The Tim Ferriss Show: Chase Jarvis, Master Photographer (#8)

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“Art is a subset of creativity.” – Chase Jarvis

Now, on to our amazing guest, Chase Jarvis!

Chase is a master photographer and the CEO of, where this episode was filmed.

Chase is the youngest person ever to be named a Hasselblad Master, Nikon Master, and ASMP Master. Since opening his own studio, Chase has photographed for Nike, Apple, Columbia Sportswear, REI, Honda, Subaru, Polaroid, Lady Gaga, Red Bull, and many more. He is known for a hyper-kinetic style and an emphasis on sports and portraiture.

CreativeLIVE, where he is CEO, is an online learning platform that broadcasts live, high-definition classes to more than 2 million students in 200 countries (!). All classes are free to watch while live and can be purchased for later viewing. They are amazing. Teachers include Pulitzer Prize winners, business luminaries, and beyond.  Check them out here.

This is my first video podcast test, and I’ve also included a transcript of this episode for my hearing-impaired friends (Click here: Chase Jarvis – Tim Ferriss Show – Transcript). Hope you enjoy!

In this episode, we explore:

  • Chase’s personal story
  • The most important choices he’s made
  • Common mistakes of “creative” professionals (or people in general)
  • How he reached the pinnacle of his industry
  • And much, much more…

His lessons and principles can be applied almost anywhere.

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Show notes and links are below, and please let Chase (@ChaseJarvis) know what you found most interesting or valuable.  He’s a good dude and would love to hear from you.


You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

Show Notes and Select Links from Episodes 8 (Thanks, Ian!)

  • A little about CreativeLIVE studios
  • Chase Jarvis growing up, the making of a madman
  • Transitioning from artist to entrepreneur, where so many creatives fail
  • The amazing story of how Chase started taking pictures
  • The story of his first sale in the photography game
  • Main tipping points that led to him traveling the world with the greatest athletes… all while getting paid handsomely
  • How to monetize your craft at the highest level
  • Understanding negotiating skills, myths and realities
  • The most consistent mistakes in the world of creative entrepreneurship
  • How sharing his experiences of coming up as an artist was a tactic for differentiation
  • The importance of looking outside ones industry to glean tactics you can use
  • What it’s like shooting the top tennis players of all time, including Roger Federer and Serena Williams
  • Dissecting the value and capacity to become an empowered polymath in today’s world
  • How iteration is the key to navigating the transition from successful solopreneur to building out a company
  • About the vision for CreativeLIVE and himself
  • The top priorities for fulfillment/happiness for Chase Jarvis
  • On the fascinating power of meditation and how Chase practices
  • Chase’s catastrophic self-inflicted wound



Connect with Chase Jarvis: Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | G +


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Episode 8: Chase Jarvis, Master Photographer

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80 Replies to “The Tim Ferriss Show: Chase Jarvis, Master Photographer (#8)”

  1. Hi Tim! I want your opinion, about this thing. I know a solution from biggest our problems and it’s call The Venus Project – Resource Based Economy. Watch we can have much better. Unite!

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    Thank you!!!

      1. A test for now. It’s very labor intensive to do video, as you can imagine!

    1. Thanks Tim, at least now I understand.

      Just hope Turner doesn’t have exclusivity on your work.

      21h mean I imagine 2000h you worked, so hopefully one day we’ll see them 🙁

  2. Thanks Tim, after first discovering Chase Javis earlier this year when I stumbled upon the Chase Javis Live video you did with him, it was great to hear part of his back story to his success as a photographer. I’ve personally found CreativeLive to be a great resource while I’m on the journey to taking my photography to the next level.

    Thanks for being the guy that helps to connect people.

    P.s I enjoyed Ep 6 in its short form too.

  3. TFX was scheduled to be released today!

    I paid for all the episodes.

    Please provide information about this.

    1. He already talked about TFX on a past blog post,

      “Only days ago, Turner Broadcasting let me know that the May 27th digital launch of The Tim Ferriss Experiment has been canceled. Some (not all) of the higher-ups want to try selling it to traditional outlets. (Sidenote: If you bought an iTunes season pass, definitely request a refund)”

      1. Yeah, but that’s one short paragraph in a much larger blog post about something else. Not a lot of people have seen that and frankly it’s been poorly communicated by Tim. I know it must be painful to admit failure, but it would be helpful to all of, who waited ages for these TFX episodes to drop, a more detailed response on when and where we can see these episodes – for US and Internationals.

