Random Show Episode 13 – Kevin and Tim on Trampolines, Apps, and A**holes

12? 13? Our ability to remember episode numbers: negligible.

Kevin’s ability to kick my ass on trampolines: priceless. (Kevin left out the fact that he grew up with one. Trixy.)

Join us at House of Air, which features dozens of trampolines at different angles, including the “Matrix” room. There is a fair amount of cursing in the video. If you have sensitive ears: earmuffs…


Some viewers might have trouble viewing this with iPhones/iPads. Bonus points to anyone who figures out the reason(s). In the meantime, the Vimeo version is fine on iPhones. Sorry about the wonky audio. We decided to try boom vs. lav mics for a change of pace.

For the fellow Slaine fans out there, here’s a treat:


Odds and Ends: Sonos Winner!

The winner of the Sonos ZonePlayer and Klipsch speakers giveaway is Allen of Unfubared. This was a comment/tips competition on the post How to Travel 12 Countries with No Baggage Whatsoever. Congrats, Allen, and thanks for the great travel recommendations that cinched the deal. Keep an eye on your inbox.

There were dozens of fantastic comments, and it was very hard to choose just one, hence the delay in posting the winner. Honorable mentions also go to Mike Burngasser (survivalist approach), Heather Waibel (light-weight packing for women) or Craig Tobin (traveling light with kids in tow).

Thanks to all who commented!


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71 Replies to “Random Show Episode 13 – Kevin and Tim on Trampolines, Apps, and A**holes”

  1. Watching it right now! I’m always excited to see you and Kevin go at it.. err, I mean, conversing in these Random episodes 🙂

  2. Hi Tim,

    Next time you’re in Paris (even if it’s just 12 hours), drop me a line and I’ll give you a Secrets of Paris tour!

    Regards from the City of Light,


  3. Tim,

    You wanted to be a comic artist?! You just went up two cool levels in my book. I’m a comic book artist, still in my first few years of working professionally. I write, pencil, ink, and color all my own work. I graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning in 2006. Since first reading 4HWW I have struggled with the concept of automating the process of comic book creation, doesn’t really work in this case. So I’m in the middle of taking my talent and expertise to developing a web comic publishing site as well as a “How To Make Webcomics” informational DVD. Honestly if it wasn’t for the 4HWW I probably never would have thought to do anything more than just keep pencilling away for a steady page rate.

    I’d love to know more about your artistic interests. Did you ever pencil anything or show your pencils at conventions?

    If you ever need a comic artist for anything (chapter breaks in a book Neil Strauss style, blog posts, gifts for friends, etc) I’m your man. My e-mail is [removed for privacy and bot avoidance]. Send me a quick e-mail and I’ll send you some samples of stuff I’m currently working on. Don’t worry, I’ve read your book a couple times and I assure you I won’t harass you with time wasting e-mails. haha.


  4. Working on iPhone via Vimeo. Link:

    Wish you guys had hit the angled trampolines too, fun seeing Tim out of his element on the jumpers a little, looked a little timid there buddy!

    Another great, insightful episode.

    Will be buying 4 Hr Body and Tucker Max books for many people thus Xmas!

    Tim, any ideas on international bestseller lists? Happy to buy any format you recommend, but via Amazon UK.

  5. Flaaash. Where’s my bonus? XD

    Hey, Kevin, now I’m curious. What’s your belief system like? I’m obsessed with belief systems, and I want to know what you think of life, death, god, purpose and whatnot.


  6. It’s not working on my HTC EVO either (the mobile YouTube app anyway, I can watch it in my browser but it’s slow.) I’m guessing you don’t have the box checked that allows mobile viewing. It’s located in the same place that you can enable/disable comments and other options like that. Check that box and you should be golden.

  7. One more thing. When are you going to upgrade to WordPress 3.X? I subscribed to the comments once via email and… Never again! Lol It’s easy to go back to a post and see if you replied. It’s hard to figure out if anyone else replied to you. Threaded comments would be SWEET. That is all. 🙂

    1. Thanks, man. I’m on 3.X, but my theme is jacking stuff up. I’ll be working on it. Appreciate the reminder!

  8. Great show today guys. Love the ideas of some of the startups you guys mentioned and the House of Air looks amazing. Wish we had something like that here.

  9. Nice to see a less censored Tim lately.

    Wanted to respond to your mention of percentages on the kindle. If you are self published like I am, it is 70% but strangely enough amazon doesn’t tell you that, and most self published books are placed at a default 35%.

    I have three books on the kindle and am moving to the ipad and other digital stores but since Amazon has 60% of the digital market this is the place you want to start if you are self publishing. (It is stupid easy btw)

    Currently not making a ridiculous amount of money but enough to be living quite well in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Thanks Tim wouldn’t be here without your work.

  10. keep on keeping on boys.

    You inspire me and thanks for the energy – a commodity rarely seen here in rural Hungary.

