Random Episode 8 – 2010 Resolutions with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

This new, long overdue Random episode covers our personal resolutions–personal, business, physical, and otherwise–as well as favorite recent gifts (both given and received).

The video is recorded on two cameras, including Glenn’s new experimental HD delight. Topics include:

  • Chocolate
  • Powerlifting
  • Filtering false friends
  • Funny hats
  • The art of the decline

    … and naked ladies.

Best to give the video 10-20 minutes to buffer before watching. It’s a big ‘un.

Please let us know in the comments what you’d like our next show topic to be! If you missed previous episodes, all of them can be found here.

Here are the links to resources mentioned in the video, provided courtesy of reader DynastyDC. Thanks, D! …


  1. Big House Red 2006: http://www.wine.com/V6/Big-House-Red-2006/wine/95766/detail.aspx


  1. Scharffen Berger: http://www.scharffenberger.com/

  2. Organic Chocolate Products: http://www.altereco-usa.com/main.php

  3. Facts about Theobromine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theobromine

Random Subjects

  1. Gerard Trap Bar: http://www.trapbartraining.com/

  2. Security Now, Vitamin D Story with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte: http://twit.tv/sn209

  3. Info about Maker’s Expo, also known as “Maker Faire Bay”: http://makezine.com/makerfaire/press/bayarea/2009/auditions/

  4. MakeZine: http://www.makezine.com/

  5. Vitamin D: http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/

  6. Aspen Global Leadership Network: http://www.aspeninstitute.org/leadership-programs

  7. Recipes to prevent cancer, cool book recommendation: http://www.therapeuticchef.com/book/

Tim’s Top X-Mas Gifts:

  1. Neat Corduroy Pants: http://www.cordarounds.com/catalog/

  2. Terra Plana Shoes (Dharma) : http://www.terraplana.com/dharma-p-1036.html?colour=246

Kevin’s Top X-Mas Gifts:

  1. Fitbit: http://www.fitbit.com/

  2. Sonos S5: http://www.sonos.com/whattobuy/zoneplayers/s5/default.aspx

Tim’s Gear:

  1. Datsusara MMA Bag PB-01: https://www.dsgear.com/collections/bags

Tim’s gifts to Kevin

  1. Tim mentions, Perfect Pull-Up product: http://www.perfectonline.com/store/index.php/products/perfect-pullup.html

  2. Alcohol Breathalyzer (HD-Safe Drive Deluxe): http://www.craigmedical.com/Alco_SafeMate.htm

Tim’s gifts to Glenn

  1. Fodor’s Argentina, 5th Edition: http://www.amazon.com/Fodors-Argentina-5th-Gold-Guides/dp/1400019648

  2. Daniel Tosh CD “True Stories I Made Up”,comedian: http://www.danieltosh.com/store

    Glenn’s Camera

  3. Canon 5D Mark ll Digital SLR: http://tiny.cc/N6JDu


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355 Replies to “Random Episode 8 – 2010 Resolutions with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss”

  1. Hi Tim,

    You are the hero. You made it. Your book, your investments (facebook…)How crazy do you have to be, to be so successfull?


    a German fan

  2. I would like to follow up on some of the footnotes that refer to the blog. I find it impossible. eg p 41 note 6. Followup of the sale of brainQuicken and why you originally thought it was impossible to sell yet (I guess) you found your assumptions wrong and found a way to sell it. ???????

  3. tim, have you heard of the great art critic and social reformer ‘john ruskin’, he said the industrial revolution was very bad, as ‘over division of labour’ results in boredom……

    I am unsure, I think different people just like different things, like the great philosopher Karl Popper has pointed out….

    Perhaps you could write an aritcle for ‘philosophy now’ magazine ( google it ), tell the editor, rick lewis, I sent you….

    all the best


    going to buy your book, on the basis that 20% of it, will be worth the 80% of the rest…..

  4. Hey Tim! Just picked up the expanded and updated version of your book and haven’t put it down all day… Super inspiring!! I’m looking forward to taking action immediately!

  5. Hey Tim,

    This question doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I wasn’t quite sure where to ask it. Do you any suggested reading regarding brand equity? Books, papers, etc. Thanks.