      2. Stu, I hear you and I apologize for any confusion. Now, in fairness, Turner Broadcasting didn’t give me any information until the last-minute cancellation. I also recently announced the cancellation on Twitter/Facebook multiple times. Sadly, Turner has no plans to make any episodes available, and I am not given the ability to communicate directly with iTunes season pass purchasers (or I would have emailed everyone ASAP). I am working to fix all of this that, but, in the meantime, I’d definitely request a refund.

        Sorry for the hassle 🙁


  4. I enjoyed the short, yet impassioned discussion of education, which I see as connected to the discussion of polymaths.

    As a high school English teacher, I strive to give students opportunities to create interest-driven projects that blended subject lines. This is a challenge within current curriculums.

    Tim, what do you see as the first step in moving away from the industrial model of school?

  5. I’m freaking loving these podcasts Tim!! So much value and they are hilarious a lot of times.

  6. Hi Tim,

    I really enjoy the podcast. I hope I can add this to my regular rotation.

    I have to say though I am still on the fence when it comes to meditation. Growing up near and going to college in Boulder, CO I am always a bit on guard when it comes to “hippie” activities.

    What should be the main goal or point to concentrate on during meditation and how are you measuring the outcome? From what I have seen there is generally no proven scientific studies that either prove or disprove the benefits of meditation outside of stress reduction.

    Keep up the great work.


  7. Great podcast Tim! Thanks for doing these, I always come away with some great new knowledge and cool new things to look into. You have been a HUGE inspiration in my life for a few years now after hearing you on the Rogan podcast and reading your book TFHWW. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  8. Hey Tim, Big uppppssss to u and Chase for a super cool and interesting episode. U can tell as a listener that you guys are on the same page but still manage to have a different take on things.

    Especially thankful for the best show notes/ resources so far. Also liked the ditching of the wine for some hard liquor!

    One final thing, i couldn’t say how much i liked the essay (episode 6) as i don’t have twitter so i will take this opportunity to say more of those please.

  9. Loved the episode, found it very motivational to chase down my dreams.

    But it got me thinking..

    Where do I (high school student) or any others start learning and specializing about becoming an entrepreneur.

    1. Seriously, check out the entrepreneurship and startup courses at! You can watch them for free when they first broadcast. Totally worth it. Also, you might want to consider checking out The 4-Hour Workweek, though your education (i.e. school) should come first at this point. If you can, take a year abroad. Study abroad and live with a host family whose native language *isn’t* English. It will change your life and make you more powerful than any book can.

    2. Tim’s advice rocks.

      Also, make sure you LEARN as much as you can. Now isn’t the time to get a big head. Make sure you get quality sources of information (4HWW is my bible) and take tons of notes.

      You may run into personal block/fear of failure. Use Tim’s fear setting (he talks about this on ep.22 of The James Altutcher Show:

      The best way to get over personal blocks (I’ve found) is to either have a mind-meld session with a mentor or enroll in a Vipassana meditation course.

  10. Hey Tim, awesome episode, one of your best so far! On a bit of a side note, been having lots of shoulder problems like Chase. Any recommendations on a specific Cissus Quadrangularis?

  11. Chase, loving CreativeLive. Brilliant model for both business and education. Quick question. What is your biggest failure?

  12. Thanks Tim! And another thank you for the transcription service! I really hope you continue to provide these for future podcasts! Really helpful!

  13. Tim,

    *Do you have any resources or books, preferably ones teaching principles, on conversation or communication face-to-face?

    It’s apparent that you have a very unique communication style, and that you follow certain rules when you talk to your peers (Kevin rose, Chase, etc).

    How can one learn this?

    1. Hmmm… interesting. What rules do I follow when talking to my peers? I”m honestly not aware of them, though they might exist. Would love your thoughts.

      1. Was referring to your style of interviewing.

        The person conducting the interview, his mood and choice of words, determines the responses.

