well! Anxiously anticipating similar posts to come. Thank you for all that you do Tim. I feel indebted beyond the mere purchase price of your books.

  26. Really enjoyed this interview.

    Liked your thoughts on publishing, books, marketing and content being king.

    I want to see a 4hour comic book sometime 🙂

  27. Great article Tim.

    A local photography club here has challenges such as see how interesting of photos you can take with iPhones to see how far you can take it as well. Good thing to always push yourself to find out where different limitations are.

  28. Hey Tim,

    As far as who you should interview next, how about Khatzumoto, creator of A while ago, you tweeted that his site had some of the best advice for learning foreign languages.

    Khatzumoto (a pen name) is an American who became fluent in Japanese in 18 months using unconventional techniques (focus on kanji before speaking, etc). He now lives in Japan and runs a very successful website / blog. He’s released a variety of products and experimented w/ different pricing models.

    I think you two could learn a lot from each other (and we could all learn a lot from watching the interview.)

  29. Yo Tim!

    awesome interview…..thank you…you seem to always send out great info..

    I am in search of quality education in regards to internet income streams(as most of us are) to leverage my lifestyle…

    I came across Frank Kerns new product..mass control 2.0

    what do you think? I hear and see that this guy is legit..been on his list for a little while ….but never bought a product

    wondering if you can give me any feedback..

    my apologies for deviating from your actual post..



  30. Hi Tim,

    Symantec will be running a business competition and we would like to know if you are interested in participating in something like this?

    We will be giving away tremendous prizes and will help fund the winning start-up.

    Let me know your thoughts if you’re interested.


    Dan Camacho

    eCommerce Portfolio Management, Symantec Corporation

    Mobile: (925) 209-7762 |

  31. Dan-

    You’re going to get SLAMMED with people contacting you, wanting to join the competition. I hope you’re prepared! LOL

    1. @austin

      Nope, I haven’t received a single call or email from my previous post (below) regarding our small business promotion campaign.

      We are looking for a few great partners who either have a large base of followers -OR- who have a relevant product/service that helps small businesses.

      Anyone interested in promoting their idea, product, service, or book and want to significantly increase their exposure via our upcoming promo – send me an email.

      Prior Post:

      “Symantec will be running a business competition and we would like to know if you are interested in participating in something like this?

      We will be giving away tremendous prizes and will help fund the winning start-up.

      Let me know your thoughts if you’re interested.


      Dan Camacho

      eCommerce Portfolio Management, Symantec Corporation “

  32. At around 20 minutes, you’re talking about creative commons and giving away content. Here’s an interesting tidbit to add:

    Paulo Cohelo was failing in Russia, selling only around one thousand copies the first year; his Russian publisher dropped him. On his own website/blog, he posted a link to a bit torrent of The Alchemist and is now selling millions of copies each year in Russia.

  33. I just wanted to say that I was one of the people who downloaded your book when I first heard of it mainly because it was more convenient than driving to the book store just to look through it and to be honest based on the title it sounded like one of those rip-off “How to make a bajillion-fafillion dollars in real estate in the spare time you dont have just by wiggling your nose!” types of books, but after reading it all the way through right after I downloaded it I proceeded to order half a dozen copies online just to give away to those who I thought would benefit from it, and have since done the same thing with the expanded edition. I am sure I am the exception but I hope it makes you feel even better about your stuff being given away for free.

  34. Hello Tim,

    Just wanted to thankyou for your post which had you discussing dating. This inspired me to do my own experiment on alternative dating methods following his ideas. The results of the experiment are here if it is of interest, where I got successfully got girls chasing me and more dates than I could handle.



  35. This is an extremely valuable interview. One of the best I’ve seen on the net and I’m not even into photography. Definitely going to watch this again, right now as a matter of fact….

  36. Dude you just ate a sea salt dark chocolate bar and then a steamed fish head or at least your Facebook page led me to believe this. I’m glad though because I haven’t hopped on here in awhile and enjoyed the read and will enjoy the video in a jif.

    Will you provide links for us so we can donate directly to the schools in Cambodia, Laos etc. once they are up and running?