  6. Hey Tim

    I love these random episodes. Keep ’em coming.

    I wanted to mention that last year here in SF I attended the Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason (http://www.sfchocolatesalon.com/). It was awesome. Not a formal “tasting” but more of a self-guided sampling. I was out of commission for the rest of the day following the crash, but it was worth it. Seems like it might hit the spot for Kevin.

    Also, I LOVE the 5D Mark II. It’s high on my wishlist, as my boyfriend is a photographer and has had one for a while. I’m done drooling over it. I have to get some generous friends like you guys to buy me one. Lucky Glen!

    Thanks for the fun episode!


  7. @Abbey: you shouldn’t have send that link .. not when I have no chocolate at home 🙂

    Speaking of sweets, I would find it interesting to read more about tooth soap and how / why it is better than off-the-shelf tooth pastes.

    I’m going to compile a post with information I can find on the net, but it would be interesting to read what professionals say about this. I might contact some myself …

  8. Tim!

    Could you work on an inspiring entry for new grads or just for getting off your ass in tougher economic times…I’m going back to school to finish my degree and the job market is bleak. i’m wondering why i’m even doing this but I’ve got three years under the belt already. I vibe with the four hour work week principles and have been dreamlining, started eliminating but it’s like I’ve hit the runner’s wall…wtf? can you provide any help?

  9. I have replaced my facebook photo with a pic of your book to encourage my friends and anyone who sees it on facebook to read your superb book !

    You, yourself, may enjoy reading ‘the outsider’ by colin wilson, an interesting philosopher who I once met at a debate.

  10. Nice vid guys. Quick question for Tim – you mention that you need to take Vitamin A when supplementing with Vitamin D, why and how much? I recently started supplementing with D and dont want to be doing anything harmful.

  11. Great video! I just recently purchased your book and am about halfway through – I have enjoyed it tremendously. Found many great ways to reduce my “business owner hours” Thank you!

  12. Dear Tim & Kevin, your random episodes are absolutely great ! Practically everything you post is highly valuable. I saw one of your posts on Yerba Mate, i could not believe that this tea could help me kick my coffee addiction from the very first try ! thank you so much ! I could not do anything about it for years and then boom comes your video 🙂 and that is just a tiny example of how your blog and your book changed and continues to change my life ! God bless you for that ! 🙂

    Please, continue with random episodes whenever you can ! you are doing a great thing !

    I had a question: You mentioned training in Kendo in Japan (is there a video of that :)? could you suggest a place there ? going to Japan is a nr 1 thing I want to do and Kendo has been a dream for years…

    do they train girls there ?

    Thanks a lot in advance ! 😉


    1. Hi Kristine,

      Congrats on kicking the coffee habit! My favorite kendo school in Tokyo is the Kyumei Kan Kendo school. I’m sure Google can find it 🙂



  13. When you started posting these episodes I was like

    “Why Tim wasting everyone’s time with these videos? I need to no more about how to make $100,000 a month with my muse.”

    Now I’m addicted to the show. It’s so simple but its awesome! Can’t wait for the next one.

  14. Hi Tim,

    Is there an audio version of the book ( updated version ) ? I read it but I want to go trough it again, audio style :). Thanks.

  15. Fight Club has lots to do with some things Tim talks about: pratical philosophy, enjoying life and embracing dead, expecting the worst, not caring about what people think, questioning reality…

    And Tim Ferriss is hotter than Tyler Durden*.












    *I hope I get a free copy of the new 4HWW.

  16. I have been doing dark chocolate tastings professionally since 2002. If you’re interested, contact me. Elizabeth Marshall turned me on to you, Tim. Looks like you’re doing great stuff.

    David Siegel

  17. @Gustavo Then for crying out loud, I need to get with the program and watch Fight Club. In general, it just sounds like a kick-ass movie.

    Lol, I’ve missed out…

  18. Tim,

    I would like to ask a question; do you have any recommendations about recovering from DOMS?


    PS: Love the book very inspiring.