        You’re very good at eliciting information making a strong impression, and I think part of it is because you interview people and ask questions that you’re genuinely interested in (?) – making that excitement contagious to the person being interviewed aswell.

        I guess the question I’m asking is: “How do I become a good interviewer?”

        (Sorry. Had to refine my thinking a bit)

        Resources, principles?

      2. Sam may have been referring to something we all do to some extent, depending on the situation – take on the communication style of the person we’re talking to. Perhaps we do this for reasons similar to why yawning is contagious.

        I believe you briefly discussed something like this in Episode 3 with Justin Mager and Kelly Starrett – the part where you talk about the skill of imitating people.

  14. Time,

    I wanted to thank you for following through with the podcast. I always enjoyed when you appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast but now Tim Tim Talk Talk has quickly become my favourite podcast to listen to!

    The video format was cool, but I understand how labour intensive it is. It was extremely fitting for Chase to be on the first video test. CreativeLive is one an amazing website!

    Also, I love the quick little “essays” and look forward to more of those in the future! Keep it up!

    – Anthony Morris

  15. Great episode, Tim. Your quality standard is mindblowing.

    That said, I would REALLY love getting a transcript that I could read – VERY time consuming to find particular quotes and sentences if I didn’t jot them down while listening for the first time (and that rarely happens).

    Thanks for the brilliant work – keep being healthy, chubby and happy so that You could deliver even more awesome stuff for the Universe. 😉 Wait for the next episode!..



  16. Can you please submit your podcast so it can appear on the windows market? The email is “” I would love these pushed to my windows phone.


    1. Hey. I use Podcast Lounge, and get all the episodes just fine. Give it a search in the windows app store and check it out.

      Love the podcast, Tim. Keep it up. Also, my dad loves cooking, and after I sent him a copy of The 4-Hour Chef he went 4-Hour gung-ho and read all your stuff. Love it 🙂


  17. Tim, i read all books, listened to all podcasts bla bla bla big fan. Great idea with video, much easier to focus and not zone out. Question though, i soak up everything i think i can learn from. You, the guys you had on, the guys you are mentioning, etc. Im hoarding everything. I have severe analysis paralysis. Things i read from Greene, N.Hill, Carnegie, Ferriss, Bolles, Waitzkin, the list of books to buy now is around 10-15 that all speaks to my current situation. I struggling at taking steps forward. How do you get over analysis paralysis when receiving so much good information from books, people, podcasts, when your time is limited and you cant try or read it all??

  18. Tim… I feel compelled to admit that I’ve followed your work for a while, and lately listening to your podcasts gives me the sense that I’m talking about life’s deepest and most intriguing issues with people I would very happily have in my circle of friends. Thanks for offering such refreshing content and style. Your interview with Stephen Dubner even made me fall for you a little bit…drink sometime?? I’m only 7,000 miles away…

      1. You got to jump on that Tim, she’s pretty cute and everyone needs a hook up in a few different countries.

  19. Tim, your blogs are AWESOME man. I just wanna tell you to keep up the GOOD work. Since listening to your podcasts and show I have definitely become well rounded individual. I’ve GROWN on an intellectual level and on other levels as well. Keep doing what your doing and I hope to one day join this MOVEMENT and help many up and coming lifestyle entrepreneurs…..PEACE!

  20. Ian’s Show Notes with Approximate Times Added

    [0:30] A little about CreativeLIVE studios

    [1:15] Chase Jarvis growing up, the making of a madman

    [3:05] Transitioning from artist to entrepreneur, where so many creatives fail

    [4:20] The amazing story of how Chase started taking pictures

    [10:15] The story of his first sale in the photography game

    [13:50] Main tipping points that led to him traveling the world with the greatest athletes… all while getting paid handsomely

    [16:50] How to monetize your craft at the highest level

    [19:00] Understanding negotiating skills, myths and realities

    [22:05] The most consistent mistakes in the world of creative entrepreneurship

    [26:40] The importance of looking outside ones industry to glean tactics you can use

    [30:15] How sharing his experiences of coming up as an artist was a tactic for differentiation

    [40:35] What it’s like shooting the top tennis players of all time, including Roger Federer and Serena Williams