  37. Tim, enjoyed this immensely. Your book has been a big help too. A heartfelt namaste. Owe my health recovery to my friend and fitness coach Charles Cannon and to your book too.

    Owe you a fee when we meet.


    London, UK

  38. I third Glenn and Chris. Derren Brown. Without a doubt one of the most interesting and potentially powerful blokes around.


  39. p.s. PLEASE keep this video close to hand on your site. It has been added to my monthly re-sit of GET UP GIRL… ain’t finished yet!….. along with ‘What the Bleep’ 🙂

    Thank you


  40. I thought it was cool to see two dudes in their toy shop, talking about success and setting up their cool equipment, then having a model in a bikini walk onto the set and seeing both of them totally shift their mood and attention. Entertainment.

  41. I get countless ‘thank you’ messages from the people who have used the product I created. After a while I take those ‘thank you’s’ for granted and they have less emotional impact because I wonder to myself if the people really mean it. If the ‘thank you’ is meant or just like a friendly comment in everyday exchange.

    So I want to be clear, this is a genuine thank you. Thank you for keeping me on track, thank you for sharing freely.

  42. One of my friends is a professional photographer. He has his own studio and posts a lot of his works in a social networking site. He always mention it to his friends that photography is more than just to take some pictures in places that you want or with just a beautiful model. In my opinion, photography is a modern art. If you were able to make a beautiful shot, it’s a masterpiece; you can consider it as your “Mona Lisa” and show it to the whole world. Furthermore, making a good shot also entails hard work, perseverance and a lot of good ideas. With good ideas, creativity would just emerge and in my opinion, everybody has their own ways to be creative, but I could say that not all people can express it through photography. At the end of the day, I just wanted to say, keep up the good job and keep posting articles like this.

  43. Previsualizing worst case scenarios…in “HD” -what a fantastic way to articulate this! Clarity is king in unleashing what we all have to offer. And as Candice proved visually and you and Chase proved intellectually, starting with great ingredients that you offer elegantly (aka with as little modification as possible) yields a very valuable and inspiring result. Thanks to all involved for your collective generosity!


  44. That was a great video Tim. I really love photography glad you have a wonderful conversation with Pro Photographer Chase Jarvis. It inspires me and learned a lot. Well done and Thank you!



  45. Hey Tim-

    I am pleased to say that I have taken your advice and contacted someone that I see as a mentor. You have literally changed my life, and as much as I think you hear that from so many different people, I needed to let you know.

    It is for this reason that I am contacting you for a bit of advice. I wanted to know when you go about doing your 80/20 analysis with your friends, and you find someone who can provide more pleasure than anyone but not having them around causes more stress than anything else, how do you go about reversing the fact that they choose to not be in your life?

    I know you are a busy man and certainly don’t like to respond to any emails but any help will be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you.

    AG Ghavami

  46. Tim these Athletic Greens guys which are advertized on your site have terrible shipping and their site is very buggy with shipping errors placing multiple orders that you do not intend to place just thought i would let you know since i have recieved nothing from them, the order is a week late and they are spamming my inbox

  47. Great interview Tim. I really liked the idea of merging 4HWW principles with the business and creative sides of photography. Interesting and engaging.

  48. Who wouldn’t knew Chase Jarvis (a professional photographer) if you’re in the world of photography and fashion? Optimizing artistic side and being creative is what he is doing. Who wouldn’t want that?

    As what Tim Ferriss does, he apply the things that he learned for Chase Jarvis from the time they had a talk with each other. He produces some beautiful pictures.

    If Tim can do it, why can’t we? the important thing is we need to have passion in what we are doing and we are persistent enough to learn. Thus, creating such beautiful photos and creating magic from those can be very simple.

  49. Tim,

    Do you ever take a step back and think to yourself “this is my life?” Not from a Tucker Max-esque “what I have done now” perspective (midgets etc), but more from a “can you believe this is what I do on a daily basis” vein.

  50. I just checked out the Summit website and the whole concept just sounds amazing. I’d love to go someday, but is it an invite-only event or something?

  51. Dear Tim,

    First, really enjoyed the interview with Chase, some great stuff from both of you.

    I just wanted to tell you, you literally changed my life over the past three weeks. I’m a 3rd year college student majoring in a natural science subject.