  19. Since reading your book I have proposed to my girlfriend ( she accepted ), started tango lessons and purchased an exercise bike. Your book has totally changed my life.

    Thanks so very very much for sharing the secrets of success.

  20. Glad to see someone else drinking Big Red House wine. I may have missed something, but what is the new book you are finishing about.

  21. I am 50, have 7 children, 5 are grown.

    Just started reading 4hww because I am making a huge move this year to Mexico–very nervous, because this has been my dream. Am devouring your book. Getting lots of great ideas, and finding lots of ways to debunk all my fears.

    Thank you for that. Keep up the great work and thank God that you did not discover semi-retirement at age 50!!!Enjoy the rest of your life!

  22. Here it is Feb. 6th and I’m holding steady on my resolutions. The hardest has been the 700 words….. Why didn’t I make a resolution to eat more chocolate?

  23. Not that 189 comments aren’t plenty sufficient, but since I loved the post so much I thought I’d at least let you! 2 GIANT takeaways for me in this one:

    1) Give as much focus to appreciation as to achievement–way to keep it real. It’ll never get better than today.

    2) Take the pressure off and just tell stories–It’s infinitely easier to psych yourself into slopping out 2 pages of crap a day, than to have to gear up for perfection every time you touch the keyboard.

    Very liberating Tim, thanks brotha.

    Next Webisode?

    Sex sells, why not sex it up a little? 🙂 haha seriously though, maybe some funny dating stories, lessons learned, a suggestion or two, whatever. Just one more look at the human side…Might be an interesting little break from the norm…

  24. Great resolutions guys!

    Mine is to simply turn 30 in Paris with my sister. Which also happens to be Bastille Day, very cool!

    Though, I have now considered adding a chocolate tour while I am there!

    Your book and website inspires me everyday.

    I hope that it will turn into a mini-retirement, instead of a vacation.



  25. Accomplishment without reflection is like traveling around the world but only staying in the airport: constant movement, but no experience.

    Go catch those dreams, Tim!

  26. Tim,

    (I tried posting this comment a few days ago and it seems as though you aren’t approving it. Even if you don’t approve this comment please set aside some time and watch the two documentaries.)

    Be warned: Watching these two documentaries is the equivalent of taking the “red pill.”

    “Fall of the Republic”

    “The Obama Deception”

    Alex Jones can be found at infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv

    I implore you to watch these two documentaries in their entirety. Tell all your friends about Alex Jones and his documentaries, spread the word!

  27. Powerlifting?


    Can you post on the topic of Yoga? Expand your readership. My yogi friends aren’t into your 4 hours…however; indefinitely more receptive with a brief Yoga mention. I know you’ve tried it, whether you practice or not doesn’t matter much! Thanks xo

  28. Timmmm, this is the second “Random” vid I’ve watched, liking them more and more. Actually started reading your book when I was like 18–finished it in like a week, went depressed without more content–pursued everything I”m good at (hardest part is deciding what to dooo) and now I”m finished up school.

    Anyway, the chocolate part was super cool, please try (juuust try it) XE by a distributor company called Xocai (I’ve recently signed up with them and am normally SUPER SKEPTICAL about a distributor-marketing company, but have done my research and needless to say, very impressed with their chocolate). XE is their energy drink but it has ingredients you tote all day so thought you might enjoy.

    Also, I recommend your book to everybody and their mother–it’s fantastic. I guess, would you (and Kevin) maybe do your next RE (Random Episode) on how you chose what to do first? Follow the passion? Follow the bills? Followed wherever the road took you?

    Thanks 🙂

  29. Hey Tim,

    I hope you visited some Cape wineries and sampled some good wine. I visited Cape Town some 3 years ago, it was pretty cool. had a road trip from Pretoria to Cape Town through the Karoo desert. They have some of the best food on earth at the little tiny village shops along the way. Just curious, did you do a township tour while there?

  30. Good vid.

    I’m really into personal metrics and lifestyle management. As a future topic, I’d be interested in hearing how you handle your personal life metrics. You might have written about that, if so I must have missed it.

    How you measure all your stats/metrics on a personal/physical level to then make informed decision and reach tangible goals. Whether it be using tools like Fitbit, DailyBurn etc. It’d be interesting to hear.