    [43:30] Dissecting the value and capacity to become an empowered polymath in today’s world

    [48:45] How iteration is the key to navigating the transition from successful solopreneur to building out a company

    [56:25] About the vision for CreativeLIVE and himself

    [1:04:15] The top priorities for fulfillment/happiness for Chase Jarvis

    [1:06:15] On the fascinating power of meditation and how Chase practices

    [1:18:55] Chase’s catastrophic self-inflicted wound

  21. Great episode Tim! Hope to see more videos in future. Taking a lot to think about away from this as always.

  22. Jarvis, go HTML5! Just tried to read your web site from mobile and got… “This page requires Flash and can only be viewed on my full website. Please click here to view it.”

  23. Hi Tim,

    great show, although i got the idea, that those chairs were less comfortable than the sofa you sat on with Kevin Rose way back in his foundation-series.

    You quoted “Specialization is for insects!” as writen by Asimov. It´s actually written by Heinlein, as i know you know, because you took that quote earlier, don´t remember in which context. I´m a great fan of Heinlein, especially the books and stories featuring Lazarus as one of the main characters.

    Keep up with it, its entertaining and insightfull, which isn´t often the case with other people.


    Thomas Hansen

    1. Thanks Thomas! After listening to the show I spent far too long looking for more information on Asimov and the competent man until I happened to see your comment. (And for anyone else in my shoes it’s from Heinlein’s novel Time Enough for Love.)

  24. Nice interview! $500 for a photograph must have felt good. I sold one of my websites for double that amount but the problem is it never happened again.

    The great thing about people like Chase is that they found something they are passionate about and pursued it relentlessly. But this is where the problem for most people, including myself, lies. How do you determine what you are so madly passionate about that you can devote your entire life to?

    1. I’d break your last question into two parts:

      “How do you determine what you are so madly passionate about…”

      TIM: Try a ton of different things.

      “…that you can devote your entire life to?”

      TIM: You don’t have to make this decision in advance. Focus on what excites you and gets you amped. Then take it one day at a time if needed. Or commit to a trial test, as I did with the podcast. I said to myself, “I don’t know if I’ll like doing this, but I’ll commit to 6 episodes,” and that’s what I did to test the waters.

      Hope that helps!


    2. Kush check out a book called “refuse to choose” about polymaths or she calls them scanners. If you like lots of variety in your life versus going a mile deep on a few skills, this book will provide you a lot of insights.

  25. I’m a high school dropout. I hated the rat race, never liked being told what to do. Created a 6-figure business online before reading 4HWW. I still spend a lot of time online & can’t automate what I do. How do you determine if a business can be automated or not?

  26. Loving your podcasts! Saw Chase Jarvis chat with Ramit Sethi, and was excited to see he was your guest! Great stuff- please keep it coming.

  27. Fabuless, encouraging,intataning and much more! Thank you Tim and all your guests. Impatient for more!

  28. Tim,

    I’m curious that you mentioned Vipassana meditation.

    I just came back from a 10-day course here in Japan and have had some pretty amazing effects.

    It also related to entrepreneurialism like crazy. They emphasized practice and hard work over intellectual masterbation.

    Great thing about the course is it teaches you in a Stoic way- little amounts of plain food, low bed, nothing but the clothes on your back. Reminded me of going to to sea in the Navy.

    I’m curious if you tried this technique or only read about it?

  29. Hi Tim, absolutely loving these Podcasts – I was a big fan of the Random show so it’s great to hear more from you on your own show!

    Quick question, I’m speaking at the UK Podcasters conference in August, and I’m covering a non-techie guide to great audio. I’d love to get some sub-2min soundbytes of prominent podcasters, just to show the different setups that are used around the web.

    Is there any chance you would be up for recording a 2 min summary of how you do this show? It’ll go out to 100+ aspiring podcasters at the conference, helping them along the road to getting their voice out there, and should introduce them to your podcast at the same time. I’d hope to get you a good chunk of new listeners, not that you really need the help!

    Anyway, long shot I know, but, as the say, if you don’t ask…


    PS. Rocking my new WPainter shades from Quarterly in the rare Scottish sun today – cheers! 🙂

  30. Appreciate the transcripts. The word, “deaf” is preferred meanwhile the terms, “hearing impaired” have a negative connotation.