    I’m also very heavily dyslexic. I’ve struggled with reading and writing all my life, despite loving academia. My reading speed has always sat around 160wpm despite trying photoreading and various software. For the amount of reading required for a pure science subject, has been a massive pain in the ass.

    On my baseline test, I was 156wpm. I have been doing the speed reading exercises in the 4HWW every day for three weeks, and am now reading around 550 – 600wpm. I have finished reading in under 2 week that would have taken me over 2 months. You’ve just improved my grades, job prospects, given me days of free time, and helped me with one of the most annoying bits of dyslexia. You’ve literally just changed my life.

    thank you.

    I do have a question though. I’m tracking my results, and my speed increases are levelling off. I’de like to keep increasing my reading speed! is there anything you’d recommend to keep improving, should I just keep doing the exercises in the book as they are? or would you recommend changing the length of the exercises, or anything different?



    P.s. – “if you create something awesome, bear in mind that the best place to debut it is not necessarily to the audience you already have access to.” – I would NEVER have thought of that. Not sure how I’m going to use that, but I will.

  52. If you can pull it off: Jackie Chan. 😀


    Joe Polish

    Frank Kern

    Jason Moffatt

    Eben Pagan

    Tony Hsieh

    The time is right for me to reread 4HWW as well! Also, because I’m from Milwaukee and what you have written in your “comment rules,” it’s my duty to make sure you’re aware of The Bronze Fonz.

  53. Hi Tim,

    Loved the interview with Chase, very salient points. Long time follower and have included much of your 4hww principles into my business and life. I also liked your 4 Hour Body video. I’m not sure what you used to color grade it but I run Red Giant which makes the worlds most used color effect plugins for Final Cut, Photoshop & After Effects called Magic Bullet. I’d like to give you and your team a bunch of copies and would make my team available for training if they are interested.

    Let me know if you’re interested. (not looking for anything in return)

  54. Thank you Tim for introducing me to Chase. What a fantastic interview. I am headed off to a nonfiction program this fall to learn how to interview. Chase’s style helps his audience learn from his interviewees by staying on topic and help mine the gold of the conversation. I have so many notes already just on your writing advice – now I am going to re-watch the interview from Chase’s POV.

    Thanks for sharing the wealth of knowledge!

  55. I like your interview with Pro Photographer Chase Jarvis. It gives me a lesson on what is the advantage of doing things with love. I think the happiest thing in earth is doing things that you love and making income from it.

  56. How about photographing a struggling Vet honing his craft and teaching Muay Thai.Ive got tons of street fights stories and Airborne Army capers to share with the world.I am a 39 year old who has found the fountain of youth.Im 5’4 125lb @ around or under 5% bodyfat with a deadlift of 305lbs.Tim I know thats not as impressive as that girl in your book,so dont punish me.But after reading that i went from 275 to 305 in 2 months.Thanks for your posts and articles Tim.Awesome stuff

  57. I really enjoyed that video. You guys are two of the most inspiring folks I follow. Chase has been a huge influence on me for about 5 years and I just recently stumbled upon you. To have you both in the same room chatting about the future and present was really awesome.

    The snaps turned out pretty classy man!

  58. Hey Tim,

    Anyway we can get a downloadable file of this interview? 2 hours is a bit much for youtube to download for me. And I’d love to be able to study at my convenience (ie: airplane!).

    Any chance? Thanks.


  59. Hi Tim

    Nothing to do with your post – you did mention to get your attention was to comment or @ twitter you.

    Wonder if you might help? My dad has Alzheimers and I’m really interested in the role of Nitrogen Oxide and NOS etc etc. I think it has a huge influence on many illnesses and I wondered your views on this and also if you knew of any topical nitric oxide inhibitors ? Would really appreciate your advice/any knowledge you may have. I also own a wine import business and I am creating a brand dedicated to Alzheimers and would like to send the money to the right research people not the wrong guys – perhaps you know of someone/a group dedicated to the right kind of research? Many thanks! xx

  60. Tim, this was really another inspirational piece. I’m really glad you revisited the principles in the 4 hour work week. I read it back in 2008 and have been trying to implement the principles since then. There are always some really important things that you need to be reminded of. I’m finally gaining traction with my muse. I’ve also gained a lot of valuable unique knowledge about rapid results in from the 4 hour body. Now you’ve peaked my interest in photography. It’s really funny because for my muse I had to do a product photo session and a bunch of my buddies that are photographers built a similar set up in my living room…however we were missing one key ingredient…a supermodel. Still a super fun experience. Looking forward to your next post!