    I’d also love a topic on swords as well, +1. How long did you train in Kendo?


  31. Tim, I just got a copy of your book on Thursday and I’m hooked. I have been so stressed out lately. My business has grown to where I can no longer handle it and my 9-5 job. I’ve really been struggling to manage both and it has started to take a toll on my physically and mentally. Things had gotten so bad last week that I actually went to see a therapist! At the end of my first session, as I was about to walk out the door, he handed me a copy of your book. OMG! It was just what I needed. It’s exactly what I’ve been thinking for some time now but I thought I was the only ‘wacko’ (at least that’s how everyone around me seems to think of me because I don’t ‘conform’ to the company ‘norm’).

    For two years now I’ve been able to complete my 9-5 work in about 2 hours, and I felt so guilty for having so much free time. I’ve even asked for extra work, but got nothing! I’ve tried to figure out how to work remotely, but my boss is totally against it so I know I’m going to have to leave eventually. But your book gave me some great ideas.

    1) At lunch today I picked up an air card that allows me to connect to my own server “outside the company network” even when I’m at work. Now I can do something productive with my own business with all of my spare time at work, and nobody has to know!

    2) While my company frowns on employees working remotely, and frowns on flexible hours (at least when it comes to coming in late), they do NOT frown on coming in EARLY and leaving early. So I’ve started coming in at 6 and leaving at 2 or 3 (my boss doesn’t get her until 9 or 9:30) so I have plenty of “unsupervised” time in the mornings to do as I please.

    3) I’m working on my dream line and I’m working on the time line for my exit from the 9-5 world in the very near future. I’ve just finished several projects that are going to get rid of a little debt that I have and then I’m ready to break free!

    Thanks so much for living your dream and sharing your techniques with the rest of us! I’ll be following your blog!

  32. The one tip which has become a resolution (of sorts) came from one of Tim’s blogs about time management – the NOT TO dos rather than to dos. These have helped shape what I can do by me just thinking “what is really unneccessary and not that important?” Then I can excecute on the important stuff.

  33. Tim obviously knows his lifting. As a fellow Olympic Lifter thank you for distinguishing from Olympic lifts to power lifts.

  34. Hi Tim – Enjoyable vid. Healthy Hedonism is my philosophy! I’m eating whatever the hell I want on Saturdays, exercising and eating well the other 6 days…so, does my plateau mean I’ve got too much stress and drink too much wine during the week? Crap. I know the answer, alright, alright…

    Candor – Transparent communication rocks! How’s it going for you so far this year?

    I’d really like to be a catalyst for transparent discussions regarding female sexuality specifically opening a world-wide acknowledgement and appreciation of female ejaculation. Australia recently moved to ban fejac…I’m not kidding Tim. Any suggestions on how to spread the word of female goodness in fluidity? I co-blog, I’m trying to get more articles published in a local newspaper, what else?

    Okay, also am finishing my first kids’ book. I need to find a Japanese illustrator to help me tweak the Japanes-esque illustrations, then I’ll go to Tokyo and Sapporo to read to some JHS students. Do you have any cool contacts for marketing my book in Japan or getting it into the schools as an English reader?

    I’m not trying to be your fake friend! Just would like some help with contacts if you are willing. Of course, if you are Calgary, AB, I will take you for a Kettle One martini with a twist to say arigato!

    Best, loving, and ever-sexy regards,


  35. Hey Tim, you mentioned that you’ve been having issues dealing with the “fake friends” in your life. This is a problem I’ve had to deal with as well. My mentor recommended a book to me called Boundaries. It is a christian book, and written by two pastors, don’t let that scare you as the book is filled with non religious/spiritual content. I am not religious and still found the book the be a great resource and guide for me.

    Here’s the book


    I hope it helps you as it helped me.


  36. These Random shows are awesome. Keep it up! I learn all kinds of crazy things, and inspiration to do them.

    I have one sort of strange question 😛 – did you have any sizing issues with your Dharma shoe? I ordered a pair and received them, but were actually a bit big so I am having to exhange for a smaller size. I did order a size larger than expected, going by the recommendation of several reviews of the shoe, but perhaps they adjusted that in their latest model.