  31. Tim,

    Thanks so much for doing these podcasts. Doing the podcasts makes your work very real and very relevant. It is awesome that you’ve interviewed some people that I already learned lot’s from and admired, but then you present new people that I’ve never heard of. Please keep up all aspects of the podcast! The short ones, the long ones, the videos.

    This particular podcast has been my favorite this far because I had never heard of Chase and I really liked what you guys were talking about regarding meditation and zone states.



  32. I’ve really been enjoying listening to the shows. Sooo nourishing for my creative entrepreneurial brain! I’m ever grateful. And so happy to hear that meditation has made an appearance in more than one episode. It’s been exponentially helpful for me. Quick q- what was the product (herb, supplement maybe?) you referenced in passing for shoulder/knee rehab? Thanks again for sharing!

    1. For joints/tendons/ligaments, he has previously recommended:

      1. Cissus quadrangularis.

      2. MSM.

      They did wonders for me – and cissus is also remarkable for fat-loss properties.

  33. Absolutely loved the interview Tim! However, i have to say that the interviews by Chase has more soul to it and more take-aways. I dont know exactly how, but am trying to be very honest. I dont want to be the moron here, so please forgive me. Honestly speaking…its awesome to see 2 such big guns getting candid about their past to future. I listen to this interview everytime i drive 🙂 Thanks a ton dude!

  34. Usually so inspiring Tim, but the military apparel a huge disappointment.Not something to be proud of. Lost many integrity points for me, so sorry to say. Here in Australia we know there’s nothing cool/glamourous/attractive/ about army but we try to give the US a fair go despite their various toxic fixations in this area. Had always considered you more sophisticated than this..hope this constructive feedback reminds you of your responsibilities re: your influence as a public figure. Thanks for all your great work however.

  35. Amazing interview! You can tell a lot of the people you’ve interviewed really respect your work as well. I’m curious to hear your approach to how you stopped drinking caffeine.

  36. Loved. Listened while doing an epic run & so inspired that wove it into my latest bi-weekly blog post for I am a polymath, not a dilettante!! Awesomeness. Thank you.

  37. Hi TIm, I love this podcast and all of your podcasts! I was wondering if you recommend a brand for Cissus quadrangularis…been having some knee pain and would like to know which brand you would recommend. Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!!

  38. Tim you mentioned in this podcast (or may be another) a book or post that listed LOTS (thousand?) business models.. Is it the book Business Model Generation? Best

  39. I was SO waiting for Chase Jarvis episode.. ^_^ He’s an inspiration. It’s great to see the video podcast. Thank you for this, Tim. 🙂

  40. Regarding water requirements, this is from the Mayo Clinic: “Although the “8 by 8″ rule isn’t supported by hard evidence, it remains popular because it’s easy to remember.” Otherwise, I liked it. Thanks.

  41. It’s May 2016. I’ve just finished listening to this podcast on my commute to work. I have to say that I love this podcast as a whole, and I loved this episode in particular. I’ve been watching Chase’s podcast on Youtube. Great quality, great lessons. I love learning about everything, actually, so these types of podcasts are the best. Thank you for producing them.

    And they are fun too!

  42. One of my favorite podcasts! So much fun banter. Two questions: 1. How is meditation different from exercise? If I can’t find time to do both, will a long run give me the same “slow-mo” clarity that Chase raves about? 2. Tim, why is audio your preferred format? (Does it allow you to follow your notes and formulate deeper questions?) Of course, now you’re a pro, but advice for someone just getting their feet wet?

  43. ¿Porque no implementar subtítulos en español para tus nuevos podcasts vídeos?


    Pura vida

  44. Thanks for the content ! Just watched this in 2020! I loved hearing about the making of creative live, as I am myself using it as an entrepreneur. I wish it had dig a little deeper on the business model part when you guys spoke about it! How the heck do you get top guys to fly over to your studio to prepare and record a course ? Is it a lump sum payment, commission on sales or both ? Then, with the new « all you can eat » streaming subscribtion, how do you pay the courses makers from here ?