    There is one thing Tim – and it may be an American thing – we don’t know much about your personal life – it is neither here or there – but after all the information about you and your exploits there seems to be a gap. Just checking to see that you have someone looking after you apart from your mum – ha ha Sorry this sounds a bit weird. But hey that is why it is personal….

    Cheers from one of the groupies


  11. Guys –

    Loved the show.

    I’ve been subscribed to Ferriss’ blog (email comes from 4hourworkweek) … can’t remember for how long – but certainly well over a year ago. What I don’t get is: Why was ‘Discovering Kindness in the Storm’ – the same blog – emailed to me TWICE? Once on Sep 6 and second time Oct 2. Insult to injury — I received none – as in zero, zilch – on the Random Shows I saw Show 13 only because it was in my Inbox today. What happened to the rest — would love to have seen them, and the ones on travelling light.

    When published, at that instant, don’t you email the blog to your subscribers? Or are we expected to make random trips? Defeats the [purpose of subscription, doesn’t it?

  12. Tim, what’s with your full-on promotion of Max Tucker (second time in last three posts)?

    You don’t have to be a “marketing genius” to sell tales of sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, there’s always a market for that sort of thing.

    What’s been sold matters as much as how cleverly it’s being sold. I’m baffled that you’d lend your good name to the products of a guy who calls himself “a professional at humiliating and debasing people.” Oh, and he’s a hit on college campuses at a time when campus attacks on women are at an all-time high. Great company to keep.

  13. I’ve liked the Random show since the first episode, but it is somewhat ironic that a show you guys labeled “Random” follows such a regimented schedule now. Its like having spontaneous sex with your girlfriend every Thursday night after dinner at the steakhouse – fun at first, but soon becomes mundane and repetitive. I appreciated the spontaneity of the early episodes. Now it seems like you guys are rushing through a premeditated itinerary. Mix it up. Keep it fun.

  14. Hey Tim,

    Great episode, as always. I was wondering though, how does a company go about sponsoring an episode?




  15. I admire your objectivity. How you separated Tucker’s genius for marketing from the content of his book, in your blog. How Tucker Max Got Rejected by Publishing and Still Hit #1 New York Times.. (Just so you know, I’m a big, BIG fan of 4-Hour Work Week and your blogs.) But obviously the ardent, mutual admiration society that Max and you are a part of, coupled with your gung-ho promotion of his books disappoints me. It smacks of marketing of the worst kind: Of a sensationalist riding the coat tails of yet another sensationalist. (You could, of course, interpret it as success feeding on success.)

    Following the link in your blog, I read the Midget Story, and wished I never did. Until now I never perceived of you as being a person who would glorify and actively promote an A**hole way of living. Tsk, tsk, we live and learn.

    PS. I enjoyed the rest of Random Show 13 hugely.

  16. Next random episode content – Why Tim is wearing a neckbrace.

    Wish we had something like HoA in Pittsburgh.

  17. Hey, I’m passionately looking for the name of the music track in the end when Kevin is kicking Tim’s ass on the trampolines 😉 Jk… you know we love ya!

    PLEASE PLEASE “HELP” I must have it…


  18. Hi, Tim!

    I’m from Brazil and I really enjoyed your book. I help animals as a volunteer, paying for treatment, operation, supplies, and promoting adoptions. Unfortunatly, this is a third world country and it is very difficult to maintain this kind of work. That is why I am looking forward to build an ecobusiness or a pet-business here, so I can afford the costs that I have with the abandoned animals and with me myself. The problem is I don’t have any good ideas. Where can I find some suggestions?

    Thank you in advance e sorry for the inconvinient.

  19. Boom mics are great, when used with proper compressor settings. I’m no genius with audio equipment, but you might give it a try.

    If you get a minute, swing by my web site and let me know what I could change—from a marketer’s perspective…

  20. Thanks for a fun episode, gents.

    I look forward to reading the book Kevin recommended, No Death, No Fear. Like Stoicism, which Tim very ably introduced in earlier posts, Buddhism offers a rich assortment of methods for managing destructive thoughts and emotions. I’m glad Kevin has found some of these methods helpful.



  21. So that place is AWESOME! It’s kinda like my dream to have a huge room with mattresses from wall to wall. This place is goin on the travel list.

  22. Tim, what’s the best way to find work in a new city – I’ve been trying to move back closer to family in Seattle and even though I have 10 years of experience on Wall Street and great sales experience I get a lot of “you don’t have relevant sales experience in Seattle”

  23. It’s amazing how much “new” knowledge I pick up watching these. Thanks for sealing the deal on me wanting a new Kindle too. You guys are great!

    – Josh

  24. Thought I knew everything about Tim Ferriss, but did not know that you are a Punisher and Slaine fan. Very cool.

  25. Man I can’t believe you’re a Sláine fan dude! Very Celtic of you!

    Oh and I’ve never been sure of the pronunciation of his name but in Gaelic (I’m from Ireland) the á creates an “awww” sound so I’ve always pronounced it Slaw-in-yeh.

    Excellent choice in comics man 🙂

  26. What’s crazy is that I was just at house of air last a few days ago for my first time. I was meeting up with a friend from middle school at Crissy Fields for a BBQ. I haven’t seen him in over 15 years and thanks to facebook we found each other.