  37. Tim!

    Currently living in Charleston, SC…My 6 month goal is to be livin’ in the Bay area~ near the fam! I’ve got an interview in 2 weeks!

    Hmmm and my famous person to make contact w/ is you…onto the next step…this is gonna take some serious outsourcing!!?… You’re great!

    Happy V-day


  38. Tim,

    You mention that commenting is the best way to contact you (and I guess a good way to contact the blog readers).

    I thought you and many of your readers might be interested in a synchronised Global Barefoot Marathon. I am running my first marathon, and thought it might be nice to share the spirit of running with the world.

    A page is here http://ckmurray.blogspot.com/2010/02/global-barefoot-marathon.html and there is a Facebook event page if you search for it (links don’t seem to work so well).

    In any case, I’ll be there, running, just for the fun of it.

  39. Tim, really 500 pound dead lift? What about a 5 minute routine on aerial tissu? If you are brave and willing to be challenged physically and mentally (and a bit emotionally) I would happily give you a a few lessons on aerial tissu in my studio in Berkeley (adjacent to the old Sharfenberger home). You can bring your tango experience and put it in the air. I posted this to see if you guys read this as well so I will check in a week to see if you do. Value of the offer, $90 per hour x as many times as it takes to create a 5 minute routine, experience of flying through the air= priceless.

  40. This might be the longest time without a post I’ve seen in years.

    Did California break off into the ocean as a result of an earthquake as predicted by Bill Hick and sung about by Maynard James Keenan? I’m going to search for Google news stories on “Arizona Bay.” 😉

  41. Tim, these videos are great. I also want to thank you for inspiring me to create my own 4-hour workweek (I suppose it’s a little longer) and giving me the courage to get of my arse and develop my own on-line presence for small business owners. Thank you for going against the grain.

    When does the next NEW book come out? Is there anything in the works?

    -Joshua Black

  42. Tim, 4HWW readers, et al,

    I’ve been a fan of 4HWW since 2007, I must have single handedly been responsible for 20 subsequent sales to friends and family members since.

    One issue I always had with the concepts in 4HWW was that it focuses on retail examples. The problem there is I run service businesses. I’ve been outsourcing for years, I run a web/software development company, the service industry in my experience cannot be outsourced the same way the many models provided can i.e. retail. Does the new 4HWW book tackle this angle?

    Secondly with the recession, I’ve found that a) local talent is much less expensive, b) with the rise in popularity of offshore workers, they have become more expensive (although that may already be on the decline as a result of the global economy), c) in general the communication quality and cultural comprehension that can be found in local workers is such that, it’s less efficient & more problematic to hire offshore then local.

    Tim or anyone else, do you see any relevance in the issues noted above? Does it make the 4HWW any less useful or applicable?

    I’ll take my response off the air…


    1. Hi Thomas,

      Good points all. Thanks for the comment.. and spreading the word!

      1) The new version does address more service examples.

      2) If it makes more sense, logistically or financially, I always hire local. Most of my assistants are US-based at the moment, though my main exec VA is on an island in Canada 🙂



  43. The main thing I got from the book is ‘focus’, I now say to myself ‘is this a waste of time’ before doing things which saves me heaps of time, the book has paid for itself soooo much, many, many times over.

    I tried that Anthony Robbins stuff years ago but it is too much about goals etc., the simple answer is do less but make sure what you do is the important stuff.

    That and the power of delegation 🙂


    listening to bbc radio 3 composer of the week – be bop episode, so decided ok to post this comment, in time wise 🙂

  44. tim

    You may like these links, tor does lots of travelling, on an rv or yacht, he cuts costs by living on them by not having much stuff, a trick he learned years ago.

    He seems to stop and start work as opposed to having passive incomes streams


    Also, this is tom h, he wrote a book called ‘how to be idle’ and lives in the country, writing books, newspaper articles etc.


    And finally, this is an essay by a famous british philosopher who says people should work less, bit dated but fun.