  61. Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not then maybe someone could direct me? I have been following the 4 hour body diet for 3 weeks now and have not lost even a cm! How is this possible?? Especially as my previous diet included lots of white carbs and cheese etc.

    Does it sometimes take a while to kick in? I expected some kind of result by now as references in the book seem to imply that effects would occur quite quickly.

    Would be grateful for some feedback before I become disillusioned and give up!

  62. Tim, this was really another inspirational piece. I’m really glad you revisited the principles in the 4 hour work week. I read it back in 2008 and have been trying to implement the principles since then. There are always some really important things that you need to be reminded of. I’m finally gaining traction with my muse. I’ve also gained a lot of valuable unique knowledge about rapid results in from the 4 hour body. Now you’ve peaked my interest in photography. It’s really funny because for my muse I had to do a product photo session and a bunch of my buddies that are photographers built a similar set up in my living room…however we were missing one key ingredient…a supermodel. Still a super fun experience. Looking forward to your next post!

  63. Just wanted to “thank you” for sharing this interview with us! I pulled so many ‘gems’ from this and was highly inspired and entertained (especially the part on deconstructing fear). So moved in fact, that I decided to experiment and create a video applying some of the wise bits you guys talked about – wish I could share it but I will respect the “no URL rules.”

    Much appreciated,


  64. Hi Tim,

    Recently I was shoping for a belt and happened upon one that was reversible. Brown on one side black on the other. i know these have been around somtime but it got me thinking. I have been researching reversible clothing and found out that I’m not the first person of late to notice what a relevent idea this now is. I think it fits perfectly with with a low consuption lifestyle and may even be a greener alternative. I’d like to see you interview someone who could expound on this. What’s available know? Where is it available? Is fashion pointed in this direction?


  65. Hi Tim,

    Great interview! Quick question: you mentioned a photography book “Exposure”. Who is the author? I want to ensure I am looking at the right book.

    Many thanks,


  66. I’d like to help out in one of these schools. I’m an IT Chap, and I really believe in teaching practical IT skills to kids in developing economies. Is that something that will be needed in one of these projects?

    Please get in touch with me if that’s something useful for these schools. I’d really like to help. I can also arrange for computer equipment; enough to furnish a small computer lab (10-20 machines, software, etc). Although shipping might be cost-prohibitive or unreliable.

    Since I’m already writing, let me extend this out to everyone else: this offer isn’t just for Tim Ferris’ Southeast Asia school project — if any of you have a great cause in mind (involving severely under-equipped schools that don’t have any IT resources) please contact me. at gmail.

  67. I HAD to pause the video and say this. I first came across your book (4hww) when I was in uni, and downloaded it for free from rapidshare. Fast forward to now, I have purchased both your books and can’t wait to buy your next book. Like you said, if that content wasn’t available for free back then, I would not have gotten exposed to it (cos I was never going to buy it), I would not have hunted your books down to buy them and I would not be living the life I am right now.

    So thanks Tim, for everything.

  68. I truly loved the actual talk you probably did along with Chase. I do believe it’s actually amazing that my favourite personas we follow are actually pals and also working together. 🙂

  69. Kevin Rose just uploaded an Instagram pic of you wearing a frilly apron on Thanksgiving. There is a girl behind you… she looked a lot like a certain model in this post… I could be wrong, but *high-five* nonetheless. Maybe I should take up photography 😉

  70. Hello!

    Can someone give me a good reference for outsoucing my sales? I am currently running a transportation brokerage (service oriented) and i am interested in outsoucing my sales activity through a commission/profit split method.



  71. Hi, ich kannte Tim bisher nur vom Namen. Schön, dass ich über dieses Interview mehr über ihn erfahren habe. Vielen Dank!