    Also I didn’t have a car in SF so I took the 28 MUNI which was another first for me in a long long time. I got off at the bridge, and a girl that worked at House of Air showed me where the BBQ was since she worked at HOA!

    P.S. I pre-ordered the 4-hour body on Kindle, and although it won’t matter to me, I like the shiny silver for the book front.

  27. Great episode!

    I will definitely look into Kevin’s book recommendation.

    Loved the music at the end. It’s originally called La Cumbia Cienaguera (Tim: try your Spanish with that!)


    Although this is a kind of techno version. Cumbia is a rhythm from Colombia.

  28. great show guys. to still a porn term POV (is that JUST a porn term) feel like i’m on the other side of the table paling around with krock + trock.

    kevin needs a person to speak about. felt tik(sp) is a little played out. was hoping for a little more esoteric mix. like bruce chatwin, anatomy of restlessness. viewers should dig into that stuff. great commentaries on nomadic cultures. even poses wall hangings are for the sedentary “dead”.

    thanks for posting! congrats on new book. kev congrats on new ceo. but didn’t u take the reigns via last post?

    sonos again? no one is lining up? we’ll do it.

  29. Good to see you fellas continuing to live life out here. I love it. I’m actually watching your and Leo’s Tea and Life Management video right now. Love the daily routine.

    Glad we got to chat at the Superman premier on Friday-thanks for the tix (I was the guy who came up late with his blonde wife and we talked about writing for ZenHabits). Been a while since we saw each other at the Berkshire meeting. I actually meant to mention some ideas for getting the word out for The Four Hour Body in an interview, on my blog and a few other spots. I am having dinner with Leo this sunday in SF and will see if anything creative comes to mind. Will send ideas to Amy.

    btw, just started a “get big” challenge based on your gain 34 lbs post and the Colorado Experiment. Brutal but exciting.

    To an awesome book launch,


  30. Feed me iPodable version please. Btw, friends and I have now designated you the new age intelligent man’s chuck norris. Hope your feelin that title.

    Stay Fly Tdawg,

    Young Buck

    1. Hahaha… hells, yes. Could not love the title more! Need to work on more chest hair if I’m to rival Chuck. That’s a high bar.


  31. I’d pull back on the Tucker Max. I think a lot of people will be interested by what you’ve said about him, go read some of his stuff, and be left thinking this guy is making the world a worse place. Not just joking about it (which can be hilarious). Maybe you have an overlapping audience, but I’m not really seeing it. Anyway, another great episode. I’m looking forward to the book and more Random!

  32. ‘Peace is every step’ was like therapy for me. It is an immensely powerful book that I’ve bought for friends over and over again. In a world so obsessed with achievement it is so easy to get caught up in an internals storm of self criticism and anger at ourselves and other people. Being present in the moment frees us from all of our crap. It gives life back it’s possibilities.

    You might also like Pema Chodron’s book ‘Start where you are: a guide to compassionate living’.

    In my old flat I had ‘When washing dishes, just wash dishes’ stenciled above my kitchen sink. Some people thought it was silly but remembering to just ‘be there’ is incredibly relaxing!

    Your a constant source of inspiration. Thank you x

  33. Bummer. Seems that Vimeo has joined the ranks of youtube, twitter, facebook, and others, out of reach beyond the Great Firewall of China. Sadly, videos don’t seem to work through the proxies.

    Enjoyed the show while I could watch it. Hope your next book title is, “The Four Minute Free Country”, hah!

  34. “Posted on February 4th, 2010” – is that right?

    know of any other meditation exercises to ‘live in the moment’, the only one i know of is the ‘rose’ from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

  35. what would be your first step/process if you wanted to ‘hack’ a different industry, one you are not experienced in? my guess from reading your previous posts, i.e. publishing, would be to contact people who have succeeded unconventionally, would that be it?…

  36. If you guys are ever in St. Louis check out a business called “Skyzone”. It is exactly like the place you visited….but you get to play dodge ball on the trampoline courts. I think Los Angeles has one as well.

    1. It didn’t get a strong response, so I pulled it off the homepage by redating it. I do that pretty often. I want visitors’ first exposure to my content to be as positive as possible.


  37. Had to laugh when Kevin made the comment about “ice cream delivery”!

    I own a business in Madison,WI that specializes in doing just that for college students at UW-Madison. Kevin, would love to have you jump on board as an investor and help us bring our great service to other college campuses.

  38. Hi Tim,

    as always, I love the Random Show. I keep watching expecting that one day you guys will let me down but happily that has not yet been the case. :o)

    It would be cool if you posted the links to the books that you mentioned. -You usually do I think..

    I am with Kevin on the new Kindle, I love it. And as an author you should too because the impulse purchase potential is awesome. As I was watching The Random Show on the TV in my lounge I was searching for 4 hour body on the kindle… 1-click buy! -Unfortunately it is not in the kindle store yet.

    Take care guys and have fun!