  45. Good fun, gentlemen.

    Thanks for introducing me to Kevin Rose. Have both of you on RSS feed now, and looking forward to more great stuff to come.


  46. No offense Tim, but you allowed a comment from an Alex Jones conspiracy fanatic but you didn’t approve my comment on polyphasic sleep? Seriously?

    Why don’t you add a cautionary note above the comment area that not all comments will be approved so people stop wasting their time….

  47. Hi Tim,

    I just saw that we are connected through Stumble, but not through Twitter yet. I saw on your Stumble profile, that you are an angel investor.

    Maybe you are interested to connect with me & to talk about my project…

    I’m looking forward to hear from you.

    Many greetings & all the best


  48. Am not directly impressed or touched by the audio/video; why are you posting this kind of chitchat? Especially on the New Year resolutions; why would that matter? For me the setting and way presented was a bit to ‘searched’ for, not natural enough, a tiny bit too much hee look at us, doing cool, knowing much… just a flavor that was seen through my eyes in this episode

    It is also too long, 40 minutes… is it not dense enough (maybe you were practising the ‘lighten’ up resolution 🙂 in that case, sharpen a bit (just a one person opinion of course) 🙂

  49. Hi Tim,

    Cool! I found myself blissfully unprepared to make 2010 resolutions and on an impulse simply decided I’d start working at 6:30 every week-day (Okay, in my pajamas in bed, but still…) and it’s made a huge difference. Something about framing a resolution in the additive versus negative.

    For what it’s worth,


  50. I couldn’t find your chair at two bed bath and beyonds on east coast. Is there a label or name on it?

    Thanks in advance,


  51. Hi Tim,

    Just watch a video of you at the TED… you talked about

    how you learn swimming using the “streamline” method which

    is really awesome!

    Thanks for the great tip…

    i gonna love swimming from now on…

    God Bless

  52. Hey, Tim, reading your book now. Gives me lots of inspiration and ideas. By the way, if you wanna learn Russian from a native speaker (actually I’m a translator), and I saw the pics, you’re experimenting with it, drop me a line, we can talk over Skype.

  53. Tim,

    This is kind of random–but hey, that’s your style, right?

    Look, I’m a big wine guy–from Cali. I love wine. But I’ve been in Southeast Asia over a year and a half and I’m going nuts. I know you spent a lot of time in Thailand, not to mention much of greater Asia–can you reccommend any decent wines from the area? Something not too highly-priced.

    I hear there are actually some good wines coming out of here now. They’ve got sub-climes that can’t be found anywhere in the world and unique growing practices that are absolutely revolutionary. I hear they can pull multiple harvests in a year and one winery even has a system where they grow the graps floating in water like cranberries! No one does this elsewhere as far as I know.

    Also, lots of European settlers have brought their practices over.

    Couple that with the rising popularity of spicy Asian foods around the world, and some deeply buried rumours I’ve heard is that Asian wines will see there day and that there are some good Thai wines out there yet to be discovered. I’m even thinking of exploring opportunities in the industry, but anyways…

    All that said, everything I tasted has been s*** and I don’t even know where to start. Help me out if you can, Man. The beer is nothing to write home about either, and I’m sorely missing my wines. Recommendations? Tim, anyone?

    Thanks in advance 😉


  54. Hi Tim,

    I’ve just finished reading almost all of the books introduced in 4HWW and some of the books in this blog. Comaford’s ‘becoming Geisha’ episode was hilarious(Rules For Renegades.)

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and I am looking forward to next post.


  55. When is the next blog post?

    When is “Superhuman” coming out?

    Where in the world is Tim Ferriss?

    When will I stop question everything in your book and actually do it????!

  56. When is the next blog post?

    When is “Superhuman” coming out?

    Where in the world is Tim Ferriss?

    When will I stop questioning everything in your book and actually do it????!

    1. Thanks so much for the offer, Akon! Please just live well and tell your friends how you do it — that’s the most I could ask for. You guys are awesome and have done so much already in the last few months.

      Hope to bump into you (and all of you) some day in 2010.

      All the best from SF,


  57. Hi all (and Tim or course),

    Okay, just read the book and LOVED IT. One problem… I am a first grade teacher!!! Education is not really the industry bringing in the serious cash flow. Shocking right?! Anyone have any amazing ideas or tips on how a teacher could live the four hour work week?!?!?! am racking my brain…and nothing!


    Hi Tim,

    I am a French engineer and in a few weeks I will quit my job because I no longer want to work so much. I had hard health problem due to every day’s life stress. I cured myself naturally, thanks to food and plants. So now I want know to find another job and enjoy life.

    I am fond of nature, animals, do-it-yourself… and in fact starts being fed up of the consumer society.

    One day a friend spoke about your book (I never read it).

    So let me make one wish : did you ever thought of patronage ? 🙂

    I don’t need much money as everything that is, let’s say, close to nature does not cost much.

    1000 Euros par month would be ok (=1.356,22 USD).

    I you are ok I can give you my PayPal account and you will be able so send to me money if you want ! 😀

    In French we say : “Hope makes you live”

    Carpe Diem

    PS : My (postal) address :

    Julien WERNETTE

    37 avenue LACASSAGNE

    69003 LYON


  59. Hey Tim,

    You got me into the idea of the barefoot shoes. Wanted to know how they fit… big, small, ect. I want to buy a pair but have no way to try em out first! A comparison would be great!

    Hope to hear from you,

    Thanks for sharing as always.


  60. Hey Tim-

    Thanks for the great blog and books! In this episode I liked your round chair..but I can’t find it at Bed Bath and Beyond on the east coast. Does it have a tag or name on it? Thanks.

    1. Hey Toast,

      I couldn’t find one, but it appeared to be a BB & Beyond exclusive. These chairs are popular, though, and I suspect you could find a version on Amazon no problem. “round folding chair” or “folding travel chair” perhaps?

      Good luck!


  61. Hey Chris (guy above me)

    Do a google search for “vibram fivefingers” and you’ll find the company. I haven’t ordered a pair yet myself, but it appears you don’t want any room between your toe and the end of the shoe–unlike traditional shoes. Looks like the company ships anywhere in the world though, and I’d imagine they have a pretty phenomenal return policy–not to mention shipping can’t cost too much for something so light. They do have a unique form of measurement, so be sure to do the research on site or drop them an email.



  62. Tim,

    Please write an ebook/book of all the cool stuff you have/collected in your house, that would be awesome. Also, where did you get your meditation pillow? Thanks!


  63. Awww yes, the book~ priorities, uber wichtig. Well I assume Gravatar allows you to respond via email so when you are done, you know where to find me. You are welcome to private sessions anytime within reason of course. My dear friend and fellow aerial teacher loves the work that Kevin does (and thinks he is cute) so if you bring him along give me warning so I can make sure she is free ~BONUS for my gal pal. Don’t work too hard, if that is possible. All the best. Kim

  64. This year will be a good year.

    Not because of the grand things that are accomplished, but by the little things that move the needle.

    I have never tried the resolutions thing and don’t think I would be great at it, however, would love to hear of others for inspiration.


  65. Right around 29:17 is where Tim talks about what he has on his desk:

    “Train. Write. Drink.”

    “What is the one constraint if removed that would make me 5, 10 or 20 times more productive? Ditto for private life.”

    “What if I had to do this in 15 min? How would I define(?) it or how would I delegate it?”

    “What is the the downside if I lose this person for 3 months, 6 months or forever…?”

    One question… anyone can answer… how would you word the 2nd part of the 1st question regarding constraints?

    “What is the one constraint if removed that would make my private life 5, 10 or 20 times more productive…?”

    How do you all define “productivity” in your private life? i.e. I want to be married in 5 years and start having kids in 10? Or… whatever.

    I’m not sure. This is the first time I’ve thought about my private life in terms of productivity. Maybe it could say “5, 10, or 20 times better…?”

    Anybody have thoughts on that?

    Great vid Tim, Kevin, and Glenn! Thanks. I like the look of the camera that you start the video with.

  66. number 1 characteristic of an Enlightened Leader is that the leader will (unfortunately) be assassinated 🙂 Silly little planet